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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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to to to las vegas. >> it brought me back to when i was in houston in january covering the nfl owners meeting. he made it clear then he wanted to be anywhere on the planet but oakland. now it just may be las vegas. >> he's knocking on their door. he says he's going to put up $500 million. sports director mark ibanez is going to break that down but we begin in the south bay. questions are swirling over why two sons would allegedly kill their own parents. >> police detectives arrested the man on the screen. his younger brother also arrested yesterday. today the pair sits behind bars while neighbors are stumped. >> south bay borrow reporter jesse gary joining us now. what are the neighbors telling you? >> reporter: some are expressing shock, others
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relieved there isn't a killer still running loose. we've been watching as cars drive down the cul-de-sac, stop in front of the home and then drive o. no one seems to know what family drama was playing out on the inside. >> family violence happens in every economic strata, in every racial group, in every ethnicity. it is not something that is only confined to certain economic areas. or certain racial groups. or certain types of relationships. >> reporter: decades-long neighbor carole grady said what was really going on inside this home on lucas court is a mystery. detectives made an arrest yesterday. he is now booked for murder. police also arrested his younger brother in san jose. the 17-year-old being held in juvenile hall also charged with murder. police say the pair responsible for the slaying of three' parents. the two were found sunday shot
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to death inside the family home in the evergreen neighborhood. the source confirms to fox 2 at least three messages were written in ink and scrawled on the floor and walls. the scrutiny now shifting to one of the younger sons who neighbors say was unusually shy and withdrawn. >> reporter: you thought the quietness was odd beyond that for some reason? >> he used to, like, not really hang out with a lot of people, like he kind of, what's the word, like outsourced himself. >> reclusive. >> yeah. >> reporter: the two young men in that car were former classmates of the younger son, the 17-year-old. they didn't want their faces shown but they did talk a little bit about his behavior at school saying he was unusually withdrawn, didn't want to be around anyone or talk with anyone. i reached out to leaders at the local islamic center. they say they've known the
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couple for at least two decades. never heard anyinkling -- never heard any inkling of any conflict. >> with you eve heard wonderful things about this couple. now we're hearing about one of the sons anything about the family unit as a whole? did they go to things together? were they a close family? anything about the family unit? >> reporter: that is the thing that is so puzzling. you walk up and down the block and you talk to people and they all say the same thing. they seem like a great family. yeah, they kept to themselves, but these days a lot of people keep to themselves but you don't expect to have a double homicide right down the block or right next-door. so it's completely puzzling, and it's just trying to juxtapose the fact that they're really sweet, nice people, with two upstanding young son, one shy, but a good kid, and then sunday, the parents are found dead, one of the sons is missing, the younger one
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brought in for questioning. you can't make sense of it. at least not yet. that's kind of what they're working on now, the motive. why, what drove these kids to allegedly kill their parents. >> the truth is we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. jesse gary, live in san jose. other headlines. apple released a statement about the death of a young employee saying we are heart broken about the death. our thoughts go out to his family and friends including the many people he worked with here at apple. this man was found dead there in a conference room. authorities do not suspect foul play. we are still waiting for the coroner to release the man's name. now to the presidential race. the republican front runner donald trump bringing his campaign to california. he's holding a big rally later on tonight at 7:00 in koas that mace zane orange county. the doors opening right about now. it is being held at an
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amphitheater at tar orange county fairgrounds. that theater seats up to 8500 people. there are 172 republican delegates up for grabs in california. >> donald trump and his rivals will all be in burlingame tomorrow for the state republican convention as the man in the lead, trumpl give the opening address at the hyatt regency tomorrow. kasich will speak tomorrow night. then on saturday cruz will stip to the podium along with his newly announced running mate, carly fiorina. extra security measures are being taken due to previous violence at trump rallies and plans for anti-trump protests are scheduled outside the event. it is draft day for the nfl. both the 49ers and raiders, of course, will make their picks later on tonight. as those two teams plan for their future, raiders owner mark davis is also looking down the line at a possible move to las vegas. that's right. i said las vegas. he joined soccer superstar david beckham in a pitch for a
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new billion dollar stadium backed by billionaire sheldon addle son. >> a lot going on. let's get right to the with our sports director mark ibanez. let's do vegas first. my goodness gracious, here we go. >> everything that goes on down there we're not going to hear about. >> well said. >> no, it's one of those things where it's deja vu all over gang. we've heard that this thing has a little bit of life to the. >> some life. >> they've got a lot of money behind it. and now adding to the fire today, the fact that mark davis says the raiders, or he himself will put in $500 million what. they want to do is build a $1.4 billion stadium that would seat about 65,000 people. and, of course, be super bowl viable. that's something that nfl owners take into consideration, of course. and you mentioned it, too, heather. >> yes. >> david beckham is part of the group. >> get those soccer fans. >> some soccer games and things
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which also the nfl likes. >> obviously he has some sizzle, too. but they do need the approval of the nevada state legislature to get this thing rolling on to the next city. here's a little of what mark davis had to say today. >> it will be a contractual commitment. in my case it will be a lifetime commitment. this is their goal, when my father passed away, the number one thing was to find a stadium and find a home. >> all right, he said way like to make the silver state the silver and black state. obviously raider colors, so he's thought about a slogan. for raiders fans, i'm going to talk about the people here in oakland and around the bay area that live and die by this team. it's very disheartening. it's one of those things where, due kind of look at this like he's trying to use it as leverage to get oakland to get off their rear ends and get the stadium project moving, or is
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he dead serious. >> by all indications it sounds like he wants out of oakland. i remember the l.a. raiders so this is like here we go again. they're moving once again. do you think this really could be the last season here? >> it very well could be. >> he's moving money around. >> it's one of those things where number one, let's move one step at a time. they're not going to get this stadium built in a year. that's not going to happen. the other thing, the nfl is going to have a huge zane it. obviously gambling is, if not the number one concern, it's right up there. and they're not thrilled by the prospect of having an nfl team -- they've been a little more lacks in lashing out against the idea but it's still not their number one pick to think, oh yeah, right in the heart of gambling, sin city, we've got an nfl team, and if there's a threat to the integrity of the national football league, or any professional sport, it's any connection with gambling.
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>> a reason there's no team in las vegas. >> so it's probably the first quarter when it comes to the raiders going to vegas. i did mention it's draft day. there's draft parties here. the 49ers are having one. when we look at the live picture with some of the cheerleaders, the actual draft itself taking place in chicago, the niners need a lot. maybe they trade kaepernick. >> i expect it to be a very eventful day. i will tell you what's odd that strikes me as a longtime follower of bay area football this is the first time in long time we've seen a changing of the guard. usually it's the raiders pick way up top, then comes the 49ers because they've had longtime success. so this is a change right there. number 7. you mentioned it, mike, the 49ers need a lot, but what comes to mind is right off the bat, they don't get after the opposing quarterback very well at all. they need a guy who can come off the defensive line, put
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pressure on the opposing quarterbacks, and then they have patrick willis retiring, a whole slew of people. they could use a speedy, rangy linebacker. >> they could use a lot. >> can they get more picks? the raiders have 14, but they had cooper last year. jared goff, the local kid is really the highlight of the draft. >> and he's handsome. >> i do want to not jump ahead. the raiders at number 14, they've got a shot at picking up a very high-quality player. they need some help at defensive back and maybe linebacker, too. but i expect this to be a huge day for the still oakland raiders. and i just think the timing is so odd. mark davis on this huge day when everybody is excited about the raiders and moving on up in the nfl, and he's down there in las vegas. so it's pretty weird. but i'm happy to talk about
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jared goff, too. >> he could be mr. hollywood down in southern california. >> i had a chance to see him placement we used to cover high school football on friday nights, and marin catholic was playing san rafael high, my old alma mater. >> the bulldogs. >> right. when he was a junior. and everybody who saw him that night was saying this is a guy who is going to the nfl. now, he raised his stock even more with his sensational career at cal and his dad went to san rafael high. they're marin county folks. so it's extremely exciting to have a guy from our backyard who looks like he's going to be the number one pick. now here's a little interview with his high school coach and also his coach at cal. we'll hear from him as well. let it roll, guys. >> sharing the experience with jared and his family, and other people shared the journey with him, it's been special. it's been special.
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it's been a lot of fun. it's amazing that he is here. looking back, sort of rewinding the tape of life, it's been an interesting journey. >> he's ready. he's one of those kids you don't ever know how someone is going to transition but i can't imagine anybody is going to be more ready than he is. i think if he's fortunate enough to go number one overall it would be a great marriage. >> he's just a great kid. he's got his head on his shoulders. his dad, quality individual who made sure he never got the cocky prima donna attitude. it's going to be strange because he's going to probably wind one the l.a. rams and the 49ers will have to deal with him for years in the west. so he's a bay area guy. i know he would have loved to have started his career with the 49ers. it's not going to happen. >> all right, mark, appreciate it. digital devices are a big part of many children's lives. while being on-line it's very possible they could stumble upon some inappropriate adult
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content. coming up we're going to ask common sense media how to have a conversation with our kids about pornographic materials that they could find on-line. and in weather just a beautiful day across the entire bay area. look at this. lots of sunshine out there with temperatures in the six and 70s. get ready for a warm-up. we'll highlight the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. and right now on our facebook page when the forecast calls for hail, residents of north texas took some action. here's a peek at some of the ways they protected their cars when they were warned about a major hailstorm that was on the way. i'm from texas. i know all about that baseball- sized hail. go to our ktvu facebook page and check out the slide show.
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with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month.
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geyser thursday we sit down with the folks at common sense media to discuss the issues facing families. i'm joined by gary stevens, senior director of common sense. we're talking about pornography. kids on-line, spending many hours of their day on-line, and that can put them in a position in which they stumble across some adult material that they're not quite ready for. so my first question swlarks do we do about as parents? >> porn, the new four-letter word. i'm not here to judge the porn industry but the issue is we know that kids are stumbling on porn are access it in one click. often this porn is graphic and violent and full of stereotypes
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and degrading to men and women alike. kids don't know that this is scripted sex, that it's full of made-up characters and unrealistic expectations. so we as adults need to help them know what makes for a healthy sexual relationship. >> when i was growing up there was the birds and base conversation. now it is the pornography talk, because now it is about would they will have access to on- line. do you encourage parents, before we even begin the conversation about would they find on-line, should we have a talk with them about what exists? >> it's up to you as the patient but we know that access is a great thing. the internet is part of our lives. but we want them to be safe and responsible and have those tools to thrive in the digital world so when they do stumble on something lake porn that they know what to do and they're not trying to process it or turn to their friends who might be as ill informed as they are. >> so are you the parent and you say, click away, really quickly, or do you use that opportunity? >> it's a teachable moment, but you want to be proactive and
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not necessarily reactive, because most likely they are going to stumble on something. three tips. what are your concerns and hopes for their relationships? this is an opportunity to impart your values and let them know you know what's going on in the world. number two pay attention to your tone because we know how you say it asdrubal important as what you say. rule of thumb is think of three adjectives. calm, collected, confident. you go in and you don't have a tone that will humiliate your kids. number three, the hardest one, initiating that conversation, taking that first step, saying your child, have you ever seen anything that has made you uncomfortable? or, this may be awkward, but there are things i want you to know. >> you say there's no real way to prevent your kids from finding this. but what are some ways in which you can limit it? i've always thought just having specific back marks, specific websites that they can go to and nothing else. that a good idea? >> we give advice around
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filters but at the end of the day nothing is 100% foolproof. we start as early as kindergarten about red light sites, yellow light sites, green light sites. so when they do hit inappropriate content, they know to shut it down. at the end of the day we don't want them shouldering this by themselves. >> any other tips? you mentioned getting that conversation started. that can be the difficult part. what are some tips to get the conversation going? >> again i think saying to your child have you ever seen anything that's bothered you on- line? i had a coworker tell me she was sitting with her 13-year- old daughter doing a report and they looked at a site called the history of licorice. she said they were assaulted with images. she had to check herself and say, oh, let's shut this down, on to the next. because we don't want our kids to have think that we're mad, upset. >> and that there gees that
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they did. you want them to be able to talk openly. a difficult conversation but if you take those tips, it will be an easy conversation to have. mike, back to you. let's talk weather with meteorologist mark tamayo. i can feel the warm-up. it's coming, right? it's here. >> in fact, temperatures comfortable with rains in the 60s and 70s. nothing too extremely hot. yesterday we were dealing with rain showers, the cool, blustery conditions, so things changing today, and the weather will continue to evolve over the next few days. you can see the bigger picture across the country with the jet stream. we still have this big trough over california, the old circulation from yesterday out towards nevada. for us, looks like a quiet weather pattern developing and a warming one as well. we're looking for rainfall. it looks like the closest rain showers out to our east,
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towards the sierras, towards the foothills and also approaching pollock pines as well. current numbers out there back home, santa rosa mid-70s, san francisco 60 degrees. some 70s out toward livermore, walnut creek, concord and fairfield. it's going to be a nice friday. temperatures zooming up. nothing extremely hot but the warmest locations could be approaching the low to mid-80s. here we go. tomorrow morning in san francisco 7:00 a.m., partly cloudy skies. here's our sky cast showing you that. afternoon house, fair skies by lunchtime, 60 degrees. wrapping up the afternoon by 4:00 a bit of a breeze again, winds around 10 to 20 miles per hour. but your triday will be beautiful with lots of sunshine out there. you can see the bigger picture on satellite where you do have this big h offshore, an area of high pressure. also this system to our north. they're both going to be
4:22 pm
moving. the low will be to our east. the pressure difference will generate wind especially for the north bay hills and the east bay hills. that will be for friday night into saturday but also a big warm-up expected. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. tomorrow not a big change from today. 60s and 70s. then into the weekend, we'll continue to warm things back up. more 80s, even san francisco back up to 76 degrees for sunday. forecast highs for tomorrow afternoon, lots of 70s out there. antioch and brentwood 78 to 79 degrees. santa rosa upper 70s. pacifica 64. and some more neighborhoods coming up four, san jose 7 2, half moon bay 65 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. it's a nice one if you like sunshine but still a bit of breeze. there is a chance we could have a wind advisory kick in for friday nature and interest saturday morning. sunday just by a little bit will be the warmest day of the
4:23 pm
weekend. partly sunny skies into monday of next week with increasing clouds by tuesday, always drop- off in the temperatures. but just a beautiful day here in the bay area. just to put this into perspective, my sister and my niece were visiting from hawaii today. they have a one-day layover. they're on a plane to paris right now. i showed them around san francisco all morning long. they did not want to leave. >> push that flight to paris back a few days. >> because they had a great tour guide. >> they had a great forecast, and maybe the tour guide helped as well. there is an awful lot of discussion about diversity in the workplace. especially in the tech sector. still to come, why women aren't seeing a lot of each other in leadership roles and the challenge female entree pre thatters find when they seek funding to start their business. we're going to look into that when "the four on 2" returns.
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that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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a very tense afternoon at a baltimore television station after a bizarre incident where a man walks in wearing some sort of animal costume, showing what appeared to be a bomb strapped to his chest. this is video of the man after he walked out of that fox affiliate station there. you can see him in the white jump suit there. moments later police shot him several times after he refused to take his hands out of his pockets. you see him there. police say he was conscious and communicating with authorities while they used robots to determine if he really had that
4:27 pm
bomb. it turns out he was carrying candy bars. all the employees there, they were evacuated safely. no reports of anyone else being hurt. >> such a strange, strange incident. cal fire is seek more than $90 million from pg&e for the cost of fighting the destructive fire last september. the agency says it has determined that the fire was started when a tree came into contact with the power line. cal fire says pg&e or one of its contractors removed two pine trees back in january, and that caused a weaker tree to fall and nature power line. the fire killed two people. it destroyed more than 550 homes and caused an estimated $300 million in dang. and today pg and issued a statement saying their thoughts and prayers are with the fire victims. the company adds, quote, we are reviewing cal fire's report in its entirety as we have said since september 16th we cooperate fully with cal fire
4:28 pm
in its investigation on the source of the ignition for the butte fire. pg&e said it will respond to cal fire's request in a, quote, normal legal process. >> coming up there are a whole lot of ideas about how to improve diversity in the workplace. now a new report out is pinpointing a problem that many female entrepreneurs face as they try to launch their own start-ups. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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technology is certainly fueling our economic engine, and the bay area is in the heart of it. but tech companies are also at the center of a debate about workplace diverse team. specifically women in leadership. >> many have issued a public call for tech companies to gather published data about how many women and minorities actually work for them and how many are in management roles, but the numbers are just a piece of the puzzle. >> for the past year tech crunch has been researching the issue. just last week it published an article about its comprehensive study on women entrepreneurs and the lack of female leadership in the venture capital firms. today on the "4 x 4" we're taking a look at the subject.
4:32 pm
>> there are a series of articles published. thank you both for being with us. with the need for a study like this, i know the study set out to answer two main questions. one being to determine how many women are truly investing partners at leading venture firms. let's talk about why it was important to answer that question and what you found. >> women investing is extremely important because they have power within the venture firms, they're putting the dollars to work and they have carry within the firm what. we wanted to do is say what are the actual numbers. we looked at the top 100 firms not only here in the u.s. 84 were in the u.s. but we also included global firms. what we found is if you looked at the top firms, 7% of women were investing partners.
4:33 pm
so those numbers are low. >> let's talk about some of the obstacles personally for you since ear in the business. but external and internal. in the external there's discrimination. did you run across anything to get to where you are today? >> no, i didn't, but i will say in my career i'm playing a sport that men play. like steph curry, i'm smaller and in the as muscular. so my job was to catch the ball, be in the game, help the team win. the issue was i wouldn't want to highlight the fact i was a woman. that would not necessarily be a strength. so i was just focused to be a tom boy, if you will, a successful sports person. >> i want to go back to the number. why is that? >> these are small firms. there's a few investing partners. i think the average was seven. you worked for a very long time together. if you raised the funds, you are going to be tenured
4:34 pm
together. for a lot of these firms men are in the leadership and they tend to go out and hire people like themselves, people they feel comfortable with, so it's self-reproducing. what we are seeing, some of the smaller firms coming out, passing some of the change in this industry is going to come from the newer firms who are coming out of the gate, and its women joining those initial teams, because the older firms are not making the shift possible. >> is there a trickle-down effect to women starting their own businesses or looking for that capital when it is a male dominated industry? i'm not sure if i'm going start my own business and keba, who is going to get more money if i'm going to the same firm? >> exactly. the other study, we looked at female founder numbers. what we saw between 2009 and 2014, the numbers of women founding companies went from something like 9% to 18% in a six-year period. so those numbers jumped in terms of the number of women getting out there and finding companies. i think that's why there's
4:35 pm
pressure on the venture industry. >> to make a change. >> exactly. because these men are saying, we're making change on the company side, what's happening on the other side of the table. >> if your second point was to explore the venture firms, and which ones had the strongest track record, right, of supporting start-ups with at least one female cofounder. >> right. >> what did you find there? >> interestingly the numbers there, it was all over the place. there were many firms which have males in their leadership investing in female founders. there were many firms with strong female leadership. >> defectors, right? >> exactly. the interesting part of the study, would we found that 38 of those firms had a female partner but 62 did not. and when you looked at the 38, it was almost a third of their partnership, there were a few firms, most of the firms had one female partner, and what
4:36 pm
that means to me it's very precarious within the venture industry for those 28 firms, if one woman to leave, they would be back down to an all-male investment team. >> kate i want to talk about inspiring women, inspiring young girls to even get into technology to get into venture capital. don't we need to start there so that then we have more people applying for the positions and hopefully getting them? >> our feeding ground for venture sen tree pre newership so we want to start with technology. by the way to answer quickly to this reason why not enough dollars are going to by the way not just women, but even more so diverse founders, it's because our networks don't overlap. it's all about building nets sworks that will you get it because there are more people who are probably overlapping. you can find it on linked in. you can see it on facebook. we need to bring those together. so that's i think the biggest thing. i'm leaving here to go have dinner with eight women at stanford university who were
4:37 pm
interested and reached out so i'm going to talk to them about how would you think about it, and they're m.b.a. students. we're going to talk about how they can move forward. so it's more conversation. i have now taken over an issue at the industry level. i'm claire of the national -- i'm on the board of the national venture capital association. i've been chairman. they've only asked one board member to return, and it was me to lead the issue around diversity. really wonderful, mike, because it's led by people who look more like you. >> now i know what it feels like sitting at this table here. >> exactly. >> but do you get a sense that more men are speaking up on your behalf, on women and minorities? >> they are. in fact, i was asked to rejoin and to lead this effort by a leading large fund. john callahan of true ventures, a next-generation leader in the industry and the current chair of the board himself.
4:38 pm
they insisted they, too, would be on the task force. >> good to hear. >> it means a lot. >> moving in the right direction but still more work. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you both for all your work. >> thank you. nice troin music for weather. mostly sunny skies across the bay area today. coming up we'll highlight the warmest day of the weekend when we could have wind advisories, and also talking about rain chances in the long-range weather maps. >> another live look outside. that's 680 northbound through the sunol gre. getting into san jose not bad at all. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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in the midst of intense fighting in syria an air strike has hit a children's hospital and killed 50 people. >> among the dead are children and staff. the hospital is located in a rebel-held neighborhood. the government denies the missile came from one of its fighter jets. u.s. officials say there were no u.s. troops operating in that area. the fighting has intensified in -- in alepo in recent days. a u.s. official is reporting 16 military personnel have been disciplined for an
4:42 pm
air strike on a hospital in afghanistan. at least 31 died in the october 3rd attack. a previous report says that u.s. forces thought the building had been taken over by the taliban and that u.s. troops were using a description of the building given to them by afghan forces. the pentagon is expected to release a full report on the investigation tomorrow. vice president joe biden made a brief surprise visit to iraq today to encourage political stability there. the u.s. is said to be concerned that infighting among elected officials is distracting from the fight against isis. earlier this month president obama authorized additional troops to iraq along with apache helicopters. biden met with a number of leaders before heading to rome for a conference on cancer research. let's bring in meteorologist mark tamayo. we turned down the music. >> i thought it was sunday morning back in october, november, getting ready for
4:43 pm
football season. of course we're all excited about the draft. but weather, we're always excited about that as well. lots of sunshine over san francisco bay. a few high clouds but just a really nice day to go for a walk with temperatures very comfortable. we actually after storm out here in the pacific but all the energy is heading up to our north following the upper level winds. in fact, as this big area of high pressure, i'll point that out, that's that circulation in the pacific. as that builds in that will be the source of some warming and also a dry weather pattern. as you can see, not so dry in the mountains right now toward the sierra. lingering clouds and a few showers. that could be the case tomorrow. a closer look at the bay area temperatures showing san francisco has cooled off into the upper 50s. san jose 70. some more 70s out toward livermore, walnut creek, concord and fairfield at last check. wind speeds showing a bit of breezy out toward fairfield. that's a sustained wind at 17
4:44 pm
miles per hour. oakland airport winds out of the west at 15. sfo, winds out of the west 28, gusting to 36 miles per hour. that's out toward sfo. the forecast headlines for this evening, clear out there. it is going to be nice friday. the weekend will be warm as well. in fact, some more 80s coming on board especially for the second half of the weekend. here's our forecast model. we'll put this into motion for friday, showing mostly sunny skies. the yellow is the 70s. the warmest locations on track to easily reach the upper 70s by tomorrow afternoon. talking baseball as well for the a's, mostly clear skies tomorrow evening. temperatures will be in the lower 60s with a bit of a breezy out there. watching two weather systems out here in the pacific. one is this big h, this area of high pressure. also this area of low pressure. look what happens as we head into the weekend. they will both be on the move. this low heads to our east this high is just offshore. the pressure difference will generate some wind, especially for friday night into saturday
4:45 pm
especially for the bay area hills, also producing the warming temperatures as well for both saturday and sunday. the winds, there's a chance we could have a wind advisory kick in for the north bay hills and the east bay hills. that could be as early as friday evening. but probably a better bet early saturday morning. winds could be gusting to rate around 45 miles per hour. both the winds kicking up out of the north to northeast. that will be the source of warming as we head into the weekend. tomorrow not too much change. more zentz for santa rose sacks, vallejo and fairfield. oakland, a forecast high of 70 degrees. the warmest locations on track to reach the upper 70s out toward antioch and brentwood. san jose lower 70s. morgan hill a very nice day for your friday afternoon, 75. san francisco downtown in the upper 60s. we'll go 68 degrees, eventually reaching the 70s as we head into the weekend. here is your five-day forecast with still the breezy conditions for your saturday, especially up in the higher terrain. sunday will be the warmest day. that means the temperatures inland back up into the mid-
4:46 pm
80s. even the beaches in the 70s. partly sunny skies on monday, increasing clouds tuesday. looks like the clods and cooler temperatures for next week could eventually set the stage for possibly some rain showers as we head towards cinco de mayo. so we'll keep an eye on that. it. >> mark thank you. julie haener live with a look at some of the stories we are work on for 5:00. julie, a very big bill for pg and e. >> a devastating wildfire burned last summer. it pg and e is not only taking the blame but also paying the cost to fight that fire. the state agency that just sent the electric company a nearly $100 million bill to pay for those firefighting efforts. >> and from a big bill to big news about the raiders possibly packing their bags. >> most football fans were worried about tonight's draft. the owner of the raiders was in las vegas pitching a stadium deals. hear why mark davis says this daily is now part of his
4:47 pm
family's legacy. we'll have it all at 5:00. >> julie, see you soon. "the four on 2" will be right back. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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4:49 pm
tensions keep rising as north korea carries out more missile tests. >> today's test apparently failed but that does not lessen concerns about their intentions. >> fox is monitoring from london. >> reporter: north korea not letting up, the country unsuccessfully attempting to launch two intermediate rang missiles which exploded shortly after lift-off. this is the second and third time this month the country has had a failed test of a missile which has the potential to travel more than 2100 miles.
4:50 pm
u.s. military bases in guam fall within this range. >> another example of their flagrant vile laightsdz of international obligations. >> reporter: it's the latest in a string of tests by pyongyang. officials are monitoring for another nuclear test. it would be the fifth after the most recent one in january. >> there will be no future for north korea if kim jong-un's regime carries out additional tests. >> reporter: these latest set- backs are particularly embarrassing. the north will hold its first major party conference in more than three decades. kim jong-un is expected to use the conference to push for nuclear weapons capability. >> the international community will never acknowledge north korea as a nuclear state.
4:51 pm
north korea will only face tougher sanctions. >> reporter: the last congress was held in 1980 by kim jong- un's grandfather. his father never held one. >> time now to get social and talk about the stories out there that people are sharing on social media. keisha finally back in studio, she shared this pic. she is in the recording studio with a popular dj who is known for his hit "clarity." >> she wrote, it's a miracle, i'm quoting, when someone gives awe chance at finding your voice again with no reason other than that he is a blank beautiful person with a heart of gold. obviously a big shout-out to zed. she's recording a new version of his song "true colors." >> some back story. she claims her producer drugged and raped her and was very abusive so she filed a lawsuit to try to get out of working with dr. luke but the judge
4:52 pm
denied the motion. then her recording contract says she could work with whoever she wanted to. >> are you following all this? >> it's drama. zed tweeted that the companies gave permission for them to work together so it seems like she's happy because she can still do her music now but not with the man that she has these allegations against. that issue still hasn't really been worked out. >> nice clarity on that. it is bring your child to workday. i don't see mine around here. >> nor here. >> maybe for a recess break. there you go. >> no whipping and neneing around here, but here's a big dance party. twitter also sharing a photo of moms with their kids across the bay. >> even nancy pelosi actually
4:53 pm
took time out and took questions from the kids. >> how about this for a big surprise? the president greets a group of journalism students visiting the white house. >> i hear there's some future journalists here. josh was speaking for me, and i wanted to make sheer was getting it right. >> there you go. the white house's first ever college reporter day. >> yeah, so you had 50 college students. they got to go into the white house press briefing room and meet with press secretary job earnest. you heard the president. he wanted to make sure josh was saying the right things so then the president showed up. he took their questions about democracy and also about the role of women. >> i love this. first of all i can't even imagine being that age and asking the president a question. i remember my first, like, big person, what i thought was a big official person, and it was
4:54 pm
mayor giuliani when i was reporting in new york. my heart was just beating, this small-town girl from texas. i couldn't imagine asking president obama a question. >> i wonder if they grilled him. >> would you? >> get right on it. >> mike would. >> "the four on 2" would be right back. >> no, you would ask him, what football team are you rooting for. i know you.
4:55 pm
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baltimore police say an officer is on paid leave after shooting a 13-year-old boy who was carrying a replica gun. >> officers spotted the boy yesterday holding what they believed was a semiautomatic pistol. police say the boy started to run and did not drop that gun so after a brief chase, one of the officers shot and wounded this 13-year-old who is now being treated for nonlife- threatening injuries. so it turned tout weapon was actually a bb gun. police released the picture of the replica weapon. you are looking at it there. today the police commissioner defended the officer's actions. >> if that happens in front of your house on your street, in your neighborhood, and someone is walking down the street with what looks to be a gun in his hand, the response in my opinion by the police department or for the police department is to do something about it. >> police also say they are looking into the legality of the replica gun. >> now, this police shooting comes a little more than a year
4:58 pm
after the high-profile death of freddie gray. gray was arrested on april 12th and suffered a spinal cord injury while being transported in a police van. he fell into a coma and died a week later. that death prompted violent protests. the driver of the van faces charges as well as three other officers. baltimore's police commissioner was replaced after that incident. julie, we are learning more about the double homicide in the south bay. >> a break in that case of a san jose couple killed in their own home. >> tonight both of their sons are behind bars accused of killing their parents. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. now the big question for investigators, they're trying to figure out tonight why would two sons kill their mom and
4:59 pm
dad. police detectives arrested 22- year-old hasib and his younger brother. neighbors and investigators are stumped by the puzzling turn of events. >> reporter: julie, from neighbors to vendors in the area, to property managers work here, no one can make sense of this. we've been stationed here most of the day and we've noticed cars moving down the cull did he smashings of them stopping, dropping off fresh flowers. no one seems to know what family drama was playing out on the inside. >> family violence happens in every economic strata, in every racial group, in every ethnicity. it is not something that is only confined to certain economic areas or certain racial groups or certain types of relationships. >> reporter: decades-long neighbor carole grady says what
5:00 pm
was really going inside 3006 lucas court a mystery to everyone. detectives arrested 22-year-old hasib golam rabbi. police also arrested his younger brother in san jose. the 17-year-old is held in juvenile hall. he is also charged with murder. police say the pair responsible for the slaying of their parents. the two were found sunday shot to death inside the family home in the evergreen neighborhood. a source confirms to fox 2 at least three messages written in ink and scrawled on the floor and walls near one of the bodies. scrutiny in the crime now shifting to the younger son who neighbors and former classmates tell me was unusually shy and withdrawn and could have been battling internal conflict. >> reporter: you thought the quietness was odd beyond that for some reason? >> he used to like not really hang out with a lot of people, like he kind of -- what's


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