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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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new information tonight about a string of armed robberies targeting bars and restaurants in six different bay area cities. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. three men are behind bars accused of nearly two dozen takeover robberies of restaurants and bars in the east bay and in san francisco. ktvu's amber lee in the city now with how police caught up with the suspects. amber? >> reporter: frank, we're at 29th and dolores. the bar behind me was struck three times on the third time they had the place under surveillance and arrested the suspects. this corner bar is a longtime neighborhood fixture, a place of comfort and camaraderie. but after three armed robberies, the workers are shaken. >> what i'm going to do tonight, i'm locking the door. i'm not going to let you in. >> reporter: the gunmen took
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money the first time at the end of march. four days later, she says the same men returned and robbed not only of the bar but stole from patrons as well. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: this is surveillance video berkeley police released exclusively to ktvu news. it shows one suspect rummaging and making a man who appears to be an employee empty his pockets. the robberies joined by a second suspect, berkeley police say the men are responsible for nine takeover robberies of bars and restaurants in their city alone. >> using overwhelming force and fear to go in and use that force or fear to get what they want. in this case, it's the take from the cash register or potentially some of the members of the business. >> reporter: berkeley police say once they determined there was a series of robberies, they reached out to other police agencies and the fbi and formed a task force. authorities say the same robbers struck in oakland, hayward, albany and four dismisses in san leandro including this mexican
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restaurant. >> it was almost closing time. >> reporter: the gunman walked in, his face hidden by a black hood. >> he got the tapes from the yard and he said, come here. so i had to come open the register. and he started taking all the money. >> reporter: the weight -- the waitress says the gunmen ordered the customers not to move or coach their phones. the waitress and the bartender say they are glad the men have been arrested but the experience has left them unsettled. >> i'm relieved. but still residual fears. >> reporter: police have identified the three men arrested. christopher jones, 18, 40-year- old shawon scroggins, and 46- year-old merle simpson, both from oakland. police tell me it was witness descriptions and surveillance videos that help them catch the suspect. no one was hurt during any of the 23 takeover robberies.
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>> amber lee in san francisco tonight, thank you. former 49er and raider dana stubblefield is denying charges that he raped a developmentally disabled woman. stubblefield played 11 years in the nfl. this is his booking photo from morgan hill police, the 45-year- old is charged with five felonies related to this incident and is expected to be arraigned at 1:30 wednesday afternoon. santa clara district attorney says he sexually assaulted the woman when she went to his home to interview for a babysitting job. and that she reported it immediately to police. stubblefield was freed on $250,000 bail. in a statement, he called the charges false and fraudulent and said the encounter was consensual. his attorney said the motivation for the allegations is money. his attorney released a statement that says quote, mr. stubblefield passed a lie detector test with flying colors and will present a full, vigorous defense against these false allegations.
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the ui trial of aldon smith got underway in san jose today. he is facing misdemeanor counts of dui, hit-and-run and vandalism. the incident happened in the parking garage in his apartment complex last august and resulted in his suspension. he can't return to the raiders until november at the earliest. smith was a member of the 49ers when he was arrested. now to east san jose where a three alarm fire destroyed two mobile homes and has displaced the two homeowners. the fire department says the fire started at a nearby barn that is supposed to be vacant. investigators say the flames spread from that barn to those nearby mobile homes, on north capitol and mckee road. ktvu's azenith smith is live now at the mobile home park . residents tell you homeless people were living in that barn and that's a big concern? >> reporter: yeah, julie. it's not clear how this fire started but that is something
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that san jose fire department is looking into. as you can see, the two mobile homes are now fenced off, completely gutted. this is what's left of two mobile homes in the mobile home park after a fast-moving fire in east san jose. this is what's left of where firefighters say it started. they would barn, now a pile of burnt rubble. >> these fires burned hot and fast. from it being a first alarm call to a third alarm call that brought over 20 companies and 60 firefighters out here. >> the fire started at 2:00 p.m., igniting a barn, trees, fence, and ultimately to homes. the winds didn't help as thick clouds of smoke could be seen hovering over san jose. >> i saw a big fire, very large fire, lots of smoke. >> reporter: glenn gulitti was home eating lunch, she tried to put the fire out herself, but it was too hot. >> i don't like it but i'm glad that i'm okay. that's the most important thing.
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everything could be replaced, but your life. >> have to start all over again. i got the call from work saying, come home, your house is on fire. look! >> reporter: the other homeowner rushed home, he was able to salvage $1000 in a sock drawer, luckily he has insurance. he believes homeless people living in that barn are to blame. >> makes me feel terrible because i called the cops on three different occasions. they came out here and give me their card and said tell us if you run into anymore problems. too late now. >> we know it started at that barn. as far as possibility of people being inside, i don't have anything official but anytime you have a vacant structure, there's the possibility of somebody being there. >> reporter: arson investigator will determine if any foul play was involved. san jose fire says they rescued an elderly person who had smoke inhalation, she is okay. the american red cross is assisting. the homeowners tonight with a
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place to stay, julie? >> azenith, thank you. now to oakland where a fire damaged books -- boats document estuary. at about noon, fire crews responded in a small fire boat, to battle the flames. it took about 30 minutes to get the fire under control. one boat was destroyed, today's fire comes after a pier caught fire in the estuary over the weekend. investigators are looking into whether the two incidents may be connected. new developments in the shooting deaths of a young backpacker at a bay area -- just days apart last fall, 24- year-old sean michael angold, that's him in the middle, agreed to a plea deal in marin county, he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of 67-year-old steve carter. he was found shot to death on a hiking trail near fairfax last october. angold will testify against 23rd rolled morrison lampley and 18-year-old lila alligood, and in return will get a sentence of 15 years to life in
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prison. >> most of this case is going to hang on the person that has cooperated with the d.a., with the police and is going to step forward and tell his version of what happens. >> the second victim was a 23- year-old backpacker from canada named audrey carey, she was killed in san francisco after attending hartley strictly bluegrass festival. the nationwide retailer sports authority is shutting its doors. the struggling chain which is already in bankruptcy says it's unable to reorganize and is now making plans to liquidate all of its 450 stores. ktvu's february -- debora villalon with what's behind the collapse. >> reporter: 32 bay area stores, julie, they may all close by midmonth. the chain has some 14,000 employees, most of them part- time, and experts say that is
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part of the problem. at the santa rosa running store, of 18 years, new employees have to try on every issue as part of their training. so they know what they're selling. and when did you last get your foot measured? >> knowledge and expertise, especially in soccer and running and tennis. >> reporter: stores that specialize are one reason the supermarket style is struggling. sports enthusiasts may not want to shop for cleats next to news and camping gear. so is there surprise, sports authority is closing? >> no. because they don't provide the level of service and expertise. our staff get 200 hours of training before they hit the floor. >> the trainer, the yoga mat, i'm going to get a bathing suit. >> reporter: fans of the store are disappointed. they appreciate the convenience and variety. >> i'm bummed about it. i didn't want to close. i like going here. it's good store. >> where will you go instead? >> i don't know. >> reporter: analysts say
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dick's sporting goods, a flashier concept, will inhibit many customers. it's expanding and it doesn't have the huge debt of sports authority. >> i bought shoes, sneakers there, i bought sportswear there. if i needed something, they were pretty much the place to go. it's very sad. out of the blue. >> reporter: sports authority has been thinking for a while and has not found a buyer or more credit. its size, one problem. >> turning them around is like turning around an oil tanker. >> staleness too. >> they have no passion anymore, you walk into the stores and it feels kind of dead. >> reporter: to compete with online shopping and specialty stores, big box must think out- of-the-box. >> you have to make it fun, there has to be events, a culture, support the community and there has to be a passion for the product you sell. >> reporter: the professor says this is the same retail trend that took orders and bourbons and circuit city, the list goes on, next down, he predicts, sears. their tagline is, where america shops, but julie, america isn't
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shopping that way anymore. >> i feel like sears has been around forever. with two boys that spent a lot of time in sports authority, it is sad to see it go. deborah, thank you. a little bit like a bait and switch. a's fans are fuming. at 10:30, why they won't be able to take advantage of a promised promotion. a significant cool down today, a good 10 to 15 degrees. more clouds, more fog tomorrow. first, a powerful segment on the scourge of heroin abuse.
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on segment 2, an epidemic of heroin, opioid addiction. while staggering numbers of deaths are being reported, in san francisco it's the number of reversed overdoses that's climbing. >> ktvu's mike me back shows us the strategies bring together nonprofits, first responders, doctors and more. all with the one goal of saving lives. >> reporter: springtime, san francisco. for this story, so many angles connected to one goal. saving lives.
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from south of market through the tenderloin, west toward the pacific, on this day in this tent, an invitation into the world of black tar heroin, melt it, injected. >> [ singing ] >> reporter: if you actually get out of the car and listen, you can hear the sad songs, the stories and faces of addiction. >> it's like, in my soul. these are everyday people, like you and me. >> reporter: the medical director for san francisco's fire department. at the end of january, sf fire keep top -- teamed up with the department of health. >> we had 221 encounters in the first 30 days. >> reporter: one paramedic, one outreach worker together out there on the streets. the mission? to reach high-risk users in the 911 system and connect them with services. >> one of the biggest things i'll say is people want help. we find that people who have acute overdose are four times
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times more likely to have another one. >> we're going to make sure you're okay. >> reporter: this is nicholas clark, 28 from salinas. a young man who comes from a good family and now wakes up every morning -- >> i like to get high. that's what i chose. you know? anything that happens to me, whether it be jail, or freezing cold at night or starving, is a direct result of that choice that i made. >> reporter: he says that choice nearly killed him. >> narcan is a lifesaver. >> reporter: officially known as naloxone, reverses the effect of opiate overdose. >> we've had over 2000 overdoses reversed in just the city of san francisco. since 2003. >> reporter: eliza wheeler is manager of the drug overdose prevention education. the nonprofit with the help of sf public health coordinates distribution of narcan. >> the model is the vaccine model, the idea is that you get
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as much naloxone into a high risk community as possible, in the hopes that anytime an overdosed is witness, somebody there has naloxone. think about vaccinating a community against death from overdose. >> reporter: 120 people died right here in san francisco because of a heroin overdose in 2000. the health department says in 2014 that number actually dropped to 30. despite that, the argument out there that continues to be heard is whether or not narcan actually allows the addiction cycle to continue. >> i disagree. having a fire extinguisher in your kitchen is a good idea. i don't think having a fire extinguisher in your kitchen makes you more likely to light your dinner on fire. >> reporter: record of substance abuse research for the san francisco public health department. he says heroin use has spiked in neighborhoods all over the city. >> a transition as we sort of tried to clamp down on opioid prescribing because we
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prescribed so much, we expanded the pool of people dependent on opiates. >> reporter: that is expanding out to the city and into the suburbs across the country. the cdc and prevention is describing -- telling doctors not to prescribe opiates in most situation. why that's important, it comes with a risk. >> some of these people who are dependent on opioids, end up reverting to street opiates. the market for opioids has really changed. there's a lot more opiates on the street now than there used to be. >> reporter: the cdc says there's been a 200% increase in the rate of overdose deaths involving opiates. death from drug overdose reached a new peak in 2014, 47,055 people or the equivalent of about 125 americans every day. but here in san francisco, the landscape looks different than other parts of the country. city has been fighting back against overdose deaths with a harm reduction approach meaning access to care and saving lives being the priority. >> when i go to national
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conferences, people want to hear about what we're doing here. >> reporter: medical director of substance abuse says the city is leaving -- leading the way. >> every health department. >> medication assisted treatment basically on demand, same day access. >> reporter: naloxone is saving lives, the city had 62 reported bystander reversals in 2010. last year, that number reached 599. >> that's 599 bystander reversals by laypeople, plus 400 rescue naloxone cases by emt. >> reporter: but it's popularity is now becoming a problem. >> we're almost out. i've been on the phone all morning with programs that are out. wheeler says narcan is getting more expensive and because it is, the dope project is struggling to meet demand from groups that handed out -- hand it out for free. >> least expensive is $15 per vial. so each kit we distribute has
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two files so that is $30. for one kit. and so if i have and we give out thousands a year -- so i care for them. >> reporter: that is frustrating because narcan has a much deeper value. >> what we're doing is empowering people who use drugs, who are incredibly stigmatized and marginalized in our society, giving them a tool to take care of themselves. >> reporter: for nicholas clark, he tried getting of heroin. describing that experience as throbbing pain, arthritis of the mind, body and soul. >> the worst thing about heroin is that it's never enough. you know, it's this blackhole of dissatisfaction. and in order to be in possession of that kind of dissatisfaction, you have to literally give up anything and
10:20 pm
everything you care about. it's a real rip off. >> reporter: the story of opiate addiction from the streets to the nonprofits, medics and doctors. >> it's a lot harder to deal with addiction then overdose, but if people don't survive, then that's the tragedy right there. they never get a chance. >> asking yourself, why am i here? >> right. exactly, why are we here, what are we trying to do? if it's not to help people, at least get a chance, that i don't know what we're doing. >> reporter: ems 6, searching the streets one day at a time, reaching out a hand, hoping someone grabs hold and never lets go. ktvu, fox 2 news. >> it is like that woman said, a lot harder dealing with the addiction than the overdose. >> and you see nicholas and he looks so sad, the way he was talking and saying, you give up
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everything for heroin, but i would hope that by coming out, talking to mike, maybe that's a first step, a step toward saying, i'm going to do something about it, i'm going to try to get off heroin. >> hearing him at the beginning saying it's his choice, i mean, something that rips apart families, that's so hard and you don't really understand. >> the image of his face, yeah. we wish him the best. we will be posting mike's report at we will be posting mike's along with a link to a couple of the agencies including the dope project that are actively working to save lives. tomorrow night we continue our coverage by looking at the recent spike in fentanyl overdoses in northern california. fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and sometimes users don't even know that they are taking it. the cool down today, we talked about a good 10 or 15 degrees cooler today than yesterday, it was up there, temperatures in the mid-80s yesterday, upper 80s.
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today, cooler by a good 10 or 15. that's the story as the low pressure center sitting offshore is going to spin out there for the next few days, so temperatures stay on the cool side, then we get a chance of a thunder shower or showers as we head into thursday. a little bit into wednesday night, mainly thursday afternoon. a little bit and friday as well, there is the fog situation now, all the way into the bay, more fog tomorrow morning, current temperatures are in the 50s, kind of mild, overnight lows in the upper 40s, mid 40s, 48 santa rosa, 45 napa. tomorrow, that fog is coming back with a vengeance. so it usually pushes inland. there is tomorrow morning, a dam, look at the push of fog, the low offshore, spins out there, takes and releases the inversion, allows the fog to get fat and push of -- putsch up into the -- tomorrow morning, there it is, fog burns off slow, more clouds come in, partly cloudy, partly sunny all day. highs in the 60s with a few low
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70s. thank you, bill. a free parking promotions suddenly canceled, the $40 surprise some oakland a's fans will be getting thanks to the success of the warriors. critical contest for ted cruz tomorrow in the race for the white house, what he says will make the difference. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling...
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tomorrow's primary in indiana is shaping up as a crucial test for residential hopeful ted cruz after donald trump swept five out of five primaries last week. in fact, trump is telling supporters if he wins indiana, the republican nomination is his. the latest average polls on real clear politics show trump is in the lead just over nine points but cruz isn't giving
10:26 pm
up. today he was crisscrossing indiana trying to win over voters. trump is also leading ted cruz in the overall delegate count, and says cruz doesn't have a chance. >> he has no road to victory. he can't win. >> this race is effectively tied in the state of indiana. it is neck and neck. it depends on turnout, turnout tomorrow. >> turnout is also important for democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the real clear politics average polls has clinton ahead by just under seven points in indiana, meanwhile sanders is calling on all of the superdelegates who pledged their support to clinton to switch sides. he is also talking now about a contested convention in july in philadelphia. the california assembly passed a bill that would help people deliver their mail in ballots, legislation would let voters choose anyone they wanted to deliver ballots. right now only immediate family members and housemates can do so. however, you couldn't pay someone to do it. bribery modification or withholding of a ballot would
10:27 pm
also remain illegal. on wall street, stocks push higher after last week's decline, the dow gained 117, nasdaq up 42, and the s&p rose 16. apple drifted lower and has been down for eight consecutive trading sessions. a u.s. cruise ship made history today as the first in decades to sail into port in havana, cuba. >> [ cheering ] >> there it is, a carnival cruise liner pulling to havana with 700 passengers on board. cubans carrying flags from both countries offered a warm welcome. regular tourism to cuba is still illegal but travelers can visit for educational or cultural reasons. this cruise liner is expected to sail from miami to havana twice a month. another leg of the journey in the books. the arrival of a solar powered plane in phoenix tonight, after leaving moffett field early today. and in 40 years, this guy is -- has seen it all.
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antioch police identifying a man arrested for a deadly shooting inside a convenience store today, the suspect is 34- year-old thomas williams, jr. of oakland. he was arrested at antioch police headquarters after today's shooting and is being charged with murder and attempted murder. the shooting happened at the quik stop market on tregallas road just after 7:00 a.m. police say williams got into a heated argument with his former girlfriend outside the store and followed her inside. they say he then pulled out a gun and shot and killed 27-year- old cynthia flores -- flores- crose of antioch. a clerk tried to intervene and
10:31 pm
was wounded. >> he tried to help the woman and got -- the woman was shot by her partner and he was shot between that chaos. >> his neighbor also said that he is the type of man to try to help. pain was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. san jose city council is set to consider a proposal tomorrow that would pay people to snitch on illegal dumpers and graffiti vandals. the city is already asking members of the public to report this kind of activity but this new report and reward program would pay people up to $1000 for a tip that results in the capture of that person. the mayor, vice mayor and at least two council members are reportedly in favor of this proposal. in sacramento, four mornings were added to the memorial for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. >> ♪ >> for loved ones, it was a day of remembering, two of the officers honored were from the
10:32 pm
bay area. san jose police officer michael johnson was shot and killed when he responded to a call about a suicidal man, that's officer johnson right there. hayward police sergeant scott longer was shot and killed during a traffic stop. >> this is a monument that will outlive us all but will take renewed inspiration by just being here, by considering what has gone before and by all being here together, we express that solidarity that builds a community. >> today was the 40th annual event to add names to the state peace officers memorial. uc berkeley will spend $2.5 million to improve the university's response to sexual harassment complaints. the money will be used to add seven new positions for managing complaints and four new positions to provide support for victims. the campus also plans to begin in person training for all senior academic and administrative staff within the next few weeks. the announcement follows a series of high-profile sexual harassment scandals. a recent report found that 19
10:33 pm
cal employees had committed sexual harassment violations in the last five years. about 200 students marched at san francisco state university in a day of action over the cost of tuition. their concerns stemmed from discussions by a cal state university task force about tidying fee increases to inflation once a tuition freeze is lifted during the next school year. students at sf state are asking for $3 million in additional funding for the schools college of ethnic studies. four students say they are going on a hunger strike until the department is fully funded. >> what i fear more than me dying or hurting myself is that there's a future where my kid is not going to be able to learn about where he came from. >> the university says the program is actually overbudget, but says it will make up the shortfall and has no plans to cut ethnic studies. a famed san francisco hotel doorman is celebrating a milestone.
10:34 pm
tom sweeney has been on the job it feels like forever at this -- francis drake hotel, over 40 years. >> everyone knows tom sweeney. tara moriarty shows us how mayor ed lee today proclaimed tom sweeney day in his honor. >> taxi. taxi. >> reporter: for 40 years, tom sweeney has been a fixture on powell street in san francisco. the famed and friendly doorman in the beefeater suit at the francis drake hotel. >> between 500 and 700 suitcases a day. you could about 200 tabs a day. standby if you want. it would be a lot of people -- a lot of lost people without it doorman here. >> reporter: it started as a summer job. >> i got accepted to the police and fire department but i was too young to go in. so i held onto this job until i got the call. but i wouldn't trade this for anything. my most asked question is where does the cable car stopped, at
10:35 pm
least $25,000 -- 25,000 times a year. >> reporter: he has got a hollywood star on the sidewalk, a doll in his likeness, his own signature cocktails, and even his own signature saying. >> oh yeah. oh yeah. oh, yeah. oh yeah. >> to be able to share him with san francisco, he is a treasure. >> i took an entry-level job and made it happen. >> reporter: how did he get so famous? started in 1981 when diane feinstein awarded the marathon runners in the nick of time award for tackling two robbers who stole some tourist luggage. joe montana and dwight clark received the same award for the catch. >> but what has kept him successful these past four decades? tom sweeney never has a bad day. he is always upbeat, willing to help, and never forgets a name. >> hey, donny. when you are on, you're on. it's showtime. oh yeah. >> reporter: the states, --
10:36 pm
these days that goes a long way. in san francisco, terrio -- tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2's. >> oh yeah. oh yeah. >> he's great. tracking the forecast, which calls for more cool weather, more fog and a chance of a thunder shower. first, a solar plane one step closer to completing its mission. plane's arrival in phoenix tonight after challenging headwinds today. it's the disneyland resort diamond celebration.
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don't miss your chance to see it all dazzle. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain...
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and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles. and right now, you can save on premium rooms at a disneyland resort hotel. the solar powered plane known as solar impulse to --
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solar impulse 2 arrived in phoenix. it took 16 hours to complete the leg to phoenix on its around the world journey. headwinds caused some delay, the solar impulse 2 is equipped with 17,000 solar cells that power the propellers and charge the batteries. it began his trip to circle the globe last year using only the energy from the sun. the plane has two more planned stops in the u.s. before it crosses the atlantic. the navy is testing what could be the future of unmanned vessels, sort of drones at sea. the so-called see hunter is a self driving 130 foot long ship , designed to travel thousands of miles without a single crew member. the military showed it off today in san diego. see tests are scheduled for the next two years of the california coast. there will be human operators on board as a safety precaution. some 8000 janitors approved a new contract today and put the threat of a strike to rest. union members cast their votes at the san jose office of the seiu, united service workers west. the tentative agreement was reached last night, union officials say it will improve health coverage and raise pay to
10:40 pm
$15 an hour by the end of the four-year contract. they say it also provides better protection for employees who report on-the-job sexual harassment. the union represents about 20,000 janitors statewide. a group of hunger strikers and supporters planned a march to san francisco city hall tomorrow to take their message to the mayor. five people are camping out in front of mission police station, surviving on liquids until police chief greg sir steps down or is five. the group wants more reforms after the deadly police shootings of mario woods, alex nieto and email car lopez and others. mission local reports the mayor ed lee tried to talk with hunger striker today but was turned down. free parking that is now $40 , the sudden about-face for tomorrow's oakland a's game that some fans are calling a bait and switch. the giants missed a rally after johnny cueto was roughed up in his return to cincinnati.
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the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. new at 10, a surprised fee for oakland a's fans when they show up to tomorrow night's home game against the mariners. diaz free parking tuesday promotion was abruptly canceled because the warriors playoff game at oracle arena now falls on the same night. ktvu's jana katsuyama is in the newsroom after speaking with fans who feel it's unfair. jana? >> reporter: not only will a's baseball fans lose out on the free parking, it also turns out if they want to park, they have to shell out even more cash than normal because of the nba playoff game next door. a's fans came early monday night firing up the grill for some pregame tailgating. family fun that can eat into a
10:44 pm
family budget. >> pretty expensive, it adds up real quick, the cost of tickets, parking. >> five or six cars here today. so over $100 in parking itself. >> reporter: to cut costs, these coworkers carpooled. parking runs $20 per vehicle which is why the oakland a's free parking tuesday promotions have proved to be so popular but now, some fans are crying foul. >> it will be like a bait and switch. >> reporter: gary silverman says he couldn't believe it when he found out this tuesday's free parking was suddenly canceled. >> we purchased tickets for tuesday, knowing it was a free parking and then a couple days before hand, to take that away, not very fair. >> reporter: the a's say it wasn't until last friday they learned the warriors have an nba playoff game at oracle arena on the same night. a spokeswoman for the oakland a's says it is standard procedure for parking rates to change if there's a dual event and that's the situation. because the city and property management company control the
10:45 pm
parking rates. the team issued a statement saying, we alerted fans of the possibility of a change in free parking as soon as we were aware this was an option. we apologize for the inconvenience. silverman points out that there is no fine print explaining the rules and that some sites such as game still have the free parking posted online. >> i think they ought to honor it. find a way to let people in or however they want to do it, maybe that's a hassle too but if you are advertising something is going to be free, it should be free. >> reporter: after we contacted the a's, they sent out another email about an hour ago, to ticketholders, unlike the first notice, the second email explicitly states the free parking has been canceled and encourages fans to take b.a.r.t. and says free parking will return may 17, pending no dual event. jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. that fog is pushing in tonight, tomorrow morning when you wake up, mostly cloudy,
10:46 pm
foggy, those are in the 40s and low 50s. that's your tuesday morning start. there's the system sitting offshore, a little glitch in the imagery that are coming from the satellite, but basically the system right in here is going to stay off our coast now for the next couple days. as it does, it's going to keep us cooler, bring in the clouds, more fog and then by thursday night or per -- friday, thundershowers. there's window there right now, let's look at sfo, sustained at 13. so not real windy but breezy. this high pressure center weekend today, that's why we cooled off, or that fog pushed inland. high-pressure weakens further tomorrow, big drop off, instead of 80s like we saw the other day, temperatures mainly in the 70s. and 60s. lots of 60s. so the forecast for tomorrow morning, there is. the fog basically. see how far inland up into the delta, then, the fog is kind of underneath it, you saw the high
10:47 pm
band, they moved independent of the terrain, why they pushed in so quick. 5:00, high clouds from the system offshore, and it's a soupy mess. there we are into wednesday morning, it continues and you see a little bit of instability develop is that low is closer, days are long, a little bit of convection and there you see more convection by wednesday afternoon when the heating really happens. so this rotation is going to be like this, would be hard for wednesday night, for one of those to spin around. into thursday morning, not very warm so it lies down. what happens when the heat of day fires up. so there's the instability. that's our best chance in this period for a scattered shower, thundershowers in the mountains, wouldn't be hard to see a severe thundershowers in the foothills like we saw last week, when we had the funnel cloud or the waterspout on berryessa. some unstable weather, chance of a shower, the main impact that all of us across the board feel will be the mild daytime
10:48 pm
highs, you'll see that in the five-day forecast. so tomorrow, still some 70s but then down to the 60s, slight chance wednesday but really all about thursday afternoon, and then again, about friday afternoon. five-day forecast, going to be interesting for sure. we are definitely looking at a good chance, thursday afternoon into friday, there's a good chance for a thunder shower or a shower. but -- >> got to worry about fires at all? >> it's a double-edged sword because it would be nice to get rain but you are not going to get enough rain, the fire could be an issue. >> thanks, bill. sports is next. sports is next. pablo sandoval in
10:49 pm
sports is next. pablo sandoval in i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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sports wrap, presented by bank of the west. go west, bank of the west. it was a tough loss to nice for the a's. >> yeah. they are getting used to that unfortunately. you know? not what you want to do used to. you think about it, until something changes, they have to swallow it for a while. memories of a terrible year, last season which included too many errors, leading to too many one run losses like tonight. the not so distant replay, here we go again, oakland tonight, looking good early, second inning, khris davis starting to come on of late, they brought him here to provide power, that
10:52 pm
he does with a crank to left, the a's lead 1-0. just getting started, but here comes trouble, the former giant stealing third, his throw, mark canha, does knock the ball down, incomes nouri, a big error. very huge because in the bottom of the seventh, here is khris davis again, with a man on, ticket to ride, two-run shot, his fifth of the year, the a's are within 4-3 but that's as close as they get on the 445 foot shot, final score, another of those one run losses. two on in the bottom of the knights by the way. it was not the homecoming that johnny cueto dreamed about, but in spanish or english, he would not need a translator to tell you only one thing mattered about his return to the city he started his career in. giants win, that's all you need to know other than a pretty big sandwich in cincinnati. that guy is having a heaping helping.
10:53 pm
johnny cueto, the early giants lead. seeing eye single to right. by the first baseman, the second baseman, two runs scored, three run second inning for san francisco. cueto gives up six in the third, big below, joey votto, three run jack, the reds led 6- 3 after three but here come the giants, five-run seventh, brandon crawford, slow start but not tonight, three run shot, nothing like those homers, he knocked in four on the game, the winning pitcher is massaro just from the minor leagues. the first of three in cincinnati. giant fans, when is the last time you saw a panda hat at the ballpark? they are available at yard sales all of the bay area. not a hot seller in boston either. nothing good it seems has happened for pot low since the
10:54 pm
day he left the bay, the trend continues for the man who once hit three home runs in a world series game for the giants. the red sox announced sandoval will undergo season-ending surgery on his ailing left shoulder, bad news for boston, only in the second year of a five-year, $92 million contract with them. another name from giant floor, days gone by, he has been invisible, the invisible man for the past several months but tim lincecum will reveal himself to major-league scouts this friday, the answer to the question, whatever happened to tim lincecum? going to be answered in the showcase session in arizona. two-time cy young award-winning pitcher has not thrown on the mound since hip surgery. apparently ended his giants career although san francisco is one of a reported 20 teams that will have a watchful eye on him at the end of the week. not that anyone wants to look too far ahead, but let's do it anyway. warriors would meet either the
10:55 pm
spurs or thunder next in the western finals. what an entertaining for many reasons, the series is turning into, kevin durand, russell westbrook, shake it off, guys. not a couple happy campers. they were leaving at this point. the same dramatic tool connecting here, westbrook will get it to durand, the soft j, okc up five with 33.2 seconds left. spurs have lamarcus aldridge, this guy is on fire, 41 points, hit a three right there, they are within two with 25.8 left. watch this. 13.5 left, okc inbounds, dion waiters elbow, nothing is called, the spurs steal the ball, ginobili sees it in the corner, and no go. okc comes down with the ball, ginobili is screaming foul on the inbound. so is the coach. nothing doing for pop. and the spurs. the series is tied 1-1. soon,
10:56 pm
going back to okc for game three while as expected, the cavs handling atlanta in their opener, lebron muscles for 25 points. and let's go to a weekend, though highlight here you might have missed, kind of a cute moment, every now and then you see kids these days, just don't know the value of a souvenir baseball. it happened in texas, mitch moreland, deep shot to write for the rangers. that's all well and good. pop and his little daughter scramble for the home run ball. eventually, the little girl will get it. you guys want it back? there you go. that is like, what are you doing? hang onto that thing. it's all right. >> [ laughter ] >> alternate okay. >> the rangers got her an autographed ball. >> i heard the whole team autographed it. >> good night.
10:57 pm
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okay, hold still, honey. i'm afraid you're going to hit me again. don't worry. i'm just putting this time. i'm not the strongest golfer, and i think it's holding me back in business. too bad deals aren't closed in a trampoline park. i'd just lazy-back into a rudolph into a quadriffus right up the corporate ladder. hey, dad, you coming to my play tonight? "your" play? you only painted the sets. yeah, and michelangelo "only" painted the sixteenth chapel. maybe don't keep your face so close to the paint cans. sorry, buddy, i'm getting a golf lesson and then i'm playing with a client, but i'll try to make your next performance. (doorbell rings, thud) phil! little busy. oh, you always do this. you cram stuff in the freezer without thinking about it. i opened the door, and a frozen turkey almost fell on my foot. i keep pulling it to the left. are we sure the house is level? are you not the least bit sorry? i could have broken a toe. honey, i'm sorry for dozens of things every day that actually happen. if i start apologizing for things that don't happen, how productive of a person would i be? hey, your golf pro's here! (singsongy) hola, hola. hello, everybody!


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