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dropping the coastal temperatures into the upper 50s. 40s and 50s on the temperatures with everybody pretty close. napa and mill valley 53, not a big difference on the temperatures. there is an onshore breeze, and the system put the sierra and the central valley, and that system has calm down. but this thing will drop in tuesday night and wednesday and stick around through the into the way, giving us low temperatures and rain. and still upper 70s near 84 a few. and what do we have, is that issue cleared up? the crash on 680 has been cleared, but i want to let the people know that this crash was deadly. apparently a wrong way crash just south of the benicia bridge, and the driver was taken to the hospital but did not survive. the driver was driving apparently southbound on the north side of the freeway and
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ended up on the southbound side, and you can see the damage, and it was extensive. the car was taken away and the claims have been reopened -- and the lanes have been reopened. traffic moving well in both directions in front of the oakland coliseum. if you're driving through the bay bridge, not much of a delay, for the most part a nice drive. 4:31 am. we go to the live view from the moffett field this morning, the solar impulse to is repairing -- solar impulse 2 is preparing to leave on its flight. it will take 16 hours 23 minutes for it to fly from the bay area to phoenix, arizona, but that's okay. it landed in moffett more than a week ago and is getting ready to take off.
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the pilots are waiting for the wind conditions to be right before they take off, and the solar impulse to -- 2 flies at about 30 miles an hour, which is my it takes 16 hours to get to phoenix. and the wind is important in the flight planning, and there is one seat in the plane, and the pilots trade-off flying, and they want to show that green air traffic flying is possible, and they wanted to see the statue of liberty in their trip across the u. s. >> that is the dream, flying across the statue of liberty, liberty and freedom for all, and they devices for new technology. >> the solar impulse 2 will take off in 30 minutes, at 5:00 this morning. we are live in will have a report in the next half-hour. the san francisco police investigate a shooting that injured one man just after 9:30 pm across the street from the
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federal building. the injuries are not life threatening and no word on what led up to the shooting, no arrests have been made. if you have any information, please call the san francisco police. 63-year-old james nowlin -- -- james nallan was rushed to the hospital but died a short time later and no details on the motive.>> the national county sheriff department is investigating the drowning of a teenage boy, and it happened at the oaks sure day use area, and the boy that drowned is 14 years old. no information was released of about the boy's death. kicking off today in the bay area, the summer spare,
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reducing the smog pollution during the summer months, and spare alerts will be issued after the forecast reaches unhealthy levels. people are encouraged to reduce the air pollution by thinking about carpooling or other modes of transportation. it will be several months before the storm damaged section of highway 121 will reopen, part of the northbound lane at the wooden valley road slid 6 feet during the storm and march. the southbound lane reopened with temporary signals in place. caltrans is now looking to make the repairs on the northbound lanes, estimated $5.5 million and an expected three months to complete. and aldon smith, the trial is set to begin today, facing misdemeanor counts of dui, hit- and-run and vandalism in santa clara county. this happened on august 6, resulting in a suspension from the team until november at the
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earliest. nick moody was reportedly with the smith at the time, and is being compelled to testify despite the legal troubles, aldon smith has an $11 million contract with the raiders. alameda county taking up the question of fracking, and planning commissioners will discuss several new regulations that would ban the controversial method of extracting oil and gas on the county land. the alameda county coalition against fracking will show its support against the band, and they say that the fracking pollutes the water and air, and the meeting starts at 6:00 tonight at the county building in hayward. the people holding the hunger strike in front of the police does -- station decided to take it to the mayor, and this is and san francisco. the hunger strike has been
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going on for 12 days with five people only surviving on liquid. they say that the police department has fostered a culture of racism resulting in a string of shootings. they want the mayor to step down and they want the mayor to fire the police chief. and the spokesperson said that the people on strike may be getting week and one may have pneumonia. looking back at the determining factor for the race of the republican nomination, and it may all come down to indiana would donald trump gaining enough momentum to wrap up the gop contest. we are in washington with more on how the numbers are looking better and better.>> reporter: they are looking better and better for donald trump, and if you look at indiana, not the biggest or smallest place, the given the numbers that donald trump is looking at in the state, he could walk away with the 57 delegates. if that is the case, he will be almost impossible to stop.>>
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reporter: donald trump says it is time to wrap this up.'s back by the way, if we win indiana, it is over.>> reporter: and he won the recent polls out of indiana, and 50 points over ted cruz that has acknowledged that indiana will be critical. >> this long, wild ride of an election is all culminated with the entire country with his eyes fixed on the state of indiana.>> reporter: and even conservatives unhappy with donald trump state may come down to the primary tomorrow.>> reporter: it on tuesday night donald trump wins is it over? >> yes. how is that for an answer. >> reporter: certainly an answer for donald trump, and hillary clinton is optimistic, attacking donald trump in front of the ncaa feet gathering in --
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ncaap.>> reporter: rival bernie sanders still sees a path, saying that the superdelegates that overwhelmingly have backed clinton may have to rethink their support. >> there are several that supported hillary clinton, and states were we have won 60 or 70% of the vote, and we have the right to make the case for those superdelegates.>> reporter: he certainly has the right to make a case, but it will be difficult to win over the superdelegates, the vast majority of who currently support hillary clinton. they can change their minds, but can bernie sanders convince them to do so, his best and only hope perhaps of winning the nomination. the time is 4:38 am.
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a san jose gas station so the powerball ticket worth more than $1 million. the owner of the valero station on saratoga avenue will get a $6300 bonus for selling the winning ticket, and he has sold other winning tickets, but this is the biggest one yet, and he plans on taking the workers out with the money. the ticket buyer has not come forward, and they match the numbers 3,12,16,32,34 and worth $1.27 million. because there was no overall powerball winner, the jackpot for the wednesday drawing will be over $348 million. apple is excited about the thousands of people it hired in texas, and apple says it is regraded -- created more than 2000 jobs it's 2012 in austin, giving them $35 billion in public
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incentives over the next several years, and they agreed to create 3600 new full-time jobs between 2012 and 2022 and keeping the 3100 existing full- time jobs. if apple reaches its hiring goals, he will come one of the central largest companies in texas. reviewing the best and worst cities for the renters, three bay area cities made the top five, but not good news. manhattan had the highest rent, oakland, san francisco and san jose among the worst places for renters. forbes found the people in san francisco pay an average of $3000 a month for rent, los angeles rounding out the top five. the top five best cities to rent, indianapolis, indiana came in at number one, and $786 a month. louisville kentucky ranking and then columbus, ohio, st. louis,
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missouri. the california lawsuit is being settled the claim the right your company discriminated against blind people would guide dogs. uber will now inform the drivers about the federal law that requires taxis another transportation services to carry a disabled passenger service and all. the national federation for the blind said uber agreed to deactivate the driver if the company finds that they have knowingly denied a person of disability a ride due to the guide dog. 4:41 am, and the golden state warriors continue to prove they are the best in basketball. coming up, but the team is doing to prepare for game 2 in the western conference semifinals tomorrow night. a massive fire broke out in manhattan, the historic building nearly burned to the ground. we are looking at a massive commute, traffic is okay so far on highway 4, coming from
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pittsburg to bay point. the fog roaring up the coast, and big changes by wednesday.
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what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. a massive fire destroys the historic church in manhattan, and the fire started at 7:00 last night and more than 700 people celebrated orthodox easter services earlier yesterday. the church was empty when the fire started, and look at those flames, unbelievable. one prisoner was next door what he heard the commotion. >> i saw smoke, and it was on fire when i came outside.
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>> the building caretaker tried to russian side when he noticed the flames, suffering minor smoke inhalation. five other people, including four firefighters suffered minor injuries, and the building is still in danger of collapse. the fire is under investigation. the church was built in the early 1850s and has been a landmark since 1968. operations shut down since the deadly terror attack in march, a special ceremony held in brussels for those six in people that died on march 22 when the bombers blew up suitcases filled with explosives. the airport had resumed some lights, and yesterday the reopening restoring the airport capacity to 80%. the airport has new security measures in place.>> because so many things happened here, and also for the people the lost family, injured, colleagues,
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nobody wants this ever to happen again. happy to be back, and to continue.>> the airport hopes to be operating 100% by the middle of next month. the bomber attacked the brussels subway station killing another 60 people on the same day. the first ship to crews from the u. s. to cuba is set to arrive in havana this morning after leaving the port of miami yesterday afternoon with 700 passengers on board. travelers say they are proud to be a part of history, and finding out about the part of the world that has been virtually off-limits to americans for more than 50 years. >> i think it is great ringing the country together. >> a lot of controversy, some friends thought i was foolish.>> americans cannot legally visit the country as tourist, and the trip is labeled as a cultural exchange.
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>> a lot of travel to that country over the next two years. 4:46 am is the time. let's check in on the traffic.>> we do not have a lot going on. this is exactly what you want to hear on a monday, and you don't want a lot going on. let's take a look at the traffic, the toll plaza looking pretty good, a little bit of waiting at the cash lanes, but not a big delay. also looking at the commute on interstate add, traffic move -- interstate 880, traffic moving along nicely in both directions. not a lot going on in the east bay in general, traffic continues to look good. there was an earlier accident on 880 in the southbound direction, but that is not -- actually, northbound direction, and did not cause big problem even though it was an injury
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crash. traffic is rolling by without too much delay. 4:47 am. we had a little system coming off of the sierra and into the valley, to grain thunderstorm activity. it has pushed to the south, and closer to the coast, the fog decided to come flying of the coast, and it is continuing to march northward. a few systems will impact us, one settling in on wednesday and thursday, below normal temperatures, and taking a good drop in the temperatures from yesterday. 50s on most of the temperatures, a few 40s, walnut creek in concord, but low to mid 50s, not too much of a difference. there is an onshore delta breeze, and much quieter and tahoe in truckee, also coming off of this mother load is the thunderstorm activity that popped up and that has moved to the south.
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this system is diving to the south, and you can see that low cloud deck moving up the coast, the main rainmaker for the week, dropping in tuesday and wednesday, sticking around until late thursday and friday. not a lot of moisture, but anytime it drops in in early may, it can fire off under storm activity. the impact is cooler forecast for everybody, going from the 80s to the 60s by wednesday. low clouds, breezy and a cooler pattern, and 70s, near 84 a few. temperatures taking a drop to the 50s and 60s, and still 70s, but a good 10 degrees drop for some, especially around oakland. a plunge on tuesday, and everybody settling in on the 60s by thursday and friday, better for the weekend.>> a roller coaster. >> but much more fun than last year when it was boring. and the dogs will have
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access to the bathroom at the country's busiest airport. the new federal regulation requires the airport to install pet relief areas in the terminals by august. the rule applies to airports that serve more than 100,000 passengers were year. animal rights group says that the move puts less stress on the dog honors that otherwise have to take it outside and go through the extra security. airports that are ready -- already have the pet relief areas are o'hara, and seattle. and they may be spying on you, we will tell you how the billboards are being used to get your personal information. the new danger surrounding swings and monkey bars at the local playground.
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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the first hearing on the complicated task of dividing the estate of prince, the sister filed papers saying that her brother had no will, meaning that by law, the state will be divided among the brothers and sister. he has 5/2 siblings, one full sibling, an estimated $300
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million state. an alert for parents and kids at the playground, playground concussions are on the rise, and the monkey bars and the wings are mostly to blame. this was released by the center for disease control and prevention, research and 12 years of data for playground injuries for the children under the age of 15 that went to the emergency room. nearly 10% of them suffered traumatic brain injuries, including concussions. the bay area high school in the running to win that science bowl competition. the team from lynbrook high school will face the maryland high school, and competition gets underway at 8:30 am. and 900,000 students took part in the early round, sponsored by the department of energy. the winning team will get the nine-day all-expenses-paid scientific field trip to alaska. it is official, melia obama
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following in her parents footsteps, the oldest daughter has announced she will head to harvard. she looked several schools, including stanford and uc berkeley, and will enter in the fall 2017 delaying her entry by taking a gap year after re- tweeting from high school and no word on how she will spend the time. president obama and first lady obama are graduates of the harvard law school. and turning one year old, the princes charlotte -- princess charlotte, and the duchess of cambridge took these photos, and the royal baby birthday will be spent privately at home. charlotte is the fourth in line for the british throne. the giants have avoided getting swept by the new york mets thanks to matthew bumgarner and a few home runs, driving in three of the six home runs, two in the fourth, and bumgarner
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pitched six strong innings, and the third win of the season. and a final score of 6-1. it was not all good news, of strained hamstring and could miss a few games. and the a's couldn't sweep the astros, houston took the early lead on josi done that to bass solo home run, and the a's could not give any run support, and the astros won, to-one. and having a series with the mariners tonight. coming up on the 5:00 hour, watching for the solar impulse 2 to take off. and the bay area playoffs, the latest on the fight for the warriors and the sharks. we continue to keep an eye on the solar impulse 2 and it looks like it is about to take off from off the field, a live report after the break.
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looking at a commute that is doing very well at the bay bridge, no big delay in we will stay more about this. after warm weekend, sunny on sunday, and temperatures dropping today, significantly.
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we are live at moffett field, the sewer -- the solar- powered plane about to take off, and we bring that to you live. welcome back, good morning on this monday, good morning on this monday, may 2, and i am pam cook. i am dave clark, and they solar impulse 2, the solar powered plane has landed in the bay area, and due to race down the moffett field. >> we will take you there, hoping that the solar impulse 2 will be the first solar-powered plane to make the trip around the world. and we are at the moffett field.>> reporter: we were told that this should take off momentarily, sitting on the tarmac, and it has been very exciting to be able to witness
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this. we are waiting for this to take off, and we are told he will go 25 to 30 miles an hour, a very slow ascent. once in the air, it will be heading to phoenix for the 10th leg of the flight around the world. it will arrive in phoenix at 9 pm tonight. we do have video, and possibly a live picture of the pilot who is in the cockpit. the pilot is in good spirits, and ready to go. the plane arrived from hawaii, and the purpose is to show the world that it is possible to fly free from fossil fuels.>> this is a big jump into


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