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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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forecast. that is my opinion. >> i hope so too. >> has been here for an hour already. >> i is have. day similar to yesterday. that's still -- a lot of low clouds and fog in place that will make for another cool day at the water's edge. inland temperatures continue to try to creep upper 60s a few yesterday a few upper 10's. low 70s today but that's away from the coast. big fog bank. it'll be nice inland. tomorrow the same. not much changed. the weekend looks warmer we will get that fog to burp off sooner. san francisco starting off 52. low clouds, there's always sun later on. we know that. not very warm. upper other's. the fog continues to make a push inland. it's a good push. more so than yesterday. higher clouds, all that activity off the sierra has since moved off to far to the east and south. 40s and other's. not the 30s. morgan hill, gilroy. close for boulder creek.
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i would think that would be the spot up in the mountains, otherwise to much in the way of low clouds and fog. temperatures will start off 40s, 50s and end up in the 50s, 60's to near 70 for a -- probably gilroy a lot of 50s and low 60's by the water. i want to ask you something very quickly. do you think between now and any time before the next winter we will get rain? >> yes. >> okay. >> as in april, may? >> yes. >> yes. >> okay. all right. like that. >> i just hope it's not next week. >> okay. >> not for the games. understand. >> correct. >> thank you. >> any time. still have the rain gear don't put it away yet or whatever you do with it. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. see traffic is light here. there are no major problems if are you driving into san francisco. it should be a very nice drive.
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getting up early. you get that reward. no major problems. take age look at interstate 880. north and southbound. the traffic continues to look good in both directions as you drive past and there have no major problems on the peninsula this morning on 101 or 280. it's 5:02. let's go back to the desk. the campaign trail on the road to the white house is again been rocked by controversial statements by donald trump. this time the republican front runner is taking back his remarks. it comes just days before the wisconsin primary subpoena some say that trump may be in trouble there. >> reporter: the backlash was swift. did trump's controversial comments on abortion and so was his correction. >> the church --. >> reporter: at first this in a town hall event in green bay wisconsin. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman?
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>> yeah. some form. >> reporter: there was outrage from trump's democratic opponents way. trump said today was outrageous and dangerous. >> to punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond understanding. >> reporter: the idea that women under going an abortion should be held had legally responsible if the procedure is outlawed also runs counter to the real core of the prolife movement and even trump's fellow gop candidates piled on. >> women shouldn't we punished. >> it's the latest demonstration of how little trump has thought about any of the serious issues facing this country . >> reporter: the trump campaign then issued a correction. saying the doctor or any other person preforming the illegal act upon a woman would be held responsible. not the woman. >> nobody respects woman more than trump. that i can tell you. nobody. >> reporter: this comes as there may be more trouble ahead a new poll shows he is poised to loose in wisconsin. the margin of error is large but show that ted cruz is now
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ten point as head of trump and kasich just nine points behind. on the other hand the count test after wisconsin for republican is new york and there is a new poll out this morning showing that trump has a 36 point lead there in washington. fox news. a california attorney general said this after trump's comments. writing in a wyatt harris said we must do more not less to protect access to reproductive health care. the san jose community had a chance to weigh in an a plan to build manufactured homes for the homeless. the housing would have room for 170 people near the willowglen neighborhood. we are live to talk about the concerns from people who live there now. >> reporter: good morning. we are here near the proposed site that is near highway 87. there's a lot of people who live in apartments and automobile home around here and many of them are worried about
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their safety. now more than 100 people packed a community meeting last night to voice their concerns and it got heated. the city wants to build a modular temporary home on a six acre plot of land on evans land. they would house 170 people and have bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens as well as an on site staff. neighbors say that the crime in the area is bad enough and they only see it growing worse if the project is a proved. >> little bit out outlandish. the >> reporter: the city picked the land because it's zoned for affordable housing is near treatment and outreach facilities they want to make it clear this wouldn't be a tent city. what they are interested in is getting homeless people back on
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their feet to reintegrate to society. there's still two more meeting on this. it's not a done deal but a nonprofit has stepped up and put in a bid to help run this project if it is a proved. >> all right. thank you. south bay leaders also encouraging churches and other faith based organizations to help solve the homeless crisis. san jose mayor wants faith leaders to ask their members in they have a spare room or extra housing for homeless vets. the board of supervisors last week pass aid measure offering financial incentives to landlords renting to homeless vets. officials hope to house 700 homeless vets over the next two years. the owners and developer of the clairmont hotel in the east bay will hold a community meeting about neighborhood concerns about expansion plans a group that includes the husband of diane feinstein brought the clairmont and spa two years ago. they want to build 45 donned others on what's the parking
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lot just outside the hotel lobby. the developerred building will be inspired by the history of the clairmont which was built in 1915. >> we don't want to copy the hotel because it's iconic byes it. we want the new -- to pay homag oh, the existing one. >> there has been an acertification that no views would be affected but we aren't -- that may be true of the neighbors but we are interesting in the views of the clairmont from the surrounding area. >> some of the parking will then move to underground. tonight's meeting starts at seven at the hotel. designs will be shown to neighbors for the first timef. the project is a proved construction could start in 2018. happening today state lawmakers due to vote on raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. the highest in the country. the governor, some lawmakers and labor unions have already
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agreed in principle to a 15- dollar an hour minimum wage by the year 2022. its been approved by a state committee but still needs the approval the full assembly and the state senate the critics say it would hurt business and the jobs will be lost. supporters say that the higher wage is a step toward social justice. later today janitors, fast food workers and home health care workers will rally in san jose in support of the higher wage. though say that it's only fit that a vote that could change the lives of immigrants, people of color and women should come on ceasar chavez day. the rally will start at noontime at san jose's park followed by a march to the federal building. today is the day that a lot of electric car fans have been waiting for. they can go to a tesla store and order the new model 3 car. people are already lined upo
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laying down outside the store even though the stores don't open until ten this morning. for now put putting down that deposit a leap of faith since the car hasn't been revealed yet. that happens tonight at 8:30. then you can start ordering cars online. the cars not scheduled for delivery until next year. at 5:30, kara lieu is out there forrous this morning. she will join us live from the walnut creek tesla store. she is talking to people who lined up already. four people who hurt when they fell from the stands in salt lake city while trying to eat an you graph. -- autograph. >> he stopped to sign as he always tries to do after finishing his routine but a railing gave way and the fans including three kids fell. one person went to a first aid
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station on their own. the others were treated were able to go back to their seats. the jazz said that they are going to inspect the arena to make sure that it's safe. the warriors needed extra time to win their 68 68th game of the season and break the record they set last year. after missing a three with time winding down clay thompson got the ball back. made the shot -- to tie the game at 89. then the warriors ran away with it in overtime to beat the jazz, 103-96. seth curry finished 31 points they are back home to host the celtics friday night. they need to win five of the final seven to break the record of 72 wins in a season. the giants and the a's are back here in the bay area this morning for their final tune up getting ready -- as things start to wind down. tonight they kick off the three game series. will be chris basset at at&t park. tomorrow's game also at at&t park and then saturday
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afternoon the teams will play in oakland at. the a's start the season at home on monday against the chicago white socks. the giants will be on the road in milwaukee on monday. before heading back to san francisco the giants were in sacramento. playing their triple a associate the river cats. he allowed eight hits, struck out four, picked off three runners. crawford, bell and posey all hit home runs the giants on 8- 4. it was in front of a sold out crowd. we are following developing news out of india this morning. up next the rescue operation now underway following the collapse of an overpass early this morning. >> that point on -- i knew something was horribly wrong >> that's for sure. trouble in the waters off australia. what that man did to save a fellow surfer who was attacked
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by a shark. >> good morning. we are looking at a drive that is off to a good start on this thursday at the bay bridge. looks good coming in to san francisco. >> well. some 70s inland but closer to the coast there's just to much fog. with very a big difference in the it temperatures and will show you those coming up.
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at least 14 people were killed and is 150 may be trapped after an overpass under construction in india collapse onto traffic below. this happened -- efforts underway trying to rescue those that may be independent the one hundred yard length of metal and cement. look at these pictures. that overpass has been under construction since 2009. it has missed several deadlines. back in this country the national weather service confirming were certainly tornadoes last night touching down in tulsa oklahoma. it battered homes, knocked down trees and forced roads to be closed. at least seven were hurt. emergency crews in tulsa are searching every damaged home they can find to make sure there are nomar victims. >> get down. get on the floor. two minutes later boom, am the high winds just came through
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and tore up everything. broke out windows it was pretty intense. >> it wasn't just there, outside of fort worth texas large pieces of hail cracked car windows. the storm system has least tens of thousands of homes across the central united states without electric power and the storm is moving farther east. georgia now is bracing for certainly inches of rain. a professional surfer is in serious condition this morning after being attacked by a shark off the australian coast. the 22-year-old was surfing at the beach at about 7:00 last night when he was grabbed by a shark. authorities say that his friend and fellow surfer heard his screams and jumped in to action to help save his life. people on the beach also jumped into help. >> just had all this -- paddled as hard as i could toward him. i lost sight of him at one stage as a wave was breaking over him. >> he suffered several bites legs and thighs and
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injuries to his hands. he was given a blood transfusion and taken to the hospital. time is now 5:17. let's get you moving this morning. sal is keeping an eye on traffic. how does it look? >> it looks good. it's a matter of fact we don't have a lot going on when it comes to obstructions, you can see the traffic does look good. as you head out to the maze. no major problems also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza here it is light. its been a lighter than usual week. i think we will be disappointed when spring break is over. even if hu to go to work you probably saw its been lighter than normal. getting out to san francisco, northbound 101 traffic looks good as you drive through the area. this morning's drive is not bad on the peninsula. we have been looking at 101 and
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280. it's a very nice drive. on the dunbarton we are in good shape. at 5:17, let's go to steve. good morning. lot more in the way of low clouds and fog. san jose is cloudy. mostly cloudy. yesterday is clear. santa rose a for some locations it's a foggy or areas of fog. that's a high cloud deck. low clouds, not really fopping we call it fog. big fog bank. there will a few 70s showing up now we will continue the trend. status tomorrow does look warmer over the weekend. we will get more 70's inland and then just a few thursday, santa rosa with some of that fog. 68, to much low clouds clouds and not enough a breeze to warm you up. i saw a west wind. that won't do it. low clouds for oakland starting at 53 degrees then we will see that burn off by ten, 1:00. it does, 58 but only went 62. little chill there.
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about the same for berkeley. alameda. hard pressed to get above 59 or 610. plenty of low clouds, this he are making a good push the high and midlevel clouds going off the sierra to far now as that low lass moved well south. we loose that influence. we had a lot of 30s for the last couple mornings. now it's 40s and 50s. berkeley 52. sfo54. oakland and haywood. san josea 2 and cloudy. they were down to 45 yesterday. big difference. low 50s here. mill valley, one of the out liers at 42 degrees there are a few chilly readings but not as cold yesterday. 23 in truckee. monterey. 52, santa bashr. 43. low clouds will burn back. in between systems, one going down, salt lake city and denver the system has no chance as it runs runs in to the wall of high pressure. morning low clouds, fog will give way to sun. it may be a slow process form.
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very stubborn here to burn off. not a part to do it yet but it'll. low clouds, sunny inland, cool by the coast. always a few banana belts. nice inland. few 70s. that includes now saint helena, clear lake, vacaville of course. way up. way up. low 70s pittsburgh, antioch to brentwood. 59 to 62 for alameda. san leandro and haywood. to much fog. 70 morgan hill and gilroy. 62, 66. 50s on the coast. 58 in the city. of 0's on the pen slam about the same friday. looks warmer over the weekend. needed a scarf and took it a. >> it's not as cold as it has been >> thank you. it's 5:20. san francisco crabbers have finally brought in their first catch of the long delayed season. they pulled into fisherman's wharf and unloaded large boxes of crabs one said it was a
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small catch compared to the start of last season he said in november 2014 he pulled in five tons of crab yesterday, he pulled in one ton. the season was delayed four moss because of a toxic algae bloom. a warning about summer travel. up next why you should prepare and give yourself extra time at the airport.
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the leaders of china, ukraine and nigeria are among more than 50 world leaders in washington dc for a two day nuclear summit. the meetings will focus unstrappings to keep nuclear material out of the hands of terrorists but two major nuclear powers will be absent. russian president putin refuse and pakistan's president canceled because of the terror attacks on easter. time is 5:24 a third american the wife of an air force officer has died from injuries suffered in that terror attack at the airport. these photographs are from 41- year-old gale martinez's facebook page showing her and her husband. husband who is still in the hospital due to that explosion and we also see them with their four children. the family had been living in the netherlands and facebook photographs chainmen joying their time traveling in europe. the government has a
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warning for anyone who plans to fly somewhere this summer arrive at the airport much earlier than usual. the transportation safety administration said you are likely to face very long lines. the tsa said that's because a program offered to cut wait times isn't as popular as expected. they thought there are precheck program would have about 25 million members by now but there are only 9 million. precheck members can be screened twice as fast as others because they don't have to take off their shoes or belts, don't have to remove their laptops or liquid from their carry on beepings but it does cost from 85 to $100 for five-years per person. one traveler we talked to said enrolling in the program is worth it especially when airports crowd. >> you could find yourself waiting 30 minutes or more in the other line and going through the tsa preyou breeze through and -- i don't think it takes more than 5 minutes.
5:26 am
it's very, very convenient. >> tsa cut the number of screeners by 10% believing that the precheck program would be popular. the state department is now apologizing for a tweet it posted that seems to be spring break travel advice specifically for unattractive americans. here is the tweet. it warns people who are not a ten, they should beware of being lured into buying robbed. it was meant to warn of potential scams started by personal compliments but the reaction has mostly sarca is, many, orang e. sarca sm orang e. the hash tag was spring breaking badly. >> okay. an attack in a berkeley parking garage on a phone stolen by two women. two robberies now under investigation on the uc berkeley campus. >> and nobody even know what it looks like but that's not
5:27 am
stopping all these people from preordering tesla's new model 3. why this one is a pealing for drivers. >> good morning we are looking at a drive where traffic is very well around the bay. this is a look at maze. you can see traffic looks good. we will look at this and some of the other tariffs when we come back. >> plenty of low clouds, some locations struggle to get this to the low 60s while others are in the low 70s. we will look at the difference.
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, march 31st. last day of march. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook time is about 5:30. tomorrow, yes, april first already. >> no fooling. >> no fooling. >> may be fooling. >> little bit. >> how about the weather? >> no fool something >> there's a lot of fog. >> really? >> the fog got pulled in but it wasn't very warm. >> the water temperatures turned very cold. >> yeah. bodega bay is 50. that's the cold i have seen in a year. >> that's cold. >> yes. that is cold. that's very cold. outer monterey. 52. san francisco 53. they have been abouta 1, 57 or higher for the longest time. that helps the fog though it's not that warm inland. you start to get a few low 70s. that will do it. that's the stage here. we have -- more fog? we do this morning. san jose yesterday clear at
5:31 am
this time they say cloudy. santa rosa has socked in with fog. it's a low cloud deck but you can call it fog. high, midlevel clouds look like yesterday was the last day of anything of that ilk. 40s and 50s. they will be hard pressed to get above 58 or 59. north bay, 40s, 50s. there's a big difference. 52 monterey. fog and low clouds with us, 50s, 60s by the coast. inland temperatures a few low 70s starting to pop up now. south, 531. you know -- >> what? >> this day has a little something for you and me. we had a conversation. i like 68, you like 72. >> about right. >> yeah. we will have that in the bay area at some point right? >> exactly. where i am today that will be exactly the temperature spread. >> are you live -- are you living the good live. thank you very much. >> we have a lot in common
5:32 am
obviously. let's go look at the maze. i have a nice picture for you and a time between the bridge and the -- you can straff sick moving well for 19 minute drive. it's not bad. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic backed up to the middle of the parking lot. no major problems in to san francisco. as you drive through it. let's talk about some of the other drive around the bay. we have been look at 101, 280, santa clara. we push back and just look around for some -- look around for wednesday to see what's going on. the slowest trafficking i have found is on the 580 near 205. tracy triangle. it's busy that way heading west. now at 5:32 let's go back to the desk. it's not the new i-phone. this time people are lining up outside the tesla store to order the latest offering from the electric car company. we are in walnut creek this morning talking to people who
5:33 am
just can't wait to get their hands on that model 3. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. absolutely. there are a lot of grown men that are giddy with excitement. we have seen more than a dozen people show up just in the last hour but dozens of people now in line. some of them were intense and sleeping bags a lot of people in fold chairs. they are anxious to put their names on the list and preorder the new model 3. tesla is taking reservations at its stores when they open. that's why people started lining up yesterday. the first guy got in liana round ten yesterday morning. many of others lined um early this morning. several said they have been waiting a long time to get their hands on one. nobody here has any idea what the car will look like but most said it doesn't matter. >> i think it's the future. i think that's the draw. the people are like some of the people that will get the first piece of what the future of driving like .
5:34 am
it's electric but it'll be -- i think it'll be the first thing that will break that age of selfdriving vehicles. that changes a lot of things. >> i believe in what elan musk is doing. space x, tesla. everything he does is great. you know -- the model 3 is going to be -- for the regular guy a 35,000. can't beat it. people who don't want to go to a tesla store can put in you this reservation and put in a depost online tonight when the founder will show everybody what the model 3 looks like. delivery is scheduled for next year with a price tag we understand of about $35,000. that will make it is first widely available electric car that is considered affordable. again this line has been growing this morning. certainly dozen in line.
5:35 am
people are saying they know they can get their deposit back if they change their mind but most of these people don't plan to. they want -- want one of these new teslas. >> it's about half the cost -- they have been 70 to 90,000. 35,000. it's still a lot but a the lot of cars cost about that. you can see. i'm with that guy. everything about them is great. >> absolutely. definitely the sentiment out here. >> thank you. meantime berkeley police are investigating two robberies on campus. the first happened tuesday night in the ellsworth marking garage at seven the second was just a couple of hours later in speak her plaza. in the garage robbery a 19-year- old man was attacked by two men. one of the attackers grabbed the victim's arms from behind while the other stole his wallet. in the speaker plaza incident an 18-year-old came across two women. they were sitting on a bench.
5:36 am
they asked to borrow his phone. when he asked for it back the women threatened him and took off. a former varsity swimmer has been found guilty of sexual assault a jury convicted the 20- year-old brock turner of three felonies for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the lawn outside a frat party. the woman had no rock of the incident. turner could get up to ten years in prison at his sentencing in june. he must also register as a sex offender. the district attorney in marin has decided three drifters acted for two murders will not face the death penalty. the three are accused of using a stolen gun to kill a 63-year- old in marin and a 23-year-old from canada in golden gate park. with the death penalty off the table they are eligible for a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. we are learning that a seventh person died in sacramento after taking tainted street drugs laced with the powerful painkiller. in just the past week 21 others
5:37 am
were rushed to sacramento hospital. there is also an investigation -- two men died after friends say they took street versions of the painkiller norco. that's the same drug found to be laced in the sacramento cases. their families sounding the alarm over the dangers of taking street drugs. >> mostly angry that someone would lace a pill with something like that can kill someone like this >> watch out. know what they are taking. stuff like this happens didn't think it could happen until it happens to someone close to you. >> the cdc said it's up to 50 times more powerful than heroin. there's a new source of organ donors for people who have the aids virus. other aids patients. johns hopkins successfully preformed two organ transplants between an hiv positive donor and hiv positive receiver. the medical center said it was for a patient needing a new liver and another patient who
5:38 am
had been waiting for a kidney. the transplant team said both patient have had hiv for more than 25 years. that kind of operation was against the law until recent i will. >> we were throw away organs from donors infected hiv just because they were infected with hiv. these were potentially perfectly good organs for these patients. >> doctors estimate as many as 500 would be donors who are hiv positive die every year. so these successful surgeries are good news for everybody on an organ waiting list because when a patient with hiv gets on organ from a hiv positive donor everybody on the waiting list will move up a spot. the cdc has released new maps showing where mosquitoes known to transmit the zika virus are living in the united states there are two types of mosquitoes that spread zika. on the left the shaded blue
5:39 am
area shows a part of the country where one of the mosquito lives. the map on the right shows where another mosquitoes will known to carry the virus is active. the bay area falls with in that affected area in both cases but the cdc said that doesn't mean the values will spread here. 18 pregnant women in the united states have been diagnosed with the zika virus which can cause severe birth defects. all the women contrasted it while traveling in latin america. california's latest snow survey is in but is sending mixed results. while it's the best result in years will it be enough to quiet us out of the route in the final and most important snow survey of the year took place yesterday along highway 50. they found the water content of the snow is at 95% of normal. for the overall sierra it's 87%. the results are encouraging but it'll take more snow to bring california out of the drought. >> we are battener the north
5:40 am
and then a declining amount of averages as we move down south. still below average. >> to put it into perspective when the governor visited the site a year ago there was no snow at all. the overall state snow pack at that time was just 5% of normal. san jose city officials extended water restriction that were set to expire today. san jose city council voted to ask people to continue cutting back outdoor watering. they said residents debts almost reached the target last year. they are hope that will continue for now. >> we are waiting to get all the accurate information before wested to change the target for next year by extending it for a few more months we are weight until we get that new goal to set new recommendations for the future. under the emergency decoration san jose residents asked to water before ten in
5:41 am
the morning and after eight at night. also to avoid washing their cars at home unless they are using gray water and to have automatic shut off nozzles. some high school students getting a second chance to have their science tests launched in to space. last june the unmanned rocket headed for the space station blew up. it was carrying a test by a team of high school students. now there is a do over. nasa is scheduled to launch a rocket april 8th with the same project on blood. that will test if algae can grow in the space x station atmosphere. >> i thought it would be cool. it's a test that's like going into space. we get to test something. i don't think you would have the opportunity. the school will be holding a launch party to watch the takeoff next week hoping time it'll get to the space station
5:42 am
in one piece. baseball back in the bay area. coming up, what both players and fans won't be able to do tonight when the a's and giants play at at&t park. >> the a dog stone as his owner shopped. the video the police hope will lead to a suspect. good morning. we are looking at a drive now that has san francisco right in the middle of it here you can see looks good as you tariff on 101 which is left -- can see it transitions to eastbound 80 flawless i will and not a bad drive for that bay bridge. >> big fog bank out there. temperatures hard pressed to warm up that much by the coast inland they are. they are starting to sneak in to the low 70s we will look at a significant temperature difference.
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back. take a look another this video.
5:45 am
police in san francisco are now looking for the man seen there on surveillance video stealing a dog. the man in that red shirt started petting the dog at the walgreens on march 11th this ken picked the dog up and walked out. the dog is a 5-year-old mix named catfish. his owner said he hadn't turned his back for long. >> the owner was in the store picking up a few items. he turned around and all of the sudden his dog was gone he couldn't find his dog. >> here is another look at the suspect there. little closer. anyone with information on the thief or the dog should call san francisco police. a person was hurt after being hit by a muni train in san francisco. that happened at about 8:20 last night near third and mariposa street. it's not known how severe the injury was but the incident caused muni delays with trains switching back to the opposite
5:46 am
direction and then a bus shuttle that would bridge the gap. the rate of students accepted at stanford has reached another record low. 4.6% were accepted for the glass of 2020. that's down from 5% from the previous year. just over 2,000 students received those coveted acceptance letters stanford out of almost 44,000 who applied. tickets go on sale today for a big bay area music festival that's one of the largest in the country. tickets for outside lands will be available online starting at ten this morning. last year's headliners included sir elton john and mumford and sons. this year's acts vice-president been announced as yet. the festival will be held august 5th through the seventh at san francisco's golden gate park. eager beaver, general admission, three day tickets
5:47 am
will cost $325. the vip ticket also cost $715. we will post a link to outside lands, this will be at the top of in the web links section. it's now 5:47. we want to check back in with sal. look at traffic. >> i like outside lands. >> i know you do. >> i don't always go. >> it's a very big festival. >> when i do. >> pretty good. >> and you know -- it has a lot to do with the traffic in the area. >> right. >> one such -- gets closer i will help you hot and -- help you to avoid the uber surge if you will. let's take a look at what we have now at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up to the mcarthur maze. not unusual. the lights come on at about 5:30 and there has been slow traffic but the volume has been -- i'm just estimating here. about 10% righter or so. that sounds like a reasonable
5:48 am
number. there has been some sort of lightness this week because some people are on spring break. those lucky people. they are not around. they are -- this is a look at 101 northbound as you approach the 80 slight. 80 split. we showed you coming in to san francisco from the east bay. have found some slow traffic on the pass but if you pull back 580 looks good from livermore over toward castro valley. 680 from the bridge down to the dublin interchange. even beyond that into fremont looks good. we have a good oppurtunity if you are going to hit the road any time soon. i don't do the concert crowds anymore. >> you know --. >> i'm to old. >> i was going to say that. i will pick and choose. i'm a lot more pickyf. i have done it a few times i'm good. >> i paid my dues on days on the green. remember those? >> i do. the when the clash. were on a bill together at the oakland coliseum. >> look at the line ups.
5:49 am
they were incredible. >> amazing. thank you sir. we have -- a lot of low cloud around and the fog bank continues to thicken up. water temperatures cold. they are cold out there. what are we looking at? tug, ferry? i can't tell. >> looks like a tug boat. taking one of those big condition takenner ships probably somewhere. have to escort them. we do have a big fog bank. will be nice inland. the temperature trends, coast is 50s, 60s. inland temperatures. iss it looks warm america to the weekend. any sign of rain, not really. when there is something then i will stay it but looks like next week will be okay. partly sunny. 58, 58, so much in the way of low fogs fogs and cloud. they didn't yesterday. only 64 done town. i'm going 66 today. although -- santa clara will be
5:50 am
warmer than that morgan hill, gilroy. east san jose, south san jose warm up. you can see some of the low clouds continuing to push inland. we have a lot of the high, midlevel clouds, more into a stable environment now atmosphere. 40s, 50s on the temperatures. much warmer than we have had the past couple of mornings. east bay temperatures, 48 lafayette. low 50s form. blackhawk in there. dublin 52, these are about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. two bits up in truckee. 52 in monterey. low cloud wills slowly peel back to the coast but 50s or low 60s there. it absolutely runs into the wall of high pressure which continues to build. morning low clouds, plenty there. water temperatures cold with the temperatures now in to the 70's for a few. we have set up the fog machine clearing to the coast today and tomorrow. looks like an earlier burn off on the fog. low clouds, sunny inland now. taking out the mostly sunny.
5:51 am
will be sunny. cool coast, nice inland. few 70s. clear lakes in there. saint helena. vacaville. less for others. over to richmond. stinson beach. low 60s there. walnut creek 68. alameda 59 to berkeley. 62, but 72 antioch and brentwood. upper 60's pleasanton. 70 for morgan hill. 62 only santa cruz. one of the warmer on the coast but not in this pattern. mid60s to low 60s on the peninsula. about the same friday i think. little warmer over the weekend looks nice. limit most need a jacket? >> you are in that fog. chilly. then inland temperatures will be nice today. >> yeah. thank you. time is 5:51. you have been to chipotle getting more than a burriot. why it's going in to the burger business.
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪ let's go ♪ hey, oh ♪ let's go [ beep ] ♪ they're piling in the backseat ♪ aah! ♪ they're generating steam heat ♪ ♪ pulsating to the back beat ♪ the blitzkrieg bop ♪ ♪ hey, oh, let's go ♪ shoot 'em in the back now ♪ what they want, i don't know ♪ they're all revved up and ready to go ♪
5:54 am
welcome back. three first graders in alaska have been suspended. they are accused of trying to poison their classmate. we are talking about first graders. the three tried to use gel packets found in sea weed to kill another student according to the principal. the packets not really poisonous but the kids thought
5:55 am
they were. another student heard about the plot and told school administrators. police investigated but no charges have been filed as yet. a sheriff's deputy in florida has been charged with misdemeanor battery after investigators found video of him punching a handcuffed suspect. the deputy resigned from the force last week. it all started back in january after he responded to a domestic battery call. the video shows the suspect in the backseat of the squad car kicking the door. police say that thor opened the door, grabbed the suspect and punched him in the face. >> he -- violated the law and violated our general orders, our policy and procedures. his actions opposite to the values in our organizational culture. >> a prosecutor found the video while working on the case. the sheriff's office said that it didn't find out about this
5:56 am
until last week. whoopi teamed one a bay area bays person to help the pain during a woman's time of the month. this he are doing it with marijuana. the actress is launching wnoopi and mya. she is the founder of om edibles which is based out of san francisco and they are launching four marijuana infused products to help women who suffer from severe cramps and discomfort. oakland and berkeley will be the first to carry the product. chipotle may be getting in to the burger business. the restaurant chain applied for a trademark for better burger early their movement that's not all. the spokesman said that the company has started a pizza chain concept called pizzeria locale. they are fighting to recover from a series of food illness outbreak that sent sales plunging. they will branch out. it'll be very interesting to see what happens.
5:57 am
a heated meeting about the homeless controversial plan that has a lot of people speaking out about their concerns and how churches are being asked to help solve the homeless crisis. >> and trump sparks outrage again. his comments on abortion that angered people on both sides of the debate.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a lot of up mapy people in one neighborhood they don't agree on a controversial plan to house the homeless. what was said in a meeting last night. >> and we are live in san francisco where baseball in the bay area is back. we are talking about the game tonight between the giants and a's and some of the new things fans can see when they come to the ballpark. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. on this thursday. march 31st. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather for a thursday morning. steve has the forecast. >> a lot of fog. by the coast and bay there is a big fog bank. temperatures upper other's, low
6:00 am
60s but each day the inland temperatures coming up a few low 70s yesterday a few more today and in the usual suspects here there's a lot of low clouds, when i mention the coast i say there's always pocket there's where they get the sun and you get the banana belt. i think ashley works for sales. shut out to sales force. banana belt on the coast. many areas get less fog and they have -- tend to have warmer temperatures. sea ranch is one. one around santa cruz. above -- another one. these areas warmer. they tend to run and not be as cold as some areas. it's sunny and warm. that's what it is. there are many up and down the coast. low clouds and fog continue to be with us and the higher clouds, midlevel clouds are south. 5040s and 50s. 42 wood side a lot of upper


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