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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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expecting the front runner donald trump to take the stage. >> a different scene outside. this is at the hyatt regency north of broadway. west side of 101. you can see hundreds of protesters down below, awaiting donald trump's arrival. his speech expected this noontime. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> and, good afternoon everybody, i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. the california gop convention got underway today. we will give you a live peek at what is happening inside the hyatt regency. this is where donald trump was supposed to be speaking right about now. things are behind schedule. >> for the first time in decades, california will be making a difference in picking the gop nominee. i saw trump's plain out at san
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francisco international. we know he has landed. he is here, but has not started speaking. outside, monitoring the situation there, old bay shore highway has been shut down by the police department. protesters allowed on the street outside the barricades. right now, we saw in the protest in orange county, more of that up here. not as violent as southern california. >> right. it has been a chaotic scene here at home already. let's get to our live team coverage on the ground beginning with ktvu fox 2 news' christien kafton who has been with the protesters all day long. >> reporter: it is a very dynamic situation. we are right in the middle of the protesters. you can see the police line here. it just formed in the last five or ten minutes as a group of protesters try to rush the door and get into the hyatt, officers blocked access to the
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door. now they have established this skirmish line. officers are trying to keep a clear distance in front of the hyatt where the convention is set to get underway. we talked with a police officer from burlingame. the convention will be going on. >> plans are in place to get people in. the intent is getting them in. >> reporter: we watched as protesters and trump supporters clashed. it game to blows with fists flying on both sides. the protesters were chanting and singing. 10:00 this morning they blocked bay shore highway in both directions by word of some of the folks who were actually doing the blocking. they chained their arms rocket. they were trying to block assess to prevent trump from attending and slow down the gop convention from going on.
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so, we did talk with one of the protesters who was actually chained to her fellow protesters to hear her explanation. >> now is the perfect time for people to stand up and take action. it is a time of great change. only around the world. >> reporter: coming back to our live shot, you can see the old bay shore is shut down in both directions at this time. officers did that, but protesters also working to shut down access to the bay shore highway. this is the plan that they would be able to accommodate today. they anticipate the fact there would be protests out here. he issued a mutual aide call and had aid from other departments. trying to get the manpower to handle the crowd of this size. they said they were trying to handle a group of protesters
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from 500 to 3,000. possibly more. so we will continue to monitor the situation on the ground here in front of the hotel as the convention gets underway. but for now, we will wrap up and send it back to you guys. >> you talk about the people rushing toward the hotel. could you tell from your vantage point if police detained them, were they taken away at all or placed back into the crowd? >> reporter: what it looked like was that they just pushed those protesters back. at this point, we still have not heard about any arrests. at this point, there may have been arrests but at this point, we have not heard about any arrests. >> christien kafton, thank you. ktvu fox 2 news' jesse chavez is out there as well. >> reporter: that's right, we are just a little bit down from where christian christien kafton is. a line of police cars.
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you heard about the manpower an the staffing to try to provide security for this type of event. a line of police cars just went into the back of the hotel of the hyatt. now, you can see a bunch of officers in riot gear come on with me dave. a bunch of officers on this side. you can see looks like they have a little bit of a staging area. this is the staffing for this and for security. this is where a lot of the officers, chp, sheriff's department and different police agencies. let's go back this way. now, as for the protesters there, they are a good 50 yards from that point. and they are kind of blocking bay shore as christien kafton said at two ends. this end and where he is. and earlier you heard christien talk about someone dressed as donald trump and it got
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contentious. we talked to that man, chris connell. we asked him why he did that. >> i kind of expected it. this is my hometown. i have been kicked. i have been punched. but i ain't going nowhere. this is my hometown. >> he was going through the crowd pushing and elbowing people. >> he was actually pretty aggressive. >> reporter: back live here, this is how the whole day started with protesters locking arms and sitting down in the middle of the street. then, they kind of grew into all the people you see here on bay shore. and we are on the northbound lane and they have got music and drums, et cetera. dave, come this way. excuse me. you see there, they are playing drums and it is more celebratory right now.
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but as christien said, it was pretty ruckous earlier. trump today, cruz tomorrow, fiorina is the keynote saturday night. we will have complete coverage throughout the afternoon. both on the air and online. we are posting facebook, twitter, et cetera. jesse chavez, ktvu fox 2 news. >> would you say, i may have been seeing some of the signs, the dump trump. most of those out there are kind of anti-donald trump or anti-gop establishment including cruz and kasich here. >> reporter: mike, i think your question was these people mostly against trump or the gop. from what i'm seeing, there are people who are of course against the gop, but it is more visceral against trump. so i talked to one gentleman who was dressed up in a costume. called himself captain mexico. he says he is not political, but he felt so strongly about
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this against donald trump, that he put on a costume and came out here. in his words, anyone but trump. so i would say maybe 67% of the people out here, anybody but trump. it is all focused on trump. >> jesse, we will leave you for now, but we are going to give you another live look inside as we expect donald trump to be actually giving his speech any minute now. first, this is the scene outside the center there in burlingame. there might be a motorcade. we are behind schedule. things at the convention are running late. we are showing you a motorcade. i'm wondering if perhaps donald trump himself is in that big silver suv. we haven't seen him arrive just yet. but this is something that could be developing right in front of our very eyes. >> i remember when i saw this about an hour ago, looking at the image from sky fox, you can see a number of sfpd vehicles
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outside. so, i kept thinking i bet donald trump is remaining on the plane until he get it is green light to go. old bay shore is shut off. how are you going to get donald trump inside? looks like they knocked down some sort of fence. they are now coming in this back direction. between the highway. i don't know if we could somat any more. but between the highway and the backside of the hotel. >> keep is in mind, if this is the candidate donald trump, you have a number of uniformed officers in the motorcade. you have essentially one candidate surrounded by two dozen other people helping to get the candidate where he need to go. a lot of people protesting outside the gop convention. reading the signs, listening to their chants. you hear a number of themes that have been repeated throughout the bay area.
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immigration was one of many to touch on here. we will give you this live picture. >> that's what they did. they shut down 101. >> and they crossed that little fence and got out. now they are all walking in the back door. donald trump is the first one to speak at the convention of the presidential candidates. kasich late tore night. so he is probably not on the property. and then ted cruz. looks like it does appear that donald trump has made it. this is a live look inside the podium. 172 delegates up for grabs on june 7 as i mentioned. first time in decades that california is making a difference in picking the gop nominee. >> we will go back to the live pictures as soon as donald trump started speaking.
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bernie sanders will open a campaign office in oakland tomorrow. a growing scandal of homophobic and racist text messages by officers. >> alex savidge? >> reporter: good afternoon to both of you. the chief says he wants to cut out this cancer of intolerance within the department. he ordered every officer, every member of the department to undergo antiharassment and antidiscrimination training as soon as possible. that announcement made just a short time ago inside police headquarters and there was a news conference held and chief greg was here. he was surrounded by various members of the community including the naacp and various police employee groups as well. the chief is ordering officers
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to undergo biased training in response to this unfolding scandal within the department. that would be the release of racist and homophobic text messages sent by three former officers. now, on top of the offensive messages, one of those retired officers involved in this scandal, curtis liu, has been charged with obstructing a rape investigation that involved another officer, jason lai. the chief said this kind of behavior is unacceptable in his department. >> people have asked why we did not discuss the existence of these text messages as far back as last august. and the answer has been that there was an ongoing criminal investigation. with the culmination of that investigation coming wednesday with the charging of mr. liu, we think it is important for the public to know we did the investigation and discovered the text and took immediate actions an those responsible for the texts are no longer
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police officers. they betrayed the public's trust and the trust of the right-minded hard working men and women of this police department. >> reporter: and the chief said today those racist and homophobic text messages do not show a bias within the police department. but there is a ripple effect here. the public defender says those offensive text messages could potentially impact about 200 cases. three of those being murder cases. so every member of the department you guys, will be undergoing this harassment and discrimination training. i'm told it is a two-hour course and it need to be completed by every employee of this department by the end of this year. >> alex savidge, thanks for that report. roller coaster scare caught on camera. the surprise. what a ride attendant told a dad after his son nearly flipped out of his seat during
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a ride. >> and we will show you that gorgeous ridge. rosemary orozco will give us a look at the weekend forecast. >> and from dance parties, the world's shortest parade. the weekend batch is coming up next.
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>> the pentagon has disciplined
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u.s. service members for the mistake of hitting a doctors without borders hospital. >> the punishment follows a six month investigation. 42 medical workers, patients, and others were killed when the bombs hit the target. let's check in with rosemary orozco. what's going on? >> we have a fabulous weekend in store. if you like it warm. today will be mild, very similar to yesterday. but as we get into saturday and sunday, turning the heat up a bit. temperatures in the 80s . isn't that a beautiful view over the oakland estuary? upper 60s in santa rosa. san francisco 62, oakland, 61, livermore, 68. san jose, 66 at this time. we will have the on shore breeze with us for today. right now, we have hayward at 10 miles an hour. gusting to 20. sfo, 21. we will be a little breezy as
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we get into the afternoon. oakland, 12. so for the second half of your day. we will continue with this mild weather. but this is the change that will come our way. we have a system that is dropping down the backside of california. that will kick up our winds as early as tonight. there is a wind advisory expected in the hills and the overnight hours. and for the rest of us, we will be breezy at times. that offshore breeze is also again going to warm us up saturday as well as sunday. a look at the numbers expected for the afternoon. 64 in pacifica. upper 60s , san francisco. along the redwood city mountain view stretch, 70 expected for you. our east bay locations along the shore, upper 60s to low 70s for today. the warmer spots, upper 70s in antioch. into the north bay, 79 degrees. when i come back, we will look at your weekend forecast and how long this warming trend is expected to last. maybe a little rate coming our way. more on that in a bit.
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thank you very much. sky fox giving us these live pictures outside the state gop convention. right there along old bay shore highway. hundreds of protesters gathers. our own christien kafton reported that a number of them try today make their way toward the front and were pushed back by police in riot gear. and right before rosemary orozco came on, it appeared they started getting close tore the main entrance of the hotel. >> that's righted. that is when police formed a line. we see them holding it now. police are holding their line, protesters not being allowed to get closer and certainly note into the hyatt regency. we are also monitoring the picture inside. donald trump has not started his address. he was supposed to start at about noon today. here we are about 20 minutes late sore just a moment ago, we did see someone take the stage and apologize for running late.
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we expect him to take the stage soon. when that happens we will bring that to you. back to our thoughts of the weather. >> rosemary orozco now has our weekend watch. >> it is bay area dance week which means you find hundreds of free dance and performance lessons going on throughout the bay area. in oakland, a dance festival is happening at jack london square. some of the best dancers will be there for one fabulous day of rhythm an fun. the free event will go on saturday at jack london square from 11:00 to 6:00. in alameda, head out to whimsy fest. what is said to be the world's shortest parade. whimsy fest is saturday from 1:00 to 6:00. in concord t 10th annual contra costa cops for kids run walk and roll will start and end at the lazy dog restaurant.
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wheelchairs, cycles, strollers, and well behaved dogs on leashes are all welcomed. food, drink, and music will be provided afterwards. in san francisco, sunday streets is happening. the five-hour street party will be in the bay view area. last stop in the south bay for the eighth annual earth day and arbor day festival. it will showcase how to go greener. planting a native garden. the free festival is saturday from 11:00 to 3:00 at civic center plaza. in sports, as host the astros. giants and quakes on the road. i'm rosemary orozco, and that is your weekend watch. boy, was it a terrifying ride for a six-year-old boy in texas after his seat belt broke while he was on a roller coaster. watch. >> here we go. [ screaming ] >> my seat belt. >> i got you. you're fine. you're fine, i promise.
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>> wow, that six-year-old jason, his dad was recording them while they were on the mouse trap roller coaster at wonderland amusement park. his seat belt came apart and he slipped to the bottom of the car. afterward, the ride attendant told the dad he knew the belt breaks and continued to let others onto the side avoiding the seat the little boy was in. back to the live pictures just outside the hyatt regency. a moment ago, you saw hundreds of protesters being held by a police line there outside the entrance. looks like that crowd is on the move and dispursing. after a short break, we will look at where they are going and bring you the latest as the gop convention is here in the bay area. j?j?j7
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>> taking a quick check at stocks. half an hour before they close. health and tech sectors. we saw the dow jones is down by more than 100 points, losing more than one-half of 1%. the story is a bit worse on the s&p and the nasdaq. each is down by about three quarters of 1%. sonoma county is reporting its first case of the zika virus. the patient had traveled to
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central america and was bitten by an infected mosquito. the virus is very dangerous to pregnant women since it can spread from a mother to her unborn child resulting in life altering birth defects. the virus has only made its way into the bay area by people who have become infected after traveling to central america. there have been 35 cases in california. a new study is out about pregnant women an smoking and it finds that smoking during pregnancy may be more dangerous than we thought. the results of the study by the national institute of environmental health sciences indicates smoking while pregnant can change the activity in a baby's dna. the gene activity is related to lung and nervous system development. certain cancers, and birth defects. the results are from a large scale study of more than 6,000 women and children. a trump protester is escorted out ahead of the gop's
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front runner speech in burlingame. >> right now, how police are changing what they are doing after last night's violent protests in orange county. >> and back at home, the california gop convention is getting underway in burlingame. today, i just got a text from a political reporter ross palombo. he says that was donald trump. donald trump is here. this is a live look from inside the hyatt regency. this is where we expect him to begin speaking in minutes. >> that crowd seems very calm. outside, quite the different story as sky fox gives us these live looks. protesters, hundreds of them have gathered out there on old bay shore highway. it appears they are inching close tore the front doors of that hotel. when we return, we continue with more coverage of the gop convention right here in the bay area.
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>> the california gop convention is getting underway in burlingame. this is where we expect the gop front runner donald trump to begin his address really in just minutes. things are running late. someone came out and apologized to the crowd about 15 minutes ago saying sorry, things are behind schedule.
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not everyone is in their seats. a lot of people milling about. we expect to hear from donald trump in minutes. he launched his california campaign this week leading up to our state's primary. >> and we have a live look outside the convention in burlingame where demonstrators have been protesting all afternoon long. san mateo county sheriffs deputies, a number of law enforcement agencies have been dressed out in riot gear for some time trying to hold the crowds back. at times, these protesters have been trying to find a way inside the hyatt regency. so far, not successful. somewhere down there, jesse gary is on the ground. where you at? >> reporter: mike, i'm actually not down, i'm up. we moved onto a bridge on the third floor of the hotel by the north door. you talked about people trying to make their way into the hotel. so they are trying to use the door up here. and you can see the people down below trying to use the door down on the ground. that is on the north side of
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the hyatt. now you are looking west toward the bay. you have people. this is pretty dangerous actually. you have people sitting on the top of the parking garage. that is dangerous. because somebody could fall and that is four stories down to the ground. yeah, that is four stories. so, i'm sorry, what mike? >> are there any police officers with the protesters outside those doors on the bridge or off? >> reporter: no, there are no police officers up here. i done see a police officer. no, they are stationed on the perimeter. these people come around the area. we noticed people going into the parking garage. i followed and noticed they are coming up stair to the third floor. trying to get in this side door. when that didn't work, they went up one more floor to the
12:33 pm
fourth floor. now you see at least two people sitting on the ledge. you can see if they fall, they will land. they will fall right onto the hedges and the pavement is below. it is pretty dangerous. i'm sorry, go ahead gasia. >> no police in your sights. we don't know what is happening on the inside of the building. they know what is going on inside the regency? >> reporter: that's correct. i don't know what is going on inside the regency or the the police know what is going on or that there are people up here. there are police stations outside. police, chp. sheriffs deputies. et cetera. but there is no one out here right now. and these folks are kind of perched here on this ledge. things happen. if somebody calls, they are sitting now. that gentleman in the burgundy
12:34 pm
sweatshirt holding the mexican flag was standing on the ledge. you know. thank god he sat down, a gust of wind? a false step, he could fall. >> could you see law enforcement on the inside? >> reporter: hold on, let me make my way through the protesters. >> i'm blessing the doors are unlocked. >> reporter: hold on a sec mike. hold on. okay yeah, there are police on the inside but the problem with a lot of this, they are told to station right here so they cannot come out and get those guys off the ledge. i'm not sure if they put in radio calls to tell them to do that. spin around one more time dave. one more time. the doors are not only locked,
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not only locked, but you can see they are bolted as well. so that is pretty secure. the only way through is to break the glass. the police are right here. this is where we are staying up on the second. on the third floor bridge from the hotel. excuse me. sorry. from the hotel over to the parking structure. and this where protesters have gathered and they are trying to make their way in guys. we have been talking to people all morning. we talk to people who are protesting. one of the convention attendees. let's hear from them. >> the issue here is donald trump. it's the racism that donald trump promotes. we are going to defend our people here fighting against racism by any means necessary. >> we are in the bay area. san francisco has had demonstrations. it is part of the deal. and we love san francisco. and we love the bay area. and we are happy to be here at this convention. it will be a great luncheon. >> you are not surprised? >> not at all. not at all.
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not at all. i have seen a lot worse. >> reporter: back live here at the hyatt, we are on the third level. on the bridge that connect it is hotel with the parking structure. you are looking down at the protesters who have come down to try to gain access to the side entrance or north entrance to the hotel on the ground and here at the bridge level. they have been denied access. the doors are bolted shut. and you have a couple of people . four stories up of the parking structure guys. >> well, it seems for the most part, with a couple of scuffles, it seems pretty peaceful. but when is this considered trespassing? >> reporter: you know, they
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have gone around the barricades. so to a certain degree it is trespassing. everybody wants everyone to express their opinions and have their say. and so that is why they are you know, letting them kind of move freely. but i think the biggest concern like right now is the safety concern with these one, two, three, four people now sitting on the ledge. so it started with one person. the guy in the burgundy sweatshirt. now it has grown to four people and you worry, you know, that you could get pushed from behind accidentally. the crowd can surge forward and push you from behind and you can fall off. that is really the concern guys. >> will stay plugged in. we will get back to you if something else develops. >> reporter: if something develops we will come back live immediately. >> okay. thank you jesse. we have a number of live cameras as the scene in the hyatt regency.
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you can see our own ross palombo is inside the room. ross, if you can hear me, things are running behind schedule. we should have been hearing donald trump speak right now. >> looks like we don't have his audio now. but trump did walk into the hyatt regency about 20, 25 minutes ago. when that motorcade pulled up. shut down 101. >> they cut across. the da's office has decided to charge a 17-year-old as an adult. this is despite what husband older brother says what happened. a jailhouse interview with the san francisco chronicle says
12:39 pm
the younger brother is innocent. he says the truth of what happened will come out if and then there is a trial. he did not go into detail as to why, because he says an attorney is not present. he is set to make his first court appearance today. this as his parents will be laid to rest today as well. >> they were a normal family. they lived a private life. and we don't get a chance to hang out with them a lot. but i mean, they appear normal. >> a source confirms three messages were written in ink and scrawled on the floor in walls near one of the bodies. a vigil for golam and shamima rabi will be at 1:30. one man is in the hospital after being shot by police near a motel in milpitas. he is in stable condition. >> the scene tied up traffic
12:40 pm
near calaveras boulevard. janine de la vega has the story. >> reporter: they wanted to make sure they didn't miss any shell casings from the shooting. there has been a lot of back u.n.s on the onramp. it was a large crime scene that did stretch across the scene to this hotel. the shooting happened just before 1:00 this morning. an officer made a traffic stop on a cadillac and pulled into the parking lot of the executive inn. the officer and the suspect both exited their cars and shortly after, the shooting occurred. we don't know if the suspect had a weapon or what made the officer shoot. we are told the suspect ran across calaveras boulevard to the northbound 680 onramp and police ended up catching up with him in the bushes there. motel guests heard two to three gunshots. some ran to the balcony and saw the suspect bleeding. >> he had a white shirt on. and in that area, it is kind of wooded so the white stands out. you could see the area in red
12:41 pm
and a few people standing there were like, slumped over. >> reporter: that suspect was taken to the hospital where he is now being treated for his injuries. he is a 27-year-old latino man from san jose. he has three warrants out for his arrest. police have questioned the officer to figure out how this unfolded. they obtain t security video that captured some of the incident. reporting from milpitas, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. all right, tickets for the first three warrior home games of the western conference semifinals go on sale to the public today. season ticketholders and ticket priority got access. warriors insiders get access at 10:00 this morning which is about three hours ago. then the general public was able to buy tickets at 2:00
12:42 pm
this afternoon. we still don't know who the warriors will be facing. the clippers or portland. portland could wrap up their series with a win tonight in game six. the sap center will be loud tonight as the sharks take on the predators. sharks have had about a week of rest since eliminating the la kings. the predators are coming up against the anaheim ducks that ended on wednesday. they are at the sap center now practicing. tonight's game is expected to be the start of a fun and tense playoff series for sharks fans. >> i think both teams are pretty evenly matched and it is going to be a real defensive battle between both teams. real physical f. i think that is maybe where that time off gives the sharks a little bit of an advantage. they have had an opportunity to rest, to heal up a little bit. >> from is a street rally before tonight's game at the shark tank at 5:00. that is free. anybody can go. puck drops at 7:30. game two is sunday.
12:43 pm
the series then heads to nashville. still to come, the 49ers and raiders have made their draft picks. what's aid head for the teams in the later rounds? and how jared goff will be the face of the rams and when we might see him in action in the bay area. >> let's take a look outside. a gorgeous bay area day and the weekend is only going to get warmer. up next, we bring back rosemary orozco for the day it might be windiest.
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>> reporter: here on the inside, everything is relatively calm. the hitch here was just getting donald trump into the inside. as you saw live from sky fox 2, that was him stopping along with police along highway 101 actually having to get out and come in here to the hyatt through the back. he went into a vip reception just inside the stage and he is going to be coming out and talking at any moment. most of these people have gotten here early so they didn't have much of a problem. but this gentleman peter, from belmont, he came about 20 minutes ago. you had a difficult time getting in here. >> i was with my neighbor who is 91 years old and the protesters had forced us away physically and we had to walk around and make our way here via some bushes. >> reporter: was there a point you didn't think you would get inside? >> yes actually. there was a point.
12:47 pm
>> what do you think about this being a trump supporter? you saw this in costa mesa. do you think he is responsible for this or the protesters are way out of hand? >> he is not responsible for this. the protesters are out of hand. it is deplorable that they are treeing to preclude me from hearing the message. >> reporter: you are okay with them speaking but the problem is you don't want them blocking the roads? >> yes. >> reporter: tell us why you support donald trump? >> he is a change agent and he is the only one that can pull it off. >> reporter: do you think he has as much of a chance in the bay area of getting any of our delegates here? i'm sure you know most people do not agree with you across the bay area. >> i understand that. >> reporter: so what are your thought ins do you think he will change some minds? we talked to some democrats who
12:48 pm
will be switching to donald trump because they are not for hillary. >> i don't know. i don't know the answer to that. but they will hear the message and have the opportunity to change their minds. >> reporter: okay peter. thanks so much for talking to us really quickly. they are about to get started here. so, we will be senning it back to you again. donald trump has gotten here. 45 minutes late. you saw the scene from sky fox 2. we actually had to get out along highway 101, come in across the cement barriers and come in the back door. he will be coming out here any moment to speak and really kick off the california gop. we will cover this for you live all afternoon long. i will send it back to you. >> okay. ross palombo, thank you very much. we will come back in when donald trump keeps talking. a new solution. we will talk about the lengths some cities are going to for people who insist on walking and texting.
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>> mild today. warm as we get into your bay area weekend. with the wind picking up at times as well. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we have mostly clear skies. a beautiful view into oakland this afternoon. that flag not moving a whole lot. i expect the winds will pick up
12:52 pm
as we get into the second half of the afternoon. here is a look from up above. we started out with partly sunny, partly cloudy skies. we are partly cloudy to mostly clear. we have a ridge of high pressure building over the pacific, but look how far out it is. it will continue to nudge our way on the topside of it, we have a system. this is going to actually drop downright along the border of california and nevada. as it does, it is going to kick up our wind. so for today, we have a west, northwesterly breeze, but by the afternoon tomorrow, it is going to turn northeast. and that will again help to drive up temperatures as well. here is a look at the afternoon. breezy. this is the forecast model. santa rosa at 22 miles an hour. so expect the winds in the afternoon today, then as we get into saturday. there again, it will be a northeasterly breeze, so a dry land breeze moving in. a wind advisory has been put into place for the overnight
12:53 pm
hours. so late tonight, 11:00, will last until tomorrow morning and it is for the hills and mountains. take a closer look here as we get into the north bay, east bay. and into the santa rosa cruz mountains. the higher elevations. 64 in novato. 68 redwood city. low 70s in walnut creek and concord. here is a look at the afternoon highs. we are talking upper 60s in sausalito. upper 70s in santa rosa. upper 70s for antioch. get into the south bay, 70s here as well. san jose, 72. 74 for santa santa cruz. upper 60s san francisco. going to see the as play, mostly clear skies. 65 degrees at game time. a beautiful day at the ballpark. here is a look at your extended forecast. temperatures, notable warmup coming saturday. sunday looks to be the warmest day. slightly warmer weather and we cool it back monday. even a chance of a few
12:54 pm
scattered showers entering the picture wednesday. it will be warmer and breezy at times. back to you. >> thank you rosemary orozco. texting while walking has become a real hazard over the past few years. two cities in geany are doing something about people who are burying their noses in their phones while they walk. they have instilled traffic lights that face the sidewalk up at pedestrians. the hope is that the red lights will catch the attention of people looking down at their phones and they will get a warning not to cross the street. let's get to jesse in burlingame outside the gop convention. what's the latest jesse? >> reporter: well mike, we have moved back to the front of the hotel on the east side. remember, we were up on the parking structure. the people are off the ledge and police are up in place on the third floor landing so that's good. you can see the protesters have moved back here to the front with the police over here. still a ringing the exterior. and these are the officers we were showing you from up on the
12:55 pm
bridge. the backside. now you are seeing the front side. mike, you asked earlier if they were trespassing and i wanted to show you, dave come on over this way a little by. this is one of the barricades that has been set up. you see it has been knocked over. you see on the front of the barricade, it says closed for private function. ticketed persons over. these are the barricades out here and that is knocked over. so yeah. they were trespassing but they want to make sure people are allow today have their say. they have a piñata now of donald trump over here. so these are the kind of things out on bay shore highway. these are kind of the things. that is captain mexico. the gentleman i referred to who says he is not political but wanted to have his voice heard. he feels donald trump is a divisive source. >> police will give an order to dispurse saying that people are
12:56 pm
gathering unlawfully, so the protesters have a notice before things happen. but sounds like police have not even given that notice. is that right? >> reporter: oh no, no. they are not going to do that. people will be out here all day gasia. all day. >> sounds like we may have lost his microphone. jesse, if you can hear me, pop back on in, any minute you can. we see another of what appear to be a piñata. fashioned after donald trump. we are staying on top of this, mike. this is something police expected and they actually contacted southern california police after the riot we saw there. again, all this happening outside as inside. we are still waiting to hear from donald trump. >> ted cruz tomorrow night. and then, kasich will speak at dinner time tonight. in the meantime, donald trump, as we said, expected to speak. 172 delegates up for grabs. i mean, when the presidential
12:57 pm
politics comes to california where it actually means something, it gets heated and exciting. there's a lot of passion on both sides. >> we are staying inside. we will be streaming this for you on >> sit down everybody. thank you very much. wow. so nice. that was not the easiest entrance i have ever made. they went under a fence and through a fence. boy. i felt like i was crossing the border actually. sure. i was crossing the border. but i got here. they said mr. trump would be really much easier sir, if you didn't speak today and just left and go back immediately to
12:58 pm
indiana and i said you know? we can't let these people down. right? do we agree? we can't do it. but i appreciate it. but it was fun. it was a little different. that was a different kind of a thing. here is the washington post today. the time has come to admit that republican voters want donald trump as their nominee. you see that? chris. good writer. good writer. that's pretty good. so, you know, we are making amazing progress. all over. it has been incredible. last night, as you know, we had 31,000 people. by the way, no protesters in sight. we had 31,000 people and it was just like rocking. and everybody loved it. was anybody there last night. it was so incredible. we are pretty far away. i tell you what. it was just an incredible evening. so, what has happened is we
12:59 pm
started this journey on june june 16 we have the border patrol. thousands of border patrol agents who are phenomenal people who want to do their job. they are told to stand back. stand back. they are standing there. these great looking people. and they endorse my. 16,500. they never endorsed a
1:00 pm
presidential candidate. over the last two weeks, it took place before that. people see what is happening. they have far more votes than anybody else and we will hit the number quite easily. i watch the very dishonest media and they say oh, cruz is getting delegates. no, he is not getting delegates. he is getting second, third, fourth, fifth round. he is not going to be there. we don't even compete for them. >> listening in as gop front runner donald trump takes the stage in burlingame addressing the bay area audience. we will stream this live. have updates on the 4.


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