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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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is there a sense something big is about to happen? >> reporter: oh, no question. energy level quite a bit higher than when we joined you at the 5:00 hour. i tell you what, if they could bottle the energy we're starting to feel here, they'd put all those energy drinks out of business. >> it's amazing when you sprinkle in a couple of fans. the fans have finally started to show up. they're gathering across the court. we're waiting for stephen curry to do his pregame ritual. >> reporter: it's just one of those things like how often can you show up at a sporting event and you're 90% sure that you are going to see history right here? and that is the sense. it's every bit as big as a playoff game. there sever bit that sense of anticipation that something huge is going to happen, and we're going to see it. >> reporter: i like how you said 90% because the last time the memphis grizzlies were
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here the warriors won by 50 points, their third biggest win in the history of the franchise. talking about this potential record, steve kerr, the coach, spoke a few minutes ago. it's interesting. he didn't want to talk too much about the record. down played it. even he is caught up. he said now that we're on the cusp of history i can finally talk about it. i'm shocked that we're on the cusp of history, and that he never thought when he played with the binls '95, '96, and was part of that team, he never thought the record would be broken. >> let's hear what some of the play, themselves feel about this chase for history that one way or the other it is going to conclude tonight. >> i think at one point there was, but over these last two, three games, when we have the ability to see it in our sights, it's kind of right there for us, it kind of reenergizes us and gives you something great to play for. that's yi think in memphis and san antonio are so resilient,
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because you realize, hey, this might not ever happen again. you might as well finish it out strong. we're all young. we can take it. >> we never really say we're going to go for it so we never worried. it's like, let's play out the next game. then we read nine. it was like, let's just go to memphis and see what happens, go to san antonio. i wouldn't say i was worried. >> reporter: the energy is really building up here. we're an hour and a half from tip-off. you know, every fan in this building is going to get a t- shirt that says not on our ground, and certainly not tonight. nobody wants to see the warriors denied a chance at history. >> the first thing i wanted to do was check out what the warriors' emotions were as they came out a few minutes ago. draymond green got the ear to ear grin. my sense, in going back in the tunnel and seeing some of the players, they seem very relaxed.
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they seem very energetic obviously. they have had a couple of nights' rest. so full anticipation mode. we'll talk to you later on in sports unless you guys after question, frank or julie. >> they're telling us we need to move on. less than an hour and a half it all begins. more in a little bit. thanks, you guys. so it's not just oracle that's going to be roaring. fans are packing restaurants and bars across the bay area to watch the game. maureen where are you? is there a crowd there yet? >> reporter: there. i'm at rookies sports lodge. i want to show you on the wall they have a photo of steph curry. the fans are hoping to watch a record setting game, including anthony. this is, i'm told, maybe half full. you see a little curry jersey. take a look around.
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you have all of the serves wearing their warriors gear. i spoke to a fap who likes to watch the giants here, the sharks, now the warriors. i asked him if he tried to get tickets to the game. >> i did try to go to the game, and the tickets were really pricey. i think they were averaging about -- maybe over 1,000 a ticket. >> drinks. a lot of shots tonight. a lot of them are taking them already. then just beers mostly. >> reporter: and from beers to buses, the ac transit buses are sporting "go warriors" messages. we found fans of all ages wearing blue and gold before tonight's game. in fact one pe teacher said she's using the historic run to encourage kids to get more into sports. back here live, another look at the crowd. we're told that this -- last year the servers said the championship win was their
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busiest night of the year. i also talked to one of the fans who says he used to be a season ticket holder. he says ticket for tonight were going to be $200 a ticket last week but when this could be the win number 73, those ticket prices doubled to $400 a ticket. we'll send it back to you guys. >> maureen, how many tv's do they have there? >> reporter: there's 20 tv's at least, and the majority are going to be on the warriors. there is the lakers game as well. i also reached out to a local company who sells sports gear. they say it was already a busy time, but now with this win, we're looking at special number 73 gear. sorry, frank, you're only on one tv here because warriors are up all around. >> we understand that. three oakland high school students are going to the game tonight, simply because they
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earned it. warriors forward draymond green decided to give three deserving students two particular each. it was reward for overcoming adversity, their hard work in school and getting really good grades. we caught one two of them today. joseph martin tells us he learned of his good fortune from his principal. >> she gave me the good news. i was like, are you sure? she was like yes, and i was like, whoa. >> it was funny because i didn't really think i won anything. >> the. the third student was unavailable to talk to us. stay with t -- stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we are streaming all the action on our youtube page. watch our fox 2 special that airs at 10:30 after an
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abbreviated 10:00 news. to the weather now as we take a look at the conditions outside the bay area. hey, actually it looks pretty nice but you say changes are coming. >> the last few days it's been cloudy. and then today, sun comes out. still mild. but as we push forward we've got rain headed our way. look to the north. that system, a cold system, it's. most of that energy is going to come out around the eureka area, cape mendocino. mainly north means just a slight chance of some light showers late tonight early tomorrow morning. so as you head outside live you can see that shot. it's a little breezy. as we take a peek, here it comes. that's 1:00 a.m., after midnight. thursday morning, bam. tomorrow morning it's wet.
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could have an. i'll see you back here after a break. >> see you then, bill. be sure to download the free ktvu weatherral. we're also posting 0. deputies announced an arrest he -- >> reporter: santa clara county sheriffs detectives displayed the result of city. >> there's various different materials to use to help conceal the fact that it's counterfeit. >> reporter: authorities say eric aspen ran the illegal operation using a lap. he produced tense of thousands
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of bogus bills. the counterfeit is close to the real thing as far as color and texture. this is a counterfeit this is a real 20. notice the difference in the detail. if you look at andrew jackson, his hair is a little blurry. jonathan kim owns this cupertino deli and says getting stuck. not much you can do with it. it is like you're supposed to
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detain that person. so you just take it, eat it up. >> so you he. phone. >> reporter: they are now targeting the people who are buying these bills, some of whom are in the bay area. >> if the looks close and it feels close and you're passing that banal market that's used to high foot traffic and a. i. >> reporter: the suspect is being held here. if you are wondering how much money he's make, officials tell us just over $100,000. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come we're following developing news tonight. >> two people found shot in a home in the east bay. coming up next, the latest
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from the scene. >> reporter: a lot of customers saved a lot of water. in fact, they beat the state mandate. so why are their rates going up? why are yours likely to go up?
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on. we are following a developing story out of contra costa county where deputies are investigating a double shooting. the sheriff's office received a call about 2:30 this afternoon from a home on the 800 block of sandy cove drive in rodeo. firefighters arrived on the scene. no word on the conditions of the victims. there are unconfirmed reports this is a murder-suicide. but so far the sheriff's office has not released any details on that. the fbi has joined the investigation into the disappearance of a toddler whose mother was found dead in a san francisco park last
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week. no one has seen two-year-old ariana since april 1st. her mother was found dead last friday in the park. federal agents met with police to assist with this investigation. police say fitz and her daughter spent time in san francisco, oakland, and emeryville. tensions flared at a town hall meeting in san francisco where police and community members clashed over the recent police shooting of a homeless man who was holding a large knife. dozens packed the union hall where 45-year-old luis gongoro was shot and killed. the officers say he was holding a 13-inch knife and wouldn't put it down. some witnesses say he was lunging at officers, others say the knife was in his waistband and that police overreacted. >> you are telling people this is what we think happened.
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how can you say that, chief, when the investigation is still ongoing? >> friends say he ended up on the street when he was evicted. they believe officers should have spent more time trying to de-escalate the situation. the police say none of this would have happened if he had just dropped the knife. his family says they may be pursuing legal action against the city and the police department. an injured pit bull found on the side of a busy highway is recovering now. officials are urging the owner to come forward. the dog was found in some bushes alongside highway 101 near the east exit. officials say she may have been thrown or jumped from a moving vehicle or simply he is. new at 6:00, raising water rates. it is happening for customers
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in an east bay city that has saved more water than most. brentwood has done an exceptional job at saving water. that >> reporter: brentwood in contra costa county is a water saving super start. its mandate was 32% but its actual savings was a whopping 44%. >> when you think about sort of the social issue of water supplying california, brentwood did its part. >> why did city council take action? state law requires water systems to conduct studies and set their rates based on their actual cost to deliver it. every dollar goes to such things as buying water, as well as upkeep, repairs,
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chemicals, insurance, wages, and so on. the funds may not be diverted to other uses such as policen. >> whether you have two drops of water or the pipe is full, you've got fixed costs. >> reporter: in brentwood's case, the study showed two 6% increases will keep the books balanced. rebecca is a brentwood he. >> the infrastructure is in place. it should be sufficient that large increases are not required for us to continue to conserve and do our part to save water in california. >> i don't think that should be passed on to the consumers that have done what they need to do to conserve water and cut back. i think we're all pretty good at it now. >> reporter: barbara
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reluctantly accepts it. >> it's important to be considered. >> reporter: almost every water system, especially the older ones, are going to require more costs for more maintenance, and that means bills will go up, even though you may be using less. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. time to talk about the weather now. we could see a little bit of rain in the bay area tonight. we had a little bit more. bill's forecast says we could see some rain to. it's not a lot of rain. what we're going to notice mostly will be a cool-down from today. by the time the rain gets out of here you will just be seeing partly cloudy, partly sun. some places around the bay, low 60s.
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but you get inland, we had some upper 60s. the rain is starting to fall already. it pecht. they're going to see quarter to half inch there. en. i don't know if the tree pollens are bugging you but they could be. we'll also put some water on the lawns. areas in the north bay, santa. a beautiful fight for auto peppedz. it might be a great night to sit outside and watch the game. after midnight this system rolls in. 1:00 a.m., there it is, that's the model saying widely
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scattered showers from north to south. you see the scattered showers push further south. by 5:00 a.m. most folks are starting their commute about this time. that commute will begin to dry out as we move. there you go. by 8:00 a.m., it clears out. mostly sunny. by morning that cool air has done its job and settled in. forecast highs tomorrow just in the mid and low 60s. here comes the system. not very el niño-like. we're coming to the end of the rainy season. we are actually at the end. everything we get is bonus rain. but. look what happens. upper 70s and low 80s by sunday. so a nice, warm forecast. sunday is going to be that day
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when you say. these are the forecast highs. after the morning showers, you're in the mid-60s, low 60s. then the five-daich. looks like a. then you see the big i can't remember-up -- the big warm-up. >> reporter: just a little over an hour. steph curry has taken the court. we'll be back and see what steve kerr had to say about this match-up. sports in just a minute or two.
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. this is such a huge sport night. back to oracle arena, the warriors taking on the memphis grizzlies. is steph curry still shooting? >> reporter: steph is still shooting. we are 68 minutes away. >> look at you, right down to the minute. >> reporter: the warriors try and make history and go for their 73rd win of the season. i don't know if we can see steph over here, shooting jumpers. >> reporter: you know what i'm amazed at jason, really the energy level. quite a bit different than your usual regular season game, even at the heights that the warriors have taken. >> they opened up the doors, the fans have come in.
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it was very calm here, but now the place is filling up and you can kind of feel that there's really something special going on. speaking of special, steve kerr, he's the only guy in nba history to win 72 games as a coach and as a player. he was a reserve guard on that '95-'96 bulls team. here's what he had to say. >> i'm shocked that we are where we are, just because of how difficult it is. so more than anything i'm proud of our guys for laying it all out there. all season long for putting themselves out there and trying to achieve something obviously that's never been done before. but more importantly, it's something that is truly great. it's amazing that our guys have been able to put themselves in this position. more than anything i'm just
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proud of them. >> reporter: so right next- door at oracle here the a's played a ball game, what knows, maybe some of the players will come over. >> parking at a premium, believe me, for the oracle and the adjacent coul same. it's been a little rough for the a's as they get swept by the angels as cole calhoun had himself a big day. his third hit knocked 18 run. mike trout makes his presence felt as he robs alonzo of potential extra bases. it just was not the a's series as they lose three in a row to the angels. the giants currently in action against the colorado rockies. >> reporter: that's it from oracle. we're going to stay and watch the game. we'll have all the highlights and postgame at 10:00. >> reporter: should be a fun ride. >> i know you guys are not excited at all. we will be back with all of the highlights from tonight's big game on the 10:00 news. thank you so much for joining
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us. we're always here four at, facebook and twitter. have a great night. >> see you later, everyone. ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on.
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