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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody. i'm mike mibach. grass has the night off. berkeley fire crews say that a man was transported to the hospital after trying to board on or off. it happened just after 10:00 this morning. no word on what led to the incident or the fall. we'll continue to follow this and bring you the very latest on his condition right here on ktvu. >> also developing out of the city of south san francisco, police are investigating an office-involved shooting that
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sent a suspect to the hospital. it happened last night around 10:15. police responded to reports of a fight at home. when police came to the scene a man came to the door and pointed a gun at one of the officers. the officer shot the man and was taken to the hospital and treated for nonlife threatening injuries. and more offensive texts found that could deepen the fray between sfd. several officers are accused of sending texts with slurs. >> reporter: this is the second racist text scandal to hit the department. you may remember last year's controversy. this case involves five officers, maybe up to five, accused of sending racist
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texts. one officer is officer jason lie. this came about when he is investigated in connection with a sexual assault accusation. he has also been cleared of that but the department alleges that he was using department and dmv database improperly. there were a number of officers looking into their cell phones. we spoke to san francisco public defender jeff adachi. his office will be looking into the background of these officers. we spoke to him a few moments ago. here is what he had to say. >> under the in you, the district attorney obligated to provide any evidence which might shed some questions as to the credibility of police officers. racial bias is a en important issue when you are trying to determine whether an officer is believable or not. if you have evidence that, in in case, officers engaged in bigotry, that's something that will be admissible in court. >> so he has asked for a list
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of police report, complaints of all the officers involved. this comes amid a back drop after a feud between the police cheer and the district attorney. gaston said he found out about the newest racist texts only recently. chief suhr penned a letter back to him saying that it's disinjen disingenious for gaston to say that. he said that they let them know. >> what is the next step? >> well, a letter was sent to authorities asking for police reports, complaints. he wants to look at all the backgrounds of these officers and ultimately, if it's found that that their credibility cannot be trusted, some cases might be dismissed the national insure students of corrections is now investigating the santa clara county jail which has opinion
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the been the focus of many scandals. and some were caught by the cameras. sheriff lowery smith says that she is not stepping down from her post despite calls to do so. police in santa clara are investigating a possible hate crime after man says homophobic messages were left on his car right outside of his home. ktvu's janine de la vega tells us what land lord wants to do. >> reporter: this has police concerned, happening right here in front of thecomplex. the land lord will put up cameras this weekend. he says he was completely shaken up when he went outside to his car monday morning.
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parked on karen drive right outside of his complex. someone left papers filled with hate speech and religious notes. >> the paper said, don't be gay. there was ton of hate speech and dvds and how to not be gay and get it scared out of you. so it was pretty jarring. >> reporter: police were out in the neighborhood yesterday interviewing people and trying gather suspect information. they are investigating this as a possible misdemeanor hate crime. if caught and convicted, the person could spend a year in prison and also be fined $1000. some nairptsz san ramon are circulating a petition against an lgbt awareness week planned for their children's school. those parents say that they are upset about a week long curriculum focusing on lesbian, gay and trans gender issues and they want that awareness week
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to be reduced to just one day. if not, they say there could be actually a one-day student walkout. the group says it's not against the subject matter but that other issues such as racial and religious differences should get the same amount of emphasis. the principal says that students can opt out of the curriculum. parents plan to meet with the district superintendent the state's department of corrections and rehabilitationist set rehabilitation -- rehabilitation is set to release a high-risk sex offender in petaluma. hopner was accused of groping a teenager last july while on parole for another incident. in the past three years, he has been convicted of sexual battery seven times. some residents say it's too close to home. >> this community has never forgotten poly clasp. ought of an abundance of caution, that's why we issued this notice. we don't have any idea why they
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picked our jurisdiction, and i don't know that we will. >> i don't think that he should ever be released because he has been in a high-risk programs, unless they put him next to one of the politicians that made the law. >> reporter: an advisory of his release was sent to san francisco because one of the incidents happened in campus. san ramon police arrest add man accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a youth football league. linwood payton embezzled more than $200,000 from the diablo district. >> he was using so much of this money that he was causing overdraft fees on the youth football conferences checking account. and those overdraft fees over a
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five-year period totaled over $4000 in fees. >> two executive board members on the league became suspicious and called authorities. the football league covered 18 east bay cities but no longer exists. new at noon, the sales tax in several bay area cities changed today. half moon bay dropped from 9 1/2% to 9%. no va toe dropped from 8.75. but the south san francisco jumped to 9.5. former president bill clinton and his daughter, chelsea clinton are in the bay area for three days at uc berkeley. they tackle issues from climate change to human rights. there are breakout sessions. to the latest on the race for the white house. the next primary is in wisconsin on tuesday and there is a new fox business poll out indicating that bernie sanders has built some momentum in that
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state. he is up 5 point over hillary clinton, still within the margin of error but that represent as real turn around for him in that state. hillary clinton knows she is in a battle and not shy about expressing her feelings. >> i'm sick of the sanders campaign lying about me, sick bit. >> clinton responding to a question about donations from the oil industry. and meanwhile, donald trump is trying to reset after a tumultuous week. he met with the republican brass. >> i am hundreds of delegates ahead of everybody else. >> ted cruz holds a 10% lead over trump in wisconsin and 19% lead over john kasich. >> we now know how two and a half million dollars in united
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way donations will be distributed. the plan is to give 80% of the money to the people killed in the attack, that's $2 million each. the rest will go to the 24 people injured. those who were not hurt but were there during the attack will also be compensated. officials said that none of the money had go toad minative fees. still to come, a livermore family scammed into buying a stolen suv on craigslist. how they found out a year later and just how much cash the thieves got away with. and take a live look outside the bay area. pretty mild right now but it looks like there is a change upcoming in the weekend forecast. we'll have the latest from rosemary. the ability to watch every video in 360. it's called snoop-a-vision but did it fool you? the april fools video making rounds out there on the internet.
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collin kaepernick is still a member of the 49ers. his salary for 2016 is fully guaranteed but he has requested a trade and the team could still grant that request. those talks may resume closer to draft time which begins on
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the 28th. the 49ers pe gain theiroff sea on program on the 29th and he is likely to be there. we are counting down the warriors' chase for another nba record. they are on pace to break the chicago bulls' record. they face the boston celtics tonight at 7:30 at oracle. the warriors hope to sweep their four-game home stand to tie the bulls' record and break it next saturday night in memphis against the grizzlies. super cross riders are getting prepared for high- flying actions and two wheels in santa clara at levi stadium this weekend. riders were taking practice runs on the track this morning. the main event takes off saturday but today was an opportunity for them to get a feel for the track. they say at this weekend races, fans will be able to see some major air time and get the excitement from start to finish. you can expect some bar-banging
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excitement. this a contact sport. the main event kicks off at 6:30. looking pretty good at this noon time. let's check in with rosemary on this weekend. >> i guess. april fools to you, but no joke, this forecast. the clouds are burning off as well. here is a look into the south bay where we have 61 degrees right now in san jose. 61 for livermore. oakland checking in at 60. 56 in san francisco, 62 in santa rosa, a big of a cold start but the sun came out and making a nice difference out there at this hour. we are up by a few degrees over portions of the north bay. santa rosa up by 5. tad cooler in some spots. down by 2. most areas really
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can't see or feel a difference from yet. today is going to be a lot like yesterday. a look at the winds here. we do have onshore breeze at napa, no va to, fair field. a bit of a breeze for the afternoon and partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. here is a look at where the low clouds remain, right along the coast line and across the bay into the east bay. you can see thinning it outs here. partly cloudy skies and into the east bay, areas like oakland, san leandro, into fremont and clearing out. along coast, we'll have low clouds continuing with pardonly cloudy skies. we started off the morning with clouds, sunshine for the second part of the day. we're going to be dry and mild for your average. a lot of 60s along the coast line but the rest of us will be in the 70s as we get through today and into tomorrow. 72 expected for antioch. low 70s in concord.
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66 expected in oakland. along peninsula for your afternoon, 62 san mateo. upper 60s to low 70s from mountain view into san jose. put full day over the north bay. 71 in napa. temperatures won't be changing a whole lot as we get into the pay -- bay area weekend. partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. low to mid-70s in the forecast for your afternoon. overnight lows a little cool but not too bad. slightly warmer on sunday. no written in the forecast, unfortunately but as we get into next week, some of the models indicate we even have a bigger warmup coming. >> thanks, rosemary. chp says that a family was scammed into buying an suv on craigslist. they paid $25,000 cash for a chevy tahoe. it was not until recently when
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they tried to renew the registration that they realize that had something was wrong. a chp investigator came to their door and said that their suv was stolen. and he had to take them back. >> i was emotional. it hurt. it's not fun talking to one like that and saying, i'm here taking your car. >> i was really, really sad because we were -- we work hard. we had two jobs and we work hard to have something. >> the seller showed the family the vin number and the driver's license and the title but investigators say it was all fake. police say that the suv will be returned to an insurance company. california has joined new york in passing legislation to raise the minimum wage to a record $15 an hour. >> ais 48, no's 26. measure passes. >> reporter: there were applause inside and outside the state capitol in sacramento when the bill
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passed. both democrats voted for the bill saying it would help the working poor and every republican opposed it saying that's a job killer. governor brown plans to kill the bill on sunday. new york's governor reached a deal last night with lawmakers in his state that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. in california, the first increase is set to come next year, up to 10.50 and then in 2018, $11. and then it goes up $1 every year until it reaches $15 in the year 2022. and the town of moraga is asking for help from the state. the damage is far beyond what they can afford by the by 15 sinkhole opened up during the heavy rain on march 15th which is still closed.
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coming up, google under fire for an april fools day prank. up next, the serious backlash and why one person is saying it cost them their job. lights, camera, stamos. john stamos is set to release a new documentary or is he?
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beyonci announced that she is launching an active wear line for women. >> the part became a state of mind. it became my strength. >> it is called ivy park. the park where she used to run as a child gave her the inspiration. ivy park launches on april 14th online as well as nordstrom. but news of the clothing line launch led to some angry tweets to another fan line. some asked if this is supposed to be like lulu lemon. fans were quick to come to defend beyonci with tweets like, do you realize the mistake you've made? but lulu lemon said they were big fans of her and didn't mean any harm. first lady michelle obama's
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lunch plan is coming under fire now that the f.d.a. will start to fine schools that don't comply. new research shows that the rules have led to more food waste so some schools are ignoring the guidelines. these are pictures of the before and after lunch pictures showing many kids actually throw away the required fruits and vegetables. >> the fact that you have the federal government coming in and imposing these standards and then saying that we're going to fine you for not toeing the line is ridiculous. >> the usda says that schools would only be fined in the most serious cases. g mail users have an option to send a minion from the movie dropping the phone.
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some users say they actually hit that button to reply to important business e-mails because the drop the mike button was where the send and archive button is. one person claimed to have lost a job as a result. actor john stamos teamed up with netflix to prank its users. >> who is john at that no, -- stamos? what is john stamos. >> netflix put out this fictitious series. it changed its categories to read now like john stamos comedies. john stamos thinks they are funny. and crimes that a nice guy like stamos would never commit. snoop dog is having a little fun also on youtube.
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>> supervision is in high definition. now you see what i do in 360 degrees. >> snoop dogg teamed up with youtube to make this prank video claiming that people will have the option to watch all of their videos in snoopavision. there is a message that says, by the way, happy april 1st. the video was posted this morning and already has more than one million viewers. it's been a virus that's been spreading around the world and now, as we head into spring, there are fears that u.s. may not be ready for a mosquito-borne zika. here what the centers for disease control says that america's preparedness and why they say that some resources are lacking. that, again on the 4 on 2. and
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the warriors are hosting the celtics in oakland. thanks for watching the noon news. we're always there for you., twitter and facebook. enjoy the rest of the afternoon. see you at 4:00. 0.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> jessica simpson just shut up all of the haters. >> down in mexico on a little ladies' trip and she's pouring out of her bathing suit. she's also wearing daisy dukes, a cowboy hat and it looks awesome! >> that guy definitely asked for a hug good-bye. >> oh, give me a hug, i'll see you soon. >> oh, you guys know about that trick? >> yes, we know. >> kim kardashian out to dinner at craig's with lil kim. we get them leaving and you see kim going around the car and gets like hip checked. >> we ever see them together before? >> i saw a photo of them from 2006 hanging out with paris hilton. it's amazing how much they changed. >> you k


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