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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. the best way to beat the system is have evenings like this where you get record- setting votes, record-setting delegates. [ applause ] >> a clean sweep for donald trump, five victories in five states. and he won by big margins. >> [ chanting ] hillary! >> democrat hillary clinton wins four out of five and is closing in on the total number
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of delegates needed for the democratic nomination. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. >> another big right -- night. first the republican sweep, donald trump wins all five states, connecticut, pennsylvania, rhode island, maryland, and delaware. and he won them all by large margins. >> first pennsylvania, trump wins by more than 30 points over ted cruz and john kasich. he will get most of the 71 delegates. >> next is maryland, another 30 point win with kasich and cruz second and third. maryland is a winner take all state so all 38 go to donald trump. >> connecticut, the gop front- runner wins big here, as well. 58% for trump, kasich second, cruz a distant third. connecticut splits delegates. >> rhode island, donald trump tops 60% to outdistance both kasich and cruz. he'll get most of the delegates. >> finally delaware, trump just over 60% like -- leaving kasich
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and cruz far behind, 16 delegates are winner take all. >> now to the democratic side, hillary clinton took four of the five states tonight, pennsylvania, connecticut, maryland, and delaware leaving bernie sanders just one. >> that was rhode island. sanders defeated clinton 55-43% in rhode island. >> sanders told his supporters he's not giving up and trump made a big proclamation. jana katsuyama in the newsroom with how the candidates are spending tonight's results. >> reporter: what was remarkable tonight is that donald trump declared himself the pre-but -- presumptive winner even though he hasn't reached the 1237 delegates needed just yet, clinton continues to lead sanders and tonight both of the democrats claimed they are the best candidate to beat trump. hillary clinton took the stage in philadelphia celebrating victory and repeating her campaign call to be more
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practical than bernie sanders. >> that is how progress gets made. we have to be both dreamers and doers. [ cheering ] >> reporter: it's a delicate balance for clinton who tried to reach out to bernie sanders and his supporters. >> i applaud senator sanders and his millions of supporters. for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of politics. >> reporter: bernie sanders showed no signs of giving up. >> and the reason that we are generating this enthusiasm -- >> reporter: telling supporters in huntington that he's the best person to trounce trump. >> we are winning independent votes and some republican votes. >> reporter: republican primary votes tuesday overwhelmingly tilted towards trump who declared himself the presumptive republican nominee. and told opponents to get out of the race. >> i think they're hurting the party because they have no pass, zero path to victory.
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we're going to win on the first ballot. >> reporter: trump turned his attacks to clinton. >> the only card she has is the women's card, she's got nothing is going. frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. >> reporter: ted cruz was already in indiana appealing to voters in the basketball loving state where some say it is do or die for his campaign next tuesday. >> donald and hillary care more about the pc police than they do about speaking the truth on basic common sense. >> reporter: that was a theme ted cruz repeatedly had home tonight, trump says he's going to indiana tomorrow preparing for a fight next tuesday and courting the hoosier book by saying the university basketball coach robbie knight has endorsed him. john kasich did not address supporters tonight even though he picked up a handful of delegates. >> jana katsuyama consent -- thank you. donald trump took a big step forward tonight in securing the delegates needed for the republican nomination.
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he has 950 and his three quarters of the way to clinching. ted cruz has 560. john kasich is third with 153, 1237 is the magic number. on the democratic side, hillary clinton now has 90% of the delegates she needs to clinch the nomination. she has 2137 including superdelegates and she only needs less than 250 more to win it. sanders currently has 1306. now to analysis of two nights wins and how it positions its candidate -- each candidate, political analyst brian sobel. >> and in our newsroom, james taylor professor of politics at university of san francisco. first to you, james, a huge sweep tonight for donald trump, he has the momentum now on his side. do you see any path that would keep him from getting the nomination? >> yes. donald trump called himself the presumptive nominee tonight but the fact is that the rnc does
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not consider anyone the presumptive nominee unless they actually pass the goalpost of 1237. so is contest is about who gets past the goalpost first. if no one gets past the goalpost, no one is the presumptive nominee and that's something we're not considering given trump's momentum. >> brian, what happens if this is a contested convention and the nomination doesn't go to donald trump? i can't see donald trump letting that happen without putting up a huge fight and how would the party recover from that? >> well, frank, it would be a huge fight. the republicans if he doesn't get the required number, would then have to fight it out on the floor, that fight would possibly produce another candidate, but the presumptive nominee tagline with trump's way of saying i am the candidate, you have to knock me out. and he's got a lot of momentum after tonight, took a big win.
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for in this evening. >> james, if the republicans can't unite heading into their convention this summer, do you think it's game over? would they hand the election to hillary clinton? >> i think they are handing the election to either of the democratic candidates. all of the statistics, the algorithms that have been run by different polling organizations have shown the democrats, no matter who it is, have a 90% chance. of winning against whoever the republican nominee is. so hillary and donald trump are engaging each other in light of that reality. so donald trump does not have a good chance to win and neither does any of the republican candidates. >> brian, although i would add, that all through this race, so far, trump has been counted out. and somehow he just hangs in there. and so you can't count him out. >> i agree. >> that's great point. does it seem to you that donald trump is subtly changing, not as bombastic as he was in the
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beginning? >> the way he called out hillary clinton as a win tonight and said if she was a man she would get not even 5%, that doesn't sound like somebody who is trying to be conciliatory and changing his tone. he just stood on the third rail and now he's going to have to deal with that tomorrow and throughout this campaign. 120 -- 131 million voted in 2008. about 20 million voted so far in this primary. there's about 100 million more voters that are going to have some say about donald trump going forward over the next seven months. >> brian, i want to ask you about hillary clinton. she is the big winner tonight but bernie sanders is refusing to give up. where does his campaign stand right now? >> it's essentially at a huge mountain to climb, julie. the clinton machine is moving along smoothly at this point. she had a big night, four out of five states. and so i think when people look
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at bernie sanders and give him a tremendous amount of credit, hillary clinton gave him a tremendous amount of credit for the race that his run, he wants to take it to the convention. frankly because he wants to have a big impact on the outcome of the message going forward from the democratic convention. >> brian, james, we have to leave it at that. we appreciate your perspective. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. next up, the presidential primary in indiana, that's next tuesday on may 3. 92 democratic delegates are at stake there, 57 republican delegates. democrats in guam vote on may 7, then on may 10, nebraska holds a republican primary and west virginia holds primaries for both parties. >> here in california, confrontation between supporters and opponents ended up with several people including two little girls being hit with pepper spray. >> [ yelling ]
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>> police say after a tussle, a demonstrator hit trump supporters with the spray, then ran away. about 50 people had gathered outside anaheim city hall this afternoon. the council was debating a resolution to condemn what some call trump divisive rhetoric. paramedics tended to the people who were pepper sprayed. apple reported its first quarterly loss in 13 years. apple's earnings for its second fiscal quarter were down overall by 13%. the company's flagship product, the iphone, experienced a 16% year-to-year drop in sales. that's the first time the iphone sales have had a quarterly drop ever. and investors reacted to the disappointing news. the announcement came after the bell so even though shares of apple closed at $104, in after- hours trading, the stock was down more than 7% with shares trading at over $95. >> the family of an east bay woman who struggle with
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homelessness reached out to us today after learning of her death. authorities say it appears the woman suffocated when she climbed into a clothing donation been behind a supermarket in alameda and became trapped. ktvu's amber lee is in alameda tonight after speaking with the woman's family and police. amber? >> reporter: julie, the accident happened at that clothing been behind me, family members have created a memorial here, understandably, they are devastated. >> she struggled for a lot of years. and it was painful. >> reporter: cheryl described her niece, angela marie lewis, as a free spirit who had a hard life but the loss of her mother and drug addiction contribute it to her struggles and unstable living situation. >> i had family, she had family that loved her. children who adored her and we know that she wanted to turn her life around and have more security in it. >> reporter: around 5:30 monday morning, a passerby discovered
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lewis's body in this clothing donation been. >> we were called there by an alameda county deputy who was flagged down by a citizen who saw the lower half of a body protruding out of the deposit shoot of the bin. >> reporter: police say lewis was climbing into the bin to get an item of clothing, when she became trapped. the coroner's office said lewis died of quote, positional asphyxia with compression to the neck. >> shocking and hard to believe that she's gone. just being overwhelmed. >> reporter: theis said lewis have been at a family gathering less than 24 hours before she had been found dead. >> she dropped by to bring my mom flowers. she wasn't some person who was so lost -- she remembered it was her grandma's birthday. >> reporter: police and was's family want to warn others about the dangers these bins pose. >> nobody gave up on her. she was only 42. she had a lot of time to figure it out. that's all now been cut short.
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and it's ridiculous, senseless accident. >> reporter: lewis' family says she will live on in the two daughters she leaves behind. one is 22, the other is 10. both are now planning a celebration of their mother's life. live in alameda, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the show of support tonight for dozens of families forced from their homes, at 10:30, their struggle to buy new housing after a devastating fire. bay area wednesday, we've got a chance for some showers, even a thunder shower out there, see back here after the break.
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new at 10, and arrested the abduction and death of a young boy, three decades ago. the case grew cold but tonight, 31 years of waiting are over for a family in fairfield. police have announced a suspect in his abduction and death. ktvu's debora villalon is live in fairfield with how this cold case finally came together. deborah? >> reporter: julie, the suspect is in prison already. a convicted child molester who police say continued living here in solano county for years after committing this crime. >> darling, huggable kid.
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used to go fishing with my dad. >> reporter: doral honda has memories of his nephew clark who everyone called toshi, but photos stop at age 3. >> the kidnapping of a little boy who was snatched from his own bedroom does -- >> reporter: he was gone one morning, window open in their fairfield home and a ransom note. but it wasn't a wealthy family and the kidnapper never pursued the ransom. now investigators say this man, michael fisher and, a family friend, 23 at the time, took to shear and killed him soon after. >> goes to show that no case is truly ever closed. >> reporter: the abduction back then shook the community, leads came and went. but it wasn't until five years ago, a cold case unit with fbi help, really started digging. >> our goal is to offer as much justice as we can. will never bring their child back, but hopefully this will offer some closure. >> reporter: his siblings who
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helped in the search grew up without him. >> this doesn't happen to people like us. i guess. it's just kind of -- put us in a days. >> reporter: the father, ron, who made pleas for his son is long divorced. now he remembers him as a friend of his stepdaughter. he went on to be convicted in three child molestation cases and he's been in prison more than a decade. >> i can tell you that the wheels of justice are turning to him. >> reporter: honda says he forgives him and will let justice play out. >> when is the last time somebody was executed in california? >> reporter: he coped the only way he could. >> i've got two kids to raise. so basically buried myself in raising kids and working. >> reporter: the house and the street where the abduction happened are gone now. it's a stripmall. >> your heart always thinks that we're going to find out something wonderful has happened. >> reporter: there was hope to shoot was live. >> some family wanted him.
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and is living a good life. >> reporter: the family could look at age progression photos and try to imagine -- >> really destroyed her and hurt her a lot. >> reporter: now there is certainty. more bitter than sweet. >> now that i'm a grandparent, i think about how my parents felt about him, how much they cared about him. i just think, i don't know -- i couldn't go through that. >> reporter: police say this is still an active investigation, they won't reveal what she did in this case, whether there's been a confession, an informant, dna evidence or a body has been found. when fejarang gets moved to come to court in solano county, julie, that's when we should learn much more. >> finally some answers after all these years. deborah, thank you. san jose police say a double homicide over the weekend was not a random act of violence as we reported last night. they were found dead sunday in
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their home in san jose's evergreen neighborhood, they had both been shot to death, police now tell us they have spoken to the younger son but they haven't been able to contact the older son. police say the older son could have information and they'd like to talk with him. investigators say whoever is responsible for the killings was familiar to the family. the governor of the sunshine state is headed here to the golden state. and he's hoping to lure a few californians to the atlantic coast. ktvu's ann rubin tells us about the new ad campaign that's causing a stir in silicon valley. >> reporter: in silicon valley, business deals are made everyday. now the governor of florida is planning to make one of his own. >> ready to leave california? go to florida instead. >> reporter: he is running this radio ad in a defense of a visit here next week. he says he's hoping to entice people to pack up and move. >> taxes are lower, regulation is less. we have way more businesses to meet with than i have time. >> reporter: he understands the
10:20 pm
visit, california exports so many goods and services. >> what we seem to import is governors from other states, often coming here trying to troll for jobs. and we welcome that. we hope they spend a lot of tax dollars here while they're here, but they usually go home fairly empty-handed. >> time to leave california. >> reporter: we played the at at the chamber of commerce. they say business locate here for a reason and the bay area ecosystem cannot be duplicated. >> we may be a highly taxed and highly regulated state, but we still need the country in job creation. >> reporter: a spokesman for california governor jerry brown said in the time since the florida governor's last visit, california has quote, added twice as many jobs as florida while paying down debt, building a robust rainy day fund and taking bold action on issues governor scott used to ignore like climate change and poverty. the florida ad suggests california's minimum wage hike is antibusiness. we did speak to some san jose residents who say they are fed up with the high cost of living. >> a lot of people are leaving.
10:21 pm
>> reporter: when it comes to jobs, there is no place they'd rather be. >> there's too much opportunity here, too much going on here. >> if the governor comes here, welcome. but please go back, let our business stay here. >> reporter: the ads should start running by the end of the week. the florida governor plans to make his pitch in person on monday and tuesday. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. tracking a few showers headed our way, as we head into the late evening hours and through tomorrow, like shower activity, greening up in the north bay or the north coast. the showers will get here but they're going to be pretty light, at least the models are suggesting light rainfall, scattered light showers. right now we're seeing clouds in the area, by sometime tomorrow morning, we should see a few like sprinkles, windy though, windy all day. 16 mile an hour winds sustained at oakland, check out sfo, gusting to 40 just a little bit
10:22 pm
ago, right now gusting to 36 miles an hour. so big west wind. and then tomorrow morning, well, tonight, tomorrow morning, 3:00 a.m., pardon me, a little bit of shower activity. a little water on the roadways for the morning commute, 10:00 a.m., nothing organized. looks like this might not be producing much. late in the day around noon and beyond, we will start to see some scattered convective cells which could produce some thunder and lightning which would probably be the most interesting part of the day. around 5:00, you see more of that potential. so tomorrow, unsettled, mainly in the afternoon, chance of a thunder shower, scattered shower, then temperatures in the 60s. classes are canceled as teachers prepare to walk off the job. strike planned tomorrow at california's largest community college. the giants johnny cueto brought his a game to at&t park tonight. was it enough to shut down the padres?
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this is a live picture of a group of hunger strikers in san francisco. they been camped out at the mission district police station for six days now, going without food. hunger strikers and supporters are demanding that mayor ed lee resign or fire police chief greg suhr. all of this comes in the wake of three deadly police shootings. ktvu's christina rendon talked to the protesters and asked how far they're willing to go. >> the calls were loud and clear. >> reporter: nearly 200 people gathered at the missed two district for a community meeting tuesday night, quickly canceled when police refused requests to hold the meeting outside. >> this is a victory for the
10:26 pm
black and brown. [ cheering ] >> reporter: the rally comes on the sixth day without food for eight protesters. >> you go through evolutions of pain, headache, weakness. >> reporter: but there will is growing stronger. >> it's the amazing response of people driving by, honking, giving us their love. >> reporter: from the recent deadly police shootings and a racist text message scandal, they want greg suhr fired. >> i don't have any plans to resign. >> reporter: officers have no plans to arrest hunger strikers at this time. >> should the situation deteriorate to where it's a health situation, other things, the officers will take action as appropriate. right now, it's purely a facilitation. >> reporter: for now, the group isn't any -- going anywhere. cristina gutierrez says unless he is fired or ed lee resigns, she plans to die for this fight. >> you know why? because life like this for my children and grandchildren, to live in fear, to grow up with
10:27 pm
the racism that we had to put up with all these years, it's not worthwhile. somebody has to set -- say enough. >> reporter: mayor ed lee is what concerned about the well- being of a -- about these protesters and he will continue to monitor their health. reporting in san francisco, christina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. city college of san francisco is canceling classes at all of its campuses tomorrow. a one-day strike, employees are angry over proposed class reductions and layoffs. as well as pay that they say is lower than what they made in 2007. officials at ccs have say they've offered a greater than 7% pay increase over two years. union faculty says they are fighting for the future of the college. >> we love and serve the city of san francisco and all the students that come here. we want to give them the opportunity for personal growth, personal enrichment, educational opportunities and job growth. >> education for fall semester
10:28 pm
was supposed to begin tomorrow. ccsf says online priority registration will still be available. a police officer accused of sending racist and homophobic texts. the latest scandal at sfpd and how it could affect criminal cases. plus nearly two weeks since a fire ripped through an apartment complex, displacing dozens of families who are now living in hotel rooms. what one family says they miss the most as they search for affordable housing in silicon valley.
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new at 10, a community comes together after a devastating fire more than 150 people struggling to find a place to live in silicon valley after a fire ripped through their apartment complex earlier
10:31 pm
this month. ktvu's azenith smith live now at the vagabond inn in sunnyvale where many of them are staying. azenith? >> reporter: julie, i wanted to show you this is what they call home for now, motel rooms, stories heart wrecking. many of them lost everything. few of them have been able to retrieve belongings. as a city tries to help these families one by one get back on their feet. it has been 11 days since this two alarm electrical fire ripped through the twin pine manors apartment complex in sunnyvale causing heat, smoke and water damage, all the units uninhabitable. 169 residents displaced. among them, his wife and two- year-old son, he broke down talking about how their lives have been turned upside down. his son dealing with an allergic reaction after the move, his wife telling me all they want is to prepare home- cooked meals. would be fair to say it's been very hard for your family? >> yes. i need to manage my work as well. but my office, people are
10:32 pm
helping me a lot. >> we're seeing a lot of problems. we came from india. so we are staying in motel. >> reporter: among 70 people who are in need of low income housing. their complex housed elderly, veterans and mentally disabled. >> unfortunately there's no place that can be made -- replace the 70 units that were lost. there's no one place where we can send all of them. this was low-cost housing. >> reporter: low-cost, below- market housing not easy to come by in silicon valley. the nonprofit sunnyvale community services has helped house 15 of the 70 families. >> it's our community. i mean, we're all part of sunnyvale. and it's important for us to be able to reach out and help each other. >> reporter: a bright spot, the community stepping up offering support. on short notice, among a dozen volunteers, prepared and cooked a spaghetti dinner for the
10:33 pm
families. the family hopes one day soon they will be able to cook their own meals at a place they can call their own. today the santa clara county board of supervisors approved $150 in funding to help supplement the cost of these motel rooms. through june. but julie, it will take time for these families to recover. >> yeah. azenith, thank you. ucsf is the beneficiary of a generous $185 million donation to help launch construction of a new research lab. former citigroup ceo sanford weill and his wife joan are donating the money to help establish the ucsf institute for neurosciences. it will focus on brain and nervous system disorders such as alzheimer's, parkinson's, autism and multiple sclerosis. he has a personal incentive for this kind of research, his mother died of alzheimer's and
10:34 pm
his father suffered from serious depression. san francisco police department is being rocked by an ongoing scandal involving racist and homophobic text messages. we've known about this issue for some time but today, we learned some of what was written. ktvu's crime reporter henry lee tells us the messages could now jeopardize as many as 200 criminal cases. >> reporter: the controversy is the result of investigation into this officer, jason lai, who resigned earlier this month. he's been charged with misusing department and dmv databases. after searching his personal cell phone, authorities say they found racist and homophobic texts he sent other officers, he used derogatory terms but he really takes aim at all minority groups. for example, indian people are disgusting. burned down walgreens and kill the bones. passive aggressive, 528. in san francisco, 528 refers to a fire and authorities say he was making a reference to gay officers as flaming. public defender jeff adachi says the officer's behavior could impact as many as 200
10:35 pm
criminal cases, three of those are murder cases which could be affected because of the texts. >> it shows a person who very casually makes racist and derogatory comments. talks about injury to the citizens that he is supposed to be serving. and most disturbingly, i think he does it in a way which, to him, seems to hold no consequences. >> reporter: greg suhr also spoke out about the latest scandal. he said two other officers accused in the newest cased have already left the department. the chief has no tolerance for what he calls reprehensible text messages. >> i have the same visceral reaction every single time. it literally makes me sick to my stomach. including today when i had to read them again. so i apologize to the public. we are better than this. >> the san francisco police union issued a statement saying it quote strongly and unequivocally condemns this
10:36 pm
behavior. this disgusting racist language by a few officers is not reflective of the over 2100 members who wear the uniform of the sfpd. this is now the second time san francisco officers have come under fire for racist and anti- grotesques. last year a similar scandal involved 14 officers, many of whom kept their jobs because the city waited too long to fire or discipline them. in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. passengers on virgin america airlines will soon be able to register to vote at 35,000 feet. the bay area company announced today it has become the official airline for the rock the vote campaign. over the next few weeks, virgin will be allowing passengers to register to vote midflight through the airline's in-flight wi-fi. the airline says it partnered with rock the vote to encourage more young voters to get involved. a backlash against laws that aren't gay friendly, how san francisco hopes to hit states in the pocketbook. also a common painkiller laced with a powerful opiate. the cluster of cases under investigation right here in the
10:37 pm
bay area. we talked about that wednesday chance of showers as we push forward in the five-day forecast, we're looking at temperatures back into the upper 80s.
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
new at 10, investigators are looking into another inmate death at the santa clara county jail. the sheriff's department says a 36-year-old man who was arrested on an outstanding warrant had several pre- existing medical conditions and last night, he suffered a medical emergency while in the jail's infirmary. the inmate was rushed to valley medical where his -- pronounced dead. have been at least eight inmates who have died in
10:40 pm
custody at the jail since last year, releasing information on those deaths is one of the reforms put in place after the death of michael tyree, a mentally ill inmate who was beaten to death last year. three guards at the jail now face criminal charges in connection with tyree's death. officials say bay area hospitals have treated at least seven people who took what they thought was a common painkiller but was actually far more potent. the patients but the drugs off the street thinking they were getting norco, a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. but the pills were laced with a powerful opioid, fentanyl. health officials in sacramento county have reported at least 52 norco connected poisonings. 12 of those cases resulted in death. neighboring yolo county reported and other two deaths. san francisco is taking aim at states that discriminate against lgbt community. the proposed ordinance would ban the city from spending any money in mississippi and north carolina, they blocked local and state protections for lgbt workers and requires
10:41 pm
transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to their birth gender. mississippi allows businesses to refuse to serve gays and lesbians if they have religious objections. >> it will spread to more states unless we take a very very strong position that there will be economic pain if you do this. >> scott wiener hopes to bring his proposal before the board of supervisors by june, just in time for the gay pride celebration. the area journalist who spent 18 months in a iranian prison is now heading to harvard. jason rezaian who grew up in marin has been named a journalism fellow and will spend the coming year at harvard university. the washington post reporter was released earlier this year as a result of a prisoner swap with the iranian government which had accused him of spying. he is a graduate of marin academy and his mother and brother still reside in the north bay. on wall street, the dow
10:42 pm
rose 13, nasdaq dropped seven and s&p was up three. energy companies were up, technology was a loser. water districts evaluating california's drought. two announcements today on conservation and how they will affect bay area water use. a warm-up in our weather, bill martin is tracking the changes. from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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a giant model whale is back home after a road trip through the east bay, take a look at that, sky fox overhead in berkeley and cut the whale on the back of a flatbed truck, the 50 foot fiberglass replica was transported back to you see lawrence hall of science after spending six weeks in richmond undergoing repairs. the whale weighs about 3000 pounds. the whale has been outside the lawrence hall of science since 1975. east bay m.u.d. is suspending penalties against water wasters as of next
10:45 pm
tuesday. east bay mud says the wet winter and healthy reservoir levels have taken the edge off the drought emergency that started may 3. the water wasting will will be shelved until it's needed during a future drought. under that rule, customers were fined two dollars for each unit of water above an 80 unit limit each month. in the meantime santa clara valley water officials say a 30% conservation rate will remain in effect for now. they say they will consider changes in june. and the way i see it, we should always conserve so no matter what the water district says, we should do our best to use less water, that's how it's going to be. we talked about it before. the temperature outside today, on the mild and warm side, temperatures as we head into tomorrow, a lot like these, slightly cooler. that's coming down to this weather system that wants to push in, working its way in right now. one of the problems is that the
10:46 pm
dynamics with the system, usually you want to be in the trough section here, and we're right in this section, see how this jet streaks are doing this, almost like a quote -- like a high pressure in this area, which it is. you want to be in this trough area. what am i saying? the dynamics, clouds are there but the lift isn't there, the bottom of the trough is not there. so the rain that we might be getting, we'll get a little bit but not as much as we would if that trough have migrated through and phased in with this moisture, but nonetheless, a wet day tomorrow especially in the afternoon, maybe a thunder shower. temperatures right now in the 50s. highs tomorrow will be like they were today. maybe a little patchy fog in the coast tonight, a shot of how tomorrow, a snapshot in oakland, forecast at 7 am, cumulus clouds, often the distance here, and then in the afternoon, kind of breezy like it was today, maybe a chance for a sprinkle, not seeing it showing up here, the -- if you
10:47 pm
get under one of these, you are going to get a chance of shower and thunder shower late in the day. it was windy today. tomorrow, the system moves in, isolated thunder shower, mild, cool, spotty showers, lucky to get under one. the forecast for tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. , about noon, so here -- after, you see more or -- stronger cells especially up here in the valley. 6:00, now into thursday morning, thursday afternoon, not bad, activity in the mountains, friday morning, then friday afternoon. look at the mountains light up a little bit, as the low migrates off, lake tahoe could be the benefactor as well as northeast california which would be good as well. more rain and snow perhaps. for us, a sprinkle or two, maybe a thunder shower which would wake you up, tomorrow afternoon. forecast highs tomorrow, then the five-day forecast, showers likely scattered, like showers, likely. and then we start to warm up, as we head into your bay area sunday, real warm-up with highs
10:48 pm
in the upper 80s. >> mid-70s on the coast. >> it's going to be nice. >> 86 on sunday! >> yeah. some areas could be touching 90. >> all right. thank you, bill. sports is next. don't miss your chance tot see it all dazzle.ion. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain... and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles. and right now, you can save on premium rooms at a disneyland resort hotel.
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giant spent a lot of money for johnny cueto, paid off
10:51 pm
tonight. >> so far so good, four wins already. longtime giant fans, longtime giant fans, tell me you weren't at least a little reminded of one member shall, 2.0, johnny cueto with a masterpiece, beautiful blend of pitching, flamboyance, and elegance on the mound, 1-0 shutout. and not exactly baseball weather, but more like candlestick weather out there. johnny ran into a little trouble in the fifth, padres loaded the bases, johnny jay, brandon crawford bottled it, they should be up says save, a run scores but no, look at the replay. brandan bell has the ball before the run across first. replay works for the giants. nobody scores. bottom half of that fifth, the giants with the only run of the night on the board. denard span deep right, just missed a home run. as it is, he gets himself an rbi double with brandon
10:52 pm
crawford scoring, the loan run. cueto in the eight, perfect strike him out, throw him out. there's one of them, the perfect throw to second, end of inning. 11 strikeouts tonight for cueto as you see the final out, seven hitter, 119 pitches, only one walk. just happens to be the 100th win of johnny cueto's career. he is 4-1. giants won four out of their last five. they didn't pay a fraction of the money they did for cueto nor did he grab a single headline but the a's flipping their callers over there under the radar for your -- signing of rich hill, seven shutout innings himself, helping the athletics and their mini skid, also not baseball weather in detroit city tonight. chris coghlan of the a's, deep shot, left field, justin upton not known for his defense.
10:53 pm
and well, he kind of was there, pretty good catch there as you look at the replay. saves a home run. but it only delayed things for the tigers. coghlan, pretty frustrated, he's had a tough go of it offensively. there's no getting to this ball, marcus simeon loses it, over the wall, two-run shot, his fifth of the year. 5-one final. here is hill, seven innings, four hits, struck out eight. no runs. diaz polish off the tigers to end their three-game skid. 5-1, the final. sometimes it's easy to forget steve kerr has only coached two seasons and so expertly the way he handles every aspect of the job. seems like he's done it forever, but his experience as a player, general manager and nba broadcaster also plays into his ability to lead, motivate and inspire. he is recognized today as the nba coach of the year. an award he probably should have won last year too really. in many ways, much more challenging season of course, while missing much of it while recovering from back surgery
10:54 pm
gone wrong. in fact, didn't return to the bench until january 22. one of his great skills? relating to all different personality types including the mercurial draymond green. >> draymond, don't ever change. if you're watching this, keep yelling at me, i'm going to keep yelling at you. it's the best. he provides the edge that this team needs. without draymond, we'd be in trouble. we would be too quiet and to nice. >> i thought he deserved it last year. so to see him deal with, what he's been through, it's incredible. so it's great to see him win the award. seemed like he didn't care much about it. but i care about it. >> it works. nothing fair about it but nobody is feeling sorry for you either. lebron's cavs win through its last season, the warriors dealing with the last couple weeks, and the clippers get a crash course in injury disaster recovery. last night, there may be no
10:55 pm
recovery, kind of a foregone conclusion they were going to be beating portland but now they are an extreme underdog. blake griffin the injures his quad, ruled out for the rest of the playoffs. and if that wasn't bad enough, chris paul also gone, broken hand, he had surgery today. injuries, obviously a part of the game, part of the journey. that doesn't mean anybody has to like it. >> it sucks to see anyone get hurt. beyond basketball, it's bigger than basketball. obviously we want to win championships, but that's life. so it sucks to see that happen. it's unfortunate. >> nothing doing west of the mississippi. the nba playoffs tonight, a couple teams now on the verge of closing things out back east. toronto, never won a seven-game playoff series. didn't look like they were going to win here, down 13 entering the fourth, monta ellis, norman powell slams it
10:56 pm
and ties it. from there, demar derozan takes over, 34 and he hits a three here to put them up for good. but not without some drama. 2.7 seconds left. indiana down three, they got the ball, sullivan help will wind up burying a three from way out -- solomon hill. but it did not beat the buzzer. as you look at the replay of course, they review it, the ball did not quite leave his fingertips and the raptors when it. they squeeze out a 3-to lead in the series. -- 3-2 lead in the series. and also 110-83 there, that is the sporting life for tuesday night. i mean, that was just -- >> yeah. very close. >> so hard to see that replay. thank you. thank you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. take care. >> good night.
10:57 pm
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11:00 pm
jay, should i get rid of this? the hat, the jacket, or the cane? actually, yes. just yes. we're having a yard sale for our social studies class to raise money for unicef. the point is for us to learn about global altruism. no, the point is for us to raise more money than miss cooper's class so we get a pizza and a pool party. your cynicism makes me sad for our world. ease up, delgado. i've seen you with a pizza. ugh. i hate garage sales. bunch of shady characters going through my stuff. why can't i just write a check? ay, relax, jay. it's just a couple of people in the driveway. yeah, that's where it starts. then it's, "it's just a local call." "can i use your bathroom?" "my mother needs to lie down." no, it just stinks. he did write a check. shh! the less he knows, the better. you're not even here anymore. but it's my stuff. where's mom? luke, take me to mom. and move slow. i'm still drunk -ing my coffee. mom! what's the problem? uh, tell luke not to sell my stuff?


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