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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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was really going inside 3006 lucas court a mystery to everyone. detectives arrested 22-year-old hasib golam rabbi. police also arrested his younger brother in san jose. the 17-year-old is held in juvenile hall. he is also charged with murder. police say the pair responsible for the slaying of their parents. the two were found sunday shot to death inside the family home in the evergreen neighborhood. a source confirms to fox 2 at least three messages written in ink and scrawled on the floor and walls near one of the bodies. scrutiny in the crime now shifting to the younger son who neighbors and former classmates tell me was unusually shy and withdrawn and could have been battling internal conflict. >> reporter: you thought the quietness was odd beyond that for some reason? >> he used to like not really hang out with a lot of people, like he kind of -- what's the
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word? like outsourced himself. >> reclusive. >> yeah. >> reporter: and those two men inside that car, the two young men inside the car, they didn't want their faces shown but they talked a little bit about seeing the younger son on the school campus and just how he kind of segregated himself away from everyone. i've talked to people at the nearby islamic center. one told me they've known the family for two decades and never saw anything that could have produced any kind of indications there would be this kind of violence. guys. >> and quick airns this case, jess see. are police saying any reason why they believe these two boys killed their parents? >> reporter: julie, from the early stages police said they believed this was not a random attack and that the killer or killers probably someone the victims knew. so you can't get any closer than your own off spring. so that's why they were, i guess, easy to track down. remember, the younger son, they brought him in for questioning immediately and then let him
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go, and then yesterday they found the older son in tracy, and they arrested the younger son. so they didn't really have far to look, and possibly could be something in the messages scrawled on the wall was a definite tip to police that there was something going on inside the home that made them think, let's look at the kids immediately. >> those messages were disturbing and so unusual. still a lot of questions in this case. jesse thank you. police say they've made an tarn killing of a teenage girl earlier this week on tuesday. the suspect is identified as 19- year-old brandon payne, and police say they have recovered a gun. payne was arrested near the home in richmond where 16-year- old marianne that seymour was killed. she was from bay port. it is not what raiders fans and oakland wanted to see this morning. owner mark davis walking into a meeting in las vegas with a sales pitch to move the franchise there. davis says he is willing to put up a half billion dollars to
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get a stadium built in las vegas. ktvu's rob roth joins us with more. >> julie, mark davis said the raiders need a home and this wasn't a bargaining clip to get a deal with oakland. he said this is real. plans for a las vegas stadium are already in the works. davis appeared before the southern nevada tourism infrastructure committee. he told a member that he's willing to put up $500 million for a domed 65,000 seat stadium. $200 million of that would be a loan from the nfl funds designated for stadium project. the las vegas sands casino and resort company is also offering to put in some money. the remaining gap of $750 million would be filled with tourism taxes. davis says he's all in on this project. >> there will be a contractual commitment, and in my case it will be a lifetime commitment. this is a goal of my lifetime. when my father passed away to continue his legacy with this
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football thing, the number one thing was to find a stadium and find a home. that's what i'm looking to do. >> he said repeatedly he wants to stay in oakland. we have the press conference where everyone was shaking hands and looked great. >> davis would still need the approval of the other owners before making the move. he said let's give them an offer they can't refuse. traditionally the nfl has been reluctant to have a team in the country's gambling capital. the commissioner roger goodell has softened his opposition recently. oakland's mayor libby schaaf issued a statement saying we remain firmly committed. she has always insisted no public money can be used. mark davis was joined in las vegas by soccer great david beckham. the raiders say there's been no progress recently for a study yum in oakland, and earlier this year the raiders were blocked from moving to los angeles although there's still a chance they could move there.
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julie. >> rob, did they sign a one- year extension or two one-year deals to stay in oakland? >> there's two one-year deals. they're committed through the 201 sea sthoofnlt would give them time. there's options and out clauses, et cetera, but i think they're going to be in oakland the next two season, possibly a third, depending on how long it would take to get a stadium built. >> i know a lot of people are hoping they get something worked out that would keep the team in oakland. rob, thank you. now to the nfl draft. it's going to start any minute now. there's a hopeful feeling that the 49ers draft party in santa clara. the 49ers pick 7th in this year's draft. we may know their pick within the next hour or. so. we're also at a draft party in oakland filled with raiders fans waiting on their first pick. the raiders have the 14th pick. and over at cal they are ready to celebrate what could be a huge night for quarterback jared goff. he is expected to be either the
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first or second pick of the entire draft, either going to los angeles or philadelphia. we will go back to this party just as soon as jared goff is picked. in other news now the brother of san bernardino gunman syed farook could face up to five years in prison for arranging an alleged sham marriage for his sister-in-law. agents issued a search warrant earlier today. the brother and his ex-wife who are u.s. citizens and her sister from russia appeared in federal court this afternoon. they're charged with a conspiracy to get a green card for the sister by paying a friend $200 a month for a sham marriage. you may recall that friend, enrique marquez, was charged with conspiracy for buying the assault rifles used in that san bernardino massacre. donald trump is in orange county tonight for the start of his california campaign. trump will hold a rally in costa mesa at 7:00. it is held at an amphitheater at the orange county fairgrounds which seats up to
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8500 people. this is video of trump at an earlier rally in indiana. there are 172 republican delegates up for grabs in the california primary june 7th. according to the real clear politics average of polls, trump is way ahead in the polls here in california, up to 17 points over ted cruz and up by almost 30 points over john kasich. the california republican convention begins tomorrow in burlingame with republican candidates donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich all expected to be there as the man in the lead trump will give the opening address at the hyatt regency near sfo tomorrow. kasich will speak tomorrow night, and on saturday ted cruz takes the spotlight along with his newly announced running mate carly if carly fiorina. extra security measures are being taken because of previous violence at trump rallies. the state is demanding pg&e pay $90 for their part in the
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devastating bought fire. >> tom vy car joins us now. >> pg&e knew some sort of fine was coming and it only further tars the beleaguered utility's name and public trust. on the afternoon of last september 9th what would be the called the butte fire exploded in amador county, just east of the gold rush town of jackson. the fire raged for three weeks in amador in calaveras county, incinerating nearly 900 structures including 550 homes. it killed two people. in all the butte fire destroyed $450 million in property. >> whether it's a utility, a private business, or whether it's a residence, if you are negligently found to have started a fire you are responsible for paying back the general fund and the taxpayers for that fire.
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so we will be working now with pg&e to recover those costs. >> three days after the fire started pg&e appear nunsed that it believed a pine tree slumped into one of its power lines, touching off the fire. today cal fire said it will seek $90 million, the largest recovery ever sought from cal fire. >> in this case we do believe there was negligence so we will be seeking reimbursement to recover the cost of taxpayer dollars for well over $90 million to put out this very large and very detrimental fire. >> pg e issued a statement saying we are committed to do
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the rate thing. >> will customers have to help pay the bill? >> there's a chance that something like that might happen. first of all it's very likely that pg e's insurance company will pay for some of this. then there's the subcontractors, pg&e crews themselves did not do the work, but we're talking $fient million so i don't know if they have that much insurance. then there's the shareholders. the shareholders are response in for the bad acts of the company. let's say their insurance rates go up. insurance fees gar ratepayers pay. organizations like turn and other consumer advocacy groups are going to say we'll have nothing of it, if they caused this fire through their own negligence they should pay for it, and their shareholders should bear that burden. >> tom thank you. crews began working on a de gridded manhole in pacific heights. crews decided to repair the 125-
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year-old manhole following a final inspection at a repaired sear main at that same location. the broken main caused a sinkhole back on april 21st that has since been filled. one block of sacramento street between baker and lion will close to traffic during the day for the duration of the work. the repairs are expected to be complete by monday, may 2nd. a new study about spanking and the potential long-term impact that spanking can cause children. also ahead, doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are demanding action because they say a major bay area hospital is in crisis. why they say some patients aren't getting the help they need. also, a frightening scene inside a television station in baltimore where a man in an animal costume said he had a bond. the tense ending to this bizarre standoff with police. and we're tracking that warm-up around here. what a day today. but the next couple of days even warmer.
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it was a tense afternoon at a television station in baltimore when a man walked into the station wearing an animal costume and showed what appeared to be a bomb strapped to his chest. this is video of the man after he walked out of the fox affiliate. you see him in the white jump suit. moments later police shot him several times after he refused to take his hands out of his pocket. police say the man was talking with authorities while they used robots to determine if he really did, in fact, have a bomb. it turned out what he was carrying were foil wrapped candy bars. police say the man is now in serious but stable condition j. a raid this morning in east san jose led to the arrest of several people. five loud bangs were heard from
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outside the home about 9:30 this morning. police say they were there to serve a search warrant but they wouldn't say more. the incident came to a peaceful resolution with officers making several arrests and interviewing several people. doctors and nurse say there is a crisis at a san francisco general hospital, and they rallied today demanding action. ktvu's rob roth tells us would they say is happening to patients who need help. >> reporter: doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers gathered outside san francisco general hospital charging the psychiatric unit is in a state of emergency. >> that means people that are having mental crisis, like suicidal idea eight, they're hallucinating, hearing voices, schizophrenic, severe depression, they need to be sent to another hospital. >> reporter: this woman is a registered nurse. she says the unit frequently diverts mental health patients to other hospitals because of
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staffing shortages. it she says often emergency patients can't get admitted to the hospital because there's no room leading to patients going undertreated or not treated at all. >> these patients a lot of times come from the tent city, from different areas in the city. >> the rally was organized by the union local 1021, which is negotiating a new contract. the union says this past january the psychiatric unit was day vergt patients to other hospitals 34% of the time, double what it was the previous year. >> the patients that are stuck in the psych emergency room can't move up to the psych floors because the floors are full and the floors can't discharge the patients to proper placement due to the lack of beds. >> reporter: nurses say there are also shortages in the emergency room. they say they fear when this new er opens next month they will be forced to treat more patients but with the same amount of staff. >> we're holding patients
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longer in the emergency department with they should be going upstairs in the hospital but we don't have the staff to admit toes patients. the public health department issued a statement disputing that psychiatric care is in a state of emergency. "we do have gaps in our system of psychiatric care and we are work hard to fill those. they are primarily in the area of non-acute hospital care. " the nurses say they plan to take their appeal direct toll san francisco mayor ed lee to argue for more money for more staffing. at san francisco general hospital, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. breaking news right now. nfl draft, live pictures from could. that's the cal football team. they are fired up because jared goff was just picked by the l.a. rams, the number one overall pick of the nfl draft. how about that for jared goff. >> a local guy out of marin catholic high school. he set the single season record for touchdown passes, 4 3, and
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more than 4700 passing yards last season at cal, going not too far away from home, down to the los angeles rams. they have a big reason to celebrate. how great is that for a local guy to be the number one overall fink draft. >> the last time cal had the number one overall pick was 1975. that was steve bartkowski. i think that jared goff is the first bay area-born player to be the number one overall pick since jim plunkett. i was at a cal game walking back to the car, and it was this gay walking next to us, and we just started having a conversation, and he said, yeah, my grandson plays on the cal bears. i said who is your grand sop, he goes, jared goff. >> oh my gosh. >> he was just so nice, and he was so proud of jared goff. >> jared goff's father, a former major league baseball player. such exciting news.
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there was some talk whether carson wentz would be first, but bill, how about that. as a golden bear yourself isn't that awesome. >> yes, it is. and i've actually met jared a couple of tames. i have some friends on the cal team. he's just the nicest fellow. he really is a sweet kid. so exciting. it's like number one draft pick, all these players all over the country, and here little old cal, boom. >> and he's a junior. he didn't finish his senior year so he went as junior. >> he's got wheels. i think they love his speed. >> 6' 4", 2123456789 i remember when he first came to cal i don't think he was projected to be the starter. they had some other kid, i can't remember what his name was, everyone thought he was going to be the starter, and jared goff, he won the competition, and look at this. >> it's fun. we all take ownership. he's our guy. that's a good point about him
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being born and raised in the bay area proper. >> i'm pretty sure. i can't think of another player who went number one overall who was from the bay area. >> i didn't know plunkette. >> i believe he lived in santa clara. >> i didn't know. that that's good trivia. that is exciting. we're all excited. i know our sports department is excited. they will be out here to talk about it. it's excited for jared and his family. we've had some big weather across the country. texas has been getting hammered. heavy rain, severe weather in the lubbock area. you see a tornado watch box in here. nasty weather. severe weather that will continue really for the next day or two out in the plains and out in that area as these storms, this is the time of year for severe weather. this is the time of year you expect to get it. in the midwest and in the plains, they're getting hammered, and they're going to continue the next couple of days. temperatures outside warmer than yesterday. 77 in santa rosa, 76 in
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concord. plenty of sunshine tomorrow, and warmer still as we press into your bay area weekend. the winds have died down. gusts to 39 miles per hour at sfo. the great highway at ocean beach was closed for a tame. has been closed on and off really for the last couple of days. three or four days. because it's been blow account every day out there for, you know, 25, 35 miles per hour. so the sand blows across the highway. if you are going that way tomorrow you may find yourself in a detour on the frontage road. 76 tomorrow, 77 in vacaville, 79 in brentwood. upper september, maybe a low 80 tomorrow. that's friday. but by the weekend, you are going to seat here, the 80s are going in to full force. we're going to see temperatures possibly on sunday into the mid- 80s. again, it is kind of exciting.
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julie's boy is a really good quarterback. he's really good, and i know -- >> you are very modest. >> very different. >> i don't know, i think jake's got it. >> can you imagine being jared goff's family? >> he's going to be the face of this new franchise that just moved back to los angeles. they've got their california kid now. >> it's exciting. >> he could have gone to cleveland. can you imagine? >> imagine going to cleveland? >> he's probably happy. >> id say he's very happy. who wants to go to cleveland? to play for the browns, i mean. >> coming up, new evidence that beer drinkers are helping the north bay economy. just how much international travelers are willing to spend on a world famous bay area brew. and later, new at 6:00, the bay area high school badminton coach accused. the serious allegations, and it involves a 15-year-old student. new developments for this
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little chihuahua. he became known for this puppy pursuit on the bay bridge. we'll tell you where he found his forever home.
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there is new evidence on the impact of spanking your child. a study from the university of texas at austin and the university of michigan shows spanking can produce negative results on children often leading to aggression, anxiety, and anti-social behavior. researches looked at 50 years of data and more than 160,000 children. the study also shows the more frequentlily children were
5:26 pm
spanked, the more likely they were to show negative behavior. >> sometimes parents believe that spanking works because it may stopping a impression in the house, but we also know that it increases aggression outside of the home. >> sigh coul gives say another result if a parent sparvetion their children, aggressive behavior carried on to the playground. one alternative they surkts using time-outs. a world famous beer that's brewed in the north bay is bringing thousands to sonoma county. a survey reveals the limited release attracted more than 16,000 people from out of town, including 11 foreign countries. all of those people eating, drinking, visiting the county, it resulted in $5 million of impact. it has a reputation as one of the best beers in the world. people waited in line for hours to taste a sample of it. back to the nfl draft.
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we just told you jared goff, number one overall pick going to the l.a. rams. this is the 49ers draft party. the niners are expected to draft within the next few minutes. the raiders pick number 14, so maybe in another hour and a half the raiders will get their pick. blowing sand caused traffic backups and delays and even closed part of the great highway. coming up, the work being done to clear this scenic section of road.
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the biggest story in the nfl draft, cal quarterback and marin catholic grad jared goff was picked first overall. it's the first time that a caliber has been picked number one overall since steve bartkowski back in 1975. >> he will be playing for the los angeles rams. mark ibanez is live at raiders headquarters, and scott reiss is live at a 49ers draft party in santa clara. but let's start with jason appelbaum live at the cal campus where the football team just watched jared goff get selected number one. they look pretty fired up, jason. >> reporter: yeah, frank, boy were they excited. everybody was kind of -- every time any other player would come on the screen, they would go, oh, and then when they
5:31 pm
would show jared goff everyone would cheer. let's relive the moment when the commissioner walked up to the podium with this announcement. >> with the first pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the los angeles rams select jared goff, quarterback, california. >> reporter: gough, a three- year starter here. he played locally at marin catholic. folks around these parts know goff very well. he is going to be the face of the los angeles rams. he looks the part, that's for sure. i'm going to show you how the team reacted once the announcement was made a few minutes ago. >> the los angeles rams select jared goff. >> reporter: it was pretty cool. everyone was going crazy, high fives, hugs all around for
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jared goff. very exciting times here. we are going to be joined by steven alexander here. he's a tight end from cal. come on in. >> how are you doing? >> you were projected to go in maybe the third or fourth round. i imagine the tough part four is the waiting game. >> absolutely. i've been nervous, anxious, excited all week. it's kind of like waiting for christmas and everything. it's been an exciting week. it's great seeing my former teammate jared goff go number one. i feel like he's going to do wonderful things for l.a. >> reporter: being the face of l.a., he kind of looks like a surfer gay, an l.a. guy. what kind of teammate was he? what was his composure like in the huddle? >> great teammate. a lot of attention is being thrown at him at a young age. he started as a true freshman. he had a lot thrown at him. his composure was what stood out the most really, because day one, he came in, he didn't
5:33 pm
make mistakes, bye he always kept composed, and that's what stood out. i think i'll carry on in nfl huddles, and that's what i think is going to be an amazing nfl player. >> real quick where do you expect to go in the draft? do you expect to go on saturday or maybe even tomorrow? >> i walked on coming into cal so just going through the high school recruiting process, college, that taught me not to expect anything, but wherever i go, i will be happy. >> good luck to you. >> thank you very much. >> and that's the story here from the cal football party watching the jared goff draft first overall by the l.a. rassments we're going to sent over to mark ibanez, sports director at the oakland raiders headquarters. take it away. >> reporter: pretty exciting stuff. we'll talk about the raiders, but boy, you've got to feel so great, jared goff, sensational family, his dad, san rafael
5:34 pm
high school graduate, just a class act all the way. happy for him. got to see him play some high school ball with marin catholic out there. couldn't be happier. certainly a deserving young man. i bet you he is going to be a pro that is in the upper echelon of nfl quarterbacks. bad news for the 49ers. they will be having to face that young man for a long time in the nfc west. meantime here at the raiders it's very quiet as you can tell. and actually that is good news, because for too many years the raiders up near the top two, three picks, maybe even the top pick. they've been a lot of hustle and bustle out here at raiders headquarters because they've had to have a selection. the good news it's quiet because they're pick later. number 14. but that doesn't mean that they don't have some needs to fill, and they will try and do that. they could use some help in the defensive secondary and also on the defensive line as well. the 49ers, they're moving on
5:35 pm
up. that's not so good news. at number seven, our scott reiss is handling the colors at 49ers headquarters in santa clara and has the story from down in the south bay. scott. >> reporter: mark, a festive atmosphere here at great america in santa clara, the 49ers draft party. about 7500 niners fans, and oddly enough one random raider fan. must have been lost. they've gathered to watch the draft. the first three picks are now in the books. you see stanford head coach david shaw on the screen as a guest analyst. who will the niners take at the spot? that's the question. conventional wisdom and draft boards suggest the answer might be forest buckner, defensive end out of oregon. that's a good football name, right? de forest buckner. a fierce pass rusher.
5:36 pm
a lot of you are thinking, oregon, pass rusher, didn't we do that a year ago? yeah, that was eric armstead. there's also the oregon connection of chip kelly, the 49er head coach who, yes, coached buckner in 2012 as a fresh maine u general. an hour ago kelly told the fans what the 49er war room is actually like. >> it's actually a really calm and quiet atmosphere in there. trent and his personnel department have done a great job of putting our draft board together, then you kind of it fall the way it falls. you've got guys ranted certain areas. when it comes your time to make a pick, you just make the pick. it's kind of like when you were in elementary school picking sides in kick ball. it's not that difficult. >> reporter: the oregon connection not lost on this random duck fan what came fully clad in green and yellow. was very vocal during the chip kelly q and a with the fans
5:37 pm
about an hour ago. he has since retreated inside 4949. we will update you live from santa clara. fan reaction as soon as that happens. back to the studio. again, the headline of the house, jared goff, number one overall pick going to the los angeles rams, the new face of that franchise. stay with through the nature as both the raiders and 49ers make their picks. the is increasing speculation that the death of prince one week ago was from a drug overdose. a law enforcement source says investigators are looking into whether a doctor was prescribing drugs to prince in the weeks before his death. they're also looking at whether a doctor was on prince's plane when it made an emergency landing in illinois days before his death. at that time prince was reportedly gin a shot of narcan, which is used insuspected opioid overdoses. officials say the results are still weeks away for the
5:38 pm
autopsy. the coroner just identified the apple employee found dead at work yesterday morning as 25- year-old edward mckowiak. apple released a statement that said, we are heart broken about the tragic loss. our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. he was found dead in a conference room yesterday. the coroner says it was a suicide. the young man shot himself. today crews were working to clean up the great highway in san francisco where high winds whipped sand onto the roadway forcing it to be shut down. tara moriarty said it happens several times a year and puts a crimp in the morning and evening commutes. >> reporter: the bitter spring wind showed little sign of slowing down today at ocean beach. sun date whipped sand, blowing it into drifts along the great
5:39 pm
highway which has remain closed. >> you can't come out here because the sand is blowing in your face and it gets in your mouth and eyes. >> reporter: crystal hernandez decided to turn around. >> it's like there's snow in the sierra mountains and you deal with it. the roads are blocked. >> reporter: but for some joggers, cyclists and skaters it's been great owning the road. >> reporter: you don't really mind the great highway being shut down? >> no, i don't mind. >> reporter: shutting down the road has created traffic jams around lake merced, sunset boulevard, and other streets. >> a lot of people are commuting to the schools and to the sunset, stuff like that, that's a bit of a -- it's a nuisance more than anything. >> reporter: crews worked feverishly to clear one section of the highway. there has been movement by trying to build berms up to try to capture the sand but when it's windy outside the sand is going to blow. >> reporter: rachel gordon with
5:40 pm
public works says each year city engineers look at ways to relocate the sapped so it's not so prop massic. >> we look at past wind patterns to see if sand should be shifted from one area to at area to minimize the buildup. >> reporter: for those who live out here in the sunset district an area built on sand dawns they know tear rowings problems. right now great highway is open, but behind me here this section all the way down to lincoln is still closed until the winds can get under 15 miles per hour and crews can get in and remove the sand. >> that's just part of the deal. i don't think we'll ever win. when the sand comes up on the great highway wee going to have to scoop it up and put it back on the beach. >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. the 49ers changing the way they hire people. the initiative the team says will make their organization as diverse as the community they play in. tensions increasing on the
5:41 pm
tori union pin sue. what details about two missile launchee by north korea.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
today vice president joe biden made a surprise visit to iraq to push for political stability. the vice president met with the speaker of iraq's parliament. he praised them for working to put together a new cab know. biden's visit comes as the u.s. is stepping up efforts to try to defeat isis in iraq and
5:44 pm
syria. the u.s. is clearly concerned that political infighting could slow those efforts. tensions keep rising on the korean peninsula as north korea carries out more missile tests. today's tests apparently failed but that doesn't lessen concerns about north korea's intentions. fox reporter benjamin hall is monitoring the situation from london. >> reporter: north korea not letting up, the country unsuccessfully attempting to launch two intermediate range ballistic missiles. this is the second and third time this month the country has add failed test of a missile which has the potential to travel more than 2100 miles. u.s. military bases in guam fall within this range. >> another example of their flagrant violations of international obligations. >> reporter: it's the latest in a string of tests by pyongyang during annual war games between the u.s. and south korea.
5:45 pm
officials are monitoring for another nuclear test. it would be pyongyang's fifth after the most recent wynn january. >> there will be no future for north korea if kim jong-un's regime carries out an additional nuclear test in spite of warnings from the international community. >> reporter: these latest set- backs are particularly embarrassing. the north will hold its first major conference in more than three decades. kim jong-un is expected to use it to improve capability. >> the international community will never acknowledge north korea as a nuclear state. >> reporter: the last congress was held in 1980 by kim jong- un's grandfather. his father, kim john ill, never held one. super heroes took over a bay area hospital today. their important message to kids there and to children
5:46 pm
everywhere. they're calling it love your mellon. we'll explain why. jewels ahead, the girl putting more women into positions of power in the nfl. tracking a warm-up. you felt it today. will you feel it tomorrow and be yofnltd i will let you know how warm it is going to get for the bay area weekend.
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some lucky members of dub
5:49 pm
nation already have their tickets to the next round of the playoffs. season ticket hodders were able to place their orders this morning. this afternoon people on the priority wait list got their chance. members of the general public have to wait until tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon. the warriors say fans can also check the team's official resale marketplace if the games are sold out. children at a hospital in oakland celebrated national superhero day today. a program called love your mellon. they brought costumes. the kids were also given free love your mellon hats. one group says the event gives kids a chance to forget their troubles. >> definitely a good idea to help them think about what superhero they could be, because it can help them fight whatever disease they have and have a wonderful day,
5:50 pm
distraction. they don't have to worry about what's happening around them. >> love your mellon teams have been visiting dozens of hospitals across the country. the company says has handed out more than 12,000 hats. >> that's nice to have those distractions when you're in the hospital. all right, time to check the weather now. a nice day around the bay area. over to bill. things getting ready to heat up. >> they are, julie. they warmed up today. they're going to warm up tomorrow. by the weekend, mid-80s, upper 80s, maybe a couple of low 90s. so a spring-like weekend after a little bit of rain wednesday. even that funnel cloud, waterspout at the lake. here we are today with a completely different environment. 77 in santa rose 15. it was up to 80 in antioch. 78 in fairfield. so a warm day out there. you can see the circulation around this system here. that's the one that went through here. you see it spinning, swirling around. that system is going to move off into albuquerque and back towards texas where they've already had severe weather and will continue to see severe
5:51 pm
weather as this system progresses east over the next few days. at this time of year with the ground heating and the high sun angle, you can expect some severe weather, tornado-type activity. a few scattered showers on the west slope of the sierra nevada and that is it after yesterday's pretty significant currently it's 75 in fairfield, 67 in san jose, 71 in mountain view. tomorrow night at this time it will be warmer than this. tomorrow night instead of mid- 70s it is going to be, pardon me, upper 60s, mid-70s. tomorrow morning san francisco, or oakland, pardon me, a few clouds, 52 degrees when you wake up. lunchtime mostly sunny. easily mid signatures oakland. and then by the end of the day or by the time you kick off to go home for the weekend it is going to be pushing 70 degrees in oakland. you get over the hill towards lafayette you will be 76. livermore valley, 79, 80. a few cumulus clouds but that shouldn't cause us any
5:52 pm
problems. the winds have been, you saw the story we did on the great highway. that happens a number of times a year. you close the highway because of the winds. the winds will back off a little bit. today they did. they should back off a little bit as we head into tomorrow. but by tomorrow night and saturday the winds king again, but this time, blowing the other way. that's going to give us an offshore flow. this shouldn't close the highway. now that wind is going to blow back out into the ocean. but it skin crease the temperatures and fire danger. funny i said fire danger, but it's the fire wind direction. the moisture is up there so i don't think it's going to be a problem, but it's early. along the coast mid-70s. the five-day forecast, there it is. warm, warmer, and warmest on sunday. and breezy, remember, that's not a northwest wind. that's going to be an easterly wind that will push the sand back toint water. >> we'll check back in a little
5:53 pm
bit. thanks, bill. jobs for women in an industry that's dominated by men. >> i think it really opens up the doors to folks who those doors may have been shut before. a new policy that turned the 49ers into a leader when it comes to hiring women. and in minutes, new at 6:00, the brand-new state of the art fire station right here in the bay area. we will give you a look inside the building that's been several years in the making. very functional, very efficient and very state of the art.
5:54 pm
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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fans, former players and other special guests taking part in this raiders draft party tonight which is going on at the fox theater in oakland. fans ready to celebrate when the raiders make their first round selection. they're picking number 14, possibly in the next half-hour to 45 minutes. >> right now the 49ers are getting ready to make their first-round draft pick. it could happen any moment. they are on the clock right now as we speak. they have the overall 7th pick. this is a live look at their draft party. fans are excited, waiting to hear who will be heading to the team. they have less than seven minutes to pick. that selection just moments away. fans are fired up. they're down to six minutes 17 seconds. they will know who will be heading to the 49ers. as we told you earlier jared
5:57 pm
goff from cal the number one pick going to the los angeles rams. the 49ers aren't just looking for players. the team is looking to hire people to work off the field and in particular women. >> ktvu's ann rubin talked to the niners about their first-in- the league initiative. >> reporter: the 49ers say they're always trying to draft the best people, both on the field and off. now they're hoping a new hiring policy will help bring even mortal lent to the table. >> so for every position we have we will interview at least one woman candidate and at least one person of color. >> reporter: the nfl already had something called the rooney rule which requires teams to interview minority candidates forehead coaching and other top jobs. the 49ers are the first team in the league to extend this to all business-side jobs. 75% of the organization. and to require the interviewing of women. >> i think it oche pence up the doors to folks who those doors may have been shut before. >> reporter: the initiative is
5:58 pm
modeled after one the nfl announced for its league offices. the policy doesn't guarantee a job. simply a chance to interview for one. but officials say over time it will make a difference when it comes to diversity. >> it's about process and culture. i think that always will lead you to the right results whether than worrying about what the numbers are. the culture and the process will lead you there over time. >> reporter: jennifer smith with the bay area women's sports initiative says this is an important step to showing people what types of opportunities are possible. >> they always talks about, if i can see her, i can be here. so now we're seeing women, and it's becoming normal and financialized. so there's nothing off limits. >> the 49ers also have changed the rules for their fellowship that will now rotate women through all business-side positions like finance, analytics, and stadium operations. >> you don't want a room full of yes men. >> reporter: while the 49ers do plan to actively recruit people
5:59 pm
they're is hoping those who are interested will take the initiative and apply for their open positions. in santa claire remarks ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. oakland raiders owner mark davis makes the $500 million commit to move his team out of oakland to a brand-new stadium in las vegas. >> the number one thing was to find a stadium and find a home. that's what i'm looking to do. >> mark davis calls it an offer that las vegas can't refuse. tonight the raiders may be one step closer to leaving oakland again. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. raiders owner mark davis is in las vegas to make that pitch. he says ready to make a lifetime commitment to honor the legacy of his father, the late al davis. we get more now from ktvu's cristina rendon. >> reporter: those tears came from raiders fans as mark davis
6:00 pm
walked into a meeting with the southern nevada tourism committee. it was held at the university of nevada-las vegas. alongside soccer star david beckham davis pitched the idea to move the raiders to sin city to play in a proposed $1.4 billion stadium that cools host a soccer team. davis is pledging to spend 500 million of his own money to make it happen. >> it will be a contractual commitment. in my case it will be a lifetime commitment. this was the goal when my father passed away. the number one thing was to find a stadium and find a home. that's what i'm looking to do. >> the news does not sit well with bay area fans and commissioners. at least two say they're upset and disappointed. the raiders have a one-year lease deal at the oakland coliseum that will keep them here through the upcoming season. officials say the raiders were unwilling to sit down and discuss keeping the time in oakland until the leas


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