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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it is out here, but it has to take another day to get closer. this is a slow-moving system, giving this cloud cover through the next couple of days. 50s on the temperatures, a few 40s in the peninsula, and mid- 50s, 56, 56 and 56. pretty quiet. and close for everybody else, and not much of a breeze. the low is on its way, but too far way to do much in the rain department. it will continue to bring in cloud cover. once this rain gets close on thursday and friday, it looks to be okay, maybe a quarter to half-inch for some. a lot of rain over the next 5 to 7 days in the sierra. mostly cloudy, cool to warm. farther inland, upper 70s to near 80, and the coast is 50s and 60s. we have a few issues, a few people running into each other unfortunately.
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now we have some slow traffic. starting off and the east bay, showing you highway 4, westbound ford near some are still road, a motorcycle accident reported and traffic is a little bit slow. it is also slow after the crash getting over the hill to the bay point area. this commute is waking up. also looking at a crash, southbound 880 near industrial, a report on southbound 80 as well. and this score between seen flandreau -- san leandro and union city, leave early if you can. 680 southbound is slow with that accident on 84, slowing traffic on the sonora bridge. getting south is becoming an issue. going to the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up with a 20 minute delay at the toll plaza getting into san francisco. quite so far in the south bay,
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northbound to 80, santa clara valley commute not looking too bad. very light in downtown san jose around the corner to highway 17. 6:02 am. we continue to follow developing news out of marin county, the death of the mother of tupac shakur, the political activist afeni shakur died at her home in sausalito. and we are there this morning on more on the death.>> good morning to you. we are trying to get more information from the grand county sheriff's office on the death of afeni shakur , and we understand she lived at the marin area in sausalito, and you can see the sheriff's vehicle parked out here. she reportedly went into cardiac arrest at her home here last night, and we do not know the exact circumstances of who called 911. we know that this morning, afeni shakur-davis is dead at the age of 69.
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and tupac wrote one of the most famous songs in her honor.>> [ music playing ]. .>> reporter: that is the 1995 classic, "dear mama" pain to be to his mother that struggled with poverty and addiction and struggling to raise her son. he was shot to death at the age of 25, and his mother oversaw his estate, and afeni shakur- davis was also a well-known activist, and philanthropist in the community. they responded to the home in sausalito about 9:30 pm on the report of a possible cardiac arrest. she was transferred to the nearby hospital and died at about 10:30 pm last night. the coroner will investigate the cause manner of the death of afeni shakur-davis.
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we have reached out for more information on the exact circumstances, and we should have more details later this morning. >> i am sure you will be able to find people that remember and be able to say about her as well, and we will check in with you in a little bit. new from overnight, u. s. military has announced that a american servicemen was killed in northern iraq. he died from enemy fire in the city, and the defense secretary ash carter call that a combat death. they said the service man was killed while advising kurdish troops, and u. s. officials say he was killed by direct fire from the isis fighters about 3 to 4 miles behind the kurdish troops front line. or this morning -- early this morning and east palo alto, a man shot and killed, and the police investigation at the scene has ended. we are at the police station with more details.>> reporter: and just the last half-hour, we
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move from the crime scene to the east palo alto headquarters, looking for new information about the investigation. an hour ago we received new details, the instant all unfolded shortly after 1:00 this morning. witnesses called 911 to say that they heard shots fired. them -- the investigators say the victim was a man they have had previous interaction. but when they arrived, it was too late. >> our officers arrived on scene and found the mail laying in the roadway. our officers performed cpr until the paramedics arrived and took over. unfortunately, the 28-year-old east palo alto rested was pronounced deceased at the same.>> reporter: investigators say they do not have motive or suspect in the case, and they will be canvassing the neighborhood looking for anyone that saw what happened. there also looking as if anyone
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had a surveillance camera that could have captured the incident. a final note, looking for anyone that may know anything about the incident to contact the east palo alto police. and the information can remain confidential, and you can remain anonymous. your time now is 6:06 am. the san francisco board of supervisors considering a $3.4 million payout in settlement for the ozzie airlines, -- policy on a -- asiana airlines, and ozzie on a flight to 14 cliff does -- cliff they seawall and burst into flames, and they call the proposed settlement, "the final chapter in a sad tragedy." the primary election indiana is a critical one in the race for the republican
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presidential nomination. >> if we win in indiana, it is over with. and then we focus on hillary clinton.>> ted cruz campaigning heavily in indiana, but donald trump remains ahead in the polls. and ted cruz says regardless of the outcome in indiana, he is staying in the race. for the democrats, it is a tighter race, and hillary clinton is so close clinching the nomination that she spent yesterday campaigning in west virginia. >> the coal industry has taken a huge hit, and something i am very worried about because it has a ripple effect, and defamation in to the communities. and they say mathematically there's no way for bernie sanders to block the hillary clinton path to the nomination, but bernie sanders will fight all the way to the democratic convention in july. in san francisco, the election workers testing the voting machines to be used in
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the california june 7 primary. california law requires that the voting machines be tested in a selection to ensure that the machines are recording each vote. and the testing will take place at 8:00 this morning at the election department warehouse at pier 48. the former 49ers star accused of raping a developmental woman, but dana's table field -- dana stubblefield says that is not true. a busy night at the coliseum, the warriors and the a's hosting games tonight, and the extra money that some baseball fans will have to spend. good morning, looking at a morning commute where the traffic is going to be okay, approaching the richmond bridge, if you're getting out pretty soon, you should not have a problem. we do have some new crashes reporting. and the sun came up again on cue, high clouds
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and locales. .
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:11 am. another selfie incident at disneyland shutting down the ride. the rider pulled out the selfie stick at 30 p.m. last night, and park officials had to evacuate the right for more than an hour.
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this is the second time that a selfie stick incident has happened on that right. and last june, it led to the selfie stick ban at all of the disneyland and disney world theme parks. the warriors looking to go 2-0 in what they hope is the last game without steph curry. the warriors beat the trailblazers, 118-106 on the game 1 on sunday, klay thompson and draymond green with triple doubles, and steph curry can potentially play in game 3 on saturday. >> we will do our best to help them get the rhythm and practice, and try to put him in the best position, once he is back, to make an impact without having to be superman.>> if they win tonight to give him more of a break.>> but since the sprained his knee, the
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lawyers have been up 72 points. and the a's free parking deal has been canceled tonight. the parking at the coliseum is usually $20 except on tuesday games when they are free. but with the warriors game happening at the same time, the a's fans will have to pay $40 to park, the same price the warriors fans pay at every game. one fan says there's no fine print that explains the rules.>> i think they should honor it, find a way to let the people in today's game, and maybe that is a hassle, but if you advertise something should be free, then it should be free.>> they expect the standard procedure for the parking rates to change if there is a deal event. and the parking company and the city control the rates, and the a's apologize for the inconvenience, and they advised the fans to take part.
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-- bart. the sharks have one the best of the seven series at home, and they have been the best on the road this season. and you can watch the game at the stanley sports bar in san jose. from bad to worse for pablo sandoval since leaving the giants to go to washington, and now out with an injury, and he hurt his left shoulder and will have to have surgery. the red sox said they are not sure when the injury happened. and he just signed a five-year 90 million-dollar deal in 2014, and had the worst season of his career last year after batting .245 with only two homers, and he is no hit with six at- bats.>> a little bit different. 6:14 am is the time, and
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checking in with a look at the traffic. >> but remember he still gets paid. >> i was thinking that, is he sorry left, but he still gets $90 million. the people that are upset will be the boston fans. only sports, but some people will be upset. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backing up for a 20 minute delay. a tip from one of the loyal viewers that there is some sort of police activity at the embarcadero bart station in san francisco holding up the trains. obviously that is an important station, all stations coming in and out of san francisco have to go by that station. we will try to get more information, and we have not been able to confirm that with bart, but it does not sound incredible. let's go to the highway 101
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northbound commute, looking good as we approach the 80s flick, traffic moving along okay. driving on the nimitz freeway, a few crashes, southbound 880 not doing well, backed up and slow approaching industrial. in this same general area, the southbound 680 approaching 84 another crash, and traffic is a mess leaving the dublin interchange on 680, all through pleasanton. worse than normal, and not surprised by this, so get out his early as you can if this is your commute. and having a great morning is steve paulson.>> are you feeling better? >> the coffee is kicking in.>> a mix of low and high clouds, and a beautiful sunrise, and here are some the pictures coming in. filtered sun for the inland area, a low offshore continuing to spend -- spin, and no rain
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yet, and tomorrow we will focus on that. thursday and friday possible thunderstorms, and in this year, heavy rain over the next 5 to 7 days. a lot of low clouds and fog or san francisco, 52 to start with a mix of low and high clouds, and some sunshine. 63 today, and stuck here in the city, not much change. the higher clouds associate with this low will continue to ramp up from the west southwest, and not much of anything. the low is still pretty far back, and it will have to get closer tomorrow. 50s on the temperatures, low to mid and everybody's pretty close. a few upper 40s with gilroy in the mix, low to mid 50s for many. saratoga, campbell and santa cruz at 54, upper 40s and boulder creek and south valley. and not much of a roaring breeze. the low is on its way, and as
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it gets here tonight and tomorrow, that will destabilize the atmosphere. when you get that low in may, it bears watching. not much in the way of rain until late wednesday early thursday, and picking up friday. a quarter of an inch and maybe a half inch for some. and this year will be measuring the rain in inches. good downpours on friday and saturday up there. mostly cloudy with filtered sun, cool, to mild and warm, and a lot of 60s and 70s closer to the coast and bay, but temperatures will continue to trend downward over the next few days. keeping it cloudy to mostly cloudy on wednesday, thursday and friday. the best opportunity for rain is thursday and friday in kicking out with better conditions on the weekend. 6:18 am. calling for the resignation of another bay area law enforcement official, and they want the alameda county sheriff
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to go. another lawsuit over talcum powder, and the payout as the jury ruled johnson & johnson. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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welcome back, this a live picture of the olympic torch, a live picture from brasilia. it was flown in from switzerland overnight, and the torch will be relayed across 329 cities across brazil over the next three months, and the relay will end at the stadium in rio, and that is on the opening ceremonies in august. the remarkable rescue in kenya following the deadly building collapse. rescue workers were actually able to pull a one-year-old baby from the rubble of the building. this is a photo of the rescue, the red cross said that the little girl was severely dehydrated, and is expected to survive. she spent more than 72 hours trapped. 21 people died when the building in nairobi came down after days of heavy rain. the aeromexico flight heading from chicago to mexico
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made an emergency landing in houston after a passenger died on board. here are the images that the passengers posted on social media. they became concerned because the man was not moving, and after the plane landed, firefighters boarded the plane, and he appears to have died of natural causes. johnson of johnson -- johnson & johnson appealing the jury order to pay millions of dollars to settle the lawsuit over talcum powder. the jury in st. louis ordered johnson & johnson to fake $55 million to a south dakota woman. she said that the talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer, and in missouri another jury ordered the company to pay 72 millions to the alabama woman that sued johnson & johnson for the same reason. and they say this goes against decades of research showing talcum powder is safe to use. and here at home, the crews heading out over the bay area to fix the crumbling roads
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caused by the el nino rain. the engineers say this is the biggest pothole outbreak in at least five years, thousands of potholes. you know what, from san jose, oakland and conquer, and the san jose crews have reportedly filled more than 4000 potholes from january through march, more than 1000 more than a year go over the same period. and oakland will start at six with project to fix almost 3500 potholes. and besides causing a rough ride for you and i, potholes can cause very expensive car repairs, and crashes. the san jose teenager will be very today following the long and courageous battle with lung cancer. alex cox died on friday after the community help them cross off settle -- several items off of his a look at list. complete strangers that were touched by historic took him sailing, flying, spear fencing
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-- spearfishing and fencing. he even got a tattoo. showing you the solar- powered plane live on air as it took off, and now it is safely in arizona this morning. we are talking about the solar impulse to -- solar impulse 2 needed about 16 hours to fly to the arizona area, and the pilot said it was a beautiful flight. and andre says that it is exciting because they have proven that solar power works in a lot of different ways. >> this actually comes from many different industries and it is extremely air efficient.>> i love to hear him talk. the solar impulse will make two more stops in the u. s., but the project leaders so they are still considering the possible landing spots, and they do not even know when the next flight
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will be. once it crosses the u. s., it will cross the atlantic ocean and onto abu dhabi where the attempt to fly around the world started 14 months ago. the san francisco hotel doorman celebrating 40 years on the job, a milestone. back taxi, taxi.>> you've probably seen tom sweeney, a well-known fixture at the sir francis drake hotel and he is so popular that it has a hollywood star of sorts, a doll in his likeness and a signature cocktail, the "sweeney teeny." he says he started it as a summer job. >> i was too young to go into the police department of fire department, so i did this job until i could get the call, and i would not trade this job for anything. >> sweeney says he gets his picture taken about 500 times a day. and the question it has asked
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the most, "where does the cable car stop?" and he has a great personality. the time is 6:27 am. three men under arrest after being accused of robbing 23 bay area restaurants and bars, and how they call them, and the video that we have of trained exclusively -- video that we have obtained exclusively. good morning, the highway 24 commute okay, and slow traffic on other in-state freeways. a lot of high clouds continuing to roll in, low clouds as well. waiting on the system that will get here in a few days.
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keep calm, your internet's on.
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a good morning thank you for joining us for mornings on 2 on this tuesday, may 3, and i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, and it is about 6:30 am on the dot. foggy out there.>> for some, but inland not bad. the system is getting closer, but in no hurry to get here. it has picked up the fog bank, and the cooling started yesterday and even inland, upper 70s near 80. san francisco is 63, and averages 64, so close to the record highs in 2013 the records were set. and 44 in 1950 is the record low. san jose, right where we should be, 74-57, and 90-30 for the record. high clouds and low clouds, and in the sierra, a possible
6:31 am
thundershower activity. highs in the 50s, ending in the 60s, 70s and 80s well inland. we just had an accident come in eastbound 80 and just east of the truck scales. and that is going the other way with most people coming westbound. you could see a slow down anyway. taking a look, starting off of the look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it will be slow for about a 20 minute delay before you get into san francisco. no major problems getting into the city. also looking at a tough commute on 680 out of the dublin interchange heading down to the early accident on highway 84. this is really messed up the commute, but on the nimitz freeway also slow due to some crashes in the hayward area. going to 280 on northbound to
6:32 am
80 light so far in san jose. following a developing story out of marin county, the sheriff department is reporting that afeni shakur-davis, the mother of tupac shakur has died. the department has reported that they went to the a home in sausalito late last night and got a report of a possible cardiac arrest. and afeni shakur-davis died at the hospital less than one hour later. she was up business woman, former political activist and former black panther and very well known in the bay area. and alex savidge will have a live report coming up at 7:00. the lawyers for the former 49er and greater accused of rape, expected to speak out against the charges against dana stubblefield, and the prosecutors say they have evidence to prove that he assaulted the disabled woman. and we are live in morgan hill to get more on the case.>>
6:33 am
reporter: good morning. it is quite at the home of dana stubblefield in morgan hill, and he is letting his attorneys do the talking. the former defensive lineman for the 49ers is facing five felony counts, including rape. he bailed out of the main joe yesterday, and according to prosecutors, stubblefield attacked a 31-year-old developmental disabled woman in april last year. he interviewed her after contacting her on a babysitting website. the woman immediately went to the police to report the alleged attack. the prosecutors say that the dna evidence matched stubblefield, and the attorney says that the sex was consensual, and that stubblefield is being targeted for his wealth and celebrity. his attorney said that "mr. stubblefield passed a lie detector test with flying colors and will present a full vigorous defense against these
6:34 am
false allegations." we expect here more at the news conference scheduled later in san jose, taking place at 9:30 am. it is unknown whether stubblefield will be there, but prosecutors say if convicted he could raise a substantial prison sentence. your time is 6:34 am. authorities have arrested three men accused of 23 robberies at restaurants and bars in the east bay and san francisco. ktvu exclusively obtained this video from the berkeley police, one suspect rummaging through the restaurant, and apparently telling the employee to empty his pockets. the second employee is also seen in the surveillance video. they have tied the suspects to nine robberies in berkeley, and four in san leandro. and at the inner rosa restaurant, one gunmen walked in with a black could covering his face.>> he said come here, come here, and so i had to come
6:35 am
and open the register. and he started taking out the money. and he pointed at the gun.>> and the task force was formed, and the suspects were captured after reportedly trying to rob the san francisco bar for the third time. the suspects are kristoffer jones, shawan spragans, merl simpson. and we have blind forest -- brian flores in the mission with what the group is planning to do today. >> reporter: it is coming to a boiling point with this group known as the frisco five, and others hoping to have the police chief greg serve resign. they are having an impromptu meeting with mayor lee, who
6:36 am
reportedly visited with the protesters yesterday, and we are at the mission station and checking on the welfare, and meeting inside the group, but they did not want to meet with the mayor because they want to meet on their terms, and not he has, at least that is what they tell us. they say that the mayor's visit was disrespect will. >> since it was done so disrespectful, at the present time, there was no need for us to see him on his terms, he needs to see us on our terms. and he needs to be out here rather than hiding in a building, in front of everybody so that if there are any questions to be asked, anything that he was going to offer, we would all know it.>> the group wants more reform after the recent high-profile shootings that led to the deaths of
6:37 am
several men, and they are surviving on a bully on based -- bullion-based liquid diet. we take it live after 12:30 pm to city hall where they hope to have a meeting with the mayor lee roughly round 2:00, and hopefully we will have that meeting and we will continue to monitor the developments on mornings on 2. back to you. >> it is going to get more interesting. the san francisco police chief and public defender will take part in a discussion today on the police accountability. the forum will focus on measures to prevent excessive force, police brutality and discrimination. and the public defender will release a letter to the public calling on supervisors to implement specific police accountability measures. the group of activists held a rally in san leandro calling
6:38 am
for the alameda county sheriff gregory ahearn to resign, critical of him working with immigration and customs enforcement officials, and they want the department to stop notifying ice after immigrants are released from jail. the group is also against the land expansion of the santa rita jail, calling for more accountability following the bidding of the cart the suspect petrov. and remember the scene in the alley, and the spokesperson for the sheriff's office says they are reviewing the list of demands, but they also say that the sheriff has no plans to step down. and the police have told us the name of the man arrested for the deadly shooting inside the antioch convenience store, 34-year-old thomas williams junior of oakland, facing charges of murder and attempted murder following the arrest shortly after the shooting
6:39 am
yesterday morning. it happened at the quick stock market, and williams got into a heated argument with his former girlfriend outside of the store, and followed her inside. they say he then pulled a gun and shot and killed her. the score clerk was wounded when he tried to intervene.>> he tried to help the woman. the woman was shot by her partner, and he was shot between the chaos.>> the store clerk was rushed to the hospital, and is expected to survive. your time is 6:39 am. the lieutenant governor and state lawmakers may be on a collision course over new gun control measures. newsom wants to put an initiative on the november ballot, but law enforcement says they will address the tougher gun measures through legislation, and they say their referendum could hurt but they are trying to do. and the district attorney says that the proposal from newsom
6:40 am
is self-service and political and that real progress the to come from a unified effort on the police, lawmakers in public. and newsom says that it will save lives because it will make it harder for people to get guns and ammunition here in california. a fight to keep a toddler life, coming up the legal battle that is brewing, similar to the high-profile case right here in the bay area. quick thinking from this former world boxing champion after seeing a car crash, what he did that may have saved the life of a man and the baby. looking at a commute that is pretty terrible in some areas. routine in some areas, and this is at the bay bridge. ot more about your commute on 680. nothing routine about the mayweather, a low pressure system on the way, and taking its sweet time, but it will get here. j?j?j7
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:43 am. new developments in the story we've been following for quite some time, the shooting death of the young backpacker and the bay area yoga teacher last fall. one suspect in the case, angold has agreed to plea deal, and
6:44 am
pleading in the death of carter who was found shot to death last october. and he will testify against the two suspects and in return getting a 15 to 20 year life in prison alerting parents that the student brought a loaded gun to class. the news website, berkeley says the child brought the gun to emerson elementary, and staff members to the gun away. the student told the police that he and his cousin found the gun near the school. as a precaution, the please check is some, and officers say was well cared for, but warned him of the dangers of playing with a gun. the former world bossing chant sugar shane mosley, known for his quickness in the rain, and he may have saved the lives of a baby and father. he was returning home from his son's soccer game and witnessed a multicar crash.
6:45 am
he ran to one burning car, noticed an unconscious man in the front seat, and the baby in the car seat in the back. he got the baby out of the car and went back to get the child's father. >> he was crying and saying you are an angel, you came down and help me. thank you for being there for me and protecting my son. he was very, very thankful.>> the father suffered a minor back injury, and the baby is not injured. incredible. your time is 6:45 am. let's check in and see what is coming up in the next hour.>> i want that diagram and i'm in trouble. good for him. in a few minutes we know we can get just about anything delivered, and now you can get gasoline delivered, a new gas delivery service that will fill up the tank when you are closed empty, and we talk about the premium you will pay and safety concerns from the local fire
6:46 am
departments. when was the last time you gave your child your undivided attention lexmark no phone in your hand, not in the car or answering emails at the dinner table. and distracted parenting, tracking the effect it has on the children, and not pretty. but they also are giving us simple guidelines to help us to be more connected with our children. we will have the stories and more in a few minutes. your time is 6:46 am. the mega hit broadway show, "hamilton" continuing to break records, 16 tony awards announced just a little while ago in new york city.>> [ music playing ]. .>> i'm gonna have to see that firsthand. "hamilton" surpassing two other broadway hits, and 15 nominations in the past few
6:47 am
years, and is already won the grammy. and the tony awards are handed out june 12. the hamilton national tour is due to stop in san francisco in march next year. 6:47 am is the time. let's check in on the traffic.>> as a matter fact, the traffic will be mostly good, but there are always exceptions. we will talk about that in a moment. first, let's show you highway 24. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, and the traffic is backed up to a 20 minute delay. i want to mention that the traffic has been very slow and part of these pay commute because of some earlier incidents. 880 is not bad in front of the oakland coliseum. you will see slow traffic farther south in hayward.
6:48 am
an earlier action at the 92 interchange, and traffic was very slow. going to the maps, this is 280, 280 looking pretty good. i want to show you that traffic is very slow in the east bay on 880, improving on 680. there was an earlier accident at highway 84, and that accident is now off to the side. but the damage has been done. 6:48 am. good morning everybody. clouds continued to increase, low clouds at the coast and bay, but a little bit of sunshine mixing in between the cloud cover, but clouds on the move. today's the transition day as we go mostly cloudy. not much in the way of rain, but tomorrow we will incorporate that in, and thursday and friday this low would get close, destabilizing the atmosphere. and probably not any rain, maybe on the north coast.
6:49 am
san francisco starting off with low clouds, fog and 52 to start, 59 by noon, and 63 or today. it is a tall order to get above 63. most lower clouds and higher clouds filtering in. the bulk of the clouds are back here where this low is, 700 miles away. it still is another day to go, and will end up around central california. close enough to us. starting get -- starting to get some returns offshore, and 50s on the temperatures, cloud cover holding up the temperatures, starting off in the 50s, a few 40s in the east bay. and concord, lafayette, and bookends on 53 and antioch, and both say 56. 30 in truckee, not much going on in this year yet, but lots of rain in the mix over the next 5 to 7 days. a heads up if you're going in
6:50 am
that direction. and i've seen some projections, some totals of 4 inches of rain in this year over the next seven days. the system continues to send in cloud cover, mostly cloudy. but we have to get this low closer to us, and that will give us buoyancy in the atmosphere on thursday and friday. the future cast shows showers in the sierra and extreme northern california, and nothing fresh yet but cloud cover. cloudy to mostly cloudy on wednesday, and then watching the north bay on thursday, and down toward san jose. and the sierra is a lit up big- time thursday afternoon. and some of this will wrap back in to mendocino county, lake county, northern sonoma and napa. and some of it coming in from the valley on friday. the rainfall looks okay, nothing great, a tenth of an inch, maybe a quarter of an inch to a third of an inch for some. but that is thursday and friday. mostly cloudy, cool to warm,
6:51 am
and foggy on the coast. 50s and 60s on the coast, 60s on the bay, and upper 70s and low 80s under mostly cloudy skies inland. the southwind is the mild pattern, and the days are getting longer. cloudy to mostly cloudy on wednesday, thursday and friday the best bet for thundershower activity, clearing out saturday, and sunday looking good.>> nice and sunny for mother's day.>> it will be nice. your time now is 6:51 am. new information about the two brothers accused of the brutal killing of their parents in san jose, and the conflicting stories their giving about how the parents died. and first, tesla expanding the new warehouse just leased by the company in livermore.
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welcome back, your time now is 6:54 am. the police in fairfield want your help for man that is one for shooting in fairfield. this man shot two people yesterday morning on north texas street near the lodge, one victim's in critical condition, the other is in stable condition. we do not know the motive, and they have escaped in the white lexus, and they warned that the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous.
6:55 am
investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire that destroyed two mobile homes in san jose, reported shoulder before 2:00 yesterday afternoon near north capitol avenue, and witnesses say that the fire started in the old barn at the vacant lot, quickly spreading to the mobile home park. and the fire crews rushed to the scene to battle the fast- moving flames. >> these fires burn hot and fast. from a first alarm call to a third alarm call bring in over 20 companies and 60 firefighters.>> the fire crews came to the rescue of an elderly woman treated for smoke inhalation, and no other injuries have been reported. in sacramento, four more names added to the memorial, a special one for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. two of the officers honored were from the bay area, san
6:56 am
jose police officer michael johnson was shot and killed after responding to a call about a suicidal man. and hayward police sergeant scott longer that was shot and killed during a traffic stop. you're likely to see more of tesla in livermore very soon, tesla has signed a lease for more than 1 million square feet of a warehouse space, and the paper says that tesla is ramping up production at the fremont plant and needs another place to put all of the things that it is currently stirring -- storing at the fremont location. tesla can also occupy more space at the livermore outlook. the giants coming from behind to beat the cincinnati reds 9-6 as johnny cueto pitches for the first time since last year when the reds traded him to kansas city after eight seasons. he had a rough third inning after allowing six runs, but the giants came back, scoring
6:57 am
five runs in the seven, and capped by up three run homer, and the giants go on to win, 9- 6. the oakland a's dropped the first game of their three-game series with the seattle mariners, and that includes the two homeruns from chris davis, and the first of the season -- fourth and fifth of the season, but the mariners won, 4-3. coming up, we continue to follow developing news out of the marin county, the death of the mother of tupac shakur and her life . the new training that is mandatory for the police officers in san jose. . re earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas.
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♪ why >> she was the inspiration behind this 1990s hit. now we learning that the mother of the late tupac shakur died. more on her life and political
7:00 am
activism next. 7:00 now this tuesday morning, may 3rd. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm gave clark. >> it's changing now. >> yes. no doubt bit. today will not be the day for any shower activity but by wednesday, thursday and friday, for sure. up in the sierra, there could be some really hefty totals over the next five or seven days. thursday is the best opportunity. we have a couple of days to iron things out. plenty of low clouds. clear lakes, press replay, currently, 48. partly cloudy in clear lakes. high today, 72 78 to 80 degrees. our cyst -- it does plot a kick or so so it


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