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east bay temps mid 40s to 50s. some locations on the cooler side. 50 to 55. a southwest breeze not that strong. 30s in the mountains looks beautiful up there for today and the weekend. for us temps today in the 60s and 70s. mid 70s inland. can you believe that, sal? >> is this normal for spring or no? >> more above for inland. >> we should be 68. >> about 62. the city oakland and san francisco normal. others inland or normal. >> thank you, steve. right now we are normal. traffic light around the bay area. traffic is looking good at the bay bridge for the most part. this is a look at interstate 880 north and south bound and that's a nice looking drive with no
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major issues. we have been looking at the east bay commute and that's fine. in fact, i'm looking at the livermore valley here. off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. here's a look at top stories we're following this morning. state correction officials preparing to release a high risk sex offender to the city of petaluma. he will be residing at a hotel in city limits starting today. he was accused of groping a teenager last july while on parole from a previous incident. he's been convicted of sexual battery 7 times in three years. san francisco police officers are facing disciplinary action for sending racist and homophobic tikss. they texts. the district attorney says he is
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contacting defense attorneys because the officers behavior could impact criminal cases they were a part of. police investigating a possible hate crime in santa clara after a man says homophobic messages were left on his car. >> reporter: as you mentioned, those nasty notes were left on the man's car parked right in front of his apartment complex here in this neighborhood and the manager of the complex plans on installing cameras to help him. now, david was heading to work on monday morning and when he he walked outside he noticed papers filled with hate speech and religious messages and books that were saying "gays and smokers get out of the complex".
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>> it's hard to know that people can be that evil. it's hard to know that people can take the time and be so persistent on hurting someone and someone they don't even know. >> reporter: police were out in the neighborhood yesterday interviewing people and trying to gather suspect information. they're investigating this as a possible hate crime and if this suspect is caught and convicted, the person could face a year in prison and a $1,000 fine. a popular bus company has had commuters shuttle permit taken away. bowers intelligent transportation won't have access to municipal bus stops. it was based on their repetitioned failure to follow traffic laws.
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bowers say they will repeal the decision. in less than an hour we receive the latest job report. analysts predict u.s. employers add 200,000 jobs. businesses are confident enough in the economy to add more workers. california has joined new york in passing legislation to raise the minimum wage to a record $15 an hour. as there was applause inside and outside the state capital in sacramento when the legislation passed the state senate yesterday, republicans opposed it saying it's a job killer.
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new york's governor reached a deal with lawmakers in his state that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. in 2018 will bring another 50 cent increase to $11 and the minimum wage goes up until it reaches $15 in 2022. union workers in san jose rallied yesterday in support for the higher minimum wage. security guards and janitors and fast food workers say with the high cost of living in the bay area it's only fair. >> we need a raise because we cannot live without this. we are making a little bit of money and the big companies making millions. >> they have a contract up at the end of april so for them the
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fight is not over. they have another rally set for april 14th. the national institute of corrections is now investigating the santa clara county jail. the jail has been rocked with scandals starting with a beating death last year. three former deputies are charged with his murder. there's a prison brawl this month caught on cameras that the sheriff herself purchased the day before. critics say deputies should have sensed tensions and segregated the inmates before the fight began. the sheriff say she's not stepping down from her post. >> i know that we know what's right and we're going to get people out of the business that don't belong wearing a badge. >> the sheriff is pushing for sweeping changes in the department. she wants greater scrutiny of an applicants background and an increase in educational requirements and a screening for bullying tendencies. she believes she should stay in office to make sure the changes
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happen. the man accused of being the bearded bandit returns to court later this month. he's expected of robbing 11 banks. ellis appeared in court yesterday. investigators say ellis told them he stole the money to pay bills. his attorney is looking to reduce charges so he can be held in the county jail rather than federal prison. a man accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a youth football league. he embezzled more than $200,000 from the youth football conference when he served as treasurer. he falsified records to cover his tracks. the money came from membership fees paid by parents so their kids could play. >> he was using so much of this money that he was causing
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overdraft fees on the checking account. the other draft fees totalled over $4,000. >> two executive members became suspicious and then contacted authorities. they covered 18 east bay cities but no longer exists. the town of moraga is asking for $3 million to pay for repairs. the sink hole destroyed drains and gutters and it's far beyond what the town can afford to fix. it opened up on march 17th. the main thorough fair still remains closed. the fishing season opens along the northern coasting.
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abalone fishing season requires license and report cards. there are areas where ablowny fishing is prohibited. the time now is 4:39. did the new tesla live up to the hype? how many people put in deposits for the car? first getting fined for lunch. the penalty schools could face if they don't have certain items on the menu. we're looking at a commute that looks good so far. not a big drive here at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks good getting into san francisco. cisco. i think we have a tasty friday forecast for you on this first of april. it's warmer today and we'll look at the weekend as well. well.
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six young adults were killed last june when a fifth floor balcony gave way. inspectors say the balcony collapsed because of dry rot. there are 665 property owners out of more than 6,000 properties who have not responded to inspection requests. about 600 need some kind of corrective action. >> this program provides free insurance for property owners who may have questions about their balcony or exterior
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elements. it gives families living in those properties a sense of security in their surroundings. >> the city is reviewing the property that have not been inspected and determining which one ones need inspections. under the hunger free kid's act schools getting federally funded lunches have to serve mixed fruit and whole grain and less fat. but more kids have been throwing away the fruits and veggies. >> now you have the federal government coming in and imposing these standards and then saying we're going to fine you for not towing the line is ridiculous. >> the usda says fines would be
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used in extreme cases. a a new senate bill is working its way through
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several people hurt after a tour boat slammed into a dock in san diego. 140 people on board yesterday afternoon. three passengers taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. a mechanical malfunction is to blame for the crash. the ship sounded its horn repeatedly as it was coming in. >> we knew it was going to hit.
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all the people standing in line started running. we were able to stand there and it just crashed going pretty fast into the dock. >> the crash damaged the ship and the water front walk way. authorities are now investigating what caused the malfunction. there could soon be a new gun on the market that could pass for something we carry around on a daily basis. a man from minnesota is building a gun the size and shape of a smartphone. he showed his concealed weapon at a restaurant scaring a young customer but police are concerned because it would be hard to tell the difference between the gun ask the cell phone. >> that extra timing for an officer to identify is this a threat? >> there's some people that would take serious issue in the workplace to see a gun on you.
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it gives people on opportunity to avoid the conversation. the prototype should be ready by june and production is expected to begin later this summer. the sheriff's department is ready to use high-tech gadgets. starting this month deputies plan to use radar and more accurate light detection to check the speed of bikes. icicles have a 15 miles per hour speed limit -- bicycles. a similar speed limit on the trails have dropped the number of complaints of incidents involving speeding bikes. a couple got quite a surprise on a morning nature walk. >> oh my god. >> yeah, i freaked out as well.
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the couple was walking at corkscrew swamp sanctuary ri in florida. the panther turned and ran right past the couple closely passing the two on the narrow path cht wow. now to a story of survival after two dogs in southern california are attacked by a rattlesnake. it happened in a home near the suburb of san tee. the owner was away on the cruise and the pet sitter wasn't around for 45 minutes. when she came back both dogs were swelling. they were rushed to the clinic where they were giving anti rattlesnake venom. >> it had to be less than an hour before they got to dogs to the vet or they would have
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passed away. they are staying away from that part of yard. >> the foot long rattler was killed. this time of year is when we see more rattlesnakes and when they get into yards they're looking for food or a place to hide. the falcons are back in san francisco. you can see the female in this web cam video. her maet is not around. -- -- mait. today he's been released in napa, the warning authorities are sending to community. threats of a student walk out started by parents at a san ra moan middle school. good morning, we are looking
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at a commute that looks good so far. not a lot going on. this is a look at 80 westbound and it looks good heading on to the mcarthur maze. inland temps continue upwards. we'll see if there's a warm up as well.
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a high risk sex offender released in petaluma today. officers in san francisco exchanging racist and homophobic texts. good morning, thank you for joining us. it's friday, april 1st. watch out for the fools. i'm pam cook. >> why would you look at me? good morning, i'm dave clark. steve has your forecast. >> the coast had a tough time but inland temps lots of sunshine and low into the mid 70s. plenty of fog off the coast but hardly any making a strong push
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over the bay. you think the coverage here is going to burn off much sooner. the giants game tonight looks better. upper 50s and a westerly breeze in place. dress accordly it will be chilly. today looks sunny and chilly. if you want warmth head in land land santa rose has dipped. . >> everything is still quiet. even if there were a crash and we're not hoping for it, traffic is so light and wouldn't cause a major block unless lanes were blocked. the bay bridge looks good getting into san fra


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