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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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off, and we are told he will go 25 to 30 miles an hour, a very slow ascent. once in the air, it will be heading to phoenix for the 10th leg of the flight around the world. it will arrive in phoenix at 9 pm tonight. we do have video, and possibly a live picture of the pilot who is in the cockpit. the pilot is in good spirits, and ready to go. the plane arrived from hawaii, and the purpose is to show the world that it is possible to fly free from fossil fuels.>> this is a big jump into the
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future. in a few years time, hopefully the entire society, the entire world will be working with this type of technology. this is what we want to demonstrate, we are pioneers. >> reporter: once it is in the area will travel between 50 and 70 miles per hour, and the pilot said he is well rested, and the plane will only see -- seat one person, and switching off with his partner on each leg of the journey. this started last year in march when the solar impulse 2 took off from abu dhabi. this is the 10th leg of the trip, and after atlanta in phoenix, we do not know what other state it will hit because they are studying the weather. they know for sure it will land in new york, and they want to make sure that it is positioned right to cross the atlantic, and should make its way back to
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abu dhabi. i want to show you that it is still sitting here on the tarmac, and they are making sure that everything is ready. i was just told by the photographer that was overhearing the crew that we are being told that it is supposed to take off in the next 2 to 3 minutes. we will make sure that we record this and capture it for you so that you can see this exciting moment. back to you. >> hopefully we can get that live.>> that would be fine. and we will be here.>> and she got a chance to talk with the pilot. 5:02 am and we get a chance to talk about the weather. >> it is cooler, and was much warmer on the weekend.'s back i wish you could crack down that we end the, i am not the only one suffering from allergies. and a good 10 degrees drop
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inland, and still coming down, 67, 84 in santa rosa, concord in san jose, 78 in san francisco today, and it will continue to drop as we head into tuesday and wednesday. the fog is coming up the coast with a decent system, triggering thunderstorm activity. but the water temperatures are very cold, about 50 degrees, so it does not take much to get that fog machine cranked up. the delta breeze is in place, and thunderstorm activity off of the sierra yesterday, and i will send it back to you guys. we want to go back out to moffett field. >> we are looking live at the
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solar impulse 2 making his trip around the world. they will pull it out to launch it basically, more than just a regular take off. this will take 16 hours just to get to phoenix. they are talking about the solar plane, the pilot stream is -- pilot's dream is independence from oil.>> and this is designed to fly at night time without the sun. fascinating.>> they have been waiting for the right wind conditions, and to be able to take off this morning from moffett field in mountain view. it is pretty cool, only weighing is much as an suv.
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it only travels at about 30 miles an hour, and that is why it takes so long to get to phoenix. and they're not sure which other cities it will be visiting, depending on the weather. definitely dependent upon the weather. a huge wingspan.>> we are live inside the cockpit, and you can see the pilot inside of the solar impulse 2, and ready to do his job. the picture is going back and forth, again these are live pictures of the solar impulse 2, on its way to set the new world record for the solar- powered plane.>> trying to make the trip around the world, and we got to be one of the stops right here in the bay area in mountain view on the moffett field. and we are down at the moffett field, and talking to the pilot, and we will hear more about that along with the trip as we check in throughout the morning. let's check in with sal,
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and it is 5:05 am. we had a few things earlier that were serious. and we had a deadly brumley collision on interstate 680 this morning, about 2:30 am just south of the benicia bridge. the driver was taken to the hospital, but did not survive. according to the reports, the driver was driving southbound on the northbound side, and the crashed ended up on the southbound side, all lanes blocked at one point. and you can see the damage was pretty bad. the car was towed away in all the lanes are back open, and they were closed for a bit. these are live pictures, traffic in both directions moving well in front of the open coliseum on interstate 880. if you're driving on the bay bridge, traffic looking good, westbound getting into san francisco. 5:06 am. thousands of people took part in the peaceful made a
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rallies in the bay area over the weekend.>> people were chanting, "yes, we can." marches in san jose, oakland and san francisco, and may first is known as international workers rights day, but they were calling attention to immigration reform and police brutality. >> we are all workers, being exploited by a lot of different entities in society. we want to bring the communities together in order to connect and be together.>> in san jose protesters calling for politicians to lay a clear path to citizenship without deportation. an open, demonstrators rallying against inequality.>> in seattle, nine people arrested and five officers were her, as some people through rocks, bricks and molotov cocktails at
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the officers. the police used pepper spray to break up the crowd, and the violence came after a peaceful march earlier in the day. and students at the san francisco university planning a rally and march, one of several campuses where they are protesting the tuition increase, and also protesting the potential cut to the college of ethnic studies, and it starts at noon. and the oakland trailblazers, kicking off the second round in the playoff series, and steph curry says that chances are pretty good he will be playing in game three on saturday. and although he is not been ruled out for the game tomorrow, coach steve kerr said that is slim that steph curry would be ready. curry has had his full range of motion coming back, one week after he slipped and fell hard in houston during the first round. he has resumed his shooting and is open to plane scrimmages by the end of the week.
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and klay thompson scored a career playoff high, 37 point yesterday and the warriors 118- 106 win over the trailblazers, the first player in nba to hit seven three-pointers in three playoff games. and draymond green had several rebounds and assist.'s back he is probably one of the best round of players in the league. >> you will never hear me, self that, but if they want, and that, i will take it. i will not shy away from it. >> all five starters scored in the double digit figures. this series will move to portland for game three on saturday at 5:30 pm, in game four is also in portland on monday at 7:30 pm, and if necessary, game five will come back to oakland next wednesday.
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and the sharks have the second-round playoff series moving to nashville. it looked like game two against the predators could go into overtime until joe breaks the tide.>> and he scores. joe pavelski.>> that put the sharks up 2-1, and proving to be the difference as the predators scored with three seconds left, but the sharks got away with the three-to -- 3- 2 win.>> with the pick it up a little bit and play better game.>> the sharks will get on the road and they have won the most road games in the nhl, including three in the first round series over the kings. game three is tomorrow night at 6:00, game four in nashville as well on thursday. and if necessary, the series will move back to san jose for game five on saturday.
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and one fan was noticeably absent, the little black cat found its way on the ice friday night, not looking happy. and they are calling him "joe pawvelski" in honor of the leader of the team. and if joe does not have an owner, he will be put up for adoption. the time now is 5:11 am, and the race for the white house, how the indiana primary could determine the boats in the republican race. the new billboards they go after information on your cell phone, the new call for the federal investigation.
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a top official is resigning at the la sheriff department after races emails mocking muslims, african-americans and latinos resurfaced. and a similar scandal hit the san francisco police department with racist and homophobic text messages sent by some officers. and the police chief said that all of the sfp the officers will have to attend antivirus training.
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and the la county sheriff department is promising reform, including random checks of the emails in reviewing the department policies. closing arguments in the trial of the open man accused in the killing of the eight- year-old girl and another man. the alaysha carradine, eight years old and shot and killed at a sleepover on july 2013. darnell williams is charged with special circumstances, accused of firing through the home in retaliation for the gang killing. last week the testimony finished with the defendant, darnell williams sister taking the witness stand. she said that her seven-year- old son witnessed the shooting where williams allegedly killed the 22-year-old man. california one of 14 states where migrant children are kept from enrolling in school. the associated press bound 35 school districts in the state have been discouraging unaccompanied minors from el salvador, honduras and
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guatemala from enrolling in classes. the four -- federal government reminds the district that they cannot be denied free education a matter what the immigration status. and some have taken steps to encourage the migrant children to study, but the report does not say which it districts in california have tried to keep the students out of class. new billboards being installed across the country are causing privacy concerns, and chuck schumer said that the billboards could be spying on you. >> they do, collecting information from your smartphone and using it for marketing and advertising purposes. the senator is calling for a federal investigation. clear channel is the company that operates the billboards, and says it only uses anonymous information collected by the companies. >> we think that this data is so pervasive that they should get your permission, even if they say they do not have your name attached, who knows.
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>> operating 675,000 billboards across the world. >> that is crazy. 5:15 am is the time, and a rough start with the deadly accident.'s back that is cleared.>> it is not at a critical level, a look at 80 westbound, and you can see from the carquinez bridge through the mcarthur bridge, no major problems reported driving to the maze. also to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up a little bit at the toll plaza, but no big delay. and by 30 a.m. issues that when we see the slow traffic. these may commute is not bad, and if you're driving to livermore, dublin are castro valley, it looks good. and a weekend of wind and warm temperatures on sunday, and
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this system clip this the airport thunderstorm activity, and also into the valley. but in 12 hours, the fog came screaming up the coast, filling in and cooling-off period it will move more south to north, and the current conditions in novato, it is dark, and we appreciate that heads up. temperatures cooling down, run the 80s and 70s yesterday, santa rosa, san francisco, concord in san jose, and today in the 60s and 70s, a big drop. and in this pattern, taking a tumble on the temperatures. and you can see this system firing off thunderstorms and tahoe, truckee, and then falling apart. and also down in the sacramento and san joaquin valley, and the fog is the big story. 50s on the temperature for most, a few 40s, but most of the temperatures are within a
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few degrees of each other. 46 woodside, and 53 belmont, 52 san mateo. a west southwest wind for some, and a westerly component. 30 in truckee, and they had thunderstorm activity yesterday, but too far south today. and the fog will play into the weather, and so with this system dropping in on tuesday night, sticking around for most of the week with a big drop in temperatures. 60s after 80s on sunday, and that is by wednesday. still sunny inland, and each day as we head into wednesday, temperatures will continue to take a tumble. low clouds, breezy, and more 70s and 80s. a few low 80s in there, and 71 in berkeley, 72 in oakland, 59 pacifica, and santa cruz does not benefit from the pattern unless you like the fog. we could see 88 gilroy. cooling and possible
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thundershower activity dropping in wednesday and thursday. kicking out ride a bike better weekend weather. >> i think the allergy people are on their own, no relief right now.>> my eyes begin to water, and i've tried a lot of stuff, but when it is windy, i know i have a lot of company. i was in whole food yesterday -- whole foods yesterday, and they said to try local honey.>> stable take care of you. >> this year, the wind is the big factor. >> everybody's talking about that has been the worst because we have rain, sunshine and and rain again. a lot of things are blooming. 5:20 am, and a final bow
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two soldiers killed, 22 other people, including children injured in turkey, and no group has claimed responsibility. the government says that the militants from the workers party are probably behind the attack. turkey is reporting several violent incidents yesterday
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during the mayday protest across the country. time is 5:23 am. five years since osama bin laden was killed by the u. s. navy seal team at the military raid in pakistan. and no special events marking the admission, but the president told cnn that if the u. s. team did not go after bin laden when it did, it would've taken years to find him again. he admits this work -- this was a big risk years back if we had not found bin laden, the cost would've outweighed the benefits, and we would have lost race internationally because they would probably be a lot of difficulty keeping that secret once the operation started.>> and the u. s. navy seal that fired the shot that killed osama bin laden went public with this part of the mission shortly after it happened. he was on fox and friends yesterday, but said he did not do it alone and hoping that other navy seals that were part
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of the mission will come forward and describe how they were involved. the time is 5:24 am. the obama administration will go public about these september 11 terror attacks. the cia director john brennan said on meet the press that the material contains preliminary information about possible links between saudi arabia and the attackers. he says that the information is not confirmed and as that he is concerned that someone could use the report to say that saudi arabia was involved in the 9/11 attacks. he said that that would be "very inaccurate." and he said that the 9/11 commission followed up on the culinary evidence of found no evidence indicating that the saudi arabian government or officials gave money to al- qaeda. a soup -- a few circus performers packing the trucks for good as barnum & bailey safety bite the biggest performers last night in
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providence, rhode island. the elephants have performed their last show, and the circus is retiring the elephants after years of allegations of animal abuse. they've been part of the show for 145 years, and the elephants will about the retirement at the conservation park in florida. the focus is now turning to indiana, and how this week could be the determining factor in the race for the white house. are you ready to leave the bay area? just how many people are looking to move out of the state, and the reasons why. looking at the commute that is getting busier on 80 westbound, and you noticed the cars heading out from the maccarthur maze. a warm weekend, and the cooling trend continues, the fog is back in thundershower activity, coming up.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, may 2, and i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, and thank you for joining us. it is about 5:30 am, and it sounds like the week is going to be what we have been saying. a little bit warm, and another system dropping in, so get ready for the thunderstorm activity, not today or tomorrow, but by wednesday and
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thursday. and this is not making a big push inland, but in the city. it is there for may 2, 80s yesterday, and 70s for some, 60s closer to the bay, and a good drop on the temperatures. water temperature at 50 degrees, and it does not take much to get the fog machine cranking up. and this west southwest, and southwind on parts of the santa cruz coast, up to the north bay cooling them down. and this system is going to stick around for most of the week, and this could be the warmest ever the week, low clouds, breezy and cooler, more 70s and 80s, and fog hanging out along the coast, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, almost a summertime pattern. we are moving on and doing the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is doing pretty well. there is a brief delay of about
5:31 am
10 minutes before you get onto the bridge. also going into the city, no major problems. looking at the commute, traffic in both directions looking good, north and southbound on interstate 880. if you're driving on 580, slow traffic approaching the dublin interchange, and 580 is okay few get to castro valley. it is getting busier all over the place. new this morning, off now, and the solar impulse 2 plane took off a few minutes ago, and need to call from moffett field in mountain view only three minutes later than scheduled. the world's first solar powered plane can fly at night, landing at moffett more than a week ago and on its way to phoenix, arizona, and it will take at least 16 hours to make the 600
5:32 am
mile trip. and we are there at the moffett field, and another live report coming up in the next half- hour. have you ever thought about leaving the bay area? if so, you are not alone. brian floors is in the newsroom with reasons that people are thinking about leaving. it cannot be the sports. >> we have great sports here. but that two reasons is the traffic and the high cost of housing. more than one quarter of the people participating said they would consider leaving the bay area, and the poll surveyed 1000 people, 30% said they would consider leaving, and the bay area council said that those have lived in the bay five years or less are more likely to want to leave. traffic is one issue. and we've talked about the super commuters, but the poll found that 60% of the drivers say that heading around is more difficult than one year ago, an 18% increase. 60% of those polled said that housing should be built outside
5:33 am
of the greater bay area, and they said that there should be a transportation network between sacramento and the valley in between the bay area. and people living in the bay area and san francisco are the least optimistic about the direction the bay area is going when it comes to fixing the problems. coming up, we will get the streets in the east bay and talk to people and see how they feel, and whether or not they want to stick around in the bay area. >> it will be interesting to see what you hear out there. and a new best and worst cities for the renters, three of the bay area cities made the top five. and forbes said that manhattan has the highest rick, but oakland, san francisco and san jose are among the worst place for renters, and san francisco an average of $3000 a month for rent, los angeles rounding out the top five.
5:34 am
and the top five best cities for the renters, indianapolis, indiana coming in at number one. $786 a month. louisville, kentucky ranking second, columbus, cincinnati ohio, and in st. louis missouri. and is the powerball lottery ticket worth more than $1 million, and we do not know who the winner is yet. the owner of the valero gas station on saratoga avenue will get a $5300 bonus for selling the ticket, and he said he sold other winning tickets, but this is the biggest so far. he will take the employees out to dinner with the money. the winning ticket match the numbers 3, 12, 16, 32, 34, and did not have the powerball number of 14, work $1.27 million. and because there was no overall jackpot winner, the wednesday drawing will be at least $348 million. your
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time is 5:34 am your we may look back on this week as the determining factor in the race for the republican presidential nomination, and it may come down to indiana with donald trump gaining enough momentum to wrap up the contest, and we are live with the washington on more on those numbers, looking better and better.>> reporter: if you believe the polls, donald trump should have a pretty good day tomorrow in indiana. the only primary contest tomorrow, 57 delegates up for grabs, and he could potentially win all of them. if that is the case, he is well on his way.>> reporter: donald trump says that it is time to wrap this up. >> by the way, if we win indiana, it is over. >> reporter: donald trump wants to the recent polls out of indiana showing his lead growing, 50 points over ted cruz, acknowledging that indiana would be critical.>>
5:36 am
this whole long, wild right of election, has all culminated with the entire country with its eyes fixed on the state of indiana. >> reporter: some conservatives that are not happy with donald trump think it may come down to the primary tomorrow. >> if on tuesday night donald trump winds, is it over?>> yes.>> reporter: certainly the answer that donald trump is looking for, and other democratic side, hillary clinton is optimistic that she is pivoting to attack donald trump at the friendly naacp gathering in detroit. >> we cannot let the rock obama legacy fall into donald trump's hands. -- rock obama -- barack obama legacy fall into donald trump's
5:37 am
hands.>> there are many superdelegates that are supporting secretary clinton in states that we have 160 or 70% of the vote, -- 60 to 70% of the vote. we have the right to make it asking them for their support. >> reporter: and the superdelegates can do whatever they want, and hillary clinton has a huge lead over bernie sanders, insurmountable unless the superdelegates somehow change their mind. democrats in california voted for the delegates to the national convention caucus throughout the state, and this race inspired more to be a delegate, 4600 registered democrats ran compared to 3400 in 2008. the republican draft of the state party convention in
5:38 am
burlingame yesterday, donald trump calling on the republicans to unite behind his campaign, saying that even if they don't, he will steal win. ted cruz with his newly announced running make carly fiorina says that california will be critical in deciding the republican nominee for election-year. and the top republicans appeared at the gop convention, and the former state party chair was at the hyatt in burlingame along with the entrepreneur and the gop candidates are vying for barbara baxter street. early voting for california in the june 7 primary, available one week from today. it varies from county to county, but most bay area counties will have one early voting poll open, some as early as may 9. the registered voters they do will not want to vote
5:39 am
by mail and avoid the long lines on june 7, and you can check with the registrar office for the early voting dates. and the hunger strike in front of the police station plan on taking the message to the mayor, marching to the mayor's office tomorrow afternoon, and the hunger strike has been going on for 12 days. the five people on strike are surviving on liquids, and they say that the police department has fostered a culture of racism resulting in a string of police shootings, and they want the chief to step down, and they want the mayor to fire him. and if the mayor does not fire him, they want mayor lee to step down. the san francisco voters will be able to decide whether the independent investigation will be conducted in the police shootings in the city, and if the proposition is passed by the voters in june, awfully shootings would be investigated
5:40 am
by the police watchdog agency. they would also require that the police department cooperate with the investigation. the measure six to respond to the racist incidents plaguing the police department over the past five years, 31 police shootings in san francisco, none of which led to the officers being charged in the crimes. the san francisco police are investigating issued last night that happened near the federal building just after 9:30 pm. the man shot his injuries that are not life threatening, and so far we do not know what led to the shooting, and no arrests have been made. if you have any information, call the san francisco police. the san jose man arrested on suspicion of shooting and killing his wife. 63-year-old james knowledge -- nallan taken into custody on saturday, his wife down with at least one gunshot wound, rushed to the hospital but died a little while later. the police have not given us
5:41 am
any information about the possible motive. it is 5:40 am. too much ice in the iced coffee, coming up, the lawsuit one woman filed against starbucks, and asking for $5 million. the massive fire in manhattan, and look at this picture of this historic building, almost burned to the ground. a commute where the traffic is moving along pretty well heading up to the khalistan good no be a. today's temperatures may be the warmest of the week, coming up. on his legendary quest, jack created a breakfast worth waking up for. the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. with provolone, cheddar, pepperjack, and a crispy hash brown. then he announced it to the world in the most legendary way.
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welcome back, and take a look at this photo, splitting 6 feet during that storm in early march. the southbound lane reopened later in the month, with temporary signals in place. caltrans is looking on making the repairs on the northbound lanes, and the project is estimated to cost $5.5 million, and three months to get it completed. the napa county sheriff department is investigating drowning of the teenage boy that happened yesterday afternoon in late berryessa, and the boy that drown was 14 years old. the sheriff department had to stand in a dive team, and no other information was released. the time is 5:44 am. firefighters still battling flames in the huge fire that destroyed the historic church in manhattan. it started at the orthodox could the drill -- orthodox
5:45 am
cathedral, and just yesterday more than 700 people attended the services for the orthodox easter, and the church was empty when the fire started. a parishioner was next door and he heard the chaos outside. >> i smelled smoke came outside and it was engulfed.>> the caretaker tried to run inside, and suffered minor smoke inhalation. five other people, including four firefighters suffered minor injuries. the building may collapse, and the cause of the fire is still being investigated. this church was built in the early 1850s, officially made the city landmark in 1968. the first hearing on the very complicated task of dividing up the state -- estate of prince is expected to start this morning, the sister file papers saying that prince had no will, and under the laws of minnesota, the estate will be
5:46 am
divided among the surviving brothers and sisters. and the sister is his only surviving full sibling, but he has five have siblings, and the estate is estimated at re- hundred billion dollars. -- 500 million -- $500 million. it is going okay, so traffic out there. before this update, i showed some cotton balls up my nose.>> okay.>> hold on. stuffed up. good morning everyone, let's take a look at your morning commute, traffic okay to the toll plaza, but a 15 to 20 minute delay into the city. no problems on interstate 880. north and southbound looking pretty good if you're driving past the oakland airport. traffic is definitely getting
5:47 am
busier, but no major issues to report. traffic beginning to build at the dublin interchange and 880 still looking good from hayward. 5:47 am. a good morning on this monday after a warm and windy weekend. we did have thundershower activity in the sierra valley, but the fog is pushing to the north, making a big impact after yesterday in the 80s for many, today's in the 50s, 60s and 70s. and this pattern is much more cooler for santa cruz up to santa rosa. the inland tents -- temperatures still in the low 80s. and the observer in san francisco for april observing no fog at all. and that is near the triangle. and here it is may second and he has the fog, so interesting.
5:48 am
this will play into much cooler forecast. 49 in boulder creek, low 50s and upper 40s, and everybody is closed. santa cruz at 55, but don't get stuck in the suit -- soup, and the delta breeze is trying to get its act together. we have that thunderstorm activity, and that shortwave moving to the south triggering activity yesterday. and today in the southern california area, but the fog is having no problem. this system will drop in, tuesday night sticking around through friday afternoon. and that will keep the temperatures on the cool side. giving us cooler temperatures and thundershower activity, and that is not until wednesday or thursday. this temperature today the warmest of the week, low clouds, and breezy, cooler and
5:49 am
sunny for most. still 70s in a few low 80s. other locations down up to 15 degrees close to the coast, and after today, say goodbye to the 80s, 70s and then 60s on wednesday, thursday, friday. and rebounding for the weekend.>> 80s, 70s and 60s. >> even the middle of the month looks active. >> what about on mother's day?>> this sunday is okay. that is the way we worked it out.>> i would like to put on a mask and head outside. 5:49 am. up next, the dangers surrounding the swings and the monkey bars at the local park.
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the airport in brussels has resumed some flights after the
5:53 am
terror attacks, but only the temporary check in. the opening restoring the airport capacity to 80%, and they also have new security measures in place a. it has been 55 years since the cruise ship left the u. s. and docked in cuba. that is about to change. the carnival cruise ship sailed out of miami yesterday, and due to reach of later this morning. it has 600 passengers, and they will visit three cities in cuba this week. at home, the alameda county officials due to take up the question of fracking tonight, planning commissioners talking about new regulations that would ban the controversial method of extracting oil and gas on county land. the coalition against tracking is showing its support against the ban, and they say that the track this pollutes the water and the air. the meeting will start at 6:00 tonight at the county building in hayward. and uber has announced the
5:54 am
california lawsuit claiming that the rights year discriminated against a blind people with guide dogs, and a federal law requiring taxis in other private transportation services to carry the blind service animal. and uber has agreed to deactivate the driver if the company finds they have knowingly denied a person with disability a right because of the guide dog. and dogs will now have access to the bathroom. at the airport, a new federal regulation requires that airports install pet relief areas in every terminal by august. the rule applies to airports that serve more than 100,000 passengers per year. animal rights group says that the move will put the less stress on the dog owners that have to take them outside, and go back through the extra security. airports that already have this, delta, o'hare and seattle-
5:55 am
tacoma. an alert for those at the playground, a playground concussion on the rise, and monkey bars and swings are mostly to blame. the report was released by the center for disease control and prevention, researching 12 years of data on the playground injuries for children under the age of 15 that went to the emergency room. out of the 200,000 kids, 10% suffered a traumatic brain injury, including a concussion. a bay area high school in the running for winning the prestigious science bowl competition, and limburger high school -- lynbrook high school in san jose happening this morning in dc and the competition gets underway at 8:30 am, 9000 high school students took part in the earlier round of the competition. sponsored by the federal department of energy, and the winning team will get a nine day, all expense paid scientific field trip to
5:56 am
alaska. official, president obama's oldest daughter melia is a heading to the ivy league college, going to harvard, and considering several schools, including stanford and uc berkeley, and she has delayed her entry by taking a gap year after graduating from high school, and we do not know how she will spend that year. and president obama and first lady michelle obama graduated from the harvard law school. and the youngest princess charlotte turning one year old, and after spending the gear out of the public eye, a new glimpse of princess charlotte thanks to her mom. the duchess of cambridge to these photos, and the role baby birthday will be spent privately -- royal baby birthday will be spent privately at home. >> amazing, some of the best photos are taken by the duchess, not a professional
5:57 am
photographer. and i think the first pictures were taken by her. >> like you. >> we moms do try, we take a lot of photos. coming up, the solar- powered plane is taken off from the south bay, and we will have another live report from moffett field, and getting some glimpses inside and outside of the plane. and as it applies to phoenix, we will tell you what the next goal is for the pilot. a great day in bay area sports, the highlights from the warriors and the sharks playoff victories. to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. dude, dude, dude. to the women who know what real values are, this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator.
5:58 am
(group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. how's that for not getting stuck?
5:59 am
good morning. the next stop for the solar-powered plane just a call from the south bay. >> a day of action that the california state university campuses, and we will tell you what the students of san francisco state are protesting, as mornings on 2 continues. good morning, and thank you for joining us on this monday morning, may 2, and i am pam
6:00 am
cook. i am dave clark. let's talk about the weather. >> the fog came flying that, and water temperatures are cold, so it does not take much. april we had a series of lows, and not doing much in the way of rain, but this next system is picking up that fog bank, and the areas that were fog free yesterday are covered. a big drop in temperatures, thunderstorm activity in the sierra and valley, pushing to the south. this fog will continue to flex its muscles, and ushering in a cooler pattern. 40s and 50s, and the north bay is socked in, 15 degrees cooler, and a westerly component for most. the sierra looking better, and the valley looks better, and that rain will drop in and stick around for most of the week. the cooling trend is on tap, starting today in the form of low clouds, treacy and cooler. the


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