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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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employees were found to have sexually harassed students for fellow employees, the latest in the harassment scandals hitting the university. good morning and thank you for joining us and welcome to mornings on 2 on this wednesday morning, april 6, and i am pam cook. good morning, i am brian flores, let's check on your weather and traffic. >> tomorrow dropping 20 degrees and today much warmer. amazing. today is all about clear skies, and on the mild side in the low 60s already. you can see the airflow, going straight from the land to the sea, do east for some, but there are some southerly breezes. once this turns south, it will usher in a cooler pattern, but today we will get out of the date pretty warm, 40s, 50s and
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60s, 55 and san jose and 63 in brentwood. the breeze offshore for some, and it is for fairfield, but at kirkland and turning south, and this is going to work its way in tomorrow. sunny and hot for many. above normal temperatures, 80s at the coast and near 90 for some. temperatures will be the hottest for a while. >> you have some 90s. >> i do, but they are soft 90s. good morning everyone, we are doing very well for this early start to your wednesday. let's look at the commute, not bad right now on interstate 880. it looks like we survived having the warriors and the a's playing at the same time last night, nothing too bad from
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what i year. we are looking at the san mateo bridge, traffic looking good heading out to the high rise and over to the peninsula. if you're driving in san jose, traffic is off to a good start. i can see just one or two cars, and it you want to get on the road with very little traffic, right now is the time. 4:02 am. the two front runners in the race for the white house maybe nursing some election hangovers. >> dilling series close to donald trump and hillary clinton, and we take a look at the numbers this morning and very interesting.>> it is very interesting as we look at these numbers out of wisconsin, a big win for ted cruz, 13 point margin over donald trump, beyond what the polls were suggesting in wisconsin. bernie sanders, 57 and hillary
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clinton 43. welcome to the aftermath, a big night in wisconsin last night, and we will start with the numbers on the republican side. ted cruz has a 13 point victory over donald trump, larger than many polls suggested, and bernie sanders was a big victory over hillary clinton. >> reporter: ted cruz and bernie sanders start the day with a dose of momentum. >> hillary, get ready and here we come. >> reporter: ted cruz busted donald trump by double digit margin yesterday. the exit polls show that ted cruz one the evangelicals -- won the evangelicals. and by denying donald trump the lion share of the delegates,
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this could likely go down to a contested gop convention this summer. donald trump had a low profile last night, and his campaign calling ted cruz a trojan horse for the establishment, but don't count him out. >> donald trump will go on to indiana and mildew indiana, nebraska in new mexico. >> this campaign will give enthusiasm to millions of americans. >> reporter: bernie sanders gave his victory speech in wyoming, and clinton spent last night attending five dollar fundraisers in new york, and has the big and perhaps insurmountable delegate and superdelegate lead, and leading in new york, which could be a pivotal process. >> reporter: that underscores
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the challenge for bernie sanders, and look at that margin, 57-43 in yet sanders were only net about 50 delegates out of wisconsin, and if you look at the number of delegates in play for the democrats, not enough for bernie sanders to seal the deal unless he starts winning by unimaginable margins. up next in the race for the white house is wyoming for the democratic caucus on saturday, in new york on april 19. hundreds of delegates at stake there, and donald trump and hillary clinton have sizable leads. on april 26, another five east coast states have primaries, including pennsylvania and maryland. new documents released by uc berkeley so that 19 employees have sexually
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harassed students or employees since 2011, and the information was released in response to a public records access request, and last month the uc president janet napolitano made changes in the way that the university handles sexual conduct, and we have more details on that. modesto police investigating a possible hate crime at the high school, and this is through the video media site snapchat, showing a white student with a noose around his neck threatening an african-american student, and both teenagers attend the catholic high school in the video ends with the gun going off.>> this is a warning sign and we cannot ignore warning signs. if he does this, who is not to say that he will bring a gun to school.>> the student is still
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in school that made the threats, and the mother of the african-american student fears that this teenager is mentally unstable and a danger to her son and other students, and the school says it is looking into this. gay rights supporters in the bay area so they are disappointed but not surprised. mississippi governor signed a bill into law yesterday allowing individuals and institutions the right to deny service to same-sex couples based on religious objections, and the lgbt people in the bay area say that the struggle for equal rights across the country is far from over. >> we are seeing a full on assault against right protections and we need to be vigilant, and we cannot take anything for granted. >> this is religious freedom for those that hold deeply held beliefs. >> the national center for lesbian rights is proposing a
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bill in california that would ban state-sponsored travel to any state that has the laws. a new bill introduced in sacramento that would create legal drug injection sites in california, and the facility will give addicts a safe place to inject drugs and the ideas to reduce death, overdose and hepatitis-c. authorities say that the supervised injection site for heroin and other drugs has saved money and other lives. in vancouver they have saved $1.5 million in emergency room fees. >> and we have not ever had a death after doing over 2 million injections since 2003 and nobody has died.>> in
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california, they said this would encourage drug use. the napa doctor settling allegations of fraud, and has agreed to pay $400,000 to the government, but is not admitting liability. the u. s. attorney's office has accused him of billing medicare for services allegedly not provided to patients. two people in the bay area accused of attacking or threatening irs work. a man who went to the center to see what -- why his request for tax refund was denied, and is accused of threatening and speeding at the guard, and telling the irs agent that he would be back with a gun and a bomb, and another incident happened at the oakland federal building, a woman charged with assaulting a federal worker after being told she would not getting the -- would not be
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getting the transcripts that she needed. >> the threat is a violation of federal law, and making a threat to hurt and kill and iris employee is a crime. -- an irs employee is a crime. >> the irs says they experience about 200 threats a year in california and typically it spikes before the tax deadline. the growing graffiti problem at city hall, vandals attacked sometime between monday night and tuesday morning, and they also had graffiti on the wall outside the pizza shop. the suspect was caught on surveillance video, and the mayor says the problem is widespread and costly but not ready to get additional police officers to patrol the area. >> i think our citizens are more concerned about crime in the area then the graffiti on
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city hall. >> they spend about $100,000 a year on city graffiti cleanup. cracking down on massage parlors in the south bay, and how some massage parlors operate and how the police plan on stopping them. a big break on the case of the make-a-wish foundation burglary, the scooter is return and arrests were made, the latest developments. looking at the san francisco commute, and traffic is looking good on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. >> if i said by wednesday san francisco would go from 57 to 90, but that is the forecast, and going for 90 today.
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welcome back. the stolen scooter donated by giants hunter pence has been recovered. >> the police have recovered the scooter. >> the san francisco mayor ed lee made the announcement yesterday, and the scooter was one of several items stolen from the make-a-wish foundation office and had sold at auction for $40,000 and was being stored at the office, and they have arrested judge and necklace in connection with the theft, and some people recognize them from the
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surveillance video. and donating eight ipads in connection with the burglary to replace those stolen. they continue the investigation . entertainment commission has voted to approve the permit allowing the armory to host concerts and events. some neighbors are worried about the noise and security, but the approval comes with restrictions. there is a limit to how late they can operate in the owner has to hire security and soundproof the building. >> we are delighted to be good neighbors and will abide by all of the conditions. >> the armory says it will take at least three months to soundproof the building so it will be no concerts until july. hopefully traffic will not be the hot topic today and we can stay nice and quiet.
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>> is it friday eve? >> it is wednesday, and there's fresh coffee in the kitchen.>> apparently i need some. thank you very much, pamela and brian. good morning, we will go in take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems and traffic is moving along nicely. if you look at interstate 880, north and southbound traffic is looking good. it looks like the traffic is going to be okay in the south bay if you are driving on northbound 101 or 280, looking at the list, and chp is not giving us much, so go have a good time on the roads, but not
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too good, chp works early. good morning, steve. >> good morning, sal. what were we talking about when we walked in to work together? >> johnny cueto. looking good. [ applause ]. let's get to it, clear skies. and the only thing that will top these temperatures is if the wind turned southerly. yesterday was 77 in san francisco, going from 90. but that is not a record. 91 in 1989 is the record. you can see the airflow a couple of days ago, and that has gone all the way around north and northeast, turning east-southeast. if it turns to the south all bets are off and that will be and cooler direction, but
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starting off mostly in the 50s. oakland at 61 degrees right now, north bay temperatures in the 40s and fifth these. this is in the higher elevation, so not in town, an indication of the warm air. mill valley at 51, and for some in the higher elevations, it's already very warm, and easterly breeze, east-southeast, south, northwest, santa rosa it not strong but when it turned south it will bring in the fog which will be tomorrow. reading at 70, 62 in monterey. for us it is clear and we will draw your attention to these two systems, one coming in from the south giving us cloud cover and cooler down, and today is all about the sunshine and warm to high 80s. near 90%, and upper 80s, it looks spectacular over by the coast today.
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by tomorrow, that will change big time. temperatures dropping by 15 to 20 degrees, and clouding up friday and saturday, temperatures from 90s to the low to mid 60s.>> that is a big temperature difference. >> and next week is looking wet, around wednesday and thursday. looking pretty good.>> interesting. just one day of high temperatures, we can handle that. >> i thought yesterday was nice, open the windows in hair -- air out the house. the warriors will have to win the remaining four games of the season to break the chicago bulls record, after another rare home loss, and this time to the minnesota timberwolves in overtime. steph curry struggled in the first half and missed the shots, and harrison barnes was
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there and curry in the other four starters scored in the double figures, but behind the 24 turnovers, they blew their's 17 point lead, and the game went into overtime, and the timberwolves win, 124-117. this will be at tough order against the spurs, and they will have the home court advantage throughout the playoffs. the giants took this week over the milwaukee brewers, and they had no problem on the road. >> he hits the high drive to the right. it is out of here. >> brandon crawford hit his first home run of the year, and the defense in the picture, johnny cueto had his giant debut, and gives up one run in seven innings and the giants
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edged it out, 2-1. and the age dropped again to the chicago white sox, and they tied the game in the eighth inning with a two run, two-out single, but the white sox shortstop in oakland native jimmy rollins gets the solo shot in the top of the ninth, and they win, 5-4. it is nice that he could show off.>> it is and it's still early in the season. coming up, american idol is teaming up for the final bow. in less than 48 hours, the long- running series will go off of beer, but not before the final idol is crowned. abby wambach is talking about her past, her attorney and her charges related to the
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dui arrest over the weekend.
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an earthquake, 6.9 quake hit 90 miles northwest of the capitol city and despite the size of the quake, it did not set off the tsunami warning, and this island nation sits in
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a region known as the island of fire and none for cyclones and volcanic eruptions. at least 60 people in pakistan have died due to flooding, and homes damaged after torrential rains over the weekend, and rescue workers have not been able to reach some of the remote areas yet. and authorities say that they are confident that the sporting venues in rio de janeiro will be ready in time, this comes among the corruption investigation into the construction process of one of the venues, and there was evidence of fraud in building the olympic complex. the federal court has brought funding for part of the venue, the complex is the second largest cluster with nine menus being built at a cost of $220 million, and seven have already been completed. abby wambach pleaded not
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guilty to dui arrest of the weekend, and was arrested in portland for running a red light, and failed a sobriety test. she apologized on facebook's saying she is taking full responsibility for her actions. according to the court documents, abby wambach admitted to trying cocaine and marijuana can make it -- 10 years ago, and said she will do whatever it takes to make sure her horrible mistake is never repeated. there is still fallout from the panama papers, and they are asking for the resignation of the prime minister after showing the connection with an offshore company, and he has announced he will step down. and cameron is denying? dealings after his late father was also mentioned in the records. >> i have a salary as prime minister, and i have some savings which i get some
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interest from, and i have a house which we used to live in which we lease out while living here. >> vladimir putin is listed in the documents as well, but he says there's nothing about him directly in the records. 4:17 am it's -- 4:27 am is the time right now. the reason this sex offender is removed and the reason that the police are grade he will we -- reoffend. double digit rent hikes forcing tenants from their homes, and action that the council is taking, next. looking at the bay bridge looking pretty good into san francisco and we will tell you more about the commute, coming up. temperatures on the way to 90 degrees, registered -- record-setting days for some
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and not for others, and we will take a look, coming up.
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good morning and welcome back, and here are some of the top stories we are falling for you. republican ted cruz and democrat bernie sanders are the big winners in the primary, and donald trump reacted by calling ted cruz a trojan horse for the gop establishment. hillary clinton still has a significant delegate lead over sanders. a backlash over the states that recently adopted the anti- gay laws, mississippi signed a bill that will allow groups and services to deny service to same-sex couples due to religion. and some companies want to ban


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