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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 6  FOX  April 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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authorities in the east bay are looking for vandals who gone from shooting at cars to targeting people. federal investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong in a deadly amtrak derailment near philadelphia. ktvu fox 2 news at 6 starts now. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm keba arnold. heather holmes is off tonight. simple vandalism has become something much more dangerous. police in the east bay said vandals with bb guns who had been shooting out car windows have started targeting people. ktvu's karen lu has more on the recent stream of incidents and what police are doing about it. >> reporter: at san leandro,
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you can still see where the bbs got lodged into the redwall outside, bar manager logan says he was working last friday night. a patron stepped outside for a cigarette. >> they were right there. he got shot right here. he got the bb gun inside. >> reporter: the march 25 shooting was part of the most recent string of bb gun incidents in san leandro. what started as vandalism targeting cart -- targeting car windows now has much greater urgency because the group has started targeting people. >> now they are getting increasingly violent, starting to shoot people for no reason whatsoever. just unexpectedly people walking down the street. >> reporter: one of the most troubling incidents happened last friday night just before 10:00. police say the vandals shot as a -- shot at a man after he was leaving church, hit in the head. fortunately none of the victims was seriously hurt but the increasing violence is unsettling. >> it's awful.
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i mean, i guess especially if you were to get hit in the face or the eye, lose your eyesight with a bb gun. >> reporter: this minivan was also hit last thursday. he had been inside his home having coffee. >> it was just a bang. i guess that's the only thing i heard, just a big band noise. >> reporter: vandals with bb guns have shot out windows in more than 125 cars in san leandro alone often on thursday or friday nights, causing more than 60 grant it damage. many more vehicles have been hit in nearby communities. investigators say another incident caught on surveillance shows a white or hispanic man in his late teens shooting at cars parked in a driveway. >> right now we are deploying undercover officers, a couple of nights a week. and undercover cars, hoping to find this car driving around san leandro. >> reporter: police are trying to find the toyota four runner seen in many of incidents.
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it has black wheels with all- terrain tires and is either missing a gas cap for has an aftermarket fuel door. if you recognize the suv, give police a call. in san leandro, carol lu, ktvu fox 2 news. some disappointing news for east bay b.a.r.t. riders. there was hope that normal service would resume tomorrow on the pittsburg bay point line, but tests over the weekend showed the system is not ready to return to regular weekday service. b.a.r.t. says to shuttle trains will be operating between north concord and pittsburg bay point , this stretch of the track has been plagued by voltage spikes that have damaged trains. b.a.r.t. is bringing in more engineers to try to determine the cause of the spikes. it was a mostly sunny spring day today, but it's going to start to feel a lot more like summer soon. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is here with a look at some of the changes ahead. >> it will feel like summer in the bay area. a big change in temperatures over the next few days. tomorrow is going to set it up, today is on the cooled my side.
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right near the coastline, 50s out there for pacifica and san francisco. lots of 60s around the bay itself, temperatures inland maxed out, 70s once again so fairly more toward livermore, fairfield and antioch. our live camera looking out towards san francisco bay, still a bit of chopped on the bay waters, onshore winds at place, the winds will gradually reverse so the fog we see in the distance been wiped out because we have high-pressure setting up offshore. this will be the mechanism warm can -- of warming. especially as you can see for tuesday and wednesday, so as we said tomorrow is going to set the table for this major warming trend. tomorrow a little bit of bump in the numbers. tuesday, lower 80s. wednesday, widespread 80s across the bay area, records likely, then a chance a few able -- 89, could be talking about a few low nineties by the midweek forecast. so we'll have more on the major warming trend headed our way,
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then after that possibly some rain chances. a lot to talk about in our full forecast coming up in 10 minutes. the ntsb is investigating a deadly amtrak train crash. the crash happened this morning. and it shut down train service between philadelphia and wilmington for hours. bryan llenas has more from the crash scene. >> reporter: this, the scene after a deadly train crash some 15 miles south of philadelphia sunday morning. >> i felt like the train hit something and there were three or four big banks. it threw us off the chance, the seats we were sitting in. there was a lot of smoke. everybody was like, yelling. >> reporter: authorities say the train heading to savannah struck a piece of construction increment described as a large backhoe in chester. the impact causing the trains lead engine to derail. >> the train was like, rumbling. we got off track, i guess. then it was just a bunch of dust. dust dust everywhere.
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then the train conductors, they were running to the front. >> reporter: two people were killed, neither were passengers on the train. more than 30 others were injured. taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. >> some people were pretty bloody from -- because it was an explosion. we got off track. then there was a fire. then window burst out. some people were cut up. but it was just minor injuries. >> reporter: the ntsb is now investigating how the crash happened at the time of the incident. more than 340 passengers were onboard along with seven crewmembers. this crash coming after another amtrak passenger train derailed in kansas last month injuring three dozen people. senator chuck schumer confirms the two deaths in this crash, the backhoe operator and a supervisor. as the ntsb continues their investigation as to how this all happened. in pennsylvania, bryan llenas, fox news.
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today was a day of community service for students who attended the clinton global initiative at uc berkeley this weekend. about 500 of the attendees gathered at the havens would and lockhart campus in oakland for a beautification project. they plan -- they planted trees and did a lot of painting. one of the organizers said bill clinton and chelsea stopped by earlier this morning to see just what the students were working on. >> he loves seeing the project. whole point is for us to do service. we are both in commitment to action. we never want to come and not do something positive. he was seeing everything our students were working on. >> about 1200 students from 90 countries gathered at the three- day event to help solve global problems. they each proposed a project in one of five topic areas including education, climate change, peace and human rights, poverty and public health. the foundation awards funding to qualified projects. president obama is headed to the bay area later this week. mr. obama is scheduled to fly
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into's emphasis on friday for several fundraising events. he will also be los angeles this week to raise money for the democratic party. he is scheduled to attend a fundraiser at the home of tobey maguire as well as an event in bel air on thursday. fire officials in contra costa are investigating a house fire in bay point that appeared suspicious. crews arrived on the scene on lakeview just before 6:00 last night. you can see how intense the flames were coming straight out of the roof. firefighters say at one point they had a hard time trying to find a water source, but once they found one it took them about 45 minutes to put out the fire. >> huge, hot, very scary. windows breaking. the flames going up really high. you could feel the heat. >> no one was hurt in the fire. officials are not sure yet if this was a case of arson but
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they are calling the fire, suspicious. investigators say they plan to interview neighbors and witnesses. a fire in vallejo caused about $10,000 in damage to a restaurant. crews got the call around 230 yesterday afternoon at 630 broadway bright vallejo high school. flames also spread to an apartment that was connected to the restaurant. it took crews about an hour to put out the flames. no one was injured. the cause is under investigation. a pedestrian was killed by a caltrain last night near center street just before 10:00. about 350 passengers were aboard at the time but none of them was hurt. there were no details released on the person who was hit by the train. this is the third caltrain death this year. marin county sheriff's department has started a new program to try to nab speeding bicyclists. deputies are now using radar to check the speed of cyclists in the counties open space district lands. this comes after complats about cyclist speed from hikers and people on horseback.
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bicycles have a 15 mile an hour speed limit on unpaved roads and trails and a 5 mile an hour limit when passing and going around blind corners. officials say a similar limit on the trail between mill valley and sausalito has dropped the number of complaints and incidents involving speeding bikes. it wasn't the kind of public -- chase you would expect to see. chp officers were in hot pursuit of a little black chihuahua this morning. the four-legged fugitive was running westbound towards san francisco. chp tweeted this video of the chase. now, the officers were able to capture the little run away without injury. you can see him right there, not clear who this dog belongs to, but the dog is now in the care of animal control officers. the highway patrol is hoping the owner recognizes the dog and gives them a call. long-distance runners took advantage of great spring conditions in san francisco today for the rock 'n roll half marathon. >> five, four, three, two, one, [ buzzer ]
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>> it started at 6:30 am on the great highway at ocean beach and went over the golden gate bridge and back through fisherman's wharf before finishing at civic center plaza. the race is a half marathon so that is 13.1 miles. canadian elsa mcdonald was first to finish the women's division with a time of one hour 22 minutes 14 seconds. she liked the challenge of running across the golden gate. >> the bridges are always a tough one for me because it is such a long, gradual hill. there's always wind at the top. >> jonathan labonty from costa rica won the men's division with a time of one hour 14 minutes and 14 seconds. the charity event started in 1998 and organizers say since then runners have raised more than $310 million. coming up a sign of normalcy in brussels. we'll show you the partial reopening today of the brussels
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airport almost 2 weeks after those deadly terrorist attacks. and details on a new proposal to make parental leave more affordable.
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in belgium the first passenger flight to the brussels since the suicide bombings two weeks ago took off today. conor powell reports on the emotional reopening of the brussels airport. >> reporter: the first plane to take off today at the airport was greeted with cheers and applause by the small crowd that was on hand to witness the emotional day. security however not surprisingly was extremely tight. all passengers went through extra screening and were told to arrive three hours early. of course it was only 12 days ago that isis militants set off a string of bombs at both the brussels airport and local metro stations. killing 32 people and wounding
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hundreds. some passengers said today was a bit strange to be back at the airport where so many people died, but airport authorities are proud they managed to get the airport back up and running after what they say was a cowardly act. >> it's a very emotional moment for all of us, from me personally of course, we've worked literally day and night over the past two -- 12 days to make this possible. >> reporter: the airport is not expected to be at full capacity anytime soon. there are a lot of repairs left to be done. the airport is wrong on -- running at only 20% capacity or about 800 passengers a day. more flights will be added over time but the airport should be at full capacity later this summer. today was no doubt a big step forward for belgium, but it is a country that remains on edge and it will take some time before life returns back to normal. in jerusalem, conor powell, fox news. as the brussels airport reopens countries around the world are taking a hard look at
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their own security protocols. one source of concern is the screening procedure for airport employees. a military analyst claims isis is focused on building terror cells at airports. >> isis is 100% committed to doing this. they've succeeded in north africa, they are trying desperately to do it in new york and we the united states logically is there next target. >> with that in mind, tsa implemented additional random security screenings of airport employees in the past year with an eye toward preventing so- called insider attacks. hundreds of people converged on the white house today in support of legalized marijuana. >> [ singing ] >> many of the protesters lit up , smoking marijuana as part of the pro-pot rally. they also brought along a 51 foot-long inflatable joint. possession of up to two ounces of pot is legal in the nation's capital but smoking in public
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is illegal. the u.s. park police spokeswoman say no -- said no arrests were made. organizers want president obama to take pot off the list of schedule 1 controlled substances which also includes heroin. the president has said forces should lobby congress to pass a bill to reclassify drug. san francisco supervisors could vote to make family leave more affordable for new parents. a proposal to require private companies to pay 45% of wages during the six-week family leave period is on the agenda for tuesday's meeting. combined with the 55% state pay for parental leave, new parents wouldn't have a pay cut at all while they are home with a new child. opponents say some businesses won't be able to afford it. the new ordinance would apply to businesses with 20 or more workers. netflix has started giving hourly employees more time off for having or adopting children. san francisco chronicle reports the company made the announcement wednesday in an
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email to employees. the entertainment company made news last year when it gave salaried workers the option for up to a year off for new children. hourly employees are not getting the same deal, workers in netflix's streaming operation will be eligible for 16 weeks of full pay for fraternity and adoptions. customer service workers will get 14 weeks and dvd by mail employees will get 12 weeks of leave. researchers say they may have discovered a way to diagnose autism in children with a simple eye test. two different studies to the same conclusions, one by the cleveland clinic used eye tracking technology to determine the length of time young patients focused on different objects. the second study by the university of vermont found autistic children focused more on the mouth instead of the ice during a conversation. they say an eye tracking test could provide a much faster diagnosis and lengthy clinical observations and parent
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interviews. we had stubborn cloud cover out there in parts of the bay area today. mark tamayo is in the weather center and tells us things are going to be changing quite dramatically in the next few days. >> that will be wiped away completely, you notice the change over the next few days especially by wednesday. we're talking about widespread 80s and a few spots could be right around 90. live storm tracker 2, northern parts of the state, close enough that we could have a few sprinkles or at least some drizzle near parts of the bay area for tonight. and into early monday morning. you can see the system falling apart as it approaches the north coast. but still enough moisture to present the clouds in addition to some of the fog, as you can see the surface winds are on shore, but that will be reversing as we head towards midweek forecast. current numbers out there, san francisco checking and 56. santa rosa 66. widespread 60s for walnut creek, livermore, san jose and fremont. here is our live camera looking toward the bay bridge, san francisco in the distance, a
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little bit of chop on the bay waters and also some patchy fog, looks like a little bird paying us a visit. antifog moving back into the bay, for the overnight hours, we are expecting lots of 40s out there to write about 50 degrees. areas of fog for your monday morning, then clearing into the afternoon hours, that's all reflect in your san francisco forecast at 7:00 a.m. 53 degrees, by lunchtime, partly sunny, and then we take this into the afternoon hours, mostly sunny but breezy, 64. also the a's home opener for tomorrow evening, mostly clear skies, some great weather, temperatures mainly in the lower 60s, looks great. the giants later on this week, the weather looks pretty good as well at least for the first game. second game, might be tracking rain chances out there. here's our forecast model showing you this, some patchy fog tomorrow morning, then increase in sunshine for the afternoon. the green contour links up with the 60s. the yellow in the 70s. the warmest locations for your
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monday, back up into the mid- 70s. not a big change from today. here's the cold front we're tracking for tonight, once it clears out, we have wins ramp up monday afternoon. after the patchy fog, then here's what happens, some of the developing weather story at least through tuesday, major warming, we talked about that earlier. we could have record heat to talk about on wednesday. and then beyond that, look at this. talking about rain chances. friday the chance of rain or at least a few light showers in the bay area, a better bet friday night into saturday, so this activity moving in from the south, could have more action in southern california as well. 60s and 70s for afternoon highs. san jose will go with a forecast high of 71. san mateo 69. and here is a look ahead, we switched over to show you the inland and bay coast high temperatures. look at that wednesday panel, widespread 80s. 89 could translate to 90 to 92 inland. then we cool things off dramatically on thursday.
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and more cooling at more showers by friday and saturday. so very interesting weather week with the record heat. >> a little bit of everything. >> and maybe some rain clouds. >> my goodness. stir it up for us. >> that's what april does. >> thank you. the warriors look to bounce back from friday's loss as they take on the portland trail blazers. s.
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soccer star and world cup champion abby wambach is apologizing today after her arrest for suspicion of dui in portland oregon just last night. police say an officer pulled her over in her range rover after she allegedly ran a red light. police say wambach failed a series of field sobriety tests before she was arrested. she posted a statement on her facebook page taking full response ability for her actions and called her decision to drive after a dinner at a friends house a quote, horrible mistake. the warriors trying to get back to their winning ways. joe fonzi here with highlights. >> the warriors tonight trying to erase the taste of their only home loss of the season on friday against boston. go the state happy to have festus ezeli back among the
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healthy tonight. the trail blazers have already earned a place in the postseason. steph curry with a high hoop off the glass in the first quarter. the blazers ran to an 11 point lead, damian lillard with a three. but the warriors battled back in the second quarter rally, it's halftime, golden state has its biggest lead of the game, 63-56. we'll have it all for you tonight on sports wrap. the warriors paying attention to the bottom of the western conference to see the -- who their opponent can be. can the thunder play? okc leading by a point but then trailing by one after james harden hit, lighting it up for 41 points. now in the fourth quarter, the rockets are down one. they are up two after three of patrick beverly's 12 points. then here, the rockets put it away, kevin durant, pass stolen by harden flings one down court to beverly for the easy hoop. the rockets beat the thunder
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118-110. houston right now a half-game behind utah for the number 8 spot and the right to me the warriors in the first round. gone are the days in which the cincinnati reds have the sole honor of opening the major league baseball season. three games will be played today and tonight to kick off 2016.'s pittsburg, three members of the pirates were honored for their competence last year. st. louis cardinals found out today was the francisco liriano show. the pirates left-hander striking out the side in the second inning, stephen piscotty and then yadier molina, 10 strikeouts in six innings for the rihanna. he got it done with the bat as well. the rihanna, rbi single in the bottom of the second. -- liriano. pittsburg gets the ballgame. final score, 4-1. a's open up at home tomorrow night against the white sox. the giants on the road in milwaukee. >> here we go. it's underway. coming up tonight on the
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10:00 news, jerry brown is inspected to sign a bill that will increase the state minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> heavy criticism of the bill, hear why the governor says he feels confident putting pen to paper and approving the measure, tonight at 10. thanks for being with us here tonight. >> we're always here for you online at thanks for being with us here tonight. >> we're always here for you, facebook, twitter and all of our apps. we'll see you tonight at 10.
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