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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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thank you for joining us. we want to go out to sal. he has breaking news this morning. >> we have two crashes that are significant. one is a deadly crash on highway 1 in pacifica. that happened at 3:25. a car hit a pedestrian and that pedestrian is now dead. traffic is going to be a complete stop here south of the tunnel that has replaced devil's slide. you cannot get through up to pacifica. you cannot drive on half-moon bay. you have to use 280 and get back through on 92. you cannot get through. it is a deadly crash. chp estimates they'll be out there another two hours. it is being handled by the county sheriff. this will take a bit.
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if you use highway 1 you have to get out either north of pacifica or south of the area. i can see that our maps are beginning to show the closure here. i want to mention on the peninsula there is a truck fire northbound at edgewood. this truck is completely engulfed in flames. it looks like the driver got out. fire department is there blocking three right lanes northbound 280 at edgewood. 101 is a good alternate. it is nice and wide opened. highway 101 in san francisco looks good. it is light from the bay bridge toll plaza getting in from oakland to san francisco. back to you. >> thank you very much. let's check in with steve to see what the forecast will be like today. >> not bad. >> about the same as yesterday? >> more clouds. >> it got very sunny and nice. >> it was nice in the
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afternoon. except for the 38 mile-per-hour breeze. some people had that but not all. we are waiting on a system which will be here late tonight and tomorrow. today we start off mostly clear. it is showing a couple upper 30s at wood side and napa airport. 39 degrees already. there are clouds beginning to inch in along the coast. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds today. we are between systems. the one tomorrow is there. a big one coming out of the four corners that impacted us over the last couple days. 39 napa airport. half-moon bay 44. santa rosa 44. mostly sunny here in the morning. maybe partly cloudy's late. there is our system. it is not a big system. it will give us rain tomorrow. today a chilly morning. mostly sunny. clouds filter in through the day. still warmer on some of these temperatures. 60s and 70s. now back to the desk. >> thank you very much. we are learning new information about the couple found shot to death in their san jose home. they were active members of the
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islamic community. this morning the shooter is still on the loose. we are at san jose headquarters with an update. ith an update. >> reporter: police tell us they do not have a motive for these killings. they did however release the couple's identity. the man and woman who were found shot to death in their home sunday were in their late 50s. friends tell us he worked as a quality insurance engineer and she was a certified public accountant. couple had two sons 23 and 17 years old. authorities discovered the bodies in the afternoon after relatives could not get ahold of them. couple is from bangladesh and dedicated members of the islamic center. >> people were in disbelief, shock and stunned. the loss is enormous. we are finding it difficult to
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come to grips with the truth. >> reporter: the circumstances surrounding their deaths are unknown. police are releasing little information. they have not disclosed anything regarding a suspect. but they are asking for help if anybody has any information regarding this homicide. they would appreciate a call. back to you. >> thank you very much. ou very much. police need your help to find a person of interest wanted for questioning in a double shooting that killed one person in a south san francisco park. police say 19-year-old christian cruz is considered armed and dangerous. anyone who knows where he is should call 9-1-1. police say the shooting took place after an argument that's whichlated as a group of young men reached orange park. ange park.
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>> it is on opened park and opened community center. there were people present. it was before local schools went out. there was not as much pedestrian traffic in the area as there could have been. >> gunman ran off carrying the gun. the park is not far from areas known for gang activity. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call police. antioch woman arrested accused of abusing a 10 -month-old baby. police went to the home yesterday afternoon and arrested the woman. the child was taken to san ramon regional hospital out of
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precaution. contra costa sheriff's deputies need your help to find a person who robbed a casino in the east bay. police released these surveillance photos of a man wearing a halloween mask. he came in and out of the casino quickly before leaving in a four door sedan. witnesses say he got away with casino chips. >> fern came in with a weapon and pointed it at staff and customers. >> maybe they can track him. it is crazy. >> no shots were fired during the robbery. no one was hurt. deputies say the man the 6'0". employee at a massage studio in pittsburg was killed in a shooting inside the business. it happened before 8:30 sunday night at super massage on atlantic avenue. a man entered the store and then demanded money.
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there was an altercation and the man pulled out a gun. according to mercury news this was the third homicide of the year in pittsburg. all three happened the past week. two police officers are facing criminal charges in two separate case. both alleged crimes took place while the officers were off duty. in the first case, rookie officer santos is accused of pointing a gun at a man painting the door at his emeryville apartment in february. his attorney says santos feared the painter could have been an intruder going after the guns and ammunition he stored in his apartment. >> i certainly think this case should not have been charged. it is because mr. santos had a right to protect his home. >> in the second case oakland police officer faith is accused of showing up drunk at a house in december and scuffling with
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a couple who lived there. yesterday faith pleaded not guilty to battery, trespassing and public intoxication. a state lawmaker is questioning bart's leadership after a new train car crashed last week after testing. the train failed to stop and crashed into a mound of sand on friday. bart is looking to see if the crash was caused by human failure or mechanical error. >> we are having preliminary discussions of what it might be. nothing we want to make public yet. >> bart needs to be honest about the circumstances in which they find themselves. do they have the leadership and act together for us to invest in this system as we know we need to? >> bart says the $2 million train car was not damaged in the car. ups driver in san diego was at the right place at the right time after seeing a teenager get pinned underneath his
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truck. 17-year-old cameron king was trying to change a tire when the jack propping his car up slipped out of place. pickup truck collapsed on his head and shoulder trapping king underneath. >> that's the when the ups guy drove down the street. he heard my screams. >> truck was on top of his head. he was surprised. i saw the tire marks on the side of his face and swelling. has a tough kid. >> fire crews say if king's head had been one inch to the right or left he likely would have died. king only suffered minor injury and said he is the luckiest man alive. bates hospital in burkeley is planning to shutdown the emergency room leaving the entire without emergency services. the departments would move three miles away to the allta
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bates campus in oakland. the change requires all hospital facilities to be able to with stand a major earthquake by the year 2030. legislation that would ban smoking at california state university and community college campuss is one step closer to reality. state assembly passed a bill that would ban a bell of smoking cigarettes and e- cigarettes on campus. six of the 23 campuses have outright bans. the bill now goes to the state senate. protecting aren'ter -- renters from fires. the tough new safety rules being unvailed today in san francisco. the man accused of killing a south bay teenager asks for his murder trial to get started. up next, the reason the judge is delaying the trial for another month. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be okay on the mcarthur maze run. maze run.
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in weather a chill this morning. clouds on the way. we'll talk about a tuesday forecast.
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the man accused of kidnapping and killing a 15- year-old four years ago must wait another month before his trial begins. garcia torres went into court yesterday asking his trial start this week. his wishes were overruled by his defense attorneys. they asked a judge for a continuance so the dna tests can be tested. some of the people who helped search for her say they are
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disappointed by the delay. >> volunteers for the search team were with the lamar family. it bothers us that their pain continues. we are looking forward to justice being served. >> garcia torres is charged with the kidnapping and murder of lamar who disappeared after leaving for a bus stop near her morgan hill home. investigators believe she got in the car with help and he kill -- him and he killed her a short time later. burkeley investigators are looking into what state agencies are doing after the balcony collapse. main company behind the construction of the balcony paid $27 million in settlements involving water infiltration problem. that's the same problem that caused the balcony to collapse. right now contractors do not
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have to report problems to the board that oversees them. >> it is routine for other professionals such as architects, accountants and engineers to report settlements and judgements to their appropriate regulator. >> most of the victims were college students from ireland. family members and irish council general attended yesterday's meeting. investigators in santa clara county say materials kept in a water heater closet sparked a fire saturday night. it caused damage to the double d's sports grill after the bar closed. no one was hurt. flammable objects including cleaning supplies, paper towels and electrical equipment stored inside the closet set off the fire. it is 4:45. we are starting with a deadly traffic accident. lake tahoe go to sal. >> it is a deadly crash that happened at 3:25 this morning
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on highway 1 south of the tunnel. if you are out of pacifica it is out of the devil slide tunnel. highway 1 is completely shutdown both directions. one car took off. it is a deadly hit-and-run crash. we'll let you know when they reopen. at 4:15 this morning they said they would be out there two more hours. you cannot get through. if you are trying to got out of pacifica you have to go north. you cannot go south. if you are getting out of half- moon bay you cannot go north to a certain point. you might see more people on 92 and highway 1 in pacifica. in the peninsula there was a truck fire 280 northbound and edgewood. looks like the fire may be out. there are lanes blocked. no one was seriously injured. the traffic is not really severe through this area. 101 is a good alternate route. now to live pictures. i want to show you the bay
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bridge is light getting into san francisco. in contra costa county highway 4 doesn't look back from pittsburg to concorde. still room to get over the hill. 4:47 let's go to steve. >> thank you. a little cool for some. couple upper 30s popped up. napa airport and wood side. i'm sure there will be a few more near walnut creek and the santa cruz mountains. mostly sunny today. clouds will move in advance of a system which will be here tomorrow. it will gives some rain. the weekend looks warm to hot. it is not going to last. next week looks like another system will drop in. it may be a pattern that sticks around into may. up and down on the old temperature trend. big low coming out of the four corners will be a major severe weather maker out of the plains already. there is our system to tomorrow. 39 napa airport. 42 livermore. palo alto 43. 43 half-moon bay.
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there is the 39 at wood side. it is closed for sanford 41. there will be a slight breeze today that will pick up. 25 truckee. 43 arcadia. 49 monterey to santa barbara. mostly clear in the morning. we are between two systems. one in the four corners and this guy there which is on its way tonight and tomorrow. we'll get a tenth of an inch tomorrow. it won't be a big deal. a few isolated thunderstorms. a chilly morning. cold for some. re'll get 60s to low 70s.
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it looks warm to hot into theweekend. it is not going to last. quick warm up especially into sunday. >> should i bring my rain pants tomorrow? >> i would. >> just have an umbrella and a jacket. >> don't with a wimp. rain pants. >> i was ready for this year's el nino, my friend. >> el nino was alive and well in seaportland. >> it was. they had record rain there. people at the gardening centers agree it is nice to have rain now. we are weeding and planting. >> i would agree. it keeps the hills green, too. >> thank you very much. 4:49. happening today a protest planned in front of a chipotle in downtown san francisco. taylor farms and teamster's union say they'll protest in
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front of the fourth street restaurant. they want customers to know the produce is not safe. protests have been happening several weeks now. in march taylor farms released a at the same time saying quote: quote: protest is set to take place at noon. one of the most popular delicates sans in the bay area is closing after 90 years. it is located in oakland. it shut the doors on saturday. owner says the reason is because of their increased rent. it is not clear what will fill their location at the time. san jose sharks waiting to find out their second round opponent. how nashville predators forced
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a game seven with the anaheim ducks.
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president obama is upping the u.s. commitment to fight isis in syria on ground and in
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the air. increased presence of troops in syria could put them at risk of being hit by russian airstrikes. president said special forces help local malicia's keep isis on the run. >> they'll be leading the fight on the ground. they'll be essential in providing the training and assisting local forces that continue to drive isil back. >> updated play in syria comes as the u.s. wraps up its cyber attacks on isis online infrastructure and recruitment capability. this as the director of national intelligence says there is evidence of brussels- style isis cells operating in europe. five californians took the stage in stockton last night to persuade voters they should be elected to the u.s. senate to replace barbara boxer. barbara boxer.
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the debate spanned a range of issues. but failed to produce any major zingers. at one point there was a crash on gun control. primary is six weeks away. we'll find out tomorrow which team the san jose sharks will face off in the second round of the stanley cup playoffs. national predators beat the anaheim ducks last night to force a game seven. duck had a 3-2 series lead of winning last three games. predators won game six 3-1. game seven is tomorrow night in anaheim. giants started off their three game series against the san diego padres with a win. hunter pence and buster posey hit solo home runs. madison bum gardener struck out padres. giants bullpen threatened to let that go to waste by giving
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up two runs in the 8th. garcia came in to get the last four outs of the game. that was his 100th career save. a's last three straight after the six-game winning streak. they lost to detroit tigers 7- 3. a's starter gave up three home runs including two to cabrera. a's have three more games against tigers in detroit before coming home on friday. home on friday. troubled football star john know manziel is expected to be indicted today on allegations that he attacked his exgirlfriend. he is accused of assaulting the young woman in a hotel in dallas in january. she claims he hit her repeatedly on the head causing her eardrum to burst. former highway than trophy winner was cut by the cleveland browns earlier this year due to his fronts on and off the field. coming up, more unsettling
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news for the golden state warriors. improving santa clara county's troubled jail system. recommendations correction officials are now making. good morning we are looking at a couple of serious problems on the peninsula and looking at some of the east bay commutes like highway 24. that looks good heading into the tunnel. weather is looking good. even though it is cool for some. we'll get a system on the way. it won't be here until tonight. we'll have an update on your tuesday forecast.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. it is tuesday april 26th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's go straight to sal with breaking news. >> we have a deadly crash on
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highway 1. it shutdown both directions of highway 1 south of pacifica in the tunnel to half-moon bay. there was a deadly crash that happened at 3:25 a.m. one person was found dead in the roadway hit by a vehicle that did not stay at the scene. there is a vehicle associated with the this crash at the scene. xcelchp says they'll be out there two more hours. they house should be oust -- out by 6:15. we had other problems on the peninsula. northbound 280 edgewood they were cleaning up a truck fire. that is not as serious a problem but there are delays there. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks okay.


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