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details on a house nier oakland. the dramatic voodoo -- house nier oakland. the cross county district attorney's office held a day of action to spread the word to businesses and the public. an inside look behind this campaign. >> reporter: crucial information about combating human trafficking is on these posters. >> train stations, hospitals, other locations like that frequently have victims come through. >> reporter: they're being districted at places like the
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amtrak station in martinez. >> we're doing a project with the district attorney's office. related to human trafficking. >> reporter: and local bars in the county. >> we're doing outreach, looking to put up posters. >> reporter: the posters let people know who they can call if they're a victim or if they want to report it. you might see these posters in pleasant hill, walnut creek, or concord as communities come together to raise this issue. >> we see minors, adult trafficking, and labor trafficking. >> pairing up as a team to hit the businesses on our list. >> reporter: the district attorney's office partnered with a handful of law enforcement agencies, and community based organizations to begin its program. a recent state law requires 30 businesses to post notices with hotline numbers for victims to get immediate help. >> one of the challenges is that victims don't identify themselves as being a human
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trafficking victim. and that's part of the importance in doing public awareness and community action campaigns like the one we're doing today. >> reporter: they want to get the public involved too. >> it's community members that are the ones that see some situation and think something doesn't feel right and call into law enforcement. >> reporter: the county says human trafficking is ultimately a community problem that needs a community response. >> if we all learn to recognize it, what we can do to stop it, we can make a difference together in our community. a firefighter rescue in oakland. using a ladder to rescue the resident from the window of the 2nd floor of a home on high street. one person
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was taken to the hospital. crews got that fire out pretty quickly. three pedestrians including two teenagers who were hurt last night after being hit by a car in pittsburgh happened after 8:00 pm. they were in a crosswalk at the highway 4 westbound on-ramp. the car blew through a red light, hit another car, which clipped the pedestrians. the victims were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police say a 14-year-old boy took a car for a joyride and led police on a high-speed chase. the driver ran a stop sign and the officer tried to stop him. teen led police on a chase at speeds over 90 miles an hour before losing control and running off the road near highway 101 of the the car hit a road sign and the 14-year-old jumped out. two minors in the car were detained. the driver eventually turned himself in.
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a solar-powder airplane sore across the pacific has just arrived in the bay area. the solar impulse 2 took off from hawaii thursday morning on the latest leg of its journey around the world using only the power of the sun. here is it a live picture of impulse 2 flying over the bay area right now. you can see a massive wingspan that supports all of the solar cells. it has 17,000 cells on its wings that charge batteries and store power, stow can fly day and night -- so it can fly day and night. we have a crew tracking the plane right now. we'll have details on that landing tonight on the 10:00 news. thousands of bay area nurses are preparing to did on strike after three -- to go on strike after three days of mediation yielded no results. nurses are at odd where is
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administrators -- with administrators over wages and benefits. an elderly peninsula woman facing evikz -- evikz from her -- eviction from her home is getting help from a surprising source. he rented a room from marie hatch, who died last month in the midst of fighting her own eviction. she was ordered to leave the house by the end of april and said she had no idea where to go. robbins is quoted as saying he hasn't forgotten what it is like to be poor. bart is investigating an accident yesterday involving one of its brand-new cars. the $2 million car overshot the test track in heyward and plowed into a mound of dirt. nobody was
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hurt. a spokesman says they're trying to figure out what happened. rescue crews in alameda today practiced pulling out a submerged car from the estuary. officials say it's good practice because stolen cars are sometimes dumped in the estuary or other nearby bodies of water. people marked earth day yesterday. today we found a lot of people are celebrating this weekend taking care of their little corner of the planet. >> reporter: in alameda, hundreds flocked to the beach. they weren't looking for fun in the sun. trash was their mission. the bullock family collected bag after bag from crab cove. >> we were talking about how we come here, and i always thought it was pretty clean. you don't see large pieces of trash. once you start looking, there's these tiny pieces of plastic everywhere. >> reporter: organizers say
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days like this are a reminder of how trash left in one place could wind up anywhere. >> little of the trash that washes up comes from alameda. it comes from all over the bay area and further inland. >> we're finding what michael is calling microtrash. these tiny pieces of plastic. and he was explaining that those other kinds ever things that birds might -- of things that birds might eat. >> reporter: across the bay, they celebrated earth day with an urban flare. food, hands-on art project, and vendors like lucille. her family's business converts wiring from dismantled nuclear weapons systems into jewelry and brass works. earth day organizers say there's a way for everyone to celebrate. >> it's really important that we teach people in an urban environment and city environment house to be green, how to recycle, how to do something positive for the earth every day. >> even if you can't make it out to a state park or beach, do
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something locally. it can make a difference. the search for a man suspected of killing five people in georgia is over after he was found dead from an apparent self-conflicted gunshot wound. investigators in georgia say 50-year-old wayne anthony hawes went on the run after killing five people in two separate shootings last night. the shootings stemmed from a domestic dispute that left three men and two women dead. hawes was found dead this morning. a manhunt underway in ohio afterite members of the -- arch 8 members of the same family were found shot in the head execution style. >> reporter: at this hour, no arrests have been made. authorities now searching for at least one shooter. investigators have interviewed over 30 people, and search warrants around, as
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four crime scenes are being analyzed. grizzly execution style killings. that is how investigators in a rural community in ohio are describing the multiple shooting scenes in four separate homes. eight people from the same family, all shot in the head, seven adults and a 16-year-old. some were killed as they slept, including a mother in her body with her 4-year-old -- her bed with her 4-year-old baby nearby. they are a large and well known family in the area. >> it's such a tragic situation, what's happening. got a lot of question, who committed the crime. things like that. and i can't imagine what they're going through right now. >> reporter: three of the family homes are within a mile of one another. authorities don't know why this family was targeted. they are urging surviving members of the family to take precautions while the shooter or shooters are on the loose. authorities say it is highly unlikely that this was a
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murder/suicide which is why there is now a manhunt underway. while there is no specific threat to the community, the sheriff saying to lock the doors. the family is thanking everyone for their prayers. anyone with information is asked to call. the latest on prince, what we learned today about a memorial service for the legendary musician. and dog owners march with their friends to protest new plans to restrict dog access in the golden gate national recreation area. >> and still tracking some lingering clouds across parts of the bay area. talking about gusty winds in your sunday forecast. and breaking down rain chances showing up in the 5-day.
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prince's publicist said the musician's remains have been cremated. a small group of family and friends celebrated his life at a private ceremony today at the paisley park studios outside of minneapolis. the publicist said a musical celebration would be held at a future date. prince died suddenly on thursday. the results of an autopsy performed yesterday won't be known for about four weeks. prince's family and friends who were at paisley park came outside the gates late today and thanked the scores of fans gathered there. they also handed out purple boxes. inside each one, a t-shirt, a book, a cd and other memorabilia. president obama wrapped up his stay in the united kingdom today. he spoke to a town hall style in london. he says there is still discrimination in aspects of american life, even with a black president. >> in fact one of the dangers
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has been that by electing a black president, people have said well, there must be no problems at all. obviously you see fergusson, some of the issues we've seen in the criminal just system indicating the degree to which that was always false. >> the president is due in germany tomorrow for the next leg of his 6-day journey. also in the uk, prince charles paid a visit to the house where william shakespeare once lived it. marks the 400th anniversary of the bard's death. he also visited the holy trinity church where shakespeare is buried. parades are being held, along with church services, and stage performances. the five remaining presidential candidates are fiercely campaigning throughout the east ahead of a key primary tuesday of five northeastern and midatlantic states. matt fin has the latest.
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>> reporter: the race on both sides becomes a mad scramble for delegates. despite a loss to hillary clinton in new york, bernie sanders is pushing ahead, pleading his case to voters in delaware and maryland on saturday. >> the establishment and the system don't want you to know this. but all of you are enormously powerful people, if you choose to exercise that power. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: 384 delegates at stake tuesday. hillary clinton speaking to voters in connecticut, believes she's the only candidate. >> equal pay, we shouldn't be talking about it in 2016. >> reporter: as for the republicans, 118 delegates are up for grabs. the three remaining gop contenders are jockeying for any advantage ahead of tuesday's contest. >> i think donald and the media believe pennsylvania is a suburb
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of manhattan. i've got a whole lot more faith in the men and women of pennsylvania. >> let's win with ideas. when pleases smear one another, it makes all of us cynical. >> reporter: donald trump remains confident and already focusing on beating hillary clinton in the general election. >> crooked hillary clinton. [ audience booing ] >> honestly. she doesn't have tot strength. she doesn't have the stamina. >> reporter: voters from pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island, delaware and marldz will all go to -- maryland will all go to the polls on tuesday. the huge cargo ship that visited oh, land in december won't be coming back anytime soon. benjamin franklin saturday largest container ship ever to call at a u.s. port. the ship's owners say they've canceled plans to use six giant ships like the benjamin franklin to haul containers from asia to the west coast. the ships can carry the equivalent of 18,000
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twenty-foot containers. a fall in freight rates makes it uneconomical to use in the pacific right now. crews are working to repair a sinkhole in pacific heights. this is video of the working done this morning. a sewer pipe burst thursday evening and caused part of sacramento street to cave in. sinkhole is 20 feet wide and 10-feet deep. crews plan to replace the broken section of sewer pipe. >> this particular piece of type in this area had been monitored with cameras in the past 12 months. and everything had been okay. >> crews hope toft road open tonight. dog lovers gathered in san francisco to make their feels known about plans to cut dogwalking in golden gate recreational area. it is only allowed in 1% of the land.
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the new rule would eliminate 90% of that space. scott wiener was among the speakers and said the national park service is ignoring a host of elected officials and the will of the people. >> what is it gonna take for them to listen to us! we're gonna keep fighting, and you please, keep fighting. don't get scourged. this is note over -- not over. >> the new rule would force owners to walk their dogs on much smaller city parks. mark, it's clear out there now, but we had quite a bit of rain yesterday. >> that was a productive little deal. some of the totals about .33 in livermore. in the santa cruz mountains, about 1.5. temperatures for afternoon highs, mostly the 60s to the lower 70s. cool to mild out
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there. and the pattern really is not gonna change too much over the next few days. you can see what's happening in the pacific. we have this storm up here. this is actually dipping into northern california. sending more clouds to the bay area. and also keeping us on the cool side. and even a possibility of a few isolated showers for tomorrow. here is the latest on the satellite. you can see some of the clouds and rain showers approaching. as far as current numbers, san jose 64, san francisco upper 50s. winds a bit of a breeze out there. and they can stick around for sunday into monday. right now, winds around 15-20 miles an hour. here we go, sfo, stronger wind gusting to 32 miles an hour. here is our live camera toward the golden gate. you can see the right portion of your screen, the flag getting a
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workout there. more clouds in your sunday morning forecast. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the 40s to the lower 50s. a lot to talk about in the pacific. this circulation, an area of low pressure. that'll be diefshg into the northern parts -- diving into the northern parts of the state in the next couple days. sunday and monday, scattered clouds out there. winds 25-30 miles an hour. pretty persistent. stronger for the coast and the higher terrain. gusts approaching maybe 40 miles an hour. tomorrow, lots of clouds out there. and this forecast, you can see throughout the day, it scales back on some of the clouds but also generates a few popup showers. so we cannot rule out the chance of an isolated shower in your sunday forecast. it.s tomorrow --
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tomorrow, 50s to around 60 degrees. santa rosa warmer at 70. half moon bay 61. san jose 66 degrees. baseball for tomorrow, giants playing this evening, and tomorrow partly cloudy skies for the afternoon game. temperature around 60. here's a look ahead. sunday and monday, borderline wind advisory conditions out there. >> we're still at the rainy season. >> wednesday, could be a quarter inch, possibly over that.
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>> thanks, mark. coming up, the he or won't he? stretch curry tells us -- steph curry tells us if he's gonna play tomorrow.
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the most watched ankle in the bay area. >> i can't remember anything since joe montana's back. [ laughter ] >> the warriors to houston with a 3-1 lead. the help of mr. curry was still the no. 1 topic at practice today. steph curry's right ankle will have had more than one full week of rest after he tweaked it last saturday. the warriors did not play up to their standards. still nearly stole one on thursday nights. tomorrow's game, they expect to be at full strength, which means starting curry. >> that's the plan. get some treatment, get ready for the game tomorrow. warm up and as long as it continues to feel like it does right now, i should be good. >> i think he'll be fine. it's
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hard to tell. who knows? he's got a lot of confidence in his game. and i think the last two days have given him confidence in his body. for a week the a's were the hottest team in baseball until toronto. they won six in a row and had yet to lose this season on the road. they jumped on ja happen in the 1st -- hap in the 1st inning. the lead did not last long. the blue jays took the lead off chris basset. a nice play to get to the ball. martin credited with an infield hit and an rbi. 2-1 jays. toronto made the jays pay. basset was also victimized by troy tulowitzki. a drive off him in the 5th.
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6-2 jays. he had a pair of homers on the day. jays 9-3. round 3 of the swinging skirts tournament at make merced. golfers continue to be athletic role models for young women. trying to win the tournament for the third straight year, the fourth hole with a chip, just fine. that's a birdie. koe is 6 strokes off the lead. the pace has been side by namura. she shot a 71 today. 10 under par for the tournament. 3 strokes ahead of two players who are tied for 2nd. the giants hosting the marlins tonight. we'll have it all fur at 10:00 on sports wrap. see you then. >> steph feels pretty good. looks like it's gonna happen. >> sounds like it. and they have the luxury again if he's not 100%, they don't need him to beat the rockets. but they're gonna need him for whoever comes after that. >> get a big lead, let him
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rest. >> that's worked before. coming up tonight at 10:00, continuing to track the progress of the solar plane that's flying over the bay area. it is here right now after coming in from hawaii. we'll have a look at the operation center tonight as crews prepare for the solar impulse 2 to touch down at moffitt field in mountain view later on tonight. >> we're always here for you online. facebook, twitter, and all of our apps. see you tonight.
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don't ask. don't tell. it's probably obvious, anyway. i was up all night crying. let's see if she's here. gloria?! sarah fink, my lab partner who i hoped one day would be my love partner. i caught one of my so-called friends hitting on her. you got two choices-- you can mope your way up those stairs and soak in a pity bath, or you can pick yourself up, march into that school, and act like you don't even know that girl. [ sighs ] thanks. if mom asks, i borrowed her tub pillow. jay, don't forget to drop joe and mitch at cam's later! yeah, what time are they expecting me to, uh-- oh, what the hell? oh, isn't it cute? last night when i went to do my nails, the girls did it just for fun. what's fun about a lifetime of gender confusion? ay, please. it's the same as when you took him to the dodgers game and you brought him back with that dodgers cap. you think? or is it different in every conceivable respect? ay, and don't forget that phil is gonna be meeting you at mitch and cam's to help you bring lily's princess castle here.


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