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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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i love the bay, the comradery and baseball fans. we're excited. we're ready. >> reporter: you've been doing this tailgate for a while now? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you think about the team's prospects for this season? >> it doesn't matter what happens every year. we're going to do it. i'm full-blooded. a's, baby. i get to come in here with my friends and family, and we have a good time. it doesn't matter if i've seen you yesterday or five years ago, we have a good time. >> reporter: just about 60 minutes to go before first pitch. this group is ready. >> that reminds me so much of
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when my grandad used to take me to a's games. a lot of people have the day off, huh? a lot of people somehow just happen to have the day off today? >> reporter: yes. it's a national holiday as far as they're concerned. >> thank you. let's go now to sports reporter joe fonzi. let's talk about food poisoning that led to a last-minute changeup. >> reporter: the number one thing they knew, this is a team that does not have a lot of major stars. you would have to say sunny grey is the ace of the team. he was expected to get the starting assignment tonight, and they found out he had severe food poisoning and was scratched from the start.
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i was talking to kurt young. it's a little bit of a problem when things go one way opening day and then another way. >> we're excited to play tonight either way. sunny is not going to be able to pitch. he's on rest today so he'll be ready to go. he found out early today, and rich is always prepared. >> reporter: i'm having a little deja vu moment here. we go back to when you probably had the jitters because you were playing on opening day. we've been doing this for a while, haven't we? >> we have, joe. i was up early with some butterflies. we're just anxious to get going more than anything. you know your season is about to start. it is exciting.
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>> reporter: you watch the chicago white sox batting. he has not started a game on a regular basis since all the way back in 2009 when he was a member of the orioles. four starts with the red sox last year. he was a key k act acquisition. he is getting his first opening night assignment. a chance to shine under the bright lights. a lot of people can't wait for it to get started between the a's and the white sox. back to you guys in the studio. >> joe, thank you. the san francisco giants were also in action today. take a look. snowy milwaukee. we will have the highlights from that matchup coming up later in sports. police are still on the hunt for the two men that stole
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from the make-a-wish foundation . they stole the scooter that hunter penz donated. a cal coach is fighting back against allegations of sexual harassment. the woman submitted carefully- chosen text messages, and that newly-released texts show the true story. >> far from an unwelcome series of texts, there was a mutual flirtation that occurred. it was not any welcome by the complainant.
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it was often nesh yated by her. it was continued by her, and it went on for some period of time. >> they are denying allegations that the reporter lost her job. he is hopefully getting reinstated by next week. raising california's minimum wage to $15 an hour. that bill was passed into law. the bill will bump the $10 an hour minimum wage up 50 cents next year and $11 by 2018. there will be an increase every year until january 2022. they worry that business owners will cut jobs. they are closing the growing
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divide between the rich and poor. >> there's a lot of anger going on in the presidential campaign. it may have many sources, but one of the sources certainly is the way the average american is being treated by this particular economy. >> the federal minimum wage has been raised. the rest of the state will eventually get to that point, according to a schedule that has not been released just yet. virgin america has been sold. the airline created a loyal following. alaska airlines has now bought virgin. >> reporter: it was business as usual at san francisco airports. passengers were aware of the alaska airlines $2 billion buyout.
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no one seemed worried that a good thing might be going away. >> i don't really think it's going to be that much of an issue because people want to go where they want to go. they're going to pick the best option. >> i know virgin has good fares. i just hope that they stay competitive for all the people. >> i think that's likely to survive. in the short to medium run, this is probably good news to have a fifth major competitor in the industry. >> reporter: passengers will expect nothing less. >> they're going to look for the best bang for their buck? >> reporter: alaska bought horizon air, which it's operated for the last three
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decades as horizon air. it may not lose its name. >> it wouldn't surprise me if the new carrier emerges as virgin america. >> reporter: they give them the opportunity to develop a much larger route map. that's going to take a lot of people. >> given what's happened in the airline industry, i'd be surprised if we saw layoffs. if anything, there's a lot of pressure to expand capacity. they're making a lot of money. >> virgin america and alaska airlines went in different directions. virgin airlines went up 42%. alaska airlines fell nearly 4%. trading was heavy in both companies.
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in wisconsin, they are predicting the highest voter turnout in decades. joe with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: after a rough week for donald trump's campaign, the billionaire businessman is hoping to turn things around, campaigning with his wife today in wisconsin. she stepped up visibility coming in the wake of controversial comments on women being punished for aborting. >> usually, in all cases, they hit me first. i hit back harder. >> reporter: cruz was saying his focus was on the american people. >> i'm not paying attention to his latest tweets, to his latest noise. >> reporter: the loss in the
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badger state could make reaching 137 delegates before the gop convention very difficult. meanwhile, bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton in wisconsin and closing the gap in her home state of new york where he's been challenging her to debate before april 19th. the clinton campaign agreeing to two possible debate dates, one in the morning and one during the ncaa finals. bernie sanders calling those silly political games. tonight, we're hearing from one of the victims targeted by suspects shooting bb's. we'll have a look at what you can expect for tuesday when
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the hottest day will arrive, and in the forecast, possibility for rain coming back. monday evening commute there. interstate 880 by the oakland coliseum. lots of fans getting ready for opening night. here's a live picture at interstate 80. traffic pretty heavy on the right-hand side of the screen. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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a man being beaten in federal court today. petrov was in court today. the
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mother was told to leave the courtroom because they wanted to leave the charges against him secret. he was accused of leading deputies on a high-speed chase. ktvu has learned the federal charges stemmed from an f.b.i. raid on march 8th. they say a gun and about 125 grams of meth were found inside his bedroom. his mother said her son has been physically and mentally destroyed by law enforcement. >> he was just criminalized and betrayed by law enforcement. they've just made him look like that. >> san francisco's d.a. has yet to file charges against
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any of the deputies, which left him with broken bones. he's now pursuing a civil lawsuit. property along interstate 280, dozens of homeless people were dismantled. they said it was just too dangerous for people to be living so close to the freeway. a number of homeless people were forced to leave. >> i'm actually frustrated and mad at myself and don't know what to do or where to go. >> they say sweeps of encampments will do nothing to solve the problem long-term. a fire at a snack shack at santa clara high school. we talked to a school official
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who says supplies are kept in the building. firefighters headed out by 1:30. they were allowed back inside about 10 minutes later. they are investigating more. it is spectacular out there and also opening night at the coliseum. what a beautiful day and a nice night. >> it's going to feel like summer. it's coming fairly quick. by wednesday, 90s in the forecast. it's going to be hard to believe, but it's coming. giving you a live look here at the beautiful view of the coliseum there in the backdrop. we've been showing you live views all afternoon long, and a lot going on there as they celebrate the opener. i'll have more at game time at 7:05. right now, oakland at 65 degrees.
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livermore, 70 degrees. we head into the evening hours, and by game time, 63 degrees. mostly clear skies expected. not too bad. it will be a pretty night, but you will need a jacket. we saw temperatures warm up by a few degrees today in some of our inland communities. on wednesday, temperatures are going to peak. even though it's going to be very warm to hot in the coming days, not too bad. i'll have a look at those numbers in just a moment. 44 degrees expected in santa rosa. around the bay, 49 degrees. 51 expected as well as san francisco. here's a bit of a comparison.
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santa rosa, 71. tomorrow, 81. concord, you'll do the same. mid-80s expected in your neighborhood. anywhere from five to ten degrees, we definitely notice that. 81 for kentfield. the east bay shoreline, 80 degrees. it's warm to even hot for some of us. south bay locations, 85 sarah toga. still feeling good out there, but once you get into the car with the sun beaming on you, you'll need the ac. perhaps even breaking some records on wednesday. we haven't seen this type of heat since mid-october. we get into the sek part of the week, and temperatures drop off.
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we're looking at the possibility of some rain coming. flip flops, jackets, umbrellas. just keep them all on hand. >> and sun block, for sure. chp temporarily shut down traffic after a seal tried to cross the roadway. the highway patrol took this picture of the little fellow. he started to cross just after 9:30 this morning. the marine facility scooped him up. he's nicknamed school days and had been at that facility before. he was released in january of last year. an onslaught against the brewers. we're next with complete highlights.
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taking time off to bond with your infant could cost you salary. a lot of parents are taking off less time. >> reporter: being able to take time off bonding with their babies shouldn't be a a luxury. it should be a necessity. >> being able to bond with your child and to have that time for sleeping and nursing, all of that crazy stuff. >> reporter: paid family leave program pays just 55% of a new parent's pay check for up to 6 weeks.
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it's making bonding a financial burden. they're deciding whether businesses should be required to pay the worker. >> too many families, particularly lower income families, they have to make a terrible choice between bonding with a new child and putting food on the table. >> reporter: here at the factory of rickshaw bag works, it could be a financial burden to the city. >> it makes my company less profitable. that means we can't give bonuses at the end of the year. any time you have an added expense, that is money we can't spend on a new piece of equipment or a new hire. >> reporter: some businesses say it could hurt job growth. >> every time san francisco takes a progressive stand to
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support families, we hear the same thing. this is going to cause businesses to leave san francisco. >> reporter: no other city has done what san francisco is attempting to do. >> having had this time, i'm ready to go back and give it 100%. i think it's something all men and women should have the chance to do. >> reporter: in san francisco, rob roth, fox 2 news. the a's playing tonight against the white sox. >> yeah. way to start the season. flexing their muscles. it's also a time to say, i don't really like dome baseball, but on occasion, it comes in han day. dy. take a look at milwaukee.
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it's snowing. even those wiener dogs were in their shorts. base hit to center to break a tie. batting in the 9th. yeah. bruce looks pretty smart with that move. also, in left field for the first time on a regular basis. pretty good throw, and there you go. he got his man at the plate. matt duffy goes deep. third baseman had four r.b.i.'s this afternoon. that was nothing compared to the 8th. two men on. loses it to right. just so you think that left and right field are covered, watch buster posie go dead center field.
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first time they have ever hit three straight home runs on opening day. the dugout is pumped. let's talk a little warrior basketball. of course, to throw water on the guests after the game. seth curry actually blasted the guy holding the cup behind his head. he knocked the water out of his hand. they talked about it today. >> i mean, that was pure luck. i didn't even see the cup. >> you're a wizard. >> i know. the look i gave afterwards was, like, i meant to do it. >> yep. he's available for kids' birthday parties. >> some of the passes he makes are like, he has eyes in the back of his head. pretty good. so exciting night.
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oakland a's tonight. >> thank you for joining us. go giants. go a's. see you at 10:00.
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