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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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stopped the pursuit prior to the crash. the car ended up on a golf course and the driver was arrested. paul chambers live. what do you know. >> the victim is a 65-year-old woman. the car was traveling down leland road. >> the car continued and the police say the car drove
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erratically and found the car down the road, the driver struck and killed a pedestrian out for a morning walk before crashing into a crash and ditching the vehicle. >> reporter: the pedestrian was deceased on the scene. the suspect was taken into custody. 65-year-old woman right from pittsburgh. hard to identify her because she was not carrying any id on her and we will bring you more as the shows continue as five and six. mike and keba. >> anything about how much time elapsed from when they stopped the pursuit and the actual crash. >> reporter: the crash happened a half mile from where we are. the police turned on the lights and sirens to stop the car. they didn't want to take any
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risks and they turn it off. when they saw the crash, it was about a minute to two minutes and that happened and shortly thereafter, they had officers responding and the officers that turned on the lights and siren was giving cpr to the deceased victim. >> what do we know about the victim? you set out for a walk. i'm asking what do we know about the incident? did the driver not see the woman or what. >> under investigation. all i can tell you is what police told us. the woman was walking along the walkway and the car was going at a high rate of speed and the car hit the fence. this is an active investigation. as we get more information i will get it to you.
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>> paul chambers live in pittsburg thanks. >> there is a warning from the homeowners association to people to not let their lawns go brown. they received the letter black hawk homeowner's association. does not ask residents to increase the water use and suggest drought tolerant landscaping but some find the later appalling. >> i was shocked. it makes us look like snobs and we are not. >> and the residents some of them found it was not wrong. under the homeowner
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association, they can't personalize their residence for conserving water. an outdoor urinal is the source of a lawsuit, the chinese christian university of san francisco says it is a public nuisance and has filed a lawsuit and want it removed. they say it is indecent and offensive and they argue and they are discriminatory because they are for men and not women. it is impossible for someone disabled and the law is clear. and they decided to use taxpayers money to build
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something. >> the attorney's office in the neighborhood lobbied to have something like the urinals because it is a popular spot. the same type of urinal is used in europe. >> they said is it like europe and said yes and i tried it and i think it is great. >> the recreation and parks department plan to have vines over the screen on the urinals to give them more privacy and shield it from the nearby stop. >> the polls closed throughout the state in new york in less than two hours and a primary battleground and could determine whether donald trump and hillary clinton could get the nomination before the convention this summer. david miller has the latest on the campaign trail. >> political analysts are calling a critical presidential
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contest and as polls open up in new york the candidates are in a fight with donald trump and hillary clinton starting offer the morning by casting their ballots. >> i love new york. >> and bernie sanders is trying to close the gap but an uphill battle as vermont is a closed primary meaning in order to vote for bernie sanders today those registered as independents would have had to change the party affiliation to democrat back in october. something bernie sanders is choosing not to focus on. >> and if we get a large voter turnout tomorrow we are going to win in new york. >> after casting the ballot donald trump predicted he would do well. >> we have amazing support but i am honored inputting in the vote was something to do. >> this as rival senator ted cruz pushes to close the gap
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between him and his party's front-runner despite showing 3rd place in new york. >> we want manufacturing jobs back in america and i have a serious plan to do that. >> the primary results will come in and donald trump and hillary clinton will remain and sanders and cruz have moved to pennsylvania where they are hosting events in the keystone state to get a jump start on next week's primary there. in mineola, new york. david miller, fox news. coming up, we will sit down with brian scobel that is here in the house and looking forward to seeing his break down on what will happen tonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders and talking about the bernie sanders supporters. you are hearing some analysts say that they are so anti establishment, they may not get out and vote. they want to see that revolution. >> independents can't vote either. >> there you go. >> and there is support from independents and can bernie sanders grab the minority
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support that hillary clinton had. march 22nd was the big win in arizona. >> it has been awhile. >> so we will see if she gets the state of new york and win big. stories of survival from ecudor. a man, pablo cardova was able to call a relative and be rescued from under the debris. when he came out he waved to the crowds thanking them for rescuing him. >> three other people were
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rescued from the rubble but scores of people unaccounted for. the government says the death toll is now 413. >> in japan. the kunatomo airport has reopened. relief workers are coming to help in the recovery. some one hundred thousand people remain homeless and significant damage to the infrastructure. they are still searching in the mountains because of the landslides during the earthquake. >> steph curry went to get an mri and it showed nothing of concern. he is listed as questionable for game three in houston. curry came out yesterday and warmed up with the team about an hour before tip-off and then after warming up, he decided his ankle was not healthy enough to play and it did not matter, the warriors wanted a 2-
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0 zip series lead. after the game, head coach kerr talked about the injuries. >> why risk it? you know. they played well. >> but there were close spots. >> but go down to houston and win them both. >> that is just me. what do i know. >> we are so connected on the smart phones but what about people you don't want to connect with. it is tech tuesday and we are asking experts to show us to block people. ryan eldridge from nerds on call to show us how. cooler than the last couple and clouds as well. there could be showers in the five-day forecast. i'll let you know when that could happen. okay. do you remember the dress that whole black and white, blue or
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gold or white and gold, blue and black thing. this is the latest optical illusion. do you know what this is? what do you see here? go to our facebook page. >> does it look like a bug? >> no, a cowboy. we gave it away. go to facebook and you can chime in. what do you see here? a quick look at the commute, this is 80, emeryville camera. there is a crash on the shoulder. chp responding right now and won't be a good commute on the east shore. the four on 2 will be right
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back. nice looking day out there today. not as warm as the last couple of days. a few clouds and no rain yet. in the five-day forecast we got a shot at showers out there. and here is satellite loop i wanted to show you the big story in houston and dallas. eastern texas. a look at the rainfall over the last couple of days. look at the reds in houston. ridiculous amount of rain in the houston area and dallas. as you get up to the current time, you can see it is not raining as much but not before. over two feet of rain has fallen. major flooding in houston. low lying -- houston you are not that far from the bay. lots of low lying structures. big flooding concerns and over two feet of rain. they got more rain today.
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for us, more showers in the forecast but not for a little while. not towards the end of the week. in the meantime we got the pattern that will slowly and gradually cool us off and the reason, this system. you can see the flow going like this. just throwing up clouds in our area. that's to help with the cooling and takes the high pressure out of the area. minimizing it so you don't get the sinking air that allowed the record heat the day before. clouds outside, everybody has got them through the bay area. temperatures are running a little below yesterday as we mentioned, 9 degrees cooler in livermore and 9 more in san jose. they had records yesterday. temperatures have come down. beautiful green, as green as we have seen, i guess that rhymed. as green as we have seen in four years. i posted a pick of lake shasta on my twitter and it shows lake
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shasta, the largest land made reservoir in the state responsible for water for farmers and residence, 92% full. that's huge. the forecast lows, upper 40s and low 50s and like it was last night. clouds tomorrow morning and let's push the model through and you will see how it warms up tomorrow afternoon. yellows are 70s and still going to be low 80s as we head into your far inland valleys tomorrow and not for us. talking about modesto and stockton. bremville 77 and 77 in concord. the east will be south of here. but still warm. not cold, just warm. the five-day forecast and a little cooler tomorrow but not bad. a little cooler on thursday. and by friday we get into a chance, it looks like showers, yes. temperatures in the mid-60s. and saturday it clears out just in time for the bay area, saturday and sunday and the
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weather looks good. there is the five-day forecast keba and looking forward to the showers. wouldn't that be nice to get rain in here on friday. >> absolutely, bill. we need it to close out april or to help us in april. thank you. today is tech tuesday and we are talking about how to handle pesky people, people you don't want to have contact with. how do you block people on social media? with us is ryan eldridge, cofounder of nerds on call. you have information for us. trolls exist. >> yes and like i was talking to somebody in the green room and they were saying that you have that friend that you had when you were in third grade and you are like i found out they are so cool and then they are a different person now. >> and you don't want to be rude. >> but you can get them out of your social feed but not letting them know. >> let's start with the cell
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phone, right? and if you have an android phone. >> yes. should i answer is the app. this checks all of the calls that are coming in and tells you who it is and you can block numbers and you can block people not in your list and others can rate the numbers coming in. if you have a threshold, like i have only four stars, those are the only stars i will take. >> like spam calls. >> yes. and calls unwanted or sometimes you get random calls. should i answer this? it solves that. >> okay. >> and you can decide how you want that call handled. you can have it sent to a voice mail box. >> i like that. leave it at voice mail. should i answer. >> yes and you can check that out on google play. >> an iphone, there is no easy way to do it but if you are having an ios7 device go in and
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click the blue icon. there it is. click that little blue u-conn or go down to settings and go to the blocked persons sections and you can add the numbers manually. >> iphone you have to go in your settings and pick and choose it. >> and if those calls get blocked and sent directly to a blocked voice mail for you so that you know they are blocked and won't be able to face time you or message but they think they will and they will see she is getting my messages and won't know you are being ignored. >> facebook, sometimes people find you and message you and you don't want to be friends. what can you do. >> let's say it is that friend from third grade that you don't want them to know you are not following them and you can click that and you won't see the posts. >> but you are friends. >> yes. you can see their profile and when you want to talk to them, you can.
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there is another option. you can go into privacy settings and you can look up how to block someone from seeing my posts. and they will give you a little space to put an email address or name and they won't be able to see anything like you have dropped off of facebook. >> that is like unfriendly. >> yes, if you want to be aggressive. let's say somebody is sending you messages and you just like dude, i just want to be done with it. aggressive unfriendly. >> like you are done and out here. >> i don't want to see this person again. but let's say you have somebody that has a little more aggressive political stance and you want to be a friend but some of the pages they like, i don't want to see this thing, you can unfold specific posts or pages. >> do you put in the requirements? >> no, if you see a post from that person you click on the little arrow on the far right and you can say unfold this page and it will hide everything and you don't have
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to see it anymore. let's say you are a die hard bernie fan, you can say i don't want trump posts or vice versa. >> and if you want to be back in touch with that friend you can go to the page. >> or get the regular stuff if you are blocking post by post. not specific pages. >> friendly twitter. let's wrap it up. >> there is an option and you see a tweet, there is three dots that you can click on and you can block tweets from that person so they can't, you won't see the tweets. >> and just to wrap it up, ryan, sometimes these can be upsetting, someone keeps calling and sending you mean messages, it can get to you. >> and on facebook anybody can message anybody, whether they are friends or not and message you ad nauseam at three in the morning and drive you crazy, especially if you are young or have a personality like you, someone might message you and you can block it. >> i love it.
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cofounder, nerds on call, ryan eldridge. thank you. >> you are welcome. mike, over to you. it is brand new technology to help things with stand a major earthquake and being used in the bay area. the seismicically safe thing. up next.
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a new hospital under
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construction in san francisco is using a rubbery goo to withstand an earthquake. >> shock absorbing technology developed in japan 20 years ago primarily used for making soccer balls. the new california pacific medical center near san francisco city hall is under construction. the building is the first in the u.s. to use this technology which is basically especially designed walls with a rubbery compound. it is supposed to help the building with stand a powerful earthquake. engineers at uc san diego tested the new wall. >> one of the things we wanted to see, would we break them and we couldn't break them. >> anything that could take the energy that is generated from the earthquake and help it dissipate without cracking is a good thing. >> the viscus material is designed to allow the walls to move and the building to sway. even in a violent jolt. >> the technology was subject
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to conditions that simulated a 7. 9 earthquake and the steel boxes passed every test. so this could be something that we see in more new construction. >> hey, whatever works. just get it right. >> absolutely. >> new york voters, casting their ballots now in the presidential primary. still to come. what is at stake for the front runners, hillary clinton and donald trump. the four on 2 will be right
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a flash flood watch in effect in houston, texas through tomorrow afternoon after more than a foot of rain fell in 24 hours. at least six deaths being blamed on the flood. houston is the 4th largest city at sea level and flooding happens regularly. experts have warned city leaders must do more to address the problem but right now they are rescuing people to get them to shelters. >> i woke up at 1:00 this morning and the first floor was under and i live on the 3rd floor and by the time i got downstairs i was already at my waist. emergency responders and volunteers rescued 70 horses
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trapped by a stable in high waters. a creek rose 25 feet above normal and things got chaotic and one horse died after getting tangled up in a fence and drown and a few are still missing. politics, a showdown in the empire state, voters are casting their ballots in the new york primary and the polls close in 90 minutes. donald trump and hillary clinton were leading heading to today. we are joined by political analyst brian scobel. the a's are playing the yankees tonight. i wonder if they are fired up. >> you know new yorkers. >> let's start with the democrats, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. both people once called new york home. or once did in brooklyn. i mentioned to keba about the independents being locked out. is that a big thing? >> yes. it does because a lot of
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independents are looking at the bernie sanders campaign saying i identify with this outsider and hillary clinton right now, her biggest problem is she has got so many negatives. and at the end of the day she will probably end up with the nomination of course but how that tracks towards the general election will be interesting to watch. >> she hadn't won big since 22nd of march in arizona. you would think they would want a fantastic showing. >> they are expecting to do well tonight. but the last poll that i saw was within about 12 points. we will see where it ends up tonight and not true on the other side where donald trump has a big lead in the polling but if bernie sanders comes close and proportional and delegates, that says something about him. >> before we get to the other side. democrats, $247 up for grabs and proportionate and he could
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walk away with a good amount even if he loses and let's talk about the support, people are comparing the two saying they are similar and except on the bernie side you are hearing these people are just so -- disin franchised with all of it and they may not vote. they want to agitate the system. >> they are pushing the system a bit but i have said since earliest days of the campaign, call it on the back side, the bernie supporters and the trump supporters have similarity. the government doesn't work for
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them, doesn't work for african- americans and women. >> and donald trump coming from the convention avoiding a fight with the focus on new york, does it play a part of it at all no matter the outcome. >> i don't think it matters tonight, mike. the delegates don't deliver the nomination tonight and don deliver it to hillary clinton. if he were to win the majority, 95% of the delegates. does momentum have anything to avoid the fight on the floor? >> sure. how does he get there and even if i don't have the magical number of delegates. >> 1237. >> 1237, if he doesn't have that, his point is going to be, hey, i'm the leader. and i'm way out in front on the delegate count. >> i'm the leader and have been
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banged up in the headlines. >> mathematically. donald trump and hillary clinton soom they are on their way and how important will june 17th be? >> this is the beautiful thing. every presidential cycle, california has not been a player. this time, i think we will be a player and that is going to be fun. >> unbelievable. >> yes. >> i was talking to somebody earlier that was mentioning why is it on june 7th, why didn't they move up the primary a long time ago? and it's been, you know, discussed in the legislature, just hasn't been the momentum to move it. interesting subject to explore. >> yes. we will. >> we will. on june 6th. talking about this. >> it is exciting.
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>> thank you, brian. an apology from johnny depp and his wife. you will want to see this. >> it is pretty warm and will stay that way and a chance of rain. i will have the specifics after the break. another look outside at san mateo bridge westbound direction moving well. slower on the eastbound side. the four on 2 will be right back. brought to you by your bay area
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hyundai dealers.
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the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide attack in afghanistan that left 28 people dead and hundreds more injured. >> it began in kabal. militants stormed the compound with a suicide car bomb and gunfire. >> i was in my office and explosion happened. it damaged the walls and windows of the office. the suicide bomber was trying to enter the building and came under fire as well as from police forces outside the building not giving him a chance to enter. he was killed. >> the first major attack since the taliban announced the spring offensive and it comes days after an attack in a northern province. the embattled governor of michigan will drink tap water from flint, michigan for a month to show it is now safe. >> talking about governor rick
4:39 pm
schneider. he has faced mounting criticism for this flint, michigan water crisis. he hopes his decision to drink the water would "alleviate the criticism." >> he wants to do the right thing. >> i think it is unfortunate that it took the crisis in flint to sort of jolt us into paying more attention to this. >> a petition to recall the governor, they need 700,000 more to get it on the ballot. earth day this friday and we are talking about eco friendly and sustainable efforts in the bay area. >> claudine wong introduces us to the ramin shop where three staffers are dedicated to organic cally food. >> if you cook with foods that
4:40 pm
or gannic, food tastes better. >> i am joined by sam one of the three owners in oakland. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> we have talked about the philosophy. known for ingredients that kind of serve the earth for future generations and it sound like you bought that here. >> for us it is what you learned. when you are eating the food you can't use any other ingredients. it feels better and you have a connection to the farmers. >> three years ago you opened your doors. what is the feel and mission of the restaurant that you guys wanted to create? >> we wanted to create a northern california style of ramin. in japan there is so many different styles. a tokyo style and smaller
4:41 pm
styles. we are doing something unique to oakland and to northern california and that is local and sustainable and using local ingredients. >> and when we talk about the locally sourced food, its not a compromise but adds to what you are making. >> yes, the ingredients taste better, hands down. it is good for the people and the people that work on the farm and we thrive. >> and the earth lives. >> yes. >> one of the owner is going to take us on a tour. >> another owner of the ramin shop, let's talk about the ingredients. you said when you are cooking japanese you talked about getting the ingredients locally. >> that is one of the things we struggled with at the beginning and one of the first things we tried to find was nori and we
4:42 pm
found it. we translate this to a broth that is popular. >> it is. >> this stays on a boil for 14 hours. these are bamboom shoots from north of california. and we wanted to have it. >> and it is hard to find but you found it in sacramento. >> and we found this from a great farm in watsonville. they are green strawberries and they are night ripe and we pickle them. please try it. how does it taste? >> nothing like it. >> that is really good. >> we are talking about noodles
4:43 pm
and j j will tell us more. >> it is not just about the ingredients but what you do with them says j j who is an owner that will show us how you make the ramin and this is a special machine. you went to japan to get it. >> this is one of the best noodle machines out there. a funnel process of the noodle making. i take it from the sheets and cut it. ramin is three components, soup, noodle and some sort of oil. texture is important with ramin. we do a good job with the ramin and we wants to make sure it gets to the customer with the right amount of bounce in the noodle but give as well. i wanted a traditional shop and we wanted it to be from products here and with great shape. >> j j, thanks so much for the
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lesson on ramin. it looks fantastic. let's check in with bill martin. clouds starting to roll in. >> look at what is going on here. >> i like it. >> you got a red tie on? >> tuesday, yes. >> yes and i am all worked up for food. you see the pasta like they are stacking hay bales. >> always hungry. my wife always says that. we have had records in the last two days and today cooler and a few clouds and stunning. that is off from the distance and interesting angle as we pull back. how is he shooting that? umm? i guess that is a roof cam. that's a neat shot. that is one shot i have not seen. that gives you an indication of how clear it is. twin peaks towards noi valley and market street.
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beautiful day in san francisco and the bay area with temperatures cooler by a fool degrees. here is the system out here. you see the contours, the lines representing upper level winds. upper level flow which in this case is translating to a surface and up in the upper information out of the southwest. a southwest field. feels like phoenix and san diego today. even out at the beaches, right? no fog out there yet but i suspect fog will return late tonight and tomorrow morning. we got temperatures in the 70s and low 80s in the warmest spots. 82 in fairfield and 81 in concord. these are the departures from yesterday. you can see the 7 degrees cooler in napa and the degrees cooler in san jose. that's all you need to know. you know it is cooler and that's the trend.
4:46 pm
another live camera shot. just kind of got that sultry vibe. the warm air will stay with us for a few days, monday and tuesday and wednesday, tomorrow, a little bit cooler and significant cooling on thursday and friday. here is the forecast model for san francisco tomorrow. some cumulous clouds and fog on the coast and for a day like this in san francisco and san jose. nice looking day. it has been really nice. we have a five-day forecast and it shows up friday, it looks like it may verify. earlier it was like maybe it will happen and maybe it won't. these are forecast highs. just because of this time of the year. transition seasons. the fall pattern and the spring pattern with the transitioning from summer to winter. the model, not as bad as it used to be. when you see rain and the transition season three or four days out, it is tough to grab on to but this deal on friday may go down.
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not a lot of rain, no. but rain nevertheless and that will be good for your yard and everything and temperatures will take a dive as well. the weekend at this point looks great. here is the week ahead. a few more clouds on wednesday and more clouds on thursday. kind of like today. just a little bit cooler. mid and low 70s and friday the game changer. that's the day that i think we will see wet on the afternoon commute for sure. and i'm talking a tenth of an inch or quarter of an inch. that's the five-day forecast mike and keba. good time. thanks for having me here. pretty fun. >> a pleasure. >> thanks for swinging in. >> i will be here tomorrow and thursday and on friday. >> a nice look at the five-day forecast. >> i like it. >> why not? >> took you a little while to get over here. julie haener in the newsroom with a look at the stories at five. julie, what is the story about pier 39 and the wharf in san francisco. >> an uptake in crime at
4:48 pm
fishermen's wharf. san francisco police about to do something they haven't done in three years. and we are getting a close look at something new. the idea of drones to make deliveries to become more popular. tests are under way to pave the way for the growing site in the skies. we will take you inside a bay area control room where researchers are studying ways to safely use the drones. the stories coming up at five. see you soon, julie. thank you. he is known for his amazing voice but now there is scientific proof that freddy mercury was incredible singer. we will explain on the four on
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2. time now to get a look at what people are talking about on social media. and the prime nister to the north of us in canada. one of them freddy mercury being talked about. >> let's start with johnny depp, he and his wife apologizing for bringing terriers into australia illegally. the couple appeared in a courtroom yesterday in australia and heard and pleaded guilty to knowingly producing a false document so two other charges of illegally importing dogs were dropped. at least they were dropped but the court magistrate gave her one month and good behavior and a bond sentence. during court this is what we are talking about. this apology video. >> strange. >> to say the least, check it out. >> australia is a wonderful island with a treasure-trove of unique plants animals and
4:52 pm
people. >> it has to be protected. >> australia is free of many pets and diseases that are commonplace around the world and that's why australia has to have such strong biosecurity law. >> australians are just as unique warm and direct. when you disrespect australia law they will tell you firmly. >> i am truly sorry. protecting australia is important. >> declare everything when you enter australia. >> declare everything. >> and look at the back drop. >> umm. >> tweets, there were a lot of them. ricky gervais said the johnny depp video was like a hostage video. >> and mark step fano says the worse acting performance. number four, the tourist and
4:53 pm
number three pirates and number two apology to australia and number one mortiky. my goodness. >> you have terriers. >> yes, they are sweet little dogs but with the rules, they are the rules, if you can't take the dogs to australia don't take them or declare them. >> johnny depp from hollywood and let's move to the political world. the prime minister of canada justin trudeau us pretty popular and makes headlines around the world and off of the cuff response to a joke that is being shared on social media. it happened friday while he was speaking at the perimeter institute for theoretical physics in water lou. i was going to ask you about quantum computing and then asked about canada's strategy in the fight against isis and here is what the prime minister had to say. >> regular computer byte is a one or zero, on or off and
4:54 pm
quantum state could be more complex because we know things can be particle allows more to a smaller computer and that's what is exciting about quantum computing. >> there is several articles saying the real explanation is more complicated than trudeau's answer. i think he wanted to show off his knowledge about quantum computing. i was reading a canadian blogger talk about it and he says that trudeau asked reporters, ask me about quantum commuting. pressed for it thinking this will take off on facebook and twitter. >> talking about it. >> and if he planned it. >> i am impressed. >> a lot of people are impressed that 44-year-old foreign prime minister from
4:55 pm
canada. >> let's talk about freddy mercury famous for his amazing voice and now there's science to explain what makes his talent so amazing. >> somebody to love. >> a group of scientists studied the recordings and said he was extremely skilled at modulating his voice. >> including his ability to sound rough at sometimes and smooth at others and a fast and regular brevado and a sound system pushed to its limits. >> has an incredible range but researchers could not confirm how many octaves he has. there is science behind everything. >> mine in the shower. interesting. >> we will talk more about that
4:56 pm
as we send you out to break.
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president obama left washington for a trip to saudi arabia. the president will stop in germany meeting other leaders. the white house says the president's visit will focus on more cooperation and military backing in the fight against terrorism. >> let's go to frank and julie.
4:59 pm
quite the story in one upscale community. >> it sure is. the drought is not over and water restrictions have not been lifted. >> homeowners in one east bay city are being told they have to fix the brown lawns or face penalties. >> ktvu at five starts now. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. >> brown lawns a badge of honor doing your part to save water but a homeowner's association is has seen enough and threatening fines. talking about black hawk that sits near the base of mount diablo. rob has more. >> reporter: those that live inside the gated community is affected by the drought as anybody else but the homeowner's association sent out this letter to residents saying do something about the brown lawns or else.
5:00 pm
behind the gate and more than 2,000 homes and exclusive black hawk million dollar homes, every home received a letter addressing the brown lawns. it threatens fines and turning off gate opening devices if the properties don't mean the standard by june 1st. we believe that allowing the drought to negatively impact the landscaping any black hawk home does a disservice to property valuings throughout the community. >> i was shocked. totally shocked. i think it is the wrong thing to do and it makes us look like rich snobbie people which a lot of us are not. >> telling homeowners to increase the use and swift to drought appropriate landscapes and saying the homeowners had a responsibility to keep up but some say it is too muc


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