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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> presidentle candidate donald trump was greeted by hundreds of angry protesters before delivering a speech. >> reporter: quite a different scene out to there, at least right now. >> reporter: oh, yeah, what a different a few hours makes. the protesters are gone. pay sure is open to be traffic. a sharp contrast to earlier today. burrellington resident chris conroy tried to walk through the crowd wearing a wardrobe sim dollar to that of donald trump. accounts differ on who did what to whom first, but at one point, a protester sucker punched conway in the back of
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the head, and that caused a scrum. he had to be helped over a metal barricade to escape the crowd, as both crowds traded insults. i spoke to conway, and those who do not believe eitherth he or donald trump has a right to be in burlingame. >> i kind of expected it. i've been kicked, i have been punched, but i ain't going nowhere. >> we can all disagree if this country. that's what america is about, but we cannot strong arm each other, and that's what he was doing coming through here. >> he went through a crowd of blow testers with elbows, shoving people. he put himself in the middle of that carnage. >> that's right. >> and he received exactly what he deserved. i'm sorry. >> reporter: a short time ago,
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burrellingame police made an announcement that everyone had to disperse, that's what happened. but it was quite a scene here earlier today. there are people coming to the convention, attendees. you're heal from them coming up. . >> could you describe what stood out the most to you. this looked different than the protests we've seen acrossty country in the past few months. i think i even saw some protesters with a mexican flag out there. would so was it a different feel for you being in the middle of it? >> reporter: people ask what the feel is, i've covered a lot of protests, and it sounds cliche, but it felt like a protest, but i would say this was more focused on donald trump, because you have the state gop convention. so you're going to have ted cruz here, and fiorina, and kasich, but most of this was forecast youd directly at donald trump. so you saw a lot of folks
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holding mexican flags, be upset about the comments that mr. trump made about illegal immigrants, or immigrants, some immigrants to the united states. you had one guy who was dressed up as a super hero, a captain mexico. he said he's not political, never really gets involved in politics, but felt so strongly about this, he felt he had to come out here today and make his voice known. you had people who were so intent on getting inside the hotel, some did it at one point. they were able to unfurl a banner inside the hotel, and it was right where those large glass windows are above the main entrance, but it was taken down, but they did actually get inside, and then they turned to try to get inside. some trying to go through the front door. they went around to the side door, on the north side of the hotel, et cetera. it was a very, very passionate, very emotional, and at points a lot of contention, violent
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contention. >> let's go to ross now who was inside the hotel where donald trump spoke. >> reporter: it was a different kind of pandemonium here, as the infamous donald trump cardboard cutout we've seen across the entire country. people have been come hearing from acrossty state all day long, getting inside this morning was quite a task. getting in here, a task for the voter hears, but also for donald trump. >> that was not the easiest entrance into i've ever made. my wife called she said there are helicopters follow you. >> reporter: candidate donald trump could only get this close. all of it forcing him to stop on the highway, walk through barricades, sneak in through the back door. >> and then we went under a
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fence, and through a sense, and, be oh, boy, felt like i was crossing the border, actually. >> reporter: and after crossing the poured entire burlingame, he was surrounded by similar minds. >> we're scheduled to do very well in california, i guess you've seen that, but really well. >> reporter: there was little talk of policy, and plenty of attacks. >> liein' ted did not do do well in new york, folks. >> reporter: both cruz and fiorina took the brunt of it. >> he did something i've never seen, because he picked a vice presidential person, carly, he picked carly, and i like carl yeah, but when she left, she had no votes! >> and then there was hillary clinton. >> i look forward to beating her? do we look forward to winning? >> reporter: his strategy here is to turn democratic votes into republican votes. >> it's not because i'm anti- democrat, i'm pro american. >> reporter: and this same sex
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couple, former democrats, are right on board. >> doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is, the real issue jobs. >> reporter: african- americans, and la he tinos were also listening. >> i wanted to jump out of my chair and say, yeah, we need to change the direction of this country. >> reporter: some of them hoping to hear something different. >> they'll say say what they have to, burt i really want to see what he's able to too. >> reporter: but in the end -- >> folks, i'm a conditioner is vattive, but at this point, who cares, we have to fix this country. >> reporter: in it was the same donald trump, who left the same way he came. those were the only two times that thomas really mentioned the protesters outside. it was so dramatic outside, it was so hard for him to get in. he just mentioned at the beginning of the speech and, and then at the end. he was only here for about an hour, and went back to indiana, where he's going to continue campaigning. now within john kasich is
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actually going to -- now, john kasich is actually going to be speaking here this evening at around 7:30. also july spoke with mr. kasich. we have a one-on-one interview coming up for you later, as well. for now, back to you 0 inspect >> one quick question for you. any excitement in there for governor kasich or senator cruz? what are you hearing about those two candidates? >> reporter: you know, all the excitement here seems to be for donald trump. he's way ahead in the polls here in california. everyone we spoke to seemed to be on board with donald trump. but i will tell you that i ran into one woman who didn't even want us to shoot her here. she came to listen to donald trump, just out of cure usety, but she said that his comments about women are unacceptable, and she didn't hear anything in that speech to change her mind. >> all right, we'll look forward to your reports later thissing. thank you. some potentially incriminating statements released by investigators
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today. this is in the case of those two brothers accused of killing their parenters. 22-year-old and his 17-year-old brother both appeared in santa clara county court today. the judge asked us not to show the younger brother who is being held in juvenile court, but is now being charged as an adult. the brothers each face two counts of murder anywhere both pled not guilty. the two were arrested after their parents were found dead from gun is shot wounds in their home lat weekend. today suspect statements were released that included a confession by the older brother, who told police, according to them, he shot his father multiple times atthary stranger came into their home, but denied killing his mother. police say the younger brother told detectives he was at home when his parents were kill requested and his brother carried out both murders. >> omar was shot more than a dozen times.
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she was shot once in the head. >> the brothers are set to return to court may 9th. reporter ann ruben was there in court today. she'll have details on the latest developments coming up in our 5:00 newscast. >> police have found a large amount of methamphetamine cash in the car of a man who was shot by police this morning. this just before 1:00 at the executive inn near 680. the man got out, and started running. that's when an officer shot him. motel guests say they heard several gunshots. >> we heard the doors, and then shortly thereafter, you hear the shots. p.o.w., p.o.w., real quick, you hit the floor. >> the man who is from san jose is expected to survive, and police say he had three no bail warrants out for his arrest, but have not said in f he was armed. still ahead, experts are calling eight mill break through. >> we'll be joined bay local
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diagnosis alzheimer's can be a challenge. typically doctors have dumped on patient and family interviews, causing the testing and blood samples to determine
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if the patient has alzheimer's, but that is all changing. a group is jot utilizing an imaging process that can track the progression of the keys to even when there are no symptoms. with us more to talk more than about this is dr. william, and also one of the authors -- the author of the study. thanks for being with us. let's start with these brain scans exactly. >> so we know there are these abnormal proteins that accumulate in the brain of people who have alzheimer's, and these scans allow us to see these proteins in the brain. we can watch them progress over time and can pick them up in healthy older people who are oil in knot actually having symptoms yet of alzheimer's disease. >> and there is the lack of symptoms. we don't even need to have the symptoms yet. so how important is that, and what does that mean when it
4:14 pm
comes to research, it's a whole new area? >> it's been developing over a number of years, but i think the biggest impact it having is in the way test new medications. so we can actually select people to go into clinical trials of drugs based on what these scans look like, and see if the drugs are having an effect on these proteins, even at a time when they're not having symptoms. >> and how is that changing lives, being able to, like you said, check earlier and being able to even provide medicine? how is that changing lives of people who are impacted by alzheimer's? >> so i'm sorry to say that at this point, it's still pretty much in the research area. good how do you see it potentially? >> what we hope is going to happen and that these scans will, able to, for example, well, first of all, hip us develop new drugs. so we think this has opened the door to medications that will have an impact on alzheimer's. not just alleviate the symptoms, but stop the progression of the disease, and we think that's a real possibility, and in that
4:15 pm
happens, these scans may be use envelope something like thatting the people who might go on those medication . >> do you think that research is progressing as it should when it comes to alzheimer's and treating patients living with it? >> well, no 0, i mean, it's always too slow. i mean, this is a serious problem. my generation, baby boom generation is now becoming at risk. more people all the time at risk for alzheimer's, so i think we really need to invest intensively to try spoke to improve the situation. >> and what is next for you with your research? >> so we're now very interested in following people over time. we've only take an snapshot of their brains basically, and we want to see what happens over time. >> thank you, doctor, for your research and for your time today. >> my pleasure. >> let's check the weather now. let's send it over to mark. beautiful day out there, warm, but i still now this the wind out there. >> yeah, especially watching jessie's live shot there in
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burlingame, the winding really cranking up. still some breezy conditions expected as we head into your bay area weekend. we start out with patch you low clouds. they are kind of being sucked a away over the past few hours. we'll have that steady onshore breeze in fact. you see those surface winners, still somewhat of a factor tonight, especially for the coast and near parts of the bay. current numbers out there actually fairly comfortable, wall nut creek checking in at 70. there is san francisco, and half moon by a, only in the 50s. here is look at some of those current wind speeds. there is santa rosa. this is interesting. this wind is out of the north. and that will be the developing wind direction over the next
4:17 pm
few hour, and will set the stage for a much warmer weekend. so with the gusty winds and place, we have a wind advisory that begins 11:00 tonight until 10:00 a.m. saturday that'sth in place for the bay area hills. so all the area shaded in blue, i was talking about that northerly are wind developing, is is and that will be the key with this advisory kicking up at 11:00 tonight. friday, saturday, and sunday, so for today into the weekend, we're talking about a warming trend. you'll notice that trend for your saturday and even into sunday as well. more 70s and 80s showing up on the forecast maps. this area of high pressure strengthening. this area of low pressure diving down to nevada. as it moves to our east, that pressure difference between the high and the low will generate those northerly winds, but also this high in place, as that
4:18 pm
will warm up the temperatures this weekend. here is that onshore breeze right now. those winds coming out of the north throughout the day on saturday, still quite of a breeze out there, and even by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, whenever you get a wind direction like this, and especially this time of year, that leads to warmer temperatures, and we have those warmer temperatures in the forecast for tomorrow. santa rosa mid-80s. san francisco, 76 degrees, concord 84. and san jose, beautiful, 80 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, lots of sunshine this weekend once again. gusty winds, especially in the bay area hills, and then partly sunny skies into monday of next week. increasing clouds on tuesday. maybe the possibility of just a few sprinkles or few light showers for wednesday of next week. we'll keep an eye on that chance. but if you have outdoor plans this weekend, it looks great out there. >> watching something news today. it's called flashback friday. >> we take a look back at some
4:19 pm
of the stories ktvu covered advertise week, but this week 20 years ago. >> the grand jury reindicted a daughter on a murder charge in another case. >> the first indictment involves the death of a berkeley woman, 59-year-old have a is have a bailey. when her home burned down and her body was found inside, berkeley police inspector al veers began to suspect her friend, visit even lloyd, killed her. >> any words? >> yes. channel 2 has already convicted me, so what the hell do you carol how i plead? >> the fire appears to be be suspicious. it started at 1:15 this morning. we talked to several people who live near the hotel. >> it's an eyesore.
4:20 pm
i'm not sorry to see it go. i don't like arson, and i don't like acts of terrorism, but -- >> in in ukraine, memorial services were held at the chernobyl nuclear power plant today. exactly 10 years ago an experiment got out of control, and the power plant exploded. 4300 people died as a direct result of the accident. >> today members of this small ukrainian church in san francisco held a memorial service to those who died, and those who continue to live with the effects of the world's worst nuclear disaster. >> bond sent the next pitch high and deep to the opposite field. his 8th homer of the season was number 300 of his career. >> this doesn't seem like this should be here this soon. not yet. just really doesn't seem -- it doesn't seem real right now. >> always great to see and hear
4:21 pm
former companies here, but and then to take a look back and see barry bonds, as well. >> twenty years ago. >> he it was just here with the miami marlins, and now see him 20 years ago hitting number 300. m$
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most fast food places use formulas to create their combos. but all that math, doesn't always equal something tasty.
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homophobic and racist text messages released from his officers. time now for the verdict. michael is sitting here nix to me. is the chief in police in criminal of this department that is highly under they were spotlight right now? >> well, you understand hope so. there's no way to really tell. two years ago, they had the texting scandal back then, and nothing happened. they weren't able to go after those officers, because of a statute of limitations. the federal investigation was going on, and they wouldn't give it up. anyway, this bigs the question in my mind, it happened two years ago. why didn't this testing come in a lot sooner. >> trying to save his job? >> i don't think so. it's political at a certain level, but then again, why didn't he push it through? and i'm a big fan of the
4:25 pm
chief's. i really like him. but yet if i were to criticize, i would say why didn't you do it sooner? the other question i 0 is of v is the officers who did it this time knew about who two years ago, so what are they thinking? you go do it gain don't think you're going to get caught? >> so they do this training all of a sudden, all of the officers, the bad appling out there, if there are any left. >> you know there are. >> they're going to stop texting and doing that? because i stunt just happen in that department. >> yeah, but why isn't it coming up in other departments? it only comes fun san francisco. we are paying closer attention to this city if i don't think so. but what they have to do now besides that type of testing now, or going through the education, is why don't you do it when you hire officers? and then because the officers and i, having been a district attorney for a long time, i see what they go go through on the streets, and they meet the worst of the worst of all ethnic groups. what's sad about it, some take
4:26 pm
seeing the worst of the worst, and paint a whole group with that brush, and say, well, if they do this, the whole group of people is bad. now, that's wrong. so why don't they take them on a yearly basis. not just one, don't bring them in for this, bring them in yearly. >> another angle to this. the messages came to light after a woman accused a police officer of raping her, and then another former lieutenant, curtis lu was recently charged this week. one count of making a false statement in a press report. former lieutenant curtis lu. i mean, he's not with the department anytime, he's out of the department. >> no, he's retired. he retired out. i'll tell you, the first thing i think of is politics. of i really hope, because when you bring charges like this, especially against a police officer, an ex-officer, why destroy their lives just with are the charge.
4:27 pm
>> even if he's a former officer, right? >> even former. how do you undo something like that senate even if urine found not guilty at some point, or they drop changes later. the d.a.'s office, if they're bringing this, they better have a lot of information to prove that he falsified a police department and somehow obstructed justice. >> two brothers charged today with killing their parents. authorities came out and said that the older brother shot the father in the head more than a dozen times, and the north in the head once. >> you know, again, here is case, when i first heard it, i saw that he spoke to someone from the chronicle, and said i'm not going to talk, but my brother did do not this, and i thought you're not gonna talk? you're giving them all sorts of information. again, if there was some tension about six your orientation. obviously something happened. they brought the charges. my guesses is they have a confession from the older
4:28 pm
brother. i don't know if he absolves the younger brother of this, because he said he had nothing to do with it. so i'm not sure how they're going to tie the younger brother into this. did he aid and abet somehow? >> well, apparently he is saying he had nothing to do with it, he's been charged with an adult. >> exactly. so does that mean he aided and abetted during the crime? remember, he went to school, too. that's where they pay referred him, which is shocking to me, because you see if you're involved, you see a double murder of your parents, and then you blithely go off to school? that's scary to me that you can focus and get things done like that? that's a scare inquire personality for me. >> we'll be following that case. that's this week's the verdict. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. coming up, a guardrail company at the center of a national controversy. >> you know, he went taken out
4:29 pm
by gun violence. he was taken out by something on the highway. >> a deadly car accident. confusions a guardrail is partly to blame. still ahead, who these types of guardrails remain on california highways. plus a seat belt snaps just as a roller coaster takes off. what the attendant told the boy's father after the ride was over.
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police say on sunday, a 23- year-old woman reported meeting a man in a financial district, where the woman claims he sexually assaulted her. police are still looking for this man, who is belied to be 25 to 30 years old. sonoma county is reporting
4:33 pm
it's first case of the zika virus. the county health department said the patient had traveled to central america and was bit therein by mosquitoes. the virus is very dangerous to pregnant women, since it can spread from a mother to her unborn baby, resulting in life amateuring birth defects. there have been 35 positive cases in california. a guardrail company is at the center of a national controversy, and a local mother believes their product sat least partially to blame for her son's death.
4:34 pm
>> you can see these are previously -- the biggest cluster seems to right here in contra costa county 0. all of this while supersome still have serious questions about their safety. >> it's still unreal to me sometimes. i just don't know if darrell should be here. he should be here. >> reporter: it's a story of one son, one guardrail. one whistleblower, and one company. with crashes and courthouses, and california highways, everywhere in between. >> you know, he wasn't taken out by gun violence, he, taken out by something on the highway. >> reporter: it was here on highway 101 where 24-year-old darrell blackmon's life was
4:35 pm
taken. >> darrell fell asleep, and hit the guardrail, and the car flipped. >> reporter: the chp said he veered off the road, collided with the metal guardrail, and then struck a sign post. the former berkeley high school football star, a new young coach, torens blackmon's only son, died at the scene. >> i just started screaming, and i lost it. a lot of stuff is blurred after that. >> reporter: but in that blur, suddenly a clear phone call. >> he goes on to say your son should be alive. >> and then the car went airborne. >> reporter: it was josh harmon on the other end of the line. >> that's not what is supposed to happen. >> reporter: while working as a contractor and competitor, relacing guardrails in several states, he said he discovered a pattern. is that how it supposed to work? >> no. >> reporter: so -- tealy, when your car hits this guardrail, what is it supposed to do? >> it's supposed to go show the
4:36 pm
vehicle down and stop it. reporter: but in this test with this particular type of guardrail and terminal -- >> watch this. >> reporter: he says something else happened. >> bam, stops. it blows here, and it creates this spear that comes through the door. now, how would you like to be that guy. >> so if you're sitting in that driver's seat. >> reporter: you're a dead man. >> dead from having the door pushed in, harmon said, or dead from having the car car pushed in? >> it flips this vehicle out in traffic, sends it like in blackmon's situation. >> reporter: in his situation, the chp said no portion of the ward rail penetrated the car, but he believes it instead pushed the car, and he believes it should have stopped it. >> what did you think when you heard that? >> i was furious. a lot of anger, because sometimes it feels like it's a dream. >> reporter: the bizarre dream or nightmare began, hear morn
4:37 pm
said, with a conscious change to the guardrail and terminal measurements. this part he said used to measure 5 inches, but this model called the e.t. plus is four ins, he said, and has other differences. >> it's shorter here, and it's thinner here. >> reporter: and all of those. >> all of them. >> reporter: and all of them led him to blow the whistle on the texas manufacturer tripty, and to make claims in -- trinity, and to make claims in court. a texas court agreed, saying that trinity was fraudulent, and fined the company $663 million. during all of this, several states across the country stopped installing the e.t. plus, including california. but that cause only extended to new installations.
4:38 pm
two investigates has learned that hundreds of these guardrail term nats are still out there. five in marin, where his accident was. 142 if disappear clara county. 697 in the entire bear area. >> these 700 in the bay area, are they safe? >> is right now, we don't have any reason to believe they're not. >> isn't there enough question, though, to remove them? >> not to my opinion. >> reporter: cal tran cites this review of 284 accidents over five years involving the e.t. plus, and found no problem in 97% of them, although they did find three incidents where they penetrated guardrails pending injuries. in this last one, the testing company find nothing penetration or undue hazard. but harmon points out that this video is also from that task.
4:39 pm
>> so this could happen 700 times if the bay area. >> very easily. very easily. >> if you look closely at the test, it did not pierce the driver. that is an inaccurate statement by josh harmon. >> reporter: trinity disputes each and every also from harmon. >> mr. harmon is wrong. he is not a professional engineer. he is a con man. >> reporter: and points out that no court has ever ruled that their product is defective. >> but it is wholly inaccurate to say that any in terminal system is deadly until you look at very specific accidents and how those accidents occurred. >> reporter: but in california, until cal tran's engineers conduct their own analysis, the moratorium remains, except on those already out there. are you worried at all? do you think you're being meant? >> i don't think i'm being meant. >> reporter: but this mother does. >> straight up negligence.
4:40 pm
>> reporter: you blame all of them. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the manufacturer. >> absolutely. >> reporter: cal tran. >> absolutely. all of them. >> reporter: it may to be a late, she says for her son -- >> they need to pull every last one. >> reporter: but out in with hundreds of these still out there. >> why? >> >> reporter: she's worried it will also be too late for many, a many others. >> hope god rides with you, because that's what you're gonna need. >> that mother's attorney has already formally notified the state that they intent intend to sue both the state and trinity, and say they'll file that lawsuit next week pep trinity won't comment on that, but points out that jab harmon is a competitor, not an engineer, and said he has been caught trying to keep their product in the past. harmon denies that specific also.
4:41 pm
state officials say they will remove all 697 from across the bay area and the 4200 across the entire state. the entire sta >> and if you have a tip for 2 investigates, we want to hear from you. send us an e-mail, 2 investigates at, or give us a call -- k tv, or give us a call. >> get ready for warmer temperatures in your weekend former. coming up, the warm it's day over the next few days, and more details a on wind advisory. >> and a quick look outside at the nimitz 880, going into downtown oakland. not bad. don't forget, it's the astros taking on the a's at the coliseum. we'll be right back.
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well, the weekend is almost here, and all kind of festivals are scheduled across the area for the weekend. >> it's bay area dance week, which means you can find hundreds of free dance and performance lessons going on throughout the bay area. the free event will go on saturday at jack london square
4:45 pm
from 11:00 to 6:00. with what is said to be the world's shortest parade, we'll have live music and entertainment this at alameda. whimsy fest. in concord, the 10th annual contra costa kops for kids run. food, drinks, and music will be provided afterwards. all pleads go to support programs for at risk youth. in san francisco, sunday streets is happening. the five-hour street party will be held in the pay your view and dog patch area. last stop in the south bay for the earth day and arbor day. the event will showcase how to go greener to planting a native garden. the free festival is saturday from 11:00 to 3:00. a's host the astros.
4:46 pm
warriors and sharks continue their play-off runs. that is your weekend watch. tch. >> it's also going to a wonderful weekend if you like the warmer weather, right? >> i love the warmer weather, mark, you shall that. >> yeah, it's all food news for you guys. temperatures zooming up this weekend. 70s and 80s. so get ready for those changes this weekend. here is our live camera looking out towards san francisco bay. you can see a little haze out there, but still looking very nice for your friday afternoon if you do not mind the wind. a few high clouds approaching northern california, even a few showers in the northeastern portion of the state. the winds having the biggest deal. they are still on shore across most of the region. we'll look at the twinned speeds in just a second. fairfield in the 70s.
4:47 pm
so today actually fairly pleasant, but kind of keeping it cool right near the immediate coastline. half mon bay and san francisco only in the 50s. wind speeds right now, that's the southwesterly wind gusting to 24s an hour. this is the observation that sticks out to me. this is santa rita is a. that's a northerly wind. that norm wind will be increasing president that will be the source of some warming aclose the bay area as we head into your weekend. and here are we go, sfo, a bit blustery out there. first thing tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies and breezy. temperatures there be in the low 50s. san francisco, 52, and santa rosa right around 50 degrees to start out your saturday. here is the plan in san francisco, 7:00 a.m., fair skies, temperatures will be in the 50s. our sky cast keeping things mostly sunny, and on track to reach 76 by about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. in the big h out here in the pacific, and a big l here. they'll both be on the move a
4:48 pm
as we head into your weekend. the pressure difference will set up that northerly wind. the strongest winds will be saturday morning, but still a bit of a breeze throughout the weekend. 15 to 25 miles a an hour, and with that northerly wind in place, definitely that will be the place of some warming for both saturday and sunday. especially for the north bay hills, the east bay hymns wish could have winds gusting to right around 40 to 45 miles an hour. here we go. we'll take this into your saturday, there is the eventually temperature range, everybody warmer for tom. santa rosa, 85. beach weather out there for simpson beach. lots of 80s inland. gill roy 81, and san francisco 76 degrees. here is look ahead. your five-day forecast, and temperatures will continue to warm up into sunday, and then we gradually cool things off
4:49 pm
for monday and tuesday, many a chance of a shower with more clouds for wednesday. by just get outside and enjoy the great weather this weekend. anything, the park, the beach, the lake, anything. >> your backyard. >> i'll endorse everything. >> jump in the ocean. >> i might join you. >> let's look at stories we're working on for 5:00. new video of the man who threatened that tv station in baltimore. >> yeah. sorry, i'm still think okay ever bike jumping in the ocean. yeah, surveillance individualio released today of that man who walked into a tv station in balfour opening his animal costume to reveal what looks like a bomb vest. evidence to police applauded the security guard's reaction there, and his ability to quietly evacuate the employees from that station. >> and a lot of attention on donald trump, but governor kasich is also in town today. >> yeah, he is set to speak at the gpo convention if burlingame. our political reporter got a chance to speak with him.
4:50 pm
what john kasich told him. you at 5:00. thank you. and and move over steph curry. the nba superstar talks about the trial star in his family, as he and his fame take the cover of parents magazine.
4:51 pm
that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
4:52 pm
we're taking a look at what you are talking about out there on social media. >> a lot of people are talking about rapper drake after he released a new album overnight. the album entitled views is in sort of a love letter to his hometown, and so far, fans have been loving it.
4:53 pm
>> he tweeted out a link to purchase the album on itunes, of course. so far more than 2 million tweets have is mentioned drake and that no am bum. >> the university of washington cheer leading squad is sparking criticism after posting a checklist of what potential members should and should not be wearing or doing during the tryouts. >> bit before i ride this, this is -- but before i read this, this is not unusual. >> were you a cheer leader in >> no, i was not. not in college. >> during tryouts, they're saying things like fake eyelashes, wearing your hair down, a fake tan or spray tan. that is a must, mike. physically fit, and you have to an very an athletic fix eek, but ponytails, and an outfit that covering your mid- representative are not allowed according to the poster. >> critics say that touch-tone
4:54 pm
the poster objectty fees women, and then within a few hours, the posters were taken down. >> after a lot of complaints if. >> the golden state warriors first fame will be hit hing parent magazine. >> steph curry and his wife talk about parenting their oldest caughter, and their oldest daughter riley, you see her there, her new time fame. in the article, the couple says whenever they go places without their are two little daughters, people ask where are they? you have two little ones. >> yeah. >> they're a hand. >> yeah, and that's just another part of life. this is work, if that's what life second half about. >> all right. we'll be right back. m$
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4:57 pm
here we go. i gotcha. you're fine, i promise, okay. >> man. terrifying roller coaster ride in texas after a six-year-old's seatbelt broke just minutes after that ride began. you can see his dad happened to be recording when the boy slid to the bottom of the car they were in. they were on the mousetrap roller coaster at wonderland
4:58 pm
amusement park. he said when the ride was over the attend apartment actually said knew that the belts break sometimes and continued to let others on the ride but just did not let people in the backseat. >> hundreds of people attended last night's premier of the new documentary on the life of audrey pott. she took her own life after she was sexually assaulted, then bullied on social media. it was a painful night for her parents. they hope that this film will put a spotlight on the devastating effects of cyber bullying on young people. >> a tough night for us because it really opens up some wounds whenever we see the movie. >> it just takes one voice to stop an event that could go horribly, horribly south like did it in audrey's case. and it could change someone's life forever. >> the san francisco filmmakers
4:59 pm
made this documentary after being touched biaudrey's tragic story which unfolded some four years ago. the sophomore passed out at a party and was sexually assaulted, then photos of her half-naked body were later posted on social media while she committed suicide just a few days later. that's it for us here at 4:00. let's bring in frank and julie. a big day in a south bay courtroom. >> two brothers accused of killing their parents. hear the murder charges against them as they make their first appearance before a judge in san jose. >> those brothers are being held without bail. now we're learning that the older brother has confessed to police. he's also told them that his younger brother is not to blame. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. hasib golam rabbi is 22 years old, his brother omarr just 17. today they were both charged
5:00 pm
with murder as adults tin shooting deaths of their parents. ktvu's ann rubin was there as they appeared in court. ann tells us prosecutors released new information including one brother's confession. >> reporter: hasib golam rabbi pled not guilty. so did his younger brother only mar whose face the judge asked we not show. both were charged with two counts of murder for the death of their parents. in an interview with the chronicle hasib called his younger brother innocent but today the district attorney's office decided to try the younger one as well. >> court documents are shedding new light on the castes hasib admitted to shooting his father because a stranger, quote, assaulted him in the home and told him to do that. he claims did he not shoot his mother. in a separate interview, omarr admitted he was home at the time and closed the curtains


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