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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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starting with christian live at the scene. >> let's go to christian captain and get the latest. what's it like out there? >> yeah, we were impacted by this as well. we left the station at 3:45 making our way down here. it took us about 45 minutes to make it from oakland to hayward. that gives you an idea of the traffic impact out here. anybody's commute is going to be impacted by this incident. the big rig blocking three of the south bound lanes and traffic being allowed to crawl through on the right lane. you can see there's a large tow truck trying to hall that vehicle off to the side. it's going to be a long time before they get this entirely cleared. this happened at around 3:00 this morning with reports that the overturned big rig blocked
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all south bound lanes at a street in hayward. we checked with reports and they say initially it was on fire. crews were called to put out the flames. the driver of the big rig was injured. we understand he was taken to the hospital with relatively minor injuries. there were from what we understand, there was a vehicle abandoned on the side of the road. the big rig tried to avoid a collision with that vehicle and wound up hitting a large traffic sign so there are a lot of moving parts to all of this. if we come back to our live shot you can see we have a couple large tow trucks trying to hall the trailer off to the side trying to get the big rig off to the side. ryan, if we can come over here, we will show the other issue
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going on. you might be able to see the sign is knocked down in this area as well. so obviously a lot of issues going on here. ryan, one more thing, apparently this is the owner of the company. he just arrived here on scene and i just heard him tell chp he just arrived on scene. let's see if we can talk with him. you're concerned about the driver of the truck? >> i don't know. i haven't seen it. i have to find out what's going on. >> you're concerned about the driver. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries yes, it's the company i drive for. same guy. i'm trying to figure out. i don't know what's going on. they said minor injuries. >> that's what we understand. >> have you been in contact with him? >> no not at all. i was in the traffic. i have to call my boss to see if he's okay.
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>> we'll check in with you later on. the people from the truck company arriving on scene and a lot of work here to do as we go through this area. be ready for delays. tossing it to sal now. south bound 880 at a-street. this crash is in a bad spot. you can see the crash is now having an affect on 238 making that turn and pretty soon it should be backed up all the way to caster valley. this will have an impact for the entire region, not just 880. also 580 and people in downtown hayward. this was taken by someone who drove by the scene earlier. give yourself extra time if you're driving on i-880 north bound. you can get to the san mateo
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bridge. 5:03 now. it's chilly in the morning. 30s up in lake county around the napa airport and into the santa cruz mountains. you put that breeze behind that and there's some higher elevations along the coast. cut right through you there on this friday morning. mostly clear out there. i think i know what's going on here. you two stand by. we're going to a live camera and we'll talk about that. then we will toss it back. our computer is stuck. it's a beautiful morning, just cold out there. mostly sunny out there. the time now is 5:04. people who ride bart and take up
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more than one seat may be hit with a fine. we're live in free mont to explain how this works. >> reporter: this rule applies during commute hours when the trains are crowded. riders who take up more than one seat will get a warning first. after that they will be fined $100 for the first violation. the ordinance will be enforced by police on the train. that can be tricky because officers aren't always on board. the police officer association is concerned about clogging the system if they have to stop trains to stop passengers who violate the ordinance. police will review how to enforce these rules and it gives time for bart to educate the public about it. it will be in place from the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 to 7:30 p.m.
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we'll talk to riders to get their take on it and we'll bring you that coming up at 6:00. the time is now 5:06. new this morning an investigation of a homicide in the east bay. the sheriff's office haven't told us yet. the contra costa county deputies spent the night at the scene collecting evidence. we'll bring you an update as soon as possible. a federal grand jury indicted petrov on drug charges. he was indicted after a high speed chase into san francisco. he is accused of possessing a stolen gun and conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. he was arrested earlier this
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month after a shooting outside this home. >> we're getting a look at the unusual weapons. the ninja burglar was carrying two swords with him when he was caught on surveillance video last week when he was prowling yards in the montclair district. police say the swords were in that car. >> this weapon here is illegal based on the size of the blade and the fact there are two here. the blade here is a 16-inch blade in total the swords are 24 and a half inches long. >> police say the surveillance video from neighbors helped lead to the arrest. he's been charged with burglar as well as auto theft. nearly 100 stanford university employees had fake tax returns filed in their names. the university is blaming a
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security breach. officials say 600 w two forms were downloaded from a service. 100 of the forms have been used to file false tax returns. what san francisco officials don't know is how thieves got into the social security numbers and dates of birth. >> my immediate reaction was i was hoping i wouldn't have my tax return rejected because of someone filing a false return. >> it's huge and gotten worse over the past couple of years and it catches people by surprise. >> tax experts say what's worse is the burden lies on the individual to get things resolved. a personal pin from the internal revenue service will help the government know the filing is coming from you. employees will be offered credit monitoring as well as fraud
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alerts. the political punches were flying as presidential candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton had their most contention debates so far with new york's primaries hanging in the balance. both sanders and clinton tangled a number of times. >> reporter: this was a very new york crowd last week. we'll start with fresh polling data. this tight has tightened. just two points separate hillary clinton from bernie sanders. what matters most right now is new york. bernie sanders is hoping for a huge upset. >> i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. come on, i've stood on the debate stage. >> can i -- excuse me! >> reporter: the most pointed attack of the tonight was bernie
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sanders against sanders and using the term super predator. >> it was a racist term and everybody knew it. >> reporter: it may have been an effort to undermine a clear clinton strength from african americans. >> this is not just an attack on me but president obama. >> reporter: clinton invoked the president's name nearly 20 times last night. she stood by her refusal to release paid speech transcripts. >> he couldn't answer about counter terrorism to say if he had paper in front of him he could. you need the judgment on day one to be president. >> reporter: sanders went back to clinton's support of the war in iraq. >> let's talk about judgment [ applause ] and let us talk about the worst
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foreign policy blunder in the modern history of this country [ applause ] . >> reporter: so what's next? bernie sanders is heading to rome for a conference at the vatican. raising eyebrows how wise it is to leave with the primary days away. all three republican presidential candidates plan to be here in the bay area in two weeks. they are scheduled to be in burling game at the hyatt hotel for the republican convention. protestors may try to disrupt the convention and anti trump activists are causing chaos in new york and chicago and authorities fear the same thing could happen here in burling game. >> i hope they get their security mechanism in place. they are been protesting in
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other parts of the country so wouldn't be surprised to see protestors here when trump comes. >> usually the party's nominee has all the delegates needed long before california's june primary. images at uc davis wanted to be kept out of the public eye. new criticism facing the university from the 2011 pepper spraying of student protestors. microsoft taking a stand against the u.s. justice department. the land mark lawsuit filed to fight for the privacy right and microsoft claiming federal agents went too far. good morning, looking at a truck accident that is going to impact a lot of the east bay commute in hayward. we'll tell you more about that and also looking at other commutes for you coming up. it's a cold one out there. napa airport checking in at 39 degrees and also in the santa
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cruz mountain. the numbers coming up.
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microsoft said the government is demanding customer information more than 5600 times
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in the last 18 months. microsoft said they went to court and were able to keep the information from the government. so far no comment from the justice department. back here at home the sky high home prices in san francisco may be levelling off. home prices in san francisco dropped last month for the first time in four years. fremont police looking for the rare owner of bronze disney souvenirs they recovered from a burglary suspect. the collection includes cast of dond duck and elvis pressly and the long ranger and at this point police haven't said how much the collection is worth nor have they said how they
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recovered it. anyone with information or who wants to claim the collection should call fremont police. the time is 5:17. let's get an update on the big rig crash. >> i know dave, the longer this stays out there, the longer it will affect traffic throughout the region. earlier this morning an overturned truck is blocking nearly the entire freeway south bound and a couple of lanes north bound. i have drawn an arrow and you can see that traffic starting to slow on 238 and pretty soon castro valley traffic will be affected as people come through this area and make that big turn. a lot of people go to the san mateo bridge. if you're going to the san mateo bridge and you're dawn stream from this it will be a nice drive for you but the other
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roads will be tough. jackson street and downtown hayward is going to take more traffic today so please give yourself extra time. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza which is not too bad right now. the south bay is away from this eastbound mess. that looks good through downtown into the west valley. 5:18. steve, it's going to be breezy but nice? >> that's correct sir. thank you for listening. >> i listen to you every morning. >> i appreciate that. we have chilly conditions. a few 30s popping up in lake county. middle town in there and napa airport and santa cruz mountains so if it feels cool to you, it is. everything coming from the north west and triggering a breeze. 60s and 70s today.
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a possibility of everything coming together. it will be warm for some. the next rain could be thursday. there's hints of that. the question is sunday. today is a given. 60s and 70s and then we'll warm up. still a nice warm weekend and looks cooler heading into next week. get the air flow coming out of the north west and that's cold. napa is 39 degrees. a lot of 40s and 50s here. higher elevations are settling into upper 30s. mid 40s for some and petaluma in there. north west at santa rosa. 28 in truckee. 40 in ukiah. cold up in the sierras but mostly sunny and partly cloudy
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as high pressure noses in. a what is your occupation er wopper of a condition. warmer weather kicks in sunday and tops it out. cold morning and a few 30s in there. breezy for some. coast and higher elevations will be warmer. we'll talk about a few clouds popping up. 60s and 70s on the temps but also pointing to sunshine and warm temps. when i will when i will in the morning but other than that looks good. okay steve. the time is 5:20. hillary clinton is hosting a big fundraiser tonight in san francisco. george clooney will be one of the guests. what protestors plan to do and the reason why. plus, a road rage incident turns violent.
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more of this dramatic video that has many questioning the actions of one passenger.
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doctors say sorrows sedated the girl and molested the girl and recorded video of her without her pants on. more victims have come forward. investigators say they had several videos and they expect the number of victims to rise. the administration uc day sis is under fire this morning
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after the university spent thousands of dollars for people to cover up what people see. students record now revealing the university spent at least $175,000 in public funds on consultants to clean up its online image and get rid of evidence of the pepper spraying incident from search results the process is to flood the internet with lots of good information so it drives down the negative information but it's still there. >> it's now april 2016 and here we are talking about the pepper spray incident so backfire. a spokeswoman said the university wants to make sure they were portrayed fairly online. police in the east bay search frg a man who robbed a
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student in los medanos college in pittsburgh. the suspect approached a student and demanded his backpack. the canine unit searched the campus but the suspect got away. the victim is described as latino, medium build, his face covered with a black bandana and wearing a gray hat. a man in hayward said someone is going through his neighborhood stealing packages delivered to homes. the man sent us these photos taken by his closed circuit tv showing a man picking up a box and walking away thursday afternoon. the man may have also taken another package from a nearby home. bart is going to punish riders to take up more than one
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seat. the fine starts at $100 and goes up to $500 for a third offense. the ordinance taking affect in six months. a live report on this issue at 6:00. abort officials facing half a billion dollars budget gap. weekday ridership is growing bup they are low on weekends. they are thinking weekend incentives and a possible fare increase. so no ma rail transit developing a schedule for trains this year. the transit agency says a train will run every 30 minutes and there's one midday train. the paper says it will take an hour to go from the airport to downtown san ra fee yell on the
5:41 am
weekends. why a civilian will be in charge for the first time ever. warriors gear flying off the shelf. how the teams are preparing for the big play off game. looking at a morning commute with a truck crash and other slow downs around the bay like the bay bridge that is slowing getting into san francisco.
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. welcome back. it's 5:43. a star studded campaign fund tonight with hillary clinton and george gloony. it's at the home of a silicon
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valley entrepreneur. tickets starting at 35$35,000. a ticket for the table with hillary clinton starts at $350,000. bernie sanders supporters are planning a noisy protest outside the home. advocates opposing the idea that works to prevent teen drinking protested a similar plan in napa saying alcohol shouldn't be served in an alcohol free zone where teenager like to hang out. thousands of fischer price cradle swings are being recalled this morning because the swing could fall unexpectedly. the problem is with the seats, the peg that connects the seat to the base could come out. the you have this swing, you're being told not to use it
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oofrments the time is 5:45. the golden state warriors are gearing up for the nba play offs. the first game tomorrow. >> the warriors face the houston rockets at oracle. . >> reporter: what fans can expect definitely a lot of excitement. this is my first time in oracle arena. it's always so surreal because it's quiet. i know it will be loud this weekend. check this out, guys. when we got here, the warriors laid out these shirts. do you remember this "we believe" campaign in 2007 and 2013 we are warriors and the brand new shirts that will be here if you're coming to the game on saturday, strength in numbers. looks like the bay bridge there. >> the old bay bridge. got it. >> reporter: so they're always
5:46 am
keeping an eye on the bay area this morning. a lot of fans are excited. it will be busy here in oracle arena and throughout the complex. talk about the set up vendors and crews are setting up what's called warrior grounds tailgate. it's a tended area with picnic tables with food trucks -- which i love -- merchandise and a basketball court as well. by the way, all the t-shirts bearing the 73 historic win are sold out. at lake sha lay restaurant yesterday they offered house brew beer for 73 cents and that drew plenty of enthusiastic fans. >> there's been a fever that's taken over the area. people getting excited about the warriors and this is a good time to celebrate it. >> reporter: talking about how the warriors winning helps businesses throughout oakland
5:47 am
and the bay area. one of my favorite stores, oaklandish they debuted a new shirt which is an ode to the 73 win. they say it put oakland back on the map. inside oracle arena taking a look at the score board ask the strength in numbers is up there as well. it will be busy in the coliseum complex because the a 's and royals are playing around the same time. so you have that game going on at 12:30 and this game going on after 1:00. it will be busy and they're having a promotion as well. they're giving away jerseys and expecting fans to come early. you're expected to come here early as well. this place will be rocking on saturday. >> a lot going on. bryan, you have the court to yourself. thank you for taking us there. >> reporter: yes, i do. you know what that means, dave.
5:48 am
>> i'm waiting for it. brian flores at oracle. it's a mess out at i-880. in case you're just joining us a big rig crash is taking up the freeway. some cars getting through but 880 is backed up all the length of 238 and now beginning to affect traffic in kas tra valley just as we expected. north bound traffic is lightly slow past the scene. one of the north bound lanes is taken away. south bound traffic is slow this morning. the only alternate i could suggest is eastbound 580. that will put you in the middle of the traffic in castro valley. big rigs are allowed to use 880 for the time being because it's
5:49 am
blocked. we have a reporter to tell us how things are going. this is a look at 880 north and south bound in oakland. looks good here in both directions. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza that's backed up for a 20-minute delay. for today's weather let's go to steve. >> they call me the breeze. >> they do? >> take your pick. >> clapton. >> there's a good breeze for all. when you're in the 30s and 40s, baby it cuts right through you. thank you kevin for zooming out there. there are a few clouds around san jose but otherwise, looks to be a nice day. it's brisk out there this morning. today's morning lows could be taxing. thank you, it's friday.
5:50 am
39 in napa and fairfield and 40s and 50s for others. kelseyville in there on the peninsula skyline. here we find 45 in menlo park. loss altos town same. 48 hilsboro and 42 wood side. rather brisk. north at oakland there's a north westerly component along the coast but high pressure is nosing in and as it does, it's going to give us a warmer pattern into the weekend and a big system moving into denver. heavy rains on the plains. for us a cold morning out there. breezy and mostly sunny. 60s and 70s on your temps but 30s and 40s to start. it looks like we're just
5:51 am
rounding third and heading into a beautiful weekend. temperatures warming up sunday will be the warmest day. >> you got to bundle up this morning. >> yes, it's cold out there. the time is 5:51. a rough night for democrats in the race for the white house. the highlights from last night's debate and what both sides are doing to prepare for the primaries in new york. a squeeze past the la kings and how they held up on the road.
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crews work in the area where this street gave way. it crumbled down and fell below another road. this is near another area that slid eight weeks ago. two bay area counties joining formers. contra costa and san joaquin counties filed a lawsuit. critics say they plan to ship
5:55 am
the waters south. the purchase should be subject to a review. the deal is set to close in june. california residents feel water conservation is necessary. 86% say they will continue to conserve water after the draught has ended. now to the nhl play offs. the san jose sharks beat the kings at staples center. with the scores tied at three, the second goal of the game ask the sharks win 4-3 and lead the best of seven series one game to nine. in baseball, the next chapter of the long rivalry between the giants and dodgers play out in la. the giants have to bounce back from two straight losses to colorado. yesterday it was the 5th inning
5:56 am
that doomed the giants. the rockies scored nine runs and 13 hits and beat the giants 11 to 6. they will be busy on saturday. we know the warriors are at oracle. the a's giving away 1981 replica jerseys to the first 10,000 people. if you're going to the warriors or a's game driving in 880 tomorrow you should know this and be prepared for traffic jams. breaking news out of hayward this morning. that early morning big rig crash sal is telling you about causing major back ups for drivers. we're looking at a commute that is going to be slow in other areas too. the bay bridge coming to mind and there's a back up there. also a couple of back ups on 80 so we'll run it all down for you coming up.
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a major accident affecting north and south bound traffic along 880.
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the latest details and when chp expects to have the scene cleared. . nothing light about the traffic today. today is friday, april 15th. >> a busy morning. >> very. >> bundle up as you head out today. cold out there. we do have mostly clear skies but there are 30s from mendocino lake county to napa county and a good breeze around the bay. around jacqueline and square, personal experience also alameda there's a good breeze and it's cutting right through you. it will be nice once we get going. it might take a while though. 38 in fairfield and napa. i know there's some in the an ta
6:00 am
cruise mountains as well. 46 in los al tos hills ools. there's your breeze and then we have sunshine. a cold morning and mostly sunny. warmer here in the afternoon. days are longer and a few clouds popping up with 60s and 70s. a big issue now on 880. >> we're hearing when they may get this crash picked up. in case you're just joining us, a big rig crash on interstate 880 that has shut down hayward partially because of a crash. several cars involved and crews still on the scene. christian is there now. we're hearing that there could be a time when they will reopen the freeway. >> yes, sal, it's not great news for the morning comte


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