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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  April 2, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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a major red in san francisco. one of the men arrested is connected to the officer involved beating caught on camera. a high risk second offender turned away from living in the north bay community. what happens now? a live look over mt. diablo. the sun coming up. it's looking beautiful out. what do you think? >> i said it almost looks like orange sherbet out. it's a beautiful shot today. >> good morning get saturday, april 2. >> clonidine is enjoying the day off.
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warmer temperatures today. >> we be slightly warmer inland. it's mild. at the coast it's been cool we get the afternoon seabreeze and we're looking at almost a near repeat of yesterday. temperatures inland coming up slightly. 50 degrees in santa rosa. upper 40s. 51 redwood city. upper 40s in fairfield and concord. it has to do with the cloud cover that out. the second part of the morning these clouds that are very widespread will begin to burn away and we have mostly sunny skies and noon. again the onshore breeze will be back so we enjoy a mild afternoon but around 4 pm the seabreeze turns on and it calls
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off once again. we see a near repeat of yesterday. saturday this afternoon we have giants and 80s and of people day for a ballgame. the battle of the bay continues. afternoon highs toda upper 60s to low 70s. east bay shoreline upper 60s to near 70. upper 70s in antioch. to the south bay mid-70s. the full forecast coming up. developing this morning the men who made headlines after alameda county debbie's were caught on cameras feeding him is facing federal charges.
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stanislav petrov was one of 4 people they arrested in the visitation valley home. either it is he is talking this morning but sources cell -- say it happened during a drug and gun red that lasted for six hours. >> of course i'm shocked. this is the first time it happened in this neighborhood. that's why i was surprised. >> earlier the morning there was a shooting in front of the house that left a victim incredible condition. petrov was home at the time but police are not saying that shooting have anything to do with the red. on march 8 he was also arrested for being a felon in possession of a gun and methamphetamine. he was rested boat into the san francisco county jail but the da did not press charges at that time. the california highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash in the point reyes national seashore. happened on sir francis drake boulevard your platform bridge road. two cars were involved
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and one person was killed. the cause is still under investigation. a high-risk sex offender released in sonoma county after a major public outcry. the state pulled jonathan faulkner but will not say where he was released. officials wanted to send him to petaluma but changed plans after residents became enraged. >> what happens now is that mr. after will register as a transient under megan's law. he will be supervised by state parole agents. >> he will still have to register as a sex offender. he must also wear a gps tracker celebrates commodity them after he pleaded no contest last year to charges of molesting a 15- year-old girl. he's been convicted seven times for sexual battery in the past three years. campaign politics impacting the nuclear security summit. donald trump's comments about
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using nuclear weapons and allowing other countries to have them had a big impact on the foreign leaders attending. >> they tell us the person who made the statements does not know much about foreign-policy or nuclear policy or the korean peninsula or the world in general. it came up on the sidelines as i said before that people pay attention to american elections. what we do is important to the rest of the world. >> the president launched the first nuclear security summit in 2010. it's one of his signature foreign-policy initiatives with leaders from more than 50 countries in attendance. trump has changed his tune on abortion again. he was criticized this week for suggesting that women having an abortion should be punished if abortion becomes illegal. now in a taped interview he says
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the laws are set and we should leave them that way. but later his campaign said trump will get abortion laws changed when he is president. ted cruz will headline the california republican party convention in berlin game at the end of the month. he's open to build support head of our state's primary in june. 172 delegates are up for grabs in california. the wisconsin primary is the next stop in the race for the white house. voters cast ballots on tuesday. on republican race a new poll this morning has trump i have ted cruz by nine points. john kasich sits at 19%. bill and chelsea clinton are making up in the bay area and not for just a campaign for hillary. >> by stair of the clinton foundation, chelsea clinton. >> both of them spent -- spoke with hundreds students at berkeley last night. is a for the clinton global initiative this year.
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there is not much talk about politics or campaigns. instead the focus was on students. >> all of you here today are joining a community of more than 7500 students who have come together of the last eight years. >> one good idea with teams using their best experiences together maximizing both human ingenuity and technology can change the world. >> many students come to this to get see money for their projects on issues like i'm a change peace and human rights, poverty education and public health. uc berkeley is hosting students from 250 schools and 90 countries. here are some of the sessions set up today. stronger together about the fight against isis. the mental health session starts at 10:30 and the gentrification debate at 3:45. there are other events tomorrow. the state department is expanding its review of hillary clinton's emails until the fbi complete its investigation.
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the delay is to avoid any conflict. they will eventually investigate whether hurt she mishandled any top secret information. she maintains she did not break any laws while using a private server as secretary of state. the fbi has no evidence -- estimate of when will finish its probe. the first cases of zika virus in the area. health officials say with people caught the virus outside of the us. santa clara county health officials say their patient had completely recovered and experts stress there is little risk of the disease being spread in the community here so no one has been infected with zika while in california. traveling is another matter. california officials say over 30 cases reported in the state nine are associated with travel. the disease can cause severe birth defects. a five-day course about the lgbtq community has parents at a middle school for inteather kids walk out of class. >> it's dividing our community.
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>> the reason why they want to shorten the subject matter to just one day. it's the battle of the day. we let you show how you love your favorite bay area team coming up.
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good morning. we have a live look at san jose. a cody stark once again. temperatures on the cool side. clouds will break away with mostly sunny skies. the full forecast coming up. the warriors are five wins away from 73 and the nba record for the most regular-season
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victories. the boston celtics went to oracle arena and pulled off a shocker. the warriors have not lost a home game since january last year. the celtics combined great shooting defense and received a huge time we break. stephen curry led the warriors with 29 points but missed a three- pointer in the final seconds. that would have tied the game. the celtics be the warriors 109- 106. stabbing effect for game home winning streak. they take on damian lillard at the portland trail blazers tomorrow. >> what a shocker. >> the first in a security guard said was warriors lost. >> april fools joke. >> it was not. from the stable to the baseball. the giants win two straight games against visiting oakland a's last night. buster posey wasted no time and hit a two-run double in the first inning. that was all the offense the
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giants needed. they tacked on another run in the seventh. bbd oakland a's 3-0. jake peavy through five shutout innings. as the oakland a's rounds back today there hoping for home cooking. >> until they can pull off one win. the series shift to the oakland coliseum -- coliseum. a major-league baseball opening day promotion. >> reporter: yes. oakland a's hoping to change the lock today. this is where i grew up watching baseball. there getting the field ready. i wish i had aground? this at my house. we are talking battle of the day today. but first let's talk about how to show your love for your favorite team. you are just out. that's part of what we're talking today is the fans get a chance to show their love with
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some different hats. what is the deal? >> opening day has become an unofficial american holiday. we're asking everyone to where their cap monday, april 4 and to the left for your favorite team. is going to happen all over the country. make sure you wear your oakland a's had on oakland -- on monday. but it cannot and pick one up at the ballpark. we are some different choices. give me some fashion advice. >> this is the home look and if you want to change it up and get on the road here's an alternate look. >> the away hats. more informal. >> you can dress it up or address it down. because of all different colors. >> what about -- that is a
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radical look. i'm not sure how that works with what you are wearing. >> i think it clashes with the green of the grass. >> i'm going to go for the home look since we are here. >> there's a lot of great stuff going on today. great event for fans to enjoy. what is coming up? >> it's the last spring- training game. they face the giants. it's a day game at the weather is supposed to be wonderful. come on out and get your baseball leagues under you get ready for the season and we see you back here on monday. >> we talked with the rivalry between the oakland a's and the giants. there is that sense of from the rivalry. but there are neighbors across the bay. >> it's a friendly rivalry. >> you never down the street might be a giants fan or in a spend so you've got to keep it friendly. >> the back of us in half an hour. we're talking more baseball and more battle of the day. we will check out with you in
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half an hour. >> was it the away had or the home had that which delay? >> i think the home hats. >> definitely the home hats. i appreciate the choice. it's the home team. >> drives my dad not we wear my hat like this. he would roll his eyes at me. unless and actually down like this. >> i don't want to take sides but i think some giants fans might see this behind you on the field and start thinking sweep. what you think? >> i know the giants fans are hoping to sweep but the oakland a's will have somebody say
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about that. we're rooting for both sides. today oakland a's catcher in the family find are hosting an all-star benefit for world autism day. a texas hold 'em style poker tournament will be held tonight from 6 to 30 poker tournament will be held tonight from 6 to 3211. is upon the volume at the alameda county fairgrounds. all proceeds will benefit the school of imagination in dublin for tickets go to soi all- is a promo code john bolde for your chance to see him another oakland a's players. and mark ibanez will be there as well tonight. >> a great day for a ballgame. >> you said the clouds will burn off and will be sunny. >> and we sitting in the stands you don't want it to be much warmer than 68. which is what we will get in oakland today. upper 60s.
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here is plenty of great go around. widespread clouds roll in while we slept. we have low clouds and fog this morning. temperatures are up in some areas because of the cloud cover. some of us are slightly cooler. look at the numbers. santa rosa 50 degrees. 50 and san francisco. low 50s in oakland. livermore 51. the winds generally light. we have a northwest breeze in napa at seven miles per hour. into the afternoon the seabreeze kicks up as it has a last couple days. so we enjoy the mild weather but once the seabreeze moves in it cools down quickly. if you have afternoon plans be prepared for that. again you can see how widespread it is. by noon or sooner we start to see that burn off. and away from the coast we have mostly sunny skies this afternoon.
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at the coast it's going to be a cool day. upper 50s to low 60s expected. low 60s around san francisco. inland we have a lot of low to mid 70s and some areas around killing or antioch it's the upper 70s. a beautiful day around the bay. here are the numbers. the extended forecast shows little change. temperatures will cool off the second part of your weekend. we have morning clouds tomorrow and afternoon sunshine. a tad cooler on monday and then
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we talk about a big warm-up coming our way and then we talk about a big warm-up coming our way, tuesday into wednesday. upper 70s to low 80s expected. a taste of summer perhaps coming our way next week. >> i can't wait. be sure to download the free ktvu weather app for the various conditions. you'll find the radar and up-to- the-minute forecast. search for ktvu in your app store. april fools might be over but some diehard raiders fans may not be so happy today. coming up what richmond mayor announced in in the newsletter about the future of the team. it's time for our pet of the day. this is angelo. he's a three-year-old male chihuahua mix who is good around kids and adults. he's not -- he does have a lot of energy -- does not have low
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energy salubrious for an older person who wants a laptop. he's also best as the only pet in the home. you commit him and him inside the of the north bay.
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los angeles police say a knife that service last month is not linked to the o.j. simpson case after all. it was reportedly found a decade ago during the demolition of the home in brentwood. it only came to be -- the attention lapd in march. in the lab it did extensive testing from blood fingerprints and dna. they concluded that knife was not used to kill nicole brown simpson or her friend ron goldman. oj simpson was tried for the murders and a jury found him not guilty. new development in latest scandal involving san francisco police officers. the officers are accused of sending racist and homophobic messages on personal cell phones. henry lee reports the public
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defender is looking into the arrest the officers have been involved in. >> reporter: last year a similar scandal involved 40 officers. many from kept their jobs because the city waited too long to fire origin for them -- or discipline them. under the lot the district attorney is obligated to provide any evidence which might shed some question as to the credibility of the police officers. racial bias is an important issue when determining whether an officer is believable or not. if you have evidence that in this case officers engaged in bigotry that is something that would be admissible in court. >> reporter: that was controversy is result of an investigation into this officer . he's been accused of but not charged with sexual assault during the investigation prosecutors say he sent racist
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and homophobic text to other officers. including a tired kurtis ming. he attorney tony breasted another officer who is married to an african-american woman with the majority of the a marks from the against the african-american >> >> at one point during their exchanges the tenant little told the officer to stop. if i didn't know who you were married to i would think you were a racist. that's because the officer was married to an african-american woman. they have kids together. i think the lieutenant was uncomfortable disappointed for being racist because he made life choices that showed he was not. but is not excuse the offensive language in the text. >> reporter: the san francisco police said it condemns the appalling recent behavior committed by a handful of officers. they discuss their uniform and the profession. >> this comes well there still an ongoing feud between this returning george gascon and police chief greg suhr. guskowitz is ezell ford about
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the recent tax until recently. chief suhr says from his been to the das office about this since last fall. a students from san francisco are heading home after a once-in-a-lifetime spring break experience. a good seven high schoolers spent the week in the west african country of ghana through the sfp the program operation genesis. these pictures are from operation genesis. the twitter page the educational trip was meant to help the teenagers of the roots while giving back to local kids in need. this is the first year sfp has organized trip. dramatic video showing a cruise ship slamming into a seawall near san diego injuring three passengers. take a look. >>
7:27 am
you can see 150 foot ship crashing into the wall and people are running away from the area. you office of the one woman walking stick just walking seconds before the impact. one or 39 passengers and five crew members were aboard the adventure hornblower when this happened. three passengers were injured. a stock gear was apparently to blame for that. >> thankfully no pedestrians on the side were injured. a south bay city is dealing with increasing been to some problems. >> we don't want to have lighter city and will work diligently to take out all graffiti in the city of san jose. >> what city leaders are trying to dig up the solution. men are: camera illegally crossing the border. what border patrol agents think they were trying to bring with them.
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here the top stories. the man caught on camera get in by alameda county deputies was arrested yesterday with other people. the fbi and san francisco police raided his home in solicitation valley. there looking for guns and drugs.
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stanislav petrov faces federal charges. iris chris carter was released into summit county. printer put them into a petaluma hotel but the hotel backed out when word of his release got out. he's been convicted seven times of sexual battery in the past three years. the will not tell us his exact location except that he is not in petaluma. the warriors 54 game home winning streak is unfortunately now over. the boston celtics beat the nba champions 109-106. the warriors have not lost a game at oracle since january since january 2015. they face portland's tomorrow and warriors are still on pace to set the record for most victories in the regular season. they need five more wins to reach 73. and of course they are going to do it. >> such a bummer but they are still so great. i heard it was a rough game.
7:32 am
>> they rallied into the end but they just could not quite get there. as for the weather it's cloudy now. it's all going to be beautiful in a few hours. >> yes in the second part of the morning the clouds will pull away and we're left with partly cloudy skies this afternoon. the gray is everywhere this morning. let's look at storm tracker radar. this is a different view from above. it's all the way into the central valley. also cloudy skies there and you can see for us we are waking up with plenty of cloud cover. 49 in napa. 50 santa rosa. low 50s. east bay 46 antioch.
7:33 am
upper 40s and lafayette. temperatures are up in some areas where we have cloud cover because the clouds act as a blanket. some areas are cooler this morning than yesterday. it's going to feel good in the stands under the partly cloudy skies and the mild weather. here's the rest of the region. 73 antioch. 75 morgan hill. 69 oakland. 62 san francisco. a cool day along the coast. low 70s in the north bay. temperatures fall off the second part of the weekend and a warm-up coming in the extended forecast. that coming up in a few minutes. the city of san jose is
7:34 am
looking for new way to fight their growing graffiti problem. on monday and i was caught on camera walking around city hall before officials say he tanked the wall. yesterday 4 crews were out tried to clean up other areas of san jose. the city is organizing a competition for local college students to come up with a 21st- century solution to permanently get rid of this mess. >> we can come up with innovative new technology to create a way to remove all graffiti whether it's on bridges or other means but more effectively and cost efficiently. >> the mayor was watching the contest for university students. this month san jose paid $100,000 a year to remove 2,000,000 ft.2 of graffiti. $400,000 worth of pot has been found in the east bay. a tip led into home on came to drive in pittsburgh where they found a large role operation.
7:35 am
they seized 400 plans with $3- $75,000 but so far no arrests have been made. men carrying large backpacks will illegally crossing the border into arizona still the 20 foot wall and dropped down onto us soil. when i noticed a mexican journalist was videotaping them. they then ran her back to the wall and climbed back over. we don't know what the backpacks contained but border patrol agents speculate the men might have been drug winners. abridgment and found guilty of choking woman refuse we just received on a flight last year. a jury convicted him of federal misdemeanor assault but a more serious count of assault causing serious bodily injury was dismissed. the attack happened last october on flight from la to san francisco. a flight attendant asked a woman to keep her see a break after repeated requests from the man but she can teach
7:36 am
recline. he then reached over her seat and choked and punched her in the head. the pilot was forced to go back to lax and how faces up to six months in federal prison. some parents in san ramon threatened have their kids walk out of class all of this over lessons on lesbian gay transgender issues. paul chambers spoke with parents and windemere ranch middle school accident with officials to express their concerns. >> every american deserves to be treated equally in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our society. of these images from a youtube video will not be seen in the windermere ranch middle school classroom after the principal chose to remove them from a weeklong curriculum about tolerance and acceptance in the lgbtq community. after some parents argue the contents would show same-sex couples embracing and kissing is not age-appropriate. >> why do the principal and superintendent get to take my young child and decide the social issues that even you as
7:37 am
parents can decide on at this point? >> it's important that younger kids are more educated because if they are learning from their parents and many times there are older parents that don't think it's that important. >> this the first time some parents disagree about the lgbtq curriculum at the school. last year the student leadership committee was can up the idea and videos to be shown to their fellow students. last year parents had a week to react in this year they had twice as much time. >> we got an email two weeks in advance to let parents know about it. and see the lesson plan and the videos that were going to be shown. >> it is dividing our community. it's a strong community and we have such good people. >> reporter: leaders also focused on bullying and the holocaust in the past. the lgbtq such better will be taught over five days in a 30 minute class each. parents we spoke with said they
7:38 am
are all for it being taught but only with their input. that is like to be taught only for one day and is the other day should talk about differences. >> bring more into the week so acceptance can be taught and people have different beliefs as well. so that it's taught. truck schools can of the students out of the course but some parents believe doing that yelling it's their child. >> they believe something different and is about being inclusive and acceptance of all beliefs you are telling that child that they are different. because i don't believe the same thing someone else does. >> will pull our children out of school for the week >> the word as we start april 11 but between now and then they kick off the compromising for the district. to participate in events in south bay today. focusing on the week transgender day of ability. to speak alongside his daughter and transgender granddaughter and a conference and 8:30 this
7:39 am
morning at san jose state university student union theater. at 110 honda will speak at the sixth annual south bay transgender day of visibility and san jose. the live billy to frank lgbt committee center. a tesla factory in fremont might have to wear the production. they've now gone 232,000 worldwide pre-orders for its new model three electric car. ceo elon musk tweeted that he might have to rethink production planning. the fremont factory opened in 2010 on what used to be the newly on a plant. a joint partnership between toyota and general motors. the facility employs 5000 workers. >> tesla with an additional 1,000,000 ft.2 of space in fremont in the warm springs area. they are committed to expanding here in fremont and in silicon valley. >> that factory produces 500,000 cars a year. the new model three started the
7:40 am
$5000 and is expected to hit the streets late next year. the latest government jobs report shows continued growth in march. department said to one 50,000 people were hired. on friday it was quiet. the ministry says they are seeing 50-60% fewer clients than during the recession. the national implement rate is now 5%. in 2010 at this time it was nearly double at 9.9%. a popular cartoon is making a big tv come back. how fans of the power puff girls can become part of the team. still to come a brazen burglary, on camera. the video of a three minute --
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0 they are stepping up their
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game. when people want fine dining when they come to the ballpark. people think about hot dogs and cracker jack. but they knight might not think about a cheeser platter. >> we try to have something for everybody. a nice variety for the up scale patrons in the luxury suites. marinated artichokes. an anti-pasta platter. -- cheese platter. nice local cheeses. they will change from time to time. >> i know my cheeses. i grew up going to the cheese board in berkeley. >> we'll vary the cheeses based on seasonality. we have a couple other options. we have a new reoben. it's a classic and will be very
8:13 am
popular. this is neopalatan. it's very popular on the club level as well. and crispy south western cob salad. >> a lot of people are trying to eat healthier. you grice giving to -- itth to them. >> we're doing it all the areas club level and suites. in the metro dell yichlt we have incorporated new salads in this area. general concessions are really looking for the healthier options. this is a fun new concept for us. it used to be a bar. now we have gourmet stuff. >> one of the options is like nachos but it's build your own. >> exactly.
8:14 am
in the metro deli, same concept. you have several different options. it's fun. when you order it, we are flipping the bag. it may have barbecue pork on it. and super slaw and brussel sprouts and came. how often am i -- kale. how often am i going to have an executive she have? let's go with the slaw. around -- and parmasan cheese. i think you should go with the garlic sauce >> i had a feeling you were going to say he -- say that. this is the gilroy nacho here. >> my partner will thank you for the long ride bass -- back to
8:15 am
the station. >> a lite flavor here. >> reporter: this is available throughout the coliseum. >> this is one lven and 123. the gilroy and the bases loaded. that's the one that has the bacon and scalpons. and -- scallions. reporter: i'm going to dig in here a little bit here. >> it'sa fun new concept. not too messy. i took it easy on the sauce here for you. >> reporter: i think ryan will appreciate that. >> we don't even get a comment. he goes for the second bite before he tells us what he thinks. >> any cheese and bunch of sauce, sign me up. >> that's great. ryan by the way, stepping it up grabbing the marks -- mic for me so i can get at this with two hands. >> we're looking forward to the
8:16 am
season. reporter: can't wait. so you can see, the classic, new school, whatever you want right here at the coliseum. >> one of my ferrety -- favorite poverties going to the game. the warriors are still five win as way from 73 and the nba record for most regular season victim riese. this is after the boston crueltyices had pulled off a -- celtics bevelled a shocker. scrappy defense and received a few timely breaks. curry led the warriors with 29 but he please -- miss audi three-point their would have tied the game up. the celtics beat the warriors 109 to -- -106. snapping the home streak. rock music and running join
8:17 am
forces tomorrow in san francisco. 9,000 people are expected at the rock and rom san francisco half marathon. music is a big part of the -- of the race. cheer leereds and live bands will be there. the run starts at 6:30 in the morning at the great highway at fulton and finishes at the civic center plays as -- plaza, that's where the concert will be held. some streets may be closed and muni lines will be infected. >> a few people are headed back home, a group of high school students dpept -- spent the week in the west african country of ghana. these pictures are from its twitter page. it's to help the students correct -- connect to their roots and help giving back to kids in need. this is the thirds year the trip
8:18 am
has been organized. >> that's amazing. >> that's a wonderful experience. >> for them coming home here, they are coming to back to beautiful weather. >> can't complain of the one of the reasons we love the bay area so much. we are waking up with gray skies. even some people love the gray skies. i like it cloudily or i like it cool, many people tell us. as we continue through the morning showers -- hours, these clouds will eventually burn ow. we're looking at -- off. we're look at partly cloudy skies. at the coast we'll be partly cloudy and little bit of fog. it will liveninger for the afternoon. -- finger -- linger for the afternoon. san francisco system -- 50. san jose is checking in at 53. we are with plenty of cloufsh. it will stick around through 10:00 or so. slowly peeling away by noontime.
8:19 am
partly cloudy for most of us. temperatures are still -- similar to yesterday. upper 60s at coast. 70s inland. and a few up are -- upper 70s in brentwood and antioch. geology -- going out to the ball games -- game. under partly cloudy skies at game time at 1:05. you don't want to -- it too warm in the stands. afternoon highs for today starting in the north bay, 71 in santa rosa. 67 in berkeley. san francisco, 62. a bit cool for you but not bad. inner east bay, this is where the warm arm weather is for today. antioch and 77 for brentwood. morgan hill 75. low 70s for san jose.
8:20 am
74. 60s expected in santa cruz. extended forecast here. we see a bit of a cool dawn in the second -- down in the weekend. in the afternoon we're just shy -- some of us getting to 70 degrees. monday bigger warm up. tuesday, answer -- wednesday has low 80s. >> it's amace -- amazing. >> that's transition between mild and warm. farther out schillings fingers out -- fingers crossed we'll see rain in the following week. >> clean up begins throughout the south after strong thunderstorms penultsed through that area -- go through that area. the debtsly storm and damage it caused. caused. imagine seeing that.
8:21 am
a beeped crashes into a surng doc. -- southern california dock. video just released. we make uplack in nature service.e, ♪
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therbut, you don't have tongs youdo any of them.on. ♪ 0 presidential campaign politics impacting the nibbling -- nuclear security summit. donald trump's comments about using those weapons and having other countries have them had impact on leaders attending. >> people making that statement
8:24 am
don't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the world judge. it tame -- came up on the side lines. i've said before that people pay attention to american elections. with a we do is really important to the rest of the world. >> the president launched the first nuclear security summit in 2010. 50 leaders were in attendance. trump changed in tune on abortion again. he was roundly criticized this week that women should be punished if it becomes illegal. now he said laws are set, we should leave them that way. laid -- later the campaign said trump will get abortion laws changes -- changed when he's president.
8:25 am
>> cruz is hoping to build support ahead of our state's prime in june -- primary in june. meanwhile the wisconsin primary is the next stop in the race for the white house. voters will cast ballots there on tuesday. in the republican race a new poll out shows trump heaved cruz tart -- 41 to 32%. the state department is suspending an investigation into the hillary clinton e-mails. they will investigate whether clinton miss handled any top security information. they have no idea when they will finish the propose -- probe. the l.a. police say knife
8:26 am
found on the oj simpson property recently was not involved in the murder. the lab did extensive testing for blood, fingerprints and dna. they concluded the knife was not used to kill nicole brown simpson or her friend. a jury found him not guilty. 18 people were injured after powerful storms swept through the central and southern united states. several twisters touched down in mississippi. including the capitol city of jackson. one family roque -- woke up in the night to the terrifying novas a tree falling on the house. >> i was scared. >> we had sitting water in the cars. they were helping find out which cars had damaged. i had about seven inches he said
8:27 am
on my floor board. >> the storms knocked out power to thousands of people are -- across its region. dramatic new video shows a cruise ship slamming into a sea wall in san diego. it injured three passengers. . >> get lady out of there. >> thankfully that lady moved out of the way. you can see the 150-foot ship crashing into the wall as people run from the area. one woman was right there with a walking stick right before the crash. people were aboard the horn blower when it happened. three passengers were injured. a stuck gear was to blame. police need your help in finding a man. >> plus more san francisco
8:28 am
police officers accused of disgracing the badge.
8:29 am
8:30 am
0 good morning, everyone. a live look right now. walnut week -- creek right there in the blurry distance. >> a little gray a little fog to start the day. >> that will change right? >> we're going to have partly cloudy skies and see mild weather in the afternoon. a little cooler at the coast. today will be a lot like yesterday. >> goth -- good morning everyone. let's talk about the weather outside right now. how long until we see the
8:31 am
sunshine. >> i think until about 10:00 or so. another 90 minutes or a couple of hours before we see it start to break away. the inland areas will see the sunshine first a. long the coast a -- along the coast a little bit of fog will linger. some of us waking up cooler and some of us slightly warmer. hiss a look at the satellite view and how widespread the clouts are this morning. more widespread than we had yesterday. we had a little clearing early on of the we had a little bit of -- little bit of mix going on in the bay. it will ache a -- take a while for this to burn back. mild temperatures for most. 49 degrees in walnut creek. 50 degrees in san francisco. 52 red wood city. 53 in san jose.
8:32 am
around the bay it's very similar to yesterday. just a tad cooler. six degrees in the north bay compared to yesterday. just because your numbers are up by a few degrees in some spots, doesn't mean it will feel warmer out there. it's cloudy cool for most. perfect day for a ball game. battle for the bay continues. partly cloudy skies. it's a perfect day to be sitting in the stands watching that game. i'll have a detailed look at the afternoon highs for today. talk about a lithe of a cool down and warm up to follow. san francisco's public defender is now looking into the past records -- rods -- records of four police officers after they were accused of accepting derogatory messages. this is echt -- the second time
8:33 am
they have come under fire for home phobic texts. >> under the law the district attorney is abell galeatied to provide any evidence which might shed some question as to the credibility of police officers. racial bias is an important issue when you're trying to determine whether a police officer is believable or not. >> the new text scandal is an scotian -- investigation into in -- this officer, officer lu. another officer made most of the racist remarks. the san francisco police association has now condemned all of that behavior. the san francisco city is trying too -- to find a way to fight graffiti. four crews were out trying to
8:34 am
clean up other areas of san jose. now there's a competition for the city to come up with a permanent solution to get rid of this mess. >> we can come up in -- with new technology to get rid of all graffiti, to do it more effectively. >> the mayor is lumpilying the contest for san jose state. they pay money to remove two mill square fetal of graffiti. the fbi foment phied fairfield police that a suspect darnell walker might be in the city so detectives worked with the fbi to conduct surveillance on a home here. officers spotted walker driving off yesterday nuvenlt they stopped his car and took him
8:35 am
into custody. san mateo police are asking for help. michael shaffer was reported missing by his family on monday. he may be in need of his medication. he's 5-foot 11 and 170 pounds. police say he may be in san mateo or san francisco and may be driving a gold 1996 toyota camry. >> nearly $400,000 wench pot was founded -- found in the east bay. kings view drive in pittsburg --. >> two men carrying large backpacks illegally crossing the board into arizona. they scaled a 20-foot wall and
8:36 am
dropped down. they noticed a mexican jurnists -- journalist was taping them they gestured her to stop and climbed back over the wall. it's speculated the men may have been drug runners. a ms. man is accused of choke a woman on a plane for southwest. federal misdemeanor vault was charged and a more serious charge was dismissed. a flight attendant asked the woman to keep her seat up right after repeated requests. wells reached then over the seat punched her and soak -- choked her. he now faces six months in federal prison. in san ramon where some kids
8:37 am
may walk out of class, threatened by parents. we spoke with parents at wind mere ranch middle school. >> every single american deserves to be treated equally in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our society thew he. >> these images won't be seen in a classroom. parents dos remove the students. they said the content which shows same-sex couples embrags and kissing is age inappropriate. >> why do the principal and superintendent goat take any -- my young child and decide a social issue that even you as an adult can't decide on at this point >> i think it's important that younger kids like are more ed kalted bauds because if they are learning from their parents. a lot of times they are older parents that don't think it's that important.
8:38 am
>> this is not the first time they have disagreed with this. last year the individualor came up with this idea to show this to the students. last year they had a week to react. this year they had twice as long to respond -- respond. >> it's sad it's dividing our community. this is such a strong community. we have such good people here. >> reporter: student leaders have focused on bullying and holocaust in the past. parent we spoke with said they are all for it being taught, only with their input. they want it taught only one day. >> true acceptance can be taught. people can have different beliefs as well. >> reporter: parents can opt their students out of the course
8:39 am
but they feel that will alienate their child. >> instead of clues -- inclusive of all beliefs you're telling the child they are different because they don't believe what the others do. >> reporter: the acceptance awareness week starts april 11th. parents hope they can come up with a compromise between now and then. for farmers when it comes to water, it's all about location and this year some in the right place will get more water. the u.s. burp oh of reclamation says they will get the full water sdlifrs -- deliveries this year. delta will get 5% of what they quad -- requested. they didn't get any water in the last two years. >> i think it will be better for
8:40 am
the agriculture. they will provide 45% requested by customers. that's more than twice last year's amount. now the nfl is under fire again for the concussion strove -- controversy. the lawsuit filed by the oakland raider quarterback family.
8:41 am
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0 welcome back. good morning to you. take me out to the ball game. the a's and giants will go up answer each other once again this afternoon. a great forecast. i'm going -- coming along with numbers for your neighborhood in just a little bit. >> was a story that made national headlines and heat -- grew heated debate over racial prejudice. >> was there music playing in the car? >> yes. >> what type of music. >> rap. >> i hate that music. >> the moochy is called three and a half minutes. ten minutes when michael dirks nn, a white man.
8:44 am
>> reporter: fired into a car filled with teenagers apparently over loud music. one of the teens died at the scene. it's one of several films at the usf film festival. we have members from the film festival with us. this is the last day of the festival right? so fer it's been really -- is a -- so far it's been really success. -- successful. it's a major expansion. it used to be for the students. now anyone with -- can go. >> we started it 14 years ago. the whole community is now invited to come and it's free. >> jordan you're one of the organizers right? >> yes. >> why did you take part of this?
8:45 am
>> you get to work on theory and festival. you get real-world experience. working with organizing and learning about the films enand working with the professor. >> why is it important that we have a venue for the films to highly light them. >> human rights are very central and important. they are something that's far, far away. we address human rights in all the areas, gay and lesbian rights, social rights. economic rights. under the umbrella of human rights. we feel that te -- we need discuss the issue and we need to discuss it in a way that's not partisan. it doesn't matter what particular party. >> these stories are so important. they grape -- grab national
8:46 am
headlines and have tragic consequences. was this type -- what this type of documentary is -- can teach us is profound >> i think we have q and a's after the film. it allows for open dying owing with people who view the film, professors and producers. we open up a topic for discussion. >> if you can pick one thing that you're hoping people im -- come awii with, what would it be? >> we think creating a space for discussion is essential. we hope people once they are exposed to the issue -- you know, whenever you learn of something atrocious. what can i do for that? try to give people q and a to think about that. we have a printed program. we discuss.
8:47 am
yesterday we had a theme about refugees from syria. what can we do? we hope that people are -- will come out saying i can make a real change. i can improve something. >> every time i talk to someone who sees shh documentary for the first time they are always surprised to see how much it -- close it hits home. >> it's free. thank you so much for coming in this morning. you good -- can get all this information at our web site. line up of today's films. i am listening at 12. at 2:40 sfief -- 2:453 and a half minutes. admission is freechlt it's open to the public. this is all happening at the presentation theert at usf. for more information you can go to our web site and
8:48 am
clicks -- on the web links. it's important now especially. . >> we have enough room. >> send it over to you for a look at the weather. outside or doors -- our doors perhaps several places for you to choose from today. live look there over the san jose area. we're waking up with gray skies. we are gray from the coast well inland. even into the central valley this morning. mostly cloudy skies. partly cloudies with we -- cloudy as we get to the second part of the morning. sunry -- sunny as we get away from the coast line here. watching the giants and a's play in santa rosa 50. livermore is 51.
8:49 am
san jose is 53. as we get through the second part of your morning, these clouds are going to burn away. today is a lot like yesterday. we will have a minor warm up for the afternoon today. tomorrow pleb a minor cool douvenlt not a lot of change going on. morning clouds followed by afternoon sunshine. 70s for inland communities. a few mid to upper 70s. the farther inland you corks the closer you go -- get to the in -- warmer. here's a look at footprint. aye along the coast line shade of blue. san francisco will be a little cool. low 60s. east bay shore line, upper 60s. and inland communities a lot of yellow going on. low to mid to upper 70 -- 70s depending on what you're at.
8:50 am
71 for santa rosa. upper 60s berkeley, oakland, hayward. upper 70s antioch and hayward. temperatures in the low to mid 70s morgan hill. your extended forecast, tomorrow wake up with the morning closed -- clouds. temperatures pump back a little bit. little change in the forecast overall. we get to the second part of the weekend. then slightly cooler movenltd quick rebound. we'll actually reach into the low 80s. at least the inland communities as we get into wednesday so. a bit of cooler weather followed by a bigger warm up. in the long-range models we may see rain come back in the next week. i'm talking seven days out. >> something for everyone in our forecast as usual. >> yes. >> if you don't like the weather, you can always go to the film festival. it's free. >> great films there.
8:51 am
nice line up. >> well today is the final game of the bay bridge series. regular season for both the giants and as comes up monday. the giants play in milwaukee while the j -- a's face the chicago white sox harp at home. >> look at tickets to opening day. christian. >> reporter: sluchlt a lot of great -- absolutely. a lot of great games coming up. not a bad seat in the house. getting it ready today here for bevelled bay. you can make it out here. executive director of ticketing with the oakland athletics. there's tickets for tomorrow and look at this guy right here. it's hard to ignore stomper. >> we have tickets left for today. monday marks opening day. you can't beat opening day here.
8:52 am
tickets are available at >> what can people look forward to. >> the energy in the ballpark, the cold -- sold-out crowd. it's a long-standing tradition here in the bay area. fathers have seen opening day here and keep it going. it's special. >> speaking of keeping it open. we're talking about the full season. there's lots of options for people for season passes and special appropriately yeggss. -- promotions. reporter: you'll see a lot of great promotions. we're value driven and a lot of good promotions. the 30th of april is one. reporter: step up from the bobble-head this. one makes noise. >> you have to take it to the next level to drive people out here. >> reporter: oakland a's bring
8:53 am
ugh up their game. we have stomper. his 19th birthday today. that's awesome. >> yeah. >> reporter: there's a special significance to the seats we're sitting in. if you tike -- take ache look. these are the seats that dsh -- take a look. these are the seats that i was in in 1993 when i caught my foul ball. i was my dad. it took one bounce. i would love that -- to say i caught it in the fly. that would be a lie. my dad might have a slightly difference version of the story but i athletically snagged in -- it in mid-air. they tried to sign me. you i -- i was only teachability too yang. >> -- young. >> at least you got the ball. >> reporter: i've had that sitting around all this time. i want to find a nice way to
8:54 am
display it. if anybody has a -- an idea. go to my facebook. let me know the best mounting option for that ball and ticket. >> happy birth to -- burbling day -- birthday to stomper. >> the widow of oakland raiders former quarterback stabler claims she was left out of the consuggestion settlement because of the april cut off date. the lawsuit says he also suffered from brain damage. coming up, government officials calling for the deportation of lien de. -- leonardo.
8:55 am
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0 oscar winning actor leonardo dicaprio might be band from returning to indonesia after he criticized their palm ohm plantations. -- oil plantations. in the post he said the el fanlight's natural habitats are being threatened by the plantations. he hoped to support a sanctuary in the area. he had already left the country.
8:58 am
april fools day. the mayor first posted this elaborate art coll announcing the team is moving to the hill top location. he called the richmond city the new oakland. he did wrap up that announcement by wishing everyone a happy april fools day. >> oh. >> at least he came clean in the sends i'm sure he got quite a few people. how's the forecast looking? >> i could sum it up. today like yesterday. starting out with the includes -- clouds. cool tomorrow in the afternoon. >> thanks for joining me today in the weather center. >> i enjoyed it. flush
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