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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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his second dose was scheduled for 4:00 this afternoon. he was taken from his home and found this afternoon about ten miles away. this is the video of the stolen car in a barn from sky fox. you can seel tape around the structure. this afternoon at 2:00, police got a 911 call who said he saw the han do on river road. they rushed there and found the child. again, we're told he was safe. the alert went out at 7:00 this morning. the boy's father put his son in the car and it was warming up in the drive way and went into the house when he came back, the accord and jacob were gone. the sheriff's department has taken over the investigation. so far, there have been no arrests in in case. we'll keep you updated on any developments in the investigation.
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we have more developing news. now a former member of the manson family was tentatively granted parole after more than 40 years in prison. leslie van how ten has been turned down 19 teams in the past. the decision goes to the governor who will have the final say, she was 19 years old when she and others took part in the killing of a graciouser and his wife. she admitted she stand her 14 times. she's a former home coming princess, he's 66 years old. while she's been in prison, she's completed college degrees and has been commended for her model behavior. a lot of people and the bay area are celebrating the warriors win on the banks of lake merit. today, they were ser very long bear for $0.73, it was in the honor of the 73rd win which broke the record for the most wins in a season.
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the warrior fever is predecessoring fast with the team heading to the playoffs. fans are rushing to stores or buying gear online. ktvu christina joins us live with a look at the preparation for the first playoff game which is this saturday. >> reporter: well, julie, we are inside warrior's para dice, it's a top secret location of the this is where online orders get processed at you'll find everything in here that's the warriors, we're talking caps, t-shirts but really, this is what everyone is after. 73, the new golden standard. it's sold out in stores. you can only get it online. donation, can't get enough. >> a great time to be a warrior. >> reporter: t-shirts comem
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rating 73 wins are hard to find. >> they only had women so she get lucky. >> i came in here for my his and they didn't have it so i walked out with my own. op other sellers, jerseys, championship rinse and this $400 $$400 chinese warrior jacket. we caught this man buys area yors gear wearing a lakers hoodie. >> i don't think it will abnight anybody will forget. >> reporter: now that you bought the shirt, you need to change the shirt. >> i know, if it gets warm i'll put it on. >> reporter: heene while, workers are -- meanwhile, workers are business filling online orders. >> all which sold out in a matter of 30 minutes. we're working on remeanering that and have more come in this after. >> reporter: they received more than 2,000 online orders since last night.
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and playoff merchandise hasn't hit the shelves. >> there's a little playoff grafk on the tee. players where this style to warm up in. >> i'm surprised they had anything left this store is day namic and it's such a fever and frenzy, it's awesome. >> reporter:s fans are pumped for the playoffs because the warriors keep making the impossible, possibly. >> hopefully they go all the way. >> reporter: here is another live look. strength in numbers it's one of the playoff shirts that's going to be available this weekend at the arena. you can go check it out online, it's no surprise that time official -- team officials are telling us the warriors are the number one in the nation in team merchandise sales. so no surprise because the warriors are just so good. >> that's a remarkable season. such a fun time to get a look inside all those items in there. thank you.
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san francisco deputies are getting training on gun safety after an accidental shooting at the hall of justice. deputy rhonda gains brought her personal weapon to work yesterday and asked fellow deputies how to use it. he pulled the gun and pulled the trialer not realizing it was loaded. fortunately, no one was hurt. they work as bailiffs and don't carry weapons for their job. a man killed walking to his home in oakland. 30-year-old brian bowl was walking home from the king fish bar when he was shot in the head near richmond boulevard early sunday. when police arrived, his wallet and ear buds were on him. tonight, investigates are asking the public for help. >> if we take a second to pause and kind of visualize when if that was my sister, what if that was my friend that was
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coming home from a bar, would you want somebody to come forward with that information to help you out? i think the answer is yes. >> he was one of throw people killed over the week. no arrests have been made. authorities say a fourth victim has stepped forward in their child molestation case against the dental assistant in concord. he was arrested on april 2nd after an eight-year-old girl reported inappropriate behavior during a dental visit. he sedated the girl, then molested and recorded video of her without her pants on, since then, two more partials from the clinic stepped forward and today, a fourth patient said he did the same thing to her. she said it happened at the orthodontist where he used to work. head many videos and they expect to find more victims. they expect to face a multimillion dollar budget over
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the years. they presented a preliminary budge to its director. slowing i believe sales will -- slows sales will lead to a deficit. they're expected to pass a budge on june 9th. the republican race for the white house will make a stop in the bay area. they're scheduled to attend the california republican convention later on this month. jesse is live outside where that convention will be held with a preview of what is to come, jesse. >> reporter: frank, the state g.o.p. convention will be held inside the high@hotel. the next couple of weeks could decide if we have a brokered convention or clear winner. we talked with party leaders that say, like the wind today, this is all up in the air with no indication which way this race will turn. >> it's going to be a spectacle.
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we don't usually have protection in california. >> this year is like no other. the parties nominee has wrapped up the necessary delegates long before the california primary. but these candidates appear sprinting towards a national convention. many attendees are disallusioned with the direction of the part and could tilt voting toward the candidate who stands for change at the national level. >> many people made up their- mile-an-hour winds but quite a few -- minds but quite a few haven't. they'll go back to their districts and have influence on their voters. >> reporter: that's provided they can get to the event easily. there are concerns protestors are making it difficult if not the convention, will target the delegates and candidates. the worry is the same could
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happen along the peninsula, taking the normal freeway gridlock and turning it into a vice around the renal. >> i'm hoping they get the security mechanism in place and make sure we're propaired for that, they've been protesting other parent of the country and i wouldn't be surprised to see some rest here when donald trump comes -- protest here when druch comes. >> reporter: we talked to the chp and had an ber view set up. but -- interview set up. at last minute they cancelled the interview. they want to get on the same page before they talk to the media. i called the sheriff's office and told me the local police will be the led nation this. but the sheriff's department could help if asked. i called the pd, they haven't got back to me. security is a big issue. a lot of agencies talking about it but not prepared to talk to the media at least not yet e. -- not yet.
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texting has long been seen as a rude gesture in a movie 30. but one -- movie theater. but one chain is thinking about encouraging texting in theaters. >> coming up, an inside look at the rivalry between the sharks and the kings. >> while the sharks prepare to take the ice, the warriors are looking ahead to their first round match-up against the houston rockets. >> we got some rain last night. how much you got in your neighborhood. then we'll talk about a warm-up that's headed toward the bay area weekend.
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there the talk of the town. one day after making history, everybody is talking about the warriors. >> now it's time to look forward to the playoff. mark was there. what was it like? was it as electric as you thought it would be? ? >> reporter: for a regular season game, there's so much at stake. it was like the atmosphere you get at a championship game in any sport from the very beginning. there was this feeling of anticipation that something big was going to happen. there was a buzz in the crowd, a particularly loud robbery when the lineups for introduced and steph curry ear blasting. when he started to go off late in the first quarter of the game, there was an absolute explosion when he got his 3s going and much of the corrode, one after the other -- the crowd. one after the other. are you kidding me? everybody new he needed eight for 400, he wound up up with
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ten, he kept firing away. i got to tell you guys s that when you talk about sports as kind of a casual thing, why are people so interested in it and all that have? i can talk you walking around like i did last night, i like to walk around at the different levels. all you saw, 20,000 smiling faces. it was just a lot of fun and, you know, such a galvanizing event for the community. if all the these people are smiling, think about all the millions of people watching on television. and you know, they say you're 60 years old, how are you still interested in sports, and that's really why. it's a real bonding force and with everything that's going on, why not? >> we talk about people who aren't huge sports fans or basketball fans have fun watching the warriors. >> they brought in people who
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were curable fans and noted fans -- not flaps at all and made it happen. they're fun to watch. so now we got last night out of the way, we look forward to the playoffs tell us about the houston rockets on saturday. >> the main thing to worry about is over confused. somebody said i feel sorry for the houston rockets but this is a team that is led by james harden. the bearded one. people have to remember, this is the team the warriors beat last year in the western conference final. etch they they fell off a little bit, they got pretty much the same roster that made is to the conference final and did beat the warriors in one game. they're not to be taken lightly. the fans may be over competent and looking past the hawes rockets but the gordon state warriors are not -- golden state warriors are not.
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>> at the end of the day, they have a ton of talent. so it's not you're typical one, eight match-up. we come out, lay our game, we should -- play our game, we should be fine. >> our group is a tight night group. it's going to be tough. i guess there's a lot of people out there that want us to loose, we have to come out with the right mind set. we have a tough houston team coming in. but once the playoffs start u it's a different ball game. they want to come in and try to shock the world. >> shock the world, that's what they'll be trying to do. 12:30 on saturday, everybody said, why aren't they playing on sunday? evidently, there's an arena football game scheduled in cleveland on sunday so they couldn't play on sunday. so the warriors get bumped back
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saturday at 12:30. so they don't get a whole lot of rest before it start. i want to say i ran into a spurs fan today earlier and i said, how about about the 73 wins? and he goes, 73 and to. that's what it's going to be. 73 wins, no championship. >> ouch. >> the warriors are playing so well. it's hard to imagine them losing in the playoff. i know the games are all stepped up in the playoffs, i can't see them losing to the rockets. i can't see them losing to anybody. >> at this point, i would say it's hard to imagine any team beating them four times in the stretch of seven games. they didn't lose two consecutive games all year. it would be the upset of upsets. >> we'll find out. it all gets going saturday afternoon. tune in tomorrow for a special he diggs of sports wrap, calling it road to
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championship. it begins at 10:30. it airs after the 10:00 news. i got to ask you guys, what is the deal? what is the spread in vegas on this game. the warriors are going to win. what do you do with something like that? >> as far as the first siris? >> yeah and the championship. there's no question they have obviously a clear shot of pulling this off. >> sometimes when you say partly cloudy, i would say nothing but blue skies. all right, i'll -- i want to know. >> i'll have it for you. >> look at the rainfall accumulations from last night. you may not have noticed. it i usually hear the rain on my roof. oakland got .1 -- .016. of the raining this morning but
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dry by the time 90% of us got on the roadway. it was a nice rain event that was over rapidly. snow in the mountains up to six inches of snow in parts of lake tahoe area. we saw snow levels down to 5,000 5,000 feet last night. it's right at colfax. there's the current radar standing. you see that in the davis area. here's the other doppler radar. the weather service runs out of the eureka spinner there. you see showers show up in humboldt county. the showers came in, went out, and the wind filed in behind. 32-mile-per-hour gusts in napa. that's howelling. 250 miles per hour in gust in fair -- 25-mile-per-hour gust in fairfield. so it is windy out there especially around the bay.
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look at that. isn't it interesting how -- i think that's the rentcon tower. it's amazing how i remember driving to the city when i was a kid and you know the follow injuries building was there off the bay bridge, but you didn't see as many buildings. the other side by the ballpark has built up. count the cranes when you go to san francisco. lots of high rices going up. we have big swells coming up as well. they'll be there tonight and tomorrow. high surf advisory will be in effect of the it's dangerous this time of year because the swells are big and we're looking for a warm up in the weather and that takes the people that live in the san francisco area, the and they come out to ocean beach and you get some nasty rips out there. be safe if you're going out to the beach, friday saturday or sunday, even though sunday will be smaller, the currents from the winter created these rip channels.
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big channels in the sand. the rips really get going. this is one of the worst time of year for rips now. the forecast, there it is, no rain in this forecast. check this out on sunday, 89 degrees peaks out. that means we're touching up on perhaps almost 90 degrees in places like morgan hill or san bernardino county. we'll check that out for you. a beautiful weekend ahead. i'm stoked to get the rain last night. >> i missed it, too. i didn't if it rained when i woke up. >> i had the rain guaming at my house -- gauge at my house. >> enough to water the plants. tensions rising between the united states and china. ash carter announcing today joint military operations to keep tabs on china. >> new at 6:00, swaipd showed
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him creeping -- surveillance video video show him creeping. when this neighborhood can right to lead to an arrest. >> when communities communicate together, they know what is going on and care for each other. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them.
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at least nine people are dead in a strong network japan that damaged buildings and injured at least 45 people. this video shows the shaking as people ducked underneath their desk. as you can see, there's rubble
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in the street from crashed walls and windows. here's a grocery store from items are strun on the ground. it struck at 9:30 in japan, the people that died were on an island called could you shoe. the initial -- on an aisle. so far, there have been 11 after shocks. 20 homes collapsed abreports of people trapped in the debris. troops are conducting joint patrols in the chai 2345 sea with the -- china with the fill fines. -- philippines. >> the stability and security of the asian pack. >> ash carter afor onced the enhanced alliance today during a visit to the philippines. the two counters began conducting joint controls in
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march during disputes with china in that area. the u.s. troops will be sent for patrol duet on a rotational -- duty on a rotational basis in the future. a few hundred airmen will be stationed at an air base in philippines the next couple of month. one of the busiest airports in the that's good held a drill today to prepare for terror threats. 500 firefighters simulated an i understand deputy at the california airport. these kind of exercises are mandated by the faa to be held every three years. and since lax received new rescue vehicles, this was deemed the right time to put people to the test. >> time is of the essence. seconds count, not minutes, seconds count. with the ability to have six responding rigs now, we can actually split the resources. if we have simultaneous i
5:27 pm
understand deputies, we can split and handle the two incidents at the same time. >> they hope the lessons learn they won't have to be used but they sent it's more than likely they will. officials hope those who use lax every year feel safe knowing they're doing everything they can to be prepared. outsiders documents life in the city. they say it was a unique experience. the police commissioned the project giving those behind the camera full creative lines. >> people talk and text everywhere. i mean everywhere. what if they wanted to text right next to you in a movie theater? >> also ahead, how hackers are breaking into software of companies and getting away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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a movie chain is toying with the idea of allowing people to receive and send text messages during a movie. we have opinions about relaxing this long held taboo of using a phone to tex inside the theater. >> reporter: well, think about it. technology does change society and changes our culture, that's why movie giant, amc, is taking a seriously look at what some of the its customers say they
5:31 pm
really want, this is the ability to text and surf inside a movie theater while the maw vee's praying -- movie's playing. despite directives to turn off cell phones in theaters, many younger people text, suffer and talk nonetheless. since teens, as well as 20 and 30 somethings live and die by their phones. amc is looking at the concept of allowing theater texting. >> you're going to see light and it's going to distract you from looking at the movie you paid for. i wouldn't participate this that. >> people are watching movies, it can be distracting. it's dark in there and the lights will be distracting and people won't want to go to the theater anymore. >> reporter: two movie goers said it's okay as long as texers do it elsewhere. >> perhaps they could section one off for just that and one for people that just want to watch the screen without any interruptions.
5:32 pm
>> maybe they could have their own theater as far as going to watch a movie, if you're going to watch a movie, why bring your phone? >> reporter: there is one independent theater owner who likes things the way there. he thinks it's just grand. >> you want to be emerged in the experience. you don't want to be distracted. >> reporter: we caught up with allen at his auctions by the bay complex. >> this whole idea of texting, allowing texting in a theater to me is appalling. >> reporter: amc released a statement saying given that so many movie goers are passional about preserves the purity of going undisturbed in our theaters, there is no time frame as when we might introduce such a test, if ever. certainly, a lot of people wishes that's never.
5:33 pm
>> i have to be honest, tom, i think i'm one of those. how hard is it to keep your phone in your pocket for two hours and enjoy the movie? >> reporter: it's harder for some people that far you might think. they sneak their phones in and pay no attention to it and it does rile people up and cause problems and all other issues doing it. it can cause real trouble inside of a theater. some people say if it's going to be done at all, put them this a place at least in the back where they're not disturbing as much. a lot of people say they won't go to the movies. on the other hand, you're talking about outcome people who want to live their life. >> i have two daughter that is know all about that. tom, thank you. people living at an apartment building say they feel the owner is trying to force them out despite a new ordinance just enacted in the city. dozens of tenants rallied odd the apartments.
5:34 pm
the fight started last year when the owner issued eviction notices. the orders were tossed out. but the ten than thes worry about the owners raise -- the tenants worry about the owners raising the rent. >> it's really up to the new owner, but we're going to fight until the end for our rights this day. >> a group called tenants together is now gathering signatures for a ballot measure that would allow voters to decide if they want tougher rent control rules. the board approved a revised proposal that push riders that take up more than one seat. the restrictions on seat hogs will only apply on commute hours. passengers taking up two seats would get warnings before citations are issued. violators would be find $100 initially.
5:35 pm
repeat offenders, up to $500. the new policy is set to take effect in six-month. central valley where thieves are using tactics for the price of nut. nut prices have soared making them a valuable target. one company was hit six times last year. they'ves are hacking into trucking company sites and creating fake shipping the papers. they then send a driver who takes off with a truckload of nuts that can be worth up to a half a million dollars per load. it's it's not the first -- >> it's not the first time a police department made a video about tear department, but it's the first time a crew was given free rainy add to requirement needed. -- free rainy and no requirements needed. >> you don't incite us to your birthday -- invite us to your birth date parties but you call when you need us and we're there.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: the video takes a closer look at the police department and its community. the crew that shot it add mets they're outsiders. >> my whole team, wave grown up in the east bay. all you hear about vallejo is all the negative things. whatever you do, don't to there. -- don't stop there. >> reporter: that didn't bother the police chief. he wanted to sew what the cameras would capture. >> it's important for the pooch of the police department and our -- the future of our police department and the city. >> reporter: he calls them and says he knew what he didn't want. >> we're not going to put together a prop began that piece. i say, come out and see what we're doing. and you'll e you'll see for yourself. >> a lot of departments will shoot their own videos. there's nothing wrong with that, but the people filming work for the agencies. you get a skewed perspective
5:37 pm
because you're not from the outside looking in. >> reporter: having the outside look in wasn't enough. the chief took it one step further and gave the video crew complete editorial control. >> we were extremely surprised. >> reporter: for six months, they attended community events, went to a police open house, a simulator and everywhere they went, they talked to anyone who would talk to them. >> we would look for people on the street. >> reporter: they're not picking the people for you. >> no, no direction at all. >> reporter: what they found wasn't a perfect picture. the chief new that was happen. >> the history is the history. there's no getting around it. >> reporter: from bankruptcy, to layoff to crime. times have been tough. >> it was devastating to see what was happening to our city. and what was happening to our department. >> reporter: but the crews say while they saw the past, they quickly realized if people see only that... >> they're missing something yes. >> reporter: because they're
5:38 pm
missing the change, the growth, the commitment. >> two years ago, the crime watch, we have over eight, now we're at 250. >> they supported the police department more than any department i've ever worked with. ive never sunny the outpouring of support. it was -- seen the outpowering of support. it was interesting. >> it reduced a couple of people to tears in the room. >> reporter: an emotional response to this look at vallejo to an outsiders eyes. not outsiders who drove by, but stopped and listened. invested in a city that they say showed them it's not just about the challenges, it's about how you respond. >> it's us extending the happened, but it's the community willing to take us by the hand and help us. >> if i'd like to watch the
5:39 pm
entire -- you'd like to watch the entire video, you can find a link at look under web links. they're confirming the link between zika virus and with defects. >> presidential candidates campaigning in new york. the final preparations ahead of next week's primary.
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the presidential candidates are on the campaign trail in new york with just five days left until the anticipated primary on tuesday. joe has more now on the debate preps for the democratic candidates. >> reporter: bernie sanders maintains momentum is on his side despite trailing front- runner hillary clinton by double digitals in new york according to recent poles. clinton spent the day at home prepping for the democratic debate. as sanders continued to campaign hard in time squire. >> let's join so many us and say, we are going forward with a political revolution. >> reporter: a new pole shows kasich's pennsylvania roots give him no advantage with voters there. kasich trail -- the ohio governor is ahead of cruz in both new york and pennsylvania.
5:43 pm
>> these things don't matter when we get to a convention. it's going to be who can win in the fall and who could be president. so we feel pretty good. >> reporter: members of team trump were in washington meeting with lawmakers backing the businessman, the delegate map a big part of the conversation. donald trump also finding out his campaign manager will not be charged were misdemeanor battery after a reporter accused him of shoving and dragging her down back in march. >> it's unethical for us to file cases when i believe -- we believe there is not a good faith bay basis to proceed. >> reporter: two other poles are out, one has donald trump leading the race by 13. the other one showing him with a 67% unfive ability rating -- unfavorability rating. u.s. health officials say they have confirmed the suspected link between the zika
5:44 pm
virus and serious birth defecting. the cdc says the mosquito borne with -- disease can cause a first defect called microcephaly. when a baby is born with an unusually small head, that's what it's called. more than 1,000 cases of microcephaly have been reported in six countries. a new study that looked at propane scans in babies with zee -- brain scans in babies with zika, >> the death is right after with or deaths before birth. >> two kinds of mosquitos that traps mitt the disease can be found across half of the southerniant. but so far the cases are related to travel in zika related countries or sexual contact with someone who traveled.
5:45 pm
nearly 100 employees at stanford university, the victims of tax fraud. the university says it knows what may have caused the breach and warning there could be more victims. >> two ryals going head to head in the -- ryal going head to head in the first round, the mutual dislike between the sharks and kings next. >> tracking those showers. they were lingering this morning. they're going to happen now but suspects -- temperatures begin to warm.
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with the warriors grabbing the headlines, the sharks are flying under the radar. but they begin their play i couldn't have against the kings. they'll be playing in so you know california the scott reece reports on a playoff series dripping with story ryans. >> a real battle between brown and clippers. >> reporter: sharks, and kings, from the opening minutes of opening night now coming full circle in the playoffs. >> i think every game we play we contend. there's to secret both teams don't like each other. >> they shoot and score. the sharks win the series in overtime. >> reporter: that rivalry has grown over the last five years with three postseason meetings
5:49 pm
including a devastating 2014 first round match-up in which the sharks became the fourth team in history to lose a playoff series after winning the first three games. >> we're moving forward, turning a new page. when you get me this situation, you hope it improves you as a player. you don't worry about what happened in the past. >> this has nothing to do with previous teams or previous records in priest teams at playoffs. this is a new team and this group will write their own story. >> i don't think they need it as motivation. they're playing the l.a. kings in the playoffs. they won two stanley cups in the last few years, i think that's motivation enough. >> reporter: there's the other juicy sub text, martin jones in his first season in san jose facing his former team. >> it will be fun. you look at the division the
5:50 pm
start of the year. there's a good change you'll be playing these guys. so no surprises there. >> reporter: have you talk to those guys? >> i'll talk to them after the series. >> reporter: they met five times during the regular season with the sharks winning three, including both match ups in loss orangeless. that bodies well given they'll lay on thursday. >> the sharks will lost a watch party tonight. they can watch the game at stanley's shark bar. the team's mascot will be there. there will be trivia games and raffles. and when they come home for game approximate, there will be a free ral -- game three, there will be a free rally. i could not wait -- cannot wait. weather now. after rain, it cleared upch and we're getting ready for a warm- up. let's go to bill for the latest
5:51 pm
on that. >> we'll see temperatures maybe upper 80s by sunday. we're talking mid-80s, upper 80s on sunday, a warm-up begins tomorrow. it cooled off today a good ten ten 10 degrees because of the system. there was a cold system. that's why cases were down in some cases below 5,000 feet. got up to a foot of snow in the higher el vacations especially north elevations especially north. we did well as well. the winds are up now. i've got gusts at 35 miles per hour in some laces. we talked about that. it's gusting to 32 in napa. that's a sustained wind at 31. we've got a gust at 31 in hayward. it's breezy. this time of year when a low pressure center goes through, the winds pick up. forest overnight lows will be on the chilly side.
5:52 pm
too windy for frost, but you could see some in the valleys. warming up. here's what it looks like thursday. it's going to be warmer on friday, up to 60. on sunday, downtown san francisco over by mission bay, you may get up to eight approximate degrees or something like that -- 83 degrees. saturday warmer, sunday, maximum heating. concord 88, san jose 85 and it wouldn't be tough to get a 90. the big numbers are for sunday. it will take a while for the high to build in. offshore flow. probably friday night, saturday, into sunday, the forecast is dry during this period. a lot of these models are running dry which is not up you'll be for april -- unusual for april. hey fever sufferers be ready, i think saturday and sunday you'll notice the tree pollen.
5:53 pm
>> what a difference over the next couple of days. >> how great was it to get a little rain last night? >> it was nice. coming up, a major tax frustrated at a university, how that fraud occurred, and why it's a good lesson on becoming a victim. >> a surveillance video showed him lurking around homes in oakland, know he -- now we know he was carrying two long swords. >> plus a super bowl rematch, the 49ers on monday night football. the radars back for a match up. the 2016 nfl schedule is being released now. we'll have all the key dates and games.
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about 100 stanford university employees are victims of tax fraud with false tax returns filed on their behalf. as ann explains they contribute the breach to a third party vender and warns there may be more victims out there. >> the notifications went out to saul stanford university staff, their tax information. as it turns out, 600 w-2 forms had been fraudulently downloaded from a vender. and from those, 100 tax returns have been filed so far. tim sterns admits he was worried.
5:57 pm
>> my mead reax was when i filed -- immediate reaction was when i filled my tax return it wasn't going to be rejected because someone filed a false return. >> reporter: they don't know how the thieves got ahold of employee es social security numbers and dates of birth. these kinds of scrams are a growing problem #5e6k9ing institutions all -- affecting institutions all over. >> it's got worse over a couple of years. >> reporter: the burden is on the individual to get things resolved. >> it's costly for them. they have to pay us and it takes them time. some of these people are depending on their refunds. >> reporter: he recommends getting a personal pin from the irs that helps them know the one filing is really you. officials at the university are keeping staff up to date on the situation. >> again, it's something we have to deal with more and more.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: stern said it appears his information is safe for now. still, he feels for his colleagues. >> it's a difficult problem everybody is facing but we need to do something to make personal data more secure. >> reporter: they regret the compromise of these records. the employees will be offered monitoring and fraud alert -- alerting and it remains under active investigation. some called him the ninja burglar. surveillance video showed him walking around oakland homes try doing do break -- trying to break in. >> we first broke the news about this so call ninja burglar and his arrest earlier this week.
5:59 pm
>> those swords are something. >> reporter: the video showed him carrying something dark and lock. needless to say, that object had neighbors concerned. this is surveillance video showing the so called ninja burglar, he was spotted wearing all black carrying two swords in a black sheathe. it showed him tiptoeing around homes and cars. the suspect, justin holbert of like land was arrested monday when he was found near a stolen car. the sword were in the car. police gave stationtation a look at the weapons. it's -- gave ktvu a look at the weapons. >> it's based on the size of the blade and there are two here. the braid is a thick 16 -- the blade is a thick 16-inch played. in total, each sword is 24 and a half inches long. >> reporter: the videos were shared with police.
6:00 pm
they recognized holbert from previous contacts and within hours, they spotted him during an unrelated call and arrested him on a previous warrant. the prosecutors have charged him with burglary and auto theft. tara hicks helps collecting video evidence. >> every time a crime happens, every piece of evidence is a piece of the puzzle. with surveillance video, it tells us so much of what happens and allows us to ask better questions and move for yard -- forward. >> when this information is brought to the information of police, it only furthers and helps our investigation in finding who the burglar suspects are in these cases. >> reporter: i learned holbert may have a good reason, he's fled from police three times in previous cases before being arrested. it's a good reminder for neighbors to be a good witness and not get involved directly. >> you don't see someone carrying southward like that every day.


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