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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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today.>> it was of significant warm up with the readings today. wide spread 80s. take a look at the numbers. they are very impressive. they are not the official highs throughout the day. morgan hill 90, you will notice that this is a wide spread heat we normally talk about cooler conditions for the coast, even san francisco seeing 85 degrees. with one record to report, we will have quite a few more, but oakland downtown next out at 88 degrees. outside, right now, it looks hot , he could see the bay water glistening, you can see out in the distant some high clouds. looking at the current numbers out there, 86 degrees and san francisco, 80 degrees in kicu
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is, 86 in half moon bay -- livermore , 86 in half moon bay. we have a lot to talk about with your full forecast, more on that coming up in just a few minutes. in san francisco, many people told us it felt like summer. many people got out of work early. it is so wonderful out there today. >> here in the city, it is so nice. a lot of people in sundresses, patio tables were full and people were out enjoying the sunshine. we saw a number of people that were sick from work today. >> is too beautiful, we could not resist, we wanted to think about where to go, we said let's go to the park we want to
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see beautiful views of the city and soak up the sun.>> reporter: many people are sunbathing at lunchtime and many were supposed to be at work. >> you do not get this every day. >> reporter: some told us that they were working from home. >> i have my laptop here just in case i need to send an email.>> reporter: others ditched work with the boss's blessing. >> our manager said, this is the most beautiful day of the year just go out and enjoy it and we can make it up later. >> reporter: at the ice cream store there was a line out the door for the afternoon.>> i got cinnamon and hazelnut. >> reporter: restaurants and bars with patios were particularly popular books were having a great time enjoying the gorgeous weather. >> you have to be loving it.
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we should be working. >> [ laughter ] >> summer in san francisco. >> reporter: believe it or not, we found many more people who were playing hooky from work but for some reason they did not want to be seen on camera they were afraid of getting caught. some people even ran away from our camera as we were approaching earlier today. >> today seem so beautiful outside, everyone seemed to be in a good mood. >> reporter: absolutely, it was a wonderful day to be out and about. >> do not forget you can get updates on whether you can download the ktvu app. you can find it in the apple and google placed or. all you have to do is search ktvu the video, a man being shown being beaten by the deputies.
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he is accused of leading deputies on a high speed chase with a stolen car this is before the beating was videotaped. it stems from a drug bust, today he was appointed legal counsel the charges against him remain under seal. a former san francisco consulting, it has been two years -- consultant, it has been two years, he disappeared and then it sparked a national manhunt. he was in court this afternoon and the judge rejected the sentence that was part of the plea agreement. >> the judge thought that of 30 month jail sentence thought it was not enough. it will be continued on intel next week. no cameras were allowed in the
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courtroom. he spoke for the first time. he talked softly and sincerely, telling the judge he did not intend to hurt anyone except himself he says he suffers from depression. as you may recall, federal agents stormed into his home back in 2014 and they found the makings of a bomb and possible biological weapons. the former consultant pleaded guilty for possessing a gun with a serial number scratched off. his alleged girlfriend said he put her cat in the oven. today, the judge said that it was his duty to protect the public's safety and calling the 30 month sentence grossly in adequate. he says it is not
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enough. chamberlin could face the maximum of 10 years in prison. both sides will be back in the courtroom on thursday. likely, the sensing will happen then. tara moriarty, ews. ktvu a possible hate crime, this is the video, it shows a high school student who is white with a noose around his neck saying, you must die. the video shows a gun case with a rifle. both students attend central catholic high school in modesto. >> the reason why this is very troubling is just because of the historic and symbolic significance with the news and what is presented in the past with lynching.
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>> central catholic high school said they are investigating will take steps to protect their students. they are asking members of the public to identify suspects of a convenience store robbery. they are seeing their grabbing several cases of beer there at the 711, they head out the door without paying for the. it happened on september 25 and one a store clerk confronted them, one of them took out a knife. they are shown there as latinos, and one had their hat on backwards. the scandal at uc berkeley, 19 employees violated campus policies. a woman suing the law dean, she spoke out for the first time today. the cases are proof that the
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university is doing a poor job addressing the issue. >> reporter: the woman served as the executive assistant who resigned after she accused him of repeatedly touching her against her will. they kept these other cases quiet. she says she has had enough and she is saddened by all the sex harassment cases coming to light. these cases are tarnishing tran75's reputation. >> it makes me wonder what happened before. and what is happening now. -- the reputation of uc berkeley. >> it makes me wonder what is happening now. >> 11 of the cases have never been made public before, seven employees resigned or were fired, seven of the alleged victims were students. one of the new cases involved
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the diving coach, he made sexual comments to a coworker and offered him $300 for oral sex. his pay was cut and you denied the allegations. but another professor resigned after inviting a student to hawaii. other cases involve of custodian, a massage therapist, and a painter who reportedly was caught having sex in a vacant it's -- bacon is a partner. she what -- in a vacant campus apartment. >> she received this apology letter several monthly. >> it did not feel sincere.
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>> all this is in addition to the others and choose. critics say that the campus disciplinary policy is not there. >> trying to discipline the harasser. >> in a statement, the attorney says that he is confident he will be vindicated in court he will be judged on the basis of his conduct and not the others accusing of sexual harassment. >> there is now a chancellor committee to deal with the issue. several others say it is too little too late. henry lee, in the ktvu newsroom. there was of public records act made by a journalist.
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there are a whole lot of documents to sift through.>> so otherwise, we would have known about none of this? >> that is possible. the point is, see what is hiding underneath the rocks.>> henry lee in the rissman -- henry lee in the newsroom. thank you. a city council meeting that will -- that went on well after midnight, there is a mirage of evictions, and it comes in time when the rent has surged over 300 surged over $300 a month. city leaders say that the freeze will give them time to draft other registration to help out renters in oakland. oakland voters will be able to discuss whether there will be autex on sugar drinks, -- if there will be a tax on
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sugary drinks. the money will go towards health education programs with efforts to improve children's health across oakland. the evidence of what he took was clear to anyone who looked at this x-ray. that is a ring watched inside the burglars throat. the story about this ring coming up. they have been waiting for this new bart car we got on board and we will show you what writers can look forward to. we are on our fifth year of drought in california, there is water that is going untapped. in weather, temperatures were soaring today, 80s and 90s, get ready for a big time cooling in your thursday forecast. we will talk about your shower chances coming up.
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the san francisco police commission will be discussing the use of tasers at tonight's meeting. they submitted the policy to the commission on february 10, allowing officers to carry tasers and requiring that all officers are trained with crisis intervention. also the police cruisers would have to have defibrillators. many voters have approved for the tasers, but the commission has opposed to previous requests. a boy survived, he was writing his bike near -- he was riding his bicycle near of
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intersection, it was in south san jose, a jeep hit the boy in trapped both he and his bike under the vehicle. fire crews were able to rescue the boy and he was not seriously hurt except for a broken ankle. a hot month ahead, you would think any easy source of water would be considered california gold. >> why huge amounts of recycled water are not being used. >> reporter: in order to comply with the state laws, they were forced to build this sewage treatment plant, it is a lot of money for the 11,000 residents. >> our plan, it is more likely to be cleaner than the river water. >> reporter: some companies and individuals use recycled water but not nearly enough.
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the city is breaking the law when they put the left over water into the river because it is legally defined as waste water. >> i am not sure if you can consider recycled and wastewater the same. >> reporter: they will not let them pump the water to the much needed vineyards next to the plant. >> the state needs to become more of a partner in what we are trying to do here today. >> reporter: even though recycled water is widely used in other vineyards, they still need to get permits and permissions nonetheless. >> it provides the vineyard owners with security water. >> reporter: it is simply never enforced, until the policy is enforced we are given up on
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hundreds of billions of gallons of perfectly usable water for agriculture. >> as far as all solution to the drug, and a long-term, sustainability project. >> reporter: it is time to open the gates and let the water flow. they are working to streamline the processes, a lot of the recycled water is not being used to its best and fullest potential. many communities along the rivers and bays need nafincing to pump the water into town. it was a fantastic day out at the beach today. check out what we saw on sky box, dolphins are jumping through the water. they are enjoying themselves. we were enjoying -- check out
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what we saw on sky fox, the dolphins are jumping through the water. they are enjoying themselves. we are enjoying ourselves. >> they are so graceful, but they are powerful at the same time. >> do you ever mistaken them for sharks? or do they look different enough? >> it is funny, there was a contest in ocean beach a few years ago, one of the competitive service, he was from hawaii, he was in the middle of his heat and he thought he saw a big fan out there and he came in early because he thought it was a short. -- shark. >> temperatures soaring back up into the 80s, we had wide spread 80s across the area. some spots were in the 90s. here is the statewide map. you would think southern california would be warmer but they had some stubborn fog, los angeles 61 degrees.
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it is warmer in the sierra than los angeles. truckee 70 degrees, reno right now 73. we have some pretty warm temperatures towards the northern half of california. san francisco, they have 86 degrees, san jose upper 80s, half moon bay are still in the 80s, 84. as far as the bigger perspective, we have some clouds moving in from southern california, those will be a big factor for tomorrow, we are talking about big time cooling, temperatures will be coming down 10 degrees on up to 20 degrees. we have fierce guys out there, and partly cloudy skies as we head into our thursday, and even the friday forecast. we are talking about the cooling trend cut you can see the 80s across the bay area, san francisco, they will be 67 tomorrow afternoon, san jose, they were in the 80s today and tomorrow they will be in the
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70s, 74 degrees. the home openers, partly cloudy skies tomorrow afternoon, temperatures will be in the mid- 60s. overnight low scoffers thing tomorrow morning, wide spread 50s across the bay area, there could be some patchy fog, here is an san jose, fierce guys, mid-fifties, and as we head into -- some patchy fog, here in san jose. and we will then be in the mid- 50s. and as we head into the weekend. here is the change setting up for tomorrow, this is the area of low pressure, we will have some rain showers possibly approaching the bay area, friday, scattered rain showers developing, coming up from the south. keep an eye on saturday, you could have some scattered showers in the forecast. also a chance into the sunday. no more 90s and no more 80s tomorrow, the warmest location
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will be in the 70s. half moon bay 65. here's a look ahead, you can see all these 60s, big temperature change, friday and saturday. showers likely for friday in the first half of the weekend. i am sure the towards are confused -- the tourists are confused. ted cruz and bernie sanders they keep piling up wins, california will play a major role. the secretary of state says that he needs more than $30 million to deal with paterno. san jose is taking action against vandals. new measures put into city hall, they are searching for these people that are making the way through the city. >> my
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more than 100,000 votes in wisconsin, securing his win . hillary clinton's campaign is dismissing the notion, that it would open up a democratic convention. they are looking ahead to pennsylvania, hillary clinton will be in front of sanders according to a poll some of his ideals will not work his numbers do not add up. >> reporter: ted cruz is taking a victory lap. >> the day before yesterday, donald trump promised a big victory in wisconsin. not only did he not get a big victory, but the men and women rejected his campaign. >> reporter: they are facing an uphill battle. donald trump is the only one with a possible
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chance of reaching the magical number. a talkof a contested convention is being talked about. >> he has made himself that trojan horse to push this contested convention. >> reporter: they are expecting up to 12,000 people up at the donald trump really tonight. california secretary of state, he expects a major surge in voter turnout, more than 600,000 california's updated the registration in just the past three months. high interest in the presidential race along with the growing demand with the registration cards has prompted them to ask the governor and state legislature to ask for
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another $32 million to hire an additional staff. it is not everyday that you find stolen evidence in an x-ray. >> the doctor could clearly see that there was an obstruction in his airway.>> how they found and returned a stolen wedding ring to its owner. revealing today what you can expect with these new bart cars . (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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a ring was stolen, it ended up in the most unusual place, it took an x-ray to find it. it took surgery to recover it. >> reporter: some burglars are caught red-handed but thanks to a x-ray this was found. you can see this white circle, that is a stolen wedding ring found inside the esophagus of the man that took it. >> it is rather unusual to find it in an x-ray. >> reporter: police say that he broke into a house on walnut boulevard last thursday. >> officers responded and they saw a suspect leaving the home. they tried to engage the suspect in the suspect fled.>>
5:32 pm
reporter: the chase ended when he crashed his honda into a chain linked fence. he then went to the hospital to be checked out but something did not seem right. >> the doctor could clearly see that there was an obstruction in his airway. >> reporter: a gold wedding ring that was returned to its owner. the owner was an elderly man that did not want to appear on camera. he said it was 90 years old and a blonde to his late wife. the suspect -- and it belonged to his late wife. in walnut creek, rob roth, ktvu news. the offices of the make a wish foundation, jacques manns
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he and two other people stole items from the make-a-wish foundation. judd janke and nicholas tiller , they were the two other people. several ipads per stolen along with other items. it happened at 7:30 am. one of our viewers showed us this picture. you could see the damage from the flames. authorities had to close two lanes more than an hour. employees were taken to work on a different bus, the cause of the fire on this bus is still under investigation. we are taking a look at the bart car, a car of the future, it is at the bart facility in hayward.
5:34 pm
where people can look forward to.>> reporter: it is the new baby of bart. it is the first delivery of 775 cars called the fleet of the future. >> it is exciting for us.>> reporter: also a new experience for the writers. >> it has been truly designed to meet the needs of our passengers. >> reporter: these new cars will have three entry doors, the real difference is on the inside. the seats are designed with lumbar support and more space underneath for extra storage. and the hot cars will be a thing of the past with air- conditioning in the ceiling. >> we have a map that lights up as we move by, it lets people see where they are and the stations in our system.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: this to million dollar car is testing. >> we do 29 tests on the test track and we do in the drizzle -- and an additional 16 on our line. >> reporter: they hope to get it into service by december or january. and they hope to have more reliable trains soon after. >> we will have all seven or 75 delivered -- 775 delivered by 2021. >> reporter: cristina rendon, ktvu news. a teacher and a vice principal in jackson saw an eighth grader sniffing what they thought was candy.
5:36 pm
they took the candy, tested it  anthey came positive -- they came back positive with meth. >> is called o'malley's, -- they are malleyscalled -- they are called malleys. they are made in china. the latest from the secret document, known as the panama papers. after 54 straight wins, they have lost two out of their last three, what is going on here?
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on.
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national security officials are capitol hill, they are calling for increased security after the recent attack in brussels. tsa administrator, he told them that it is difficult to protect the roads, trains, and airports
5:40 pm
from the terrorists. >> the recent attacks remains it -- us that it is real. while challenges remain i can confidently that we add tsa are intensely on the job. >> military officials are reporting progress with fighting isis. coalition forces are imposing and on the city, there is progress with the fight against isis fighters. there is more fallout with the panama papers scandals, politicians, officials more than 50 countries, all of them accused of hiding their money in offshore companies. the scandal led to the resignation of the prime minister in iceland.
5:41 pm
their ukrainian president, he is under fire for setting up and off shore holding company to move his candy business to the british virgin islands costing his country millions of dollars in lost revenue. >> this has been transparent from the beginning. no hidden account, nothing hidden from the associated management. >> the papers reveal that several people in china, they have family members who control these offshore companies. when you talk about the wires, you may be wondering if something is wrong.>> we came out and played a phenomenal 60 minutes. we decided to turn it into a show. >> their latest loss. get out.
5:42 pm
hurry up. >> this story is unbelievable. a tv crew just happened to be in the right place at the right time. record heat across the bay area. coming up, how much cooling will be in the thursday forecast. we will talk about your pain chances for the weekend. coming up.
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all season when the warriors are playing at home, it is a given that they win. they won 57 straight games. >> after two home losses, some of the players and coaches are searching for answers. joe fonzi with us right now. >> they are disgusting. i am not sure how hard they are full -- soul-searching. they have the best record in franchise history and they can still put together the best franchise record in nba history, it is more games lost to let the soul-searching began. >> we have proven it. >> the few times that they have lost, there has been a common denominator.
5:46 pm
steph curry, he is expressing his feelings. >> we were locked in at both ends and we decided to turn it into a show and we turned the ball over like crazy. >> turning it into a show? the warriors do that on a nightly basis does when they are playing basketball. when they tried to create highlight moments, they get into trouble. the timberwolves got themselves back into the game in the second quarter, they took advantage of 23 one turnovers. >> when you're playing gets a young team, they are excited, when you turn the ball over they are out running. >> keeping up for a few weeks now, that is the media focus for the wires. can they keep up? has the focus on the record taken a toll? >> we are at a point, all right, we're ready for the
5:47 pm
regular season to end. after playing so many games you get bored after a while. that is no excuse. we are trying to be real. i am trying to be as real as i can be. >> it is easy to get lost in all this stuff. we have not been dialed in. i think we are perfectly capable of getting locked in a play much better. >> is a bit of a weird concept. the start of the playoffs could put less pressure on the wires. we will let steph curry have the final word. >> i think we have excelled, the consistent focus over the season, but anything down the stretch, where you want it to get right. regardless of the focus, it will take a lot more to finish it out for the last four games.
5:48 pm
for the last few months we have been leading into the school to win a championship. >> where a team can get in trouble, when they flip the switch, it is an entire dynamic when the plants get started, what i mean by that, they have been getting teams that have nothing to lose, fresh legs, we can make our season if we beat these guys. when you see a team in a seven- game series, that's when the nature of the team shines. >> they have two games against the spurs, they have had a fantastic season. in order to break the record, they have to win all of those four games. what do they do here? >>this is what i heard steph curry say, when this team plays at its best, the numbers take care of themselves. when they are playing will they are the best team in the nba. go out there and play well in the numbers take care of themselves.
5:49 pm
they will not make that an absolute priority, and say, we want to get the record and we will risk everything, knowing that in a couple of days they need to be 100% rested and went. the good -- and win. they have people back in that are healthy. it feels like -- get everybody healthy in time for your goal. you cannot flip a switch. you have to go out there, play good defense, take care of the basketball, when they do that, they are awesome. >> thank you. san jose is getting ready for the u.s. open with the help of a football legend. the us women's open is set for july. he is an avid golfer. >> the guys hit it a little bit farther, with the women's,
5:50 pm
they do not hit it as far but they hit a lot of fairways and they are good with her irons and they are good when they get on the green. >> the miniature course will be open until saturday evening. it is free. there's a contest to win tickets to the us open which starts 4 july. it is the first us open in the bay area. let's talk about or whether. let's bring back our meteorologist, mark tamayo it will be a big drop in temperatures. a good 10 degrees to 20 degrees across the bay area. the roller coaster continues. today the temperatures peaked, we had wide spread 80s, some neighborhoods maxed out to the 90s. you can see a lot of 80s, san francisco, and along the coastline, is far is records today, we had a few, downtown
5:51 pm
oakland maxed out at 91 degrees. look at monterey, 91 degrees. a great place to be. you can see right now it is still pretty warm out there for the 5 pm hour. 80s in oakland, the airport has cooled down to the upper 70s. here is a better perspective, you see high clouds approaching, they are account -- they are approaching southern california, it will not be completely clear but it will be cooling off quite a bit. here is our camera, this is the oakland camera, there is a change in the wind direction, that will change quite a bit. 80s and 90s today, we are pulling things off are thursday and then look what happens, there could be some showers as we head into your friday forecast.
5:52 pm
first thing tomorrow morning, 7 am, san francisco fair skies, showing you the high clouds moving into the region, they are moving in from the south, it will be partly cloudy, san francisco, instead of the 80s will make the 60s for trial afternoon. the hive will go away for tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, and -- the highs will go away tomorrow. we will have partly cloudy skies, there is a chance of showers for the southern half, late friday and on into saturday. when you're awake -- when you're making weekend plans, keep that in mind for saturday. there is a chance for showers on saturday and sunday. temperatures for tomorrow, 60s and 70s, san jose 74, we will continue to cool things off, no longer in the 60s for friday, scattered showers for friday
5:53 pm
and saturday, there is a chance for a pop-up shower for saturday and sunday. today we were on spring break, -- isis want to remind everybody is still april up there. a close call with a fast- moving fire. >> he cannot get out. command, guy, get out. >> the video of a television crew that just happened to be in the right place at the right time. they helped make a life saving effort. the new measures, put in place at city hall, they continue their search. it is not what it used to be, i have been here for 45 years.
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♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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we have some incredible video, and oklahoma road worker is trapped by a wild fire. a television crew was on the scene and rescued him. >> he needs to get out of it. >> come on, guy, get out. >> get in, hurry up. >> good. >> just seconds to spare.
5:57 pm
the man was able to jump out of that machine and get into the tv crews truck and then the tv crew drove off. this fire in oklahoma is burning near the kansas border, it has burned 40 40 mi.2 and destroyed several structures. pope francis, gave the little girl a surprise. >> reporter: it is the meeting of a life time. she was able to see pope francis up close before she could not see anything at all. it is a rare condition, it is causing her slowly to lose her hearing and eventually her site. she does not know she is ill but her parents have compiled a bucket list. he is putting his
5:58 pm
hand on her air and blessing -- on her ears and blessing her eyes. >> if there is any chance for a miracle, it is there.>> reporter: they offered them plane tickets to anywhere in the world. they chose to go to rome. >> we came here again hoping for some amazing memories with her and something she will remember when things change for her. >> reporter: the first item on her list was in ohio observatory, looking through's -- looking through a telescope at the stars. ktvu news at 6 pm starts now. this is springtime in the
5:59 pm
bay area. temperatures soar into the record books. good evening, i am keba arnold . >>good evening, i am frank sommerville. temperatures today were in the 80s. >> in san francisco, dozens of people took advantage of the heat. sky fox was over ocean beach.>> in the south bay, some people chose to beat the heat with some ice cream. this ice cream shop was in the willow glen neighborhood. >> people found many ways to soak up the sun. here is our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> you may think it was august, september, october, we
6:00 pm
had 90s out there. take a look, pacific, 84 degrees, san jose 88, a few low 90s to report, oakland, oakland downtown maxing out at 91 degrees. in terms of records, one was oakland, oakland airport, look at monterey bay, 91 degrees earlier today. outside right now, looking here towards san francisco bay, the water is very calm, there is not much of a seabreeze picking up and that will change as we head into your thursday forecast. it is still warm, it is 6 pm, we are still showing 80s across the bay area. things will change as you head into your thursday and friday. we will talk more about the coming up in a few minutes. live in san francisco, people certainly took advantage


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