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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 1, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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officers facing disciplinary actions for sending racist and homophobic text messages. good morning everyone. it's friday april 1st. i'm brian flores. let's get your day started. let's get your month started. can you believe it's april 1st? >> yes, i believe anything. >> and no fooling. >> looks like less coverage. lows in the 40s and 50s again. the fog will regroup and march in about 7:00 or 8:00. the giants game tonight looks clear. yesterday we had a ton of low
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clouds but looks to be less today. a lot of 40s today. a delta breeze? yeah, south and con ford west at napa so westerly breeze east. low clouds and sunny inland and 60s and low 70s. here he is at 4:00 in the morning. happy friday, sal. >> i might need my candle stick jacket at at and t park, steve? >> if you're in the upper part yes . >> okay good to know. good morning everyone. let's take a look at traffic. it's easy for the most part if you're driving almost anywhere in the bay area. the traffic continues to look good at the toll plaza. it's easy going this week because of spring break.
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this is i-80 north and south bound. the traffic here is moving along well. no major issues. if you're driving on the south bay community north and south bound 101 all those freeways are doing well. it's 4:01. back to the desk. people in the south cleaning up after a series of severe storms. tornados touched down in alabama, louisiana and muscle mislast night. no reports of deaths or injuries but high winds knocked down trees and power lines and destroyed homes. one man who lost his home says he's thankful his family survived. >> i'm glad nobody got hurt. but you can see my house -- it's pretty much gone. >> earlier this week several tornados touched down in eastern oklahoma. the storm system is expected to weaken today. state correction officials are preparing to release a high
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risk sex offender to petaluma. 23-year old jonathan hopner will be residing at a hotel within city limits starting today. he was accused of groping a teenager while on parole from a previous incident. he's been convicted of sexual battery seven times in three years. they want the community to be aware of his arrival as a sex offender. a girl's mother filed a lawsuit in federal court in the san antonio rosa santa rosa school district. she went to the bathroom. the girl had previously complained about the boy harassing her but the school district did nothing. the school district has not commented on the lawsuit. a new san francisco texting
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scandal could deepen a fractured relationship with the african american community. at least four or five officers are accused of exchanging texts with racial and homophobic slurs. the officers in this new texting case have either been suspended or could be fired or have already left the police department. >> when you have officers that betray that trust, it's not just the public's trust, it's the trust of the men and women we work along side of. >> the san francisco district attorney said the bigoted texts could call into question hundreds if not thousands of cases the officers were involved in. these texts were not involved in the texts last year. a man was a possible target
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of a hate crime. he walked to his car parked outside his apartment complex and noticed a book and papers on his windshield containing hate speech. >> on the book it said "don't be gay" and there was tons of hate speech and dvd's on how to not be gay and how to get it scared out of you. it was pretty jarring. >> police were out in the neighborhood yesterday interviewing neighbors. they are investigating it as a possible hate crime ask the suspect could face a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. parents at wind mere ranch middle school. they are concerned about a week long circumstance lumbar focusing only on lesbian and gay
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and lgbt issues. they are demanding a student walk out if the demands are not met. they say other issues such as racial and religious difrpss should get the same amount of emphasis. students can opt out of the curriculum, the principal says. the head coach of the usf women's basketball team made a big revelation about her personal life. she announced she's married to her female assistant. they were married back in august after coaching together six years. she introduced the warrior president who became the first nba openly gay executive in 2011. bill clinton and chelsea clinton will be at a bay area
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global initiative event. us campus students were planning to protest but backed off. donald trump may be losing momentum at a critical time and hillary clinton is losing her patience. the latest in the race for the white house. >> reporter: wisconsin is the next contest up on tuesday. there's a new fox business poll out indicating bernie sanders has built momentum in the state. he's still within the margin of error at five points for within hillary clinton. >> in what was supposed to be a few moments of pleasant fan handling hillary clinton lost it. >> i'm so sick about the bernie sanders campaign lying about me. >> she's clearly not happy with
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the momentum behind bernie sanders who is leading ahead of wisconsin's primary and he's gaining in what should be a clinton stronghold -- new york. >> if we win here in new york we are going to make it to the white house. donald trump arriving in washington no doubt hoping for something of a reset after a tu multiwous few days. trump met yesterday with his foreign policy team as well as republican party chairman trying to head off talk of a convention forefront. >> hundreds of delegates ahead of everyone else, i really think that whoever has that kind of advantage should get it. >> reporter: but his real problem may be back in wisconsin where ted cruz and leading and
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john kasich is gaining. these are the numbers in the race right now. ted cruz in wisconsin is up 42%. donald trump 32% and john kasich 19%. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. we're finally getting a look at the new tesla. there it is, the model three made it's debut last night. the new car is fast and safe. as far range, he said about 215 miles at the minimum. tesla became taking $1,000 deposit even though it won't be sold until next year. the price starts at $35,000 then goes up depending on the options buyers choose. >> this is crazy but i was just told total numbers of orders for the model three in the past
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24 hours has now passed 115,000. >> many of the orders came from the people who stood in long lines. tesla show rooms around the world had people camping out. at&t park is packed again tonight for game two of the bay bridge exhibition series. . begon will be in left field this season. brandon crawford got the scoring going. the giants add two more runs and beat the a's 3-1. kendall gray vin will start against jake pee vi. the reason one bus company will no longer be allowed to use
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muni bus stops. the arrests made overnight in india. looking at the morning commute, the east shore freeway does look pretty good heading out to the mcarthur maze. weather is good if you enjoyed yesterday. if not, go inland and that's where the warmest temperatures will be. we'll show you coming up.
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at least 24 people died in yesterday's overpass collapse in india. police have detained five officials from the construction company building the overpass. it had been under construction since 2009 and reportedly missed several deadlines for completion. a virginia state trooper was shot and killed during a training exercise at a greyhound bus station. investigators still don't know why the gunmen opened fire. chad dermyer walked up to a man and he was shot at. two troopers standing nearby fired back killing the gunmen. >> as soon as i heard the pops i ran. that stuff happens at a greyhound bus station. >> i ask everyone keep the
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family in our thoughts and prars. >> trooper chad dermyer was 37 years old and leaves behind a wife and two children. an experienced scuba diver died while exploring underwater kaefs in new mexico that had been sealed for 30 years. he was an elite diver and received permission to enter the blue hole. it's popular because of its crystal clear waters. thompson and another diver were exploring the underwater caves 160 feet below the surface when they became separated. thompson got trapped in a narrow passage way and died. the case had been closed after two scuba divers got lost and died as well. the trance to the caves has now been sealed once again. the time is 4:15. let's check on the traffichis
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morning in the bay area. sal is keeping an eye on things. >> not that bad bryan. we are hoping for friday light and we'll see what happens. it's early enough for a light commute almost anywhere you look. you will see the traffic looks good coming into san francisco. no major problems on interstate 880 if you're driving past the coliseum it continues to look good with no major issues. the road sensors not showing as much. that's good. traffic here in the south bay looks good on 101 and 237 and 885. all the freeways look good. at 4:16 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning everybody. happy friday. we have low clouds out there. yesterday the coverage at this time was more much extensive.
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mainly settling in the upper 50s and low 60s and there will be 70s inland. if you're heading to the game i think it will be better than last night but still upper 50s here. some area of low clouds around but the coverage is less than yesterday. a lot of 50s yesterday. still some here. 54 in oakland and 54 at sfo. north bay temps low 40s. upper 40s in nevada. hils burg and wind sor have a south westerly breeze. 28 and 42 truckee. 51 in monterey. once fog burns off we're good to go. this system is running into a wall of high pressure. low clouds friday morning and burning off sooner. sunshine for everybody especially as we go into sunday inland temps jumping up to 76.
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60s for some and 70s for others and a few 50s holding on. it looks warm as we go into saturday and sunday. a cool down on monday before a warm upstarts up. it could get down right warm. mid 80s. >> no sign of april showers though. >> there are. about ten days out and 15 days out it looks wet so we may get warm to hot and bring rain back. >> okay, i look forward to that. >> me too. criminal charges against a group of squatters accused of using a little known law to take ownership of an abandoned property in oakland. they took over an elderly woman's house. she owned the place for sentimental reasons but no longer lived there. land action filed an affidavit
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to take possession of the property claiming the home was vacant and they would pay taxes. they ordered land action to leave when she discovered members were living there. >> they broke it down and started renovating everything. a few weeks later the police came. >> he was in there a good month before anybody noticed anything. >> the land to action activists face charges including filing false paper work and misdemeanor trespassing. they are represented by civil rights attorney tony cera. the activists say they are being unfairly targeted. they say they left the property once the owner came forward. the time now is april 14th. the prank going viral for the warriors.
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a fitting tribute to david bowie last at carnegie hall. this video was posted by people on youtube. it was planned for a benefit for education. they featured bowie after he
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died in january. they were overwhelmed by the number of artists who wanted to perform. colin kaepernick remains a member of the 49ers. the team could still grant his request for a trade. the talks get closer to the draft on the 28th. the warriors celebrated april fool's day early with a ride sharing company lyft. >> reporter: two sources close to the warriors say that back up center festus ezeli will be released from his contract. >> i don't know how to react to that other than going through them one by one. the season has been so magic. >> check your phone. check your phone. >> the guys are texting him now.
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>> that is messed up, man. that joke fooled festus ezeli he had been released was complete with hidden cameras and a fake radio broadcasts and text messages with teammates. >> pretend he got traded to portland or something and he came in and said i know what we need to do. let's get festus ezeli and tell him he got dropped. he said on twitter that it was a cold blooded prank but he loves his team anyway. you can watch the entire prank on our website the sharks have now lost 22 games at the sap center and facing vancouver last night.
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san jose came back to tie the game in the third period but vancouver wins 4 2. the sharks have more more games left in the regular season. amazon has expanded its dash button products with more than a hundred items. the dash buttons work by connecting to wifi and connecting to the customer's account. all the customer has to do is push the button. it includes items like potato chips and even condoms. queen bae is bringing her style to the gym. >> the park became a state of mind. the park became my strength. >> it's called ivy park. it's a park where she used to run as a child. the singer also says she want to
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"inspire women who understand beauty is more than your physical appearance". ivy park launches april 14th online as well as nordstrom stores. a warning for people living in petaluma. the high risk sex offender being released later today. we're live in santa clara where disturbing notes are left on one man's car. we'll tell you why he was targeted and what police are saying. good morning, we're looking at a commute where traffic is doing well on the golden gate bridge here as you head south. little less fog this morning than we had yesterday. temperatures continue to bump up. will that continue today? yeah. the friday forecast coming up.
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the severe season is starting soon. the end of march we have gone into a mini summer pattern. upper 50s to mid 70s for sun. 59 in san francisco. the water temps are colder. still some fog but there's a lot more yesterday. it looks sunny today and nice if you're heading out tonight. it will be better than last night. mostly clear and still a little bit on the cool side. low clouds yesterday. cooler and clear. 46 and 47 not far away. low 50s for some. low 40s for other.
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east bay temps mid 40s to 50s. some locations on the cooler side. 50 to 55. a southwest breeze not that strong. 30s in the mountains looks beautiful up there for today and the weekend. for us temps today in the 60s and 70s. mid 70s inland. can you believe that, sal? >> is this normal for spring or no? >> more above for inland. >> we should be 68. >> about 62. the city oakland and san francisco normal. others inland or normal. >> thank you, steve. right now we are normal. traffic light around the bay area. traffic is looking good at the bay bridge for the most part. this is a look at interstate 880 north and south bound and that's a nice l


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