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switch in the weather pattern, and outside of the doors right now, partly to mostly cloudy skies, and these clouds ahead of this system that will bring us this cooldown by the afternoon. templars -- temperatures are similar to yesterday morning, 59 in san francisco, empty seven in oakland, and san jose at 58 outside the door. the storm tracker showing you the view from up above, and we have all of this cloud cover. we will be in between partly cloudy skies and mostly cloudy at times with filtered sunshine. temperatures dropping by 5 to 10 degrees. the forecast for santa rosa into the 7:00 hour, into the 50s and in the 60s by 10, 11 the clock intothe low 70s for the lunch hour. mild for the noontime, and in in the second part of the day, mid to upper 70s as opposed to the mid-80s like yesterday.
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we will have a detailed look at your afternoon highs in talk about the cooling trend and how long it will last, and in the extended forecast, rain. we are looking good on the roadways so far this morning. this is early on this tuesday, taking you outside in showing you the east bay, flowing along nicely. this is the westbound traffic coming out of the anne auld -- antioch-pittsburg area. if you're traveling from the east bay into san francisco, here is a look at the toll plaza, and it is nice and easy ride. no backup at the toll plaza right now, but more people are making the ride. a look at the maps, you can see the situation on 580 through the livermore valley this morning, just a bit of slowing coming up over the altamont pass on the westbound 580, but beyond that, looking pretty
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good. there is one crash we are tracking that is in this area, 880 southbound just south of highway 92. you will want keep an eye on that, not blocking any lanes, but there is a crash on 880 southbound just south of highway 92. the time is 4:32 am. a look at some of the top stories we are following, the warriors up 2-0 in the first round playoff series against the houston rockets, klay thompson scored a game-high 34 points, and lawyers knocked off the rockets, one teen-106. draymond green had four assists, and game three thursday in houston at 6:30 pm pacific time. and the lawyers won without steph curry watch the game from the bench, and he tested the
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injured right ankle during the warm-ups but could not play. he told the reporters he will approach game three like he will be plane. and the kings and the sharks looked like they would go ahead three games to none, and scoring 30 seconds into the game, but the last goal that the sharks would score as they lost to the kings 2-1 in overtime. the police in the south they are investigating a deadly shooting late last night on the east side of san jose. and we are at the scene, and what have you been able to find out about what happened?>> reporter: the police are still trying to figure that out. moments ago we ran into the family of the victim, and they were very distraught. the victims sister was crying, and it was too much for them, and they had to leave. the police left, back at the station trying to piece this
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together. we will go to some video, and so far we know the shooting happened at around 10:30 pm at the queen bee and standpoint drive, and the victim was driven to the area, got out of the car, and that is when he was shot. the officers found him lying in the street, and they say he was 25 years old and lived in this general area.>> our victim's traveling down the street, and somehow becomes engaged with contact between one or more suspects, and the suspects produced a handgun and shot him at the same.>> reporter: the police are interviewing people in the neighborhood, and checking to see if any of the neighbors had surveillance cameras, but at this point, nobody has been arrested for this homicide. they are going to be going through all the evidence that they have to see if they can piece together some sort of suspect description, but very unsettling for the neighbors,
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and we will hear from one of them coming up in the next hour. 4:35 am is the time. an investigation underway after man was hit and killed by a vta -- vta train that was heading north when the man was hit and killed. the officials say that he was trespassing and not in the crosswalk at the time of the accident. >> reporter: passengers were on board but were not heard. >> is a horribly traumatic situation for everyone involved, and the operator tried to stop and was traumatized on the impact to the person hit by a train, terrible situation.>> the officials say they are not sure how fast the train was going at the time of the crash. arrested on dui charges,
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barnes car was being pulled over sunday afternoon when the highway patrol officer stopped and he failed the sobriety test and was taken to jail where he was booked and later released. barnes played for the raiders between 2009-2015. in 2006, he pled no contest to a drunk driving charge and received ovation while playing with the jacksonville jaguars your and janet felt tonto -- and says that -- janet napolitano says that the committee needs to come back with recommendations for the timeline for investigation and this when of the professor accused of sexual harassment, and she says that the timeline could not be longer than five months, and also wants the campus when they receive sexual-
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harassment complaints to inform the transfer of anything involving a faculty member. the chancellor at uc davis is apologizing for what she is calling a series of missteps, for trying to clean up the public image. the campus police pepper sprayed students that were holding a city and on campus. the video from that demonstration gained national attention and remained easily accessible on the internet, and now the chancellor is apologizing for paying $175,000 to pr firms that promised to push the video lower in the search results. and she says it's important that the university project a positive image. there are calls for her to step down. the student at the la high school are declaring victory in the fight for a new kind of bathroom on campus, the gay and straight alliance at the education complex, and they want a gender neutral bathroom,
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saying that some students did not feel comfortable in the girls or boys bathroom, and they sometimes would avoid going to the bathroom all day. the student explained why this was important for there to be a bathroom that anyone can use. >> sometimes it's indirect stuff like the strange feeling you have when people are looking at you over the their shoulder wondering if you are male or female. >> student started by educating the classmates, and did launching, "it's just a toilet." campaign. the city of san francisco facing legal action over the public urinals in the dolores park. this is video from earlier this year, and the chinese union of san francisco filed a complaint asking that they be removed, calling the urinals unsanitary and offensive. the city's attorney's office
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says that residents in the area wanted urinals so that people would stop using the bushes and walls. thousands of people are expected to converge on the san francisco golden gate park tomorrow for the annual 420 smoke, and gathering on that hippie hill which will take place, and even though they do not issue permits for the gathering because marijuana is illegal in california, the garbage left behind is becoming a big problem for the city, 10,000 pounds of trash left behind last year. the medical marijuana dispensaries offering to clean up as a gesture of goodwill. >> the biggest issue is traffic, traffic and garbage. >> we will be collecting the trash and making a run to the dump so that we can make sure that the city looks as great as it did before the event started. >> undercover officers will be in the park looking for people dealing drugs such as math --
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methamphetamine, and seven dealers have already been arrested in preparation for 420. environmental activist from six different continents, and the winner of the $175,000 prize included activist from cambodia and tanzania, and fighting mining and toxic waste dump. the youngest winner was from maryland. and destiny while still in high school led the fight against the incinerator in her already polluted neighborhood.>> in baltimore, the number of deaths related to air pollution is higher than the homicide rate. >> it is a reminder of how dangerous the environmentalism could be in parts of the world, the winner of last year was killed in honduras, burda that was working to save the river from a proposed dam was shot to death by a gunman that burst
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into her home. ranked as some of the best in the country, u.s. news & world report holds the top 100 high schools here in the u. s., and lowell high school in san francisco, university preparatory academy charter in san jose, mission san jose in fremont, and the kipp san jose charter. based on state assessments, graduation rates in preparing students for college. 4:41 am. donald trump is expecting a big win today, and the reason the primary in new york at the mine of the -- one of the most critical presidential contest of the year. a special ceremony taking place later today. looking good on the roads, and we will take you to show you what things look like on the san mateo bridge and the east bay, coming up. changes on the horizon for your
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get high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. welcome back to mornings on 2, 4:44 am. today march 21 year since the devastating oklahoma city bombing, the homegrown terrorist timothy mcveigh set off the blast that killed 168 innocent people, including 19 children. more than 650 other people were injured, and he was captured later convicted for the bombing and executed in 2001 by lethal injection. his co-conspirator, terry nichols, serving a life sentence for conspiracy and
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manslaughter. the police arrested a suspect in the kidnapping of a two-year-old boy that triggered an amber alert. arrested yesterday in the monterey county, and maldonado is being charged with kidnapping, attempted murder and auto theft. the boy was in the backseat of his father's car when it was stolen last thursday, and the boy in the car were found seven hours later in a shed. the car was locked in the windows world rolled up, but the two-year-old boy was okay. the members of the east bay book club have settled a discrimination lawsuit, and a group of 11 friends were kicked off of the train last august after the train employees told them they were too loud. the women sued for $11 million, saying they were laughing and having a good time and were singled out because most of them were african-american. the lawyer said the settlement amount is confidential and still must be approved the wind train government board.
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women were dropped from the covered california plan, and the health plans for nearly 2000 pregnant women were automatically cancel. the report says that some of the women were moved to medi- cal without their consent, in california blames the computer system for the cancellation, and the spokesperson said it will not be fixed until september. and planned cancellations without notice or consent have been a problem since 2014. >> that would be stressful. >> very stressful, while expecting a baby. the time is 4:46 am. hopefully the traffic is not stressful. >> it is stress-free on the roadways around the bay area, so far no major problems. if you're heading out the door, looking pretty good the matter where your traveling this morning. things are getting busier on the east shore freeway coming through the berkeley area. you can see the folks on the left-hand side heading west on
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80. more more traffic as we start to build, but no slowdown yet heading toward the maze. taking a look at the golden gate bridge, taking the right in to san francisco, an easy one for this hour. and we will show you one crash we are following this morning, still working 880 southbound just south of highway 92, south of the san mateo bridge, and apparently there is damage to the roadway, and caltrans is doing some repair work in that area, so keep that in mind as you head south on 880 in the fremont area this morning, you will encounter a crash just south of 92. the time is 4:47 am. and we are here with some cooler weather.>> it will be mild today, but definitely cooler today. very similar temperatures this morning to start the day, upper
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40s and upper 50s around the bay area, starting in the north day, 48 degrees in santa rosa, 49 in novato, and a cool start along the coast. around the bay, a lot of 50s, hayward at 57, 58 mountain view, and 53 in livermore, 56 in fairfield. a lot of mid-and will high level -- mid-and high-level clouds in place, and you can see the clouds in this system, this is what will be responsible for the temperatures coming down into today. wednesday through friday a possibility of rain. the cooling trend begins today with temperatures continuing to fall through the business way, and maybe we can eke out a shower on friday. and we will show you what i mean by falling apart, partly to mostly cloudy skies, and this system will move sure, bringing us a cool down, but
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not really any rain other than a few scattered showers over the hills. for us, we will remain dry until friday morning when we get a better chance in a few scattered showers early on. it looked like we could have steady rain, but now it looks like hit or miss showers. we will continue to follow this, but that will be the best chance to get wet. the forecasted high, 70 degrees for pacifica, low 70s san francisco, mid to upper 70s for the east bay shoreline, and 84 for livermore today. to the north bay, 78% of rosa, and the south bay, 81% as a and 82 in morgan hill. going to see the giants play this afternoon, 66 degrees with partly cloudy skies, a westerly breeze at 16 miles an hour. not too bad, and can -- and temperatures will continue to fall throughout the evening hours. the extended forecast,
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temperatures continuing to drop into wednesday, thursday with increasing clouds, a chance for showers on friday, drying out for the upper 60s and 70s for the bay area weekend.>> as long as we see some rain. >> we need some water for the gardens. and it cleans out the air for those that have allergies. >> oh my goodness, you can hear me sneezing, so they are not alone. 4:58 pm is the time right now. and $8 million and house that is a piece of history. we will take you inside this san francisco condo that help to transform the market area.
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welcome back everybody to mornings on 2. and these baby geese are back with their mother after the help from the chp officer in santa rosa. this picture was posted by the chp. the drivers spotted the babies on highway 101 on saturday night near the new hospital, and they were separated from their mother and were trying to cross the road to get to her. the officer john phillips came to the rescue, get them up and reunited them with mom. hollywood is remembering an icon this morning.>> i may be
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an agent relative as far as you are concerned, but i'm still able to know what things are. this is a sex machine. >> no.>> actors doris roberts, best known for her role in "everyone loves raymond." roberts won for enemies for the role, and she passed away in her sleep at home in los angeles of natural causes. nice way to go. she leaves behind a son and three grandchildren, and she was 90 years old, and looked fabulous. more fallout from the controversial state law as pearl jam decides to cancel the show in that state.>> the rock band was supposed to perform tomorrow and raleigh, but canceled due to the bill that many are calling discriminatory against transgender people, one
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of many big-name bands to cancel and north carolina because of the bill, including ringo starr and bruce springsteen. a condo in the san francisco area, a landmark up for sale for the first time in more than 20 years. we took a look inside, a familiar site for people that drive across the bay bridge, the clock tower building, originally a lithographed factory nearly 100 years ago. in 1993 it was converted into lofts. this is 3000 square feet with two bedroom, two bath with a wraparound deck with views of the city, it has three floors with office space, game room, and the clock still works. >> it is amazing, all of the original hardware is here. and this was built in the early 1920s, and you will not find
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this anywhere else in the city, amazing. >> a piece of history. and the asking price for this piece of history, $8.5 million.>> a lot of money. and the giants opened with four against the arizona diamondbacks, and joe panic hits the solo homer, the third of the season, and the giants scored three more runs in the inning, taking a six-to -- 6-2 lead, and arizona then scored twice and got away with with a 9-7 win. the a's are on the road, coming off of the series win, and the kansas city royals,
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starting the three-game series with the new york yankees this afternoon, and then heading to toronto in detroit before coming home next friday. coming up on 5 am, a big day in new york. the reason that today's primaries could be one of the most critical for in the race -- in the race for the white house. a deadly shooting under investigation. the roads are looking good as you head out the door, and we will show you what things look like as we heading to san francisco or driving 101 on the peninsula. a drop in temperatures coming our way in time for the tuesday afternoon.
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good morning, another amazing game by the golden state warriors, and way to go. and they did it without steph curry, and we will have the highlights and show you what is next as they get ready for game three. the debate about the public urinals at the dolores park, and one group is suing to have this unconventional restroom removed. good morning, and welcome back on this tuesday, april 19, and i am pam cook. good morning, i'm dave clark. and steve is off today, but
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rosemary is right here.>> good morning, and we of a transition underway. we will see a cool down. a lot of folks are ready for this, especially the inland communities where we broke records, san jose hit 91, setting a new record. at this hour, temperatures similar to yesterday, another costar in santa rosa, 47. upper 50s in san francisco, 56 in oakland, 53 in livermore, san jose at 58. and we have plenty of cloud cover overhead, and it has to do with that transition that is already underway. temperatures are a bit cooler in santa rosa, concord, and a bit warmer in fairfield, and warmer in san jose. it's tough to tell getting outdoors, but it will feel similar. taking a look at the cloud cover ahead of this system that is not bringing much


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