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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> the racist and homophobic texts are appalling and offensive and derogatory references to minorities and gay officers and poor people. the controversy is the result of an investigation into this officer, jason lye that resigned earlier. he was charged with misusing department and databases. after searching his personal cell phone authorities found racist and homophobic texts that he sent. he uses derogatory terms for latinos and african-americans and takes amatol minorities. for example, indian people are disgusting. burn down the walgreen's and passive aggressive 528. that refers to a fire and authorities say that he was making a reference to gay officers as flaming. public defender jeff adropi says it could impact 200 cases and three are murder cases that could be affected because of the text.
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>> it shows a person that makes racist and derogatory comments and talks about injury to the citizens that he is supposed to be serving. and most disturbingly he does it in a way that holds no consequences. >> the police chief showing out and he says two other officers accused have already left the department. the chief says he has no tolerance for reprehensible messages. >> i have the same visceral reaction. it make me sick to my stomach including today when i had to read them again so -- and i apologize to the public. we are better than this. >> the san francisco police union issued a statement saying that it "strongly and unequivocally offend the basic. the disgusting racist language by a few officers is not reflective of the over 2100 members thawers the uniform of the sfpd" the second time that san francisco officers have
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come under fire for racist and anti gay texts. last year a similar scandal involved 14 officers and many kept their jobs because the city waited too long to fire or discipline them. >> more texts may be released in the future from two other officers implicated in the latest case. frank and julie. >> if this is on their personal cell phones why is it so bad? >> it reflects what they are thinking. if they are doing it in the relative privacy of their personal cell phones thinking that internal affairs will never get to them the public doesn't want these officers on the force. >> can think check personal cell phones of officers. >> not without a specific reason. the officer that resigned, they checked his cell phone in connection with an initial sexual assault that never materialized and he has been charged with misusing computer databases. henry, thank you. apple's 13 year winning
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streak of quarterly sales came top end. the tech giant reported earnings for his 2nd quarter and revenue was down overall by 13%. the company's flagship product, the iphone experienced a 16% year to year drop in sales. the net income fell 22% and investigators are rattled. shares of apple closed at $104 but the announcement came after the bell. after hours the stock is down more than 7% with shares trading at $96. tom vacar has more. do you think it is a bump in the road. >> far more likely a bump because apple has a great future laying out ahead of it and the other thing is that they are sitting on mountains of cash so they have lots of opportunities to do lots of things that they feel they need to do if they feel they need to
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do them. >> and tom, i wanted to ask you, tom, should apple -- what are they attributing it to? >> lots of people have cell phones so you won't have quite as much of a turnover but the carriers and the at&t and and verizons are not subsidizing so you end up paying the full price and that's expensive so what do people do? the same thing with the cars, they keep their cars longer and they will keep the phones longer but that doesn't mean they when have phones in the future and if they come up were true innovation in the phones, new kinds of ideas with the phones and people won't say gee i would like to have a say. smart phones are about innovations and they are big sales and the iphone 6 is proof of that when they sold over 150
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billion worth. this quarter they sold 33 billion-dollars worth of iphones and 50 billion-dollars of products and it doesn't sound like life support. steve jobs brought in a whole new team of people and this company has a lot of powder in its gun. >> a company that has had a winning streak for 13 years. the first drop in 13 years. should apple be concerned at all about this? >> i think they should be concern but the concern will be amongst what we call institutional investigators. the people that hold the money in your retirement account and stuff like that. they will want to get rid of stuff that is not performing well. but you may see the market go down substantially tomorrow because of this but this is not necessarily long term because apple is sitting on a $16.7 billion worth of cash. and plus another $177 billion
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in marketable securities. this is almost 200 million- dollars. that is a great big number, about the production of the entire country of swither land. it can borrow all of the money it wants. it still has 17 billion here and you can borrow a lot of money against $17 billion when you leverage it. >> a mountain of cash and the iphone 7 will be coming out soon enough. tom vacar live in the newsroom. >> police discovered a body in a recycling bin found near the knob hill store. family and friends leaving flowers and cards and pictures there. we spoke with the woman's family this afternoon. they tell us her name was angela marie lewis. they say she was homeless and think she may have gotten stuck
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in the recycling bin trying to retrieve clothing and ending up dying. the crew is working to gather information. as soon as we get that, we will bring it to you. the santa clear county sheriff's department is reacting to a report detailing problems at the county jail in san jose. investigators with the national institute of corrections cited a lack of adequate training, supervision and staffing. there was a flawed promotion process for jail employees. the sheriff's department and the deputy union are react total findings. we are looking at the training issues and the supervisor issues. we have different trainings including the cit training. >> we have people leaving because they see the failed leadership and they are frustrated by the culture that is being created by the sheriff that has been in office for four terms. lorie smith requested a
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federal investigation following the beating death of michael tyree. three deputies are charged. sheriff smith will seek re- election. a woman in oakland was forced to jump when her building caught fire. the fire crews said it started at 12:30 in a building behind all good bakery on martin luther king way. the woman suffered minor injuries and smoke inhalation. it burned down the hall and into one of the apartments before fire crews had it under control. it is considered suspicious but the exact cause is under investigation. >> it is award season and it started well for the warriors. >> steve kerr was named the coach of the year and assistant coach luke walton also finished in the top ten. ktvu joe fonzi has more on that. assistant coach finishing in the top ten for coach of the
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year. >> how can you set a record for most regular season wins in an nba season and not be named coach of the year. the warriors have accomplished a number of first. two coaches on the same team in the top ten voting for coach of the year a first. as we have learned, a unique team and organization. >> it is almost too good to be true. a talented group of high character players led by a coach who believes in empowering his assistants and the players by having a voice in the operation. the result was record regular season and nba coach of the year award for steve kerr and humorous presentation today. >> if you have guys that can play and care, they will work and want to be coached and they are really, really good. and you are in business. to inherit that with my first
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job, honestly, i am the luckiest coach around. >> kerr gave credit to general manager bob myers for assembling the roster he inherited. he also in true character both seriously and humorously credited assistant coach luke walton that took the warriors to a 39-4 record while kerr continued to recover from com cases of off season back surgery. >> when we got that call it was panic mode and everyone liking steve as much as we do we didn't want to bother him no matter the question we will figure it out and we used to joke like the bracelets, what would jesus do. we didn't have bracelets that said what would steve do because we are not going to coach what would we do? we are trying to fill in for steve. >> i could be tough on him when we lost in milwaukee. i ripped into them. what were you thinking, we are only 24 and 1. you will have to do a better
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job. >> the unique relationships on this team aren't limited to the brass. kerr has the same relationship with his players. >> he is mellow but it can ram up quick. he is always knowing what to say and never loses his poise and that's one of the reasons we keep our poise because he never loses his poise. >> de mond don't ever change. he provides the edge that the team needs. >> one of the things kerr preaches has come true for him, he says that playing the game the right way will result in good results that will mean individual recognition. >> a franchise that has the reigning league mvp executive of the year and final mvp has the coach of the year. >> the warriors have down
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played personal awards throughout the two most recent seasons. a second mvp award for steph curry around the corner but the one they want the most is the championship at the end of the season and the next chance is game five against houston tomorrow night. >> what do you think? will they wrap it up? >> the way they rallied when steph went down in houston on sunday and the way it felt like it took the heart out of the rockets i would be surprised if the warriors don't win but there's no guarantees. given the status with steph curry would like to get it wrapped up. the trailblazers did them a favor by evening it up with the clippers 2 and 2 and they would like to get it going and get rest in. thank you, joe. now to the race for president. the polls closed in five eastern states just about ten minutes ago and it is a good night for donald trump. trump has already been declared
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the winner in pennsylvania, connecticut and maryland while hillary clinton has won the primary in maryland. democrats are competing for 384 delegates. there are 172 delegates at stake for the republicans. both hillary clinton and donald trump are expected to possibly sweep all five states and maybe bernie sanders may win rhode island. that would keep both clinton and trump well ahead of their rivals but it would still not be enough to submit their nominations. coming up in 15 minutes ken wayne will join us with the latest results. also coming up, a milestone met in the north bay, a full resource experience is nearly complete. why even those once opposed that resort and casino have changed their minds. are we officially out of a drought, a bay water district voted to stop fining excessive water uses. spring showers for your wednesday. unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be a
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whole lot. turning cloudy as we transition to that wet weather and i will have more for tomorrow and what we have going in the weekend
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coming up. a generous 185 million- dollar donation will launch a new research lab at ucsf. sanford will and his wife joan are donating the money to establish the ucsf wheel for institute nervous sciences it will focus on nervous disorders that affect millions of people. autism and multiple sclerosis and other disorders. will's mother died of
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alzheimer's and his father suffered from serious depression. this is the latest donation. mark beniovi and his wife lynn donated one hundred million dollars to build a new children's hospital. and mark zuckerberg and his wife zang donated money for a new san francisco hospital. >> a runaway bear. it was spotted by sheriff's deputies at the mission college campus last night. students and people living nearby were told to shelter in police as police and animal control and tv news and helicopters followed the bear. it took about two hours and a state fish and wildlife game warden hit the bear with a tranquilizer dart. they released it to the mountains. due to the wet winter and
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healthy water reservoirs. customers who use more than 80 units of water per billioning cycles have been fined two for each additional unit. adopted of last year but will released may 3rd but will be kept on the books. >> rosemary, are we looking at wet weather? >> scattered showers tomorrow. unfortunately the models have come back on the amount. we could get a few one hundredths. we will see how it comes together. wednesday, outside we are beginning to see see the transition. by tomorrow morning scattered showers will be in the forecast. temperatures right now in san francisco, we have 59 degrees. 70 in santa rosa and mid 60s in oakland and liver more 65 and
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san jose at 64. these numbers are similar to what we had yesterday but the change is in the wind. not as windy as yesterday picking up at sf othis afternoon and breezy this afternoon and nothing like we had yesterday and especially the day before. right now hayward 18 miles per hour and as well as san jose. the winds will continue to taper off. the giants game will be cool and breezy with southwest winds at 15. temperatures about 58 degrees. at game time and continuing to cool for the evening. with partly to mostly cloudy skies. here is a look at storm tracker, clouds rolling through and more clouds on the way. you can pick up on the radar returns and nothing hitting the ground yet but eventually it will. have a little bit of rain and snow expected in the sierra for tomorrow. in fact the snow levels could drop down to past level. driving i-80, northern california will get rain for us it is going to be mostly cloudy
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and spotty. and it may include thunderstorms. 9:00 tomorrow morning dry and maybe drizzle. by 10:00 it will pick up and scattered showers and we are now to 2 and 3:00 and notice we have moisture there and just not a lot over the bay and isolate the thunderstorms popping up. by the evening commute we are drying out. again we thought we would pick up a quarter of an inch and it looks like it will be less than that. giving you a look at the numbers with mostly cloudy skies and a few isolated showers. 47 degrees in santa rosa and 54 for oakland and 49 in redwood city and in the south bay 51- degree with the cloud cover overhead. highs tomorrow low 60s to low 70s for the forecast. 61 for pacifica and of 66 in
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oakland. president extended forecast, that bit of damp weather for wednesday. we rebound quickly on thursday and breezy behind the storm and it typically happens. the numbers, we rebound quickly and into the weekend, final weekend of april and may 1st on sunday, it will feel like summer. temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90s for the inland communities. rises quickly. >> it sure does. >> heading to may. >> polls have been closed for 20 minutes and the vote totals being added up. coming up next, the early results coming in and all indications are that it is going to be a very good night for hillary clinton and donald trump. and new at 6:30. more controversy over california adding the minimum wage. bringing more people and people to his state. probably not so much that he could say to get me out
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there. >> we're getting results from the five eastern states that are holding primaries today. donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to sweep all of them. >> ktvu ken wayne joins us from the newsroom to tell us how the races are shaking out. ken, what do you know? >> here is what we know. the polls closed in maryland, delaware and connecticut and rhode island and pennsylvania. at the top of the hour, let's get to the latest results. on the republican side, fox news has called the following states for donald trump around
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maryland, pennsylvania and connecticut. on the democratic side hillary clinton has been declared the winner in maryland and waiting for the results for other states and here are the numbers for rhode island. we don't have a projection on who will win but donald trump clearly in the lead at this point with 63% of the vote in that state. it is not all about the states but the delegates counts. there is the graphic indicating that hillary clinton has won the state of maryland and donald trump is trying to avoid that contested convention in cleveland this july and that's why he would like to get more delegates by winning big today. texas senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich is hoping to keep him from that number. here is the connecticut results so far we do not have a final count but hillary clinton is in the lead in connecticut 52% to 4 six percent over bernie sanders.
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donald trump has 185 delegates before today's election to ted cruz 559, 1237 are needed to win. after today trump should be closed to the 900 mark getting closer to that 1237 at 1237 num hillary clinton has 1936 to bernie sanders 1123. hillary clinton picking up more delegates compared to bernie sanders, she is inching closer to her magic number. so to wrap it up. hillary clinton and donald trump both doing well today. expected to do well and we'll get more numbers as they roll in. back to you. on the democratic side does it look like the one state where bernie sanders has a chance would be rhode island? >> rhode island, i'm looking at the numbers. bernie sanders has 55% of the vote in rhode island compared to hillary clinton's 43% but it
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is still early and that's one of the only states besides connecticut where we know what the numbers are at this point. it is a slow vote count in rhode island and delaware. those could be the last states. >> there was a report earlier that bernie sanders will look at everything and the results and reassess where he stands. do you think there may be signs of a white flag? >> no, he reiterated he will go california on june 7th. he plans to come to california and campaign here and hope to do well. california has more delegates than any state in the country. he is hoping to do well and it is math and it doesn't look good for bernie sanders. he has to win big in the remainder states to be competitive and it may be too little and too late but he is vowing to continue. we will check back with you. ken wayne in the newsroom, thank you. a promise made turns into a promise kept.
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the milestone met today on this nearly 200 million-dollar north bay hotel. also ahead, the ugly side of celebrity death. what to do with their belongings. hear what prince didn't have and what it means for his surviving family members. from the streets to a place that they can call their own. we are there as dozens of homeless people in san
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francisco make that transition. a north bay casino is making good on its promise to provide the area with experience. tom vacar reports on a milestone celebration on our construction workers for the new hotel said to open this year. >> today construction crews working on a 200 room motel spa and huge convention auditorium center. >> the north bay needs that. we have no place for big conventions. so here it is. >> the hotel was always permitted. >> we have plenty of guests and we grow from the greater bay as far away from south bay and the city and east bay. when guests want the convenience of the nice hotel product and great caliber.
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>> gambling, amenities are everything. consider this, 160 casinos and six race tracks and 21,000 lotto retailers vying for the same large but limited pot of money. >> in sonoma county has been here for years. >> there is now more than one billion dollars invested in the last two-and-a-half years. >> we have created 2000 jobs and a thousand jobs just building this building here. one thousand construction jobs. there will be more to come when the hotel opens. >> locals complained it would be environmentally unfriendly and today the concerns appear more muted. >> a form of entertainment. it is boring out here. not a lot to do. on the other hand there are
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people that can't control their gambling habits and they lose money. >> without that casino there is others that people can lose their money. >> this man doesn't go. >> i don't smoke. and that's the reason. i would if i smoked or they didn't allow cigarettes but i just can't handle the smoke. >> but others do. and there are the benefits. >> i am happy that they are here because they are providing us with tax revenues. >> money is coming into the parks for sure. people are coming from other places and bringing money in. >> the hotel will be open for the holidays. tom vacar, fox 2 news. city leaders proposing new rules approving safety in apartment fires. the plan follows a fire in the mission district that burned
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two apartment complexes. no one hurt but it displaced the people living there and a fire in the mission district displaced 50 tenants. landlords are being asked to have safety checks to show that they have working smoke detectors and they meet the fire codes. >> landlords have to verify that the person that is sleeping could actually hear the fire alarm. >> the city would creates a database where tenants could see if the landlords complied with the new safety measures. >> faculty in san francisco are planning to go on strike for the first time ever. the american federation of teachers local 2121 is organizing the one day strike for all ccs campuses. faculty protesting.
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the administration is saying that faculty is earning less than in 2007. the union has been in contentious talks with the school for months. a giant fiberglass whale is back home in berkeley after a trip through the east bay. sky fox overnight and caught the whale in front of uc berkeley lawrence hall of science. the 50-foot model in this whale was transported back home on a flatbed truck after spending 6 weeks in rich land. the whale weighs 3000 pounds and has been at the hall since 1975. mayor lee has banned city workers from traveling to north carolina on public business after north carolina passed a law limiting transgender rights. now scott weanr wants to step it a step further. tara moriarty has more on it and how it would hurt north carolina and possibly mississippi as well. >> at the castro district no
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one cares if you are straight, byor transgender. >> come on. >> the most important thing this is a people have money. >> daniel says that businesses have shunned the lgtb community. most recently in mississippi and north carolina. >> and we had the president of the women's party for contra costa and we disagreed but i enjoyed taking her visa card when she came in the shop. >> he is joining the ranks of supervisor scott weaner that proposed legislation that bands the use of taxpayer dollars in states that pass lgtb law. it would include travel and city purring and entering into contracts. the pinch would be felt in north carolina. >> at this state would take the step and adopt a law that says lgtb people are not part of the community it is disgusting. >> i agree with gay marriage
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and if we can send the message to those states that disagrees that it is a good thing. >> it will spread to more states unless we take a very strong position that there will be economic pain if you do this. >> i think that this is the last gasp of a dying breed. >> winier expects the proposal to go before the board of supervisors by june just in time for the gay pride celebration and becomes law in july. tara moriarty, fox 2 news. millions of dollars and assets but no will. what prince's sister is now asking for to figure out what to do with his huge multi million dollar estate. >> a place that they can finally call home. the next big step to making san francisco streets safe and liveable for everyone. this portion of the news is brought to you by madza.
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madza, driving matters. we learned that prince did not have a will according to his sister. she filed paperwork asking a minneapolis court to appoint a special administrator to oversee his estates. not clear how big it is but it could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. his real estate holdings total almost 30 million-dollars. prince's sister is his only surviving full sibling but he had five half siblings. not married and no children and it is possible that estate will be split between all six of his
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siblings. >> a newly refurbished hotel is giving homeless people a home. >> 90 people have a chance to make lives better. rob roth tells us the residents are getting more than a roof over their heads. >> here inside the newly refurbished henry hotel on san francisco's 6th street, this woman now has a home of her own. it is only one room for her and her long time boyfriend but it beats sleeping on the sidewalk which is how they spent the last ten years. >> i am rejoining life which means getting up and having a routine and looking for a job, you know, trying to get back into people's lives like my family. >> how does it feel being off the streets? >> a bed. >> the couple is among 90 people that used to be homeless that moved into the henry hotel. the new residence came from the
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city's highly regarded navigation center which takes an entire encampments and provides services and provides them permanent housing. mayor lee was there to celebrate knowing how the community wants something done about people sleeping on the streets. >> my intent is to make sure the streets are safe and liveable and we have fix it teams around the city helping people get out of the street encampments. >> at this homeless encampment this man says he is ready to move to the navigation center. >> the rain and weather and i wanted a change in life. >> the city is so pleased with how the navigation center is working it is looking at another one. >> the henry hotel is one of the largest groups that navigation center has placed in one building. gretta and anthony says this is just a start but the future does not seem like a nightmare
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anymore. >> i'm hopeful for the first time, hopeful for my future. >> rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. happening right now. breaking news. protestors are rallying outside the mission police station in san francisco. they are calling for the firing of san francisco police chief greg sur over recent fatal shootings by police. you are looking at live pictures right now. this is sky fox 2 over the group right now. there are probably -- well it looks like a good size group and more than a dozen protestors. chief sur says he has no plans to resign. coming up at 6, we will have a live report from the scene of this protest again going on in san francisco. also still ahead. a type of boss that many people dream working for. the decision a popular yogurt maker made that could turn his employees in to millionaire.
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>> what the f.b.i. says it is studying before deciding whether it will share how it got into an iphone phone. i will detail the wet weather and the possibility of very warm weather coming our way in time for your bay area weekend. i will show you that coming up.
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the director of the f.b.i. said today the agency is still studying the software vulnerability that allowed the agency to break in to a locked iphone. director james comey says the
5:47 pm
result will help to determine whether the government will share that information with apple. the f.b.i. initially tried to force apple to create software to break into the home of san bernardino gunman syed farook. it dropped the court case after it got into the iphone with the help of an unnamed 3rd party. >> the founder of greek yogurt chobani is giving his employees a windfall. he handed out shares of his company. the amount depended on how long they were with the company. they add up to 10% of the company's value. based on estimated value between 3 and 5 billion- dollars, the new york times reports that some employees of that company in upstate new york could receive shares worth one million dollars or more. >> a quick update on tonight's primaries. a very good night for donald trump. fox news has declared him the winner of the primary in rhode island. donald trump has also been
5:48 pm
declared the winner in delaware. these are the numbers from rhode island. 62% for donald trump. 26% for john kasich. only 11% for ted cruz and declared the winner in delaware. donald trump has swept all five states in tonight's primaries. he went five for five and he won in connecticut, he won in maryland and he won in pennsylvania. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has been declared the winner in maryland. delaware and pennsylvania. right now it is still too close to call in connecticut and in rhode island. bernie sanders is in the lead. it's a substantial lead right now. so that could be the one state that bernie sanders wins. we will keep you posted. a pair of southern police helicopter pilots being hailed as heroes after stopping a train from colliding with a car that was stuck on the train tracks. the riverside police department says its chopper and officers were answering a call on saturday when they got a report
5:49 pm
of a car losing control and rolling over on to railroad tracks. the crew got a birds eye view of the incoming danger and the train was just two miles away from the overturned car. officers in the chopper quickly decided to swoop down and use their spotlight to single for the train's conductor to stop. this could have been a deadly accident. it could have been. that's why we realized that we needed to do what we could do at least to try to stop or slow down the train. >> police say the train managed to stop about 40 feet away from that car. the driver of the car that rolled over was arrested at the scene on suspicion of dui. amazing that helicopter crew could actually signal with their lights for the train to stop. >> that is something. okay. let's talk about our weather. bring in our meteorologist rosemary orozco filling in for bill and a beautiful day. still may be a few showers. >> you are right. we had windy conditions yesterday and today those winds not so bad and weather felt
5:50 pm
good. tomorrow we have wet weather and the second part of the week we have warm weather in the forecast. details on that coming up in a moment. let's take a look at what is happening right now. increasing clouds is what we have seen. most of us this afternoon and the winds did pick up some in the afternoon as well. not as breezy as we had been though. by tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers in the forecast for the afternoon and the possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms. it doesn't look widespread but we could see one or two pop up. that means the possibility of brief downpours and the thunder and the lightning, maybe hail. we have a warmer forecast in store for the weekend. here is a look at the system bringing us that rain and bringing us snow to the sierra. not a lot expected but it could come down to pass level. highway 50 may be impacted at times. in any case most of this will stay to the north of us. you can see as we get in closer that the clouds are on their way in. we have been in and out of those high level clouds for most of the day.
5:51 pm
we will continue with the clouds for the overnight hours and by tomorrow morning we are mostly cloudy and leading the poke of drizzle and scattered showers and you can see whatever we get doesn't look like it will be much. in the afternoon we got a little block of wet weather in the bay area and again that will be the best possibility of thunderstorms as we get in the evening hours. it is tapering off already moving out. as far as rainfall amounts, we thought we could see maybe quarter inch or so. now the latest models bring us 1/100ths of inch. we can hope for more but at this event it doesn't look more. temperatures in the morning upper 40s in the low 50s for most and 53 in san francisco. we have 51 in concord. to the north bay upper 40s. napa at 48 and in the south bay, how about 48 mountain view and 51 san jose. afternoon highs, cool to mild. in and out of the clouds. a few scattered showers and low 60s in pacifica.
5:52 pm
san mateo. mid 60s for hayward and antioch expected to go to 70s. north bay upper 60s for santa rosa and napa in the south bay more of the same. expected 66 in san jose. behind the system could be breezy and temperatures begin to warm on thursday. a little bit more on friday. it looks to be a nice day and warmer weather for the weekend. especially on sunday which happen to be the first day of may. we are talking upper 70s at the coast and upper 70s for the inland community and the heat could stick around for a couple of days. >> upper 70s on the coast. you know it is hot when it is in the upper 70s on the coast. >> roaring in with a vengeance. 30 years after the worse nuclear disaster in history, a gathering to remember those that died. radiation from chernobyl forced thousands from their home. why some are illegally going back to live there. >> new at 6:30, more controversy over california raising the minimum wage. the new ad campaign led by the
5:53 pm
governor of florida to bring more people and business to his state. it might appeal to other people but i am not going. i may go to hawaii. this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by your bay area hyundai dealers.
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the u.s. says it is sending advanced rocket system to turkey as it steps up the fight against the islamics. the u.s. military says it is
5:56 pm
capable of launching gps rockets as long as 180 miles. it comes a day after president obama announced that the u.s. will send up to 250 more troops to syria to train and assist local forces fighting isis. another high mars system will be used in iraq. the high mars will be exactly where we need it to be. at any given time. it is a mobile system. very agile. lawmakers in the house of representatives are debating a bill to give the obama administration and local and state governments new toolings to curb recruitment in the u.s. >> there was a memorial to mark 30 years since the worse nuclear disaster in history. at least 31 people died right after core exploded at the chernobyl nuclear plant. thousands of other deaths have
5:57 pm
been named -- blame on that disaster. the areas around there are still inhabitable but even so some people are moving back in. >> on the 30th anniversary of the worse nuclear disaster in history at the chernobyl power plant in ukraine people remember those that lost their lives. >> these plaques are here in memory of several friends of mine. i came here almost every year because it is a matter of honor to commemorate. >> the initial accident killed 31 people and blanketed parts of europe with radioactive material exposing more than 3 million people to high levels of radiation. those that knew the victims laid flowers at a memorial service at a church in ukraine. >> we are proud etch those guys with me and not with me now. and i am mourning. 30 years is a lot and a few of us are alive and more of us are dying. >> the soviet government forced the power plant workers and their families from their homes
5:58 pm
as they set up a containment area around the power plant due to high radiation levels. but some families have recently illegally returned to their homes. >> there is no radiation here. i'm not afraid of anything. as i said we grow and eat everything here. and when it is time for me to diet will happen no matter if there is radiation. i will die when the time comes. clean-up of the site continues as the area is still contaminated. the first step will be to make preparations and the second is to cover the reactor with the shield and the third step to take the nuclear field out and make sure the reason is a safe area. >> construction on the new containment is expected to wrap up next year. when a new roof will cover the nuclear disaster power plant. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at six starts now. we are following developing news.
5:59 pm
dozen of people rallying now in san francisco calling for the police chief to be fired. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> today is day six of the hunger strike. and we have more on this developing news from cristina rendon. live at the mission police department where people are rolling right now. cristina. >> there is easily more than 100 people. you can see for yourself the group is gathered here in the last half hour. outside the mission district police station and they plan to open the doors for a community meeting a regularly scheduled meeting that they have once a month but many people plan to have their voices heard. if you take a look people waiting to get inside and there is a line of san francisco police officers guarding the front door. we talked to the protestors earlier and they say yes it is day six. there are only drinking water.
6:00 pm
some of them drinking coconut water and they haven't had solid food for a week and it has made their will power grow stronger. they want police chief ed suhr to be forced to resign. when we talked to him he says he has no plans to resign and doesn't believe he will be fired. the only anticipation is if this is a public health issue or lives are put in danger, they may send someone out to check on the protestors. that's the same thing we heard from mayor lee's office. they want to make sure that everyone is safe and concerned for the well-being of the protestors and they want to make sure that everyone is okay. and until it gets dangerous for the health of someone that is here they may step in but at this point no plans for the chief to be fired or for him to step down. as soon as the meeting gets under way we will have an update at


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