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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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they are already to make history and said he record as the first nba team ever to win 73 games this season. the nation believes there is strength in numbers and tonight the number is 73, the fox2 starts now. reporter: the warriors are so close to making history, welcome to the 4:00 on 2 everyone, we are inside oracle arena where we will see the golden state warriors and if they will make history. reporter: the players are pumped i can imagine, they are getting ready to rock 'n roll and i can't tell you how many losses i had to endure and how many seasons of misery of when
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are the warriors ever going to be great? they lost 23 games. here are four days later, they have to do something that they had not done since 1997 and that is rain in the state of texas, they are leading the way for the warriors with 37 points. i know the crowd is not here but i just felt the electricity is a basketball set. >> you start to feel it when you get out of your car that this is not just your everyday game. how many times do you get to show up and possibly see history in the making?
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we are about to see something very scary-- a very special. >> we got more comments about the shoes than the actual game. >> when i wear these, the warriors have never lost a game. they can do anything. >> i want to ask you first about the difference between this team, less your team one 67 and now we're talking about 73. what has gotten them to this point and how would you separate last year's team and this year's team?>> livingston, all the players together for another season, the bench has gotten deeper. a couple of guys are probably past their prime.
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most of the guys are entering their prime so i think the team playing together for more time -- >> continuity. >> every time you thought the going to be able to do it? it seems invincible. but they are here-- >> something really special is going on and even as recently as a week ago when they lost two out of three you are thinking we have entered the long shot category but he has been very vocal about saying no. if you watch this games memphis are down 10 and san antonio and they will their way to victory. >> they have also said if it is between this record are winning the championship they will go
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for the championship. >> it don't mean a thing without the rain. but we are looking at practice- - it don't mean a thing without the ring. we're looking at practice, have they ever thought of just blowing off the record and going for history and focusing on the playoffs? here is what they said. >> at one point there was but over the last few games, it kind of re-energizes us and gives something great to play for so in memphis and san antonio they were so resilient because you realize this may not ever happen again you may as well finish strong. we can take that. >> we never really said we would go forth, it was like let's see how it goes and we read nine and let's go to
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memphis and see what happens. but it was off the table say look it's not going to happen. >> this team started 24-0, it into the minds of the players where they were 50-5 and it feels like this team wants to shatter every single record they can and go down as the greatest team is the mva. >> we all came in fighting. >> they burnt his retirement. >> he's going to be on espn. >> a lot of excitement in oakland but we have to go back to the south bay and just as
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excited, these seats are empty here they expect the place to be packed in the next few hours. 20 tvs will be showing these moving something special behind the bar, they put up gold and blue lighting because the warriors could make history. we drove all over to meet fans of all ages and this is what it looks like in hopkins junior high. we saw a few dozen kids decked out in blue and gold but no hats because they are not allowed on campus. the school encouraged those to pose for a picture outside of the school steps. >> the assistant principal looped all the students and said we have so much pride and are so excited, that's where
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our warriors scare and we will take a picture at the front of the school. >> i will be at home walking with popcorn and hope for them to win. >> i have my towel. >> we talked to a lot of people including this 29-year-old, he is a guidance counselor and has the office decorated with mementos, including a warriors hoop over his trust can-- trashcan. it would be monumental. some people have arrived hoping to get good seats. is happy hour so in case you are wondering, it will get you a 25 ounce coors light. coming up at 6:00 we will have more about not only preparations but how local pe teacher says the winning streak is helping kids in some ways you would not expect, we have that coming up.
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>> a lot of talk about the brothers, one of the big pieces of the puzzle and over the past few seasons has been the fierce competitor. and a lot of talk about him being possibly the defensive player of the year and it is nice to see him when they won in san antonio they knew they were going for the record tonight, he's trying to do good. >> clearly a good guy on and off the court. he decided to treat that he wanted to reach out to three students who are doing well in oakland unified and is going to give them two tickets to the big game. he was on twitter saying one reason he did it is to make sure it would get done and listen to what he had to say about this.
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>> i'm going to say if i tweaked it i have to do it-- if i put it on twitter i have to do it. when you do right, good things happen to you. >> mr. triple-double himself the track down a couple of the folks, and look forward to the live report coming up is little bit later in the newscast. >> we are live not just inside oracle arena but live on the ktvu facebook page. while you are sitting at home watching us log on to facebook.>> we are everywhere. we will be right back.
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welcome back live from oracle arena, the excitement is building and so many big moments but one of my favorites happened right here. it was a game against orlando, kind of tipped it behind the arc, you see him running by with his hand in the air celebrating. >> that's the confidence that i have the confidence he have.
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>> it does not start until 7:30 and the dancers are getting ready, you see people just getting ready for tonight's game. >> not only that but the media. >> not even in the playoffs, it was a list-- late requests. >> let's get some of the area headlines and check back in.>> tensions were flaring at a meeting following a deadly police shooting. you recall two officers shot and killed a homeless man saying he was carrying a 13 inch knife and would not drop it. those moments were all caught on surveillance tapes. we are near where the shooting happened. what happened at the
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meeting today. reporter: it got pretty heated and he also presented 11 statements and they ranged from the suspect lunching at officers with a knife to, i never saw the knife in his hand. they repeatedly called for his resignation. reporter: dozens of angry people packed the union hall where a 45-year-old was shot and killed by two officers. police say he was waving a 10- 12 inch knife when they arrived on the scene. they fired 4 nonlethal rounds than seven bullets which ultimately killed him. the crowd said the officers
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were trigger-happy and more time should have been spent trying to do crisis intervention. >> you are telling people this is what we think happened, how can you see that when the investigation is ongoing? i say stop putting out facts until the investigation is completed because it is doing a disservice to this department. reporter: he had a wife and three grandchildren. he was evicted and had been living on the street. the family passed out flyers but the only picture they said they had, they are looking at pursuing legal action against the city as well as the police department. >> there were indications that there may be a language barrier? >> he said a third officer arrived just as they were
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confronting him. that third officer did speak spanish. reporter: they are saying the police should have waited longer? did anybody talk about, why didn't he just dropped the knife? >> basically these meetings are for people to air their concerns to the police chief so he does these types of meetings in order to be transparent and wants everyone to know all the information that he has. everything he has presented is what he says he has and the investigation is ongoing. we will have more information and hear from people and what they had to say. antioch police say that speed was a factor in the crash that sent to people to a hospital.
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the driver was speeding when he hit a construction truck near the highway 4 off with. they had to extricate the driver and they are looking into whether alcohol or drug use was involved. this morning one of the coworkers said they are both okay. >> they can get ready to get into the truck and i'm thinking about my friends of course, that's scary. >> the mayor was driving home from a meeting with you saw the aftermath and is a former police officer who stepped in to comfort the driver. >> do you hear police and fire, they are on the way. hang in there? we've got you?
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>> a fellow city council member was okay. the mother of the girl was found dead last friday and federal agents met with san francisco police to assist with the investigation. police say she and her daughter were also-- often seen in san francisco, santa cruz, oakland and emeryville. it was hard to believe we could be talking about rain showers as we head into your forecast. a few high clouds and a little bit of a breeze with wind around 10-20 miles per hour. as you can see we have a system
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, a cold front margin closer to northern california and it will be the source of shower activity early in the morning. a few high clouds, rain approaching closer to eureka and that activity will move to the south over the next 5-10 hours. santa rosa checking in, one of the cooler spots, fremont 63 and i talked about the wind, this is a sustained wind 21 miles per hour. gusting to 21 miles per hour and some more wind reports around 20 miles an hour. typical springtime wind obama and also into that tonight. -- typical springtime wind into tonight. this will be early thursday morning between 12:00 and 5:00
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a.m. it could be a few hundredths of an inch and the sierra could pick up more snowfall which could be on the order of maybe 3-6 inches of higher elevations. right around 50 degrees with mostly cloudy skies, san francisco 7:00 a.m. , the bulk of the activity happens closer to 4:00 and mostly cloudy skies will begin to scale back on the clouds. still partly cloudy and breezy by 4:00 and temperatures around 60 degrees. >> once the system moves out, that will be the source of some warming. the warmest locations could be back up to the mid-80s inland. this is an early morning
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with activity shifting to the south, the focus could be in the south bay but we have a mixture of sun and clouds and the highest chance would be up in the north bay. tomorrow is one of the cooler days of the week, lots of 60s, brentwood 66,, wind speed picks up around 15-25 miles per hour. san jose 65 and santa cruz 66 degrees. your five day forecast and lots of sunshine after tomorrow, very early thursday morning and partly sunny skies into friday. we will warm back up, sunday will be the warmest day and partly cloudy skies into early
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welcome back, live from inside oracle arena. all this talk about 73, there's another number on my mind that everyone loves to see, the three-pointer. i'm curious about the number 400 because if they put down 8 tonight he would hit 400 three- pointers for the season. just something else to think about. reporter: alex savage was out here and taking a look at what fans can expect when they show up tonight. reporter: the final regular- season game will be a special experience for fans. everyone will get their hands on one-of-a-kind t-shirts designed by a fan. all of the shirts are laid out on every see right now, a sea
4:26 pm
of blue. ahead of the matchup, they show a san francisco skyline along with an open skyline and read not on our ground. they took to social media asking to submit t-shirt designs and this was the winning submission put in from a haskell. it is part of an anti-bullying campaign. there are still tickets available for tonight's game, ticketmaster is showing upper- level seats for $300 apiece. being in the building for tonight's game will not be cheap but all of the loyal fans will walk away with one of those t- shirts for what hopefully is a historic game for the warriors. i'm alex savage ktvu news. >> it is going to cost you and i think you will be way up
4:27 pm
high. >> the tickets down at staples center are actually more for his last game than what could be a record-setting game. >> you have to pick a you want to see tonight. >> much more to come, it is a beautiful site and outside looking at the arena as fans make their way to oracle oakland. more from the sports director and reporter, coming up next on the 4:00 on 2 .
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♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) welcome back we are live back inside oracle arena. i've been checking on the time, 3 hours before the big game tonight. >> while you were on the side, they ran away not even watching this shot. another one, maybe 42 wind that. and a lot of things had to go right. it has been for the most part, a healthy team. >> last year was about the most
4:31 pm
magnificent health year you could ask for. at they have been dinged up a little. >> they have actually dealt with more problems injury wise. >> a lot had to go correctly. >> i'm not a naysayer, and is going to say opponents 0-13 in game-tying shots against the warriors, so if anyone of those drops during the streak they could be sitting at 70 or 71. here's a look. the warriors one by a point, november, brooklyn came to town and entrie at the dollar had a game-tying shot, a three-
4:32 pm
pointer that tied the game and a couple of mrs. by brooklyn. lopez was 2 feet out. a 40 footer. russell westbrook missed a floater. >> i may have to go right. [ laughter ]>> of course if you are challenging a record for 20 years and no one has ever 173 games, of course some things have to go correctly. i like what you said that you create a lot of luck and that is a catalyst for everything. i feel like the warriors are so well prepared that they create
4:33 pm
a lot of good fortune. but i will say that this had a lot of luck. >> obviously that was the big one. 33 straight losses and the playoffs coming up. if you are going to be concerned, everyone is expecting them to do this. they have to live up to that. >> things have to go right tonight. >> 26 different players and injuries and one thing after another, the memphis grizzlies are going to the playoffs. >> i've seen so many things happen in sports and everyone is very confident. the mood is great but in
4:34 pm
professional sports these guys have a lot of pride and integrity. >> let's say they win, what does that do for the confidence purses whether or not they lose going into the playoffs? >> i don't think that matters. if they play up to their potential or if they are at their peak or any other team is, the warriors win. >> this is another one of the statistics i like. they are the first team not to have lost two consecutive games all year. how is a team going to beat them 4 out of 7? >> they have to come here. >> if there are 7 games they will play 4 times here. >> let's hypothetically say something goes down, they still 172 games.
4:35 pm
no one is going to hang their head. >> we are forgetting a major story developing tonight's office here-- south of here. kobe bryant will play his last game and he has been put on the back pages. >> you see him on the side of staples center, what a great career. 20 years with the same team that never happens. he has had a tough year, he is 39, it is a little tough to do what he used to do but there is one play, his dad played with the lakers. >> he is now the announcer and the father of clay thompson. he talks about his encounter earlier in his career. >> my favorite memory, it was a
4:36 pm
dark time but it was after they lost in game five and i was only 12 years old, i would accompany my father and in the dinner banquet room, we had about five seats open and he just sat right next to us and had a meal and this was after a tough loss. to have him come sit with us was really cool. i didn't say anything because i was nervous but it was my best memory as a kid. >> did you know 20 years ago they could have drafted him? they had a shot to select him, they bypassed kobe bryant and picked todd fuller. they needed rebounds. >> he is working at a burger king.
4:37 pm
>> he is saying goodbye when others are rising in the nba world. >> tillman, it has been fun hanging out with you.>> thanks guys. we talked about dream and green-- we talked about a player who decided to give free tickets out to students, and you got to talk to a couple of those lucky students. >> they are going to get some special treatment tonight. picked up from their house, chauffeured over here, and the tickets that they were bought were really good. 124, and when we checked earlier tickets are still available but going between $700 and $5000. these kids are in for a special treat. one of them is a senior and his name is dylan lewis. he is a
4:38 pm
3.7 gpa, on the football team but has been through a lot and actually had to write about his past which is part of the reason why he won these tickets . >> i went through hurricane katrina and spent two weeks in the superdome during that period of time. it was a crazy thing but i cried a lot because i would stay up a lot, but it is an event that i would never change because that is what really made me who i am today. >> the second student that we talked to is named joseph martin, a sophomore at coliseum college prep. he has the highest gpa of anyone on his basketball team and also has a story. he grew up in ivory coast, in a refugee camp with 6 brothers and sisters and when he came to
4:39 pm
the us he was five years old and only spoke french when he first got here. >> i was having difficulty trying to pick up english so i was struggling but i did not give up. my mother was struggling trying to find work but she did not give up on me and i did not give up on her. >> the third student coming to the game, we did not get a chance to meet him, but we are told all of them got to bring one lucky person with them to go inside the game and we are hearing that if you're lucky, they may be able to meet green after the game. that would be the icing on top of the cake because if they do win they get to not only witness history but also get to meet a famous basketball player. how awesome is that? >> they would get a chance to
4:40 pm
meet them and bring a guest. >> we're going to take a quick break. log on to the facebook page right now, we are live streaming on facebook. 4:00 on 2 will be right back. ♪ ♪
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welcome back, we are live inside oracle arena. the golden state warriors dance team are getting ready for a big night, also you see some of the assistant coaches during up -- throwing up some cheers. it is the quiet before the storm right now. >> the a's lost to the angels 5 to 1 but just as an example of how popular the warriors are, upper pools-- albert pujols got a chance to hang out and did a little shootaround. >> let's go back into the studio for a look at some of the other headlines. >> i know gametime is a few hours away, do you get the sense
4:44 pm
that something big is happening. ? >> an hour and a half ago, i did not quite get goosebumps but the shirts on the seats, we are not even in the playoffs because you knew something big was coming and that is an nba record. >> even the staff, everyone is in a good mood and everyone is pumped up and ready to make history. >> here are some of the headlines. investigators release details about a deadly hit and run crash that killed a disabled man. one driver told police they swerved to avoid hitting them but a vehicle behind them ran over them. they were seen running in lanes of traffic, they had been
4:45 pm
missing from the group home and they are looking for a mercedes and it is a 2016 mercedes gl a >> at this point i want to note that it is entirely possible that the driver was unaware that he had hit a human being. at this point it is entirely possible that we are dealing with nothing more than a horrible accident. >> pieces of the car was found at the scene. a government watchdog released the annual report about government waste. they unveiled the 2016 addition of their pig book. despite the ban on earmarks there is still plenty of pork in washington. it is a compilation of egregious spending and highlights programs eating of taxpayer money with no return.
4:46 pm
>> there was an 89% increase in 2014 which is downright disturbing. >> the number of earmarks increased 17% with the total price tag of $5.1 billion. >> what is going on with the weather? >> we are tracking some rainfall and outside there is still lots of sunshine across the entire the area. you notice the wind speed picking up, a bit of a breeze around 20 miles per hour. here is a cold front approaching the north coast, the source of some rain showers as we move in. apologies for tracing about-- tracing that supported. >> this packs a little bit of a punch and eventually later on into tomorrow morning.
4:47 pm
>> santa rosa checking in 64, talking about wind speed and 21 , oakland wind at 16, there is a wind gust of 21 miles per hour and a bit of a breeze . >> we are looking life toward oracle arena, if you're heading to the arena that intentions-- the conditions foot great. most a cloudy skies, 40 so the lower 50s and santa rosa 44 and if you are not thinking about heading for the coast to be extra careful because the swell will be building. 13 feet as we come in closer we will talk more about the hazardous surf with a surf advisory beginning 7:00 a.m.
4:48 pm
, please could be around 12-15 feet so keep that in mind. talking about early morning, between midnight and 4:00 a son cloud mix and will be cooler out there with temperatures in the low 60s. at this will be the source of a noticeable bump in the numbers. at the warmest locations will be in the mid-80s. lake tahoe, lots of sunshine but the storm will impact the bay area. they can easily pick up 3-6 inches into thursday morning. rainfall developing into the north bay with scattered showers around central portions, 3:00 a.m. moderate rain and 4:00 the focus will be approaching the south bay.
4:49 pm
after 6:00 not a lot of coverage but still the chance of a pop-up shower but the main action moves in early thursday morning leading until around sunrise. still a chance of a shower into the early portion of the afternoon. upper 50s-60s, san mateo 62 in here's a look ahead. into five day forecast of partly sunny skies and one rain cloud for early tomorrow morning. saturday and sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend and partly sunny skies into early next week. late tonight into early tomorrow morning and possibly some rain after the game. we will take a live look outside and oracle arena. they will have more pregame coverage for win number 73. here's the chopper as well. a lot of people, including hours
4:50 pm
looking great with road conditions and hopefully celebrating as we make our way through the evening.
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on. we have terry ramirez that shared this photo. she writes, mom and dad are ready to watch the warriors
4:53 pm
game wearing their new shirts. terry, rita, and earl, thanks for sharing that picture. >> down in the south bay, maureen naylor caught one a young member of w nation, 12- year-old monica wearing her hoodie. she says she will be watching this big game at home in fremont with some popcorn and her family. nice shot there monica. >> not just the humans. we have donna lopez that shared this photo of her puppy. she wrote, let's go for 73. donna, thank you for sharing that. >> you can always share your photos and video and get paid 20 for the photo, 50 for the video. apple users can download the app. again that is on the fresco
4:54 pm
app. you can see -- i like to call it the quite before the symptoms, because it's a matter of an hour or two. >> i'm starting to hear the balls bounce behind me. >> but this place inside and outside will be rocking. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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welcome back to "the four on 2" live again inside oracle arena. no crowd yet, but the door is probably going to open in 30 minutes. >> so it's coming. it's not just a hot ticket to get to the game. also cree departmentialing for the media. we're talking about a crazy media crush that we have seen here this week. let's check in with scott reiss who tells us about the media craze. >> reporter: this has become a familiar scene in warrior world. but for a regular season game? >> nobody on the yellow. >> that's a lot of media. >> reporter: indeed. this camera contingent more befitting the nba finals than game 82. then again this is uncharted territory. >>'s history. it's very cool. draymond and steph, when you hear them talk about how cool it is, how they were six years old and loving the bulls teams and thinking how legendary they were, and now they have a chance to be that?
4:58 pm
that's great. i get it. that's why everybody's here to see if they can pull that off. >> reporter: it's not just the quantity of media that's impressive. it's the diversity. they have come from china, brazil, canada, all for a chance to be part of history. >> that's not going to happen very often. something special has got to be on the line. that's certainly happening tonight. >> typical game we have between four and five international media. tonight we have 15 to 20. >> reporter: all of which is great for buzz. great for ambiance. not so great for logistics. >> our main problem is we're not really equipped to handle that for a regular season game because we don't additional media seats until we get to the playoffs. we're doing our best, but it's been a crazy week and it's probably going to get even crazier. >> reporter: of course, craziness has become synonymous with warrior basketball because this team continues to make the seemingly impossible possible. >> golden state warriors have
4:59 pm
equaled the chicago bulls! >> this is a record many people believed was untouchable. >> reporter: scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. >> prediction tonight. what is it? >> i'm going for a win. >> reporter: soccer. >> do i have a choice? >> i would like to get steph curry to 400. a win and 400. love to seat. frank somerville, julie haener, i wish you were out here. >> tonight the golden state warriors can do something no team in the history of the nba has done before. >> we've been talk about it for months. tonight an international television audience will tune in to see if the warriors can win their 73rd game of the season which would be a new single season record. good evening everyone.
5:00 pm
i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. playoff banners are now up around the outside of the arena but there's still some regular season business to take care of inside. there is a lot at stake heading into tonight's game. the warriors are trying to win their 73rd game of the season. that would be one more than the chicago bulls' record of 72 wins. media crews from around the world have converged on oakland to watch what happens. reporters from europe, south america, canada, and all over the u.s. make up the 350 credentials that were handed out. >> that's comparable to last year's western conference finals two. of the reporters there tonight happen to be mark ibanez and jason appelbaum. they're both courtside. you were saying yesterday you were so excited tonight. you've been to super bowls, world series, but this game is more exciting. >> reporter: you're right. julie and i were joking as well, am i going to sleep all right. well, on the outside, i seem like a


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