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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> the golden state warriors continue to prove they're the best in basketball even without one of their best players. >> and would you consider moving out of the bay area in the new poll showing how many people considering taking off and the reason why. good afternoon, everyone. i'm gasia mikaelian. in antioch a woman was shot and killed and a man was wounded inside a quick stop convenience store. >> and the scene is very active still. witnesses are even starting to speak out. >> reporter: that's right, it's an active crime scene out here after a shooting left a woman dead and a store clerk wounded. it started about 7:10 this morning when a man and woman got into an argument inside this quick stop.
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witnesses say that's when the clerk tried intervening but police say the 34-year-old suspect pulled out a gun and opened fire, killing his 27- year-old girlfriend and wounding the clerk in the arm. the woman died at the scene. we spoke with a neighbor of the clerk who tried to break up the domestic dispute. >> my neighbor was working his normal shift and happened to witness a domestic, and he stepped -- you know, tried to help the woman. the woman was shot by her partner and he was shot in between that chaos. >> reporter: a short time later the suspect showed up at the antioch police department and he was taken into custody. police say they are still in the preliminary stages of the investigation and a motive is not known, and they have not identified the suspect or victim, and her body is still at the scene.
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>> the suspected shooter showed up at the police station? was he turning himself in? >> reporter: that's our best speculation at this point. we believe he possibly turned himself in and now he's being questioned by investigators. >> we don't know what previous problems he and the woman may have had? >> reporter: unclear if they had any prior disputes or issues. >> all right, thank you. san francisco voters will soon be able to decide if independent investigations will be conducted into police shootings in that city. if voters pass it in june, all police shootings would be investigated by san francisco police watchdog agency and require that the police department cooperate with the investigation. this is a response to recent incidents that have plagued the sfpd. over the past five years there have been 31 police shootings in san francisco, none of which led to officers being charged
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with a crime. police are asking for your help in the search for 27-year- old keith green. he was last seen friday and over the weekend his phone was found in golden gate park. anyone with information is asked to call police. linebacker alton smith is getting in court today, facing misdemeanor counts of dui, hit- and-run and vandalism. the incident happened last august and resulted in his suspension from the team till november at the earliest. he was a member of the 49ers when he was arrested. a former teammate was reportedly with him at the time and is being compelled to testify. last night goaden state rolls and they are back at
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practice today. wondering if steph curry is out there working out. >> the team just wrapped up their practice a few minutes ago and escorting the rest of the media out, so we'll see if i get thrown out live here. steph hasn't shot around yet. he talked about wanting to test the knee out today. we had a sighting a few minutes ago, shot that on video for you. steph came out for about two minutes, sat there and talked to a few people. his sprained knee and all, he's not shot but maybe after we leave he'll come out and practice for a bit. the warriors were outstanding without him last night, five players in double figures, and just really played an outstanding game as a team. if you look at practice, you
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can see without steph he's playing 38 minutes total in six games, and the whole team has really contributed. green has been great, triple- double last night. listen to the high praise. >> play making ability, he's one of the best players in the league. >> never heard me call myself that, but if they're going to call me that i'll take it. won't shy away from it. >> so steve said if you talk about two-way players in the league, draymond green has been to be mentioned right up there in the rest of them in terms of playing defense and offense and the spark he brings to the team. other than steph curry, you can't think of anybody perhaps as valuable at draymond green.
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they are doing now a total team effort, everybody contributing, and word is that with steph he'll possibly test out the knee today, we don't know. he says he hopes to be back saturday in portland, but that will be up to the medical staff and coaching staff. he'll want to play as soon as he can, no doubt. >> the way the team is playing, no rush. as long as you're 100%, they can wait, even till next year if they're lucky enough to advance. five people holding a hunger strike plan to take their message to the mayor. there is a rally and march to city hall tomorrow afternoon. the hunger strike has been going on 12 days now. participants are genetic liquids only, saying the police department fostered a culture of racism. they are calling for the police chief to step down and for the
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mayor to fire him or else they want the mayor to step down. csu campuses are protesting tuition increases and potential cuts to the college of ethnic study. the march is set for this hour and we'll have more at 12:30 with a live report. the presidential candidates are focusing on tomorrow's primary in indiana. a number of analysts say indiana could be the determining factor here in the race for the republican presidential nomination. donald trump leads republicans there in indiana and hillary clinton has a slight edge over bernie sanders. both front runners say they have the nomination wrapped up. >> we are going to be so successful as a country, and you will be proud of your president and you will be proud of your country again. i'm telling you, you will.
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>> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> the other candidates say they are staying in the race all the way to the party's convention. bernie sanders says he believes the democrats will have a contested in philadelphia in july. both ted cruz and john kasich continue to insist they are taking their campaigns to the party's convention in cleveland, which they also believe will be contested. democratic delegates voted yesterday. 4600 registered democrats ran to be district delegates this year compared to 3400 in 2008, the last time the party had primary election choices. republicans wrapped up their convention yesterday, donald trump saying even if republicans don't unite behind
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him, he'll still win. ted cruz and carly fiorina say california will be critical. early voting for the june 7th primary starts a week from today. as for registered voters who want want to vote by mail, polling place locations will be listed with the elections office. planning commissioners tonight will discuss several regulations that would ban fracking on county land. the coalition against fracking plans to support the ban. the meeting starts at 6:00 tonight at the county building in hayward. more people are thinking about moving out of the bay area. a new study polled 1,000 people
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and 34% said they would consider leaving the bay area because of rising costs of housing and the increased traffic. 73% say it's gotten harder to get housing since just last year. many say they spend 45% to 60% of their income on housing or rent and 46% say their commute is harder than it was last year. >> the east bay now, competing with san francisco because i see a lot of the new apartment buildings being built, the rents are no different now. >> despite the rising number of people saying they would consider leaving the area, more than half said they have no plans to leave. coming up at 12:30, the next stop for this special plane that just took off. >> and the heat was on this weekend but that's not the case
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for this workweek. we are tracking changes on the way. >> and what about when you're at the airport and your dog has to go? new rules making it easier, coming up.
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in case you missed it over the weekend, uber settled a lawsuit in california that said
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they were discross-claim nateing against people with dogs. services will be required to carry a disabled person's service animal. uber also agreed to deactivate a driver if the company finds they knowingly denied a person a ride because of their guide dog. and airports will have to have areas for animals by this august. animal rights groups say it puts less stress on pet owners. several airports already have pet areas. some circus performers are packing their trunks for good. last night the ringling brothers circus said good-bye
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to its elephants, retiring them after years of allegations of animal abuse. they have been a part of the show for 145 years and will now live out retirement in florida. some big cats are in a more natural environment following their release from circus life. more than 30 lions were rescued and began their new lives after being released into a sanctuary north of johannesburg. >> we started ten years ago with an undercover investigation and exposing the suffering. that was the catalyst for the legislation. it's been a long hard road, but we are so happy. this is so satisfying. >> the cats don't know how to hunt so they will be fed daily and have water in the enclosures.
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it was a foggy start to the morning. >> yes, and we'll have partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. but we'll drop temperatures, already underway. you can see looking in the east bay, have some cloud cover out there. the low cloud cover has since burned back. you can see where this does remain along the coast. this is a three-hour lapse here, starting with mostly cloudy skies all around the bay. at this point we have just that low cloud cover along the north bay coastline and stretching down into areas like half-moon day, pacifica looking partly cloudy and clear at this point. the on shore breeze kicked in yesterday, probably felt it when it did. could be locally breezy at times but shouldn't have too much trouble with the winds this afternoon. they are going to continue to
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be on shore as they get into the rest of the workweek. we have 61 degrees in san francisco, mid-60s in oakland and 70 degrees in san josi. into the inner east bay, 76 for antioch right now, 74 in danville and lafayette 70 degrees. notice how much cooler we are in santa rosa, down by 17 degrees over 24 hours ago. you're definitely feeling the difference, and most of us are. and into the afternoon for today, this is a look at the highs expected compared to yesterday's highs. santa rosa hit 84 yesterday, today only reaching about 71. and so it goes, those forecast highs a little lower. this is the beginning of the cooling trend.
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eventually we'll have the possibility of scattered showers. 59 for pacifica this afternoon, 72 expected in oakland, 79 for livermore and morgan hill 79 degrees. so a cooler day, still mild and warm for the inland communities. temperatures continue to fall as we get into tuesday. notice wednesday, thursday and friday, low to mid- to upper 60s in the forecast for all of us. showers are a possibility on wednesday, maybe even see a possibility of thunderstorms in the picture thursday and friday. when i come back, we'll look at the model and look at the bay area weekend coming up. we have breaking news here with a situation happening in the oakland estuary. a boat is on fire. you can clearly see orange flames coming from the center. it appears to be a fire boat as
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well heading south toward that boat that's on fire. we don't know whose boat this is but we have a larger picture here. this camera is right on top of the building and as we read this, i'm assuming this is south of us. >> also the big concern here, because it's on the end of the docks and looks like the wind is blowing and you don't want the flames to spread from one boat to the next. we saw individuals with hoses putting water on the fire but no sign of any engines there. we saw one fire boat along the oakland estuary here. >> and in this picture, perhaps a dozen or so boats clustered at the end of the pier. another concern is flammable
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material or fuel that may be on the boats in the docking area. again, what really hasn't changed in the couple minutes we have been watching, that orange flame continues to burn. it appears like the flames are getting a little bigger. take a look at the left of the boat here. we see one person putting water on the fire using a water hose and that rescue boat is going to be able to put a lot more water here. >> you can see, could be almost like a houseboat that could be on fire. it's a little bigger, more rectangle shape. definitely flames continuing to get bigger here. some boats starting to take off from the docks, concerned these flames could spread and take down more than that boat.
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>> i believe we are north of the situation still, not able to see it from our window out the back. but this is i would say at least a mile or so down the oakland estuary from where we are. i bet if you're on 880 southbound, you're probably seeing this on the right-hand side. i'm guessing drivers are wondering where that smoke is coming from. now we know. again, this is from a camera on top of our own station, that plume of smoke there that continues to grow. >> and what's right across the way is coast guard island. wonder if they could help and assist in regards to getting this fire out. reports now that there are multiple boats on fire. looking at the smoke, if there is any positive, it is blowing away from the remainder of the boats there at the dock there.
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i don't see anyone in the water yet. looks like some firefighters are at the scene now putting water on this. >> we'll stay on top of this and bring you live pictures throughout the newscast. we'll be right back. ♪ i ♪ shining through rs ♪ i see your true colors ♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors ♪ true colors ♪ true colors ♪ are beautiful
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back to the breaking news we are following along the
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oakland estuary, oakland fire confirming multiple boats now on fire. this is at one 5th avenue if you're familiar with this, along 880 at the 5th avenue off ramp. there is a little shopping mall with a starbucks and just to the north of this is where we are. firefighters on the scene, multiple engines there on the docks with their hoses putting water on it. >> and this is happening less than a mile from the station here. if i look outside the back window, i can't see any evidence of this fire. so you should know from the pictures, the smoke is being pushed in a southerly direction away from where we are. that means if you're on 880 at 5th avenue or south, this is what you're seeing on the right- hand side toward the water. is concern is how many boats
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this will spread to. in the past couple minutes we have seen firefighters putting serious water on the flames and at this point i'm seeing a lot of white rising up, which could be a good sign. >> looks a lot better than ten minutes ago. >> definitely, better than the flames we saw visible for several minutes. at this point they are going to work to first of all ensure that people are safe. anyone inside the boat or anyone nearby who may have been caught up on it, anyone else that may have been affected of course still questions. >> and we saw one boat leaving the docks quickly there. we know in san francisco they have a couple fire boats. one thing i'm not seeing here are fire boats in oakland.
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also when you look at it, nothing attacking the fire from the actual outside, and it would be an issue to bring up again later in the day to find out whether or not they are still in service. >> i just saw a second little boat coming from where this is located. might have been oakland fire boat, we are working to find that out as well. >> you can see that one boat coming back here, under the assumption they have this under control there at the docks. this is along 880 on 5th avenue. >> we'll stay on top of this. more after this.
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welcome back. quick update on the breaking news we have been following over the last 15 minutes. looks like oakland fire is getting a handle on a fire that picked up there along the docks near 5th avenue, multiple boats on fire there. a number of engines arrived at the scene.
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firefighters on the docks there, knocking that out over the last few minutes. so far no word of any injuries reported. we'll continue to monitor the situation there along the docks at one 5th avenue in oakland. now to san francisco, where this afternoon college students across the state are protesting possible tuition increases at cal state campuses. >> reporter: students here are voicing their opposition to any sort of a tuition increase in the near future, even though such an increase is unlikely, at least through the next action. we have a number of students here marching this morning across the campus to protest tuition hikes, now out here at holloway and 19th avenue with people passing by on the
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street. this will culminate at a big rally at malcolm x plaza on campus. there are similar rallies happening throughout the day at five other cal state campuses throughout the state to be sure tuition doesn't go up for students. there's a freeze on tuition increases but the board of trustees hasn't made any decisions yet for when that ends. one is a possible hike tied to inflation, one that students here oppose. it could be just a small percentage increase but could force some students to pay hundreds of dollars more. >> it's a big burden, having to work. students are working two and three jobs, on top of being a full-time student, just to make ends meet living in a city like this. so them increasing tuition or
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using us as a backbone of the economy, it's not fair, not right. >> reporter: a spokesperson from san francisco state university told me this morning the school has, quote, no plans to increase tuition, and that administrators share the concerns of students about college affordability. organizers say this is preemptive, designed to top the hike at any point in the near future. they could approve a hike as soon as this coming june. they will be at the malcolm x plaza here protesting tuition increases. there are also four students holding a hunger strike as well. that began last night and will go they say until funding is restored to the college of ethnic studies here. they want $8 million to go to
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that college. meantime, four students say they will not be eating until that happens. mayday rallies were held across the bay area this weekend with thousands taking part, and most were peaceful. >> protesters chanted yes, we can. may 1st is known as international workers rights day but the workers were calling attention to several different causes including immigration reform and police brutality. >> we are all workers and we are all being exploited by a lot of the different societies and want to bring the communities together to connect. >> protos called on politicians to raise a clear path to citizenship, and in oakland they rallied against
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inequality. in the south bay, two brothers will be back in court after entering not guilty pleas to killing their parents last month. they went to a convention after the killings and they are being held without bail. a san josi man has been arrested on suspicion of shooting and killing his wife. 63-year-old james untillen was taken into custody after his wife was found in their home with at least one gunshot wound. she was rushed to the hospital and died a short time later. police haven't released a possible motive. closing arguments begin this morning in the trial of an oakland man accused in the stilling of an 8-year-old girl and man in july of 2013. darnell williams is accused of firing shots into a home in retaliation for a gang killing.
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testimony ended last week with his sister saying her son witnessed the shooting. the drowning of a teenage boy yesterday afternoon is being investigated. the sheriff's department says the boy was 14 years old. no other information was released about the death. concord police want your help finding a thief taking money for children with autism. this was caught on camera last month at bigger's dinner. the thief walks to the counter and takes the donation jar and runs right out the door. one worker went after him. the money in the jar was for autism awareness. if you have information, call concord police. and the san josi sharks are up 2-0 in their series with the
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nashville predators. that joe pevelski goal put them up 2-1 then late in the third, another empty nether. the sharks get the 3-2 win. >> we understand the series will only get tougher. these guys are going to go home. they've been on the road a little bit. so we've got to pick it up a little bit and play a better game. >> the sharks now head to nashville. san josi has won the most games this season, including three against the kings. game three is set for tomorrow night with the predators at 6:00. it's been an exciting morning for aviation fans. the first solar powered plane took off. >> reporter: the solar impulse is heading to phoenix and it
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will take 15 hours to get there. it's less grueling compared to the three days it took for the plane to get from hawaii here to mountain view. it was really fascinating to watch it take off just after 5:00 a.m. it didn't make much noise at all. it was very quiet. the wingspan is longer than a 747 and it weighs more than an average size car. the solar panels power the motor. the pilots met with tech companies describing the silicon valley. >> when you fly three days and two nights in an airplane above an ocean, you arrive and see the golden gate, then you land in the place of innovation. we had our friend waiting for
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us here and ready for us for the week. so that's really welcome. >> you can also get a view from outside the plane, screamed on the web so the world could witness the journey. they want to show it's possible to run around the world on clean energy. they started the journey last march and are going around the world. the other known planned stop in the u.s. will be new york. both pilots say they can't wait to see the statue of liberty. >> and we are following the path here, where the solar powered plane is. they will be landing in phoenix and definitely have more time up there in the air. a warning for parents about
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playgrounds. up next, the equipment leading the more injuries among children. >> and you can soon fly the friendly skies without worrying about losing your baggage. it was a warm one this past weekend but changes are on the way. we have the latest on what you can expect.
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an alert for parents this afternoon after a new study
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found playground concussions are on the rise and monkey bars and swings are likely to blame. the research showed 12 years of data on playground visits that ended in the emergency room. nearly 10% of kids suffered traumatic brain injuries including concussions. a new ban for high school football in nevada. russell david is running for a seat on the district and points to the controversy surrounding concussions and cte. he says the human brain isn't meant to play football. >> what we know now about the sport and the concussions and sub concussion impact, it just doesn't make sense why we're doing this. >> he wants money taken from
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public school football and put it in the classroom. opponents say millions of men played high school football and they are healthy. new york's senator says billboards could be spying on you by collecting data from your cell phone and using it for marketing and advertising purposes. clearchannel, the company that operates the board, says it uses anonymous data collected by other companies. >> we think this kind of data is so pervasive that they ought to get you permission, even if they say they don't have your name attached to it. who knows? a starbucks customer is suing the chain for using too much ice in its cold drinks, and the woman wants at least $5 million. she says they advertise the drinks in fluid ounces but
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that's not accurate when you include the ice. she says a venti advertised as 20 ounces as 10 ounces of ice. starbucks says ice is an essential component of an iced beverage. delta is promising never to lose your luggage again. they have developed technology that lets you track the bag with an app, using id tags to track the luggage. when you check the bag in, you get the rfid tag and the new system will begin in august. we are cooling it down and that cooldown is already underway. the on shore breeze returned late yesterday. as we get in through the next few days, we have the possibility of wet weather. let's start with a live look toward the west.
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the marine layer established itself, low clouds hugging the coastline overnight. many of us woke up with mostly cloudy skies. and we have a beautiful view there with a warriors flag, stars and stripes. again, the breeze is onshore at this point. mid-60s in oakland, and 70 degrees in san josi. it's a mild day, even near 80 for some of the warmer spots today, still a notable dropoff compared to 24 hours ago. i had the water vapor loop on here. i'll point out the weather element bringing us the change right in here, this trough. it's going to continue to work toward the coast for the next several days, bringing us a possibility of scattered showers. it will be just enough to keep
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our forecast damp. looks like wednesday, thursday, even friday. take a look at the models. as we get into tuesday, mostly cloudy skies and rain to the north of us but still we're cloudy and cool. we have the on shore breeze. notice a lot of moisture dancing around northern california, not a lot here but we have the possibility of scattered showers on wednesday. now into thursday, more of the same. take a look at the state. we have some over northern california in the sierra, so we're definitely included in there. then 4:00 in the afternoon friday, we have a little wet weather that wants to turn up over the bay area. we're tracking this for you. the takeaway here is cloudy, cool and damp weather coming our way. we have the onshore breeze about 10 miles an hour right now, 10 in fairfield. upper 50s in pacifica this
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morning, upper 70s in concord. if you're going to see the a's play today, it will be cool and breezy, 65 degrees with partly cloudy skies, then cooling as we get into the evening hours. there is a look at the extended forecast. in addition to the damp weather, temperatures fall off. we have low to mid- to upper 60s in the forecast. as we get into the bay area weekend, shaping up pretty good with low to mid-70s back in the forecast in time for saturday and sunday. coming up next, malia obama made her college pick. where she's headed and when, coming up. >> i love joe biden, i really do. i want to thank him for his friendship, for his counsel, for always giving it to me strait, for not shooting anybody in the face. >> president obama entertains
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the crowd at the white house correspondents dinner.
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stocks are rebounding after last week's drops. we see the dow is up by more than 100 points.
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and artists hit the stage last night for the second annual american country countdown awards. the night's big winner was luke bryan, picking up two winners and sam hunt won two as well. florida georgia line topped the show and carrie underwood collected another statue for female vocalist of the year. it's official, malia obama following in her parents' footsteps, heading to harvard. she looked at a number of schools including stanford and uc berkeley. she plans to enter in the fall of 2017 after taking a gap year
12:53 pm
after high school. and the youngest princess in britain is turning one. her mom took these photos. the family says the royal baby's birthday will be spent privately at home. the princess is fourth in line for the british throne. and in the white house correspondents dinner, the president took to the podium with a number of jokes including the race for the white house. >> in my final year, my approval ratings keep going up. last time i was this high, i was trying to decide on my
12:54 pm
major. and the thing, i haven't really done anything differently. even my age can't figure out the rising poll numbers. nothing has changed. nobody can figure it out. >> he closed the speech by thanking everyone for their service for the past eight years. >> i want to close my final white house correspondents dinner by saying thank you. i'm very proud of what you have done. it's been an honor and privilege to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy. with that, i just have two more words to say: obama out. >> and people in attendance this year included will and
12:55 pm
jada smith and fox news anchor megyn kelly. and hunter pence drove in three of the giants' six runs yesterday, two on this home run in the fourth. madison bumgarner pitched six innings, striking out seven for his third win in the season. the final was 6-1 but pagan strained a hamstring and is going to miss a few games. and friday in arizona the giants and padres are among the 20 teams expected to be there. the giants didn't resign lincecum after last season and he spent the off season rehabbing in arizona. the a's came close to sweeping houston yesterday. the a's couldn't get much run
12:56 pm
support and the astros win 2-1. we start a series with the mariners tonight at the coliseum. we told you about a study that found about a third of people say they are considering moving out of the bay area? >> today we're talking to the bay area council that did the research and break down the factors prompting so many to consider the move, plus check in with our real estate expert. >> and before we go, more live pictures. breaking news in the far east bay, the scene at 580 and livermore. a helicopter has landed on 580. what you see on the left center of the screen are the charred remains of one vehicle. there is also burned grass on the hillside. this fire started there with a traffic accident. you can barely even recognize what sort of vehicle this was. the flames then jumped to the grass on the side of the
12:57 pm
freeway. the situation is still ongoing, 580 at north flynn. we'll have updates on and facebook and twitter. >> thank you for joining us. have a great afternoon.
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