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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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all the traffic. if you go across the bay bridge you get to see this. that is a sight to see on this wednesday morning. there are some changes to the forecast coming later this morning. stable be her in a moment to talk about that. welcome to mornings on 2. it is april 27. i'm brian flores. i'm pam cook. you also get to see the beautiful moon many mornings. can we see the moon today? >> it's maybe a little cloudy. >> i saw it on the wane. >> there are breaks in the cloud. it's still very dark out. we do have partly cloudy skies in the breeze has picked up. there is an upper low off the oregon/california coast. it is not here yet but it is on its way. there will be scattered showers, lake county, napa and solana. maybe later for everyone else. more toward the inland areas
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than on the coast. some of that rain is pretty intense. below has a way to go but it's on its way. partly cloudy and some sun in the morning. clouds will build in the afternoon. 40s and 50s on the temps. mainly upper 40s to mid 50s, west and southwest winds. even some flurries up in the sierra nevada with rain screen through central nevada. look for mostly cloudy and partly cloudy skies. below is close enough it will start to bubble up in the atmosphere later. sun and clouds. breezy and windy at times. possible thunderstorms to the north and east. it will be cooler today with 60s on the temps. 4:31. all quiet and all good we hope? >> i think so. should i go to the game? will it be called? >> no. you'll be okay.
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if you are going out to sacramento i would say keep an eye on the sky that you're not. >> thank you thomas d. my personal weatherman. good morning, everyone. there's not much going on when it comes to traffic. traffic continues to look good if you were driving at the toll plaza. there have been no major problems getting into san francisco. we're also looking at the san mateo bridge ma westbound looks good heading out to the peninsula. when you get to san mateo, highway 101 is a good shape heading southward palo alto or north toward the airport. let's go back to the desk. here are some of the top stories we are following for you this morning. donald trump will give a major foreign-policy speech in washington at 9 am pacific time. he views himself as the presented nominee for the republican party. he swept all five states and yesterday's primaries.
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on the democratic side, hillary clinton 14 of the five states. while she has not called for bernie sanders to drop out, she is asking democrats to unify to defeat trump. in investigation is underway into a shooting in vallejo, not far from six flags discovery kingdom and highway 37. around 8:30 pm, officers received a call of gunfire from mark avenue. they found the victim with life- threatening injuries. no word of an arrest in the case. there's been an arrest in a fairfield kidnapping case. this done the bay area back in 1984. three-year-old tashiro clark handa disappeared from his family's home dirty one years ago and a friend of the family who is already in prison after being convicted of child molestation is charged with abducting and killing him. a fremont homeless shelter evacuated after reports of a fire. this happened before 4 am. this is new video just in from the scene on ground road.
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residence at sunrise village were evacuated after a fire was reported inside the shelter. crews responded and were able to handle the situation. he described it as a minor incident. no reports of anyone being hurt. people were allowed back into building a short time ago. investigators are looking into another inmate death at the santa clara county job. a 36 are old man who was arrested on an outstanding warrant had several pre- existing medical conditions and suffered a medical emergency while in the infirmary. the inmate was rushed to valley medical center where he was pronounced dead. there have been eight inmates who died in custody at the jail since last year. releasing information on those deaths is one of the reforms put in place after the death of michael tyree, and mentally ill inmate who was beaten to death last year. three guards at the jail face criminal charges in connection with tyree's death. janine de la vega will have a live report at 5:30. the san francisco police
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department is dealing with an ongoing scandal involving racist and homophobic text messages. we've known about this issue for some time but now we're learning some of what was written. henry lee tells us, the messages could jeopardize as many as 200 criminal cases. >> reporter: the controversy is the result of an investigation into this officer, jason lai, who reside earlier this month. he's been charged with misusing department and dmv databases. after searching his personal cell phone come authorities found racist and homophobic tasks he said to other officers. they used derogatory terms for latinos and african-americans and really takes aim at all minority groups. for example, indian people are discussing. burned down walgreens and kill down the bombs. passive aggressive 528. and san francisco, 528 refers to a fire and authorities say he was making a reference to gay officers as a flaming. public defender, at the duchess
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of the officer's behavior could impact as many as 200 criminal cases in which they played a role. three of those are murder cases which could be affected because of the cats -- text. >> issues a person who very casually makes racist and derogatory comments. talks about injury to the citizens that he is supposed to be serving. and most disturbingly, i think he does it in a way in which to him seems to hold no consequences. >> greg sarris broke out about the scandal. he said sideline -- jason lai what, to other officers have left the department. the chief said he has no tolerance for what he called reprehensible text messages. >> i have been same visceral reaction every time. it literally makes me sick to my stomach. including today when i had to read them again. so, and i apologize to the public. we are better than this. >> reporter: the police union issued a statement saying that it strongly and unequivocally condemns this appalling behavior.
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this disgusting, racist language by a few officers is not reflective of the over 2100 members who wear the uniform of the sfpd. this is now the second time that san francisco officers have come under fire for racist and anti-gay text. last year a scandal involved 14 officers, many of whom kept their jobs because the city waited too long to fire or disciplined them. and san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox 2. a man accused in the killing of eight-year-old girl is doing it in. testimony finished with defendant, darnell williams taking the witness stand. she testified she drove her brother to the dice game where a man was shot and killed she said her seven-year-old son witnessed the shooting and was hit by the fragment of a bullet. she admitted to telling her son not to mention anything he sought to police. in a separate incident, williams is also accused of firing shots through the home in retaliation for a gang killing. the shots killed eight-year-old,
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alicia carradine and injured two other children in the grandmother. closing arguments start next week. east bay prosecutors have charged a minister with 23 counts of child molestation. fernando maldon auto is accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl from 2012 through 2015. the girl is now 17. investigators say she first reported the allegations to martinez police last week authorities say maldon auto worked at morello avenue baptist church in martinez and at grace bible church in pleasant hill where he met the alleged victim. he is currently in jail on nearly $1.3 million bail. federal officials say bay area hospitals have treated seven people who took what they thought was a common painkiller but was actually far more potent. the drug enforcement agency said the patients bought on the street what they thought was norco but the da set the pills also contained that no which is a powerful opiate. the patients complained of trouble breathing and vomiting
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but they survived. there have been 52 cases of norco poisoning in the sacramento area in the last month and 14 of those people die. drug officials are looking to see if the bay area and sacramento cases are linked. symphysis who is taking aim at states with laws that discriminate against the lgbt community. the supervisors ordinance would ban the city from spending money and state income including mississippi and north carolina. the city would have to stop entering into contracts with companies based in those states. north carolina block local and state protections for lgbt workers and requires transgender people to use restrooms corresponding to their birth gender. mississippi allows a business is to refuse to serve gays and lesbians if they had religious objections. >> it will spread to more states unless we take a very strong position that there will be economic pain if you do this. >> the supervisor hopes to bring his proposal before the
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board of supervisors by june, in time for gay pride celebrations. next tuesday people in the east bay who wastewater won't face fines. california is still in a drop an east bay mudd said the fines are no longer needed because rain has helped fill the reservoir. and santa clara county, water district officials say a 30% conservation rate will stay in effect for now. the warriors back at oracle arena tonight hoping to close out their series with the rockets with out steph curry. livingston is projected to start in his place. curry suffered a right knee sprain at the end of the first half and game 4 on sunday. the warriors responded outscoring the rockets, 41-20 in the third quarter on their way to 121-94 win so they can certainly do it tonight. tip-off is at 7:30 tonight. alex savidge gives the lucky duty today. he will be inside oracle arena that is coming up. classes are canceled for city college of san francisco's
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campuses why faculty members are staging a strike. no-trump parking signs taking over three and major u.s. cities. where they can be found and who is behind them. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing well at the bay bridge so far. we have a system on the way . it will drop down and give us the possibility for scattered showers stay. we also have day baseball. i would think more sun, clouds and breezy.
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. welcome back. flash flood warnings are in effect in parts of kansas after
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a day of severe lightning and thunder storms caused heavy flooding nearly 4 inches of rain fell yesterday in wichita. police say the received a lot of calls from people stranded in the water. many cars stalled on flooded streets. in texas they will be trying to fix damaged today after heavy rains there. this is arlington with the texas rangers play. asserted raining heavily just after the game and it rained so hard, fans were told to evacuate the upper deck some nearby apartment buildings and businesses were also damaged by the storm. five people were injured in emergency managers say to possible tornadoes touched down in the area of texas. los angeles authorities are looking into whether driver air or mechanical failure caused a terrifying incident for a bus carrying special needs children. a railroad crossing sliced through the schoolbus yesterday, ending up in the lap of one of the students.
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investigators say the bus was going past river tracks when the crossing bar came down. firefighters used a rotary sought to remove the crossing arm and free the child. none of the students were hurt. a pair of police chopper pilots in riverside are being hailed as heroes after helping stop a train from colliding into a car was stuck on train tracks. police received a call on saturday about a car losing control and rolling over onto the tracks. officers drove to the scene but it was the helicopter crew that received a birds eye view of the incoming danger. a train was two miles away and heading down the same set of tracks. the helicopter pilots swooped down, used the spotlight to single the conductor to stop. >> this could have been deadly. it could've been. that's why we realized we had to do what we could to stop or slow down the drain. >> the train stopped just 40 feet from the stalled car. the driver was arrested at the scene on suspicion of being under the influence. signs are popping up in
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some of the country's largest cities with a strong message for donald trump. they look like the comment no parking signs but the actually say, no trump any time. designs have appeared in la, washington dc and new york. they are this work of street artist. this is not the only time this artist has done this. he has previously created no kardashian parking anytime signs as well. the chinese government is not a big fan of the popstar. gomez is getting ready to kick off her revival world tour and she planned to perform into chinese cities as part of her tour this summer. according to a china-based website, she had to cancel those because of pictures she took with the dalai lama. this spiritual leader fled to india in exile after failed uprising against the chinese government back in 1959. the message or the photo in 2012 when she met the dalai lama during an event in canada.
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foredeck 46 is the time. it sounds like it is quiet on the roadways but there could be some traffic later on. i started a rumor in the newsroom. i walked by the desk of someone here. i said selena gomez was banned from chile. i was wrong. it was china. >> no more rumors for you. >> it's probably all over social media now. >> i did not say that on social media. >> i'm surprised you know who social -- selena gomez is, actually. >> i know who she is. let's look at -- she is a huge popstar, pam. let's look at the commute now at the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see that traffic is light as you come up to the paul paz -- toll plaza.
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no major issues into san francisco. also looking at prostate 880. that traffic looks good in both directions. traffic looks good south all the way to hayward. if you are driving on the peninsula, traffic is off to a good start. today is a big game. the giants and padres. that means that people will be coming to at&t park from the peninsula. keep that in the back of your mind. let's go to steve. good morning, everybody. we do have a day baseball. i think a mix of sun and clouds and a breeze. i mentioned the word showers because they will be close but more likely to the north and east then over the coast. with this pattern, it could send ace stray shower through. 59 degrees, breezy to blustery. the lois off the oregon coast and is producing rain there. that is an intense line going through eureka and crescent
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city. this is starting to punch the mendocino coast. fort bragg is right there. is could be some brief heavy rain. most of it is to the north. there is some clipping the sierra. orgies and 50s on thames. 40s and 50s on thames. atherton at 50 to send karlis at 52 and menlo park is sleeping in. wins west at 15. breezes are there. a couple flurries were reported in south lake tahoe. some rain around fallon and lovelock. >> have you ever driven across nevada? >> i have. it's not very exciting. >> that's where the aliens are going to land. up to the north you can see
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the system. if the locates tracking over us then everyone is in line for shower activity. this is favorable for areas inland. here is futurecast which is more of a broadbrush. south bay by 11:00. by morgan hill at noon, that is a good boomer there. we will watch the north bay and see how things develop in lake county, napa county, i know it's a slow process. maybe into contra costa later on. that would be at four clock today. there is nothing on the coast. everything is over inland area or higher terrain. after today it clears up and we're good to go. high pressure will build in as we get into the weekend. sun in the morning. clouds will pop up and then they really begin to buffalo. breezy with showers. a possible thunderstorm. cooler today with temperatures in the 60s. upper 50s and low 60s and a breezy day under partly to mostly cloudy skies later on. clearing and breezy on thursday. warmer weather on tap for the weekend.
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>> where will the aliens land again? >> well, either shell bill which is near sonoma have you ever driven there at night? >> it's dark. >> very dark. or maybe nevada. interstate 80. >> i have not gone further than that >> i have driven across nebraska. >> you can see all the way to new york, it is so flat. >> i have driven 80 almost all the way across the country. i spent one night in ogallala, nebraska. i did a baseball tour. i was in chicago, detroit, cincinnati, all those. i am driving back and thunderstorms all the way from nebraska. the entire sky was lit up. a unique of spelling be a north carolina is helping send students to college.
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it was the teachers and city leaders trying to spell big words last night. some of them showed up wearing wigs and bumble bee costumes. they did it to raise money for scholarships for high school seniors. this is a way to support our young students and help them find their way. >> we hope they will come back to this community that put so much into them. >> many of the students receiving the scholarships will be the first and their families to go to colleges. a short of support for dozens of family forced from their homes. their struggle to find new housing after a devastating fire. he was the journalist who spent months in an a running present. next, the owner jason rezaian has received and the new journey he will now take.
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welcome back. the bay area journalist who spent 18 months in an iranian prison is headed to harvard. jason rezaian has been named a journalism fellow and will spend the next year at the university. the iranian government accused him of spying. he was released earlier this year in a prisoner swap. ucsf is set to get a
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generous $185 million donation to help launch a construction of a new research lab. ferment cdo, sanford weill and his wife joan are donating the money to establish the ucsf weill institute for neurosciences. the lab will focus on rain and nervous system disorders such as alzheimer's, parkinson's, autism and multiple sclerosis. he has a personal incentive for this research. his mother died of alzheimer's and his father suffered from serious depression. passengers who fly on virgin america airlines will soon be able to register to vote midflight. they announced it has become the official airline for rock the vote. over the next weeks, virgin will be allowing passengers to register to vote through the airlines in-flight wi-fi. it also said this is a way to encourage more young voters to get involved. virgin america is based in burlingame what was recently acquired by alaska airlines. there is a hiring event that
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teachers lgbt q friendly companies. the spring lgbtq career fair happens at linked in semper cisco office on second street. it's an effort to find equal employment for members of the community. linked in a partnered with the semper cisco lgbt center for the job fair and dozens of employers are expected to attend. that happened stay from 1 pm through 4 pm. hillary clinton, donald trump take a big step closer to capturing the nomination for president. trump went five for five as cruz and kasich ball behind. i'm peter doocy in washington with a roundup of last night primaries coming up. here in san francisco we will tell you how that hunger strike is going and how chief suhr is responding to calls for his resignation. we are looking at a commute where traffic is still doing very well on highway 24 as you head to the tunnel. a mix of clouds and a
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breezes. the system we're waiting for will be heard later on. more on that, coming up.
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>> that's called a massive landslide. >> with your help were going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention. the results are in. what many are calling the battle for the east. we will have the latest in the race to the white house. more than 1500 teachers and faculty members at semper cisco city college prepared to form picket lines today and classes are canceled. more on the label dispute behind the one day strike happening today. good morning and thank you for waking up with us. dave clark is here. i'm here. it's wednesday, april 27. >> and your pam clark -- book. -- pam cook. let's check weather. you may want an umbrella in your backpack. not this morning. the wind is picking up. this system is off the north coast but why the noon hour and this afternoon it will


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