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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  April 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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comply drops its funding. >> john bainer has givencalled donald trump lucifer in the flesh. >> he allowed his inner trump to come out. >> it didn't take long to ted cruz to refer to comments of bainer. bainer called him quote lucifer in the flesh and said i've never worked with a more miserable son of a blank. >> i've never worked with john bainer. truth of the matter, i don't know the man. >> donald trump is in indiana hustling for votes and scoring points with basketball legend
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bobby knight. >> i'm here because i think he's the best man. >> trump has been climbing ahead of the senator. he continues to mock the nominee for announcinghis vice president. >> first time in history, my vice president will be -- get elected. >> she called it unfair and called it an insurance policy for the establishment vice president joe biden visited iraq today. infighting a among elected officials is distracting to the fight
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against isis. biden praised leader for but putting together a new cabinet in the midst of protest. >> this is a good indication of the united states continued support for a prime minister body efforts to unify the nation of iraq >> reporter: president obama authorized sending 200 troops to iraq and he's sending more troops and rockets to fight isis in syria. >> the u.s. is con deeming north korea after a failed missile launch today. this is the late nest the string of launches. this missile has the ability to travel 25000 miles >> it's another example of their
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violations of international violations. >> there will be no future for north korea if kim lieu carries out the response investigators are focusing on a drug overdose for prince. they're looking at whether a physician was on prince's plane when it made an emergency landing. result of an autopsy are still weeks away a big scare at a television station on the east coast. new developments in the
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sand dino attack. he's been become known for this puppy pursuit top bay area bridge. we're going tell you where this little guy may have found his forever home.
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we're eileening more about a tense and bizarre time at a baltimore television station. what appeared to be a
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bomb on a man's chest appeared to be a vest filled with candy. he was shot after not standing down. the station was evacuated and no one else was hurt. >> the brother of the sand bern dino -- bern dino -- bernadino gunman was arrested today. uc davis chancellor said
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politics were behind her suspension last night. she was put on paid leave while the university investigates a number of violations at the university. one of them is the $175,000 spent to this contra verbal pepper spray involving people five years ago. comcast has reached a deal to buy dream works. comcast is paying about $3.8 billion. dream works made films like how to train your dragon and shrek.
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fiat, chrysler and google are in talks to team up and create a self-driving car. in the past google has said it's not in the business of building cars but would like to licenses it's self-driving technology to a car manufacturer. andly said they might could find a way to unlock an iphone by your voice. the technology was revealed in a patent application. a new develop for a bridge running black dog called punch. no one stepped up to claim him, so today they announcedded his new family was
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chosen from some 50 applicants? we already have a small dog, so he's going be her brother. >> the san franciscodepartment of animal care and patrol is handing upon ch over to marilyn and finch. two highway patrol officers shut down the bridge to catch the run away. one of the officers today said he looks a thousand percent better than when we picked him up. >> he was so scared and now he's curious, alert and wants to know what's going on and eating treats. he wouldn't even eat any treats when we got him because he was so scared. the new owners say they love the
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name and have no intention of changing it. >> can you imagine chasing that little guy across the bridge. >> he was running his little heart out across the bridge the tragic story of audrey potts is now being told on the big screen. that story coming up. we're tracking that warmup as we e head toward the bay area weekend. numbers could touch in the 90-degree reading. ville the specific forecast for your backyard.
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this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by your bay area hyundai dealer >> sam: a screening of the documentary of audrie pott. she committed suicide after she was with sexually abused and her pictures were put on social media. >> the film had its world premier in utah. this is the first time it's you plague here in the the -- playing here in the bay area. her parents say it's bittersweet. movie goers lined up to watch the show.
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it's about audrie and this other girl named single loan who endured sexual assault and cyber bullying. audrie had passed out and found comments ah all over their body. >> the message i think is really getting out there and that's all we could ever hope for is to try reach people, educate, create change, bring something good out of something bad?  the film's purpose is really to o help others and offer support to survivors, other young women dealing with similar situations and the devastating effects and aftermaths of cyber bullying. this film got picked up by net
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flix and hope to show this film on a. >> balance scale i'll have more on the impact of this film at 10:00 tonight. the great hee haley vining in san francisco reopened this afternoon after several days of cleaning up sand. we saw bike riders and skater es enjoying the closed road but it caused problems at nearby roads. let's check the weather now. bill martin over in the weather center. beautiful day today. things are getting warmer and warm wither toward the weekend. >> yeah. as we head toward the weekend, it's barbecue weather for sure. the sand gets blowing
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and it's hard to-- stop out in the avenues. my grandpa grew up out in the avenues and back before they put in the house there is, it was all sand dunes and they said it would blow up over 19th avenue. it's a lot of sand blowing and they'll be cleaning it off most of the day and tonight. for us we have warmer weather in store. it's going to be nice beach weather for the weekend. the rip currents are really bath bad out there because of the tide changes, seawant to warn you. the rip current off lip con street is really bad right now. please be careful if you head out to the beach. the water is
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49-degrees. there's mount dyeable off in the distance. your friday few clouds lingering friday afternoon. san francisco breezy but not as windy. this low pressure center clicks to the north of us as high builds in and it will get windy on friday into saturday. it's a different direction, so it's not going to blow the sand on the highway. it are be a nice beach day. it's going to get hot in san francisco. it's going to be in the 70s. people don't have air conditions, so a lot of people go to the beach, but be care freely and voluntarily you do. these are your forecast
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hice for friday. 74 in liver moore. the rip currents bad. i'm not just saying that. it's a dangerous beach to swim in, but you want to make sure -- ocean beach, you shouldn't swim there. you can surf, but it's not the beach to swim in. please be careful though. it's going to be sunny, barbecue weather with sunday the nicest day. >> thank you bill. a big day for forecast fans around the -- football fans around the nation. a bigger day for a quarterbacker back right here in the bay area. mark is coming up next with sports.
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all right. it's now time for sports, nfl draft going on today and it's been a huge day for jarred goss. >> raderers had they're first -- raiders chose their first pick. mark, who do they take. >> you're right frank, less than a minute ago the raiders made
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their selection and it's all about defense and winning championships in the nfl. with charles woodson retiring, they chose carl joseph out of west virginia. this guy is a hitter and can probably play safety or corner back. he's rather small as far as height. it's five nine and about 200-pound. the raiders looking to fill their back field name. have got some guys who can bring the heat right now. the raiders figure to be quite a force moving on up in the nfl and the alcs. carl joseph a defensive back out of west virginia. meantime, a chance, the
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49ers selecting ahead of the raiders, which is a turn about in the recent years. here they go at number seven. let's let the commissioner make the announcement a z to where the 49ers decided to go. >> the san francisco 49ers select deboris buckner. -- deforest buckner. >> let me tell you about deforest buckner, he's 6-foot 7, 291 pounds. has the biggest hands in the draft. that's very important to bat down passes and fight off o offensive linemen. he had nine and a half sacks. his hands measure 11 and three quarter inches. they're almost a foot long. the guy can bring
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it and not a surprise as z to whether deforest is in good with his coach. deforest buckner helping the defensive lain with the 49ers and of course they want to get after the o penceing-- offensive quarterback. leading off draft day, here's the commissioner. >> with the first pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the los angeles rams select jarred goss, quarterback, california -- goff, quarterback, california.
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jarred goff a classic guy. he eluent to month ryme catholic. -- he went to morin catholic. 43 career touchdowns at the university of california. the la rams and boy that may be something that comes back to haunt the 49ers for years to come for the west facing jared goff. here's the reaction when he was made the number pick. >> the los angeles rams select jared goff. bract cheering ] it's truly a dream come true. it's something you dream
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about as a kid. for it to be a reality, it's a awesome. it hasn't hit me yet how big of a deal it is, but it's exciting for me right now and i'm trying to enjoy it. it's awesome. >> really happy for that guy and his entire family and jared goff your number one pick out of cal. the a's lost to the tigers today 7-3. giants are headed to new york. we'll have more as the evening continue cos coming up on the 7:00. we're going to have much more on nfl draft 2016 algebra
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see you on the plus.
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