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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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happened around 1:30. there's two incidence. 1:30 this morning is when this crash happened that involved an ambulance from children's hospital that crashed into a tanker truck. and you can see the cab of the ambulance is very badly damaged and according to the chp there were no patients in the ambulance and three people who had been riding in the ambulance, presumably emts or nurses, were rushed to the hospital with major injuries. ale lanes were closed to vehicles could be moved out of the way. the chp had the traffic lanes back open at 3:30 this morning. and right around then is when the second major crash in almost the same area, 80 eastbound near the cummings sky ramp. that's when that accident happened. apparently, the second crash involved a big rig and four
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sedans. one person was killed and all eastbound lanes of 80 at cummings are shut down for the second time overnight. we'll continue to monitor this. my colleague alex savidge is headed to the scene. back to you guys. one of the things i want to add about the crash is that it's in the non-commute direction. traditional non-commute direction. i know that people do commute that way but most are driving the other way. and from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze it's still okay. of course, we'll continue to watch that for you. and we're looking at the bay bridge. that's light and there's a line
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in one of the lanes. and again, the crash that alley mentioned and she mentioned that alex is going there. and we'll have complete coverage and see how it affects the commute direction. let's go for the weather. >> we'll head over to steve for the weather. a tough way to start for the commute. at least we don't have rain. >> tomorrow we will. >> for the morning commute? >> i think so. today the cloud cover is moving in. and there might be some sun. and the cloud cover is going to increase throughout the day. it's starting to move over us with a mix of low clouds and high clouds. there's more of a westerly breeze behind that. partly to mostly cloudy in the morning, and then maybe partly sunnies. the gap in between the cloud cover is not far away and it's going to continue to increase over the next 12 hours. 50s on the temps or 60s on the
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temps. the lows are up. and mid-50s for some. and 54, 56, 57 for just about everybody. there's a delta breeze and i expect that to pick up. napa airport has a west wind. and our next system is going to give us a lot of cloud cover and some rain. and you can see the system beginning to move in. and it equals a cooler pattern. turning cloudy. and 60s and 70s in the highs. and it will be overnight into tomorrow. and today coming down. back to pam and brian. here's a look at the top stories we're following this morning. san jose police have arrested a man on suspicion he stabbed his father to death. officers were called to the mill pond mobile home park just after 9:00. investigators have not released any names or a possible motive.
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san jose police have released new surveillance video from a deadly stabbing two years ago. now they are hoping someone will recognize the persons of interest. police want to talk to the people in the video about the death of michael maynard. san francisco police report no major problems from the 420 marijuana celebration. officers did arrest six people on charges ranging from armed robbery to narcotics and resisting arrest. there was a moment of panic in the crowd when they heard what sounded like gunshots and police never found the source. an estimated 10,000 gathered for the celebration. a bay area tech mogul who took a plea deal is set to appear in court tomorrow. he violated his probation. he was arrested in 2013 after
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prosecutors say he punched and kicked his then girlfriend more than 100 times. it was recorded on home security video and a judge ruled that inadmissible because it was illegally seized. he pled guilty to two misdemeanors and was put on probation for two years. he attacked another woman he was dating. prosecutors will ask a judge to revoke the probation. drivers are asking for more police patrols following the latest police shooting in the east bay. a man was shot and killed while driving on highway 4. someone possibly in another car opened fire. the victim was shot several times. and this was the 18th freeway shooting in the east bay in the past six months. >> i would like to see beefed
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up police security. it's happened a little bit more often than before. >> investigators believe the victim was specifically targeted by the shooter. and authorities have not released a description of the shooter or the car involved and they have not commented on whether the incident is related to the previous shootings. the man san francisco police say led officers on a rooftop chase is out of the hospital and in jail. he was identified as 34-year- old alexander -- from vacaville. on saturday morning, police were responding to a report of a burglary and they were told of another burglary nearby. police say he pointed a gun at officers before jumping from rooftop to rooftop. he landed on a parked car. and he's been booked on burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a bb gun.
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people in colorado continue to pay respects to the victims of the columbine shooting 17 years ago. each year, 13 crosses are placed in the park, 12 students and one teacher. >> and i remember being on lockdown at the elementary school. and just not knowing anything that was going on. and i can't even imagine. anyway we thought we should stop by. i've never been here on the actual anniversary and it's hitting me more than it has before. >> it was back on april 20 of 1999 when eric harris and dylan klebold shot and killed 12 classmates and a teacher in the town of littleton, colorado. afterwards, they took their own lives. pg&e is expected to -- a
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hearing on the request is set for this afternoon. the utility is charged with violating the federal pipeline safety act. the judge has ruled that jurors can hear about the explosion itself but won't be presented graphic details about the eight people killed or the 58 people injured during the disaster. and jurors will also not see the section of the pipeline that failed. uber and lyft drivers could face a new rule. they consider making drivers sign contracts for four months. the drivers would have to disclose the vehicle's purpose. this would affect the amount of drivers available. uber has been asking riders in california to oppose the proposal. if you think lines at the airport are long, they could get longer. it's all because of cuts made
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by the tsa when they implemented speedy precheck. the problem is that only about 9 million people have joined the program. and that's leading to longer and slower lines. >> the tsa needed to cut their budget. and they did it by making a judgment call that turned out not to be right. >> they are hiring and training but it's a rough job that they are losing 100 agents a week. >> it could be really ugly at the airports this summer. >> travel experts say at some airports across the country, the wait at regular precheck lines could be as long as an hour and a half. improving drought conditions have some calling for an end to water restrictions. they are concerned that customers won't take the drought seriously if emergency conditions remain in effect. while the reservoirs are in
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good shape but the largest underground reservoir needs a year to recover. and ground water storage is in a severe state. >> one good year doesn't erase the four years of drought in terms of the ground water storage. >> we believe the time has come for the emergency provisions to be rescinded. we think it's important to have credibility with the process. >> water officials in santa clara counties are calling for residents to conserve 30% through june. there was an interview for luke walton. in 20 minutes, the team that's now interested in him for the head coaching spot. more bad news in texas. the cleanup and rescue efforts underway following historic flooding in the state. we are looking at a commute now that is going to be okay here on highway 4. so far
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anyway from antioch to concord. and we are following a major crash on interstate 80. we'll tell you more about that when we come back. cooler weather on the way and we have day baseball. see if the giants can turn things around a little bit. partly cloudy and 64 degrees at 12:45.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. deadly flooding in texas is forcing more people to leave their homes. this comes as the levels in the san gentleman sin toe river -- san jacinto river continue to rise. one family realized it was time to leave. >> power went out. and i have three children.
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no school, going crazy. i'm just grateful that my family is out. materials can be replaced. >> that is true. and crews are inspecting the damage to dams and bayous, the good news is reservoirs are not expected to overflow. the threat of flooding should be over by the weekend. >> john muir medical center has become the first in the nation to use a high-tech device for heart patients. patients can be monitored. >> we'll have a daily snapshot of how the patient is doing and feeling and how the heart is doing. >> patients will also get an ipad to communicate with the medical staff and with each other through social media. doctors expect to start enrolling patients next metropolitan for a six month
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trial. republicans controlling congress appear to be giving in to president obama's request to fund the fighting of the zika virus. a measure being circulated would provide $1.1 billion. there's hope funding can be approved before the seven week recess starting in mid-july. researchers may have found a weapon against the zika virus. a team at the university of cal riverside say they are genetically modifying mosquito we gots. the question is will the fda approve the method. >> that's the big question. in terms of engineering and developing we and others are shown this is entirely possible. it's not a matter of whether or
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not we can do it. it's a matter of whether or not we're allowed to do it. >> the zika outbreak was first detected in brazil and has been linked to thousands of cases of the rare birth defect microcephaly. the virus has been declared a global health -- sal is covering a big traffic problem. at least it's not the major commute direction on 80. >> against the traditional commute. but when i say it's the non- commute direction and someone will call me on it and they're right. someone does commute that way. but it's against the traditional commute direction. a second accident in the general area. and this one is a deadly crash on eastbound 80. sounds like a big rig and four cars involved in the collision. and the traffic is going to be slow as you come up on the
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closure. we're not sure how they are getting cars around it. westbound all the lanes are open. and we don't have a big backup yet. alex salve image is on the way. we'll have pictures on what he's able to find out about the crash. let's take a look at the bay bridge. westbound traffic is moderate. and if you're driving this morning on northbound 280 getting off highway 17 in san jose. this commute does look pretty good and the south bay is off to a quiet start. we do have increasing clouds, and we thought we'd just talk about it. in between -- it's all quiet now. but to the north there's another line on the way. you can see that line is moving. and guess where it's going. the good news is these move
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pretty fast. they don't stall out. and after today, conditions will be a little bit better. but sunday and monday, it may be 90 degrees. the humidity factor will be through the roof. turning cloudy. cloudy with rain developing and the breeze will be with us through the weekend. partly cloudy, a west, southwest breeze at 15 to 20 miles per hour. and temperatures have been coming down. and they'll continue to come down because we have cloud cover on the way and a front is edging closer. and it will be in the north baby the evening. in the 50s. blackhawk, 53, 59 antioch and brentwood. 32 in truckee. this is not really a cold system but it's a cool system, an april showers system. and it will give rain and the amounts look to be okay. a lot of cloud cover.
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more show than go. for measurable amounts in the north. a half inch of rain. a quarter of an inch to a third of an inch, san francisco to oakland south. and santa rosa north, a half inch to 3/4 of an inch. looks like it will make it to the santa cruz mountains. turning cloudy and patchy low clouds. and 60s around the bay. inland temps holding onto 70s for the day. and we stay in the 60s. rain on friday. and breezy cool patterns sunday into monday. a big change. >> the rain tomorrow will be an all day event. >> steady most of the day. not heavy but steady. >> it's 4:49 and people who eat out in contra costa county have a new way to determine how safe or clean the restaurants are. the county's environmental health division is passing out color coded signs to help the public make informed decisions.
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green means restaurants have zero to one violation. restaurants are given a red sign if they have sewage problems, rodents, or no hot water. it means the business poses an imminent health hazard and will get shut down. the app tracks inspections for multiple counties. governor jerry brown's home is on the market. it features views of san francisco and the golden gate bridge. the price tag -- $2.6 million. governor brown brought the newly built home in 2007 for $2.7 million. value slipped and then recovered a bit. and they now live in the restored cover's mansion in sacramento. >> beautiful home there. >> it's a couple million dollars more than most of us can afford. >> time now is 4:50. getting a free ride in the south bay. the special deal being offered by the vta tomorrow.
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get high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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the santa clara valley transportation authority is offering something special for riders in honor of earth day and the anniversary. tomorrow people will get a free ride. it's the first for the agency which has only offered free rides on new year's eve and spare the air days.
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if commuters took public transit instead of driving, it would reduce traffic by about 10%. more than 80% of californians are at risk of poor air quality. the report by the american lung association found that most of the air pollution is caused by emissions from transportation sources. bakersfield earned the title for the city with the worst particle pollution and second worst ozone pollution. these tiny droplets can be so tiny you can't see them. and you breathe them in and they can flow through your lungs and not only create problems in your lungs and also flow into the bloodstream and affect the heart and other organs. >> an increase in low emission vehicles has chipped away at
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air pollution in some areas. calvary temple church is leading an effort to give away goods and services. and it's part of the event called the convoy of hope. volunteers are carrying bags with shoes of all shapes and sizes. so far, organizers have received a thousand pairs of shoes. they are hoping for 2000 more. and the event will also offer medical and dental screenings. >> hope is what we're trying to convey and whether that's job services or the family portrait. it's giving somebody a lift and hope for the future. >> the event will be held saturday in concord and starts at 10 a.m. and lasts until the supplies run out. the a's are on a streak and looking to sweep the yankees today. a single scored two runs.
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and they won 5-2. graven allowed just one run. and he became the first starting pitcher to hit at the new yankees stadium after the a's lost the designated hitter in the 5th. the giants lost the 4th straight game. madison bumgarner pitched great and then gave up a two run home run. the giants cut the lead in half on an rbi single. in the bottom of the ninth, duffy was left stranded at third. the number one woman's golfer in the world will look for her third straight swinging skirts title. she has won the swinging skirts classic the past two years. and by the way, she turns 19 years old.
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remember that? 19years old. >> and that's what she is doing. coming up in the 5:00 hour, we continue to follow the breaking news on interstate 80 in the east bay. before you head out the door, you need to know what's going on. the crashes that are causing big backups. we are looking at the other commutes and so far, so good on 80 westbound as you drive to berkeley and the bay bridge. a lot of cloud cover moving in and that's going to lead to partly to mostly cloudy skies. 64degrees for the baseball game.
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>> reporter: we are live in san jose where a man is under arrest for allegedly killing his own father. we'll have the latest on the police investigation. >> reporter: all the eastbound lanes of interstate 80 in crockett are shut down as the chp investigates a deadly crash involving a big rig and four other cars. we'll tell you how this accident happened and how there was a crash at the same spot hours earlier. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> it's thursday, april 21st. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's go straight to breaking
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news. sal, you have the breaking news in the east bay. >> a pair of crashes has left one person dead and shut down eastbound interstate 80. alex savidge is live at the scene of the second crash. >> reporter: this is the second crash. the first crash was cleared a time ago. and you can see we're standing in the eastbound lanes of interstate 80 this morning. good morning. do you have a moment for us to tell us what happened? okay. we'll show you the scene then. i have a sergeant with the chp. can you tell us what happened? we know one person was killed. >> so what we know is we had an accident earlier just east of this location. and we're thinking right now that it's two different accidents. there was a three-car accident that was on the shoulder. >> reporter: right. >> and then we got a call of


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