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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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steve? >> looks to be good. far less fog than yesterday. upper 50s including san francisco at 59. yesterday we were sold out on this cloud deck. not the case this morning. more sunshine. san jose had low clouds and barely anything today. 70 and 48 the record high not that long ago. the record low was 29 back in 1896. temperatures warming up quick. 40s and 50s and a few 30s. wood side and boulder creek checking in with upper 30s. it's close at 41. 43 at sar toga. a little southeast breeze. 41 in ukiah. 48 in sacramento. everything set for a nice day and warmer on the weekend. more on that coming up in ten
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minutes or so. an update on your friday traffic. >> so far steve it looks good out there. let's look at what we have. we're going to start off with the traffic being the busiest and that's the bay bridge toll plaza. it's about a ten minute delay. not too bad heading towards here. even on a day like today with fender benders no big back ups associated with them. you can see traffic in the east bay looks good. i want to look at 880 from hey ward to free mont. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. a new scandal in the san francisco police department. christian captain explains the
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latest. tell us what the department and the district attorney have to say about this. >> reporter: san francisco's top prosecutor saying the latest round of racist texts could jeopardize hundreds of criminal convictions. >> we don't know how many cases are impacted whether they are former cases or incurring cases. ?re@pí.pmw officers are accused of exchanging text messages with racial and or homophobic slurs. the officers are referring to african americans with the "n" word and used a dreg toir term referring to female police officers. officers in this new texting case have been suspended or could be fired.
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. >> it's disgusting as it was when i found out about them. >> reporter: the texts were not related to the department's texting scandal last year involving 14 other officers. there are concerns this newest case could deepen the mistrust that could summon the african americans communities way they feel. state corrections officials are preparing to release a high risk sex offender to the city of petaluma. 23-year old jonathan hopner will reside at a hotel today. he was accused of groping a teenager last july while on parole from a previous incident. it's been convicted of sexual battery three times in seven
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years. police want the community to be aware of his arrival. the santa rosa school district is being sued after a student says she was sexual assaulted on campus. the girl's mother says the attack happened last year after she left class to go to the bathroom by a 17-year old male classmate. the girl complained about the boy harassing her and the school district did nothing about it. they have not commented yet on the lawsuit. police in santa clara are investigating a possible hate crime after a man says homophobic messages were left on his car. tell us more about this, jeanine. >> reporter: we usually hear about kids getting bullied but in this case it's a grown man.
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he's a 36-year old special needs educator. he told us he was shaken up when he went outside to his car monday morning parked outside his apartment complex on karen drive. someone left paper stating "gays and smokers get out of the complex". >> on the book it said "don't be gay". there was tons of hate speech on how to not be gay and how to get it scared out of you. it was pretty jarring. >>. >> reporter: police were out in the neighborhood interviewing people. they are investigating this as a possible misdemeanor hate crime. if caught and convicted, the person could spend a year in
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prison and fined $1,000. the apartment complex owner will install security cameras this weekend. the time is 6:05 parents in san ramone are circulating petitions for a lgbt awareness week long curriculum to focus on issues. they want it to be reduced to one day. they are threatening a one day student walk out if their demands are not met. the group says it's not against the subject but that other issues like racial and religious differences should get the same amount of attention. the principal says students can opt out of the curriculum. the parents plan to meet with the district superintendent today. police in campbell say they caught two suspected bike thieves. smith was identified based on
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tip tips from the public. policesay they arrested fox hours after the burglary on an unrelated warrant. they found him with a $3,000 bike connected to the campbell theft. the time is 6:07. chp says a family in livermore was scammed when they bought a stolen suv on crags list. they drove to a strip mall in fresno to meet the seller for the tahoe. when they went to renew the registration, an investigator came to their home and said it
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was stolen. >> i was emotional. it's not fun talking to someone like that. >> i was really really sad. we work hard and have two jobs and we work hard to have something. >> the seller showed the family the vin number on the car, the driver license and titles but investigators say it was all fake. the suv will be taken back to an insurance company. in the race for the white house, the next big contest is the primary in wisconsin followed by the big prize -- new york on april 19th. >> if we win here in new york we are going to make it to the white house. >> bernie sanders is now leading hillary clinton in wyoming and he is gaining in what should be a clinton stronghold which is new york. donald trump arrived in washington for a meeting with
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the republican party chairman. >> hundreds of delegates ahead of everyone else and hundreds of votes -- i think whoever has that advantage should get it. >> trump's problem at the moment may be in wisconsin where ted cruz is leading and john kasich is gaining. our time is 6:09. criminal charges facing a group of squatters in oakland. the little known law they used to take over that vacant house. up next, google reversed one of its april fool's day pranks overnight. the reason several users complained about a gmail feature. this is highway 24. not looking bad. i see red and blue lights there. is someone being pulled over? the traffic itself is not bad. it's going to be nice today. temperatures warming up mid 70s
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inland. we'll have those coming up.
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a tornado watch covers parts of georgia. a tornado hit parts of alabama, mississippi and louisiana. look at the damage. we haven't heard about deaths or injuries yet but trees and power lines were knocked down and homes were destroyed. earlier this week several tornados hit north eastern oklahoma and at least seven people were hurt.
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five members of the u.s. women's national soccer team have filed a wage discrimination lawsuit against the soccer federation. the lawsuit says female players earn as little as 40% of the money made by their counter parts even though the women have won more championships. the victory in the world cup final was the most watched soccer game of all-time in the u.s. the u.s. soccer federation says it was disappointed the action was taken and its committed to engage and negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement that addresses compensation. the warriors celebrated april fool's day early with the help of the ride sharing company lyft. andre iguodala pulled a good prank on festus ezeli. >> back up center festus ezeli will be released from his
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contract. that's it no more festus ezeli. >> i don't know how to react to that. first of all the season has been so magic cal. >> check your phone. >> the guys are texting him now. >> his face. >> look at andre iguodala. >> festus ezeli thought he had been released by the team. they had hidden cameras and a fake radio broadcast and texts coming from his teammates. >> we had a ton of different ideas. maybe somebody pretend they are injured or traded to portland or something and he basically came in and said we need to get festus ezeli. tell him he got dropped. >> andre iguodala gave festus ezeli a cake afterwards and festus ezeli through cake at him and ate a piece too. he said on twitter it was a cold
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blooded prank but he loves his teammates anyway. if you want to see the whole prank, go to our website, and look under must see video. one of google's pranks turned into a fail after several backlash. users inserted a joke that gmail had launched a drop the mic option. the button was put in place of the send and archives button which many users click automatically. one person claims to have lost a job as a result of hitting the drop the mic button. the time is 6:15. sal says he's going to avoid people because he don't want to
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be pranked. >> i'm having people tell me about their funny stores. my daughter got me. she just texted me and said her friend broke her arm. >> april fool's -- any song with the word "fool" in it. there's a lot of songs with the word "fool" in it. send me a song. hash tag it ktvu. we pick the song we like from the hash tags. this has the busiest its been. not as bad as normal. a 15 minute delay getting on to the spin. the south bay commute doesn't look too bad here. you can see traffic moving along okay. south bound 101 a word of a new crash with medics on the way.
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wood side onramp to south bound is 01 on the peninsula. i don't see any slow traffic but we'll see what happens aas the medics and fire department arrive. looking at 280 in san jose you can see that traffic is nice and continues to be that way into the west valley. at 6:17 let's go to steve. >> a fool believes it's going to rain today. >> that's right, are you a fool in the rain steve? >> i'm not fooling around. let's get to it. a little breeze here. a westerly breeze kicking in. inland temps with a gentle breeze. temperatures though 40s to 50s to start. 50s and 60s and mid 70s for son. patchy fog not as much. next week could be warm quick and then we'll come right back
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down. mid '80s are possible. san francisco 51. 62 and 49 is average. so pretty close to where we should be. 1985 the record high. 1999 not too long ago. 68 today and temperatures running above average to near average. for some it's been tough for the coast. a lot of fog. still plenty out there but not as much moving inland. low 40s for a few. santa rosa is in there and napa as well. boulder creek and scotts valley and santa cruz mountains. healdsburg in there also. 45 degrees with a breeze. southwest not that strong but west at oakland a little kick up on the breeze.
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48 in truckee and 41 in ukiah. this system is elongating and falling apart and won't do anything because it has no juice. low clouds give way to sunshine and warmer on these temps. looks like warmer as we go into the weekend. if you're far enough from the coast, patchy and sunny for most. there's more sun so temperatures clear. 774 for antioch and brentwood. 66 downtown oakly and 65 in berkley. santa clara hovering around 70. same for redwood and half moon bay. little cool for some. warmer into the weekend and cool
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down monday. thank you steve. the time is 6:19. we know what the new affordable tesla car looks like and how many people put down deposits with this tesla model three within 24 hours. preseason baseball action between the giants and the a's and the trade that allowed them to use a designated hitter last night even though they were playing in a national league ball park.
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i forgot about this one. >> "fool in the rain" led zepplin. this was requested by anthony dunn. today's theme is songs with the word "fool" in them. pick your favorite and send it
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to me. hash tag ktvu. the park will be packed tonight. last night we had one hit and struck out five. he got defensive help in the third. angel pagan in the third. the giants added two more runs beat the a's 4-1. normally when an american league team plays in the national league ball park their pitchers have to hit. the manager traded giants manager a bottle of wine for the right to use a designated hitter last night. melvin said the bottle was a small sacrifice to ensure his
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pitching staff was not put in a situation before. the sharks just lost their 22nd home game this season. two days after beating them in vancouver san jose came back to tie the game at two in the third period but vancouver scored two more goals and won the game 4-2. four more games left in the regular season. kaepernick remains with the 49er's this morning. his salary is fully guaranteed now but he has requested a trade. the draft begins on the 28th. the 49er's began their off season program monday. we talked about it a lot yesterday. we're finally seeing the newest
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tesla car. all three of those are for pam cook. the model three debuted last night and the company founder said this new car is fast and safe and he says it will go 215 miles on one charge. tesla started taking $1,000 deposits on the car even though the model three won't be sold until late next year. it starts at $35,000. this is crazy. i was just told that total number of orders for the model three in the past 24 hours is now past 115,000. >> a lot of orders came from people who stood in long lines and even slept outside tesla show rooms around the world. others waited to make a reservation online. 6:26 is the time.
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kids in virginia unknowingly rode a school bus that was carrying explosive materials. the mistake by the cia that wasn't discovered for a week. we're live in petaluma where a high risk sex offender is set to be released into the community. good morning, we are looking at a commute that looks pretty good out there. friday light and a nice look at the golden gate bridge as traffic heads south. looks like a burn off on these fog and clouds. we'll have a look at your friday forecast.
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good morning for joining us.
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it's friday, april 1st. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. checking with steve on the weather forecast this morning. anybody fooling you, steef? >> not yet. >> your daughter fooled you? >> yeah, it was funny. i love to hear good april fool's jokes. share with me good ones you have pulled. they're fun. >> that's for pam. >> don't pull them on steve. >> all right, i don't want to be a fool for the city but it does look nicer in the city today. >> there you go. patchy low clouds out there. a big fog bank yesterday. inland areas were like what fog? they warmed up for a few patchy fog only today. there's a lot off shore and not as much moving on shore. next week could be very warm tuesday and wednesday. mid 80s and upper 80s and a big
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cool down by this time. this weekend we will warm up the inland temps. the record low way back 1986 looking for the fog to burn off sooner. we're starting off low 40s for some. east bay temps mid 40s to 50s. there's a little breeze in place. 15 miles per hour fairfield and also oakland but once the fog burns off patchy fog and sunny and warmer. 60s and 70s well inland. sal, your theme today is? traffic jams? >> traffic jams and songs with the word "fool". so many of them. thank you for the plug, steve. let's go to the macarthur maze. traffic is doing very well if you're driving around the corner to the maze but once you get there, there's waiting at the
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bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 15-20-minute delay. no major problems getting in san francisco. the east bay commutes don't look bad. i noticed traffic over the hill. it's not as bad as it could be but slow traffic there. on interstate 680 to walnut creek it looks good with a little bit of congestion approaching. today the city of petaluma is releasing a high alert sex offender. >> reporter: it's concerning for many people. we're live outside petaluma police head quarters where we will hear about the release of this high risk sex offender.
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residents are notified that 23-year old jonathan hopn er will be living in a hotel. police didn't disclose what hotel or what part of the city its in. the police department has no legal authority to dictate where the subject lives. he was accused of groping a teenager last july while on parole from a previous incident. he's been convicted of sexual battery seven times in three years. police say he has served the time issued by the court. police say they want the community to know and be aware of his arrival as a registered sex offender. by the way, santa rosa junior college sent out an advisory notifying students and staff of the release of hopner. . criminal charges against a
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group of squatters accused of using a little known law to take ownership of an abandoned property in oakland. they took over the home of an elderly woman. she doesn't live there anymore. the group filed an affidavit to take possession of the property under the adverse action law. the woman paid a gardener to maintain the property and ordered the squatters to leave once she found out they were living there. >> they renovated everything and a few weeks later the police came. he was in there a good month before anybody noticed anything. >> the activist is facing charges including felony conspiracy to commit a crime and filing false paper work and
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misdemeanor trespassing. civil rights attorney has filed a motion to throw out the case which will be heard this morning. the activists say they're being unfairly targeted and they did leave the property once the owner came forward. new this morning the latest job number shows the u.s. economy is continuing to grow at a steady pace. employers added 215,000 jobs in march. last month's gained occurred in the sectors of construction, retail and health care. that's been pretty much the trend for a while. the unemployment rate did kick up from 4.9% to 5%. economists say this included more americans coming off the sidelines to look for work. california has joined new york in passing legislation to raise the minimum wage to a record $15 an hour.
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considerable applause inside and outside the state capital in sacramento when the legislation passed the assembly and state senate yesterday. most democrats voted for the bill however republicans opposed saying it's a job killer. new york's governor reached a deal last night with lawmakers that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. in california the first increase is set to come next january with a boost from $10 an hour to $10.50. 2018 brings an increase to $11 an hour and will reach $15 an hour in 2022. union workers in san jose rallied yesterday in show of support for the higher minimum wage. janitors and fast food workers say with the high cost of living in the bay area it's only fair.
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>> we need the raise. in the silicon valley we can't live. we are making a little bit of money and the big companies make millions. >> these union members have a contract up at the end of april so they say for them the fight is not over. they have another rally set for april 14th. the time is 6:37. former president bill clinton and his daughter chelsea are in the bay area. they are at us berkley for the clinton global initiative event. the union representing 22,000 workers threatening to picket the event but the university greed to change the status of contract workers to full time university employees. a private bus company has
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lost its commuter shuttle permit. there's several reports this money that intelligent transportation will not have access to municipal bus stops or take part in the city programs. the agency says the decision was based on bower's repeated failure to follow traffic laws. bower's will repeal the decision. the man accused of being the bearded bandit is scheduled to return to court later this month. he's accused of robbing 11 northern california banks. investigators say ellis told them he stole the money to pay bills. his attorney is looking to reduce the charges so he can be held in the county jail rather than federal prison.
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san ramone police say a man embed led more than $200,000 from a youth football conference while serving as treasurer. he used the league's debit card for years and falsified records to cover his tracks. the money came from membership fees paid by parents. >> he was using so much of this money he was causing overdraft fees on the youth conference's account. it totalled over $4,000 in fees. >> the members of the league became suspicious and called authorities. the town of moraga has asked for state disaster aid to fix damage from a huge sink hole. town officials sent a letter to governor brown for assistance to pay for three and a half million dollars for repairs.
6:40 am
they say it's far beyond what the town can afford. the sink hole opened up on march 13th. today federal officials will tell us how much water farmers in san joaquin valley will get this year. the area between stock ton and bakers field is home to a third of california's farm land. a lot of the farms haven't been allowed to get water from a vast system of canals and reservoirs for two years. the farmers have been buying expensive water and depend on ground water. despite the rains they are worried about another tough year. right now it's 6:40. an early morning crash involving a car driving up up to 100 miles per hour. the complicated rescue that firefighters had to perform.
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new information about that deadly overpass collapse in india and the workers detained by police. very light on the golden gate bridge. coming up we'll tell you more about the bay bridge and getting into the city. yesterday there was a lot more fog. today we have many breaks and holes in it that will burn off sooner and warmer weather is on the way. we'll show you more coming up.
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you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
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dozens of people had to be rescued from the rubble where an overpass collapses in india. the overpass had been under construction since 2009 and reportedly missed several dead loins for completion. a virginia state trooper shot and killed yesterday during a training exercise at a greyhound bus station. we still don't know why the gunmen opened fire. the trooper walked up to a man and he pulled out a gun and shot the trooper. two women also shot but they should survive.
6:45 am
two troopers nearby killed the gunmen. officer chad dermyer was 37 years old and leaves behind a wife and two children. a police dog was killed as officers tried to take a suspect into custody in las vegas. authorities got reports of a shooting. they deployed their canine dog to take down the suspect. the dog was killed in an exchange of gun fire. the suspect was taken to the hospital with wounds. police say they found a man and a woman dead inside that home. the dog had just recently returned to duty after recovering from being stabbed during a stand off at an apartment complex in february. the national institute of corrections is now investigating the santa clara county jail. the jail has been rocked with scandal starting with the beating death of michael tyree last year. three deputies charged with his
6:46 am
murder. there was a prison fight caught on surveillance cameras that the sheriff herself purchased the day before. critics said the deputies should have segregated the inmates before then. the sheriff is not stepping down from her post. >> we know what's right and we'll get people out of the business that don't belong wearing a badge. >> the sheriff is pushing for sweeping changes in the department and wants greater scrutiny of an applicants background and increase in educational requirements and screening for bullying tendencies. smith believes she should stay in the office to make sure changes happen. parents at a school in virginia are wondering how explosive materials were left on a school bus and went unnoticed for almost a week. the material was part of a cia training exercise. it was left behind in the bus's
6:47 am
engine compartment by mistake. explosives weren't found until a routine maintenance check was conducted a week later. the students were out on spring break at the time. the bus was in service for two days. it made eight runs with 26 students on board. wow. 6:47 is the time. sal is keeping an eye on friday traffic. my kids haven't even been on spring break yet. we have another week to go. >> that's good. we have next week and some schools are out and lighter traffic too. that's good news. let's see what we have now on the east shore freeway. it looks good as you're driving on westbound interstate 80 to the macarthur maze. not a bad commute. one minutes is as good as it gets this time in the morning. getting to the bay bridge you will see a back up. it's better than it normally is for the area. we also have been looking at the south bay and santa clara valley. i see signs of slowing here and
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there and congestion spots but seems better if you normally drive this way every day. you will think it's better than normal. let's go to steve in the weather center. looks to be nice and a breeze behind that. 15-20 miles per hour. the fog which was rather stubborn and slow to burn off yesterday looks okay. i would always take a jacket. temperatures in the upper 50s. mostly clear. patchy fog and sunny today. a little breeze at time. next week after a little cool down monday, tuesday and wednesday it could be warm. mountainview today we'll start you off in the 40s and sunny and low clouds and fog. today looks to be clear.
6:49 am
68 for our high. some of the low cloud deck trying to make a push here. it seems to be cranking up a bit but nothing compared to yesterday. low 40s and a few 30s. yesterday a lot more 50s. there are a few in the santa cruz mountains. for some it's not too bad. there's a little chill there. west at 15. so we do have a breeze showing itself more than yesterday. low clouds and burn back to the coast and it looks better there today upper 50s and low to mid 60s for some. inland temps are heading up. a big spread on these temps. 76 in clear lake. that's the spirit. 77 in antioch and brentwood.
6:50 am
doesn't take long. those areas can warm up quick once you get into march and april. a lot of low 70s in the south bay. 50s on the coast and in the city. warmer over the weekend. cool down monday. i think we warm up fast tuesday and wednesday. i heard you say the mid 80s. the forecast model has 90s in livermore. it won't be that warm i don't think. more sunshine. for people coming here for their spring break that's nice, right? >> it would be quite a jolt . >> thank you steve. >> it's 6:50. helping pay for the internet for those who can't afford it. our buddy beyonce has an active wear line and how one company's response to a tweet
6:51 am
led to a twitter war with beyonce fans.
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wow, this is the first one
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that came to my mind here. >> alvin bishop is local i think. >> yes, "i fooled around and fell in love". our theme today is "fool" for april fool's. i play your request every friday morning. hash tag ktvu on twitter or instagram. beyonce is bringing her style to the gym. she announced she's launching an active wear line for women. >> the park became a state of mind. the park became my strength. >> her clothing line is called ivy park. beyonce says a park where she used to run as a child gave her
6:55 am
the inspiration. it launched on april 14th in order strom and online. it led to angry tweets between her fan and another active wear line. one user asked if ivy park was supposed to be like lu lulemon and the company says beyonce must be crazy in love with her brand. and fans were like, you realize the mistake you made and they said they were big fans of beyonce and meant no harm. a fitting tribute to david bowie last night at carnegie hall. former rem singer and blon di
6:56 am
sang. the concert was originally planned as an annual benefit for music education and organizers decided to feature bowie. the organizers were overwhelmed by the number of artists who wanted to perform. the time is 6:56. people in southern california got a rare up close experience yesterday. yesterday. 0. >> are you kidding me? a young pacific gray whale swam close to shore and put on this show. a local newspaper captured the moment the whale popped its head above water and rolled around in the surf. it scratched itself in the sand. whale experts say the young whale was probably making its first migration without its mom
6:57 am
and probably didn't know any better. a tour boat slammed into a dock in san diego. the tour boat had 140 people on board yesterday afternoon. four passengers treated at the scene. a few taken to the hospital with minor injuries. witnesses say it sounded its horn repeatedly as it got closer to the dock. starting today the popular red abalone sport fishing season opens along the coast. abalone fishing is allowed from 8:00 a.m. to sunset. you do need a license and reporting cards online. a map of the areas off limits can be found on our website, there's a new texting
6:58 am
scandal. the offensive messages found and how this could affect hundreds of criminal cases. plus, threats of a student walk out and the petition started by parents at a san ramone middle school against a planned lgbt acceptness week. weak.
6:59 am
7:00 am
later today a high risk sex offender will be released into the city. the concern for the people who live here. more offensive text mess sanls discovered within the san francisco police department and how this latest scandal could impact hundreds of criminal cases. it's all ahead. ahead. good morning, it's friday. april 1st.


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