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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tomorrow. >> most of the bay won't get anything until tonight or tomorrow. >> and at&t park will be okay. >> it will be cloudy. the breezes picked up. and it's continuing to cool. and cloud cover continues to roll in. it's-- there's nothing on radar which tells me it's a low level base. and it continues to come in from the west, southwest. it's just increasing clouds. 50s and 60s, and north bay temps are stuck at the mid- to upper 50s. kelseyville and calistoga. look for a cloudy to mostly cloudy morning. and some sun breaks. turning cloudy, breezy and cooler, and patchy low clouds and a little drizzle and turning to rain. and light drizzle to the north. highs 60s and 70s.
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so maybe 101 north, sal, some shiny roads if you will. >> i'll keep an eye out. thank you very much, steve. we'll start this hour with a deadly crash on eastbound interstate 80. it remains partially shut down after three crashes, including one fatality as i just mentioned. alex savidge is at the scene. what's the latest? >> reporter: unfortunately, three separate crashes here in the same spot. and the last of the crashes left one man dead. let me show you the scene here. and all the crashes happened in the same spot. this is eastbound 80 near the cummings skyway in crockett. and the chp is here and they have the two left lanes closed for the investigation into the final crash that happened here. and it involved that big rig. that truck slammed into the back of a mazda sedan this morning. and the driver of the mazda was dead at the scene.
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i want to show you video from earlier on. we'll show you what the scene looked like. it's unclear why the driver of the big rig was unable to stop and slammed into the car. and we know according to chp investigators that at the time of the accident, traffic was slowing down because there were lanes closed up ahead because of two earlier accidents in this same area. >> we were slowly bringing vehicles in to try to open up the lanes to expedite the flow of traffic. and we believe this occurred from that. >> so it was a chain reaction situation according to the chp officer we spoke with this morning. the series of accidents, three accidents. it started with a serious crash around 1:30 this morning when an ambulance slammed into the back of a cement truck and the cement truck was stopped on the freeway. the 2 emts in the front of the
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ambulance were rushed to the hospital with very serious injuries. the injured emts had come from ucsf children's hospital in san francisco. and again, they were the only ones inside the ambulance. they were not transporting patients at the time. and then there was a third accident in this area and that involved three cars and everyone involved in that crash had only minor injuries. as we bring you to a live picture, unfortunately, the last in the series of crashes involved that big rig and it did leave one driver dead. the latest situation in terms of the traffic. the two right lanes are open. and traffic is getting by in the slow lanes, the fast lanes remain shut down. this is eastbound 80 near the cummings skyway in crockett. fortunately, the non-commute direction. >> all right, alex. and as alex reported on the
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eastbound lanes being open, there's slow traffic westbound. as you drive from vallejo to richmond, add an extra few minutes. people will slow down even though they shouldn't. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up from the macarthur maze. 20 to 25-minute delay getting into san francisco. and we're checking the other commutes. 880 doesn't look bad as you drive past the coliseum. as you get to hayward, you'll see slowing already after 238. as you drive past 92 as well. certainly a better morning than yesterday. and things are beginning to get more crowded on the east bay freeways. there's a sad situation in san jose. police are investigating a deadly stabbing that involves a father and a son. janine de la vega joins us now from san jose to talk about what happened.
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janine-- >> police have arrested the victim's son. they say that he killed his father while his mother was home. and this happened just after 9:00 last night in mill pond mobile home park off curtner and cano was garden. the son told the mother what he had done and went outside to smoke. police say he surrendered peace fly. the suspect is 43 years old. and may have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol. and mental illness may also have been a factor. this is the third homicide since saturday. pam-- >> thank you, janine for the update. she's there on the scene in san jose. and also san jose police released new surveillance video from a deadly stabbing almost two years ago. and now they hope someone will recognize the persons of interest in the case. take a look.
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this is about the death of 33- year-old michael maynard who was attacked by several people on july 29, 2014 near south market street and park avenue. he and the suspects argued and after that, he was fatally stabbed. if you have information, call san jose police. new this morning in oakland, one person was killed in a warehouse fire. oakland firefighters posted this photo on twitter. the fire started about 3:15 this morning, right off interstate 880 near the coliseum. there were heavy flames when the firefighters got there. so far we have no information about that victim. today volkswagen will offer details about a deal reached involving the emissions cheating scandal with diesel cars sold in the u.s. the diesel automaker is expected to buy back up to 500,000 diesel vehicles rigged to cheat on the
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emissions test. it's part of a deal between volkswagen and the u.s. government. and volkswagen is expected to spend more than $1 billion to compensate car owners. however, there are reports that the agreement won't include plans on how to fix the vehicles. there are reports that investigators in japan entered the offices of one of mitsubishi's assembly plants today. and that's according to local media reports. yesterday officials apologized to the public after some of the employees intentionally manipulated fuel efficiency tests on 620,000 vehicles. the false results involved economy vehicles in japan and some cars made for the nissan. the time is 6:07. and the reverend jesse jackson is here in the bay area. and he'll be here on mornings on 2. this is from an event in san francisco. you can see reverend jackson.
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later this morning, he'll visit monterra middle school and will take part in the push tech organization. and he'll join me at 8:00 this morning. be sure to be here to see it. governor jerry brown's oakland hills home is now on the market. the three bed room, four bath home features views of san francisco and the golden gate bridge. the price tag, $2.6 million. he bought the home in 2007 for $2.7 million. during the housing slump the value slipped to an estimated $1.8 million. so it's recovered a bit. the governor and his wife now live in the restored governor's mansion in sacramento. redemption for the san jose sharks. they are one game away from
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moving on in the playoffs after converting on the power plays. changes are coming to u.s. currency. when can you expect new bills featuring harriet tubman? we're looking at a decent morning commute. we have the one trouble spot and the rest of the morning commute looks okay. and eastbound 80 as they clear the crash. it's been there for a bit. and westbound traffic is slowing. >> clouds continue to roll in and reports of drizzle. petaluma, i wish i could find it on radar. must be pretty low level. we'll talk about that in your thursday forecast.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 6:12. in the race for the white house. the presidential candidates now focused on next tuesday's primaries in five northeastern states. after the big wins by hillary clinton and donald trump in new york now there are more calls in both parties for the other candidates to drop out of the race. so far the candidates say they have no intention of going anywhere. ohio governor john kasich left a news conference yesterday after being asked if he might consider becoming donald trump's running mate. >> i'm not running for vice president. i'm going to be the nominee. >> voters go to the polls tuesday in connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, and rhode island. meantime, donald trump is preparing to open california
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headquarters ahead of the primary here june 7th. staffers say there are plans to have the sacramento office up and running next week along with another officer in southern california. he plans several appearances in california. a victory here could put him in a position to clinch the republican nomination. donald trump along with ted cruz and john kasich will address the california's republican party convention in burlingame at the end of this month. as -- the san francisco youth commission approved the idea of allowing 16-year-olds to vote in local elections. supporters say since many teenagers work, pay taxes, and drive cars, they deserve to have a say in how the city is run. it's hoped that the move will
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boost voter turnout. harriet tubman who became famous for running the underground railroad to free slaves -- well, she will be the face of the new $20 bill. the u.s. treasury department selected her to grace the front of the $20 bill. she was born into slavery and is credited with founding the underground railroad. she was a nurse, a cook, a scout, and a union spy. the olympic torch has been lit for the summer games in rio de janeiro. and it will be carried across greece and then passes through a camp for refugees in athens among other locations. after that, the torch will travel around the world. >> we have traffic problems this morning. sal has all the details. sal, what do you see in what do you know? >> one of the things i know is that finally we're getting a
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little bit of relief after the unfortunate series of crashes we had on eastbound interstate 80 near the cummings skyway. i want to go to the live picture. eastbound 80 in the vicinity of the carquinez bridge really, they are still clearing the crash, trying to get a big rig away. and they're going to tow it any moment now. a couple of lanes are open. and the problem is on the other side of the freeway, you may not be able to see this. actually, i don't know which photographer we have out there. they are all good. if you pan to the right of the truck there. is it sid? so sid and i are looking at this. and see the traffic? those people are slowing and that backup lasts all the way to the carquinez bridge. people are naturally curious. hey, i'm a reporter, i know that. people are curious, they want to see what's going on. and they are slowing traffic in
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the commute direction for most people. it's not until the truck gets hauled away that we'll have relief from that. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed um to the macarthur maze. it's about a 25-minute delay before you make it to the span. and in the east bay, southbound 880 is slow. nothing like yesterday. you might see this as a relief from yesterday's horrible commute. let's go to steve. >> sid will be my cameraman during the -- we'll be at the new restaurant. >> i predict you two will have fun. >> we usually do. we have cloud cover coming in and light drizzle mainly. i can't find it on radar so it has to be below the beam. a mix of sun and clouds in the morning especially to the south. and clouds are continuing to roll in. and it's going to lead to rain.
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that will be more widespread later tonight into tomorrow. partly cloudy and 64 for a day baseball game. i would take a giant. clouds cooler and drizzle to the north. and tomorrow cloudy with rain. the weekend looks okay but breezy and cool. lori pruitt says we have rain in petaluma -- up in occidental, i can't find it. 101 north or south. keep it in mind. there's not much of a break until the system comes in. 57 san ramon. presentwood and everyone else is pretty close. 52 cop cord. and 52 moraga. and 52 in ukiah. and monterey, fresno, and bakersfield, california. some sun mixed in and the cloud cover right in front of the system.
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the whole system is going to dive in late tonight and tomorrow. and it's not going to be a lot of rain. and this could be decent amounts. timeline kind of puts early, early in the north bay. and i mean about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. and for the morning commute around 4:00 to the north bay. and it should be going over san francisco and oakland. and san jose to the santa cruz mountains. there'll be a piece of energy coming through. and tomorrow night most of it should be gone. and it will be noticeably cooler. and the breeze will be picking up. rainfall a quarter of an inch to a third of an inch. and santa rosa northward, 83 hunts, and eureka, an inch of rain. turning cloudy, breezy, cooler. and drizzle to the north. and probably off and on and that will give way to rain. and temperatures continue to cool off. 60s and 70s and a lot of 60s on the old weather menu going forward. not a lot of rain and then a
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breezy to blustery pattern sunday to monday. >> quite a change from the beginning of the week. >> i'll say. thank you. steve. >> 6:19 is the time. the national debate continues over restrooms. a national retailer saying employees and customers can use whatever bathroom cored to their gender identity. the hit picked up by an automatic license plate reader inside a deputy's car in sacramento. announcer: if the hardest part of your day is the staying awake part... sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. with a 100 night low price guarantee, sleep train's love your mattress money back guarantee, same day delivery, plus helpful advice from the sleep experts, it's no wonder more than a million people fall asleep each night on a sleep train mattress!
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british tourists are getting a warning about attitudes towards lgbt travelers in some parts of the united states. a message has been posted on the website. lgbt travelers may be affected by legislation recently passed in north carolina and mississippi. a new law in north carolina limits lgbt protections and forces transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond to their birth certificate. time is 6:22. target is taking a stand in the
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national debate over what kinds of bathrooms transgender people can use. they announced that employees and customers can use the bathrooms or fitting rooms that correspond with their gender identity. that comes on the heels of the nationwide debate on whether they should only be allowed to use public bathrooms that correspond to their birth. curt schilling was just fired by espn following an anti- transgender posting on facebook. he uploaded an image that depicted a man in women's clothing trying to use the women's bathroom. shilling wrote that a man is a man no matter what he calls himself. and the need for laws that tell
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us differently is pathetic. espn says his conduct was unacceptable. republicans controlling congress appear to be giving in to president obama's request for funding for fighting the zika virus. a measure now being circulated would provide $1.1 billion. there's hope that funding can be approved by congress takes a recess in july. new this morning, twitter now keeping an eye on japan to make money from data research for businesses. tweets are public but twitter offers special technological tools to better analyze them taking into account all tweets, including those in archives. and they monitor consumer reactions to a new product,
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demographics of users, and also complaints. the partners get paid by companies hoping to improve businesses, using information from twitter data. snoopy is going to japan. the first satellite snoopy museum opens saturday in tokyo. this is a sneak peek at the charles schultz museum. exhibits will include comic strips and other schultz creations featuring charlie brown, lucy, linus and the rest of the gang. they plan to change the contents every six months to appeal to a wider range of visitors. the oakland a's hope to sweep the yankees today. chris davis gave the a's the
6:26 am
lead. they won 5-2. kendall graveman became the first first to hit at the new yankees stadium. the giants are having problems. they lost the fourth straight game. madison bumgarner pitched great into the 7th inning, and then gave up a two run homer. the giants came back, cut the lead in half. angel pagan had an rbi single. and mat duffy was left stranded at third and the giants lost the game 2-1. every warriors fan wants to know -- will steph curry play? >> my heart is geared towards playing and being out there with my teammates. >> up next, you'll hear what steph curry says needs to happen for him to be able to play. we are looking at traffic that's going to be busy in many
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areas, including the san mateo bridge where it's getting more clouded. cloud cover continues and we have drizzle in the north. we'll talk about a cooler pattern coming up. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and welcome back mornings on 2. it's just about 6:30 and looks like the sun is just about up. we'll check in with steve paulson. is that a live picture? >> i hope so. >> we are on live tv. >> pretty shot. >> that is pretty. >> where are we looking? >> we'll find out.
6:30 am
>> is that mount diablo? diablo area, thank you. >> looks like a big mountain. >> according to our kevin pender. and kevin never lies. we do have light drizzle in the north bay. occidental, petaluma, i doubt there's much. maybe a mist or a trace amount. but it's a sign of things to come. and the increasing clouds give us a cooler thursday. giants, d-backs, 64 and partly cloudy. and that breeze will be picking up. where is that rain? again, the radar overshoots that and it doesn't show up. but it's there. i've had a couple reports. the front starts to roll in this afternoon and tonight. 50s or 60s. 55 stanford. and look at atherton and san
6:31 am
carlos. san mateo is 57. and partly cloudy in the morning and some sun breaks but the next system will be here late tonight and tomorrow. light rain to the north. and patchy low clouds, 60s and 70s and the cooling continues tomorrow. sal back to back days. >> 80 in crockett. and we do have the crash. it was a deadly crash eastbound 80 near the cummings skyway. and we have a big rig there. and they are cleaning up the road. this is the latest picture, and you can see that traffic is going to be busy as you drive eastbound and westbound. looks like they may be holding traffic temporarily westbound as well. we'll let you know what's happening here. and it does not bode well for the commute in this area. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you'll see that's backed up for a 25-minute delay. the morning commute -- and that's really a pretty picture.
6:32 am
a little bit blue. maybe it needs to be white balanced. and there are no major problems on 880. it's slow to union city. obviously yesterday we had a terrible commute. and today it looks normal and decent. southbound 680 slow traffic out of the dublin interchange. heading through free month some earlier problems there. >> we'll talk about basketball. the warriors play houston in game three of the first round. >> the big question warriors fans want to know, will steph curry play. allie rasmus is live with what the mvp has to say about hitting the court. >> it all depends on how the angle injury is doing. the question is still up in the air. and he did practice after the team landed in texas. he did all the drills and went through the shooting routine.
6:33 am
he definitely wants to play tonight and he doesn't want to lose the momentum the team has had all season. if game three were held yesterday. he probably wouldn't have played and he explained why. >> to not be able to go full speed or game speed i should say and have confidence in the moves i need to do, that's where you put yourself in danger of trying to execute something and not -- and then not just my ankle or foot having a problem but something else. >> the opponent is no factor. it doesn't matter who we're playing. and it doesn't matter the series score. it's nice to be up 2-zero and say all right we'll give them rest or whatever. but it's about whether he's okay or not. the warriors have won the last
6:34 am
two games against the rockets and the fans are optimistic that the team can repeat without the mvp. game four is on sunday also in houston. >> it's going to be exciting and we'll all be watching. 6:34 is the time. and the sacramento kings may turn to the warriors to fill the head coaches spot. the kings plan to talk to warriors assistant coach luke walton about the head coaching job at the conclusion of the first round of the playoffs. he filled in at the start of the season and led the warriors to a 39-4 record at this point. and walton has had talks with the new york knicks as well. the sharks converted on power plays and held off a late run by the kings, and they are one win away from advancing in the stanley cup playoffs. brent burns, joe pavelski, and
6:35 am
patrick marleau each scored on power plays. the kings would close the gap with two goals in less than four minutes, and the sharks held them off. they have a three games to one lead as the series moves back to los angeles. >> any chance you get you want to find ways to win and that fourth win is always tough. you just you get your december praise has to improve each game. they'll come out and play good games and a lot of details and a lot of tough little battles. >> game five friday at staples center in los angeles. if the sharks win, the series is over. and they move on to the second round. and if the kings should win, the series comes back to san jose for game six on sunday. a bay area tech mogul who took a plea deal in a domestic
6:36 am
violence case three years ago is due back in court. he violated his probation and was arrested in 2013 after prosecutors say he punched and kicked his then girlfriend more than 100 times. prosecutors say it was recorded on home security video and the judge ruled it was seized illegally. and it was inadmissible. he pled guilty to two misdemeanors and was put on probation. he was arrested again after police say he attacked another woman he was dating. prosecutors will ask a judge to revoke his probation which could lead to a year in jail. a man who san francisco police say led officers on a rooftop chase before landing on a parked car is out of the hospital and in jail. 34-year-old alexander -- of vacaville. on saturday morning, police were responding to reports of a burglary and they were told of
6:37 am
another burglary in progress nearby. police say kalesnikov pointed a gun at officers and then ran from rooftop to rooftop. he jumped and landed on a parked car. he's been booked on burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, and possession of a bb gun. >> a hearing on the pipeline solo education in san bruno -- the chronicle reports that jurors can hear about the explosion and won't be presented graphic details about the eight people killed and the 58 others injured in the disaster. jurors will also not see a section of the pipeline that failed. the time is 6:37 and volkswagen makes a deal with u.s. officials after the emissions scandal. in 25 minutes how they plan to
6:38 am
compensate all the car owners affected. remembering the life of a woman who broke into the world death of michael -- the male dominated world of professional wrestling. the cooler pattern continues and clouds are on the move. and we'll have rain tomorrow but today we'll talk about a cooler thursday forecast.
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welcome back. tributes are pouring in for a
6:41 am
former wwe wrestling superstar. the wrestler known as chyna was found dead yesterday. police are investigating the death as a possible overdose. wwe tweeted she was a pioneer in the wrestling industry and will be missed. her real name was joan laurer and she was 46. there's a bouquet of flowers and candles marking the spot in pittsburg where a man was shot and killed tuesday night. he was driving on highway 4 and someone opened fire. the man was shot several times. this was the 18th freeway shooting in the east bay in the past six months. >> as a commuter in the area, i would like to see a beefed up police security knowing that we have this issue that's been brought to our town, a little bit more often than before.
6:42 am
>> the chp says investigators believe the victim was specifically targeted by the shooter, but authorities have not given us a description of the shooter or the car involved and they haven't said whether it's related to previous shootings on highway 4 and interstate 80. a sacramento sheriff's deputy's license plate reader led to an arrest. a man was found shot several times outside a home on prince street. and a woman was shot and dropped off at the hospital. on tuesday, a license plate reader spotted a car linked to the berkeley shooting. officers then found the suspect identified as anthony burton sleeping in the driver's seat and they took him into custody. an ordinance will give parents more paid time off for family leave. san francisco became the first
6:43 am
city in the united states to require companies to provide workers with up to six weeks of fully paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child. the benefit will apply to mothers and fathers equally. under state law, workers are entitled to 55% of their pay for six weeks. but companies in san francisco will have to pay the other 45%. in golden gate park in san francisco they're cleaning up at the 4/20 smokeout. there were several incidents marring the event that was mostly peaceful. some people heard gunshots and a few hundred people started running at hippie hill. the police investigated and didn't find evidence of gunfire. police officers were looking for probation violators. >> everyone together all races coming together to have a great
6:44 am
time. that's what it's about. and everyone is nice, peaceful, smokin' it. >> police made six arrests. and one person was arrested on charges of robbing two other people. and three were arrested on narcotics warrants. one for a traffic warrant, and another for resisting arrest. >> the celebration took on added meaning because of the push to make recreational marijuana legal. supporters are on their way to placing an initiative on the ballot. the california cannabis industry association invited lawmakers and legislative staffers to a restaurant near the capitol to drum up support. backers say it could create jobs, and $1 billion for the economy. >> the current market fuels an underground world. they don't pay taxes. they don't check i.d.s.
6:45 am
>> recent polls indicate that a majority of californians favor legalizing recreational marijuana and voters rejected a similar measure in 2010. let's check in with gasia and see what's coming up. >> for so many, the iphone is the extension of the hand. if if you're one of those, listen to this. iphone users need to be on the lookout for a new phishing scam. the latest message on iphones and why it's so convincing. and parents, you know the spring sports season is in full swing and with that comes injuries. how to help your child stay strong on the field. and why physical pain is not the only worrisome pain of getting hurt. >> all right, gasia, thank you. back over to sal and the traffic situation started really badly. it's a little bit better on 80.
6:46 am
>> we've had a tough midweek. >> yes. >> right off the get go, i get to work and there are serious incidents, and fortunately, it looks like the incident on 80 is close to being cleared. i want to show you that traffic is moving relatively well on 80. that's westbound on the right. and looks like eastbound 80 all the lanes have been opened and it is clear now coming up towards the carquinez bridge. so we have had clearance and this is going to help traffic in both directions; however, there was a deadly crash. and we'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. right now the traffic implications are all lanes are open and the traffic is still a little bit slow in the area. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge if you're driving to the toll plaza. a 25-minute delay before you make it onto the span. 880 southbound slows at 238.
6:47 am
and it's mostly filled in. if you look at the south bay, we don't have a lot of slow traffic. we have some on northbound 101 approaching the capital expressway. a very good morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies, and a little drizzle. petaluma, occidental and the russian river. nothing too bad. misty and foggy up there. the breaks in the clouds will stream in. and 80s to 90s. that's not case today. we'll have a lot of 60s. day baseball, 12:45. partly to mostly cloudy. 64 and the westerly breeze will still be in place. clouds, cooler, drizzle to the the north. and cloudy skies with rain moves in overnight to tomorrow morning. the weekend looks all right. and breezy and on the cool side. in vallejo -- will i be able to see the meteor showers?
6:48 am
>> you will not. there's two factors going against that and the full moon. the best bet would be two hours before dawn. there's a lot of factors working against it. if you can get a break in the clouds, maybe. some reports of drizzle and the radar beam goes over it. if you're heading up 101, petaluma, santa rosa, you might encounter some of that. 50s and 60s on the lows. up, up, up. 59 in gilroy and 58 for santa cruz. and 54 saratoga. and 56 cupertino. cloud cover will be with us. mostly cloudy, partly sunny in the morning, and the system rolls in and that will give rain to the north bay. and tomorrow morning's commute looks wet. plan on it unless you're in the south bay. for the north bay it starts to roll in at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. and starts to slide in to marin
6:49 am
county, and in a ma county by 4:00. and san jose around 9:00 to 10:00. and a secondary piece will swing in 3:00 to 4:00 or 5:00. and by 7:00 we should be okay. there might be a couple of splash and dash showers, and saturday morning, breezy and cool. rainfall looks okay. a quarter of an inch to a third from san jose to san francisco. turning cloudy and breezy and cooler, and drizzle in the mix. and highs 60s and 70s. and temperatures trend is down, down, down. from monday we slide all the way to the 60s. today 60s by the water. and 70s inland. and cloudy with rain. a steady rain, nothing too heavy. and breezy and cool on saturday. and blustery sunday to monday. >> okay, steve, thank you. time is 6:49. it's her birthday, it's her birthday. queen elizabeth turned 90 today
6:50 am
and somebody else is stealing her spotlight. in the 7:00 hour, new photos that have everyone looking at another member of the royal family. and the comedy duo visiting the bay area. the pitch for pet adoption as they get ready for the release of a new film about a missing cat. i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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welcome back. went to take you back to texas. there's continued flooding and it is forcing more people to leave their homes. thousands of people have already been evacuated and many schools are closed through monday. this comes as the san jacinto river continues to rise. crews are inspecting the damage to the dams. reservoirs are not expected to overflow and the threat should be over by the weekend. remembering the victims of the columbine school shootings in colorado 17 years later. a memorial was held at a park near columbine high school. every year 13 crosses are placed in the park, one for each victim of the attacks. twelve students, and one teacher. >> i remember being on the lockdown at the elementary school. and not knowing anything that was going on. and i can't even imagine.
6:54 am
anyway, we thought we should stop by. i've never been here on the actual anniversary. it's really hitting me more than it has before. >> it happened on april 20th, 1999. two students shot and killed 12 classmates and a teacher in the town of littleton, colorado. afterwards, they killed themselves. two dozen other people were hurt in the attack. president obama is in saudi arabia right now where he is meeting with top officials from six arab nations. the leaders are discussing regional security issues in the persian gulf. the white house says the summit meeting will include sessions. one will focus on counterterrorism efforts. another will be about iran. >> time is 6:54. back at home, a local rapper will go on a hunger strike right outside of san francisco
6:55 am
police missions headquarters. a group led by the rapper equipto says they'll striking in greg suhr is fired or mayor ed lee resigns. the group is called black and brown united against police brutality. and they call it a response to the police shootings. the hunger strike is due to begin at noontime. the comedy duo known as key and peele are here to promote pet adoption and their new movie. >> keegan michael key and jordan peele play cousins who have to track down an adopted kitten when it goes missing. they visited the bay area. >> this is legitimately the
6:56 am
nicest, coolest cat shelter i've ever seen. >> every kitten used in the movie is a rescue kitten. and some of the cats were adopted by members of the crew. >> people at the nonprofit cat cafe were happy for the chance to get some of their adoptable cats a new home. and the movie opens a week from tomorrow. the number one women's golfer will try for her third straight swinging skirts title right here in the bay area. the first round starts in a couple of minutes at lake merced. lydia ko has won the classic for the past two years. she'll only be 19 years old on sunday. she'll tee off at 7:55 this morning. >> good luck and happy birthday. the contra costa community is coming together to help
6:57 am
thousands in need. they are giving away goods and services and it's the convoy of hope event. volunteers have new donated shoes. organizers have received a thousand pairs of shoes, and they are hoping for 2000 more. and the event will offer medical and dental screenings, job referrals, and more. >> hope is what we're trying to convey and whether that's job services of a family portrait. it's giving somebody a lift and a hope for the future. >> that event will be held on saturday at meadow homes park. it starts at 10 a.m. and will last until they run out of shoes. coming up. there have been several crashes that happened early this morning on an east bay freeway. up next, we'll tell you what happened, how it happened, and how your morning commute is effected. and police in san jose say
6:58 am
a man killed his father. what the accused killer told his mother. we'll have the latest on the investigation.
6:59 am
>> good morning.
7:00 am
the chp has just re-opened all lanes of interstate 80 here in crockett after a series of early morning crashes, including one accident that involved a big rig and left a man dead. we will tell you why the chp believes all three of these crashes were connected. >> a sad situation in san jose this morning. a woman is mourning the loss of her husband. her on son is accused of killing him last night. we will hear from police. this is ktvu "mornings on 2". 7:00. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i am dave clark. >> we continue to follow a developing story out of the east bay for you and a series of accidents that shut down eastbound interstate 80 twice early this morning. one of them involved an ambulance. the other left a driver dead. >> now, we have fox 2 team coverage for you. sal, of course, tracking traffic delays in that area. first let's go to alex savidge. what's the latest? what's it like out


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