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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 7, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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holy cow! >> what's better than a double rainbow? a triple avalanche. >> it's like the whole mountain is just raining snow. >> the natural phenomenon that made quite an impression. >> holy -is- ths a show! not a kid this time in china with -- >> her hand caught in the toilet. >> what granny was doing that got her flushed. a rescue group takes in a baby baby orangutan with trauma. plus, some amazing trick shots by a soccer player on fire. >> oh, hi! >> and a pool shark who is also playing with, well, fire. >> oli, you're welcome.
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not too often on this show when we can say, i've got an avalanche video and it's cool. not dangerous. because everybody looking at these alpvalanches are far away. this is in alberta, canada. it's not just in this one frozen-looking waterfall spot. keep a look to your right. the whole mountain is just raining snow. >> holy cow! everything is going right now. >> it's kind of neat to see. you don't capture stuff like this very often. when you are around to see it, it's awe-inspiring. >> holy -- this is a show. oh, my god! >> that's up in canada. let's go to the other side of the planet where this glacier in argentina. or oli, glacier is calving. >> are we going to see it?
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>> you can't stop recording. because as soon as you stop pressing the red button it happens. >> luckily she these people are on the hill. here it goes. >> oh, my! >> the sound is awesome. the wave that crashes on the other side, also pretty impressive. >> the only thing missing is like the perspective. if we could see a human being standing on top to understand just how massive that piece was, it would be incredible. i would love to be a fly on the wall at the end of the day in the break room when chinese firefighters come together and start exchanging stories. the first video shows a diner. the roof collapsed. five folks in the diner, plus a chef. and the firefighters are getting them out of the rubble.
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15 firefighters and three engines came to rescue these people. apparently the roof was under construction. it was made of foam board, held down by cement. bad idea. you see the rushing people out of the debris and person after person they're pulling them out and trying to get them to safety. >> this is negligence. i feel like calling it negligence is an understatement. why would you let a business continue to operate when you know the roof is so unstable. >> these folks are obviously severely injured. some are bloody. they look like they're not breathing well. the owner is under investigation for all of this because, again, the roof was not secure in the first place. >> now, this woman got her hand caught in the toilet. she was cleaning up and whatever she was using fell in. she went to try to get it and got stuck. >> amazing that she felt like she had to go after it to this degree where she is stuck in the toilet.
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>> surely you could just -- >> perhaps it started to swell. we don't really have any information on why it happened the way it happened. >> oh, man! >> poor lady! >> look at her hand once it comes up. it's been properly jammed in there. >> luckily they were able to get her out and all was okay. international animal rescue doing very good work helping abandoned and rescued orangutans. this is jos. demonstrating behavior typical for animals that have been traumatized. she is missing her mom. she is missing that closeness. >> she is hugging herself. >> so sad. >> she was rescued by a man who paid $36 for her in january because he felt so sorry for her, but he did not know how to take care of her. and that's how she ended up in that condition. international animal rescue found out about it. he very willingly turned her over to them. now, as you can see here in this video, she is climbing a tree for the very first time.
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this was an animal who was very reluctant to have any contact with humans. she had her arms wrapped around her for most of the time. the only time she would stop was to feed. now she is hanging up in a tree like orangutans do. that was february. here she is today. she is now hanging out in the nursery with the other orangutans having a good time. >> leave them in their natural habitat. let them do what they're supposed to do. stop trying to keep animals like this as pets. just look! ♪ these people are doing incredible work to get them back into shape so they can hopefully return them to the wild. and by the way, this is the 99th orangutan that i.a.r. has rescued. ♪ another day.
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another traffic warden giving a ticket to another o.a.p. and another road warrior going up to let him know it's not okay. >> you can see the traffic warden there on the side of the street. and he's there trying to give this older gent and the missus in the car a ticket. the guy behind a camera, not happy about it. >> [ bleep ]. >> he starts calling the guy names. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> i don't care what you're doing. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> he keeps using -- names. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> this video, though, has gone very viral. not so much because of what's going on in the video, but because of who is shooting the video. >> who is shooting the video? >> ronny pickering. >> no! >> ronny pickering? >> who? >> ronny pickering.
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that's right. you must remember ronny pickering. he's become something of a celebrity because of this. >> [ bleep ]. >> what's your problem? >> the original viral video, this one on youtube, already nearly 3 million views. they were trying to get him on celebrity big brother in the u. k. that's how viral he is. >> now he can say "don't you know who i am?" >> who are you, lad. >> ronny pickering. >> who? >> ronny pickering. >> this is actually posted to his facebook page. i am thinking this might be the place to go to find epic rants. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. ♪ la. >> this guy is showing off his incredible vocal range. >> that is like a tea pot or something telling you to wake up.
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>> alarm clock? [ laughter ] >> wake up and hear the tea pot guy next. there is this little guy all dressed up for winter chores. >> that's not right. . >> see who is a farm hand on "right this minute." garden's lunch duos menu paired with your choice of unlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99 think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian olive garden find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion? with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. dogs - sure can be messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching,
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closed captioning provided by -- gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. not one single snap given by any of the burglars involved in these two videos, this is a surveillance video from inside a home in the u.k. three burglars inside the home at roughly 3:00 in the morning. you see that two of them slowly walk around the home scoping it out, picking up what they can, while a third one acts as the lookout. >> is this place empty or are people asleep upstairs? >> people are asleep upstairs, which is the worst! >> that's such a creepy feeling. >> the residents in the home woke up after hearing a noise. it was too late. these guys had already taken off
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with electrical items, three laptops, a hand bag, wallets and a set of car keys. they didn't apparently take the vehicle that they belonged to. >> yet. >> if you think that was creepy, this is creepy too. this car recording on their dash-cam. they come to a stoplight. the truck in front of us has a camper on. it wasn't locked and someone -- >> no way! >> -- decided to walk up. that guy opens that hatch and, watch, grabs whatever he could and takes off. >> the light turned green. that didn't even stop him. >> the truck was already moving. dude managed to get away. >> if i was the guy in this mercedes, just kind of pinch him in there. >> a little bit like attempted murder but i get your point. >> cold blooded drive-through robbe robbery. hello there. i have an incredible vocal range. >> introducing media editor greg
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felton. he has an incredible vocal range, folks. >> prove it. >> la. >> i can do that. la. >> i can do that. >> la. >> i can do that! >> la. >> can you do this, mister man? >> la. >> la. >> la. >> yeah. >> do it every day. >> but i don't think you can go as high as this dude. i think he might have you beat. ♪ ♪ >> how many octaves can he sing? >> i'll let you be the judge. ♪ >> that looks like it hurts. >> it does look a little painful. >> he can only use plasticware in the house.
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>> okay. falsetto now, y'all. >> it sounds like a tea pot ♪ [ crash ] >> okay. >> i know what everybody is thinking seeing this. why is that dog in the chair lift? the dog is with two people who are clearly on the ski patrol. red jackets. crosses on the shoulder. that indicates that they're there to rescue people, and what we think is happening and possibly a training session. as you can see, that dog is strapped to that ski patrol person, who is going down this rope. >> as far as the training, are they training how to rescue a dog or is that dog training how to rescue humans? >> you would think the dog is rescuing the humans, but it's actually the human that has the dog strapped to that rope. they're going down slowly and carefully from the ski lift. then when you realize how far
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they are off the ground this is probably not a rescue but a training session. >> what if it's a rescue dog. >> that's exactly what i mean. >> what if it's a rescue of a rescued rescue dog? >>. [ applause ] >> more adventures in the snow right here. >> is this little feller or girl off to rescue somebody? actually just doing some farm chores. watch. opens the door. moves the human out of the way. checks on the chickens and the goats. what's so funny is this is not the first time we have seen video from russia of a monkey in a snow suit. >> come on. >> that's not right. >> i thought it was a toddler doing jump squats. i didn't realize it was a monkey. >> it was playing dress up.
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>> this guy is unveiling his next fun ride for the kids. >> oh! >> dude! >> he's practicing to be the next test royalty for nasa or something. see what he's made next. take a look at what they're doing. >> trick shots and the bikini model next "right this minute." is a qualifying dependent, i, i can see that. good. good. good! good. great. intuit turbo tax. i struggle with bipolar depression, and it's hard. i miss out on life's little moments.
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to agree with me that jacob strickling is the best dad ever. he is a bit of a science man on youtube. he creates cool sciency educational videos. this one, his intention was to teach balance and coordination. he took the chair of a mobility scooter, rigged the motor onto a wooden platform, brought it out to the back yard and watch what happens. >> oh! >> dude! >> are these kids practicing to be the next test pilots for nasa or something? >> how cool. >> here is the best part. one of them sits in the chair while the other one mans the remote control. so you can decide how fast you spin the chair while the other kid freaks out. [ screaming ] >> this is great. because most parents will tell you to stop spinning on the chair. this guy is like, i can make it better! >> i love it.
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at first they're like, hey, this is fun. hey, get me off. make it stop. [ screaming ] [ laughing ] here at "right this minute" we've got something for everybody. trick shot. for everybody. the first one. >> you weren't kidding. >> hi. >> the whole field is on fire. we've got football players. what we call soccer here in the u.s. andr andrew henderson and melani melanie dochet are putting it in the air. hopefully they don't get burned. >> obviously they're wearing fire retardant gear, socks and shoes. remarkable. >> they say don't do this at home. check out their ball handling skills. >> pretty awesome as well. >> you could say the football is on fire. >> all the different trick shots
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they do are absolutely amazing. i think somebody may have singed a shoelace or two. but hey, if that's all that happens when you pull a stunt off like this, you're doing pretty good. check out that hand stand. >> whoa! >> i promised something for everybody. oli, you're welcome. we've got trick shots. this lovely lady will be a part of his magic. >> it's amazing. this guy is great! >> just when you think he couldn't possibly outdo himself. every five seconds it's how does someone that? >> that's the beauty of it. we'll never be able to pull it off. ♪ someone is knocking to get out of the back of that truck. >> worst friends ever!
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>> see wha (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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cloud, a car natination. look at the imagery. the best thing you can get on your birthday as a present is somebody else's birthday present. in this case it's going to be troy. he is on his way back from asu to surprise his mom on her 50th birthday. >> dad shooting the video. >> who else would knock your door that way. that should be the first hint. he's home. he should walk inside. >> no surprise there. >> that's not mom. >> door opens and immediately shuts. pretty sure it looks like his brother. he's looking for mom. the whole time troy is outside he's trying to figure out which casual pose to go with. >> now. it's easy because you're beautiful. do, do, do do.
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[ scream ] >> pretty close, right? i thought that was pretty good. >> nailed it. >> mom is generally over excited. can't quite believe she sees her kid standing there. >> happy birthday to me! >> happy birthday. >> so cool. mom, will you make me a sandwich? she's going to want to make him all her favorite stuff because her baby's home. i watched this video earlier at my desk. it had me howling. i think you'll find it just as funny as i did. in england, a couple of painters hear something banging around in the back of the van. >> that guy opens the door. starts to crack up and quickly slams the van closed again. but listen. the pounding continues. so they open up the van again. if mo, larry and curly had a painting business, i'm pretty
2:57 pm
sure it would look something like this. [ laughing ] >> oh. what happened to this poor shmuck. >> he's completely covered in paint. >> he was riding in the back of the van when he says that the guy driving jammed on the brakes. that caused him to fall into some paint buckets that were there. >> he's making it worse. >> this is literally the best video ever seen of paint drying. >> oh, no! >> oh my gosh. worst friends ever! >> he'll be aw-right. >> if you want to see the entire video uncut. go to our website or use our mobile app. >> help me out.
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bye-bye, everyone. catch us on the next "right this minute." \s
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] charles: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: mickey rourke went off on donald trump last night. who knows how that this happened? charles: they start playing ball together. it looks like the most peaceful, casual setting and then donald trump comes up and he goes crazy. >> the biggest scumbag on the planet.


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