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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  April 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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warriors here if you dig into high gear as game one in the first round of the nba playoffs kicks off at 12:30 at oracle arena. here's a live look outside. the beautiful weather and a great game all on the way today. >> so excited. i cannot wait. the shirts are already on all seats inside oracle. we are just coming off of the record-breaking 73rd win. ending the regular season with an amazing game. staff and very -- stephen curry had a great game. we have lots of coverage coming up on this saturday morning. good morning.
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welcome to mornings on 2. it saturday, april 16. >> the start off this half-hour with breaking news. a gas leak -- a gas tanker spilling gasoline onto the roadways. firefighters are urging the public to avoid the intersection of stewart consider boulevard because of this accident. the gas tanker hit a fire hydrant and gas is spilling onto the roadway near 76 gas station. strong winds are comforting answers -- complicating matters. we are expecting a warm up this weekend. here is the forecast. with rosemary. usually i were my big park a but i didn't either today. keep it just in case. >> we are warmer especially in spot or we have the north wind
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blowing. in this afternoon we're looking at temperatures five in 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures are well into the 70s for the afternoon. a beautiful view of the rolling hills of the east bay. plenty of sunshine to start your morning. rapid warm-up into the second part of your morning. here is a look at where we start. 74 degrees in santa rosa. it has to do with the wind. i will double check these numbers for you. sometimes these numbers are off. we have mostly clear skies this morning. temperatures well above yesterday. livermore up by 11 degrees. the only area on this map santa rosa is a bit cooler this morning. and on the east bay shoreline temperatures are pretty much the same.
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as we get into the afternoon we're looking at a multislice sky and temperatures beginning to warm up. 68 under mostly sunny skies at 11 am. if you're going out to the is game are going to do some tailgating it's going to be nice. keep in mind the warriors are also playing at 12:30. multislice guys accepted by 1 pm. the detailed forecast coming up. we're counting down to the warriors first game of the 2016 playoffs. tipoff is about 5 1/2 hours away. here's a live look at oracle arena. doris are set to become back-to- back champions. in just a few games. >> just a few. christien kafton has basketball live inside oracle. i have to tell you these are the stories the shots -- hold
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the ball. >> that was my version of stephen curry. his warm-up dribble drill. >> that was impressive christian. keep practicing. >> this is as close as i get to warriors glory. but this is fantastic. it's unbelievable. you had a preview of what looks like a few minutes ago a sea of gold. this year's memorial shirt the strength in numbers shirt is ready for all the fans coming out today. today's game kicks off at 12:30 against the houston rockets. we have video of all the glory that led up to this including the record breaking season finale. 73 and nine on the season. unbelievable. the rest of the on the for the next day after that last game.
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as one fan said postseason is like a new season. he wiped the slate clean and get ready for the houston rockets. today's game will be a sellout. 19,000+ fans filling oracle arena. there are still tickets available through secondary markets. the warriors issued a fraud alert. and for and 50 catch of it tickets last year they had to turn away over the 11 games home games. in the lead up to the world championship. fans have been soaking up the record for the season and hoping for the best for the postseason. >> there's been a fever taking over the area and people are excited about the warriors are doing pick it seems like a good way to celebrate. >> reporter: this is a look at the stephen curry his preferred shots. you can see how for that is. it's unbelievable. we're looking at that -- don't
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show me. i'm not going to make the shock. but if you look how far that shot is. he's just journaling them from right here. >> christian don't you think that we mentioned stephen but klay thompson history is beautiful. >> the whole team has been unbelievable. it's been amazing watching them lead up to the postseason. it's funny how quickly you normal estimates. i fully expected the warriors to be here again. i have my one final hit for me. i may, talisman which is my strength in numbers final shirt and last year. this is the 2015 version. the warriors are -- i want to say 8-2 when i wear this.'s ongoing to this on today to make sure i had some luck. and maybe i will walk away with one of the new ones. >> walk away with three or four.
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don't forget rosemary. expect some heavy traffic around the oakland coliseum today. the 80s are also playing kansas city royals. at 1 pm. that will make things busy. here is traffic conditions at this hour. the green on your screen is going. but it won't last for very long. cars are moving will across the bay bridge heading into oakland and i-80. as we get closer to gametime to the middle of the day traffic is going to pick up. if you're going to either game or you the drive anywhere near the coliseum yourself extra time today. and stay with us for continuing coverage of the warriors in our sports section. the final letter stories and headlines on the team. we're also posting updates twitter facebook mobile app will be in all those places. senator bernie sanders is saying he did in fact get to meet with the pope this
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morning. >> it was a real honor for me a from the wife and i to spend some time with him. i think he's one of the extraordinary figures not only in the world today but in lead world history. >> he's not agree with all the post do something such as abortion or gay marriage but the presidential candidate says they do both agree on issues of economic injustice and climate change. the meeting was not prearranged but sanders did say on the same floor of the pontiff at the vatican and the met briefly in the foyer. said will head back to new york to campaign now before tuesday's new york primary. hillary clinton travels to san francisco and center supporters protested outside her expensive fundraiser. dozens marched to washington and joan streets where police kept them about half block away from the site. the former secretary of state of up to a [ null ] hill home in this silver suv around 6:30 last night. george clooney walked in a few
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minutes later. >> it's my first time being at a protest so your tried to get the raw emotion and the conflict >> i'm highly offended by this ostentatious display of wealth. i think it represents everything that millions of americans are complaining about about our elections being bought. >> the top price table with clinton including was reportedly $353,000. and protesters say that is outrageous. tonight clinton is scheduled to attend another fundraiser in los angeles and this time as a -- the clone's personal home. donald trump is hammering away at gop leaders. is upset with the party system slacking delegates going: undemocratic. leaders say all candidates were informed of each state rules last october. .net fox news sunday with chris walsh tomorrow morning.
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will be talking with the campaign manager about the race to the white house. he also address the ongoing concerns about zika virus with the director of the an -- niaid. you can catch this tomorrow morning from 6-7 am before mornings on 2. aftershocks continue to battle southwest japan after devastating earthquakes this week. so far 39 people have died and 1500 have been injured. the japanese government believes there are still more victims trapped in collapsed buildings. weather 70,000 people have been evacuated as well. since the first earthquake on thursday more than 250 aftershocks hit the area. japan's largest active volcano is also erupted near the quakes at the center. a uc berkeley student from the southwest airline plane after another passenger heard him speak in arabic is waiting for an apology this morning. the 26-year-old refugee had boarded his oakland down flight at lax this month.
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he made a phone call to his uncle and a passenger got up as it returned with an employee. he was questioned i airport officials. hours later he was allowed to leave and his ticket was refunded. seller the tuesday missing student was removed from the plane because of potentially threatening comments made aboard the aircraft. the student says he speaks nothing more than an apology from the airline. uc davis have ended their five-week long sit in but there still calling for chancellor linda katehi to step down. this comes at the sacrament of being reported the ministration spent $175,000 to remove negative images of a pepper spraying incident in 2011. a campus officer pepper sprayed students protesting tuition hikes and the students sued the officer and was also been fired. students believe it's a conflict of interest for the chancellor to sit on private corporate boards as well. >> i think it's been a success. i don't think much of the stuff that has been shined light on
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would've come out if we hadn't been here countless days. >> the chancellor says she appreciates the students concerns and hopes to meet with them soon to discuss the matters. number so california on planet rate has fallen to its lowest level since july number so california on planet rate has fallen to its lowest level since july 2007. in march the state of us rate dropped to 5.4%. is down from 5.5% in february. the state added 4200 jobs but that number paled in comparison to the 46,000 new jobs added in february. a high-ranking official at uc berkeley steps down. the central harassment complaint that sparked all of it. vinyl fans will show up in droves. more on the bay area band serve as ambassadors and a free concert.
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this is the bay area. >> i'm an old guy. this is the best ever. these be the balls big time. >> it means everything for us. we've been waiting. >> it's a privilege to be here and wins the season. we're lucky fans. we've been through some hard times and now we get to enjoy the fruits of it. >> fan reaction from warrior fans of the historic season. 73 wins during the regular nba season. >> that's a great day to start the playoffs. here's a live look outside the oracle arena. we take on the rockets at 12:30 today. warren county firefighters have contained the wildfire near dillon beach. they treated out this picture saying is 1% contained and that no one was injured. it started around 8 pm last night and broke through 5 acres of grassy sand dunes investigators are calling a suspicious. witnesses and people running from the scene.
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if you're feeling nostalgic it might be the perfect time to indulge in some of your favorite music on vinyl. today is record store day. several stores and music lovers with -- enticing music lovers with limited-edition releases. david bowie and added james but also stars like the weekend and justin bieber. last year vinyl sales were up 30% and sold 12 million records. that only me up about 5% of album sales. rock band metallica has supported record store day since its inception. into the eight. and this year they are the record store day ambassadors. what does that mean? to celebrate they're putting on a free show in berkeley. only a few lucky fans will get tickets to see the show and the rest of us we can watch online.
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then we streaming the performance on facebook. metallica is also releasing a deluxe reissue of its first two albums today. 1983 and 1984 regulating. you consider coming up at 4 pm. yes 4 pm on facebook. streaming online. before you watch the streaming head outside because the weather is going to be beautiful. warm. i like this. it's not hot just a nice day. >> yes. we had some nice weather yesterday and it's going to warm up today and tomorrow will be the warmest day. we wake up with this. wall-to-wall sunshine. we have a northwind turning northeast through the afternoon. here's a look at the beautiful iconic golden gate bridge. even on the coast it's going to be nice. temperatures 5-10 degrees above yesterday.
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here's a comparison for you. over in the low 70s and mid-70s yesterday. today we're expecting to be near 80 and above in areas like santa rosa will be several degrees warmer today. oakland by eight concord by seven. notable jump coming this afternoon. it started out this morning showing you the current conditions that were way off. here's a better look. these are the real numbers. 44 degrees in santa rosa. a chilly start for some spots. 48 in napa. upper 40s for the east bay. mid-50s around the day. 56 san francisco. 52 half moon bay. a warmer weekend expected. a ridge of high pressure will climb as we get into the second part of the weekend. today now a lot of 70s at the coast and 80s for the warmer
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spots inland. here is the better look around. 82 in sonoma. sausalito 77. east bay on the shoreline 77 in alameda. 79 lake fannie and -- san leandro. livermore warm and 82. san jose 81. 82 in saratoga. 78 santa cruz. along the peninsula anyone in woodside. downtown san francisco 77 and low 70s pacifica and half moon bay. here's the extended forecast. temperatures climbing to near 90 on the sunday.
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so five in 10 degrees jump for today and other 5-10 degree jump for tomorrow. we begin a switch and the weather pattern introducing the possibility of a few showers on tuesday. >> near 90 degrees? crazy. >> i changed my mind. that is hot. >> mild yesterday warm today and hot tomorrow. be sure to download the free ktvu weather app for the latest on all your conditions. you find the radar and up-to- the-minute forecast. search ktvu in your app store. a warning say about the powerful hand dryers in public bathrooms. the reason why some researchers say it might be cleaner to use paper towels.
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on. welcome back. a study shows the jet hand dryers in public restrooms may
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not be as good for our environment and our health as we once thought. the dryers are a popular replacement for paper towels but researchers say they actually spread 1300 times more germs. a test for the dryers that viral black -- viral plaques flying 10 feet. the entry manufacturer thiessen has complained about similar studies saying they are funded by the paper towel industry. anyone can for the university today and go to lectures and even a cal football practice game. there are also going to be some giveaways on campus and at 2 pm visiting professor and acclaimed novelist joyce carol oates will read some of her work allowed. at the movies this weekend you can see a remake of the classic jungle book and the next chapter in the barbershop series. >> kevin mccarty rigging down for us. >> reporter: first off is a
7:24 am
jungle book or the best 3-d experiences i've ever had in a movie theater. this 3-d i've seen since martin scorsese hugo. jon favreau has crafted a beautiful visual film with an emotional story and it really works through all different aspects. the characters are amazing. the voice acting from christopher walken to bill murray to ben kingsley to scarlett johansson is incredible on all fronts. mill city who plays young mowgli in the movie did a great job considering he's the only live action actor on the set. doing with these cgi characters. any other small roles that have live acting onset but the majority of the time it's mill city acting and puppet and blue screen. they to make it seem realistic and this is a young kid his first feature film. he did a brilliant job. the director your his work in ironman and chef and a great film maker and great work.
7:25 am
worth seeing in 3-d. not for the young children. there are very intense sequences. it's of a jungle book he saw in 1967. it feels very realistic. i give it four and half out of five. one of the best films of the year so far. next up is criminal which could have been great the cast is amazing. , costar and gary almond great casting. but what happened is the script is terrible. the movie feels like it's missing something. it was overly convoluted and do not make sense. and i love kevin costner. but the plot line that kevin costner character is a death row inmate and they essentially implants the memories of addyi agent into his mind so we can basically finished a mission that ryan reynolds character was on to help save lives. the film really failed on almost every level. there are great performances that times. he does a great deal of what has but overall it's not worth
7:26 am
seeing. it's a bad film with a great cast and great content. and barbershop the next cut this is the new film of the barbershop rent. i love the first and second on. it stars ice cube nicki minaj eve anthony anderson. a huge cast. i love this movie. it's the best film in the franchise so far. it's very timely and very funny. also dramatic at the same time. i love being in the barbershop setting it's very funny how the dialogue plays out. the movie does touch on real- life actual subject matter and the barbershop puts together a cease-fire to stop all violence in the chicago area. so they can actually get free haircuts to everybody so the violence stops for that 48 hours. and so it's effective idea and loved concept of the movie and it does work. it's a well made film. well- written and well acted. i think some of the editing could of done better but he did
7:27 am
a great job directing. it really does work. i give film four out of five. it's the best film of the franchise so far. worth seeing lots of great messages as well as some great comedic and dramatic moments. for all of my refusal to kevin mccarthy fox on facebook. coming up he's that done that sparked a bay bridge chase. now you can take poncho home. i'm sitting in a field of gold. berry getting ready to for the warriors playoff game.
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i'm so excited. and i want one of those shirts. we're on warriors watch. we're getting ready for the first round of the playoffs. tipoff 12:30 this afternoon. >> of you can tell this is a live look inside oracle arena. 20,000 fans will packed into the arena in their best orange and blue. welcome back it's saturday, april 16. >> let's get a quick look at
7:31 am
your weather. joining us now for a look at this day that is heating up. it's getting warm. >> warm almost hot. >> you stole my thunder. i've got the numbers. as we get into the afternoon we're going to have a notable warm-up today and it's going to be hot at some point during the weekend. more i met him him. let's look at a beautiful start. mostly clear skies and everywhere we turn. from the coast around the bay and inland. we're going to be -- see the blue skies this afternoon. went turning a bit offshore and all dried our temperatures as well. if you look back at the coliseum and the arena as we get ready for the warriors and the a's play this afternoon as well. 44 to start off in santa rosa. 58 in san francisco but a difference there.
7:32 am
oakland 50. low 50s san jose. the 24 hour temperature change like a much warmer we are in some spots. not as widespread of a number around the day but still a few degrees warmer along the peninsula into the south bay. santa rosa is without the only spot where to be chillier this morning. this afternoon in san francisco 74 degrees expected at noon. and in the afternoon mostly sunny skies and upper 70s in the forecast. temperatures will soar a rather warm expected in the second part of the morning. the full forecast coming up. the warriors of course 173 games in the weather season and
7:33 am
the new nba record. today they begin the playoff run. >> if they win 60 more games they will be nba champions. again christian captain is live inside oracle arena where it is quiet now. but in about five hours it's going to be the last place in the bay area. >> yes. i've got my seat and a former quickly you wanted three more shirts right? >> how is this? >> don't tell the people who have those seats that you are taking their shirts. they may be upset. >> it will be our secret. >> as you can tell oracle arena is ready. we're thinking we would get in the would be setting up a shirts and that kind of thing but we came in and it was like this. a field of gold. fans will be impressed as soon as they roll in. it's going to be an amazing game. against houston rockets today at 12:30. we have video of events led up to this which is a phenomenal season.
7:34 am
73-09 season. it's been incredible to watch. so much fun. fans expected turnout today. we've been talking about 19,000 fans filling oracle arena expected to be a. there are some tickets available aftermarket. about $190 for a seat in the upper level. worth it to watch some history. today's game against the rockets 12:30. warriors issuing a fraud alert. one of the keys of course for coming to the game is make sure you buy your tickets from a reputable ticket killer because you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars on a ticket and wind up eating scams. if you look over here they are getting the court ready. polishing on the hardwood. this is some of the hardware
7:35 am
the goes into prepping for an mba playoff game. really we talk about the team effort of everyone out on the team. but it's a team effort. this lady here is one of the warrior crowd is making sure it looks unbelievable and beautiful. don't forget there is also an is game today at 1605. if you're coming out oracle arena ready for some traffic. warriors fans i should do those t-shirts earlier. the first 8000 fans will be getting thunder sticks as well and the first 3000 fans will also get flights for the cars social your warrior spirit. >> i looked on stub hub because they borrowed someone's credit card and as if you don't mind if i sleep this. $1400 for a courtside ticket. >> you don't mind if i buy this
7:36 am
to you? >> a little suspicious. >> what did your husband say after use weight? >> i did not. left that is but i'm not sure but you might have implicated herself in credit card fraud. >> if you saw me out a picture of my tiny screen on the kitchen i was watching the game on you know i did not. coming up in half-hour we look outside because fans have officially kicked off at 9 am. if you get out here early there will be some warriors love into forget the is game will be played at 1 pm as well so as you might suspect there's a crossover to the a's fans and warriors fans. we'll talk to some the fans. it's amazing what the warriors have done the season and keep in mind the postseason is a whole new season. there's a lot of excitement. >> so because adobe many people out very early.
7:37 am
we will check back in with you. it's been an historic season for the warriors who smashed almost every record out there. >> scott reiss puts it all into perspective. >> reporter: let's start with the streaks. >> our guys know how to win. >> 50-0. -- 24 straight wins to begin the season. a record 54 straight at home. that's 22% more than the legendary balls previous mark. >> and they're pretty good away from oakland as well. 34 road wins the season. and nba record. i would like to 15 points game over. the one ,101. talk about jump shooting? this is the best.
7:38 am
more than 1053 point -- three- pointers. five nba teams don't have half that many. stephen curry made 400 triples all by himself. best ink his own and being barred from last season by 40%. that's the record-breaking equivalent of the baseball player hitting 102 home runs or a quarterback throwing 77 touchdown passes. . stephen curry now owns the most prolific three-point shooting records ever. the third belongs to klay thompson who's not down 276. stephen scored 15 points or more in a quarter 31 times this season. no one else is done that more than 25. then there's the mvp on corporate labor on the award in 1984 and kenneth extra scored for and have more points per game. it was record for reigning mvp.
7:39 am
and stephen curry, long and scored six more points per contest this year. this team is made a mockery of the record books all season long. cannot say for sure the location on the second straight temperature but right here right now the warriors are in the midst of the most dominating stretch in the history of the nba. coming up we talk with scott live at oracle arena. a high-ranking uc berkeley administrator to set for the school's handling of certain russ mclean's has stepped down. client still reside as chancellor of us. he said his wife's poor health for his departure. university statement email disturbance praised him for his work on diversity fundraising and budget reform but some students think he should resign or been fired months ago for being too lenient against the then dean of berkeley law school who was accused of kissing and fondling a victim. >> his discipline of cutting the salary for one year i 10%
7:40 am
which was really the only discipline is outrageous. >> the school plans to announce an interim replacement for him. he will return to his work as psychologist and become a full- time uc faculty member. san francisco women against rape organization is holding its 11th annual walk today. frustration is at 10 am at the women's building a meeting street near guerrero. it 11:15. the walk against rape is meant to raise awareness and break the silence around sexual assault. the walk wraps up with it will be several music and dance performances. a former police officer could be out of jail after this weekend. sergeant thomas lee felt was convicted of lewd act inside a store last summer. he was sentenced to 45 days in jail and five years probation. he's already served most of that sentence and could be released coming up monday. he will also have to register as a sex offender with the county sheriff's office.
7:41 am
>> he has a tough road ahead of them. his whole life has been in law enforcement. this was a shock to him. but he's a tough guy and i know he's a fighter and i hope -- i wish him well and mixed with some of his life as best he can. >> we try to talk with the woman who made the original complaint but she says she has no comment. a fire inside will cover part of public's interest to make and sends 50 and sends 5010 is looking for new place to stay. it broke out friday afternoon at the twin pines manor apartment on sunnyvale saratoga road. it took firefighters two hours to put the fire out. two people went to the hospital with burns and smoke inhalation injuries. the red cross is helping tenants with temporary housing. the cause of the fire has not been determined. the dogs that are running across the bridge is now available for adoption. mrs. poncho. -- this is poncho. the motorcycle officer chased him across the bridge a few weeks ago. animal control put them in a foster home but this is owners
7:42 am
have not come forward and animal control is now accepting applications to adopt him and have until next friday to apply. an armed robbery caught on camera in the south bay. harvey court tried to fight them off. top compliments of you coming up.
7:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪
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♪ a search for missing girl and a call for action in the shooting of a homeless man this month be rejoined this morning by police chief greg suhr to talk about all of this. let's talk about the search continuing for the two-year-old girl. can you tell us to do anything
7:45 am
more? >> we do have some leads we're following. we've got now we have the fbi helping us with technical assistance. if there is no resource being spared. >> do you still in the bay area? we think is a good likelihood she still in the bay area? but we're not eliminate any possibility. obviously the investigation does have some connection to southern california at the stories have been unfolding. anywhere between. >> case of a the about her mother's death? really we've not heard much. it's raising as you can tell us? >> again at the risk of jeopardizing the investigation i cannot. it does not appear that it was by a firearm or anything like that. but again we do have a cause of death and it's just a horribly tragic story.
7:46 am
>> as soon as we know we will put the story out and we know that everyone is concerned. the outpouring of love and want to find this girl is shared by everyone including the investigators on the case. >> we want her found safe. of the one talk about in sikora. that's a big topic of conversation. shot to death by officers on april 7. it's one of so many issues. and it had the townhall earlier this week. we're upset you have these temples because you want to talk to the community and keep communication open but the level we have to say of people getting upset is growing. what is your take on where it goes from here? >> i committed when i became chief -- for years and years now information came out at all. and that was not productive in any way.
7:47 am
they are acrimonious. when anyone ever loses their life it's a huge tragedy. but i think it's important for the community and that's what we're close whenever whatever happens to put out. >> the 11th since 2014 is that correct? >> officer involved shootings? >> since the beginning of 2014? >> >> i think the statistic i saw. >> i don't know that. >> in any case there have been several. do you feel it's a growing issue? if you take a step back from the individuals of each shooting why are we seeing these and how -- we talked public about what happens next -- is there more training? are the things that need to be happening in terms of how these things are to how we move forward in a positive way? >> again we are committed to work with department of justice
7:48 am
trying to train the with the officers use force and put a priority on de-escalation. we have to put a priority on improving time and distance. just since i have been chief which is coming up on five years officers in the san francisco police department contemptible in crisis all the time over 20,000 people have been 5150 be a level of crisis of danger to themselves or others to the point where have to be taken to crisis care and general hospital. that's not count on the other contact. it's very tragic be there been three instances where the -- of those over 20,000+, officers were unable to navigate the situation without the use of a firearm. again >> there's a big picture an individual instances. >> do think the takedown of the homeless and came and that merely is proposing will be a part of it? >> just after occupy which was
7:49 am
a situation that's related into political situation, that seems to be the case with attentive in cameras. which i expect anyone under any circumstance however less fortunate to be expected to live in the circumstances that has devolved in the situations. the friday night afterwards public health moved the folks over on the block after they had all been interviewed and the crime scene had been cleaned up they moved them into the navigation center to get them into a better circumstance. and then after the fact of the people came and unfortunately there is folks that we suggest it could of gone better. i think the officers tried to do the best they could in support of dpw to clean up. >> the conversation continues in the pride parade and making the theme of racial justice and social justice. i mentioned your encouraging the conversation
7:50 am
>> yes were happy to have a conversation. however difficult it is. this only we can get to a better place. >> thank you for joining us. let's into rosemary for a check of the weather. i love the rain. but a lot more to be able to say heatwave is here. >> yes. a nice warm up coming our way in time for the weekend. guilty temperatures soar well above the seasonal average. here's a look into the east bay where you can see we have light winds. it was busy at times but ridge of high pressure building an hour flow is going to turn north northeast as we get into the bay area weekend. and as we know that has to dry the temperature off. 59 degrees in san francisco. 44 in santa rosa. we're the 15 degree temperature span going on around the bay area. 50 oakland. upper 40s and walnut creek. mostly sunny skies around the
7:51 am
region from the coast to the day and inland communities. 45 menlo park. san mateo 49. 44 woodside. a call one for some of our peninsula locations will be are sheltered from the wind. you can see partly cloudy to mostly clear skies but these are the upper level winds. still coming from the north northwest. as i pull this back high- pressure is here over the pacific and that ridge you can see building in this puts -- as this moves closer it's easy to see how the wind could turn and become north northeast. that's what we're looking at for the weekend. today 510 degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow will be the warmest day. here's a sneak peek. 88 degrees in santa rosa. 82 san francisco. upper 80s conquered.
7:52 am
some of us might actually hit 90 tomorrow. for today not quite as one. it's going to be warm it will feel good in both locations. 82 for petaluma. 77 in sausalito. for the east bay 80 in oakland. 83 antioch. if you're going to the coliseum to watch the a's play or the warriors play lucky bums. it's going to be a nice day. anyone in san jose. 76 san bruno. 77 downtown. low 70s along the coast. the senate forecast tomorrow is the hottest day. tuesday we have a slight chance of a few scattered showers. what a great weekend. beautiful weather and great games. >> it's going to be nice. coming up color coding
7:53 am
restaurant with assigned to going and what they mean for your health. it's time now for our pet of the day. this is patriot a four-month- old chihuahua mix closed meeting new people and hangout with other dogs. he loves lunchtime and could take some puppy classes. beat him at the san francisco spca.
7:54 am
high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on.
7:55 am
major-league baseball is honoring jackie robinson for breaking the color barrier. last night his widow took part in the first pitch ceremony. every player on every major- league team yesterday where the number 42 in honor of robinson. when the game began a featured the best left-handers a baseball playing -- madison bumgarner. the dodgers victory 7-3.
7:56 am
at the coliseum a's hosting kansas city royals. last night they dropped the fourth, row all at home. redskin up nine hits. reels be the a's 4-2. the coliseum will be filled this afternoon promotion giving away than to anyone replica jerseys to the first 15,000 fans. to contra costa county people dining out this friday might notice something new on the windows of the restaurant. the in my mental health division is now passing out color-coded signs to restaurants to up the public make informed decisions. green means restaurants have 021 violation. major violations or prompt a yellow sign and sewage problems or rodents or lack of hot water can prompt a red sign in that means the business poses an imminent health hazard and will get shut down. the readings will be uploaded to the county free app called
7:57 am
food inspector that tracks inspections for multiple counties. of the restaurant has no plucker does not mean there's a problem. people will still need to use the food inspector app as they roll it out. the only can do so many per day. we hope to have 1200 up by the end of the month. >> the county will also offer training to businesses that repeatedly struggle to obtain green placards. san francisco police are hosting a gun buyback event today. >> from 8 am until noon on the 1000 block of howard street. ring a weapon were paid $100 for the handguns to work for a weapons and no questions asked. one in three homes with children have guns and that many of them are left unlocked or loaded. we have development and japan. the search for survivors continues following another powerful earthquake. the latest on evacuations coming up. bernie sanders is off the campaign trail at the vatican.
7:58 am
the tells about his morning meeting with the pope.
7:59 am
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this is k tvu mornings on 2 weekend. we begin with breaking news there's a hazmat situation. >> a gas tanker hit a fire hydrant at 6:30 this morning. it's happening along newark and cedar videos. >> showing you that video, the gas is spilling on to the roadway. you saw that 76 gas station earlier. now you can see it's affecting that intersection. >> there's been no fire but strong winds are complicating matters as the hazmat teams has
8:01 am
to close down roads. the cleanup is in progress, it could take 2 or 3 hours more will ever the roads open up. it's a breaking story, we'll follow it for you and any new information, we'll get it to you. 8:01. over to rose mary, the wind is causing issues we can see the flag it's blowing a little bit as the day heats up. >> shifting north and northeast and they're going to be dryer winds into the afternoon. yesterday, quite breezy as the high pressure builds in. the winds expected to die out but the wind this morning. we have a view over the bay from san francisco. plenty of sunshine to go around this morning from coast to inland communities. the temperatures, santa rosa started out cool, 51 degrees now. 59 in san francisco. 56 in oakland. livemore at 60 degrees and 54
8:02 am
in san jose. as anticipated, a quick warmup into the afternoon. we are expecting temperatures to be 5-10 degrees warmer than yesterday. 5-10 degrees warmer tomorrow than today. low 70s expected today. our inlet communities low 80s. by tomorrow, some of us could be nearing 90 degrees. for the game today, temperatures in the upper 60s by 11:00. mid-70s by 1:00. it's going to be a beautiful day out there if you're starting out early to do some tailgating. we have some beautiful weather and warming trend continuing into sunday when we come back, the afternoon highs for today and what to expect tomorrow and the cooling trend follows in the extended forecast. >> thank you. we are counting down to the
8:03 am
game of the 2016 playoffs. there's a live look outside, there is strength in numbers tipoff at 4 1/2 hours a way. >> it is empty now. you can see a few people actually coming in, eventually, 20,000 people will be there filling that entire stadium with excitement. >> warriors fans excited. christian kafton was inside earlier, now he's outside i imagine, is that because there's food outside, christian? can't hear him. >> nope. >> wait, there he is. >> good morning. a lot of fun for fans this morning. warriors front office told me if you don't make it out here at 9:00, if you want to get out earlier, there's still some love
8:04 am
for you. they have some great stuff set up. we are trying to get some clarification, looks like a photo opt area. they rolled in the food trucks there's going to be some great food, beer, all of the stuff you need to get ready for a playoff game. it's kicking off against the rockets at 12:30, it's been an amazing trip to get here. let's show you some video of what it looked like getting here. 73 and 9 ending the season for the warriors against the grizzlies i stayed up much earlier that night than i should have. i was exhausted because i stayed up way late. today's game expected to be a sellout. 19,000 fans filling the arena. there are still some tickets but make sure you buy through a
8:05 am
reputable dealer. they had to turn away 450-plus fans that showed off to the playoff game last year with counterfeit tickets we have a live look outside. you can see what it looks like inside oracle arena. we have been showing you that beautiful shot of sea of gold. you want one of those seats and one of those t-shirts. it's a blast. let's give you one more look of what the t-shirt looks like up close. at fan fest, we're walking around, we expect it to be packed later on. this is this year's shirt design. we showed you what the field of gold looked like, here it is again as the warriors say, strength in numbers and there's some suabilities about this. it matches the curve of the bay
8:06 am
bridge. don't forget, you talked about it a second ago, if you're coming out to the arena or the coliseum, it's going to be packed out. use public transportation if you can. >> madness out there, but the best kind of madness. >> reporter: two more things. the warriors giving away thunder sticks for the first 8000 fans and the first 3,000 cars, they get flags for their antennas. >> thank you. >> expect heavy traffic as christian mentioned around the oakland coliseum today. the green on the screen is a good sign it won't last. a's are playing the champions that's at 1:00. keep in mind, right at the same time. green for now, cars moving well into oakland and interstate 80.
8:07 am
that will change throughout the morning. whether you're going to watch the a's or the warriors or just random ly need to use 880, give yourself time. it wasn't on the schedule, but bernie sanders said he met with the pope this morning. >> it was a real honor for my wife and i to spend some time with him i think he's one of the extraordinary figures in the world today and in modern world history. >> bernie does not agree with the pope's views such as abortion or gay marriage, but he says that the two agree on issues of economic injustice and climate change. sanders did stay on the same floor at the vatican and the two met briefly in the foyer. the island near the turkish
8:08 am
coast where hundreds of thousands refugees fled to last year. the pope is bringing 12 syria refugees with him. outside of a clinton fundraiser last night, dozens marched where police kept them about 1/2 block away from the site. the former secretary of state pulled up in this silver suv last night. george clooney walked in a few minutes later. >> this is my first time being in a protest you get the raw emotion and the conflict. >> i am highly offended by the display of wealth. i think it represents everything that millions of americans are complaining act, about our elections being bought. >> the top price to share a table was reportedly 3
8:09 am
3$53,000. >> republican front runner donald trump is hammering away with part leaders. trump is angry about losing the 34 delegates at the state convention instead of the primary all candidates for informed of each state's rules. you're not going to want to miss tomorrow morning, he's talking to corey, trump's manager about the race to the white house. he's going to address the concerns about the zika virus with the director of cdc. you can catch fox news tomorrow morning from 6-7:00 a.m. before mornings on 2. developing now, after shocks continue to rattle japan after two devastating earthquakes this week. so far, 39 people have died and
8:10 am
1500 injured and the japanese government believes there are many victims trapped this morning. 170,000 people have been evacuated so far. since the first earthquake on thursday, 250 after shocks have hit the area. the largest active volcano erupted near the epicenter. >> the 26-year-old iraqi refugee just boarded his flight and made a cell phone call to his uncle and a passenger got up and returned with an airport employee and he was questioned by officials. hours later he was allowed to leave and his ticket was refunded. now southwest has issued a statement saying the student was removed because of potentially threatening comments made aboard the aircraft. the student says he's looking
8:11 am
for nothing more than an apology now from the airline. students have ended their sit-in. but they're looking for linda to step down. this comes after the reports about removing evidence of pepper spraying. the chancellor hopes to meet soon to discuss the matter. san jose police released footage of a convenient store robbery in which the clerk was shot. officers say that one of the men wounded the clerk who was armed with a baseball bat. the injuries are not life threatening. some car thieves taking an
8:12 am
approach and relocating a stolen suv. how they tricked a towing company into their scheme.
8:13 am
8:14 am
good morning to you. a live look at the coliseum and arena as we anticipate the nba playoffs beginning today and if you're going out to see the a's play, it's going to be a beautiful one, nice, sunny, warm, we'll look at your numbers coming up. it's definitely the hottest ticket in the bay area. >> 20,000 screaming fans
8:15 am
rocking oracle arena between the warriors and the houston rockets. resale tickets still available if you want to skip a car payment. >> maybe three or four. joining us on the phone now, good morning, nate. >> good morning. i'm great. >> listen, the first question that everyone has is how much are tickets going for right now? >> that's a good question. you're looking at about $437 for game one in oakland and game two is similar, a little bit lower, $429. definitely, it's probably the hottest ticket across the nba playoffs so far. >> is there a strategy to buy sale tickets? >> the earlier the better?
8:16 am
>> the best thing we can tell fans is most likely to wait if possible, we see prices dropping closer to kickoff. of course, there's a trade-off, probably won't be able to get your choice of seats, but we have seen prices going down from yesterday to today. i think it's worth keeping an eye on. >> you know they're treated as rock stars, can you compare the ticket prices to last year's first-round playoffs? are they higher as we would expect? >> yeah, you're right. in terms of rock stars everywhere they go, that's something we have seen the whole season. the team is the most expensive game of the entire season compared to last year, it's about twice as expensive. game one last year was $200. the same for game two, so they
8:17 am
have about doubled. >> that's amazing. tickets are cheaper in houston. still cheaper than trying to get into oracle, right? >> that's right. i think right now, they're about half the price in houston. it wouldn't shock me if they jump out into an early lead. i would expect them to jump for prices game three and four. >> all right. the ticket reselling site, seat geek, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. the warriors are concerned about fake tickets. 60 fans couldn't get into wednesday's game because they bought counterfeits. they say buying ticks on the secondary market is very, very
8:18 am
risky. >> you don't want to spend money and not get a real ticket. the only guaranteed way is to go to the team's web site. they have a deal with the team. i want to go, but honestly, i just want to watch. i'm so excited, it's fun and you always have to, because what could i afford? maybe a nose bleed seat? do i want in front of my tv or be there? >> it's the excitement. >> you're right. >> last game too, i tweeted out, seriously, want to be at oracle right now. if you can't go, it's nice to be a part of it. the weather is going to be beautiful outside. >> weather is going to be gorgeous. drag that big screen tv outside and just hang out. it's going to be nice you can enjoy the best of both
8:19 am
worlds looking at plenty of sunshine. a rapid rebound underway. some areas already hitting about 60 degrees this morning. i'll show you where as we get into the numbers. 61 degrees in san francisco. where else can we find a 60? livemore, into the south bay, san jose, to the north bay, it's a cool start but we were chillier an hour or two ago slipping into the 40s. and napa at 55. 57 degrees in lafayette. 67 reported in alamo. so temperatures warmer than yesterday at least for most of us. has to do with the ridge of high pressure building in over the area. this continues to strengthen as we get into the next couple days. sunday expected to be warmer than today but as i get in closer, you can see the upper-level winds coming in from the northwest they are going to shift a
8:20 am
little bit and become north and northeast and when they do, it will help to drive up the temperatures. today you're going to 83. oakland 72. nice and mild, today is going to be 80. 80 in concord. 10 degrees warmer in san jose. fairfield to the east, we have 80 for you there. a little bit closer to the water 79. upper 70s to near 80 degrees for the east bay shoreline. san jose, low 80s. 78 for santa cruz, your peninsula looks like this. 81 woodside. 77 downtown san francisco.
8:21 am
beautiful in daily city this afternoon. mostly sunny and 71. there's your extended forecast. temperatures climbing, upper 80s touchin90 degrees for the warmer locations and we begin to see a turn around with temperatures falling off by monday. a chance of scattered showers on tuesday and the more notable will be the cooldown. >> you have family visiting from out of state, aunt nancy and we're saying that tomorrow will be the best day to go into the city because i love days when it's like 88 inland and it's kind of hot and she's from pennsylvania where it's colder. 80, you're like, in the city, that is very warm. >> perfect. that's when the tourists like it. it is like this all the time and
8:22 am
we say, yeah. still ahead, salmon caught off of the coast may be harder to find this summer. why it costs more to catch the prized catch a zoo evacuated after a tiger mauls and kills a zoo keeper where it happened and how. that's next
8:23 am
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪
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i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
8:25 am
crews got to the home and when unanswered, they tried to force their way in and someone inside fired shots and killing a firefighter and hurting a volunteer firefighter. the person who requested the welfare check was shot but wasn't seriously hurt. a veteran zoo keeper has died after she was mauled by one of the big cats in her car she was taken to the hospital on wednesday and later died yesterday. officially say it happened inside a contained area. an employee called the situation a staff emergency. reporters arrived on the scene and the tiger was tranquilized. the zoo will remain closed for the remainder of the day. that all happened in west palm,
8:26 am
florida. rio unveiled a new water system keeping the sewage from entering the bay they're concerned about health standards such as pollution in the water for the olympics. the transgender bill, the nba has to plans to take next year's all-star game out of charlotte. >> the best is construction work making change not setting deadlines. >> the controversial bill requires transgender bill requires people to use the bathroom of their birth. a few other cities including oakland are mentioned as
8:27 am
possible replacements. >> if they considering moving out of north carolina as we are now as a way to make a statement against that bigotry, one of the best ways to make that statement would be to move to a community like oakland, like the state of california where we have a long history of diversity. >> the oakland city council says there's nothing scheduled at the arena next february on all-star weekend. an apartment fire in the south bay injures two people and displaces dozens of others. an update on the entire situation three days after the biggest regular season win in warriors history, the real season begins. so excited about that. just how high the temperatures go today and when the warmest day is expected to arrive coming up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:31 am
we see those temperatures climb and we know it's going to be a warm day some of us are in the low 60s. going to be heating up. while it heats up at the coliseum as well. here's a beautiful view with the mostly sunny skies over the bay area. widespread sunshine in store for today. low 70s at the coast. low 80s for the inland communities. that's anywhere from 5-10 degrees warmer than on friday. sunday is expected to be the warmest day when some of the spots get to 90 degrees. let's talk about today. 61 in downtown san francisco. along the peninsula, we have 47 and mountain view at 60 degrees already. 54 san jose at the warriors and the a's game for today. going to be sunny and mild going to be warm into the
8:32 am
afternoon. oakland expected to top out at 80 degrees going to do some tailgating this morning upper 60s expected at 11:00 and as we get closer to game time, mid-70s, mostly sunny skies, that's a warm day in the stands. maybe the ball cap, don't forget the sun block for the little ones, the highs today and we'll talk about the warmest day coming up in a bit. thank you. >> houston, you have a problem the doves knocked the rockets out of the playoffs last season and hope to do the same this year. fox 2 is live at oracle arena with the preview of the match up. good morning, scott. >> good morning. and oracle a little more active than your garden variety saturday morning. it's nothing compared to the electricity going through the arena in a few hours warriors and rockets a rematch of the western
8:33 am
conference finals. it's game one of the quarter finals both had a quick turn around after finishing their regular seasons. both practice yesterday. you know about the stars for houston. it centers around james and his beard. one of the best players in the nba. it will up to him he and his friends to contain the houston offense. >> done a great job, so clay definitely loves that challenge. >> it's pretty surreal i've been playing here since i was 15 and now in the nba, it's pretty cool it's awesome. i don't take it for granted. i went to high school, college and now the nba playoffs it's pretty crazy. >> we have to be on point.
8:34 am
they're ready good, top three of the league and that helps the offense. they get out in transition. we have to do a good job offensively taking care of the basketball. >> a lot of excitement here even at this early hour and we have the warrior girls here ready to rock. early risers all of you? >> yeah. >> it's all pregame fun. it's going to be rocking game one it's all business for the doves as they look to repeat, 16 wins away for a second season. we have to pace ourselves, a lot of playoff action to come. today will be a lot of fun. >> i won't put you on the spot. we won't talk about predictions. i want to talk about, there's all of this talk about not a lot of practice in between
8:35 am
obviously their 73rd and this game today. momentum and excitement and they just look like they're having fun. it doesn't seem to phase them at all. >> does anything phase them? they finished up wednesday night but so did the rockets they had to travel. if there's a disadvantage there, i would say it lies with the visitors and it's okay to put me on the spot with this. it's an easy prediction. obviously. that's a no brainer. come on. >> absolutely. they keep it interesting. i was talking to someone earlier, just when you think, i'm not going to worry, i'm going to breathe this time, i have a tendency to stop breathing in close games. i get so nervous. they always keep it interesting and keep it fun. >> fun is the word. this team is a blast to watch do their thing and really, if you're hype ventilating now, we
8:36 am
have a problem. we have two months to go. >> thank you. we talk to you soon. developing now, in the last hour, we received an update on the search for a missing san francisco toddler. authorities are scouring the state looking for a two-year-old. her mother was killed and left in the city park last week. police chief joined us to talk about the case. we can't go into specifics, but law enforcement has teamed up to find her. we have some leads we're following we have now, the fbi is helping us with technical assistance. there's no resource being spared. >> he addressed the incident in which police shot and killed a homeless man armed with a knife. the chief says that it's important for his department to have an open dialogue with the
8:37 am
public. a fire injures two people and some 50 tenants looking for a new place to stay. the fire broke out at the twin pines manner. it took firefighters two hours to put the fire out. two people went to the hospital with fire and burn inhalation. the cause of the fire has not been determined. police are asking for help in identifying two people suspected of stealing an i pad at the apple store it happened on april 3rd. they released these photos of the men. they have some pretty good pictures of the people they're looking for. anyone with information is asked to call police. a police officer could be out of jail after this weekend. sergeant thomas was convicted of a lewd about last summer. he was sentenced to 45 days in jail and five years probation.
8:38 am
he served the sentence and could be released on monday he has to register as a sex offender with the county sheriff's office. >> he has a tough row ahead of him. this verdict was a shock to him. he is a tough guy. he's a fighter and i wish him well and hope he moves on the best he can. >> we tried to speak with the woman who made the complaint in the case but says this morning she has no comment. a high-ranking administrator criticized for the school's handling of sexual harassment complaints he sited his wife's poor health for his departure. he was praised for his work on diversity and budget reform. some students and critics say he should have resigned or been fired months ago for being too
8:39 am
lenient of the past employee accused of fondling. >> there's no excuse for faculty members accused ligamently. >> he will return to his work as a psychologist and become a full-time faculty member. now where people dining out this friday night may notice something new on the windows of the restaurants. the environmental health is passing out color coded signs to help the public make informed decisions. green means a zero to 1 violation. two major violations gets the yellow sign. the ratings are going to be up loaded to the county's free app
8:40 am
called food ininspector. >> if a restaurant has no plaque, it doesn't mean there's a problem. people still need to use the food inspector app as they roll it out. they can only do so many per day. we hope to have 1200 by end of the month. >> some criminals in santa clara take an approach to stealing an suv. they called a tow truck saying they needed their mercedes towed. the tow truck towed them to a liquor store. they left the suspects behind and took the car to police. >> still ahead, general motors releasing a recall. the reason for the recall.
8:41 am
>> an airline fee is flying away. the big announcement from delta this morning. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
8:42 am
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rise and shine bay area. take a look at that. isn't that gorgeous? we have the water shimmering it's a gorgeous day out there. temperatures already on the climb. just how warm i expect we'll get for the afternoon coming up. a new study shows the jet hand dryers in public restrooms may not be as good for the environment and our health as once thought. they are popular replacement for paper towels but they wallly spread 1300 more times germs. they send viral particles flying almost 10 feet. lets talk about the airlines. you know the fees, there's one flying away. they're dropping the charge of buying over the phone with a
8:45 am
human being or in person. it costs $25 buying over the phone. they now have free reservations. a tattoo artist, they are 3d images how the artist creates them. >> taking his work outside of the lines, this portland tattoo artist found himself famous for art that might leave you a little dizzy. >> the combination of the colors and the way they contrast, it creates that visual. >> 3d tattoos. he says it started last fall when he was visiting seattle as a guest artist. someone asked him for a red and blue skull created in a 3d effect. >> i didn't know what i was doing at that time. we tried it out and we posted
8:46 am
it and it blew up. >> thousands of likes, it's now his most requested type of tattoo. >> i love it. i'm very grateful for it. >> people are coming from all over the country including the seattle man who wanted something different for his collection. >> i thought it was new and intriguing. it's an optical illusion. i find that interesting. >> david is not the first artist to give them a whirl but he says his classic style makes his work stand out. >> the whole 3d 3d thing. >> interesting. a new way. if you have a lot of ink and want to mix it up. >> what do you think? you going to get one?
8:47 am
>> i don't have a regular one. >> i might get one. who knows. >> i'll think about it. 3d doppler radar. a little sleeve, what i always wanted. >> it is hot, hot out there already. already hotter than usual. >> yes and taking a look at that. our floor director pointing out the smoke on the ridge. you're right, we have warmer weather going on outside the doors this morning. in fact, i'm going to show you the 24-hour temperature change in a moment where it is a pretty big span. 51 degrees in santa rosa. 54 in concord. 53 walnut creek. 54 redwood city and into the south bay, 54. lets talk about the 50s. checking in already at 60. here's a look at the 24-hour
8:48 am
temperature change. we're up by 15 degrees. up by 11 in napa. if you're stepping out essentially, you'll notice the difference. going back to the view with the upper level winds because it says a lot. right now, northwest, they're going to shift northeast and when they do, it will help to drive the temperatures more. the ridge of high pressure continuing to strengthen and nudge our way into the weekend. for today, as we get into sunday, 5-10 degrees warmer than today and here's a peek into sunday. 88 degrees, that's nearing 90 we could just hit it. concord at 87 and san jose at 85. these are numbers for sunday. upper 70s to low 80s in the forecast. 82 for sonoma.
8:49 am
77 in alameda. 80 degrees in oakland. going to be beautiful out there. if you thinking of doing some tailgating, it's going to be nice. warming up and feeling good. 82 for livemore. 81 in san jose. mostly sunny in santa cruz. 78 in san mateo. downtown san francisco, that's a beautiful day. low 70s, half moon bay. the extended forecast, with your bay area weekend in view, getting into the mid- to upper 80s is a bit warm for some. we do have those upper 80s to near 90 degrees and it's going to be for the inland communities, if you don't like the heat, it's going not to last we'll see temperatures falling off as we get to work on monday and continuing the cooldown on tuesday and wednesday and you may notice right there on tuesday we added the slight possibility of a few scattered showers for the north bay. >> it's going to be beautiful. >> it's going to be nice.
8:50 am
all right. thank you. >> you got it. general motors is recalling one million pickup trucks worldwide because gm says that the seat belts may not hold people during a crash. gm notified customers that a steel cable can wear and separate and cause the belts to come loose. it covers models 1500 pickups between 2014 and 2015. >> salmon caught off of the coast may be harder to find in stores this summer and may cost more because of tighter restrictions. now restrictions announced this week are leaving fishermen nearly half of the opportunity to catch them compared to last year. for the first time in 18 months, a river near lake tahoe is flooding. melting snow helped water spill over the lake replenishing the
8:51 am
truckee river. snow is adding water to the lake every day. they expect the lake level to raise another foot and keep the feeding of the truckee river all summer long that's good news. lake lively making headlines. the latest from the actress and the possibility of a growing family. are you planning to hit the box office this weekend? a look at the latest releases stay with us
8:52 am
♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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8:54 am
we have some breaking plus the south bay. there's a reported fire in the loma area as you can see, there's some smoke coming from the top of the ridge there. it actually looks a little lighter than we saw a few minutes ago. that could be some good news we talked to the dispatchers who say that the investigation is now underway. they're trying to figure out where it is. it's at mount bosch road we're continuing to follow the story for you. switching gears, the stork is going to make a special delivery to tinseltown. the couple expecting their second child. they exchanged i dos back in september of 2012.
8:55 am
lively is not the only star expecting. eva and ryan gosling has another baby on the way. while the 1967 disney classic the jungle book comes to life in theaters this weekend. >> the story of a boy raised by his animal family includes an incredible list of a list actors there's a star studded cast over in the barbershop for the sequel, the next cut. they do joking around and catching up and coming together to help their neighborhood. for a psychological action thriller, criminal, the twist and turns of the story unfold
8:56 am
as a death row inmate is implanted with the mission to stop a terrorist plot. that movie is rated pg-13. >> are you feeling like indulging, putting on some vinyl and enjoy music? today is record day enticing with limited editions. some include david bowie and other stars like justin bieber. sales were up 30%. fans bought 12 million records and record players are easier to find these days. the sales made up about 5% of
8:57 am
album sales. >> metallica is putting on a free show in berkeley if you're hope ing for a ticket, nope, only a few lucky people won tickets the band is streaming the performance on facebook. they're releasing the issues of the first two albums today. 1983 and 1984 ride the lightning. >> that will wake you up in the morning. wide awake for the forecast. >> bright out there. warmer weather underway. low 70s at the coast. upper 70s around the bay. low 80s inland >> going warmer for tomorrow. some of our spots a bit toasty, could get to 90 degrees and we fall off getting back to work on monday. a chance for a few scattered
8:58 am
showers. in any case, a big warmup, if u you don't like the heat, it will be brief. >> we love it >> we're off a little early because of soccer we're always on. find us on ktvu or on instagram. we leave you with a live look inside oracle. game starts at 12:30. can't wait. have a great saturday, enjoy the game. go warriors >> have a great saturday, everyone
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we are fox sports. >> the arena is a rough place to visit for any team. >> you cannot be that good. >> what a finish. >> another dominant performance. >> the home of the 2-time defending champs. these


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