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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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governor of california says he plans to sign the minimum wage into law monday. this was the scene from above. sky fox here over elkhorn this afternoon. some critics say the pay hike will hurt california's businesses and that jobs will be lost but supporters say a higher minimum wage is a step towards social jus sis. >> and it was a similar scene south of oakland. it could change lives of immigrants on cesar social security chavez day. >> . >>reporter: the janitorial workers marching in celebration of the minimum wakes to come. this is just the beginning of the fight to improve conditions. the timing of the rally was
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significant. it comes with the day and raise the wage to $15 on hour by 2022. currently a third of janitors paid below minimum wage and getting paid minimum wage still puts them below minimum wage. she said in silicon valley, being paid $14 .25 an hour is not enough to survive. >> we need the raise. we cannot live with that in silicon value limit we're making a little bit and big companies are making millions and millions. >>reporter: members of the janitorial union has a contract that's up at the end of april so they'll be planning more marchs and rallies in the coming weeks. mike. >> thank very much, anne. it appears more fallout for the san francisco police department
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of last year's revelation of racist text messages. 14 officers involve inside that and more than a dozen criminal cases dismissed. >> they've turned up another fiver officers in a series of mesosangs. the police chief and district attorney held press conferences in the past hour. we'll bring you details coming up at 5. >> a spokesperson said a man walked into the restroom, locked the door, and broke off a sprinkler head. they broke down the door and got the man out. water flooded the emergency room lobby as well as an exam room. >> we're still open and accepting patients. it really hasn't been that great of a dis-preoption. it's more on an anuance -- disruption.
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more ovan annoyance because of the cleanup we have to do. >> the damage is not too expensive. police are investigating why the manchette off those sprinklers. police are looking for four men in a home invasion last night. they broke into a 26 year-old woman's hold at 10:30 and held handguns to her head and demanded valuables. the youngs woman was not hurt. she told investigators she did not know any of the suspects. art is back on suspect after a suspected burglar drove within a few feets of the tracks this morning. it happened around 7:30. walnut creek police say the driver was suspected in a burglary on walnut boulevard. suspect plowed right through a fence at the tracks and then ran off. a viewer snapped photos of the police capturing the suspect who hopped fences then ran
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through their yards. trained had to single track while the car was removed. a former varsity swimmer at stanford found guilty of sexual assault. he's convicted of sexual assaulting an unconscious woman at a party last year. she had no recollection of this incident. turner could get up to 10 years in prison at his sentencing in june. he must also register as a sex offender. three drifters -- a stolen gun to kill a 63 year-old hiker. and a 23 year-old woman from canada in golden gate park. they are eligible for a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> leaders in san bernadino announce how they plan to divide almost $2.5 million from
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the united way after the terrorist attack. community officials say they want 10 percent of the -- 80 percent of the funds to go to the families of the people who died. those injured will divide 15.5 percent of the money based on how long they were in the hospital and those present not uninjured will divide the 3.5 percent. officials say none of the money donated will go to administrative costs. let's talk politics now. when you thought it could not get any more intense, presidential hopefuls are stepping up their attacks against each other. >> all candidates are back in to support the future nominee. bill clinton is getting in on the race to support his wife. >> think what she could do if you made her president. >> at one of 14 campaign stops in new york today, former
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president bill clinton making the case of why his wife should be the future president. the university poll has the one time new york senator leading bernie sanders in the empire state by double digits. >> we've got to unit and make sure we have a democrat in the white house in january. >> bernie sanders remains a nagging problem for clinton. the vermont senator coming off a three state sweep. he's also beating clinton in wisconsin according to to a new state poll. sanders working a delegate grab. heath making a pit stop in pittsburgh. >> we can win with your support in the general election. >> despite a 36 point lead in new york, donald trump is coming under heavy fire from his opponents. john kasich says trump is unfit for office after a series of campaign blunders among them
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saying women should be punished for having boshes aboshes. >> i don't believe that donald trump will be the nominee. this will go to a convention. >> another poll up in the washington post today revealing donald trump would be the most disliked major party nominee in modern history with a 67 percent unfavorable rating. in washington, joe, fox news. >> if you're not able to get to a tesla store today to put down your deposit that you don't know what it looks like, you can order online in a few hours at 7:30 tonight. earlier today, did you see the lines? >> it reminded me of an apple store when they release a new phone. >> this is walnut creek with people lined up. >> there were cheers as the doors open. you can hear it here at 10:00 a.m. this morning. the car is expected to be on
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the cheaper end for the luxury car dealer at just about $35,000. if you call that cheap, making it their first affordable electric car. at 8:30, buyers tonight will finally find out what the vehicle actually looks like. >> i have trust in elon. he's got a track record of producing beautiful cars, and i'll go in blind under his guidance. yeah, yeah, i think it's gonna be great. i don't care what it looks like. >> oh, and they moved up the online order, mike, to 7:30. supposed to be at 8:30 when the unveiled happens. he was trying to prevent the website from crashing. you got to wait until 2017. it starts at $35 so once you add the bells and -- $35,000. once you add the bells and whistles it goes up. cheaper than other teslas but
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starts at $35,000. major league baseball here in the bay area. take you out to the park for a preview of the bay bridge series. some tips parents of teenage girls may need to know tips to help navigate social media. in the weekend talking act warmer temperatures as with well.
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ed. when it cops to social media and our children, it can be dribbingy. more teenage girls text and post pictures on social media. more girls admit to the stressful side of posting pictures online. junior director of education content. thanks for being here with us. >> thank you. >> when it comes to girls, why the focus on teenage girl ands social media and why the, i don't foe if we should call it obsession but concern of getting picture online. >> teens in general are -- 45 percent of teens on social media a day. girls in particular we're finding are spending 40 minutes more a day than boys on social media and twice as likely to post photos than boys so just behaviors that we as parents and adults need to know about. >> with those in your opinions, not just about putting a
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picture up there, has to be just right. it's almost like an obsession, they might want to edit it and put a filter on it. >> we have to selfie culture or selfie sin dromo. in 2015, you were more likely to die in an accident from taking a selfie than a shark attack. kids today have this notion of having to put up this polished and perfected image. that idea of self-projected vision comes around depression. it is unrealistic imeningage ands standards. >> isn't it true that the pressure, because someone sees the picture and bully ands don't think is looks pretty or whatever, what if they don't like my picture. >> there's a lot with peer validation. they're getting that approval all the time. or they're seeking it all the
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time. so it kind of -- the ramifications are they want this polished perfected image and again, we want to make sure that girls in particular are being really thoughtful about not only what their consuming but replicating online. >> you came armed with tips. what can parents do? i got a teenage girl or home or kid. what can parents do? >> we want to make sure they're cultivating a positive footprint online. we're identifying positive female roll models beyond what they look like. >> maybe a celebrity out there or maybe a teacher or who? >> activities salutely. there are a -- absolutely. there are a lot from all fields and walks of life. look at images and learn more about them but not just the fashion and looks. >> final tip?
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>> and final tip is to just be a really smart consumer online giving kids the tools to be interprets of what they're seeing. >> a lot of tips. if we could wrap it up with this, when i lie about a teenage girl, the feeling ofmenting to appear sexy. had to go there. >> yep, younger and younger we're finding that kids are trying to be sexy online. they're imitate wag they see. we know that sexiness does not equate to a healthy sense of sexuality. telling kids and giving them those images that are positive in their lives. >> comments, thank you. >> thank you. >> michael, with you. >> thank you. we are now learn tag a seventh person has died in sacramento after taking tainted treat drugs that were laced with.
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two men died after taking painkiller with narco. >> i'm mostly angry that someone would lace a pill with something that can kill somebody like that. >> wop out and know what they're taking because stuff like this happens. didn't think it could happen until it happens to somebody close to you. fentinol is 50 times more powerful than heroin. picture perfect outside. >> almost like a summertime pattern out there. started out with fog this morning and clearing back to the shoreline. our cameras. you can see a lot of green hills. the reward of the elves owe
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winter and live storm tracker two, most of the bay area clear. showing you here, the surface winds, the winds around 10 to 15 miles an hour. those winds could help transport sot some of that fog back into the bay as we head into the overnight hours and into your friday morning. current numbers out there, the 50s out towards half-moon bay in san francisco. substantiate row samaritan checking in at 57. few low 70s out toward walnut creek and livermore and fairfield. you can see looking out toward the oak master. see some patchy fog try to regroup out here, way out in the distantial. lots of clear skies directly up above and tonight for the evening, talk about some baseball for this evening. at&t park. partly cloudy skies, 56- degrees. first thing tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies, the fog near the coast.
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temperatures in the 40s to right ashed 50-degrees not a big change in the temperature department for your friday morning. 7:00 a.m., low clouds, 52- degrees then in the afternoon hours could still have stubborn overcast out there. patchy fog by lunchtime in the upper 50s then by 4:00 p.m., 61. here's the plan once again, patchy fog for friday morning. bring out the perfective here. there's the storm but all the energy is heading up to our north, looks like a friday and saturday no big changing out there with this area of high pressure. inland neighborhoods more pronounced warming. low to possible mid 70s. ridge begins to back that by sunday into monday and that'll bring a few extra clouds and maybe drizzle late sunday night into monday. that's just about it in terms of significant rain fall. nothing showing up in the long range maps. forecast for tomorrow morn,
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7:00 a.m., futurecast showing you this. san francisco, oak ward, hayward, into the afternoon hours, patchy fog into parts of the shoreline. temperatures for tomorrow i'll bring them up a little bit from today in a few spots. that'll translate to a few low 70s to santa rosa. san francisco downtown, 62- degrees. low 70s as well. here's a is a look ahead at 5 day forecast. saturday probably one of the warmest days of the week with clear skies into the afternoon hours. partly sunny on sunday. fewics tenth ranked aggies clouds on monday -- few extra clouds on monday. few extra sprinkles at best intofection week. these dry conditions and the gusty winds out there. you've probably noticed you've been sneezing more because of the allergies. i have the face like i'm about
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to sneeze. >> hold it. hold it. >> yeah. thankfully it has not happened in the weather cast. several tornadoes touched down in oklahoma. >> the severe weather is not over yet. more damous conditions in mississippi, alabama, and other states. >> multiple tornado touched down in oklahoma wednesday, the storms destroying at least one home while others sustained roof and structural damage. >> debris just blowing around in circles. so my son, my wife, and a client, i said get on the floor. i said get down, get on the floor. >> falling power line ands trees adding to the chaos. one of which fell on this truck in tulsa county. >> high winds came through and tore up everything. broke out windows. i mean, it was pretty intense. >> stormy weather hitting parts of texas bringing hail and
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heavy winds to the fort worth area. >> it broke window ands she saved the poll and will stuff blowed everywhere. >> extreme conditions causing problem ins arkansas as well. heavy rain bringing flooding and power outages. authorities there helping to rescue three people from the rising water. flooding reported in memphis, tennessee where this driver was forced to flee a trapped car. the storm system is expect today weaken on friday but bad weather is still in the forecast for parts of the florida panhandle, the atlanta, georgia, area, and charlotte, north carolina area. a professional surfer in serious condition after being attacked in australia off the coast. >> he was surfing and grabbed by a shark. authorities say his friend and fellow surfer heard his screams
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and jumped into action to help save his life. people on the beach also jumped in to help. >> just paddled as hard as i could towards him and actually lost sight of him at one stage as the wave was breaking over him. >> he suffered several bites to his leg ands thighs and injuries to his hand. he was given a blood transfusion before being air lifted to a hospital. experts examining his wounds to determine the size of the shark and what kind it was. get ready for the pranks, april fools is tomorrow and the golden state warriors are already getting in on the action. the way the team got with the ride sharing company lyft do get one of their own.
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well, the warriors are clearly having fun on the court and off the court. >> yeah, that and a nice overtime win today. a lyft rider showed a prank he pulled on two teammates. a fake sports radio broadcast and text from other members of the team. take a look. >> sources close to the warriors say that back up
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center festis will will be released. >> i don't anyhow to react other than go through that one by one. first of all, this season has been so magic. >> check your phone. check your phone. >> text him now. >> james, steph curry, ian clark, brandon rush. >> he doesn't know what to think. >> nick, clay thompson son. >> hey, you in the car. >> coach said you got cut from the team. . >> i feel kind of walk ward right now. >> that's his look. that's his look.
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>> looks like i'm gonna be get ago job over here with lyft. >> okay, pull over, i think we got him. >> oh, my good college savings program. so you can see, he was a good sport about it. i guess sort of a good sport. >> yeah, and also coming up on the nice at 5:00 p.m., we're gonna hear from some of the key pranksters behind the joke. my good college savings program. talk act your heart just stopping. he's like, what have i done wrong? we're having a great season and magical and what? >> real broadcast. >> shame on them. we're just a few hours away from the giants hosting the oakland as. still ahead, a live look from the park on what we can expect tonight in the season to come. u.s. women's soccer team now filing a federal complaint. they make four times less than their male counter parts.
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♪ let's go ♪ hey, oh ♪ let's go [ beep ] ♪ they're piling in the backseat ♪ aah! ♪ they're generating steam heat ♪ ♪ pulsating to the back beat ♪ the blitzkrieg bop ♪ ♪ hey, oh, let's go ♪ shoot 'em in the back now ♪ what they want, i don't know ♪ they're all revved up and ready to go ♪
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. five of the biggest female soak players in america are accuseing u.s. soccer of wage discrimination. unveiled today, the fundamental raleigh complaint allege that is the players earn as little as 30 pest pest of their male counterparts despite their on field achievement.
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there is a world cup winner and the win last summer was the most watched soak game of all times in the united states. in a statement, the u.s. soccer federation says we're committed to and engaged in a collective bar goneing agreement that engages conversation to take effect when the current cba expires at the time of the year. geno, thanks for calling in. one of the players known in the complaint, goalie hope solo, she said we're the best in the world, three world cup championships, four olympic championships and men's nationality team gets paid more to show up than we get paid to win major championships. the numbers, geno, speaking for
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themselves sthat enough for a wage discrimination case? >> to succeed the women players need to prove that the u.s. soccer fed paid the male players more under similar working conditions. the achievements referenced by hope solo, that would be used as elements to support. numbers and accolades are alone are not enough. >> i was reading on this topic and it say as men's player receives as much as 17,000 for a win against a top opponent. a women's player receives $1300 for a similar match n.a
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statement today, our efforts to be advocates for women's soccer is unwaivering. i want to ask you about that when you list on the the numbers just read. >> i don't see how that's a really good argument. of course they're going to advocate that it generates for them but it doesn't address their fail tour comply with the equal payment act. that's over $15,000. the important question is not whether they're advocates for women's soccer unwaiver but what steps are they taking a ensure equal pay. >> before title 9 it appeared the athletic scholarships were non- existent in the country. do you think the scholarships females have are, due in port tax title 9. >> i know women athletes have been given more opportunities
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as a result of title 9 so it would seem mean that's probably likely. >> thank you for calling in and chyming in. >> today president bmo bam is hosting his final new clear summit there in washington. >> dozens of high profile world leaders are atends the two day meeting. they're focusing on stoping nuclear proliferation worldwide. >> reporter: president obama welcomed dig any tares from 56 nations, focused on end the nuclear proliferation has taken on a specific agenda after global terror attacks and new clear armed north korea. the president will meet with leaders of kiah, japan and more. >> there are a wide range of issue that is the united states
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and cha are able too coordinate on. our efforts to supply -- >> they want to deep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorist. we'll review counter terrorism efforts to keep the world's most dangerous networks from attain the world's most dangerous weapons. this coming after the attack on brussels. some piling on the president for what's perceived as lack of his administration's strategy in defeating globe terrorism. >> the reality is, concerning new clear security, the world is much less secure because of this president. >> pakistan's prime minister canceled after an easter day suicide bombing killed many
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women and children in his country. >> if you're planning to travel this summer you may face longer lines at the airport. airlines are warning passengers to show up two hours before hand orissing missing your flight. the back-up at security is due to a program that was supposed to speed up the process. they cut the screeners by 10% think the pre-check would be popular there. are less agenerals available on the regular screening lanes. one traveler we spoke with said enrolling in the program is well worth it. >> you could find yourself easily waiting 30 minutes or more in the other line. going through the pre you breeze through and it doesn't take more than 5 minutes. very, very convenient. >> they thought they'd have about 25 million members by now
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ow they have only 9. >> a long time oakland restaurant is shutting down. fracesro's will be closing up today. the restaurant has been on operated by the same family for 48 years. the family says tastes have changed and the next generation of the family is not interested in keeping the business. the co-owner says she'll miss the community but it's time to move on. she said it will take a couple of months to clear out the building. >> owners and developers of the historic claremont hotel will hold a meeting to alleviate conscientious about expansion plans. the owners want to build 4500 condos in the front parking lot. the architecture will be inspireed by the century old
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claremont. >> we don't want to copy the hotel but we want something that's complimentary so the new architecture hasslements. >> there has an been assertion that no views will be affected. they may be true of the neighbors but we're interested in the views of the claremont from the surrounding area. >> some of the parking black and blue under grown. conceptual design will be shown to neighbor for the first time tonight at the meeting at 7:00. if approved they'll start in 2018. >> baseball teams are back in town tonight as we get ready for the first game of the bay bridge series. we'll have a live report after the break. >> in the weather, most of the bay area in the clear. we'll talk about changes in the forecast coming up on friday, the weekend and possibly a few
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sprinkles showing up on the long-range weather maps.
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. >> >> well, it is almost that time once again. you have to grab your peanut, cracker jacks and head out to the ball game. the san francisco giants will host their rival, oakland a's in the bay bridge series.
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>> let's go out to jason on what we can expect to see in tonight's very first matchup. a beautiful day out there, jason. >> reporter: yeah it much as i'd like knob the studio when you this is great. the exhibition games kicks off today. you can take a look at bating practice. the hitters are up right now. tonight's starting pitcher for the giants, jeff samargia hit two hope runs mom moments ago. they have expanded safety netting. it's extended to the edge orphism dugout. obviously, baseball, because this is taking place in major league parks across the country. they're trying to prevent
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flying bats and balls from injuring the fans. pagan is moving way to make room for spann. samargiashit the home runs, pagan in a contract year and taking it all in stride. >> the two lead-off hitters that creates situations in the later inings for panic, buster posey and all, i think have the fast guys on the base creates situations. >> i personally enjoy playing against the a's whether it's preseason or regular season. you have opposeing sides of the bay and fans are into it. >> i feel really tired. i got up too early today because i misread the text on what time the bus was leaving.
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excited to get he. >> you can sleep on the bus, right? >> it's just a five minute ride, so not long. i'll sleep when i'm dead. >> that was funny by brandon. we asked him if he was excited about coming to the ballpark and he said he was tired. we're look at butch holding his pregame meeting. mark ibanez will be out here about and we'll talk to some a's. >> i'm excited for the first pitch. speak of football, colin kaepernick is still a san francisco 49er even though they asked far trade. his basal richaun becomes fully guaranteed tomorrow, $1919.9
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million. it's expected he'll remain on the roster but the 499ers could still trade him. if they do the other team would likely want to rene negotiate his deal. they expect him to compete for the starting job this season. the 49ers worked out golf in berkeley yesterday. the 49ers have the 7th pick in the nfl draft. >> it seem that relationship is over. you heard jason say it's breezy. if you're in the shade okay but sun feels good. >> just keep that in mine. you can see, looking live out towards at&t park, nice to have baseball back. i expect patchy fog will regroup tonight. we have a storm but look at the clouds heading way up to our
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north. we're going to remain dry as we head into the weekend, possibly a few changes for next week. we'll show you some of the fog, regrouping and we've traced in the surface winds. that transports the fog back into the bay for the overnight hours. we're showing you this. santa rosa 67, san jose 67 san francisco 56, half moon bay in the mid-50s. fair field winds out of the southwest 20 miles per hour at last check. more for you, fso, a strong one out of the west at 18. we add that to the on shore breeze. this is nice. we showed you the satellite. we have a visual confirmation. this is a factor in the forecast. friday morning fog, skies
4:47 pm
partly sunny. it'll be a dry weekend and we'll warm things back up. parts of the bay area could be in the lower 8 0s. still a few days away. first thing in the morning, partly cloudy skies, here is a lock at some of the buoy reports out there. we're expecting a bump and a swell over the next couple of days. we'll have extra dangerous rip currens friday and saturday. waves are 89-10 feet so a lot of energy in the pacific for the next few days. some overcast in the morning and then partly to sunny skies in the afternoon tomorrow. high pressure is still in charge of your weather pattern push the storm track to the north. in terms of significant rainfall, really not showing up in our forecast.
4:48 pm
we're taking us into sunday afew extra clouds and into monday as well. temperatures tomorrow, lots of 60s. immediate shoreline upper 50s to 60s. 70s out towards concord. san jose 70. here is a look ahead at the five day forecast. clearing skies into saturday. that'll be the warmest day of the week. partly sunny skyed sunday, cooler mounds, next week we could be in the upper 7s, i approaching 80s. the chance of some rain maybe a week from tomorrow. we will always welcome more rain drops. >> in the mean time it's flip- flops and shorts. >> i don't know about that. let's check in with julie for the stories we're working on at 5:00. >> another possible scandal
4:49 pm
involving san francisco police. what we're learning about alleged racist and homophobic text message sent by officers. >> man knowledge buy agnew car for your family and then the police taking it away. the new scam involving stolen and what you need to do to avoid becoming victim. these stories are coming up at 5:00. still ahead, a video of the softer side of a police going viral. what happened when police were called to check on a suspicious car. sustr
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. >> time to get social and take a look at what people are
4:52 pm
talking about on associate media. >> it's a picture maybe the runs on social media boston globe columnist tweeted this picture right here. this is a woman letting her ponytail hangover the back of her seat on the airplane. this is is a flight from houston to boston. her hair is block the screen for the passenger signature behind her. ramos tweeted out congrats the ponytail woman in seat 22 b. you've invent add way to be awful at 2200 feet. >> it's gone viral with many suggesting how passengers should have dealt with it. is it uncomfortable to be in the back of you? >> she may not have been aware. >> what would you do if you were siting behind her? >> i would've asked her. >> and if she said no.
4:53 pm
>> that's another story. >> a video take the internet by storm a.huntington police officer checked in on a suspicious car and it was a mother and child living in the car. while one worked with the mother the other played hop scotch. >> tickets for outside lands went on sale today. it comes no surprise that the three day eager beaver passes are solds out this. is video from one of last year's headliners, mumford and son. the lineup for this year is not expected until april 5th. the festival is august 5th-7th
4:54 pm
at golden gate park. >> still ahead, whoopi goldberg is launching a marijuana based business here in the bay area just for women. we'll tell you about it.
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♪ let's go ♪ hey, oh ♪ let's go [ beep ] ♪ they're piling in the backseat ♪ aah! ♪ they're generating steam heat ♪ ♪ pulsating to the back beat ♪ the blitzkrieg bop
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♪ ♪ hey, oh, let's go ♪ shoot 'em in the back now ♪ what they want, i don't know ♪ they're all revved up and ready to go ♪ . >> all right, as the first quarter of the year closes, the stock markets are bouncing back from the losses at the start of the year.
4:57 pm
today wall street ended mixed but the dow is up 1.5% up nasdaq down nearly 3%, concerns about the noble economy dragged down the markets in january. the dow lost 3 snasdaq gain as fraction and s&p.m. flye jhonny. whoopi goldberg is teaming up to help ease the pain during woman's time of the month and they're doing it with marijuana. they are launching four marijuana infused products to help women who suffer from severe cramps and discomfort. the cannabis report that is oakland and berkeley will be the first to carry the producks. they are expected to go on sale some time in april. >> chipotle is now moving
4:58 pm
monday burritos. they filed a trade mark for a burger chain called better burger. this is part of their business plan. >> bmw is taking leap into the caroled with an app called bmw connected. it only works the iphone right now. it's an app that learns about your daily routine and will serve as sort of a personal assistant in and outside of your vehicle, including automatic warnings about traffic. >> we're not doing a notification on your way to work on drive to work everyday. if the traffic conditions are normal you don't need that but when something unusual happens on a learned or regular drive we can let you know today is a bad traffic situation, you should be leaving ten minutes
4:59 pm
earlier. bmw says they're just the first version of the app that will evolve into a bigger platt tomorrow. 200 leading automotive executives feel na bmw is out pacing all others for self- driving features. >> that's it for us here at 4. now token and julie. san francisco police officers are under scrutiny. >> ear learning details about racist and homophobic text message sent by polices. >> good evening, i'm julie and. >> nd a'm ken. we're learning there is more fall out for the san francisco police d.. police and district attorney just spoke about more incident. rob is live in the studio with
5:00 pm
details. >> reporter: right ken. more trouble surround the san francisco police department. a new investigation revealed that four san francisco police officers exchangeed text message that have been described as racist and homophobic. we spoke with the police chief and this is what he had to say. >> it's betrayal. all of us that wear this uniform put it on sworn to serve and help everybody every time. when you have officers that betray that trust it's not just the public's trust but the trust of the men and women that we work alongside of. >> reporter: the latest findings comes after eight officers were fired for send the text and it mocks the out cry surrounding that scandal. according to the district attorney, the offi


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