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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. a noisy pro fest in san francisco tonight outside a big money fundraiser for presidential candidate hillary clinton. they say money has too much influence in program campaigns -- political campaigns. >> she stared the shot light
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with george clooney. the fundraiser was at the knowledge hill home of a entrepreneur and the protesters are supporters of bernie sanders. amber lee live. it cost a small fortune to share a table with them. reporter: julie, it was a very expensive night for 100 supporters who attended this event. the top price to share a table with mrs. clinton, george clooney and his wife was reportedly $353,000. the silver colored suv carrying former secretary of state hillary clinton pulled up to the nob hill home of an investor around 6:30pm. george clooney was seen walking in with an unidentified man. shortly before police clinton's arrival, dozens of protesters marched from nearby huntington park to the intersection of washington and jones where
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police barricades kept them about a half block from the home. >> this is my first time being in a protest. so i'm trying get the raw emotion. reporter: most of the protesters say they support bernie sanders for president. >> i'm actually a registered green now, but i'm going to switch to vote for bernie. reporter: they say access to this event which costs anywhere from $33,000 to more than $300,000 illustrates how money can corrupt politics. >> ordinary people can't afford that to go meet with her. reporter: they are the 99%, but it's the 1% who can buy access to political leaders. >> i am highly offended by this display of wealth. i that i it represents everything that millions of americans are complaining about, about our elections being bought. reporter: one neighbor told me she's a registered democrat and undecided about who'll get her vote. >> i wish we could take both of them and put them in one person
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or have a hillary, bernie ticket, which is not going to happen. reporter: the suv carrying hillary clinton left before 8:30 tonight. tomorrow night, mrs. clinton will be at another high priced fundraiser in los angeles at the home of clooney and his wife. julie, frank. >> thank you. meantime, republican front- runner donald trump is hammering away at gop party leaders. he's upset about the delegates. he's angry about losing colorado's delegates to ted cruz at the state convention instead ever a primary. gop leaders say all candidates were informed of each state's rules last october. new at 10:00, an administrator is stepping down from his job as pro-volt. this comes amid a backlash about how they handle sexual harassment complaints. you learned that he has his
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critics and supporters. reporter: definitely, frank. in a statement today, uc berkeley's chance letter praised him, but there were some people who said that he did not do enough on the sexual harassment occasions here on campus. the advice chance letter office at the california hall is empty after he turned in his resignation saying his wife's poor health prevented him from continuing his duties. it was e-mailed to students who praised him for his work on african-american diversity, fundraising and budget reform. some students and critics have been calling for his resignation for months. they say he mishandled a sexual harassment claim. the attorney says he should have been fired for ordering inadequate disciplinary action, giving him a pay cut and
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ordinarying an apology. >> this discipline of cutting salary for one year by 10% which was really the only discipline is outrageous. he should have been compared to. reporter: cal students say their school needs to do a bet are job of addressing sexual harassment cases. >> they have not department with any of the sexual harassment suits well in my opinion. >> there's no major consequences for people especially up higher in administration or faculty members that have been accused legitimately. reporter: university officials say that his resignation had nothing to do with the harassment case. he will remain here. he'll take a faculty position in the psychology department. >> thank you. a former santa clara police officer could be spending his last weekend in jail. sergeant thomas was convicted of a lewd act inside a store at santana row last summer.
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he was sentenced to 45 days in jail and five years probation. he's already served most of his sentence and could be released monday. the 46-year-old will have to register as a sex offender with the county sheriff's office. >> he's got a tough road a -- road ahead of him. his life has been in law enforcement. this was a shock to him. but he's a tough guy. i know he's a fighter and i hope -- i wish him well. reporter: ktvu tried to talk to the woman who made the client, but she had no comment. dozens of people who live at an apartment complex in sunnyvale can't go home after a fire. it broke out about 1:00 this afternoon at the twin pines manner apartment complex. it took firefighters more than two hours to get the flames under control. one person suffered burns. another person suffered smoke inhalation. they were taken to the hospital. as many as 50 people were displaced. the red cross is offering them
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help. the cause hasn't been determined. the calendar may say april 15th, but people paying income taxes have extra days to get it done. paul is live in alameda where he visited a busy tax preparer's office. paul. reporter: julie, this tax office closed about an hour ago, but i would tell you my entire life it's always been en graved in my head that it's tax day. we have a couple more days for the deadline. but now we know the significance of april 15th. >> the day of the year everyone wants to avoid. reporter: tax day, a time when lines would be out the door at your local post office. of course that's no longer the case. >> it's pretty easy to do yourself. reporter: this year tax day has been pushed back because of an he emaciation day being observed on the 15th. people have until monday to get their taxes done. bob runs this tax service.
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he's one of three people working in this small office that's been busy for weeks now. he says some of his customers thought that was the last day to file so they rushed in. >> they weren't concerned about it until the last day. then they think oh, my god i have to rush. reporter: now they know they have extra time because his calendar is packed with appointments for most of the weekend. some people have had their taxes done for months they did it themselves. >> i like to get it out of the way and so i don't have to worry about it. reporter: everyone us did -- doesn't agree saying they fear doing it themselves could lead to a mistake. they prefer going to small places like this over the bigger well-known tax offices. >> they are really nice. the fees are lower. they seem to treat you better and know what they're talking about. reporter: so there's a lot of happy people. once again, you have been until at 11:59 to file your taxes. julie. >> extra time is always nice. paul, thank you. golden state warriors got
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in a last practice today before the playoffs begin tomorrow many it was their last workout ahead of the opener against the houston rockets. game one tips off at oar achele arena at 12:30. you'll remember the warriors beat houston in last year's western conference finals. it's all things warriors at 10:30. there's a sports wrap special called road to the championship. you'll hear what players are saying about the game. the nba is not ready to move the all-star game out of north carolina despite a growing backlash against a law. fox news reporter tells us that critics say the new law condoned discrimination against members of the lgbt community. reporter: the national basketball association commissioner friday saying the league has not yet decided whether to move the 2017 all- star game out of charlotte. >> no respect votes taken in the room, but it was unanimous among the owners we stand united being against any form
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of discrimination for any group in our society. the law as it now stands in north carolina is problematic for the league. >> this in response to a question about the new law hb-2 which some say discriminates by limiting protections against the lgbt community. in part, it requires transgender people to use public rest rooms that correspond with their gender at birth. supporters say the law protects privacy and women from potential predators. on friday, the performance troop announced it is canceling shows there adding to a growing number of companies and entertainers boycotting or threatening to boycott the state. a band chose to perform this week. the band oppose the law but decided to donate all proceeds to a local lgbt group rather than cancel. >> they didn't cancel it or punish fans who might have supported that bill. reporter: north carolina's
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governor acknowledging this week he's under pressure. >> people of north carolina are entities eld to privacy and equality. we can and we must achieve both of these goals. reporter: and here in california, the los angeles city council that's voted to refrain from conducting business with north carolina including participating in any conventions or other business that requires city resources. in los angeles, fox news. a new tool to help you choose your next restaurant, the color coded ratings making their debut. weekend is going to be a warm one. high temperatures this weekend are going to go off the charts. we're going to see mid-80s, upper 80s and even low 90s. i'll let you know what days that happens and which day will be the warmest. up next, new damage and more deaths in japan tonight after the second major earthquake in as many days. gy. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, ever
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at least 29 people are dead following tweaks in japan that hit one day part. the most recent and more powerful hit early in the morning when many people were sleeping. rescue efforts are under way and the number of deaths are expected to rise. many are believed to be trapped under flattened buildings including 66 people who were inside a nursing home that collapsed during the second earthquake. the two quakes hit in the comb owe moto area.
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the ep centers were not far apart. the first struck yesterday. it killed ten people. the second measured 7.0. at this point, 19 deaths are blamed on that second one. students at uc davis ended a sit-in today at a campus administration building. they are still calling on chancellor to step down. they began their protest saying they were upset she had accepted seats on private corporate board. then, this week the sacramento bee reported they paid a firm $175,000 to remove negative references along with images of a highly pub sized pepper spray incident on campus from the internet. those revelations proved their sit-in was worthwhile. >> i think it has been a success. i don't think a lot of the stuff that has been shined light on would have came out if we hadn't been here countless days. >> in 2011, a campus officer
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pepper strayed students who protested tuition hikes. the students sued and the officer was fired. in a statement, the chancellor said she appreciates the students concerns and hopes to meet with them soon. new numbers out tonight show california's unemployment rate has fall tone its lowest level since july of 2007. in march, the state jobless rate john to 5.4%. that's down 1/10 of a percentage point since february. they added 4200 jobs last month, but that's tiny compared to the 46,000 new jobs added in february. bills are in the mail for the city of san francisco to thousands of drivers for ridesharing services uber and lift. the treasure sent out 37,000 notices. they advise anyone who has driven in the city for 7 or more days that they need a business license. it will cost drivers $91 a year and it's retroactive previous years as well. if all 37,000 people who get the notice keep driving and pay the fee, the city stands to
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gain mare bee $3.4 million a year. the stock market closed with losses today. for the week, the markets finished higher. bart says an electrical problem on the tracks that paralyzed service in the east bay last month has vanished just as mysterious lee as it appeared. you may recall electrical surges damageled more than 50 bart cars halting service between the pittsburgh and concord stations for two weeks. bart's assistant general manager told the agency's board of directors that a group of consultants hired to exam the problem has been unable to pinpoint it. people dining out this friday night may notice something new on the windows of restaurants. cristina on the new color coded health inspection signs that were rolled out today.
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reporter: at wild ox burger, food prep safety is part of the daily routine. the family owned restaurant got a health inspection friday garnering this placard. it lets customers know they've passed state code. >> we have five stars. reporter: the health division is now passing out color coded signs to restaurants to help the public make informed decisions. >> now this will be another thing they can take into account is a very easy way to figure out how safe is the food safety conducted in their kitchen of the restaurant they're going to. reporter: green means they have severe tow one violation. two major violations or more prompts a yellow sign. worse problems can prompt a red sign. it poses a health hazard and will get shut down. they will be uploaded to the county's free app called food inspector that tracks them for multiple counties. >> if a restaurant has no placard, it doesn't mean
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there's a problem. people will still need use the food inspector app as they roll it out. they can only do so many per day. we hope to have about 1200 up by the end of the month. >> the hope is that the kitchen staff, the food facility operators, that the food is produced in a safer way. reporter: the county will offer training to businesses though struggle to obtain green placards. some customers appreciate the system like miguel who says it's better than his way of choosing restaurants. >> my system is if i see a lot of people, i know that's a good place. reporter: cristina remember do not, ktvu fox 2 news. the dog spotted running across the bay bridge is available for adoption. take a look at ponch. he made headlines after a motorcycle officer chased him across the bridge just a couple weeks ago. animal control put him in a foster home last week, but since his average owners haven't come forward, animal control is now accepting
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applications to adopt him until next friday. happy friday night to you. we have nice weather to talk about as we head into your bay area weekend. it's going to warm up and we'll see temperatures on saturday and sunday above these. these were the mize from today. they're warmer than yesterday. lies going to be in the mid- 80s. as we head into sunday, the warmest day on the weekend, we're talking upper 80s, maybe a low 90. the winds right now, you see the vehicles coming from the north, they're starting to clock around. they'll continue overnight this way so they're more like this, more offshore. that is when the heating really begins. that should occur after midnight tonight. we're already seeing that. as the air goes offshore, it sinks and warms and dries and becomes warmer out there. right now, it's 59 degrees. it's not that cold overnight because the air is sinking. live camera shot, there's no fog and very few clouds.
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you have a warmer weekend. beautiful bay area weekend with temperatures above the average and hey favor, at least with the tree pollen is going off the charts. we're talking about a very warm saturday and a warmer sunday. sunday is the warmest day with temperatures into the mid-80s. lets break it out here. there's today. we got to the low 70s. tomorrow, mid-80s and then sunday is the day where temperatures could reach 87. santa rosa, your numbers will be in the upper 80s and that area might be a low 90. we'll track it for you. mark will be in here. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. 83 in vacaville. 83 in napa. it looks nice. that's your saturday forecast. a lot going on. we have a couple games, the game over at -- well, oakland as and the warriors. so traffic out there by the coliseum by the airport in the afternoon is going to be a little bit dicey. that's a lot going on. sunday is the warmest day and there's baseball games on that day as well with temperatures
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at the ball parks into the low 80s. there's the 5-day forecast. warmer tomorrow, warmer still on sunday. and then just a slight temperature trend down with a light chance of sprinkle on tuesday. really nice bay area weekend and if you're going to the beach, swells are big. they're dropping off quick. there's a lot of nasty sandbars out there. i know it's hot enough you're going to want to go to the beach and get in the water, the riff tides are nasty with the heat and the swells, stay clear of getting past here. i wouldn't go past my knees. >> really? >> what happens is you go past your knees and then you get swept off your feet and pulled out. >> he people don't think about that. they want to walk in the water and it happens fast. >> we talked about that video where those people were walking on the beach and it was from europe and they're just walking and a wave came in and swept them off and they got sucked
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out. it's weird how dangerous it is. the waves are big enough you have to think about it. >> thank you. melting snow that's pushed lake tahoe's water level high enough it is now spilling over the rim and replenishing the truckee river. the felting -- melting snow is adding 390 million gallons to the lake every day. water managers expect the lake level to rise another foot and keep feeding the truckee river all summer long. a full half hour on the warriors incredible season and the road to the championship. openers though, buyers resnores a flood of 49ers tickets hit the market as unsatisfied buyers try to cut their losses.
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the market is flooded now with season ticket holders trying to unload their tickets
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and seat licenses. the number is in red -- the numbers in reds indicate the deep discounts in the past 48 hours in the second airy market. fans are turned off by the way they have been playing. >> ended up buying eight tickets in a row, had the rights, thought it was the best investment and now we can't even get rid of them if we wanted to today. >> stadium officials say fans should understates are a long- term asset, but some ticket holders stopped paying on their contracts. they revert back to the stadium. we're going to talk about the warriors coming up in a few minutes. >> a couple big weekend series. the schedule maker didn't waste any time getting us to the main event. dodgers giants 7 times in the first two weeks of the season, including the greatest pitchers twice. there's rachel robinson and a little help throwing out the
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first pitch from frank robinson, no relation, but the first african-american baseball manager. the first pitch of the game, hernandez, and it's 1-0. he hit two homers and relationships a two-run double inside the line. talk about 10-16, three homers. 7-3 the dodgers are victorious. plenty of eyeballs on the as as well. back home for a series others -- series with the defending world champion royals. honoring jackie in oakland as well. pretty good crew throwing out the first pitch. rickey henderson, dave stewart, who you that? bottom two, 2-0kc until that lead was cut in half. solo shot, hisser home run of the season. the royals add on in the third.
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morales, up the middle. tough night for rich hill, he gave up three earned and the royals win 4-2. moments away from a half-hour of warrior playoff preview blitz. everything you want to know about the season going by and the season about to come. >> coming up in just a couple minutes, the half hour special of the warriors road to the championship. should be exciting. i'm sure you have plenty to talk about. >> you can talk with them for 30 hours. unfortunately we only have a half hour. it's going to be great. on the eve of game one. >> perfect time to do it. >> that does it for us. you can find us online on twitter, facebook, and the apps. the road to the championship sounds good, does at any time? that's up next. >> have a great weekend. good night.
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records are made to be broken. in some cases, shattered. the worriers have spent the last two seasons rewriting the books while dominating the nba universe. thanks inform a rare mixture of talents, caress ma and fortitude rarely seen at any level in -- at any level in any sport, but that was yesterday. today, another quest begins with capable adversaries littering the path to renewed glory. 16 more wins won't come easy despite an irrepressible tendency to make them look easy.


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