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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. playoff banners are now up around the outside of the arena but there's still some regular season business to take care of inside. there is a lot at stake heading into tonight's game. the warriors are trying to win their 73rd game of the season. that would be one more than the chicago bulls' record of 72 wins. media crews from around the world have converged on oakland to watch what happens. reporters from europe, south america, canada, and all over the u.s. make up the 350 credentials that were handed out. >> that's comparable to last year's western conference finals two. of the reporters there tonight happen to be mark ibanez and jason appelbaum. they're both courtside. you were saying yesterday you were so excited tonight. you've been to super bowls, world series, but this game is more exciting. >> reporter: you're right. julie and i were joking as well, am i going to sleep all right. well, on the outside, i seem like a very objective
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journalist. my subconscious mind must be a warrior fan, because i was telling jason, i woke up twice in the middle of the night with kind of a -- almost like a bad dream that they lost. >> reporter: i'm calling it cognitive disonance, to use a word from college. >> reporter: i've seen so many things happen in the world of sports. so many people are confident, and they should be. but then again the grizzlies are a playoff team. anything could happen. but the good news is, the worst, the warriors have tied the grizzlies. >> memphis is coming to play, coming off that big wynn san antonio. you hope they can just -- you feel like they can get up for this game. you hope they don't look has had to the playoffs. i. >> reporter: or get
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overconfident. >> reporter: exactly right. it's kind of nice that they could do it right here. they're 38-2 this year. they finished last year 39-2. of course, they were unbeaten here at home at one point. maybe we can show you a t- shirt out of this soundbite. so the warriors looking for history, number 73 can break the chicago bulls' record. here they are, talking about it earlier today. >> it's almost like it's a playoff game. just the excitement, the energy. everyone is talking like the amount of text messages, you never even get this in any type of regular season game but everyone is acting like this is game one of the finals, like, go fort, man, make history. it's exciting because we're able to do it on our home core. >> for the longstanding warriors fans, they've been through some rough years. to have all that hard work pay off and cap off a tremendous season this way, these fans deserve it. i can't wait to get there
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tonight. it's going to be a great warm- up for the playoffs. >> reporter: oh yeah, the atmosphere definitely will be that of the playoffs. here's a glimpse of the t- shirts that all the fans will be getting. you can imagine it will be a sea of blue here tonight. the warriors with one shot at history. >> obviously no mention of 72 or 73 on the shirt. nobody wants to jinx this record. why would you do that? everybody is superstitious, but wow, what a season it's been for the warriors. if they can can't off with this nice little cherry and make history, all the bert. >> reporter: they're just starting to open the gates. the media crush just beginning to take shape. we'll have a lot more for you as our newscast, 5:00 and 6:00, continue into the evening. tip-off 7:40. >> guys, i'm curious, memphis really doesn't have anything to play for. they're already in the playoffs so tonight's game doesn't matter for them. do you think they're going to go all out to beat the warriors or will they rest
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some of their starters for the playoffs? >> reporter: i think absolutely they'll be trying because of one thing. professional pride. and matt barnes, a former warrior, has even gone on record as saying they can be a part of destroying history. >> reporter: if you learn anything about professional athletes, if they're not going to set a record themselves or make the playoffs themselves, which memphis is doing, they would love to play spoiler. i think memphis would love to say we're the team that prevented the warriors from making history. they are depleted. warriors are huge favorites tonight. all signs point towards a win but they've still got to play the game. we'll see awe couple of hours from now. >> if the grizzlies do beat the warriors michael jordan has promised to buy them all rolex watches. i made that part up. >> reporter: 72 wins not too bad, either. >> reporter: sounded good. >> is it all gets going in a
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couple of hours. thank you. a few other things to keep an eye on tonight. steph curry needs 41 points to average exactly 30 points for the season. he's also the first player ever to hit 3003-pointers in a season. if he gets eight more tonight he will be the first player ever to get to 400. kind of under the radar klay thompson is one three-pointer away from the third most three- pointers in nba history behind only steph curry this year and steph curry last year. >> so many records. more proof that steph curry's popularity continues to rise across the country. the sales of his under armour shoes have soared in the last six months. a marketing firm reports the curry shoe has increased sales by 170% during the last six months compared to the previous six months. it now ranks as the fourth most popular nba shoe. number one is the air jordan. kobe bryant's comes in second. lebron james' third.
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no surprise, curry's shoes sell the best here in the bay area. >> for those who don't have the golden ticket there are lots of options to watch with the rest of the w nation. maureen naylor is in the south bay at a place that's expecting a big crowd. maureen. >> reporter: i have to show through' shirts. you got all dressed up. >> oh yes. >> reporter: expect it to be a big night? >> absolutely. >> reporter: i'll let you guys get to work. >> thank you. >> reporter: the owner says this is nothing. take a look. maybe a third of the way full. it will be standing room only later tonight. they have added more staff and food because they expect to be so busy. meanwhile, all over the south bay we found fans decked out for tonight's game with a mini basketball hoop over his trash can, jonathan martinez has plenty of warriors mementos around his office. the longtime fan says a win number 73 would be monumental and he can't wait to watch.
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meanwhile at hopkins junior high school in fremont students were encouraged to dress in blue and gold. one pe teacher says he's been trying to get kids excited about sports and she's seen an interest in warriors and steph curry success. >> a lot of kids are starting to get more into basketball because curry is such a huge thing. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: tell me about the three-pointers what. are you seeing in your career? >> all the kids don't want to learn how to dribble, they just want to learn how to shoot three-pointers. >> because they see curry. >> exactly. >> reporter: we also talked vote local team, the sharks, about why they're excited about the warriors as well. >> our team is playing well. the warriors are playing well. i think that when both teams are playingly well, it adds to an overall excitement that our local sports teams are playing well and it's an exciting time. >> reporter: now, the sharks showed us the t-shirt.
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another look. but i want to show you this t- shirt. the sharks showed this. this is going to be their playoff shirt. the reason i showed this is i did hear that commemorative shirts had been made for tonight and they are ready and at oracle. however, we have to wait and see if they will be pulled out tonight. back to you. >> i'm curious, do they have any specials? >> we have some beers. i don't think there's any specials. how's the beer? >> awesome beer. >> no specials specifically because of the warriors. i did ask them. they do say they have extra pizza dough. they do have a lot of beer. again, should be fun. we'll be talking to some of the fans and the owner. >> maureen thank you. and we've got more coverage. in less than five minutes we'll go live to los angeles where another huge nba story will play out. at 5:30 we'll hear from some students who got the ticket of
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a lifetime thanks to draymond green. plus we'll head back to the court as the team and the fans get ready for tonight. >> we have some breaking news now out of contra costa county where sheriff's deputies are investigating a double shooting. the sheriff's office received a call around 2:30 from a home on the 800 block of sandy cove dry in rodeo. firefighters arrived on scene but no word on the conditions of the victims. there are unconfirmed reports this is a murder-suicide, but so far the sheriff's office has not released any details on that. the fbi has joined the investigation into the disappearance of a toddler whose mother was found dead in san francisco in a park there last week. no one has seen two-year-old ariana fifz since april 1st. her mother was found dead in a park. federal agents met with police to assist with the investigation. police say fitz and her
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daughter frequented san francisco, san mateo, santa cruz, oakland, and emeryville. tensions flared at this afternoon's three-hour-long town hall meeting held by san francisco police following that deadly police shooting. recall that two officers killed a homeless man in the mission district. they say he was holding a 13- inch knife and wouldn't put it down. tara moriarty tells us about the harsh words from the crowd. >> we know you're lying, and you are going to be gone. >> reporter: it's not the first time the crowd has demanded the chief's resignation. demanding answers, dozens of angry people packed a union hall where homeless man 45- year-old luis gongoro was shot and killed by two officers. >> the question is the professional conduct of the department. these are avoidable deaths. >> reporter: surveillance video caught the moments prior to the shooting. some witnesses say the man was lunging at officers with a 10
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to 12-inch knife. some say the knife was in his waistband and they believe police were too trigger happy. >> the messages the officers are getting as we saw from mario woods, if they create the imminent danger they can shoot. >> reporter: the chief said the officer fired non lethal beanbag rounds before they killed him. friends say he ended up on the street when he was evicted. >> you are telling people this is what we think happened. how can you say that, chief, when the investigation is ongoing? >> reporter: despite the chanting, officials say these meetings are important. >> there have been prior chefs who have decided not to say anything and leave everything
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to guessing, and that was seen as not transparent. >> reporter: the man's family says may be pursuing legal action. they released this flier, the only picture they say they have of luis. he leaves behind a wife as well as three grown children. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the bright lights of the nba are also shining on los angeles tonight. that's where kobe bryant wraps up his legendary 20-year career. phil schuman joins us now. >> reporter: that's right, julie, we're live at chick hern court. 1 all-star appearances, five championships, the ultimate warrior, of course. two big stories. kobe bryant's final game and of course, that team, what's the name of the team?
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going for the season record. take a look. some of the crowd here has been fired up for this for a long time. demand for tickets on the secondary market huge. i talked to one man who flew in from the netherlands for a week, bought $160 floor-level ticket for $3500. we've heard unconfirmed reports of courtside seats going as high as 27,500. what they've done is they have closed down chic hern court. this is one of the biggest nights we've seen in recent memory. >> is there anything special that you're planned during half time, before the game or after the game? >> reporter: well, they've got about 30 former players, everybody from shaq to kareem to other laker legends.
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kobe specifically asked that there not be any gifting ceremony. golden state you may or may not remember gave kobe a five- day vacation to napa valley, i think it's funny because kobe is the last person that needs gifts. $23 million in his last year with the lakers. nike has given him $26 million. there's some very cool new nike campaigns on youtube. hate me, don't love me is one of them. what's fascinating is that kobe is the player that everybody loves to hate unless you're a los angeles fan. he's played with a snarl on his face, but this year he's been charming, open, has done interviews. it's a much more charming kobe. coincidentally this is the worst season the lakers as a team have ever had. >> his last hoorah.
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thanks so much. a big crowd out there to see kobe bryant play his last game. >> it's interesting because the warriors could have drafted kobe bryant. they picked someone in the first round named todd fuller. >> where is todd fuller now? >> maybe a couple of years, then was out of the league. 20-year career with the same team. a big crowd out there. it's kind of too bad it's on the same night as the warriors. more on this coming up. there are some other big stories making news besides the warriors and kobe. hundreds of thousands of dollars in state money, all $20 bills, created by a man with a laptop on the peninsula. news on this nationwide bust coming up. plus, could the raiders be moving to las vegas? the key group the southern scheduled to meet w. also ahead, a visit to city hall with huge signs, furniture, even flowers for the mayor. plenty of sunshine today,
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but tomorrow temperatures go down, they drop off, and we see a chance of some showers on that morning commute. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ high speed internet from at&t.
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protesters demanded more rights for renters in san jose. they said that current rent control laws don't go far enough. members of the renters rights coalition paid a visit to city hall. they chanted outside with huge signs and furniture. some also brought flowers for the mayor and council members. right now landlords can increase rents a maximum of 8% a year. protesters want to cap that increase at 2% per year. >> a lot of the folks right now are either becoming homeless because they have nowhere else to live.
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a lot of the buildings are increasing their rents so people are there are no longer able to pay the rents for the places that are available. >> they are also protesting the eviction of tenants without a good reason, and they're demanding just cause evictions. they say the rent increases are forcing people out. deputies in the south bay stopped a counterfeit ring they say spanned both sides of the country. jesse gary live in the suspect's neighborhood in cupertino. what are neighbors saying? >> reporter: julie, they're expressing shock t that's about it. what is clear to detectives, they say a 43-year-old's only job apparently the production and des sem nation of counterfeit -- dissemination
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of counterfeit money. detectives displayed the results of an 18-month investigation. dozens of 20s, and none worth the paper it's printed on. authorities say eric aspen ran the illegal operation out of a leased condo in cupertino using a laptop, high-grade paper and other equipment he produced tens of thousands of bogus bills and shipped them to buyers across the country. >> he was responsible for the shipment of 2,000 packages a year of counterfeit currency linked to 30 different statements. >> the counterfeit is close to the real thing, as far as color and texture. this is the counterfeit this is a real 20 here. notice the difference, though, in the detail. if you look at andrew jackson's hair, it's a little blurry on the counterfeit. that difference was enough to spark suspicion and lead angry merchants in fairfax, virginia to contact their police. that led to a joint operation with county lawmen here as
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well as a postal inspector. jonathan owns this deli and says getting stuck with bogus bills can really take a bite out of a business' bottom line. >> it's a big hassle. there's not much you can do with it. if someone gives awe fake 20, it's like you're supposed to detain that person, but you really can't do much. so it's just take it, eat it up. >> when you say eat it up, you lose. >> correct. >> you're out that money. >> correct. >> there's a lot of small business owners out there struggling. i would hate to take a loss at just $20. >> investigators say he worked alone here, and they are now targeting the people who were buying these bills, some of whom are in the bay area. >> if the looks close and it feels close and you're passing that counterfeit bill in a market that's used to high foot traffic and a lot of transactions, i wouldn't imagine it's too hard to get past. >> reporter: the suspect is
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being held in the county jail while officials decide whether he will face trial here or back in virginia. if you are wondering how much money he was mage from all this, officials say just over $100,000, that's it. live in cupertino, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. let's talk about our weather. bring in chief meteorologist bill martin. a beautiful night for a warriors game. >> it's a beautiful night. one of those nights where everybody is looking in on the bay area. seems like we have a lot of these where the national and even the world attention is focused on our town. it is going to be beautiful from the sky, from the ground. cloudy skies will visit us late tonight, early tomorrow morning but the conditions today, more sunshine than we had yesterday. tomorrow we will see this system, it's kind of cool, a good looking weather. but when they wrap up early they bleed out a lot of energy, lose a lot of their power. but the moisture is still there. we are going to see a slight chance for a few light
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sprinkles late tonight and early tomorrow morning. so nothing much has changed in terms of the timing except we're talking about a 10th of an inch. i hope i get a 10th of an inch at my house. as you work your way north into the santa rosa area you could easily see a quarter of an inch. the winds are blowing out there a little bit. 28-mile-per-hour gust by napa, so that's windy. 20 out in fairfield. the winds, these are current observations, sfo right now 23, probably gusting at sfo to 28 miles per hour. and yes, i am big right now. we're going to go small, because what happens, mark was here before me, then what they do -- i'm big, tall, 6' 3". that happens sometimes. i like it big. it feels weird. rosemary is tall, so rosemary and i -- but mark is probably a couple inches shorter than me. here we go.
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a beautiful day. you can see the wind. when you get wind like this you really clean up the atmosphere. as you look at the oracle over there at the coliseum you see the -- it's called oakland coliseum. >> it's the oakland coliseum. >> and the oracle arena. this is the coliseum. no, the coliseum is back here. >> that's the coliseum. there's oracle. >> okay. temperatures tomorrow morning, we'll start out, 46 in napa, chilly in the morning, 44 in santa rosa. nice looking day in tab. but in the morning there's a chance for a sprinkle, early morning commute, very early mong commute. after that the day looks like this. it's going to be very nice out there with high temperatures that are easily going to get into the mid-60s as we head towards friday it warms up rapidly. saturday and sunday, back into the low 80s. this is really the point of contention. thursday night into -- i still call it pac bell park, because that's when they built it.
5:25 pm
it's like candlestick. it's going to be pac bell park. >> think about all the name changes. at&t over there, or candlestick. >> they used to name them and just left it alone. >> oakland coliseum to me. >> me too. >> thanks, bill. from sarah high school to the n f hall of fame, now lynn swann has a new job, and it's going to put him in direct competition against the cal bears and the stanford cardinal. new at 6:00, they met the mandate but residents in one east bay city are still about to pay more for their water. the rate raise that could set a press department for the rest of the state. we have been very, very careful in not raising the rates any more than we needed to.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪
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♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) usc hired former star nfl player lynn swann as its new athletic director. he was a hall of fame receiver for the pittsburgh steelers. he has worked as a broadcaster and served on nonprofit and corporate boards. his first day is july 1st. the young man who became known as the infamous affluenza team is set to spend the next two years in jail. adult jail. a texas judge today ordered ethan couch to serve the two- year sentence for killing four people in 2013 when he rammed his pickup truck into a crowd of people who were helping a motorist. at the time couch was 16 and had a blood alcohol level that
5:29 pm
was three times above the legal limit. this morning's hearing was the first in adult court for couch. he turned 19 on monday. >> police in antioch are looking into whether drugs or alcohol played a role in crash that injured three people late last night. investigators say the driver of the honda suv was speeding on a street near the highway 4 off-ramp when he hit a construction cone truck. firefighters had to extricate that driver from the vehicle. he remains in the hospital tonight. two people inside the construction truck also went to the hospital but this morning one of their coworkers told us they are both okay. >> i actually spend a lot of time riding in the back of that cone truck. and i saw, just watching the news, getting ready to get in the cone truck this morning, and i saw it on the news and i freaked. of course i'm think about my buddies. that's scary. >> antioch's mayor, wade harper, was driving home last night when he saw the
5:30 pm
aftermath of the crash. he is a former police officer, and he stepped in to help and come port the injured driver. he said the driver was awake and alert following that crash. so imagine getting into tonight's warriors game for free. >> they're like, are you sure? i was like, whoa. >> thanks to one star player, three oakland players will be there. we talked to two of them about how they had to prove themselves in the classroom. could the raiders be set to move to sin city. the meeting that mark davis has planned. >> a guilty plea for possession of a biological toxin. how long a one-time san francisco political consultant is going to spend in prison. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store.
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here's another look at oracle arena from sky fox 2. the warriors will be attempting to make history tonight against the memphis grizzlies. if they win think they will set the record for most wins ever in a single season. what a beautiful shot there of oracle. getting a chance to witness history isn't cheap. lower tier seats are going for thousands of dollars. even a standing room only tickets is about $325. >> but three lucky students from oakland are going to the game tonight for free. it's all thanks to draymond green. he picked three high school students who have overcome adversity and are getting
5:34 pm
really good grades in school. >> cristina rendon met two of the three lucky students. >> reporter: frank, julie, i want to say, outside of oracle arena you can already feel the excitement. we want to give you a live look. there's fans lining up outside the door. the gates aren't even open yet to get inside the stadium but we do know that among those thousands there are going to be three lucky high school students that get to be inside for free. joseph martin is daydreaming about what's in store tonight. >> it's going to be amazing. good seats, watch the game, watch draymond show his spirit. >> reporter: he's heading to the warriors game for free thanks to draymond green. >> she gave me the good news and i was like, are you sure? she was like, yes. i was like, whoa.
5:35 pm
>> inside of me it was like funny, because i didn't really think i won anything. >> reporter: the senior has never been to an nba game. >> it shows that he really gives back to the community that he plays for and that he says that he loves. >> reporter: both boys are student athletes with high gpa's. lewis was left homeless in new orleans by hurricane katrina. he wrote about his family's struggles in an essay. >> without those things that happened to me, i wouldn't be who i am today. basically i just call it an experience that i will never change in my life. >> reporter: martin, one of seven children, says grew up in a refugee camp in the ivory coast. he came to the u.s. when he was five and only spoke french. he now has the highest gpa on his basketball team. >> i was having a difficult time picking up the english language. i was struggling at the time. i didn't give up. my mom, she was struggling
5:36 pm
trying to find work, but she didn't give up on me and i didn't give up on her. >> their stories are the reason they were chosen with green saying he wants these kids to witness history as they go for 73 wins. >> it's going to be a very special night, and i'm just happy i'm part of it. hopefully if everybody plays like they're supposed to play, and draymond gets his rebounds, kerr makes his shot and klay makes his shots, they'll do it. >> reporter: what would you say to draymond? >> i want to thank him for the opportunity. >> reporter: and there are three students total coming to tonight's game. they got to bring one person with them who also gets a free ticket. and if the warriors do win tonight, not only are these kids going to witness history, they also are going to get a cherry on the cake because we're told they may even meet draymond green after the game. >> that would be so cool. they seem so grateful. cristina, do you know where
5:37 pm
they're sitting? >> reporter: 124, row 22. when we looked at that section earlier today there were still tickets, just a few, but they were ranging from $700 to 5,000. he did pay a pretty good price for these tickets, although to draymond, it's probably not much, but they are very good seats. >> what a special night. cristina, did they talk about how they found out they were going? >> reporter: one of them found out from his principal. he was just walking through the halls yesterday at school when he was told at school, and he was completely shocked. he ran to call his mother. the other student just got a phone call last night, and he didn't really believe it. he said, is this a joke? and then he realized that he actually was going. one was a phone call, one was from the principal. either way, they're just he can stat that i can they're all going to be here. >> i'm sure an experience they will never forget. cristina thank you. >> with the warriors' playoff run starting we invite you to watch a fox 2 special, road to
5:38 pm
the championship at 10:30, following an abbreviated version of the 10:00 news. oakland raiders other than mark davis has a meeting scheduled in nevada to talk about possibly moving the team to las vegas. davis is expected to appear before the southern nevada tourism infrastructure committee on april 28th. it is considering building a 65,000-seat domed stadium which could be a home for the raiders. currently the home has a one- year-long commitment to play at the oakland coliseum. davis wants a new stadium. he would need the approval of 24 of the league's 32 owners in order to move. now to san francisco where the justice for mario woods coalition is calling for a civil rights investigation of the san francisco police force. coalition members stood on the steps of city hall today saying the deaths of mario woods and lopez and nieto are just a few examples of excessive use of force, and that an independent investigation is neededtown cover whether there is a pattern of discriminatory
5:39 pm
practices. in a letter to state attorney general harris requesting the probe they highlighted a new set of racist and homophobic texts publicized by attorney george gascon. >> we cannot after criminal justice system that is tanned by racism that can be accepted by the community and can be one that works. >> the letter says a review by the u.s. department of justice is a step in the right direction but lacks teeth because it only provides nonbinding recommendations. the man accused of possession deadly toxins and bomb materials learned his fate. he was sentenced in san francisco. ktvu's henry lee was in court and he joins us live. claim bear lain told the judge he was no threat or danger to anyone else but himself. >> reporter: that's right, julie. former san francisco political consultant ryan chamberlain was sentenced for having a biological toxin and a gun that has its serial number
5:40 pm
scratched off. the 44-year-old chamberlain had a red jail jump suit. he told the court, the entire situation is a situation of depression. never was there a threat to the community or any human being. it was all internal. it was all internal about me and not about anybody else. federal agents stormed his home in may of 2014 and found what they say were the makings of a become and possible biological weapon. he was arrested in dramatic fashion near crissy field in san francisco. prosecutors say they found several chemicals in his apartment. as part of plea agreement he admitted that he got from the black-market reloaded, a site on the so-called dark web. he also admitted toofg .22 caliber derringer pistol with its serial number removed. the judge said three years of supervised release or federal probation wasn't enough. today he was given 12 years of supervised release. with credit for time served
5:41 pm
claim bear lain could be released in several months. henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> thank you henry. it's a sure sign that spring is here and that summer is not far o. fruit stands are opening up in the bay area. why they say the quality and quantity of the fruit this year is excellent. it looks and sounds like a scene out of a movie, like "top gun," but it's real and it could spell trouble for the u.s. and its relationship with another world power.
5:42 pm
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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rash shan jets buzzed a u.s. navy destroyer in the baltic sea. the u.s. released this video. it says that this happened more than a dozen times both yesterday and on monday. on one pass, a jet appeared to be only about 30 feet from the ship. the captain of the u.s.s. donald cook described it as a simulated attack profile. u.s. officials called it provocative, unprofessional, and dangerous. the ship tried to communicate with the russian jets but got no response. 39,000 verizon union workers walked off their jobs up and down the east coast today and won the support of
5:45 pm
democratic presidential candidates. bernie sanders was cheered when he visited the picket lines in midtown manhattan. he called on verizon to negotiate a fair contract. hillary clinton also voiced her support. two unions went on strike today accusing verizon of trying to dismantle their contracts. >> they want to take away our job security, they want to freeze our pensions. so we're here for the cause to fight. >> the strike is affecting verizon workers in nine states and the district of columbia. verizon said it hired nonunion workers to take the place of strikers. the telecom giant said there are healthcare issues that need to be addressed because of rising medical costs. it's one of those crimes that leaves you shaking your head. the northern california city now cleaning up graffiti on a memorial that is dedicated to veterans. >> reporter: the you pick 'em season in brentwood has
5:46 pm
already started. and i'm tracking the rain that's headed our way for your thursday morning commute. how wet is it going to and will it have an impact on the rest of the day?
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
in the eastern part of contra costa county farms are starting to sell the freshest produce you can get. ktvu's tom vacar tells us it looks like it's going to be a good year. >> reporter: brentwood is famous for more than 40 farmer to consumer you pick 'em
5:49 pm
stands where farmers come to share the experience. this season has just started. for many families it's a bay area tradition. >> we've got people coming from all over to pick our fruit. >> reporter: first up strawberries. two stands including berry best family farms just opened. the last weekend's rains damaged some of the crop though there is plenty available. >> the quality is the best quality here. and we do offer you pick, so we have more production. we're planning more. we'll have strawberries until november. >> then comes the big question. >> people always ask, when are the cherries going to be here? how are they looking? until they're here, you just don't know. you might start seeing earlier varieties in may. >> reporter: then comes -- >> white and yellow peaches,
5:50 pm
apricots, plums, and, the big one, corn. >> rainwater is the best. >> reporter: so whether it's you pick 'em or they pick 'em, if you come out here one of the things for sure is that you will meet the farmers. >> i've done that once. we took my family up to brentwood to pick. it was so much fun. my biggest complaint is that it ended so fast, because you can only pick so much fruit, but it was really fun. >> i did that when i was little. i think we ate more than we actually picked. >> it was really good. back to bill now. it was a little bit more sunny. >> a lot more sun but not much warmer. when i was a kid we used to make money picking. you would go down in the fields. so i don't have that romantic -- but it was a good gig back
5:51 pm
then. >> it was so much fun. i had never picked cherries before. >> i love cherries. >> talk about fresh. >> oh my gosh. she said cherries. that's my favorite. so anyway, we do have some good weather to talk about. julie points out how much sunshine we saw out there today. we did see more than yesterday, much more. we'll see plenty of sunshine tomorrow, but temperatures are going to drop off a little bit. not because this weather system right here, and you can clearly pick it out. you see it's a significant amount of rain in the eureka area. let's stop it. that's the real deal there. so fort bragg, cape mendocino, you are getting rain. our rain will show up after midnight. most of it will have fallen out north of the area. the dynamics are up there. when the days get longer the dynamics or the jet stream drift further north, or move further north. with that said some moisture will get in here. we will see a 10th of an inch, .05 of an inch of rain in the
5:52 pm
early morning hours tomorrow morning. we're talking about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. it's breezy out there as you might expect on a springtime day. 23-mile-per-hour winds right now. sustained winds at sfo. beautiful. frank, you used to row crew. isn't that a pretty shot? >> yeah. >> is that six? >> probably an eight. it's either an eight, a four, or a one. >> what a beautiful day out there. >> with all eight oars going, it's beautiful. >> back in the day, if you read the boys in the boat, it's about the washington crew team, but back in the day, crew was a big deal, in the 100s. cal, washington, and then the east coast teams. they would go at it. we'll talk about that more later. you've got to read that book, "boys in the boat." >> you're talking about university of washington. >> big rivalry. >> cal wins most of them. >> tomorrow showers start to show up.
5:53 pm
2:00 a.m., that's the main event tomorrow. and then roads are wet now, 4:00 a.m. by the time you're up and moving around, most of us, dry from the sky, and even some sun. but the roads will be wet. the morning commute will have a texture of slipperiness to it if you will. the five-day forecast that shakes out, you see there's the morning showers, done, and then a significant warm-up. think about that, julie. you and doug had one of the biggest -- uw had one of the biggest rowing programs on the west coast. >> fur a rower, you have to read it. >> i remember watching a cal bears washington huskies race. the huskies were huge. they all looked like football players. the cal bears were all tall and lanky. i would like to think the bears won but i can't remember. >> it was like the super bowl. it was a big deal in the late 1800s early 1900s. >> go bears.
5:54 pm
's a target that people can't believe was hit by vandals. >> i think it's terrible that they put graffiti -- well, any of the memorials but especially veterans. >> the city where taggers targeted a memorial dedicated to veterans. and new at 6:00, they met the mandate but residents of one city are still about to pay more for their water. it could set a precedent for the rest of the state. it's happening everywhere because we're all impacted exactly the same way.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
vandals hit stockton defacing a world war ii memorial. a veterans group and the story now working to clean up the mess. >> reporter: you don't have to look hard to see graffiti. it's everywhere along the waterfront in stockton. on the railings, covering concrete, and muddying up signs. vandals have defaced the firefighters memorial and now this. the veterans war memorial. vandals hit it a few days ago. >> i think it's terrible that they've put graffiti on -- well, any of the memorials but especially veterans. these are people who have lost their lives fighting for our country. >> john bailey is a retired veteran of the air force. he served more than 20 years, and this attack hurts. >> it's -- that somebody to me
5:58 pm
would deface it, i can't understand their vassments. >> reporter: the culprit took black spray paint and covered a portion of the dedication at the front. there's more black lettering spray painted on the concrete next to the names of those who served and sacrificed. gina gonzalez says the memorial is special to her family. her father-in-law served in world war ii. >> a lot of young kids don't realize what a sacrifice they've made. they dedicated their lives. families made sacrifices. very upsetting. >> reporter: upsetting for margaret ray and her family as well. >> my father-in-law served in the korean war, and his name is here somewhere. >> reporter: for sacrificing his life, so others may live. >> this is not right. disrespect the people who died and served our country. history in the making. the golden state warriors now just a few hours away, or a couple of hours away from a
5:59 pm
chance to set a new nba record for the most wins in one season. tonight w nation is ready to cheer the team to victory. >> this is a live picture of oracle arena. what a beautiful sight. tonight the warriors take on the memphis grizzlies. a win would make the warriors the first nba team ever to win 73 games in one season. >> tip-off is in about an hour and a half at 7:30. thousands of fans are expected to fill the arena to hopefully watch history unfold. take a look at the conditions along interstate 880. this is what it looks like right now next to oracle arena, the cars heading on the right side of the screen are heading north toward oakland. slower in the southbound direction heading toward oakland airport. >> we have live coverage. maureen naylor is with fans in the south bay. we begin with our sports guys, mark ibanez and jason appelbaum live inside oracle.
6:00 pm
what does it feel like? is there a sense something big is about to happen? >> reporter: oh, no question. energy level quite a bit higher than when we joined you at the 5:00 hour. i tell you what, if they could bottle the energy we're starting to feel here, they'd put all those energy drinks out of business. >> it's amazing when you sprinkle in a couple of fans. the fans have finally started to show up. they're gathering across the court. we're waiting for stephen curry to do his pregame ritual. >> reporter: it's just one of those things like how often can you show up at a sporting event and you're 90% sure that you are going to see history right here? and that is the sense. it's every bit as big as a playoff game. there sever bit that sense of anticipation that something huge is going to happen, and we're going to see it. >> reporter: i like how you said 90% because the last time the memphis iz


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