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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> i'm gasia mikaelian. we begin with developing news in the east bay where a pedestrian was struck and killed by a speeding car at the delta view golf course this morning. you can see investigators searching for evidence where the driver smashed through the fence at the golf course and hit the pedestrian. the victim, a man, died at the scene. it started at 7:45 this morning when an officer spotted a car on west leland road going well above the speed limit. the driver sped up when they tried to pull it over. police ended the pursuit in heavy traffic. after the deadly crash, the suspect abandoned the car and police caught up with him several blocks away. here's a look at the map where that happened. it is still an active investigation and the suspect driver is being questioned. >> from pittsburgh we head south to san jose where police are trying to find the circumstances of the death of a deadly fire at quimby road and
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sand point drive. relatives say the man went to visit a friend's house but never made it hope. officers responded to report of a shooting found the victim on the ground outside his car which had the windows blown out. >> our victim is traveling down the street. somehow, becomes engaged in some kind of contact with one or more suspects. the suspects produce the handgun and the victim was shot at the scene. >> police spent hours at the crime scene interviewing people in the neighborhood and checking if any homeowners had surveillance cameras with footage of the shooting. >> police are trying to determine if there are more victims of a concord chiropractor who sexually assaulted victims. steven moon was arrested. the patient, a woman in her 30s says he touched her inappropriately below the waist. another death is being
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linked to counterfeit painkillers. 12 deaths and 50 overdoses have been linked to opiate use. they contain fentanyl which is much stronger than heroin. one of the deaths in yellow county. the other in sacramento county. they are considering the overdoses might also involve the powerful painkiller. more trouble for a palo alto bio tech start-up. theranos is under investigation. they claim to have created a cheaper blood test. but an investigation raised serious questions about the technology. the newark lab is also reportedly under a separate investigation for alleged problems with a test for blood clots. the city of san jose will take up the issue of rent control soon. the 8% rate cap applies to
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45,000 apartments. they want to reduce it to 5 to 6%. residents of the reserve apartment on south winchester boulevard are expected to attend the meeting to oppose the change. with san jose's 3% vacancy rate, it will be tough to find new homes. >> i think they should provide financial assistance to the units that are moving to cover the cost of moving and the first month's rent and security deposits. >> eviction notices to residents at the reserve apartments are expected to go out at 6:00. a beautiful day around the bay area, but some areas are noticing some changes. >> rosemary orozco is here to discuss some changes on the way. >> we saw the changes with the clouds rolling in around sunrise. a beautiful sunrise all over the bay area. at this hour, temperatures are
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trending downward. giving you a look here at the sun shining and the mid level cloud that's will be with us. these are associated with a system offshore. it is not bringing rain but it is already cooling us down. 70 in san francisco. 73 oakland. san jose, 79. still very mild. still a warm day, but i will show you the 24 hour temperature change. most areas are down just slightly and we will continue this as we get into the afternoon. so temperatures are coming down today. this is just the beginning of the cooldown, we will see temperatures continue to fall as we get into friday when we have a possibility of rain. i'll detail this coming up in the ex-tended forecast. >> thanks rosemary. an east bay community a threatening to fine homeowners for brown or dead lawns in spite of the drought emergency. they say there is no reason
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landscaping that not flourish as it once did and allowing negative landscape does a disservice to property values. the hoa plans to begin aggressive enforcement of landscaping rules june 1. issuing fines, filing lawsuits, or billing homeowners after doing improvements for them. geologists say the eastern sierra is overdue for a large earthquake. the multicolored lines here represent fault lines in the area of lake tahoe. a 6 or greater magnitude usually strikes every ten years. the last one was 22 years ago. they will discuss this at the annual meeting in november. results of new york's primaries may determine if hillary clinton and donald trump can lock up their
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nominations. >> david lee miller has more. >> reporter: political analysts call it one of the most critical election contests of the years. as calls in the empire state open up, the presidential candidates are in a fight to the finish with hillary clinton and donald trump starting off the morning by casting their ballots. >> i love new york and this has been a joy. >> reporter: and while clinton may be way ahead of democratic underdog bernie sanders, he is continuing his efforts to close the gap but it is an uphill battle as new york is a closed primary. to vote for sanders today, those registered as independent would have had to change their party affiliation to democrat back in october. something sanders is choosing not to focus on. >> if we get a large voter turnout tomorrow, we are going to win here in new york. >> reporter: after casting his ballot this morning, donald trump predicted he would do very well. >> we have amazing support. but i'm really honored and putting in that vote today was really something terrific. >> reporter: this as his
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republican rival senator ted cruz pushes to close the gap between him and his party's front runner despite polls showing cruz in third place in new york. >> we want manufacturing jobs back in america and i'm the only candidate with a positive plan to bring the jobs back. >> reporter: both clinton and trump are going to remain in new york as tonight's primary results come in. meanwhile, sanders, kasich, and cruz, have moved onto pennsylvania where they are hosting events in the keystone state to get a jump start on next week's primary there. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. the founders of ben and jerry's ice cream were arrested in washington over the influence of big donations in politics. they were part of a demonstration by democracy awakening. they are focused on voting rights and regulated political
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donations. they are long time social activists. a lawsuit over urinals in delores park. >> and flooding in southeast texas continues. >> and the latest on the golden state warriors. we talk about last night's big win and the latest on steph curry's status.
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>> warriors did well last night in houston even without steph curry. >> i was worried. but everything turned out. jason applebaum joins us now. and things did turn out. >> i wasn't concerned about steph's injury until i saw the warmups. >> it was a little troubling. they lobbied the coach to play. what happened was they went out there and was kept out. he is clearly annoyed by that ankle and how he is responding. you have to wonder now what his status is going to be moving forward at the playoffing after watching this little warmup. >> you think let's pull him out. >> look at his body language and the fact that he, you know,
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clearly was feeling it. let's let him rest one more day. he's good enough to go. let's rest him and play him in game three so that was a tad concerning for me wondering what his status will be the rest of the playoffs and the injuries kind of weird. when a guy turns an ankle you can see it clearly. there is this video that came out now. it wasn't the play we have been showing you. it is actually a different play. it was driving here in the second quarter. two minutes to go, trying to make a little floater and he was trying to get back on defense. kind of hard to see. didn't look like your typical turned ankle. coach kerr said they are going to play it smart when it comes to whether steph will play or not. >> we will see how he responds the next couple of days and if he is not right, obviously, being up 2-0 gives us a little more cushion if we decided to sit him.
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it will be based on his health. >> it changes the game when steph isn't in it. >> it can change the game. warriors and rockets, 14-1 against james harden and his beard. the warriors have owned the rockets so they can clearly beat them without steph curry in the lineup as they did last night. you know. everybody stepped up. harden drew three fouls on three pointers last night which had everybody frustrated with the line and made eight of nine on those. but klay thompson was big. he went to the free-throw line 16 times. tied his playoff high with four. iguodala had three three- pointers in the first half. got everybody going. and then shawn livingston was solid. kind of shot that shot there. they lead the series two games to none. then they go to houston
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tomorrow. they didn't practice today. they will be in houston tomorrow. they will arrive and then thursday, they play, so whether steph plays, i think it will be another game time decision. >> as it should be i think. >> monitor it right before the game. see how it feels. see what he says and you know based on what kerr says, he will be cautious. >> thank you jason. dramatic pictures from central mexico where a huge volcano erupted yesterday. lava and smoke are just pouring up and heading out. the volcano spewed ash over the nearby city of pueblo forcing evacuations. rocks from the volcano have been found almost a mile away. 17,800 feet, that volcano. people are being told to evacuate and wear masks so they don't breathe in all the grit and smoke. >> at least five people are dead in houston where parts of the city have been inundated with 14 inches of water.
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greg abbot has declared a state of emergency. there have been 100 water rescues in harris county alone. thousands of people have been forced to evacuate. many of them taking only what they can carry as the water rushed in. >> i woke up at 1:00 this morning and the first floors were completely under. i live on the third floor. by the time i got downstairs, i was already at my waist. >> the american red cross is opening shelters to help all the people being affected. more rain is expected but the heaviest downpours appear to have subsided. firefighter agencies in northern california worried about increased fire danger in the coming months. crews are checking homes encouraging them to eliminate dead shrubbery. they will start east and then work their way to santa clara county. fire dangers include tree limits hanging over roofs and
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dry shrubs and weeds near the houses. >> people can start picking down dead shrubbery. people with larger yard cans take care of their lawns and get ready. >> homeowners are advised to trim branches hanging over the house. keep brush and grass down to less than six inches high. defensible space around your home should extend 100 feet to help prevent grass fires from destroying your home. let's get back to rosemary orozco and a look at the weather. >> we can see how quick the weather can turn. it was warm, even hot in some areas, but changes are already underway as we do begin a cool- down. there is the oakland estuary. the clouds at the top of the hour associated with a system offshore. there is the center of it. it is pushing the clouds in.
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we started off with high and mid level clouds, had a beautiful sunrise. we cleared it out pretty good. but notice what is offshore, this is what we will see as we get into the afternoon. notice the upper level winds coming in from the south because of the system moving closer to california. temperatures will be coming down. winds have shifted some. on shore, a southerly breeze in napa. concord, a northwesterly breeze. santa rosa calm, but you can see the arrow pointing southwest. the winds will cool us down as well as the system bringing cooler air into the state and temperatures. here is is a comparison from yesterday to today. 85 degrees santa rosa yesterday. 83 san francisco. both oakland and san jose yesterday set a record. 91 in san jose. the bottom numbers represent what we are expected to see for today. so upper 70s santa rosa. 10 degrees cooler san francisco. oakland, 77 this afternoon. san jose, you are expected to drop 10 degrees from yesterday into today with temperature ins the low 08s for your
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afternoon. 78 degrees in the second half of our day for santa rosa. 76 in novato. 77 for vallejo. 80 in fairfield. around the bay, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s in the ohs bay shoreline. temperatures 77 in berkeley. low 80s antioch. half-moon bay, upper 60s , low 70s pacifica. in the south bay, temperature ins the low 80s for monogal hill and gilroy and 85 expected in santa cruz. we will begin to cool back at game time at at&t park. giants play, 66 degrees. a westerly breeze of 15 miles an hour and partly cloudy skies expected overhead. so not bad. just a bit cool and the on shore breeze will be with us. you may need an extra layer because temperatures will continue to cool off as we get into the evening hours. here is a view of your extended forecast. temperatures continue to fall as we get into midweek wednesday. cooler on thursday.
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with an increase in clouds coming our way by thursday night. on friday, look to be the coolest day and the possibility of showers friday. in the bay area weekend, we are dry with partly cloudy skies. temperatures rebounding into the upper 60s to low 70s for our inland communities. >> looks beautiful. thank you rosemary orozco. four high schools have been ranked the best in the country according to the u.s. news and world report, san francisco's lowell high, preparatory academy, mission san jose, and kipp san jose. they were based off of state assessments, graduation rates, and preparing students for college. san francisco students are riding their bikes and scooters for bike and roll to school this week. the idea is to promote healthy living and exercise. it kicked off at the exelcior playground. kids say it was important to do
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it today though they can't always do it every day. >> i think it is pretty cool. there are so many cars here and it is kind of polluting the earth, so, we kind of walk and ride our bikes and stop that. >> the city says over the course of the week, they expect to see over 6,000 students and staff ride their bikes to class. still ahead the first time in decades, a pet house on the iconic clock tower building hits the market. we will show you around coming up next.
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>> tonight, new police chief of richmond will be sworn in. brown started with the department in 1984 and has served as the interim chief since january. the ceremony is being held at the richmond memorial auditorium in civic center plaza at 5:00 tonight and is open to the public. police department is encouraging citizens to come out and attend the ceremony. >> so the ice cream at the shopping center is safe for now. the rink has been closed three years now, but city permission is needed in order to demolish it. the developer will look for other types of recreational facilities that could replace the rink and meet the terms of the contract with the city. >> for the first time in 20 years, the penthouse condo in san francisco's landmark clock tower building is up for sale. that building at second and bryant is a familiar sight for
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those across the bay bridge. it was originally a lithograph factory. then in 1993, it was converted into lofts. the penthouse is 3,000 square feet, two bedrooms, two baths, a wrap around deck with views of the cities. it has three floors of office space, a game room, and the clock itself still works. >> it is amazing. all the original hardware here. and this was initially built in the early 1920s . you will not find this anywhere else in the city. this is amazing. >> and the asking price for this piece of san francisco history, not too bad. $8.5million. >> wow. i don't know if that is quite my price range. taking look at stocks, not doing super great. the dow is up one quarter of 1%. the s&p up one-third. but the nasdaq is down by almost one-half of 1%.
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the apple fbi standoff over the locked iphone ended with no clear precedent. >> they are trying to find way to protect the american people. >> reporter: the dispute between apple and the fbi is back on capitol hill where law enforcement and tech industry leaders are testifying on a hearing on encryption. some members of congress have been floating legislative solutions but others have been more cautious. >> we are calling on congress to pass legislation in a complex situation like this. a blunt instrument at best. >> reporter: law enforcement says they need access to these communications as part of ongoing communications and tech companies are not complies with
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legal court orders. >> encryption poses significant barriers to law enforcement's ability to do it job. >> reporter: but tech companies say this will compromise personal safety making americans more vulnerable. >> the issue is not about privacy at the expense of security. it is about maximizing safety and security. >> reporter: a proposed bill from richard burr and diane feins temperature insstein world force them to give information to the feds. >> we cannot battle between two sides. the only approach is that we all lose when we do that. >> reporter: it is unclear when or if this draft will come up for a vote. in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. still ahead, a legal battle over a newly installed urinal in san francisco's dolores park. >> why some neighbors say it
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must be removed but others say it is necessary. >> plus, marijuana enthusiasts preparing for tomorrow. what one dispensary is doing as a gesture of goodwill. >> live stream of mornings on 2. download the fox news app and follow us on facebook and twitter. wherever you go, you can always take us along.
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>> an outdoor urinal in san francisco's dolores park is
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part of a lawsuit on the city. >> they say it is a public nuisance. the chinese christian union of san francisco filed a complaint to have it removed. they say the urinals are indecent and offensive and discriminatory since they are designed for men and not women. >> they are there to receiver men. no accommodation for women. it is impossible for someone disabled to use it and the law is very clear. and the people, and the leadership is saying the city of san francisco knows full well what the law is. and they decided to waste taxpayer dollars to build something. >> the city attorney's office is fighting back. it says neighbors in the dolores park area lobbied something like the urinals because there are not enough regular restrooms the area. the same type of urinal is used in europe as well. >> my friend said they have
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this new outdoor urinal upstairs and, they were like, oh, like in europe? they said yeah. i tried it and i loved it. >> it is part of the design, the rec and parks department plans to have the vines grow over the mesh screen to shield users from the nearby muni stop. the transportation agency is about to vote on a pilot program banning cars on a portion of twin peaks. it only allows bikers and walkers on the eastern side. it will be turned from a one way street to a two-way street on the west side. some say it will make it riskier to share the street with tour buses. they will run a test before making a final decision. thousands of people are expected in golden gate park
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for the annual 4/20 smoke-out on hippy hill. it will culminate at 4:20 p.m. marijuana is still illegal in california. the garbage has become a huge problem. they estimated 10,000 pounds of trash was left behind last year and a medical marijuana dispensary in the mission district is offering to cleanup as a gesture of goodwill. >> the big issue is the traffic. the traffic and garbage. >> we will be collecting all the trash and making a run to the dump so that we can make sure that the city looks as great as it did before did before the event started. >> undercover cops will be in the park looking for people dealing drugs like meth. police say they have
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arrested a suspect in the disappearance of a two-year- old. carlos moldenado is charged with auto theft and attempted murder. the little boy was in the backseat of the car when it was stolen. he was found in the car in a shed in the town of gonzalez. the car was locked t windows were rolled up, but the two- year-old boy was okay. an investigation is underway after a person was hit and killed by a vta train. officials say the train was headed north to the allen rock station. >> he was trespassing and not in the crosswalk at the time of the accident. 12 passengers were on board. they were not hurt. >> it is a horribly traumatic situation for everyone involved, for the operator who tried to stop and was traumatized on the impact to the person who was hit by the train. it was a terrible situation. >> vta officials say they are not sure how fast the train was going at the time of the crash.
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university of california's president janet napolatano says a reform for sexual harassment cases has not gone far enough. she says the committee needs to come back in three months with recommendations for a clear time line. she says the time line cannot be longer than five months. she also wants the campus office that receives sexual harassment complains to inform the chancellor of any complaint involving a faculty member. the uc berkeley student saying he was removed from a southwest airlines flight after speaking arabic is talking about the experience. he was an iraqi refugee headed from los angeles to oakland. he was talking on the phone with his uncle in baghdad about an event he attended. a passenger alerted employees and he was asked to get off the plane where police were waiting for him. >> he said look what you have done. the plane is going to be
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delayed for 30 minutes because of you. i said no. i think this is what islamophobia has turned this country into. i'm waiting for a public apology to recognize in this country they have a problem. they discriminated against a student who came to this country as an iraqi refugee to pursue his dreams and i am going to continue that. >> southwest airlines says it refunded the student's air fare and tried to contact him, but, that he has not responded to their request for direct communication. now, to the latest in afghanistan where at least 28 people are dead, hundreds others injured after an early morning attack. >> it happened at a government compound and the the taliban is claiming responsibility. >> a deadly morning in afghanistan. >> reporter: security forces on the scene after armed militants attack a government security
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agency in kabul. >> i was inside my office. a big explosion happened. it damaged the walls, blasted the windows. >> reporter: the assault beginning with a suicide bombing near the government compound, a gun battle followed. >> suicide bomber was trying to enter the building. there was fire inside the building and police forces outside did note give him the chance to enter. he was killed. >> reporter: the taliban claims responsibility for the attack. it is the first major incident since the terror organization announced their spring offensive last week. it came after a northern province was held up by security forces. >> they have suffered lots of casualties. by carrying out this suicide attack, they wanted to take revenge. >> reporter: afghanistan, among the topics of discussion at a nato russian meeting today. >> we have seen an attack with kabul that has shown us how fragile the situation on the
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security level is in the country. >> reporter: afghanistan taking responsibility for its security in december, 2014 while 9800 u.s. troops are set to remain in the country through most of the year. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. rescue crews in ecuador are racing against time to find survivors of the powerful earthquake that struck over the weekend. the death toll is at 400 but some people are still being rescued. [ applause ] a man survived more than 32 hours trapped in the rubble. you hear cheers and applause. thousands of troops are digging through the rubble along the pacific coast. >> it looks like if we were in a war. everything has collapsed. what a pity. >> more than 200 aftershocks have hit the area. shelters are set up for the thousands of people left
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homeless. in japan, searchers are not finding survivors. the death toll there is now at 45 with more bodies found buried in the mud. more than 100,000 people are now living in evacuation shelters. landslides caused extensive damage to roads, bridges, buildings. still ahead, a former member of the oakland raiders arrested in the east bay for dui. >> and reports that mark jackson is set to interview for new coaching position. we will tell you where. >> we are also feeling a drop in temperatures. we will check in with rosemary orozco in a minute.
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>> a former raiders offensive line man has been arrested on du airline charges. khalif barnes was pulled over when an officer stopped and he failed a field sobriety test. he was taken to the santa rita jail where he was booked and released. he played for the raiders between 2009 and 2013. in 2006, he pleaded no contest to a drunk driving charge and received probation playing for the jaguars. san jose sharks gearing up for game four in san jose after losing to the los angeles kings last night. nfl hall of famer ronnie lott was on hand. thornton scored but then the kings tied it up. the sharks had five power play chances but couldn't convert. the game remains 1-1 until overtime when the kings scored
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less than four minutes in for the 2-1 victory. game six would be back in san jose sunday. there are tickets available game 4 tomorrow. through the sharks website, we found the cheapest tickets at just under $80. the most expensively confined are 350. san francisco, the giants are looking to even out the series against the arizona diamondbacks after letting one slip away last night. joe panik's solo shot. they took a 6-2 lead. but with just one strike away from winning. did that. they score in the 11th to take
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the win. the series win over the kansas city royals, the as . they start a game with the yankees in a few minutes then head to toronto and detroit before heading home next friday. former warriors head coach mark jackson is reportedly set to interview with the minnesota timberwolves for their head coach vacancy. he is currently an analyst for espn and he has not coached in the nba since he was fired by the warriors in golden 14. he led golden state to the playoffs two of the three seasons he was here. they finished with 29 wins and 53 losses the year he was fired. rosemary orozco, it will be cooling down tonight. >> it will be nice out there. a live look at the san francisco skyline. you can see, half-moon bay, one
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of the cooler spots, 63 degrees now. sfo reporting 68 to low 70s in oakland. in the south bay, we have 79 san jose. some of our warmer locations, they enter east bay. 79 in concord. 77 livermore. but again, a tad cooler than where we were yesterday. and the cooling friend will continue as we get into the afternoon. mid 70s in santa rosa. a beautiful day outside. i stepped out on the patio and it is just gorgeous. 83 palo alto. 77 in san mateo. 80 in woodside, in the south bay, 81 degrees in morgan hill. 83 right now for saratoga. 72 in the hills of los gatos, for the afternoon, the winds turning on shore for the second part of our daytime we are looking at that. as we move through your tuesday, in addition to the clouds, this system here offshore, going to bring a little bit of rain to northern california.
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maybe to the higher elevations. what it will do is impact our temperatures so monday was definitely the warmest day. we broke several records. as we get into wednesday, we will continue the cool-down. by thursday and friday. if you can believe it, afternoon highs are in the mid to upper 60s . yesterday, we were in the upper 80s . quite a difference from monday to friday. friday will be the possibility of rain headed our way. here is a look at the system headed our way. notice how it moves close tore the state, it fizzles out. maybe a few sprinkles, a little bit of drizzle. we are looking at dry weather tomorrow. thursday, increasing clouds and then friday, as we get through the morning hours and into the afternoon, this will be our better shot at getting some rain. doesn't look like a whole lot. quarter inch. maybe a half inch if we are lucky. but that will be the first chance we get at wet weather and we are drying out for our bay area weekend. you can see we have a little bit of residual moisture if you
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are thinking of headed to the sierra. temperatures today, upper 70s expected for sonoma as well as novato. 73 sausalito this afternoon. in the east bay, mid to upper 70s for oakland, alameda. low 80s for antioch, brentwood, livermore. 84 expected there. in the south bay, temperatures will be mild to warm, low 80s for los gatos, san jose, 80, santa clara. sand cruz, 75. for the peninsula, we are looking at 75 san bruno. low 70s in areas like daly city. upper 60s expected in half- moon bay, the cooling trend, temperatures falling off a little bit wednesday, more thursday. coolest day friday. waking up to the possibility of scattered showers for the first part of the day. when we dry out as we get into the bay area weekend. upper 60s to low 70s expected there. a mild dry weekend expected. >> two nice weekends in a row. thank you. today, nasa shows off its air traffic control system for
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drones. the system is regarded as the key safety system that would allow larger number of drones to fly in the sky while avoiding midair collisions. it lets drone operators fly similar to commercial aircrafts and question clearance. then it accepts the plan or rejects it due to safety reasons. we are introducing you to bay area businesses doing their part to give back to the area where we live. after the break, the team behind the popular ramen shop that says it is easier to source locally.
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>> using locally sourced organic food is becoming more popular among bay area restaurants. >> when three people opened up a ramen shop in oakland, they were committed to the philosophy and lifestyle. as claudine wong reports, they say it is easier than ever to do that. >> reporter: if you cook with ingredients that are local, sustainable, and organic, the food just tastes better. so i'm joined by sam white, one of three owners here at the ramen shop. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for coming here. >> reporter: so we talk about the philosophy. all of the owners here worked
12:51 pm
at chez fenisse known for its philosophy on local organic. >> it is what we learned. when you are there and you are going to farms and you are eating this food every day, you can't use any other kind of ingredient. it tastes better, it feels better, you have a connection to the farmers. >> reporter: so three years ago, you opened the doors. what is the feel and kind of mission of the restaurant that you guys wanted to create? >> we wanted to create a northern california style of ramen. in japan, there are so many different styles. tokyo, hokkaido, we are trying to do something that is really unique to oakland and unique to california. >> i think what we talk about locally toward food, it is not a compromise. it adds to what you guys are making. >> yeah, these ingredients taste better. it is good for the world. it is good for the people who
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work on the farm. if they thrive we thrive. >> and the earth thrives at the end of the day. >> reporter: we mentioned three owners, one of your owners will take us on a tour of the kitchen and everyone inside. let's talk about the local ingredients. when you talk japanese, can you get everything locally with the type of food you are making? >> that is one of the things we struggled with at the beginning. one of the first things we tried to find was nori. so we found a forager up in mendocino that brought us. this is pork bone broth that has become very popular. yes, this rolls at a boil for 14 hours. the first thing we have here is actually bamboo shoots from up north of sacramento.
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something that has a really short period of time. it is just at the beginning of spring. and it was another component that we always wanted to have in our bowls of ramen. >> but it is hard to find. even in sacramento. okay. >> here, we have the ume daikkon. a great farm down in wattsonville. these are green strawberries so they are not ripe, we pickle them with more ume and shiso. please try it. >> reporter: how does that change the taste? >> it is like ... there is nothing like it. >> reporter: mmm. that is really good. all right, we still have to talk about noodles. jj will show us the noodles. it so it is not just the ingredients but what you do with them. so jj who is an owner here as well will show us how you make the ramen. this is a special machine. you went to japan to get it right? >> yes. this is one of the best noodle
12:54 pm
machines out there. what i do, i take it from the sheets and cut it. generally, ramen is three components, soup, noodles, and then, some sort of oil. texture is very important with ramen. we do a really good job knowing can cooking time of our ramen. we want it to get to customer with just the right amount of bounce but give in the noodles. i wanted a traditional ramen shop. we wanted to utilize the farms and stan was into the atmosphere that started at chez. >> jj, thank you very much for the lesson on the ramen. looks fantastic. virallal activists from around the world gathered in san francisco for a prestigious honor. the six winners of the $175,000 golden prize included activists from cambodia, slovakia.
12:55 pm
the youngest winner is from the state of maryland. while still in high school, des any wofford opposed an incinerator in her area. there was a somber reminder of how dangerous environmentalism can be in many parts of the world. last month, one of last year's winners was killed in honduras. she was shot to death by gunmen who burst into her home. take us to the broadway smash hit hamilton may be harder to get after it one the pulitzer prize for drama. trust me. it's great. it tells the story of the founding founder alexander hamilton and bay area fans will soon be able to see the show because it is coming to san francisco march of next year. here you go. a short click of hamilton. a lot of people talking about
12:56 pm
it on the east coast. it is coming here next year in march. so, down to southern california. organizers of the cochella music festival are putting on a huge event. rolling stone, paul mccarthy. neil young. roger waters from pink floyd all set to take the field this fall. it is a three-day festival beginning october 7. it celebrates the 60s . neil young's manager says the event will be so special, many people may never get another chance to see these guys again. closing bell four minutes ago. a slide in technology companies are sending stocks mostly lower. mining and energy stocks are among those in the green today. speaking of green, the dow up just about 37 points there. nasdaq down 24 points , s&p up four points. so i noticed you looking at your phone. we are so connected through smartphone, social media. but when someone crosses the line or is too much for you.
12:57 pm
what do you do? >> today, it is tech tuesday and we will show you how to block someone on your smartphone and on the biggest social media site. that story and much more today on the 4:00 on 2. >> that's it for now. any time. have a good one!
12:58 pm
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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dr. oz: you can't always see it. you can't always smell it, but it could be make you and your family sick. i'm talking about toxic mold. we explosion the hidden places it could be growing in your home. >> look at that. dr. oz: plus e! news host maria menounos reveals how she lost 40 pounds. what was the ah-hah moment in your life when you finally realized this is worth it. oming up next. we'll save lives today. are you guys ready to get healthy! [cheers and applause]


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