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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 4, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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make-a-wish foundation, and how this berkeley will affect the bay area charity efforts. more bad news for the bart riders, and they will still have to use the shuttles between the north concord and bay point, your mornings on 2 starts now. good morning and thank you for joining us on this mornings on 2 on this monday, on this mornings on 2 on this monday, april 4, and i am pam cook. welcome back. >> it was nice to get some extra time to get ready.>> good morning everybody and i am brian flores, and i'm a little bit jealous that you had that time. a warm saturday, cooler sunday. >> and what will it be like tonight? >> it will be okay, and a little bit warmer. starting a little bit today, and a lot tomorrow, wednesday topping off near 90 for some.
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today is a transition day, and some patchy fog, and high clouds, and overall temperatures starting off in the 40s and 50s, ending up in the 60s and 70s. you can see a little bit of the fog overall, and we have a live camera, if you please, and let's take a look outside. let's see if sal is ready, and get ready, we have some warmer temperatures later in the week. gotcha, i have my flip- flops in my shorts already. as we mentioned, we have some east bay and bart riders that will have to continue to use the bus shuttle, the test over the weekend show that the
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system is not ready to return to regular service. bart is saying that two some trains will be operating between the north concord and pittsburg bay point. they are bringing in two more engineers to to towing -- to determine the cause of the problems, and caltrain will begin making longer stops, and more than 60,000 people take the train on the daily cases, forcing them to operate above the capacity. and they are helping the bart riders on the crowded trains because there's not enough space for them. to go and learn more about the shuttle services, you can go to 4:02 am.
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and giants player a pins is asking for the return of the scooter that he autographed and donated to the make-a-wish foundation. to thieves caught on video stealing the scooter on saturday, and you can see one man carrying the scooter down the stairs in the second man carrying two pieces of luggage that were also donated, and they also stole ipads and other items. >> that scooter was an incredible donation, and we were able to raise $40,000 by offering it at a live auction, and that is devastating. >> this is the second time that the scooter has been stolen, and he has tweeted, a hunter
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pence, it's all over again. last friday a man was shot in the arm after stepping out of a bar on his 14th street. the same night before 10 pm another man was shot while leaving the first united methodist church in was hit in the head, and neither man was seriously injured but they are concerned about this increasing violence. >> that is awful, especially if you are to get hit in the face or lose dry site because of a bb gun.>> we have more officers deployed at night and undercover carts hoping to find a vehicle driving around. >> the vandals have shot at more than 100 the vandals have shot at more than 145 car windows, causing more than $60,000 in damage, and so far investigators have some surveillance video, and you can see the man here shooting at parked cars, and they are
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hoping you will recognize this silver or light-colored toyota four runner. the man beaten by the alameda county sheriff's deputies, reportedly due in court today, fbi agents arrested petrov, and investigators of knots and why they took him into custody, and charges will be made public today. petrov was beaten by the alameda county sheriff's deputies after allegedly leading them on a high-speed chase in a stolen car. his attorneys filed a complaint last week. happening today, and are -- jerry brown brazing the waves to $15 an hour, dumping the current $10 an hour wage by
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$.50, and a one dollar increase through january 2022. they say the goal is to close the growing divide between the rich and the poor, but some were it will or's the business owners to cut jobs. >> a few will get a wage increase, many more will lose their jobs.>> it's a matter of economic justice, it makes sense and will help the state do much better for the citizens. >> businesses with fewer than 25 people have an extra year to comply, california on track to have the highest minimum wage in the country, new york is working on a similar increase. celebrating the increase in the minimum wage, holding a watch party of the governor signing the bill on the taken burger road -- taken burger -- hagenburger road
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world leaders, an international coalition in investigation journalism obtaining more than 1 million records from the pam ate them law firm, and it says the law firms records were hacked, and reportedly these documents detail how powerful people use banks, law firms and offshore companies to hide the assets. and this could affect political figures, lionel messi superstar, and vladimir putin, and the state back to 1977. -- and these dates back to 1977. voters in wisconsin head to the polls tomorrow, the front runners and we have the latest. >> reporter: if the numbers are
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correct, donald trump is heading into the contest in a strange position as the underdog. at a town in milwaukee, making the final argument to the wisconsin voters, and says he will tone it down if he is elected. >> i will be so presidential and you will be so proud of me. being presidential is easy, i am a smart guy.>> reporter: he will still be ahead with the delegate count if he loses tomorrow, but it will still put john kasich and ted cruz further up. >> he would have to win 60% of the remaining delegates to get the 501 delegates. >> reporter: if there is a fight on the floor, the head of the republican party reluctantly admitted that it is possible that someone not in
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the running could emerge as a nominee. >> if you have five, six or seven rounds, it's possible that someone could be nominated that is not one of those three.>> reporter: hillary clinton says she is open to another debate with bernie sanders, but the sanders campaign says they think she is playing games. >> if the voter turnout is high, we will win. if the voter turnout is lows, we will likely lose, as simple as all of that.>> reporter: that math maybe correct, if there is a high turnout among the democrats, and it the young voters turnout, bernie sanders will have the advantage. president obama is set to visit the bay area later this week, scheduled to fly to san francisco on friday for several fundraising events, and will be in la this week to raise money
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for the democratic party. he will have an event in bel air on thursday. your time now is 4:09 am. and the baseball season officially underway with the a's opening game tonight against the chicago white sox. tonight, sunny great will make the third consecutive opening day start, and alex savidge will have a report from the coliseum in the next hour. >> the giants will start the season on the road in milwaukee, and will face the brewers. after a three-game season with the brewers, the giants will have the home opener on thursday against the la dodgers. your time now is 4:10 am.
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a new state-of-the-art facility being planned for the cybersecurity. the emotional reopening of the brussels airport in the changes to the security here in the u. s. to the security here in the u. s. looking at a very decent morning commute, not bad here at the bay bridge, and we will tell you more about your commute, coming up. bundle up for a wild ride, today is the transition day in your forecast coming up.
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migrants that recently made it to greece are being sent right back, part of the deal that the countries reached last month, and the new plan is designed to limit the number of people coming into europe from the middle east, most from pakistan and afghanistan. they either did not apply for asylum or the applications were rejected. a leader has been killed in the u. s. airstrike, the ike how the -- al-qaeda leader along this son were killed in a u. s. airstrike in the northern part of the country, a spokesman for the faction considered a hard-line group
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that has been attacking the moderate rebel groups in syria for their link with the united states. in pakistan, turning out for the vigil to honor those killed in the bombing that killed 75 people. on easter sunday, a suicide bomber targeted christians at eight crowded park in the city of lahore, and 29 children, mostly muslim. the pakistani group affiliated with the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. the brussels airport returning to service, the first flights took off yesterday, and security is tight with passengers going through extra screening. the isis suicide bombers targeted the brussels airport and the metro station, killing 32 people and injuring hundreds, and the airport is not expected to be at full capacity anytime
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soon. the airport in brussels, partially reopening, but other countries taking a hard look at the security, increasingly concerned about the airport insiders, and such as the one believed to be responsible for killing those on the jet killing 202 people onboard. they believe that some have sales already in place -- cells around the world in place at the airports. let's take a look at the early morning traffic. >> i see you have your green on. >> i do, my green and yellow. >> would you can be the a's and i will be the giants.>> i will
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where the giants colors on the home openers, because we need to show the love. good morning everybody. if you're trying to get to the a's game for the home opener, i am a big fan of bark, it will drop you off -- bart, it will drop you off, and just a little bit of walking and you are there. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, looking pretty good. and interstate 880 will not come into play during the a's games, and people will start getting earlier so keep that in the back of your mind as people will be arriving for the home opener. on your east shore freeway, between hercules and richmond, looking good. 4:17 am. we do have a little bit of
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a transition today, not that extreme with the 60s and 70s, tomorrow turning the breeze to the north, sending temperatures up, with patchy low clouds mainly in the morning. sunny and breezy and then tomorrow we will have some north-northeast breezes. i would not be surprised if we catch some record highs near 90 for some. it will come back down as we head toward the weekend. mostly clear, looking good for the a's home opener tonight, but grab the jacket. here's this system moving through, and except for the clouds good to go with 40s and 50s. i don't think temperatures will cool off that much. this system does not have much to it.-pressure coming in after this system comes by, and by thursday this low would drift upward bringing in more fog.
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patchy morning fog, mostly sunny today. everything points toward a rapid warm-up tuesday and wednesday. patchy fog and sunny and warmer today, near average for some, slightly above for others. 60s at the beaches, 60s and low 70s around the bay, and a few mid-70s near antioch, and sunshine and much warmer temperatures, but not lasting long as it cools off thursday with clouds coming in and rain over the weekend. 90 on wednesday though. i may be a little bit high, but it will be hot. >> my goodness, and then we will have brain. -- rain. i was going to post a picture yesterday, off the charts crowded. it was chilly in the city.
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and there goes steve. he has a lot to do. we had the warriors looking to bounce back, and how they did against the trailblazers, coming up.
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we have underwater art, and to get a glimpse of this created by the austrian art photographer.>> that is very cool. and the warriors bouncing back, making the big return against the portland trail blazers last night after missing 31 games with a knee injury, and david willard healthy trailblazers make it interesting early on. he had 30 points, but the warriors ran away with the game, and this steph curry ins with 39 points, and the warriors one -- won. back it was getting us ready
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for the playoffs and everybody was ready for the game. >> i really like the focus and how sharply were compared to the other night, and a good response, and we took care of the ball, and we were really moving the ball. we played well >> i agree, a great overall game, and only five games left in the regular season, and they will host the minnesota trim timberwolves -- minnesota timberwolves tomorrow night. teaching how to shoot with high- tech help. >> that is the sound that you want to hear, and your elbow is too far out. >> scooter is the director of the business development for the solid shot system. this
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system is a sleeve that will let the player know with the proper shooting form is being followed. >> the center will indicate whether the risk snaps or the hand twist correctly. this will indicate whether the elbow is in or out correctly, and this will indicate whether the arm height is high or low enough. >> i thought it was cool to get the feedback right away and know what to correct. >> it is being used by some colleges but not available to the public just yet. abby wambach apologizing for her rest for suspicion of drunk driving in portland, she was pulled over after running a red light and failed a series of sobriety test before being arrested, and released a statement taking full responsibility for her actions, and her decision to drive she
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called a horrible mistake after having dinner and some drinks at a friends house. reports that the 49ers and denver broncos are close to a agreement for the trait of colin kaepernick. the source tells us that denver is willing to pay $7 million, and the team wants to the 49ers to pay the rest, and the off- season for the 49ers begins today, and it colin kaepernick will get a bonus if he shows up to participate and 90% of the workouts. the legendary dolly parton shooting -- singing a duet with katy perry. take a look.>> [ music playing ]. >> the academy of country music awards took over the mgm garden arena and las vegas, chris stapleton leading the way
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taking home six awards, including male vocalist and album of the year. miranda lambert 17 -- won seven female vocalist awards. >> a finite by all. -- a fun night by all. a piece of evidence that needs to be reviewed to help them determine what went wrong with the derailment. thieves taking off with items donated to the make-a- wish foundation.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, april 4, hard to believe it's already april.>> it is flying by. we will have some roller
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coaster weather this week. >> it is extreme, from one end to the other. we have this week system coming through, and patchy fog with 40s and 50s on the low, and tomorrow you will notice this, today in the 60s and 70s, and not much to this system, and the good news is that as we head into tuesday and wednesday, it will be a one-day event, well, tuesday and wednesday and maybe early thursday and then cooling down. near 90 degrees for some. it is going to be sunny and warm, breezy as well. this system will have high pressure, 40s and 50s, not changing very much. this will bring us a


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