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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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after disturbing discovering at apple's cupertino campus this weekend. bart knows what caused the car to rund into a sand barrier last week that plus, hundreds of teachers walk off the job in san francisco. good afternoon. i am gasia mikaelian. >> and i am mike mibach. we are following developing news out of super where santa clara county deputies are investigating the death at apple's headquarters. >> a body was found inside a conference room this morning. jesse gary from the apple campus. >> reporter: an update from the sheriff's office. they tell us there are no threats to the general public or to apple employees and that they are not looking for a suspect in this case or anybody armed with guan or anything like. this they say there is no threat to the public. let's take a look at some of the video that we have. we have seen sheriff's office cars here all morning long. suvs, cars, et cetera, parked out in front of the main building here on infinite loop.
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word spread quickly. around 8:30 this morning a body of a man found inside a conference room on this 32-acre campus like setting. the campus is open for business as normal and employees can come and go freely, but they referred all questions about this to the sheriff's department. a few minutes ago the sheriff's department updated me. >> when they responded to the campus, they found one individual, male, down. determined he was deceased. through further investigation they determined that there was no other individuals involved and they believe it was an isolated incident and that there was nobody else on campus or in the public that are at risk. >> reporter: and the coroner is headed here right now to begin the investigation and give us a cause of death for this. i am also told that apple employees, some of them are being interviewed as part of this case. guys. >> jesse, any word on the man who was found? was he an employee of apple?
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>> reporter: we are not told. i guess we are going out on a little bit and saying he is an employee because how else would he get on to the campus? if you know anyone who works here, security is extremely tight. they have security everywhere. even out here off apple property. there is security watching and watching the media and talking to the media. so it's very likely that this person works for apple or contracted for apple. something like that. but as far as a second person, there were some reports going around social media of a second person. officials say that is not true. just the one person. the deceased. we are not going to go into how the body was found because that's not confirmed by the sheriff's department. but he was found inside one of the conference rooms and now the coroner is headed here to do the investigation on the cause of death.
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a lockdown situation at three pacific schools has been lifted. a shooting took place near the campus of omega this morning. police gave the all-year ear -- all-clear and the lockdowns are lifted. we know what caused bart's train to flynn a sand barrier -- train to run into a sand barrier last week. >> what you have learned. >> reporter: bart says it knows what happens because it was able to re-create the problem. that guarantees it won't happen again. ten days ago the new bart car loaded with sandbags and weighing in at 55 tons ran into a safety barrier on a bart test track. at that time driving training was going on but the car was hooked up to test equipment to record how its systems were
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functioning. as the trainees applied the brakes at low speed, the brake system failed and the car hit the safety barrier with no damage to the car, according to bart. it turns out that that wire connecting the test equipment to the bart car shorted out because it was pinched by a cabinet door at the connection point. that's exactly what happened. >> so the car did not fail. the operators did not do anything wrong. in fact, they did everything that they could to apply the brakes and stop the vehicle. >> we are going to go back into testing and resume our normal testing. the car is ready to go. we just need to implement a few precautions and we will continue. >> reporter: now, as mentioned, bart says the car was undamaged. it says it's on track to put the first ten-car train into actual passenger service by the end of this year. reporting live, ktvu fox 2
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news. if you are with us for "the 9", there were grey clouds, rain on the window behind us. rain is definitely back in the bay area. >> and our meteorologist mart tamayo has been tracking it. he joins us onset. what's going on? welcome back, first of all. >> thank you very much. took a few days off. enjoyed the bay area. nice place to take a vacation. we had some drain drops this morning. we have some breaks in the clouds and gusty winds. we could be talking about thunderstorms late they are afternoon. talk a look at the satellite and radar. you can see the action into northern california and showers aparts of the bay area. the radar showing you some lightning strikes. actually, we are tracking them in eastern contra costa county. thunderstorms to the south of stockton. also to the east of discovery bay. moving the map to the south, coverage exiting eastern alameda county. still as the afternoon wears on, in fact here is the radar loop, as the afternoon wears on we will track some activity to
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the north. with that the sunshine could help de-stabilize the atmosphere and there is a chance we could have a few scattered thunderstorms develop. best chances towards napa county, solano county, contra costa county as well. hayward .21. san francisco .13-inches of rain. so the possibility of a few thunderstorms this afternoon. we will talk more about that in a few minutes and big changes for this weekend. we will have more on that coming up in the full forecast. >> thank you. mark. now to san francisco where students are city college are told not to go to class today. all classes are can shelled as the faculty is holding a one- day strike. >> alex savidge joining us live at one of the nine college campuses with the labor dispute. >> reporter: yeah, teachers at city college of san francisco
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say they deserve a praise because of how expensive it's become to live here in the city right. now this is the scene outside of the civic center campus on market street. can you see you have hundreds of people taking part in a picket line, a rally here outside of this campus. this involves faculty members, other employees of the city college of san francisco system, and also students. we are seeing many students out here as well. this is video here. this is part of on ongoing one- day strike by hundreds of teachers, counselors and librarians picketing outside of all nine campuses across the city. employees say this is all meant to stop proposed cuts to classes at city college which serves many low-income students here in san francisco. teachers are calling for a better salary. they say they are making 3.5% less than they were almost a decade ago. on the other side of things, the city college administrators say they don't have the budget to give teachers the raises
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they want because enrollment has dropped by 20,000 students over the past two years. >> we all know san francisco has become more and more expensive, right? we all feel that. and the faculty cares deeply about our students. we want to serve the working class and middle-class people of the city who might want to come back and get job skills. >> there is a reserve fund. we are looking at using some of that money to supplement our offer that is the bonuses that we are looking at giving. a small amount of it. the problem is, is we cannot give ongoing obligations out of that money because it is one- time money. >> reporter: now, one of the main reasons enrollment has fallen so dramatically at city college of san francisco is because four years ago the school was in danger of losing its accreditation. during the accreditation crisis
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that happened here, faculty agreed to have pay cuts. so what they're asking for now is to have their pay cuts restored, and also to have a 4% raise over three years. the school's chancellor says they are willing to give teachers a 7% raise over the next two years in addition to some one-time bonuses. we should point out this is just a one-day strike. tomorrow teachers and other employees at city college of san francisco will be back on campus. simply a one-day strike. they are hoping to be back at the bargaining table with administrators to try to work out a deal here in this case. >> alex, thank you. all lanes of interstate 580 are back open after being shut down for hours because of a deadly multi-vehicle crash that happened before 6 a.m. on west 580 near hopyard road. the crash involved a big rig and five other vehicles. three of them caught fire in the collision. highway patrol says the chain reaction crash started with a big rig rear ending the bmw.
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the driver of the bmw was killed. chp says the truck was going 50 miles an hour and the driver did not brake before the crash. >> why there was no braking or why the big rig driver wasn't able to notice traffic stopping ahead is something that we need to figure out. but it's also very frustrating to us. >> they say the big rig driver is the cooing with investigators. several people suffered minor injuries in the crash. traffic backed up all the way to tracy. all lanes of traffic did reopen around 9 a.m.? investigators are looking into another inmate death at the santa clara county jail a36- year-old man who was arrested for an outstanding warrant had several preexisting medical conditions an suffered a medical emergency while in the jail's infirmary. the inmate was rushed to valley medical center where he was pronounced dead. there have been eight inmates who died in custody at the jail since last year. releasing information on the deaths is one of the treatments put in place after the death of
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michael tyree, a mentally ill inmate beaten to death last year. three guards at the jail now face criminal charges in connection with his death. still ahead, police have made an arrest in a kidnapping cold case from 30 years ago. and ted cruz gets ready to officially announce his running mate, the california ties that the golden state warriors gear up for game five of the playoffs as the houston rockets vow to send the series back to texas.
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it was a good night for donald trump and hillary clinton as they both locked down big wins and widened their delegate leads in five primaries yesterday. >> they are shifting their focus towards a general election match-up. but as kristin fisher reports, their rivals are not quite ready to concede victory. >> that's a massive landslide. >> reporter: it was a clean sweep for donald trump. he won all five pipelines tuesday pushing his delegate far beyond those of his gop rivals and well within striking distance of the 1237 needed to secure the nomination before the convention. >> two people are really hanging around. they did very poorly last night. we very much exceeded what everybody thought. >> reporter: trump says he believes the race is over, that he considers himself the presumptive nom anyplace. ted cruz and john kasich are pressing ahead. the first test will be next
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tuesday in indiana where kasich has already stopped spending time and money to clear a path for ted cruz and allow him to be more competitive in a one-on- one match-up against trump. >> we are barn storming the state, traveling across the state, and seeing tremendous support from the people on the ground. >> reporter: as for the democrats, hillary clinton did very well. but it wasn't quite the sweep that it was for trump. she beat bernie sanders in four of five states. her only loss was rhode island where sanders beat her by 12 points. he is vowing to stay into the race until at least california. >> this campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming our nation. >> reporter: both trump and clinton already shifting their focus to the general election, and ted cruz, despite his losses, appears to be doing the same as well. it's rumored he will announce carly fiorina as his vice presidential pick late they are afternoon. christie fisher.
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we saw rain this morning. there may be more in store. >> we could have a few isolated thunderstorms into the afternoon hours. for the most part we are seeing breaks in the cloud cover. we had the front move across the bay area this morning. still some luis gongora clouds out there with our walnut creek camera showing you some overcast luis gongora across parts of the bay area. the main action is heading out towards the central valley. all the activity, thunderbolts popping up on the radar. noun the main focus is towards stockton, tracy and lingering thunderbolts here. so there is at least evidence that the atmosphere is de- stabilizing. when you get the sunshine out there, that helps to de- stabilize the atmosphere a bit more and, as a result, we could have more thunderstorm development this afternoon. up in lake county, have some showers developing. the main threat for showers today will probably be coming from this direction moving in from the north.
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so with that the best chance of some isolated thunderstorms could be towards napa county, contra costa county. current numbers out there definitely have cooled off over the past few days. santa rosa right now 60. san francisco 58. san jose in the upper 50s. showing you the current wind speeds. bit blustery as well. that has been a theme all week long. fairfield that smaller number. that's gust to 23 miles per hour. sfo, here we go, sustained at 28. gusting to 37 miles an hour. here is the forecast for today. our forecast model, i will tell you it's hard to pick up the isolated thunderstorm development. you get the general idea. we will have more showers to the north and also to our east at 3:00 and possibly some snow showers for the higher terrain of the sierra and then at 6:00 as well. so even though the bay area not covered, through the day there is a chance of some thunderstorm development and with that the possibility of some hail as well. so just keep an eye to the sky.
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we will be watching out for that over the next four six hours in the bay. then later on for your thursday we are going to clear things out. mostly sunny skies to set the stage for a warming trend just in time for your bay area weekend. today this afternoon temperatures mainly in the 60s to right around 70 degrees out towards brentwood. 70 san francisco. some more neighborhoods, san jose we'll go 66. half moon bay checks in 60. your five-day forecast. we take a look at thursday. still a bit of a breeze out there. you see the noticeable trend. temperatures definitely heading up into the weekend and by sunday warmest locations could be back up into the mid-to- upper 80s. i know, gasia, earlier you asked me, is it safe to go outside for a walk this afternoon? >> right. >> i think it will be. just one of those deals where those isolated thunderstorms could pop up. it happens so rapidly. keep an eye to the sky and bring an umbrella. >> thank you.
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a new $668 million acute tower at oakland's hospital is in service. it's a 250,000 square foot building. >> it's all part of the new approach to care, and an emphasis on changing the patient experience. ktvu's fox 2 claudia wong took a tour. >> reporter: this is a really big moment for you guys. tell us why we are. a little inside peek at the new tower. >> right now we are in one. our patient rooms in the family birthing center, which is a hallmark. acute tower. it's where life begins at highland hospital. we deliver a thousand babies here every year. >> reporter: i think the one thing we noticed when we walked in was the size of the space. >> much more inviting for the mother, for the family, for the father to be actually engaging in support. >> reporter: in terms of technology and what you have been able able to do, what is
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this? >> a state-of-the-art bed. it drops down in a matter of seconds to convert to being ready for deliver. >> reporter: we have the baby bassinet. that promotes bonding right away. we are a baby friendly hospital. that means we support evidence based practices that promote maternal and child health. >> reporter: and the views are amazing. >> right. >> reporter: we are going to the nicu. what i immediately noticed is that, nicus with a lot of different bassinets close together, there is only one. >> . yes and we have several rooms where we allow for the baby and the mother again, nicu babies very sick, and we want the parents to have a quiet environment to be with their
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baby. >> reporter: this is a new way to look at healthcare. it doesn't always mean efficiency. what is the experience going to be like with the mom. they are worried, they don't want to leave their side. this way they don't have to. >> absolutely. studies have showing having this healing environment does promote efficient car. >> reporter: this is one of the postpartum rooms. again immediately you see space. >> yes. >> reporter: lots of space in here. and -- >> and what you don't see. you don't see a lot of equipment. you don't see the medical gases. you see a room set up with nice wood interior. if an emergency occurs, we open it up and it's there. >> reporter: we have been hearing about your staff, the beds. >> they are much more ergonomically helpful to lift and turn patients. >> reporter: absolutely . >> so the birthing center isn't the only part of this new tower.
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we are heading to digital next? >> yes. this is one. core pieces of our infrastructure. it's a trauma center. if you find yourself suffering from a semi or a stroke. >> reporter: and in terms of technology, this probably doesn't exist in a lot of places? >> not in a lot of community hospitals. a lot of procedures we can do here were historically being done in an operating room. >> reporter: in terms. big picture, 250,000 square feet. you had to move over for a lot of other reasons like seismic safety. what do you look at when you look at the project on a whole and what it gives to the opportunity? >> i look at this building and the other part, our care pavilion, as a big investment on the part of the taxpayers of the county and healthcare for everyone. i mean, our mission here is caring, healing, teaching and serving all. by having this state-of-the-art facility we can provide a quality care and care
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experience that we have always give, but for everyone. and we teach and provide a lot of training for medical professionals in the area. this allows us to do that even better. still ahead, a warning about painkillers that are proving to be much more potent than recently thought and are now sending people to bay area hospitals.
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bay area hospitals have treat at least seven people who took what they thought was a common painkiller but was far more potent. the patients bought the drugs off the street thinking they were getting norco, but the pumpkins were laced with the powerful opiate fentanyl. health officials in sacramento county reported at least 52 norco connected poisonings. 12 of those resulted in deaths. u.s. stocks are mostly higher wednesday afternoon after the federal reserve left its key interest rate unchanged. the dow there up 81 points. should mention that tech companies are sliding following weak results from apple as well as twitter. the nasdaq down 20 points. s&p 500 up 6 points. mcdonald's is testing out a new mcnugget recipe. the company began testing the
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new mcnuggets in oregon and washington and if all goes well we could see them on menus in the bay area soon. an arrest in a decades old cold case. >> after the break we will hear from the family of a three-year- old boy taken from his room more than 30 years ago about what this development means to them. if you like cuddling up with your dog, new information from animal psychologists about why you should not actually give your dog a hug.
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after more than 30 years, police have made an arrest in a kidnapping cold case that dates back to 1984 when three-year- old clark toshiro handa disappeared from his home. now a man who was family friend and is in prison for child molestation is facing kidnapping and murder charges. >> very darling. huggable kid. used to go fishing with my dad. >> reporter: earl handa has memories of his nephew clark who everyone stalled toshiro or toshie. photos stop at age three. it was baffling from the start. his mom found him gone one morning. the window open in their fairfield home and a ransom
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note. the kidnapper never pursued the ransom. now investigators say this man, michael fejarang, a family friend, 23 at the time, took toshiro and killed him soon after. >> no case is truly ever cold. >> reporter: police note the abduction back then shook the community. leads came and went. it wasn't until five years ago a cold case unit with fbi help really started digging. >> our goal is to offer as much justice as we can to the families. it will never bring their child back, but hopefully this offers closure. >> reporter: toshiro's siblings grew up without him. >> it doesn't happen to people like us, i guess. >> reporter: toshiro's father ron, who made pleas for his son, is long divorced. he says now he remembers fejarang as a friend of his stepdaughter's. he was convicted in three child molestation cases and he has been in prison more than a decade. >> i can tell you that the
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wheels of justice are turning to him. >> reporter: handa says he forgives fejarang and will let justice play out. >> when is the last time somebody was executed in california? >> reporter: he coped, he says, the only way he could. >> i got two little kids to raise. so i basically buried myself in raising the kids and working. >> reporter: the house and the street where the abduction happened are gone. it's a strip mall. >> you think we are going to find out something wonderful has happened. >> reporter: always hoped that he was alive. >> some family wanted him and is living a good life. >> reporter: the family could look at age progression photos and try to imagine. >> it really destroyed her. hurt her a lot. her and my dad. >> reporter: now there is certainty. more bitter than sweet. >> now that i am grandparent, you know, i just can't -- i think about how may parents felt about him, how much they cared about him, and i just think -- i don't know how. i couldn't go through that. >> so police still consider
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this an active investigation. they won't say if the suspect acted alone. we will not reveal whether there has been a confession or a body was found. in oakland, closing arguments in the trial against a man accused of killing an eight-year-old girl are scheduled to begin monday. darnell williams is accused of a gang retaliation shooting that killed eight-year-old alicia carradine and injured two other children and a grandmother. this week william's sister testified she drove her brother to a dice game where a 22-year- old man was shot and killed. prosecutors say that deadly incident sparked williams to respond with the shooting that killed alicia. we are hearing from san francisco police chief greg suhr for the first time since learning the specifics about racist and homophobic text messages allegedly sent and received by his police department. >> he told us sfpd has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to incidents like this. >> we are working with the department of justice and the cops office right now so that
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these bad apples that have revealed themselves, we want to be very clear both inside and outside the organization that we are accountable to the public, that we are transparent and that we have no tolerance, zero tolerance for intolerance. >> chief suhr says his officers have taken a pledge to root out intolerance. a 99-year-old san francisco woman fighting eviction will be able to stay in her home where she lived more than 70 years. eye canada -- iris canada went to supreme court this morning. the owner of the building wants to convert it into a condo. the judge also said she must pay the building owners legal fees, which her family says could cost about $150,000. she has to return to court in a couple of weeks for a hearing on those fees. a newly refurbished hotel in san francisco's tenderloin is giving dozens of homeless people a home. 90 people have moved into the
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henry hotel on sixth street. the new residents came from san francisco's navigation center, which takes in entire encampments, provides them with services and finds permanent housing. the henry hotel is them one. largest groups the center has been able to place in one building. >> i'm rejoining life, which means getting up and having a routine. i am looking for a job, you know. trying to get back into a lot of people's lives that, you know, like my family. >> the city says it is so pleased with how the navigation center has been able to place people in housing, it's looking to open a second one. a community in the south bay is coming together to help more than 150 people left homeless after a fire ripped through an apartment complex earlier this month. >> many are staying at the vagabond inn. azimuth smith explains how various groups are helping the families get back on their feet. >> reporter: it has been 11
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days since this two alarm electrical fire ripped through the twin pines manor apartments in sunnyvale causing damage. all the units within the complex uninhabitable. 169 residents displaced. among them his wife and two- year-old son. he talked about how their lives have been turned upside down. his wife telling me all she wants is to prepare home cooked meals. would it be fair to say it's been very hard for your family? >> because i need to manage my [ inaudible ]. my office, people are helping me a lot. >> we are facing a lot of problems like we came from india. so we are staying in motel. >> reporter: there are among 70 people who are staying at the center in need of low-income housing. their complex before housed elderly, veterans and the mentally disabled.
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>> there is no place that can replace the 70 some units that were lost. there is no one place to send all of them. this was low-cost housing. >> reporter: low cost below market housing not easy to come by in silicone valley. so far the non-profit sunnyvale community services has helped house 15 of the 70 families. >> it's our community. i mean, we are all a part of sunnyvale and it's important for us to able to reach out and help each other. >> reporter: a bright spot, the community stepping up offering support on short notice among a dozen volunteers prepared and cooked a spaghetti dinner for the families. they hope one day soon they will be able to cook their own meals in a place they can call their own. >> and just yesterday the santa clara board of supervisors approved $150,000 in funding to help supplement the cost of the motel rooms. san francisco is taking aim at states with laws that discriminate against the lbgt
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community. supervisor scott weiner has proposed an ordinance that would ban city spending in states such as mississippi and north carolina. also ban business contracts with companies based in those states. north carolina blocked local and state protections for lbgt workers and requires transgender people to use the room that corresponds to their birth gender. a city in alabama passed a similar law. mississippi allows business 20s refuse to serve people if they have religious objections. >> it will spread unless we take a very strong position that there will be economic pain if you do this. >> he hopes to bring his proposal before the board of supervisors by june in time for pride celebrations. lyft is facing a wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit filed by the mother and boyfriend of the man who died in a crash with a lyft driver at the wheel. they called lyft for a ride home from a halloween party in 2015. the chp report on the crash
12:39 pm
says the driver swerved to avoid a stalled car. the report says roads were wet and the driver lost control while driving 75 miles per hour and slammed into a tree. holland died and lawrence was hospitalized with several serious injuries. he says at first lyft was helpful. >> originally, they said that they would -- they were offering to help. i sent them a few bills and then they stopped. >> they have never called me or sent me an e-mail or letter or anything to express any kind of condolences. >> lyft says our hearts go out to the family and loved ones involved in this tragedy, but it says it's not responsible because the driver was an independent contractor. not a company employee. lyft also says it is a tech company. not a transportation company. there is a hearing in the case scheduled next month, but no trial date has been set. some details are being released about a settlement between uber and its drivers. it covered drivers in california and massachusetts
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who said they were not independent contractors as uber claimed, but uber employees. under the settlement uber agreed to pay the drivers as much as $100 million, but court documents show that most eligible drivers will probably receive less than $25. golden state warriors looking to advance to the next round of the playoffs as they host the houston rockets tonight at oracle. >> yep. but the big question remains. will they be able do it without steph curry? we will bring you sports anchor jason applebaum with a pull report after the break. and as the rain clouds slip away, we will check back in with our meteorologist mark tamayo.
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players on the houston rockets have been vocal about promising a win tonight at oracle. >> can you say that. but the warriors are hoping they will be able to advance to the next round even without their mvp steph curry. jason applebaum just heard from the warriors. he joins us live now from the practice facility in oakland. what's going on, jason? >> reporter: yeah, hey, mike. we will get to that bulletin board material in a minute. the warriors, they practiced about an hour and a half ago behind me here and stephen curry was here. klay thompson is in good spirits. of course, he will miss the next couple of weeks. as we take a look at the video here, it's been quite a past few days surrounding the golden state warriors. sunday steph, he sprained his knee. he will be out at least two weeks. on monday the warriors'
12:44 pm
possible next round opponent, the l.a. clippers lost their best two players to injury. chris paul and blake griffin. now, yesterday a good day around here. steve kerr named the coach of the year. assistant luke walton eighth despite officially registering zero wins. and tonight a chance to wrap up their series with houston in game five. and we have a little bulletin board material courtesy of rockets veteran guard jason terry. here's what he said. quote, that's going to be a long flight home for them to come back to houston. it's going to be a nice flight home for us when we get the win. i am guaranteeing it. now, the two warriors that we spoke toed clearly not amused -- spoke toed, clearly not amused. >> good for him. i mean, see what happens.
12:45 pm
you know, i am not going to make any statements. you know, i guess he is trying to rally the troops. whatever he is trying to do. don't really give a [bleep]. >> reporter: there you go. andrew bogut. they clearly do not want to fly back to texas on friday for game six. they want to wrap it up today. they practiced, like i said, an hour and a half ago. it's going to be guys stepping up to replace steph curry, including andrew igodala and klay thompson, who had seven three-pointers in the game four win over the weekend. now, they are shorthanded, no doubt, but as klay says. >> no matter who is out there, we still got a job to do. give our front office a ton of credit. they built a very deep team that can with drought times like this, when a guy or two is
12:46 pm
out. >> want to make sure we handle our business, come out with the right energy, move the ball. we'll be okay. >> reporter: warriors big favorites tonight despite not having steph curry. if they win tonight, they will wait for the clinker of the -- clippers and portland series. that series is tied up at two games apiece. we will send it back to you guys in the studio. >> big game. thanks. appreciate it. the san francisco giants go for the sweep of the san diego padres this afternoon at at&t ballpark. all they needed last night at the park was one run to get the win. brandon crawford singles to lead off the fifth. denard span did this knocking him with a double off the right field wall. johnny cueto pitched a complete game. sitting down 11, including this one in the eighth. finished off by buster posey throwing out the runner at second. this was the 100th quinn of cueto's career. right now jeff samardzija is on the hill for the giants.
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the a's snapped a three- game losing streak. they wt onen to win 5-1. starter rich hill pitched seven scoreless innings, striking out eight. sonny gray takes the mound today. they have two more games in detroit before heading home tomorrow. today is a big day. the first round of the nfl draft. cal quarterback jared goff expected to be the number-one pick going to the los angeles rams. the 49ers have the seventh pick. the raiders have the 14th. all right. let's bring in meteorologist mark tamayo. what do you say? is the rain gone for the day? >> i have been watching showers develop in parts of the east bay over the past hour. not completely done. a chance of an isolated shower, even a chance of a thunderstorm. here is our live camera towards the bay bridge in san francisco off in the distance. looks like a beautiful bay in terms it of the cloud cover. this camera, i was tracking
12:48 pm
some rain showers, this is our bay point camera, and we had some raindrops on the camera lenz 15 to 20 minutes ago. those cloud build-ups will be key because that could lead to thunderstorms across parts of the bay area. rainfall totals over the past 24, look at hayward .21. taupering off for san francisco. they could pick up snowfall up above 7,000 feet. lots of clouds over lake tow right now. here's what's happening on live stormtracker the main action to the north and east of the bay area. those are lightning strikes moving across the region earlier this morning. right now the focus is some showers in parts of the east bay. also out towards oakley, brentwood, discovery bay, bethel island, that orange cell indicating the possibility of a
12:49 pm
thunderstorm. more action in the central valley approaching modesto right now. thunderstorms there. up in the north, we will be watching this afternoon. some activity swoops in from the north and with that, that could generate more thunderstorm activity this afternoon. partly cloudy skies. kind of cool and blustery out there. current numbers. santa rosa 60 degrees. walnut creek 58. livermore in the upper 50s. wind speeds, yep, they are up there. fairfield, that's sustained at 20 miles per hour. and some more wind reports for you. half moon bay, that's a gusty of 28. and sfo gusting to 37 miles per hour. so here's the key for today. our skycast showing you the clouds out there. showers to the north and to the east in the bay area, but close enough that we could have a few isolated thunderstorms pop up. our forecast model, not showing much in the way of showers overhead, but there is so much moisture out there and as a result the sunshine that could help fuel the thunderstorms. so through your wednesday afternoon there is a chance of
12:50 pm
a thunderstorm here. the main dynamic in the north and to the east of the region. and then on thuray we are going to clear things out. this will set the stage for a warming trend that will carry over into the forecast. forecast highs this afternoon, the coolest spots in the upper 50s. warmest locations around 70 degrees. san jose 66. half moon bay checks in at 60. a look ahead. your five-day forecast. we are going to hold on to the rain cloud for today with a possibility of a shower and then we are going to warm things up, mike and gasia, as we head into the weekend. what is interesting. you might think this might be over as we head into may in terms of rain chances in the bay area. some of the forecast models hinting at maybe some rain chances around cinco de mayo. still a ways out. >> may 1st is sunday. still ahead, big news for dog owners. why some psychologists are saying you should not cuddle with your four-legged friend when we return. >> mike. you shouldn't have to go far
12:51 pm
to get the help you're looking for. that's why at xfinity we're opening up more stores closer to you. where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around.
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tonight andre is in for a rude awakening when more truths are revealed on the hit tv show "empire." >> her role pretty closely resembles her real life. >> reporter: when fox caught up with roper and "empire" co-star breezy, she was working the
12:54 pm
crowd and scissors. the former barber was giving fans a haircut. >> barbie bettering got me out here. so to come to l.a., i was still cutting hair and making relationships with major people in the industry. >> reporter: she plays a rapper. she has learned a lot from actor terrence howard. >> stay true to who you are. he stands so firm on who he is. you know, it's hard to be in such a limelight and not conform what people's opinions or whatever the media says about you and stuff like that. and i think that he handles it well. >> reporter: when it comes to upcoming story lines, she says that it's as much of a surprise for her as it is for viewers. >> so surprising. we shoot and shoot but we don't know. i don't see it.
12:55 pm
>> reporter: she adds, she is just glad to be a part of the "empire." >> an awesome group of people. it's like a family. terrence is amazing. it's really like -- it's a watch and learn type thing. i just chill. i watch. i got questions i can ask and they answer them freely. >> reporter: as she continues to mix things up with her acting and music, she admits none of this would have happened without being cast on the show. >> it's definitely growing in awareness of who i am. i feel like i have always been a special girl. but it's awareness in my music and overall talent. i i am here for a reason. i just didn't know what that reason was yet. and i knew it would be big. i didn't know it would be this big. >> all right. dog owners, listen up. your dog does not want to be hugged. that's the word from a british university professor who
12:56 pm
specializes in dog psychology. dogs are running animals. they feel best when they can escape any threat and holding a dog makes him or her feel trapped. the professor says you can tell your dog is anxious if it flattens its ears, licks it's lips or averts its eyes. ahead of the close we see the dow jones industrial is up ever so slightly by 50 points. the fed is not going to raise interest rates. however, the nasdaq is down a little bit. they will follow up with numbers coming up. new information on a story we brought you at the top of the newscast about a lockdown at pacifica schools. >> we know a pregnant woman was shot in the head. she is going to survive and her baby was delivered and the baby is doing well. police say the woman was shot
12:57 pm
by her ex-boyfriend. investigators say the shooting happened after he tried to kidnap her about 8:00 this morning. took off in a car. again the mom and the baby are fine. we will have more at four. >> henry lee is on the story. thanks for joining us, everyone. everyone.
12:58 pm
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