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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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a new twist to election 2016. two republican candidates are teaming up against frontrunner donald trump. is it too little, too late should the warriors rack up a win as steph curry goes to the floor with an injured knee. we are recapping the game as the team's mvp prepares for an mri. the anti-bullying short film was put together by a freshman at folsom high and last night it won first place at a film awards show. we are talking to her live about her dreams of becoming a director. ♪ san francisco open your golden gates ♪ >> i had the most san francisco
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evening this weekend. i could not believe -- it was just -- this picture is a sparkling photograph. real life. >> "the love boat." >> i am in north beach at night having dinner at north beach restaurant when the mr. mayor, willie brown, walks in and says, i love watching you guys on "the 9". >> nice. >> we like having him as a guest. >> what we did on friday, talking about prince. then i saw "beach blanket babylon." >> that is a san francisco night. >> i like that. >> i go big. i had to bring you that song and that picture. thank you for joining us this monday morning. a lot of news to cover. we are going to start with something happening in san carlos. a crash you're monitoring? >> that's right. it was a result of a police chase northbound el camino real. this ended up at el camino and arroyo in san carlos. there is a big police presence and the fire department and medics. el camino is not usually this crowded this time of the
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morning. it's crowded. don't get me wrong. this is time to find other ways. perhaps stay on 101. we have crews on the way to get us nor information. >> okay. sheriff's deputies in contra costa county are investigating an early morning robbery at a casino. >> the robbers didn't take cash. weapon understand they may have taken casino chips. >> this happened at the california grand casino in pacheco. brian flores has the details. >> reporter: unfortunately, guys, we are not getting more details from our previous report this morning. we have reached out to the contra costa county sheriff's department numerous times this morning. we have yet to hear back. that being said, they continue to investigate this early morning robbery at the casino and they are hoping that some clues and leads will come to an arrest. according to the contra costa county sheriff's department, this robbery was reported at about 4:45 this morning. sheriff's department says there are no reports of any injuries. also at this point there is no clear cut description of a suspect, but the sheriff's department says they are
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looking at surveillance video to see if they can figure out more about who this person is. a source close to the investigation told me that the robber was inside really for about a minute. he was wearing something to protect his face and this person may have had a weapon. we are also hearing what the robber took an undisclosed amount of casino chips and ran off. again, that was from a source close to the investigation. as we take it back out live, the casino is open to the public this morning. some of the employees that we saw coming into the casino were shocked. they had heard what happened. but again this robber remains on the loose this morning. unfortunately, there is no description of who this person is. again as san as we find -- as soon as we find out more information, we will definitely pass that along. guys, back to you. >> brian, i know it's early in the investigation, but a lot of people think, once those chips leave the casino, they are essentially worthless, right? many of them are tracked. it's not like you can take them to the grocery store and pay for groceries with them? >> reporter: exactly. we talked about that during the
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8:00 hour. there is also a case this las vegas where robber tried to steal millions of dollars worth of chips. those chips had some type of tracker on it. it's unclear if they have that same type of tracker on these chips. if a robber takes chips, you can't cash it into a grocery store. you have to come back to the casino. i don't know how this person is going to get away with this. we will see. he or she remains on the loose this morning. >> maybe that robber tries to sell the chips to someone gullible enough to buy them. >> right. still in the east bay, police are looking for a gunman in a deadly shooting in a massage parlor in pittsburg. officers say the gunman came in, demanded money and that led to a fight between the suspect and several workers. during the fight the gunman shot one of the workers who died at the seen. >> san jose police are investigating the deaths of two people. the bodies of a man and woman were found yesterday on lucas court. the "mercury news" reports
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concerned family members called police after not hearing from their relatives for some time. police haven't released details about how the two people were killed or their natures. so far, no arrests have been made. there have been five homicides now in san jose in just the past few weeks. april 16, an 18-year-old man was shot and killed while walking with friends near lyndale avenue. two days later a 24-year-old father was killed near quinnby road. last week a man was arrested on suspicion of stabbing his father to death. a hunger strike is in its fifth day. a small group of people have been camping out in front of police station in the mission. they say it will continue until the police chief is fired or mayor ed lee resigns. it comes in response to recent police shootings, including the killing of mario woods. >> i mean, it's the ultimate sacrifice that one can do for a cause that they believe in. >> this is serious. and we are putting our life on the line. >> we are born and raised here.
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we carry about this. we are not going to stop. >> the san francisco police department says it has taken steps to make changes in the wake of the shooting. they announced there will be better police training and they increased the number of non lethal beanbag rounds. some jurors could face fines for social media and internet use violations. legislation supported by state court officials would authorize judges in some counties to fine jurors up to $1,500 if they research their trial online or post about it on social media. currently, judges can only hold jurors in contempt. supporters say the legislation would prevent mistrials and overturned convictions. opponents say it won't have any practical effect. look what i have. ta-da! a jury summons. i keep these -- >> did you just get that? >> yes. last week. i three these so seriously. i respond. i show up. i check if i need to show up. however, there are people, they say i ignore those.
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i throw them away. i don't even ask for a postponement. i am shocked people treat them that way. our question on twitter is, do you treat these as the serious pieces of paper that they are, or do you say whatever? >> son-in-law people think it's -- some people think it's a hassle. >> i am floored people ignore them. do you respond? do you show up? do you file it in the circular file when it comes to jury duty. let us know #ktvuthe9. tell us creative excuses maybe for getting out out of it. >> i have gone. they never choose me. >> you know, they have your number. number whatever, you can leave. and then i just go. >> i have never been on a jury. >> i look forward to being in a room with a book all day. i mean, honestly, i look forward to that. this is like my, you know, day of luxury awaiting. let us know. the nfl is having its draft this week. and someone in the nfl is making news this morning. new this morning a federal
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appeals court has just ruled that new england patriots star tom brady must serve a four- game deflategate suspension imposed by the nfl. it reinstates brady's original suspension imposed by roger goodell and it's likely to fuel a fresh round of debate over what role, if any, the superstar quarterback played in using underinflated footballs during that afc championship game back in january of 2015. brady is, of course, a san mateo native. the san jose sharks are waiting to find out which team they will play in their second round of the stanley cup playoffs. the sharks weight the l.a. kings on friday night to close out their best of seven series. the sharks will face the winner of the series between anaheim and nashville. ducks lead that series three games to two, and it could close out -- close the series out in game six tonight. the warriors are one win away from advancing to the second round of the nba playoffs. >> this morning fans are nervous and concerned about the
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latest injury to star steph curry. >> curry falls down and grabs right leg. >> did you see that right knee extended? he grand the right knee immediately. >> it's the inside part of the right knee. the mcl part. >> i just feel so bad for him. back to square one. we will see what happens with the mri. >> back with us this morning is ktvu's sports anchor jason applebaum. normally, falling on the floor, because it happens all the time in games, does not mean you're out for the season. how serious is this? >> we don't know. all i know is listening to talk- radio coming in, following this story on twitter, doctors are calling in saying it could be a grade one m cl sprain. he is going to have an mri today. maybe he lard has. and the warriors are going to send out the results. warriors fans holding their collective breath to find out
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what the results that have mri is going to be. but you see our cameras in the locker room. his knee was heavily wrapped as he had a little postgame meal here. we just got after that ankle injury. nobody is talking about the ankle any more. the knee potentially much more serious. here's what coach kerr was saying about steph after the game. >> he still wanted to play. and we wouldn't let him. you saw it. i am sure he was very, very upset. you know, i just feel awful for him. now, hopefully, he is going to be okay. before too long, we don't know, but i feel bad for steph. but we got move on. >> we got to step our game up. with that we know they are thinking it's over now and we want to prove otherwise. >> yeah. they did prove otherwise certainly. >> in the huddle, ceo came out and tried to -- kerr was very emotional. draymond green said on a radio
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show afterwards he was trying to get back in the game and the coach said you are not going to go. he broke down and was crying. he knew his knee wasn't right. the warriors can certainly beat the rockets on wednesday without him and wrap up the series and then everyone is hoping that the next series, the portland-eclipse series goes seven games. it's now 2-1 right now. they play game four tonight f that goes seven games, the warriors or steph would have over a week off with the new injury and maybe they could get him back. >> we saw how inspired the team played in the third quarter. the question going forward is, can they hold that up for four quarters every game? >> that's a great question. in the short term guys step up and make it happen. in the long term, you miss the best player in the world. guys certainly did step up. i mean, draymond green, that third quarter was unbelievable. they canned match that.
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green actually said that he heard some of the houston fans cheering when steph was lying on the ground, and it really fired him up. they said they were going to win this one for steph as well. igodala, coach kerr said afte the game he had almost a perfect game. 22 points on nine of seven shooting. he is 32 years old. livingston will be front and center once again. he nine points, nine assists and five rebounds. >> so the rockets, let's face it, they are 41-41? >> right. they crept into the playoffs. >> it's not -- they are playing the way they should be playing. what about the clippers? can the warriors without curry beat the clippers who had a better record? >> i think they can beat the clippers or the blazers. that is 2-1. if portland hold it home tonight, it's 2-2. we don't know if it's going to be the clippers. you think they can beat the clippers. i don't think they will be favored in that series.
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i think probably without steph, i think going into the clippers could be the favorite in that series. they could do it. when they get to san antonio, san antonio, who swept their series against memphis, this they wind their next round against oklahoma city, they could pose the biggest problem for the warriors because i don't think they can get past san antonio without steph curry. i don't want to speculate. let's home for the best on the mri results. >> one game at a time. >> exactly. >> a great, great team. without steph, he is 20-30% of that team easy. it's going to be tough. >> thanks for joining us again on "the 9". coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", an early morning fire at a restaurant. the pieces of bay area sports history that were inside. a top of the line cell phone for $20,000. the high tech features that make it so expensive. >> is that what this? >> no, are you kidding me?
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we see the dow so down by more than 100 points. nasdaq is down by half of a percent, and s&p is down about the same percentage-wise. for more of the headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark in the newsroom. >> thank you. here are some of the top stories we are following. san francisco police are busy investigating an overnight homicide. about 2:20 this morning police were called about injured? the tynd. when the police arrived that person had died. the victim may have tried to get away after he or she was hurt and ended up on the sidewalk next to parked cars. a crisis support team will be at alhambra high school in martinez today helping the students deal with the death of a classmate. according to a facebook post by
9:17 am
the principal, a freshman, andre poreeria, died over the weekend. the cause of his death is not been made public. her smile set up a crowd funding site for his family. the organization was created in memory of jenna betty. the 13-year-old girl from martinez who was hit and killed by a train while she tried to pick up a cell phone that she had dropped on train tracks two years ago. later today state lawmakers will look into what steps california has done to keep tabs on companies that have a history of settling complaints about construction defects. the issue came up after six people died. seven others were seriously hurt when a balcony in berkeley collapsed at an apartment house. investigators said mistakes were made. construction shortcuts were taken that led to that deadly balcony collapse. and there had been signs of problems as much as a year before the balcony collapsed.
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now, starting at noon state nators will hold a hearing. they are going to see how both state and local agencies are following up. those are just some of the your morning headlines from our newsroom. gasia, mike and sal, back to you. >> dave, thank you. the teamsters union looking to form an association with uber drivers. some uber drivers had reached out to the teamsters for help in resolving issues and receiving more benefits from the rideshare company. uber is not commenting directly on the teamster involvement. the drivers are acting after last week's $100 million settlement with uber. the settlement didn't clear up some confusion about tips for uber drivers. the drivers will now be able to put signs in their cars saying tips are not included in the fare. before there had been some confusion about whether or not tips were included. pages will have to tip in cash though because there is still no way do that on the app. the 2016 summer games in rio are just a few months away,
9:19 am
but looking ahead to the year 2020 we are getting a look at the logo for the tokyo olympics and how it will look. it was unveiled today in japan. the 2020 tokyo summer olympics logo was selected from thousands of entries. it's entitled harmonize checkered emblem. olympic organizers say it's indigo blue rectangular shapes represent different countries way of looking. a british start-up is looking to sell an ultra high tech phone claims to be years ahead of current technology. it will sell for $20,000. do you know what i could do with that money? the new smartphone claims to have unprecedented levels of security making it more difficult to be hacked. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", a major development in the race for the white house.
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the two candidates now joining forces in hopes of stopping donald trump. and more fallout from the violent beating of a man by alameda county deputies. hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie.
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new this morning president obama sending as many as 250 more u.s. troops to syria to help fight isis. he made the announcement today in germany. the pot president has been in talks with german chancellor angela merkel as they push for a u.s. free trade agreement. the president says the troops will not lead the fight on the ground but will help keep the momentum going against islamic state. >> these terrorists will learn the same lessons as others before them, which is your hatred is no defense. as we remain relentless on the military front, we are not giving up on diplomacy to end the civil war in syria because
9:23 am
the suffering of the syrian people has to end. >> president obama wraps up his trip meeting with leaders of germany, france, england. they will continue to talk about battle against isis, syria and the immigration crisis. the "new york times" reports the pentagon is mounting cyber attacks against the international terrorist organization. the u.s. military has reportedly created a special cyber command unit targeting isis websites. the goal is to stop isis from spreading its message and recruit new members. there has been a major development in the race for the white house as the campaigns for senator ted cruz and governor john kasich announced they are teaming up to defeat donald trump. reporter kelly wright has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump's republican rivals teaming up in a last-ditch effort to defeat him. campaign managers for senator ted cruz and governor john kasich confirmed the move
9:24 am
sunday night. this as cruz focuses on indiana instead of the northeast states holding primaries tomorrow. >> there is no doubt winning elections is better than losing elections. so we are going to do everything possible to win here in indiana. >> reporter: both campaigns can't win enough delegates, but they have realized they have to team up in order to prevent donald trump from clenching the gop nomination before this summer's convention. kasich has been planning on a contested convention all along. >> we are going to an open convention. i have been saying it two months. >> reporter: trump tweeted a response calling cruz and kasich desperate of the donald has increased his campaign spending to try to hold off any threats as he tries to secure the nomination outright. >> and where it's unfair to say that you need the 1237, and i think we are going to get there, so i'm not complaining about it, although i am. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate hillary
9:25 am
clinton is turning her attention to the general election. >> when you hear what trump and cruz say, it's not only offensive. it's dangerous. >> reporter: while senator bernie sanders struggles to try and catch up. >> this campaign, unlike secretary clinton's, has not raised $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: after the five primaries in the northeast tomorrow, indiana voters will head to the polls on may 3rd. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. meep time, all three republican candidates will be here in the bay area later this week. donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich are all scheduled to appear at the republican party convention in burlingame. trump and kasich speak on friday. cruz is the lunchtime speaker saturday. a lot at stake for the two democratic candidates. 384 delegates are up for grabs in five democratic presidential primaries. frontrunner hillary clinton can't win enough delegates to officially knock bernie sanders out of the race, but she can erase any lingering doubts
9:26 am
about whether she will soon be the democratic nominee. tomorrow's primaries are in connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, and rhode island. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", a 15-year-old director of this anti-bullying short film won an award for her work last night. we will talk to her next about her project and her plans for a future in film making. also ahead, it's a beautiful day for a drive through the california countryside. coming up, we will take you to the red carpet where dozens of classic cars are hitting the road today. on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems
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that time of the morning we are checking twitter. gasia today brought in her summons for jury service. gasia is a big fan because she says she has time to sit down in a quiet room and read a book. and you like doing your duty. >> yes. and i like to read a book in quiet, which i never get to do.
9:29 am
and our employer pays for a number of days if we serve. we asked you do you treat these like the gold i think they are? >> michael, he said for jury duty i always attend, but i prefer not to be chosen since i am a shy guy. >> okay. sal? >> i am still looking in. >> a tweet i love from art matters who said it's not bad really. fascinating process. you get to watch a movie. they have snacks and free wifi, too, while fulfilling our civic duty. a lot of people say i do it but don't like it. many say i do it and hope it be chosen. >> i take it seriously. i open, read, and post them on the fridge, which is a good reminder. >> a few say it's very important. it's our civil duty. so people do take them seriously. if you want to respond to us, even after we have done or twitter check, we always read
9:30 am
them. go to ktvu "the 9". and i am thinking a lot of people who ignore these choose not to tweet us about it. let's bring in steve paulson. we were talking about another week of changing weather? i made it to the jury pool last time. and then he dismissed me. the prosecuting attorney dismissed me. >> because? >> he knew me. >> oh, okay. >> but i made it all the way. never thought i would get that far. >> that happened to me, too. when i got to the judge he looked at me and said, see ya later. >> all right. speaking of under the sun, we have lots of sun. there is a rather fresh northwest breeze out there. it's going coming down the estuary. it's blowing at 15 to 25 miles per hour. sunny. snow in the sierra right now. how about that? that's good. that continues that. also down to las vegas. there is rain. but for us sunny. we will get another system coming in on wednesday for some rain, but then it looks like it will be sunny and warmer by the weekend.
9:31 am
but a little brisk this morning. a lot of 30s for lows. >> thank you. back now more on a story we talked about last week. lindsey hunter a freshman at folsom high made an anti- bullying video called silent. >> it shows a young girl who is being -- who is deaf being bullied by classmates. last night her film won first place in the short story at the northern california media educator film contestants lindsey joins us live this morning on the phone. thanks for joining us. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> so let's talk about kind of the inspiration. i mean, what really made made you want to tackle this kind of national problem of bullying? >> well, i think bullying is everywhere in society and it's a very big problem, especially with social media. and the reason i chose to do it with a deaf person is i have grown up around people with disabilities. my father is blind. so i have a compassion towards them. i think people should know it's not okay to bully them.
9:32 am
>> when i watch the film, i know these kids are acting. i know it's not really happening. for me and so many others it is so emotional. why do you feel like that is? >> reporter: because it's so relatable. i am seeing comments on facebook saying how people can relate to what they see on the screen and they can just relate to the feelings that the kids are having and the actors are displaying. they are so realistic. people probably have seen this type of bullying in their schools or on social media. >> so when you see bullying like this, has the attitude changed? when i was going to school a long time ago people were told toughen up and deal with it. now it's a different environment. has the attitude changed? do kids think bullying is uncool now? >> i feel like it depends on the group that you're in. but i think it's present in today's society in a different way than it probably was,
9:33 am
because in tv shows and movies you probably see like physical bullying, whereas in today i feel like it's more verbal and on social media because like social media really is an easy way to bully somebody because you are not visually seeing them. >> do you feel that people, that students get bullied into bullying? they watch people do it and fell, well, if i am going to be a part of the cool crowd i have to jump in and start bullying as well? >> reporter: i do not know. i don't have experience with bullying. i wouldn't know. >> when i was growing up, we used to hear sticks and stones will break my bones but names ever never hurt me. now it is those things that people bright online that -- write online that can stay with you for a lifetime. >> words can stick with people and it sticks with people until they grow old and look back and remember how they were awfully
9:34 am
treated with words and it can be physical. i think words is a big part of it. >> real quick, lindsey, now that you have of a little bit of success, could this be a precursor to what you want do after school? >> yes. my dream is become a director and see my name up on the movie theater increasing saying being directed by lindsey hunter. >> congratulations to you. and thanks for joining us live on "the 9". >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> absolutely. >> it is powerful. >> it really is. >> when nothing is spoken. >> i think we will see her name again. a well known south bay sports bar went up in flames overnight. >> this morning investigators are still searching for the cause. >> janine de la vega talked to employees about that fire. >> reporter: employees say they are in shock that this happened. now, take a look here at double d's. it looks okay here on the
9:35 am
outside, but inside it's a mess. we took a peek into the sports bar and restaurant this morning, which is located on the corner of santa cruz avenue and highway 9. as you can see, debris is everywhere. there is a lot of smoke and water damage in the dining area, and the ceiling and the roof is burned and it has extensive damage. that's because the fire was in the attic area. firefighters were called after someone passing by spotted the flames at around midnight at the sports bar. the fire grew to three alarms. it took multiple crews to get it under control. employees are still reeling from the news. >> i am extremely sad. i mean, i have been here a little less than year, and i love it here. like i love coming to work and being around everyone and the atmosphere and it's fun and i'm -- i'm just sad that it's gonna be closed for a while. >> reporter: firefighters were able to save some sports memorabilia from the bar. there were items from the 49ers, the sharks, the warriors, and from other teams. a lot of the items were autographed. it took years for the owners to
9:36 am
collect them all. they were grateful that firefighters could salvage some of that. investigators are looking for evidence to see what caused this fire to start. they tell us the kitchen and dining area did not catch fire. a lot of focus will be on the attic. no word when the place will reopen. we are just told it could be a while. reporting from los gatos, janine de la vega, ktvu fox two news. the man accused of killing sierra lamar is due in court today. on friday antolin garcia-torres told the judge he wants to stand trial within 60 days and today the judge could decide when the trial would start. garcia-torres' attorneys told the judge they aren't ready for trial, but sierra's father is hopeful the case will move forward. >> we need answers. worse than any other court delays and anything, it's just the not knowing. not knowing what happened is one of the worst things to deal
9:37 am
with. >> it's been more than four years since 15-year-old sierra lamar disappeared in morgan hill. her body has never been found, but prosecutors say her dna was found in garcia-torres' car. there are new concerns about police wearing body cameras. the east bay times reports many law enforcement agencies are reconsidering their rules for when the cameras are used. the subject came up after reports alameda county sheriff's deputies beat a suspected car thief and none of the 11 deputies at the scene turned and their cameras. the only video of the beating of standis love petrov came from another camera. overall, there are no penalties for not using the cameras. drivers in san francisco pacific heights neighborhood can expect road closures today as crews repave where a large
9:38 am
sinkhole opened up. it was successfully filled over the weekend. the ground gave way thursday evening. the puc says it was caused by a broken sewer main. we just checked and now there are more than a half a million people who promise to boycott target over the new transgender bathroom policy. last week they said they would allow transgender workers and customers to use the bathroom or fitting room that corresponds with how they identify themselves. the american family association launch add white where people can sign a pledge to boycott target. we checked and that number is now more than 515,000 signatures since last wednesday. a special tribute in minnesota to honor the singer prince. >> the tower bells of minneapolis' city hall played prince songs to honor the singer. last week prince passed away at
9:39 am
his minnesota home and recording studio at the age of 57. the bells tolled to the singer's biggest hits for half an hour yesterday. prince's cause of death is still unknown as we are waiting autopsy results to come back. meantime, sales of prince's songs are skyrocketing. more than 2.3 million songs were sold since the singer died. one million were sold just on the day of his death. the most popular songs are "purple rain," "when doves cry," "little red corvette" and "let's go crazy." the most popular album is the very best of prince. a soul singer has died. >> ♪ me and mrs., mrs. jones, mrs. jones, mrs. jones, mrs. jones ♪. >> you are probably singing along in your head like we are. billy paul passed away yesterday in new jersey. he was recently diagnosed
9:40 am
withpancreatic cancer. coming up, a stunned on a surfboard goes wrong when a florida teenager steps down on a shark instead of the board. and the good samaritan who dragged him out of the water to safety. remember the ice bucket challenge? steph curry has a new one for you. coming up, details on his call your shot challenge and the organization it will benefit.
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with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella. spread the happy! a beautiful day for a drive through the california countryside. that's what dozens of people are doing this morning as part of a special event called the
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california melee. >> it means thousand in italian. they will be driving a thousand miles in the next four days. allie rasmus gives us a look at the start of the event. >> reporter: i am standing on a red carpet outside the fairmont hotel in san francisco and i am surrounded by 70 classic cars. mostly european cars built between 1927 and 1957. the cars and their drivers come from all over the u.s. to participate in something called the california milet. and they are going to be starting out on a four-day drive through california today. you can see a lot of people dressed up for the occasion. looks like they are wearing modern-day racing gear. it's to commemorate a historic race that used to happen in italy decades ago. i have with me conrad stevenson, who is one of the chase mechanics. tell us about the history of this event. >> it's a tribute to the race in italy. it ran from 1927 to '57 for a
9:44 am
thousand miles. started in the evening. now we do it over four days. our roads are just very similar to the italian roads. and -- >> the climate here is similar, too? >> it is. always a little bit of rain. the italian race is very dramatic. some sections of the roads would be dirt in the earlier years. cobblestone streets. the italian event would go to every major city, bologna, vienna. so many great places. >> reporter: what route will the drives over this four-day period are taking? >> we are going south this year. we will try to do the sierras and south. this year we are going through morro bay and cambria and at carmel valley. we will be doing twisty back roads on the coastal mountains, which should be spectacular. >> reporter: thank you so much. conrad stevenson with california relay. this event has been going on
9:45 am
since the 1990s here in san francisco. people are revving their engines, getting their cars ready for this four-day-day. it's to commemorate the race. so it's going to be a leisurely drive. obviously, they will be driving on highways that everyone else is using and back roads. so they won't be racing. the drivers and vehicles come from across the country. this one right here hans oklahoma license plate. so they are getting ready to get started on this four-day event. and there is a lot of folks out here in front of the fairmont enjoying the scenery, taking pictures of these beautiful classic cars. in san francisco, allie rasmus. >> that's true. >> okay. >> my dream car is not there. i didn't see it. >> what is it? >> like a '65 vw bus, 21 windows. >> oh. >> pristine condition. >> you know what? , i think you're right. it's not there. >> dream car? >> you know, maybe a -- gosh, i
9:46 am
don't even have one. >> no? >> no. not of that ikl anyway. >> i don't know the names and numbers and years. but those long old jaguars. like a long thin silver bullet. >> '60s austin martin? >> or a vw bug. >> mike's is very specific. >> i always wanted a bus with 21 windows. let's talk football. it is shaping up to be a big week. the raiders explore a possible move to las vegas. mark davis is going to meet with a tourism committee from southern nevada. expected to promote his plan to move the team from oakland and las vegas. this far from a done deal. raiders need league approval with 23 other teams signing off. a big rally this week. it was held bit san diego chargers. the team brought out some big names for a signature drive
9:47 am
kickoff event in hopes of drumming up support for a new stadium in san diego. >> let's build a stadium for the next 55 years! you deserve it, san diego! you deserve it! >> if the chargers decide to remain in san diego that would open the door for the raiders to move back to l.a. joining the rams at a new complex being built downtown. a lot of people say that mark davis wanted to move to l.a. now he wants to move to vegas. i mean, if he wants move, he should wait to see what happens? >> just wait. >> my personal opinion is stay in oakland. >> a lot of people's personal opinion. london marathon took place yesterday and 38,000 runners from all over the world and one who was out of this world competed. >> i love this. >> hang with me. tim speaks started the 26.2- mile race aboard the international space station running right there on a treadmill. he had to be tethered to it.
9:48 am
he finished the race in a record 3 hours and 35 minutes and 21 seconds. a solar powered airplane is on the ground in mountain view. it's the solar impulse 2 that landed the moffat field over the weekend after flying from hawaii. it's the first to fly around the world on solar power alone. it started its journey 13 months ago in abu dhabi. the trip from hawaii to california was 62 hours. it was considered the riskiest leg of the flight. you can create artwork created by animals at the san francisco zoo. 50 paintings will be up for auction on saturday at a fundraising event for the zoo. if you can't make it, some of the art is already available on ebay. the zoo says the art was created by dozens of animals and insects from cockroaches to chimpanzees. find more information on our ktvu click on web links. we will be back on the 9.
9:49 am
>> wait a second. look that bus by our director jeff green. >> i think you and bill martin would have to fight over that. >> look at that! i like that color, too. >> i have to admit that is nice. >> rolling over the mountains and going to the beach? >> you could live in that? the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. we told you about a crash in san carlos earlier in the show. now we have a picture of this crash that was apparently caused by a police chase in the
9:52 am
7:00 hour this morning. we heard it on the police radios. and it was involving a san mateo county sheriff and a car. this is what happened. this picture was sent to us. this is what's going on right now on el camino near britton avenue between britton and arroyo. police are on the season, obviously, with investigators. our crew is on the scene. we will have more on this on the ktvu "channel 11 news at noon." >> police car on the hood. >> right. the wait is over for beyonce fans. she finally dropped her newest album. >> the past and the present merge to meet us here. why can't you see me? >> she is so awesome. the album is lemonade. it includes 12 tracks with lyrics about everything. relationships, infidelity, empowerment, love. it was uploaded over the weekend on the streaming service tidal. tidal calls it a conceptual
9:53 am
visual album. it's available for purchase on itunes and amazon mp3. >> big when she releases an album. >> huge. >> i mean, my phone was blowing up. when this happened it's like, whoa, this is the way it's done now. >> i haven't seen it. i have seen clips. >> how many times have i interrupted you? seven in the last six months. a bay area bike sharing program is expanding in the east bay. it's been available with bikes lining up through the city. the program is offered in san jose and the peninsula, but now organizers are planning to add 1,500 bicycles and 117 new bike stations in the east bay later this year. according to "the chronicle," the first extension will include berkeley, emeryville and oakland. transportation officials plan to release more details about the expanse later today. a 15-year-old competitive surfer from florida has been released from the hospital after being bitten by a shark not once, but twice.
9:54 am
in a frightening incident that happened over the weekend, listen. >> the second time it bit me it really hurt. i thought it bit my whole foot off. >> he was surfing at a beach in east central florida when it happened. he then swam about 75 yards to shore. that's where a good samaritan pulled him out of the water and carried him to his mother's truck at the beach. >> if he wasn't there i would have been laying there screaming for somebody to get me. >> doctors say they were able to treat his injuries without surgery. the young surfer is eager to get back in the water. i think it's a big of a hang ten he is giving. the a's are heading to detroit after dropping two of three to the blue jays. bautista a two-run homer to give toronto a 6-1 lead in the
9:55 am
fourth inning. the a's couldn't get any more offense going after that. the a's lost two straight on the road. the giants were not able to complete a three-game with the marlins. it was a back-and-forth game. in the eighth the marlins jt ray mewed owe hit a tie breaking home run. the marlins won 5-4. the padres come to at&t ballpark tonight for the first game of a three game set. ivan raf is staying in school. raf let a deadline pass for underclassmen to declare for the nba draft. he was projected to be picked in the draft. he is from bishop o'dell high school. he averaged 12.5 points a game this last season. >> good decision. >> absolutely. >> especially from the cal perspective. >> right. today is world malaria day.
9:56 am
steph curry is taking a cue from the ice bucket challenge to help raise money to send nets to countries stricken with malaria. it's the coal your shock challenge. check it out. >> i am steph curry. i am calling my shot to beat malaria, and i hope you will, too. i have joined nothing but nets in the fight against malaria for years. i have seen firsthand a simple net can safe a life. i am challenging w nation, steph curry and la cray. here is mine. the one bouncing in. we can do this. call your shot and help us beat malaria. >> here is how it works. pull off your best trick shot, basketball or otherwise, and potatoes it on social media with #callyourshot. don't forget to challenge three people to do the same to keep that momentum going. >> we saw you spin the basketball on your finger a couple weeks ago, right? you can do that. >> sad attempt at it, but yes.
9:57 am
>> i don't think i will be -- well, maybe i will. we will see. >> a great cause. before we leave you i want to reading is. we were talking about johnny manziel, how he is under scrutiny for an incident that happened with his girlfriend in texas a few months ago. we understand the defense attorney says johnny manziel to be indicted on misdemeanor assault charge on tuesday. that just coming in. we will have in and the rest of the day's news for you when we join you at noon. thanks for joining us on the nine. can you do anything. >> i'm try.
9:58 am
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