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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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football, police say one of the men took mop for himself. lynnwood burris peyton is accused of embezzleing more than 200,000 dollars to. night he is in jail. >> there were direct transfers from the account into his personal account. >> reporter: police say 2010- 2014, he served as treasurer for the conference. police say during that time he spent more than 22,000 dollars at grocery stores, more than 21,000 at home furnishing and improvement stores, almost 20,000 at the raceway, 10,000 for personal insurance, nearly 4000 on cable bills and 3000 on flights. >> he was causing over draft fees on the youth conference account.
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they totaled over 4000 dollars. >> reporter: the former football league covered 18 cities across three count tis. police say peyton lied on the the cost of insurance. howe was arrested wednesday where police say he had recently been e viktor fasthed. >> these were membership fees paid by the pair remembers of the kids and he took the money anded it for his own personal use. >> we don't know if the district attorney's office will file charges. they plan to meet tomorrow morning. >> over 200,000 dollars he's accused of embezzleing. >> it was during five year period, 2010-2014 that he was the volunteer treasurer and police say they don't they hi held another job. >> we're learning details about alleged racist and homophobic
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text message sent by san francisco police officers. it involves a ingroup of officers after last jersey's revelations of a similar incident rob has the details. >> ken, the latest investigation reveal that is at least four san francisco police officers may have engaged in racist and homophobic testing. the police chief says all four have been taken off the street. two have retired >> reporter: were text messages of a racist homophobic nature discovered. we were looking few the cell phone of a lath that may have been involved in a criminal case when we came across these message. >> the disturbing text came to light and they made the d.a. aware of the text mononas ago.
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this latest revelation follow as similar scandal. the newly found texts made fun of the public out cry over the previous trouble -- troubleing text. >> all of this could have a ripple affect. they have to notify all of the defense attorneys handleing the criminal cases in which the officers are involved to see if they have a bearing on how the cases are handled. ken. >> rob, thank you. late today the san francisco public defender said in light of the revelation that is a second group of officers exchangeed the racist and
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homophobic text message his office will begin a review of cases. >> today was chavez day. in oakland, people who work in low wage jobs rallied in support for an increase of california's minimum wage approveed today. governor brown said he'll sign the bill next week that will increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022. one woman who has cleaned buildings for 22 years says it's time to improve pay. >> we need the raise because in the silicon valley we can not live without. we're making little bit of money and the big companies are making millions and millions. >> other workers told us while the pay raise the a good idea, silicon valley is such annex pence civil place to live, it
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won't make a difference to their quality of life. >> today it mark add long strong montrezl over for the unions. some say it's just beginning. lonnie talked to people capitol. >> california has one of the largest -- >> low wage workers packed the hallways of the capitol. the bill is phased in over six years and could be delayed in the economy sours. one says the bill is still a badly needed start. >> i can pay for a babysit, transportation. >> many argued it will cause layoffs and closures of small businesses. >> the people who are supposed to benefit will no longer have
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access to childcare. >> the majority wasn't persuade. >> the measure passes. >> [ applause ] >> there was reaction from union members listening to the debate outside. bo applause and cheering ] >> we did it. >> we actually did it. >> today is a sad day. >> there were no cheers from assembly republicans who led the opposition. >> a few are going to get a wage increase an others will lose their jobs. >> i would love to good to the move vice and lunch with my daughters an other things that i can't do right now. >> reporter: this was assembly's biggest (obstacle. >> a few hours later the senate voted to send the bill to the governor's desk there. a three person team from the
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national institute of creeks launched an investigation into the santa clara county jail today. they have been rocked with scandal. three former deputies are charged with a murder last year. there was also a prison brawl earlier this month caught on the video cam ras. some say they should have sensed tension. sheriff smith says he is not stepping down despite the calls to do so. >> we're going to get people out it was business that don't belong wearing badge. >> the sheriff is pushing for sweeping change. she wants greater scrutiny on the applicant's back grown and screening for bullying ten deny cisco. smith says she believes she should be will to make sure the changes happen even if it means serving another term. >> imagine spending all of your
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money on a car for your family and then find out it's stolen became the latest victim of the scam na targets unsuspecting buyers. henry lee has more. >> reporter: it sounded like a great deal. 44,000 miles, the $3000 characterize 2010 chevy tahoe. maria an her husband along with two kids drove to fresno to get the vehicle. the family used the tahoe for a year and recently they tried to renew the registration an were blocked. this week a chp investigator showed up with bad news. the tahoe was stone. the vin number was bogus. their suv had to be towed away. maria burst into tears. >> they took away the car and we have nothing.
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>> reporter: she works as a caretaker, her husband as a cook and mechanic. now they share one car. >> we work hard. we have two jobs and we work hard to have something. we put the money away to buy something for our family. it was really sad. >> reporter: chp officer is part of the task force and he said he had no choice but to tow the tahoe which sits in a warehouse to be returned to the insurance company. >> i was kind of emotional. it's not fun talking to someone like that and saying i'm taking your car. >> for now on we're going to do daler ship if we're going to buy something. >> reporter: a half hour after the suv was towed, maria
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texted the officer and said she'd be okay because this was material but she doesn't want it to happen to anyone else. >> long lines stretched around the locks, sleeping bags, tolding chairs an big crowds prove the excitement over the new tesla. many tell us why the hours spent in line was port it. >> the work being down so a tragedy doesn't happen again. >> and a bit of a break there the storms but fog regrouping offshore. coming up, where the fog will be in the morning and the warmest day of the weekend. >> quick look at traffic at the bay bridge toll. >> here is what it looks like on highway 24. traffic moving slowly toward the 680 interchange. back with many -- more in just
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a moment.
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. >> long lines snaked around the corner of the tesla show room in san jose today. it won't be officially unveiled until tonight. it's considered one of tesla's more affordable car starting around $35,000. buyers are puting down a $1000 deposit and first model three's won't be delivered until later next year. we found people willing to spend sight unseen. >> spending three hours in line to get a carry'll get next year? american made, luxury, why not.
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>> it's not senator but it's what we're dog. >> would be buy evers were dog- - buy evers were in line for the sun came up. online orders will start tonight at 7:30. inspectors say ney each made some headway on inspecting balconies. it was determined that dry rot was at fault for collapse of a balcony last year that killed some students. there are 6965 property owners out of more than 6000 properties who have not responded to inspection requests. so far, officials say about 600 have needed corrective action. >> this program provides
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reassurance for the property owners who thought maybe they had faulty balconies and it gives the people who live there a sense of security that they're going to be safe in their surroundings. >> the city is review the list of property owner whose have not responded and checking for those that need to be inland regional center petco parked. >> a cruz deniable burglary turned into a police chase in walnut creek this morning. joel jumped into a vehicle this morning and took off. while driving he struck another vehicle and pass add deputy. he crashed on to bart property eventually. he then jumped out of the car and ran but the police caught up with him a short distance away. viewers sent sustr pictures of him being arrested. he'll be jailed after he gets
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out of the hospital. >> almost a foot of new snow has ski resorts extended their season. mammoth mountain posted pictures this week. they plan to stay open through memorial day and maybe longer. almost 350 inches of snow has fallen at the main lodge. bear mountain and snow summit extended their seasons a week and plan to close on april 17th. >> let's go to mark in the weather center. another beautiful day around the bay area. >> we ha the thunderstorms pop up on monday but the past few days are quiet. it looks like summer time with the fog in the morning and that's having big impact on the temperatures this afternoon. the cool spots out to san antonio upper 50s, lots of 70s out there concord, livermore,
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antioch. here is a bigger picture. we have the storm track but the main energy is way up here to the north a big ridge offshore. our dry weather pattern is going to stay in place. we saw the fog regrouping. here is a look at the surface winds. that will help to transport some of the winds back to the bay. this is out towards ocean beach. we'll check on some of the wind speed. san francisco 55 degrees, more wind reports, more temperature reports, santa row ta 65, fairfield 63 degrees. some of the current wind speed, oakland winds out of the west at 25, sfo, that's a gust to 31 the on shore breeze awill the
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of chop. you see evidence of the fog bank regrouping. first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and the bay. temperatures to started off friday, 40s to around 50 degrees. i'm showing you low clouds. we'll take this too the afternoon hours. partly sunny, breezy, 61 degrees. no big changes for the your friday morning. areas of fog out there, high pressure keeps us dry and with that, for friday into saturday, warmest locations inland at least in the low to mid 7 0s and we'll cool things off into next week. here is our forecast model into tomorrow morning showing you some of the fog. we're going to have a partly to mostly sunny skies. 60s and 7 0s, flirting with the 60-degree mark around the
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coastline. san jose 70, mountain view 69 degrees and here is a look ahead at the five day. temperatures peaking saturday, cooling things off sunday and monday and temperatures back up on tuesday, wednesday, 70s to 8 0s. the allergies, i've been sneezeing more and the winds whiping up it's going to be a factor. >> don't forget your kleenex. >> the test overdriver less cars have hit a roadblock. it's o're would and aging infrastructure. we're looking at how the engineers are working hard to find a work around. >> you'd think the so-called google and more, showrooms would soon be full of models. in reality it's a evolution,
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not revolution. the road systems are so bad, upgradeing them for smart cars shows the progress clown. steven is with the advanced transportation sen never rich mon. >> the vehicle systems have to work regardless of the condition of the infrastructure. >> that requires fps, individual yradar, sensors, guidance system all work together with other vehicles and information services. >> the vehicles are never going to be as smart as the drivers >> reporter: by provide the driver with better warnings and information coupled with automatic system, danger can be greatly reduced. >> we'll still do most of the driving for the foreseeable future. delfi, one of the oldest names in the industry, has become one
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of silicon valley's leading deliver less developers. >> they'll have to manage their way through the variation. >> cars that could do most if not all of the work could come much sooner. >> when you talk about broad use of automated vehicle, you have to, we believe you have to have the connection to the infrastructure. >> until then, other cities and locals that fix infrastructures will be able to have the cars to shults to delivery trucks and that will reduce fatality, injuries, expenses and insurance bills. >> it is a big night for bay area baseball. the giants and a's are back from spring training and they're playing each other.
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mark ibanez live. >> we have baseball on tap. one of the final exhibition games before the real deal. take a look at some of the crowd starting to file n.loyal giant fans and not to forget the a's too as both teams get ready to crank it up. we'll have a full report coming up in a few minutes.
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. it's here. the return of baseball in the bay area. game one of the bay bridge series just about ready to begin. >> mark ibanez joins us live with a preview of the matchup. mark. >> yeah, it should be fun out here. one of the writers was saying they tore candlestick down and
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it allows all of the wind out here. you can see the a's wrapping up the final stages battleing practice. a good crowd consideration it safter all aweek night. the fans are filing in about 45- 50 minutes until the first pitch. a very interesting spring training for pagan. me's been the giants center fielder and lead off guy far few years. all of a sudden the janes let him know you're not the center fielder. it can go one of two ways for a worker. he plays glass half full and that's what pagan said he intends to do this year, make the best of it. >> have the two lead off men
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that create the situations, in the later inings, they create the situations. i think have fast guys on the bases -- >> i'm really tired. i got up way too early todayment i misread the text on what time the bus was leaving so mainly tired but excited to be here. >> you can sleep on the bus, right sfo. >> it's only like a five minute ride. i'll sleep when i'm dead. >> all right, so a great night for the ballpark and the fans to get to see their guys up close and personal. i was looking at the starting lineups for both team. it's what you ear going to see on opening night for both ball clubs. this is as close to the real deal we're going to getment we'll have full highlight tonight at 10:00.
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from at&t, mark ibanez. >> coming up tonight aman is now facing felony charges. the accusation that is could land him and the others behind bars. thanks for joining us tonight. good night.
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