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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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how scientists are using memory alteration to treat phobias and ptsd. and raider nation speaking directly to mark davis. their calls to kept raiders in oakland. california is going to decide this republican primary. >> and night 2 of the gop convention is in the books. the focus the day is senator ted cruz and his running mate carly fiorina. hi, everybody. the day after donald trump visited the bay area, ted cruz and his running mate, carly fiorina addressed the gop convention. carly fiorina took to the stage. >> they are mathematically eliminated from winning in the
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first round of the convention in july but fiorina made the case to republicans here that the race is very much up for grabs. >> a standing ovation greeted carly fiorina as here took the stage at the state republican convention where she reassured republicans that she and ted cruz still have a path to victory. >> we don't have a nominee until that nominee has 1237 votes. donald trump does not have it. donald trump is not going to get it. >> as vice-presidential candidates are known to do, she took shots at the two other candidates in the race. donald trump is not going to challenge the system. donald trump is the system. i actually wish john kasich would get the memo, because, you see, if you lose 49 out of 50 states, you will not be the nominee. it is not going to happen. >> but a path to victory for cruz and fiorina should be
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considered a long shot says menlo professor. >> that's a narrow path but if donald trump does not have enough votes, and he fails on the first vote, then the delegates are released to vote however they would like. >> she grew up in california and moved out of the state after failing to win the seat from barbara blockser in 2010. >> and boxer said, i would predict that her merger is now as successful as the last one, referring to hp. donaldson is doubtful she will have much of a lasting impact. >> the vice-presidential running made is not what makes voters decide. they are voting for president. >> and there were no protesters
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out here in contrast of what we saw with donald trump. fiorina did not stay in the bay area all day long. she is already back on a plane to indiana which has its primary on tuesday. >> many people are commenting how this is so bizarre that ted cruz has announced his running mate. how was carly fiorina received? how did the crowd react? >> as you saw, she received a standing ovation when she was introduced. keep in mind that there were several hundred people here. the appears that had he message did rest made with the crowd. >> monty, thank you. ted cruz seeming up with fiorina in hopes of getting the endorsement. >> after first being endorsed by the old guard.
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>> now, you all are experiencing first hand of the consequences of those misguided liberal policies >> senator ted cruz went after the new. >> jerry brown and gavin newsom have adopted policies that have hurt millions of californians and donald trump gave brown and garrison tens of thousands of dollars. >> he is badly behind trump in the polls. >> how are you going to change those numbers? >> this past week, i name as my vice-presidential nominee carly fiorina. >> she is well-known in the bay area as the former head of hp. >> the first californian on a national ticket since ronald reagan. >> but she was actually born in texas and lives now in virginia. >> she votes in virginia. >> do you really believe that carly fiorina is going to help you here in this state? >> reporter: and here today.
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>> the crowd does seem to choose him. >> far cry from the hundreds of protesters that sent donald trump over a barricade just to get in. >> i think donald's rhetoric is nothing but insulting and hitful. >> california is going to decide this republican primary. who would have thunk it? >> ted cruz thunk it. he hopes that his early arrival with the help of the old garr guard -- >> and the reagan revolution started here in the state of california. >> if we unite, we will win this primary, we will win the general, we will beat hillary clinton and we will turn this country around. >> ted cruz left here to go to an event in sacramento.
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he'll head back to indiana because the primary is coming up there on tuesday. in that sanctuaries he is also slightly beneath donald trump in the polls. the bernie sanders campaign opened up the first bay area office today in oakland. dozens of people were there to celebrate the new offices located on college avenue and broadway in oakland's rock ridge district. it is sanders' second campaign headquarters in california after los angeles. >> hillary clinton campaign opened up thursday night. she is set to be in san francisco next thursday. she is concentrating on the indiana primary that's going to be on tuesday. polls show she and trump are leading there. trump already declared himself the presumptive republican nominee. clinton will not call herself the presumptive democratic nominee. she says she will win but also for now, she keeps plugging along and competing. >> now to some developing news
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out of the east bay. the alameda department says that it was not unable to locate the smell. they could not find source. we just heard from pg&e and they say that crews are in the area monitoring the situation. they are using sensitive gas leak detection system but have not detect any yet. >> we have some coming from castro, san leandro. this is just about a half hour ago. gusty wind, conditions playing a bit of a factor there. let's turn to mark tamayo. pretty windy, into. even closer to the bay, so, yeah, wind direction very important with that possible
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leak. those winds are coming up north. it's been heading to the south. wind reports out there, oakland airport, 9 miles per hour, hayward, 3 miles per hour. we have light to moderate wind which backed up a little bit. that's the latest in the wind department. as far as the rest across the bay area. they have backed off a little bit. we have a wind advisory this morning that expired. sfo, westerly wind. right around 15 miles per hour. strongest winds up. 61 miles per hour. point rays, 51 miles per hour. mount tam, i guess you can't see, marin county, 51 miles per hour northerly winds boosting up our temperature. it's like running into a high dryer. that increased the fire danger. that was the case today.
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widespread 70s and even a few 80s. that was good 8 to 12. we'll take a look at the sunday forecast. we'll talk about rain chances. more coming up in just a little bit. >> mark, thank you. oakland fire crews tackled a fire on the pier in the oakland estuary on land. this is what it looked like from our ktvu roof cam as plumes of smoke poured out. firefighters received several calls about the heavy smoke in the area of the park street bridge. crews used the he is carry site. officials are looking into how the pier caught fire. >> currently, there is no active way to get on to the pier, completely disconnected
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to the land. >> fire crews say officially people do swim over and climb on to the peer. they are looking into who is responsible for maintaining that. >> oakland police are looking for who shot a bicyclist on the lake shore. they responded to reports of shots fired. they found the victim along lake shore avenue near hanover avenue. the bay area news group says that the man is identified as 29-year-old ernesto laura, jr. meanwhile, six people were injured in a mass shooting in west oakland. they are expected to recover. the gunman is still on the loose tonight investigators say that a group of people gathered
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at 32nd street. four men and a woman were wounded there. there were numerous bullet casing scattered at the crime scene. the sixth victim happened to be a woman driving at the time. a tray bullet went into the wind chill and send shards of glass into her eye. the shooting might be gang related. a hunger strike to protest police shooting in san francisco is now in its tenth day. five people on the diet are weak already. they wants the police cheer greg suhr to resign over a string of police shootings there in the city. they accuse the police of fostering a culture of racism. >> we'll take it on tuesday and let him know that there is no
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more business as usual until the people of san francisco, people of color in san francisco can feel safe because we don't feel safe right now. >> supporters of the hunger strikers plan a rally march to san francisco hall on the way to cure fear. how advances in brain science could benefit people living with posttraumatic stress disorder? and advocates for the blind settle with uber. raiders. >> yeah, there you go. raiders fans rallying to keep their team right here in the bay area. the talks for a new stadium just days after mark davis announced a plan to move the team to las vegas.
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a zonings man is under arrest for allegedly shooting and killing his wife. sonia nallan of san jose was rushed to the hospital but she died a short time later. >> officers later arrested james nallan on suspicion of murder. police are investigating what prompted that shooting. the shooting marked san jose's sixth homicide in the past two weeks. an honor to exonerate 50 african american sailors from
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the bay area is ming forward. they refused to load the ship in 1944 saying it was too dangerous at the time, coming weeks after the horrific explosion killed 320 men, most of them african americans. all were convicted of mutiny. there was an addendum attached to the funding bill. and uber has settled with a group who says that they discriminated against those who had a service dog. uber will also drop a driver
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after a sing complaint if the drive is found to have denied a ride to a man because he has a service dog. and raiders rally after the plan to move the team to las vegas. fans are celebrating the team's upcoming contract negotiations with oakland officials. >> cheers from the 56 mop tailgate and forever open group. they drove from fresno to show their support >> i hope to show that we are out here as a family. my daughter is here. my husband is here. these are my families? and these families want team owner mark davis to open is eyes. >> we are here to tell him enough is enough.
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>> commit to oakland or sell it to someone who will. >> last thursday, davis pitched the idea of moving the team to a proposed $1.5 billion off the strip in las vegas says he would put 5 million of his own money to make it happen. >> i am infuriated, frustrated, embarrassed, insulted. there is a waiting list for season tickets. >> they hope that next week, the raiders and city officials will sit down to talk about building a stadium here. >> we are celebrating here. >> the group founder says that the team know this is a loyal fans want them to know and they don't take days' actions seriously. >> the bottom line is that mark davis can get a stadium here or sell the team to a co-owners. >> alameda county and oakland officials including the mayor say they are committed on
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getting the deal done, a deal that can't come soon enough for raider nation. >> you know, i want them in oakland. should always be oakland. >> >> this could be a game changer when it comes to gun safety. the call for smart gun saying that the gun industry needs to keep up with technology. we can go from something fearful to something neutral and the newest process used by scientists to help cure people of their phobias. and water temperatures soaring across most the bay area. we do have mostly clear skies. looking out toward the bay bridge, we'll take a look at the sunday forecast highs.
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scwmpleg will. tiny things get magnified billionaire warren buffet got up close and permanent with the press and shareholders of his companyberkshire half away. he owns businesses en clueing geico, fruit of the loom. forbes ranks buffet as the world's third richest man. berkshire crossed friday at $2019 a share. president obama is pushing for more research in the so- called smart gun technology. the idea is to make it impossible for anyone but the gun owner. a white house spokesperson says it's the sort of safety issue
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dealt with by other u.s. industries. >> that's what beam do. that's what manufactures do. that's the source of innovation in a variety of field. the best example is in the auto industry >> the national rifle association is it is not against any technology but against any legislation that would keep americans from owning guns and new technology helping to cure fear. >> fear could be tied to outside still happened like this tarantula but some, it's from the inside. especially those suffering from stress or posttraumatic disorder. >> every time you retrieve a memory, it gives you an
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opportunity to rewrite or add new information to this memory. >> it's now what scientists are studying to find fear attached to memory. >> we can either try to padlock the storage of the old memory, the restorage with drugs, or we can introduce new information that sort of changes the way the memory feels. we can change it to something that's really fearful to something more neutral. >> using mri, researchers hope to learn more about when a memory is vulnerable, a final time they believe falls between six minutes and ten hours. ultimately, the goal is to erase lasting fears attached to memory leaving the memory but not the fear associated with it. research could be key to treating ptsd. scientists now believe they have identified a gene that affect how fear memories are processed and the absence of this gene may be the key to new treatments. >> these will ultimately allow
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to identify genes giving us the ability to predict whether someone might develop ptsd, where we can sub type ptsd or develop drugs. >> scientists warn we are still years away from erasing fear but we are learning more every day about how the mind works and treatments to help. in new york, abby huntsman, fox news. the iraqi government has declared a state of emergency tonight of a hundreds of people stormed the parliament building in baghdad. it is the first time that demonstrators have broken through the barricades of the so-called green zone where government officers are embassies are low catted. the demonstrators are supporters of a cleric who once battled u.s. forces. they are angry about a deadlock in the cabinet.
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they want to change the political system that has been put in place since the u.s. invasion earlier today in iraq, at least 21 people died and 42 people injured after a bombing in baghdad in a market filled with shi'ite civilians. isis said it used a three-ton truck bomb. the group carries out attacks targeting security forces and the majority shi'ite. and the family of two teenagers lost at sea in florida hope that a newly found iphone may show what happened. the 14 years old left jupiter, florida in july. the boat was found in bermuda but the boys have not been found. one the iphones was still on that boat now being sent to apple to try to recover any data that may remain. a unique mission taking place today in south africa.
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animal advocates rescued over 30 lions who have been abused in foreign circuses. up next, republicans, democrats, journalists, no one was safe tonight in president obama's last correspondents dinner. >> my last year in office, my approval rating keeps going up.
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politicians, journalists, rubbed elbows to president obama's last correspond exhibit dinner. >> we have the brand new face. >> you look like a million
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bucks. or you look like 37,000 donations of $20 each. >> the president also made fun of the republican candidates starting out with noting his own rising approval rating. >> last time i was this high, i was trying to decide on my major. >> even my aids can't explain the rising poll numbers. what has changed? nobody can figure it out? the president ended his speech with a video of himself and former house speaker john boehner talking about politics and a classic mic drop. the 30 abused lions recovered from zoos in peru have now arrived in south africa. >> they call it operation spirit of free do. but it's actually been a modern
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day's noah's arc air lift, the rescue of 33 traumatized and mostly mutilated lions, the kings of the animal kingdom being begin back their pride returned home to the mother land, africa. some times, police support was needed as animal rights groups, animal defenders international pounced time and time again to take the animals from circuses. some of them illegal, in columbia and peru. most of the liians have had their claws removed, some are nearly blind, all malnourished. it's the largest single flight of lions in history, nine from colombia, 24 from crew. a so-called seating plan was drawn up so that in flight stress has been reduced as lions which suffered together were placed next to each other on the flight. on african soil, home, just the flight alone has cost $10,000 to ship each lion. >> these animals from circuses in peru and colombia have lived
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desperate lives of abuse and deprivation. and what we have found today brings them back to africa to the paradise where they belong. >> the animals will be trucked to imoya big cat sanctuary, about four hours drive north of johannesburg and will be safe in a safe compound away from other predators as they can't survive other predators >> word "paradise" is often overused but in this case, may i suggest it is not. these animals have been kept caged and abused for most of their lives. now they will be able to run free in the land of the lion king. nearly a century in oakland, a deli closed its doors. dozens stood in line. but find out why all is not lost and change on the way as
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well. mark tamayo has the details when we come back. stay right there.
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is our partnership with habitat for humanity. pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california.
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pg&e crews continue to monitor an area where gas has been smelled. they have not located any source. we had a number of calls from people from alameda and san leandro. alameda fire checked out but could not find the source. francis ford coppola's
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hands and feet from imprinted in cement. the director known for big movies like the godfather and apocalypse now talked about how his films will stand the test of times >> i had to go through a lot of years saying, this is too crazy, not like the movie we are seeing, et cetera. but overtime, you know, time will tell. >> yesterday's ceremony all part of the turn ear's classic movie film festival. after 90 years in oakland, a landmark, italian deli was posed to close. the owners blame rising rent for their departure. thousands of customers lined up for the last chance. two and a half hours at least, and our turn is almost up. we're going to cream when it's
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up, right? 95, right? all this for good ravioli. >> a place where people work for 40 years, that says something about the kind of bit is it. >> the geneva deli will keep its location in napa. the owner says they are still looking for a new retail location in oakland. another branch of the deli owns two in walnut creek not affected by this. >> i want to say hello to you here. first day here on ktvu. >> a few computer problems but we are making through it here. i grew up watching channel 2 and a thrill to be anchoring with you. >> good to have you here. >> this is a good day not to work, i guess. let's go over 0 mark. >> warm temperatures. welcome with open arms, frank. >> thank you, mark. >> excited to work with you. 70s and 80s out there.
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if you want the warm forecast, i think you'll like what i have to say for your sunday. you can see on hi storm tracker 2, we have some rain showers, probably you notice the wind speed out this. we have more of a northerly flow in place and as a result, we'll see this dip. right now, you can see the service wind holding on to a breeze out there to the north. that is keeping temperatures somewhat elevated. santa rosa, 64 degrees. oakland is 66. red wood city in the upper 60s. right now, we do have mostly clear skies. fair skies, a bit of a breeze out there. more sunshine for your sunday, going to be warm. next week, temperatures
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definitely cooling off with more cloud cover. as far as overnight low, we are thinking lots of 50s out there to start your sunday morning. basically we are thinking low to mid-50s. that will be the case in san francisco. 7:00 a.m. fair skies. trying to generate some cloud but through that happening for tomorrow, a little bit of a few high clouds moving through. breezy conditions once again. san francisco will likely max out in the early portion. we could be tracking some fog. here is what's happening in the pacific. high pressure here, low pressure to our east. the pressure difference generates that nice northerly flow. that's the pattern that you would expect with that out there for sunday, it's warm out there. the onechange, some fog developing to the south. that had approach the coast line. forecast model, 10:00 a.m., still mostly clear sciessments later -- mostly clear skies.
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fog patches moving in from the south. that will gradually expand in coverage by 10:00 a.m. sunday. the source of cooling first thing monday. >> fairfield, sonoma, napa, great day to be out today. these temperatures will probably check in 3:00 in the afternoon. san jose 82 downtown, beautiful in the mid-70s. partly sunny on monday. it would be nice add a few more rain. last day of april. may is coming. >> yes.
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we'll hear steve kerr's funny response to luke walton leaving for the lakers. and a nailbiter against the astros the sports wrap is up next.
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good evening, everyone. welcome to saturday's edition of sports wrap. dramatic conclusion and reason to be optimistic for the future of the a's, all on that on sean doolittle gnome give away. bill by burns with a slap to
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left. 2-0. that was it for the scoring but not the story line. jesse han was just called up for aaa. han had been bothered by an arm that sidelined hi last season. simeon makes the play. han went 6 2/3 shut outionings and got a big save from ryan madsen in the 9th. bases loaded, one out. and mat sean gets gaddis to ground out. the a's move back to one game over .500. bob melvin likes what he saw from his starting pitcher. >> i don't know that we seen them better than that. velocity, movement, mixing the changeup. i don't know that i have of seen a better touch on his curveball than what we saw
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today. >> the giants have had the misfortune to run into the hot s team in baseball. giants still hoping that matt cain can find his way and pick up his first win of the year. the mets scored two in the first and added to the lead in the 3rd. michael conforto. 4-0 new york. giants got it going in the 3rd off jacob degrom. matt duffy and buster posey come home. trying to go from first to their, that does not work out. giants trail. mets got those back via the long ball in the 5th. koofortconforto was the puzzle that the giants could not solve. and wilmer flores with the first homer of the year. turns out that the giants
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needed those runs. giants got two in the 8th and in the 9th, the double play. cain falls to 0-32. 6-5 the final. giants lose their second in a row to the mets who have now won eight straight warriors playoff run continues tomorrow hosting blazers in round 2. the blazers finished off the decimate the los angeles clippers. c.j. mccallum with 3. blazers win 106-103. warriors won three of the four games against portland. but the one most memorable was the one that the warriors won in a route, february 19th. lillard went or for 51 points as portland rolled, one of nine losses for the warriors this


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