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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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search suspended. >> we are concerned with this case. >> crews looking for two teens in the waters off ocean beach call off their effort. and gearing up for game 2. the warriors run all over the rockets and win the first game of the nba playoff. but there are concerns about curry and his injured ankle. >> the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now
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i'm heather holmes. ken is off tonight a desperate search for two missing teens in ocean beach has come up 'em tim the pair went into the water with three other boys in what was a beautiful and crowded day at the beach. monty has the update four. >> reporter: just about 90 minutes ago, the coast guard called off the search for those two teen boys because of the darkness and family members arrived here at the beach about 8:00, understandably devastated by what happened. san francisco fire says that this was group of five teenage boys from vallejo, three 18- year-olds and two 17-year-olds. they went into waist deep water, logging arms because at least two of them could not swim. the rip currents and surf he very strong here and the current changed while the boys were in the water and at that
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point, all five were in dissuppress. the three 18-year-olds were able to make it back to shore but the two 17-year-old were not. they were carried away by the current and disappeared. the coast guard searched an area of six miles by three miles by helicopter and sea without being able to locate them. >> i already talked to the family. support partnerships have talked to the family. we have indicated to them what our course of action will be and that will be suspending the search at dark. >> reporter: the three boy who is made it back toshore were taken to ucsf as a precaution and they are expected to be all right. the coast guard will not start search again at dawn because the two are presumed dark. the coast guard does not perform rescue operations. about 30 minutes ago, the coast
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guard pulled out of here. >> just a sat situation there at ocean beach. monte, i'm guessing whether -- there were many people there because of the warm weather. >> many were not aware the situationle danger and that may have played a role here tonight. as we mentioned, it was beautiful but dangerous out there. many headed to bay area beaches and some along with san francisco's embarcadero, taking a few on heights. i want to show you video from the land's en trail. one the friesco users sent it to us. mark tamayo is here with a look
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at the warmup. >> yes, heather, temperatures a good 5 to 10 degrees over yesterday. yesterday, we had a high surf advisory for friday. the waves have come down a little bit but there is still so much energy out there. here is a look at the current buoy heights. lots of sunshine with temperatures in the 70s. >> one added element here, especially ocean beach. dangerous beach for rim current. 2:00 going to a high tide. you already have the current out this but you have this added element with the water coming in right into the bay. as a result, you get more emotion right near the immediate shore line. that may have been the -- this
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is the escape route to get out of the current is swimming to the coast line. widespread 80s towards concord, live more, antioch, morgan hill, 81. very warm saturday. warm temperatures on your sunday forecast. more coming up in a few minutes. >> now to the warriors road to the championship and the playoffs begin tonight at oracle. the game included some chippy moments but not very much drama as the teams look to build on their historic season by taking home the 2016 title. but the big talk was the health of the reigning league m.v.p. of course, we are talking about steph curry who played limited minutes because of an injured ankle. joe joins us tonight. >> no question about the fact that when this team is operating on all cylinders, it is the best team in beak.
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when you set the record for most wins in an nba regular season, the long-term goal is obvious, to win it all. that means 16 wins. the warriors knocked one off that total and have to that i long term thinking about nailing more. patrick beverley and curry friendly but no longer friendly during the game. the game plan twoos be physical with curry. curry with a long 3 of his 24 points but he did that in virtually one half. that's because when curry took to the ball away from james harden here and passed ahead to andre iguodala, there was more to it. curry tweaked his ankle, the
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same ankle that was surgically repaired. monday night is game 2. status of curry is questionable. >> well, i was writing the five players on the board. and he saw his name was not on there and he was incredulous. i said, i don't like the way you are moving right now. he said, no, i'll be all right. of course, he's going to say that. he is a competitor. we are hoping to be in the playoffs the next couple of months. we don't want to take any channels. >> the bay area will be on steph curry watch for two days, if not longer. >> do you ever wonder about steph curry's skills. >> i know he has a lot of them. >> i wonder if the president has something to do with it.
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>> you have to put your elbow in a little bit, release. make sure it's on the fingertips. >> yes, you are correct. how about it, folks. president obama giving the m.v.p. some tips on his jump shot and how the winning game of connect four there. he is helping the m.v.p. with his science project. the cute new public service announcement is aboutencouraging people to be mentor. he started an initiative to provide role models for young men of colors. he says you don't have to be an nba star and even the president to mentor. >> mentor in real life. all new at 10:00 tonight, it san francisco police have identified the two officers involved in that deadly shooting of a homeless man
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armed with a knife earlier this month. police say that sergeant nate sieger and officer michael maloney feared for their lives when 45-year-old luis gongora charged at them with a knife. now video footage from the scene shows those two officers first firing four bean bag rounds before firing their weapons. new tonight, police in san jose are searching for the person who shot a man tonight in a drive-by near the campus of a charter school. it happened about 6:50 near the rocketship brill yabt minds charter school. the vick till is hospitalized with what could be life- threatening injuries. students across u c campus
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are calling for the chancellor to step down. she spent money working to remove negative co-s related to the pepper spraying by police. >> we have worked so hard to become an amazing university >> reporter: u c davis chancellor addressed the students just before the kickoff of the and the picnic parade. we asked her about a vote last night by the university of california student association calling for her resignation or firing. >> the association of students have made similar suggestions and they are free, of course, to say what they want. >> there is new revelation about the 201212 incident when campus police pepper sprayed students during a protest. we learned that university
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officials hired outside consultants to optimize search engine results so that positive stories about u.c. davis would appear online and the impact of stories about the pepper spray would be minimized. the university paid these consultants $175,000 for this work. here is the chance who are's first public statement on that. >> there is going to be a response on monday but if you have any other questions about picnic day, i will be happy. >> can we ask you about na >> reporter: she walked away and was quickly shielded by security. students protests marched through the parade saying. >> she does not represent the student, the staff or the faculty. >> the chancellor has repeatedly been under fire during her tenure at the school. a uc berkeley student removed from a southwest airlines flight because of something another passenger
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thought he said wants an apology. >> i came here to be protected, not to be singled out by other people. >> that was 26-year-old mazukmi talking about the incident. he is an iraqi refugee. he was at l.a. k and boarding his flight to oakland. he called his uncle in baghdad. he was speaking in arabic and a passenger thought that she heard him use the word martyr. and that passenger contacted an airline many employee. he was removed from the plane and questioned by authority. he was allowed to leave the terminal and his ticket was refunded. southwest issued a statement saying that the student was removed from the plane because of what it calls potentially threatening comments made aboard the area and further discussion. and a burglary suspect running from policejumped from a four story building in an effort to give officers the slip. san francisco police say that
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the man held up a co-owners at gunpoint on pacific avenue. while officers were there investigating, they got the call of a second burglary on leavenworth. that's when they found a suspect pointing a gun at them. police say the suspect jumped from roof to roof before jumping to the ground landing on the roof of a car. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries as soon as he is released, he will face charges of threatening an officer with a gun if you are a firefighter and a call comes in for help, you do no matter the size of those to be rescued. or if they are these adorable ducklings. and the constant pat will between airport security and
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drug smuggle letters to sneak them pass through presidential candidates spread across the country hoping to get a leg up on the campaign trail. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪
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(inhales cigarette) authorities in spain arrested two people connected to isis. they were part of a group who recruited fighters for the islamic state. the two were taken into custody as they were preparing to leave
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for morocco. spain's interior ministry said that the brother had expedited the trip. and meantime, ash carter was in the middle east talking to u.s. troops about defeating isis. we have, first of all to destroy isl in syria and iraq because that's where this whole thing arose. if you think of cancer, that's where the parent tumor is. we need to destroyed it there. >> carter's trip is part -- the pentagon announced new round of bombing. u.s.-led ear strikes on troy day hit 15 isis targets. >> turning to the race for
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president, ted cruz picked up a win on the west coast, and bernie sanders met with the pope. this as donald trump continues his verbal assault on his rivals >> ted cruz does not like you and he does not like new york. >> he is also in third place. >> strong words from donald trump as he stumps hard in his home state of new york. he is rejecting the talk of a contested convention saying he is the only candidate who can walk away to the nomination. >> he no longer has a road to the nomination. i'm sorry, folks, you only got trump. >> governor kasich is the only other republican in new york today. he picked up an endorsement from the governor of nevada hillary clinton is in california today stopping at a college after a fundraiser and turning her sights on to the republican candidate.
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>> everything that i will do as your president is exactly the opposite of what they say and how they treat people and what they want to see happen in our country. >> bernie sanders picked up 15 more delegates from colorado today, back in new york after wrapping up a trip to the vatican that included a brief private meeting with pope francis. >> seeing him up close was a wonderful experience. he radiates love and it was an honor to speak with him for a while. >> and ted cruz stomped in wyoming winning all delegates. we're likely going to have a fight in cleveland. if we come together and unite, we'll win. >> ted cruz has done better than donald trump who has struggled out here in the west and officials have called
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for a state of emergency in ecuador after a quick. it was located 16 miles southwest-southwest of the coastal time of mizzimi. you can see all of the damage here. a tune mi warping has been issued for some coastal areas of ecuador. this was the strongest earthquake to hit ecuador since 1979. meantime, the death toll from two strong earthquakes in japan has now also risen to 41. the first earthquake, a 6-point it magnitude struck thursday night. the second one was more powerful. urgency is pirogue among rescue crews as they rush to try to save people trapped inside buildings. the quake trid erred land lied.
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close to 200,000 people have no power and close to 4,200,000 with no water. there were high expectations for this year's playoff. >> i never thought that dr. seuss would lead to this. >> overdue and under arrest. the serious charges facing the couple after it failed to return books to the library. temperatures soaring across the an tire bay area. coming up, the neighborhoods that will hit the 80s. and rain chance coming up in your forecast.
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santa clara county sheriff dep 'tis are investigating a body found today in a busy shopping area in saratoga. a man walking around big basin
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bay smelled a strange odor and alerted deputies. they arrived and found a body in a storage area. the death looks suspicious but there is no word on the identity of the victim or cause of death. a zoo in florida where a tiger mauled a zookeeper will remain closed through the weekend. 38-year-old stacy conwiser was killed while inside an enclosure. she was tending to a 13-year- old ma layan tiger when the animal turned on her. emergency responders tranquilized the tiger. the veteran zookeeper was taken to the hospital where she died. one lost library book and one overdue to end a pick began couple in jail.
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a judge told them they could spend 93 days behind bars and be forced to pay a fine. they owe about $35 for a book replaced. and a replacement for the dr. seuss book that their son borrowed for his daughter. they tried to pay the fines but officials would not accept their money until they pay about $200 in what are called diversion fees. that's money that goes to fund the prosecutor's office. >> i'm willing to pay the fines that the library gave me and i promise i will never come back there no more. >> i will never go to that library again, probably any other. >> they were arraigned on thursday on charges of failure to return rental property. they are currently free on bail. u.s. customs and border protection officers waged a daily battle against drug
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deals, trying to conceal their illicit cargo. more than 11 million flights flew in and out of sfo. jfk gives us the looming ben demic battle. >> here at san francisco, we see everything. >> pressed between the cardboard and cover of children's books. at knock's jfk airport where they have seen autopsy uptick in smuggling this year, custom officials say -- >> is there anything that surprises you? >> any number of thing surprises me. some had surgically implanted narcotics in their body. >> there is a constant game. pots and pans and pastries and
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other food items have been the choice. >> jfk receives direct flights from every part of the world. that's what sets us apart from all other international airports in the united states >> craig senko, chief of custom enforcement say that ages use a multi-layered process. >> what we are looking for is a needle in a haystack. we'll look at advisories and screening. >> the process actually begins 72 hours before they border a flight. u.s. custom and protection looks at when they boarded, how many stops they made, how they paid for the ticket.
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>> reporter: then they are positioned to move in on any suspicious activity any time. >> you can try but sooner or later, we're going to get you. in questions asked event in san francisco and the idea is very simple. turn in your guns and get cash. we'll have the results from today's gun buy back next. and san bernie sanders putting his money where his mouth is by releasing his tax returns of last year.
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on.
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a no questions asked gun buy back. people gathered at the united outcenter on howard street. police said 100-dollar for
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behind gawns and 2200 for assault weapon. 101 guns were turned in toi, including two assault rifles. and bernie sanders has made good on his pledgeto release his full 2014 taxes. he made that promise during the heated democraticdebate. >> income equality has been one of the big issues. it was special important for him to release his papers. >> he had a taxable income of just over $205,000 and donated about $8000 to charity. that almost puts him in the top 5% of american earners. but sander' income seems miniscule when compared tohillary clinton. they had a taxable in come of 14 million and donated 3 million to charity. she is also the only candidate
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to release almost all of the years. >> you go to my wage and i released 13 years of tax returns and i think that every candidate, including senator sanders and donald trump the same. >> i don't want to get anybody excited. they are very boring tax returns. no big money from the speechers, no major investments. unfortunately, i remain one of the poorer members of the united states senate. >> this puts the democratic candidates ahead of the republican candidates. donald trump has refused to release his tax returns citing ongoing irs audit. and ted cruz and john kasich have releaguesed a few.
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warriors fans brimming with confidence after today's big win. >> we are unstoppable. we are unstoppable. this is our year again. >> sure looks that way. the high expectations. and is this warm weather going to be for the full week? mark tamayo is up with the forecast. youto get the help you'refar looking for. that's why at xfinity we're opening up more stores closer to you. where you can use all of our latest products and technology.
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♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. it was a sea of blue and gold at oracle arena for game 11 of the warriors' first game of the playoff. >> let's do this.
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whooo. [ cheers ]. >> the playoffs are off to a good start for dubb nation. they turned oracle into war- oche. they may be the best team ever. >> a. >> no doubt. >> no doubt. we're going to do so good. there are very, very few all the way through if any. >> a cold out crowd pack the areason and the parking lot. >> take us much time at all, pulled in, parked and came in. >> b.a.r.t., no track at all. >> one fan even pulling out the cash. >> sound fun. >> although steph curry left the game with a hurt ankle,
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fans are not worried. >> i think it's tweaked more than sprained. >> lake draymond like dry mcdonald's said, you know. >> we have to get that banner. >> it's unbelievable. it's our year again >> many believe that the rockets will be swept in four four games. coach kerr says that curry is questionable for the next playoff. the he will media county fire department posted these adorable pictures to its facebook page.
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you can see crews with rescue 24. plucking those signee bucks back from the drain. the ducks were reunited with their moms one they were pulled to safety. >> goats are the star of their own show. you can pet the gas and try samples of locally made yogurt, cheese, ice cream. those goats must have been warm toyed with temperatures soaring across bay area. some 70s, maybe a few 802s, could be warm. a storm is how the ear in the pack but all the energy heading way up to the north of the bay area. can't see right now but the jet
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stream in placement we head into on day, even until monday. we'll bring more clouds and possibly some rain channels. right now, you noticed a few high clouds sweeping across parts of bay area. a fairly pleasant evening for your saturday night. let's take a look at some of the current numbers out there some oohs and 60s. walnut creek right now checking in at a good 60 degrees. a bit of a breeze out there, nothing too strong with winds around 3:00 to 6:00 miles per hour. wednesday, backed off a little bit a little over the past few hours. sfo wins in the west. >> here is the live camera. very nice out there for your saturday night. shapes up to be nice sunday as well. temperatures will be in the 40s
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to the lower 50s to start out your day on sunday. that's the key outline all weekend long. a warm weekend for sunday. 70s. we'll have a few more eighties showing up in the forecast map. that a little bit of a breeze out of the northwest right around ten miles per hour. here is what's happening in the pack. high pressure has been the source of some warming for this weekend. you can see the rotation around this area. the wind sticks around for tomorrow and then he begins to weaken on monday. we'll shave off a few degrees as we head into the new week. and then this system moves into the region later in the week on tuesday, definitely cooler temperatures and maybe a few extra clouds and sharp drop off of these numbers. we are tracking the clouds and shower chances. slight chance of a shower on tuesday. highest chance will be up in the north bay.
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wednesday, lots of clouds. thursday, by thursday afternoon afternoon into thursday night, we are tracking some rain. not that there is some showers here. tomorrow, lots of 80s, a few 70s by the meet coast line. warmest location, flirting with the 90-degree mark. san jose, 84. returning to the coast, be care at that careful with the rip current expected. here is a look aheads. monday, as i said, still pretty warm out there. there is a light chance of a shower on tuesday. thursday, this is that sharp dropoff in temperatures, maybe a few showers. it would be nice to have the rain drops for hater in the week. but, today, you stepped outside and you knew it was going to be a warm day.
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coming up, we drop the puck on playoff hockey as the sharks take on their rival. and we'll talk about steph curry about the physical play and we'll get en issue for her dad. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪
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♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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good evening, everyone and welcome to this saturday night sports wrap. with the warriors entering the nba playoffs as the number 1 seed and defending champion. we have all seen steph curry's
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pregame routine many today was a little different with him making like a quarterback, a soccer player and a baseball pitcher. he probably could have been any of those if that's what he had chosen. rockets know they have to slow curry down to have any chance of winning. curry takes exception to a patrick beverley foul. refs and players make sure it does not go beyond that. but both were charged with technical foul andwarriors fans had their villain. draymond green called for an illegal screen on beverley who accentuates the play with a flop. if the play becomes physical, that he okay with green. he goes strong. curry runs the floor, green comes up empty. but azelie for the grow.
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curry had three steals, including there, stealing from james harden. he is more than just a shooter. but you know what he can do. >> here is why his play was limited. curry take the ball away from harden, passes ahead to andre iguodala for good. he tweaks his right ankle while making the play, the same one that was surgically repaired. warriors in the locker room with the advantage. thompson gets to of his 16 points. with the big league, curry sat most second half. no deeper team in the league than the warriors. another big time


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