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and 50s, and a few 30 showing up, and the breezes coming out of the northwest in will continue most of the day. it might turn a little bit northerly for some, and some snow showers yesterday and lightning in the central valley, and this was a pretty good system. the little activity in the mountains, 40s and 50s on the temperatures. 41 in walnut creek, blackhawk 43, and it is cool out there. and west to livermore, san jose, a good breeze out there, and continuing under mostly sunny skies. we have this piece of energy rotating through, keeping the breezes in place. a few 30s for the lows, and clouds popping up with this northwest wind, translating into a lot of 60s and a few 70s. 4:30 am on a monday morning. let's hope it is quiet. back it is quiet. people
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count on the roads been pretty good for the next hour or so for those that get up early, and at the toll plaza, taking a look at this from the emeryville camera, light traffic. a few lanes waiting to pay, and a little bit of a weight if you are paying with cash. looking at interstate 880 in oakland, a nice-looking drive. if you're driving into east bay in general, for the most part it looks good. early commuters already at the altamont pass getting into livermore, and it's a nice drive. 4:31 am. a developing story out of san francisco, the police are investigating a homicide that happened overnight and we are there at the scene. it looks like part of the area is still closed off.>> reporter: we are at the intersection of larkin and
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turk, and it is shut down. it looks like the investigation scene is extending at least a block from where we are. it appears the homicide happened at the intersection of eddie and larkin, quite a ways from where we are. you can see there are homicide detectives going around gathering evidence. they are talking to the residents and potential witnesses in the area. about 2:20 am, the police arrived to find a person had died, and they have confirmed that they are investigating this as a homicide, but we do not know much else about the circumstances. we do not know how the person died, and they have not identified any possible suspects. the medical examiner was here about an hour ago, but we do not know if they have left. this is a limited vantage point due to the crime scene tape and
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this is completely shut down at larkin and eddie. we can hopefully get another update from the police later on in the show. here's a look at some the other top stories we are following, the san jose police at best getting a double homicide, the body of a man and woman down yesterday afternoon, and the concern family members called the police after not hearing from the relatives for some time. the police and not release details on how the victims were killed or their names, and no arrests have been made. a man accused of killing sierra lamar will be in court today, and torres told the judge he wanted to stand trial within 60 days, and the judge could decide when that trial will start today. and his attorney told the judge they are not ready for trial get, but the father of sierra said he is hopeful that the
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case will move forward. steph curry will undergo an mri after suffering a sprained knee after slipping on a wet spot on the floor in houston. he did not play in the entire second half, and he was playing in his first game since injuring his ankle a week ago. and the uc berkeley athletic department is not doing enough to combat sexual harassment. in openly questioning whether cal is doing all that it can do to crack down on the offenders, and these comments come after the uc berkeley a hired an outside investigator to look into allegations by former female team member of the rowing team that she was sexually assaulted by teammate. also after the scandal following the assistant basketball coach and a diving coach. and james whitey bulger, the girlfriend katherine gregg pled guilty to a contempt charge forward
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fusing to testify before a grand jury about whether other people help him as a fugitive, and she is already serving an eight-year prison term to help bulger avoid capture. he was captured in 2011 in santa monica, and convicted in 2013 for his role in 11 murders and sentenced to life in prison. firefighters at venecia trying to figure out what sparked the fire that tore through the historic washington house over the weekend. you can see this helmet camera taking us inside the historic building, and the fire broke out at about 1 pm yesterday. the firefighters could not locate the fire at first, but take a look at what happened when they found the hidden flames.>> fire, fire.>> they say that the fire was between the area between the first and
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second floors and in the attic, and several agencies responded, including crews from venecia and vallejo, and in contra costa county, and no one was injured. two san francisco police officers are recovering after their patrol car was struck by an issue be at 5:30 pm yesterday at evans avenue. the driver is cooperating with the police, and the officers were at the san francisco general with non-life- threatening injuries, and one officer was released in one was kept overnight. the police in fremont need your help to find the driver of a deadly hit-and-run late saturday night on fremont boulevard. the 52-year-old woman was walking along and was hit by a jeep. the police are looking for a light-colored, two-door jeep wrangler with the blacktop, large tires. the vehicle as damage to the front passenger side fender, and anyone with information is
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asked to call the fremont police. a man wanted on kidnapping charges was arrested after leading authorities on a wild chase through several east bay cities, and the deputy spotted the driver of the toyota driving erratically and tried to pull him over. he also noticed there was a woman in the passenger seat frantically waving her arms out the window. the driver continued, hit several cars and tried to carjacked two other cars and eventually stopped in albini and was arrested. he was already facing another kidnapping charge as well as domestic violence, false imprisonment charges in another case. and the pacific heights neighborhood can expect road closures as they paid a street where the large sinkhole opened up. the sinkhole was filled over the weekend in the ground gave way on thursday night. the public utilities commission says it was caused by a broken
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sewer main. and seeing raising funds for social media and internet use violations, and state officials, can find the jurors of the $1500 if they research at trial online are posted about it on social media, and currently the judges can only hope the jurors in contempt, and this legislation would prevent mistrials and overturned convictions, but opponents say will have no practical effect. looking to form the association with the uber drivers, the teamsters union, and reaching out for help to resolve the issues and receiving more benefits from the ridesharing company, but state law does not allow unions to negotiate for people that are not members. uber is not commenting directly on the teamsters involvement, and reacting after the $100 million settlement with uber in the drivers. and still some question as to whether uber drivers are
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contractors or employees of the company. the bay area bike sharing program is expanding, widely available and san francisco with bikes lined up throughout the city, and the program is also available at san jose and across the peninsula, adding 1500 new bikes and 100 bike stations at later this year, and the first extension will include berkeley, emeryville in oakland. they will release more details about the expansion later today. and kicking off today in san francisco, the fairmont hotel is lined with cars and drivers that will participate in the road adventure, re- creating one of italy's most famous road races with a distance of 1000 miles. cars manufactured between 1927 and 1957 qualify, and the course will roll down california and taking the back roads to laurel bay and will
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ride along the valley. day five of the hunger strike in the san francisco mission district, coming up, the demand that the protesters are making in the wake of recent shootings involving the san francisco police. star lake statistics surrounding the danger of the laundry pods and children. this morning commute is not too bad if you are driving around the bay area. so far and san francisco, looking good on north down 101. and a few were around sfo about 5:00, you are probably holding on his they had wind gusts over 50 miles an hour, and it will be a breezy and cool day.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 4:42 am. the amount of children injured or killed by laundry pods continuing to grow. u. s. poison control centers receive call every 45 minutes about a child exposed to the laundry pods, and the companies have been replacing the clear containers that could look like candy with the opaque ones, and making the packaging harder for the children to open. 22,000 young children have been injured, and the biggest problem or when the children died down on the pods and they burst, and the toxic chemicals are pushed into the child's throat. >> that can cause a serious burn, and causing severe damage if it gets in the lungs, and it can also cause effects on the brain. >> doctors recommend that parents with young children and
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avoid using laundry detergent pods, but if you insist on using the package, your them in a locked cupboard for the children cannot reach them. the number of children -- of people that say they will boycott target over the bathroom policy is growing, and last but they said they would allow transgender workers or customers to use the bathroom that corresponds with how they identified themselves, and some say they object, and launching a website where people can sign a pledge to boycott target. the number has grown to more than 4400, now 80,000 since wednesday. and forcing apple to help them unlock the iphone involved in that new york drug case, and the feds say they no longer need the help from apple. someone related to the case has given the fbi the pass code to the phone and they were able to access the phone. the fbi recently dropped the
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recent fighting the san bernardino terror case after see health and the israeli company to unlock the phone. your time to check in with the early look at the traffic. i know when i came across the san rafael bridge, they were beginning a lot of construction.>> they have. i hear there is an update from you, and people other than you have kept me informed, and people know about this, but not causing a big traffic jam. it's definitely something you notice, and there are other construction spots this morning. sometimes they are not there on monday and we see them on tuesday, but we will keep an eye out. here's a look at your commute on 280 in san jose, a nice- looking drive. no roadwork here. looking at the general part of the bay, including fremont and getting into the south bay, it has been a nice drive with no
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major problems. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, and the traffic looking okay. no major problems, and moving along interstate 880, also moving along well in both directions. off to a nice start for this monday. 4:46 am. pretty cold out there this morning, 30s showing up in lake county and a lot of low 40s to mid 40s. the breeze is holding the temperatures up, making it cool, out of the northwest with this decent little system. some thunderstorm activity in the central valley, reports of pale, and snow in the sierra valley, but it looks like things have calmed down. there is this piece of energy rotating through, 51 san jose, 47 half moon bay, and mid 40s, and even pacifica at 46. it's cool even on the coast, and we have a westerly breeze
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in place, and expect a blustery day, and downright windy in these higher elevations. 30 in truckee, 39 in reno, and a little bit cool. mostly sunny today, and this system is rotating through, but some good thunderstorms in the central valley yesterday, but most of that has moved to the east. it is chilly and breezy this morning, but mostly sunny, and we will recover with a lot of 60s, and a few 70s. it looks pretty cool to cold on tuesday morning, and then we get this system clipping us on wednesday with the possibility of rain and kicking out on thursday. it looks like a nice weekend.>> not a lot of brain. >> just enough every week to water the plants would be great. i saw a lot of people at the garden store, people are
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planting. a solar powered airplane safely on the ground in mountain view, and the solar impulse 2 landed after flying from a white, the coming the first to fly around the world on only solar power. it started its journey 13 months ago, and the trip from hawaii to california took 62 hours, and consider the riskiest leg of the flight because there is almost nowhere to make an emergency landing. gas prices moving up with the cost of oil, national average up by eight cents, and $2.18 a gallon. here in the bay area, we are above the national average. in oakland, the average is $2.77 a gallon, and in san francisco, $2.89. you can now buy the artwork created by the edibles at the san francisco zoo, 50 paintings
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up -- created by the animals at the san francisco zoo, 50 paintings up for auction, and somebody art is available on ebay. it was created by dozens of animals and insects from cockroaches to chimpanzees. you can find more information on our website, to get more information.>> that is cool. 4:49 am is the time. new developments and a possible move for the oakland raiders, and the momentum is building when it comes to the possible relocation to las vegas.
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welcome back. several emergency responders are recovering from injuries they suffered while battling a massive apartment fire in arizona. it started at 6:00 saturday night, and look at the results, and it quickly destroyed the entire apartment complex. they are sifting through the rubble to find the evidence that could pinpoint the cause. one firefighter had minor injuries to his hands, and at least three had been treated for smoke inhalation.
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shaping up to be a bit week as the raiders explore a possible move to las vegas. the owner mark davis will meet with the committee from southern nevada. he is expected to possibly move his team to the gambling capitol of the world and become the las vegas raiders. this is not a done deal, and the raiders will need the league approval with 23 other teams signing off on the decision to move to las vegas. and a big rally that could affect the potential move to another stadium, and held by the san diego chargers. they brought out some big names for the kickoff event, in hopes of drumming up enough support for the new stadium in the city. >> let's build a stadium for the next 55 years, and you deserve it san diego.>> and as a san diego native, i would agree with them. if they were allowed to move to
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san diego, that would open the door for the raiders to move to las vegas. the los angeles lakers have fired their head coach byron scott, and he lasted a few seasons, and the lakers finished with the worst record of the season. and mentioning a few candidates for the job, and walton has been mentioned and also possibly the coast for the kings, a lot of people want him. and the marlins beat the giants yesterday, and in the eighth inning, the marlins get the tie-breaking home run, and
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coming to the park tonight for the first game of a three-game series. the a's heading to detroit after dropping two of the three to the blue jays. in toronto had the 6-1 lead in the third inning, and the a's scored two more runs but cannot get the offense going anymore. in the a's have lost two straight on the road, but after winning the first six. and the lpga classic, the wind as you can see were whipping and daly city yesterday. and nomura wins the tournament. the 2016 summer olympics in rio are just a few months away, and we know what
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the logo of the tokyo olympics will look like, unveiled today in japan. the 2020 tokyo summer olympics selected from thousands of entries, and the organizers say this represents different countries, cultures and ways of thinking. the local has a corresponding design for the paralympic games. coming up on new developments in the sierra lamar case gets ready to head to court and what this means for the possible trial. developing news out of san francisco, someone killed overnight in the latest on that investigation. on your east bay commute, not bad, and on 24 driving to the tunnel looking good so far on the way to oakland. it is a cold one with temperatures in the 40s, a breezy and windy day, and we will show you what is in store for the rest of the week.
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the man accused of killing sierra lamar will be in court today, and the decision the judge is expected to make could have an impact on the start of the trial.
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the warriors won and lost, and it's hard to watch is steph curry goes down and injures his knee in the battle against houston, and what is next as mornings on 2 continues. good morning and welcome back on this monday, april 25, and i am pam cook. good morning, and i'm dave clark. we had wind gusts over 50 yesterday, and at the sfo, and 40+ for many. it's downright windy. there was severe weather down in the san joaquin valley, and reports of hail, snow in the sierra, and we get this trees, but it looks like it has calmed down a little bit. i would not be surprised to see some snow showers popping up, 40s and 50s on the temperatures, and a few at 30s.
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a westerly wind, and a northwesterly breeze, but mostly sunny today. we had this piece of energy sliding by to keep that breeze in place. and mostly sunny with some 30s for lows, and 60s in a few 70s for the highs. a nice-looking commute for the most part, and no major problems outside. you can see traffic is moving along okay, a little bit of a back up in some lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza. looking at the commute on interstate 880, traffic moving well in both directions with no major issues. driving in the south bay, so far so good on the freeways, and not showing any major delays. 5:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. developing news right now out of san francisco, a homicide just a couple of hours ago, and it


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