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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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consensual and says this took him by surprise. >> stubblefield wanted to make his message clear. >> i am here to state without any reservation that i am innocent. >> he is accused of raping a developmentally disabled woman in his home. authorities say she was interviewing for a baby sitting job. stubblefield said he gave her money to fix her car and he says the sexual encounter was the motivation for doing this. >> we will prove his innocence. >> at a news conference stubblefield's attorneys handed out a packet of paperwork. in it documentation for a lie detector test that stubblefield took and passed with flying colors and also time logs for 22 text messages that the woman sent him asking for money. >> she texted him several times asking for money and asking to come back and wanting to work
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at the house. does that sound like somebody that had been allegedly assaulted. >> stubblefield's attorney's question whether the woman was disabled and she was found competent to enter pleas in prior criminal cases and went on to question the prosecutor's motive. >> from our perspective the district attorney's office had to arrest someone of notoriety. >> the district attorney's office says they are focused on the case and say we will ren evidence in a court of law after which we expect mr. stubblefield to be held accountable for his crimes. stubblefield says the allegations took him by surprise. he has long worked with special olympics and is a champion for the disabled. >> something true to my heart and that is why this hurt me so badly.
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i will defend myself with all of my strength. >> stubblefield will be arraigned on june 3rd. do we know anything about the lie detector case. were these administered by police or administered by his attorney? his attorney hired an independent firm. they said they are reputable and independent and they say they offered to have stubblefield take a lie detector test administered by police but so far not been taken off on that offer. >> ann reuben tonight, thank you. hups of anti police protestors walked with hunger strikers in san francisco city hall this afternoon. one of our fresco users sent us this video. you can see the five hunger strikers in wheelchairs. five people on the hunger strike for 13 days demanding an end to police shooting and they want mayor lee to fire chief
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suhr and if he refuses they want the mayor to resign. the mayor has refused to do either. it stems from recent shootings and what protestors see as police violence. tara moriarty was there as protestors went to that supervisor's meeting and tara, what happened? what was the scene like out there? >> inside supervisors chambers it got heated and intense and people standing on top of the benches that filled that room and they were chanting as they were making sure that their voices were heard. some of them felt that they came away with something that they could be excited about and others felt it didn't make a difference and they weren't sure they were being heard. joining me is oscar salinas. he is with the coalition. why did you guys decide to do this? >> they have been fighting for justice for 13 days on a hunger strike. we have done -- marches and it
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is critical. at a critical moment right now that we want to demand that chief suhr be fired. so five of them have decided to go on a hunger strike and we are at day 13. >> and we saw them come out in wheelchairs from supervisor chambers and they are kind of weak, right? >> yes, weak right now and the outcome of the community almost world wide is keeping their spirits up and fighting for justice. >> one of the things that i noticed inside the supervisor's meeting joined by gwen woods, the mother of mario woods shot in december and kill. i notice supervisor compost says i don't believe that firing chief suhr is the answer. how did you feel when you heard that statement. i know you have been talking with supervisor compost. >> i think supervisor compost and i respect him, i think his take on it was to internalize
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it. you can fire him but it won't change the mindset of the spd it is so embedded. so you can take one man out of the picture but we still have a whole force with this mindset. i think that is what he was saying. we can fire him but guess what, will it change anything? i think that the people were saying however that to fire him may be a faith gesture. you have to give us something. we have lost lewis gonegora april 4th and i am upset that my baby is executed. i sense that someone else is
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going to die and they did. >> thank you so much for joining us we know this wasn't easy. thank you so much. we do know that the frisco five as well as many of other protestors here are actually headed to a forum and it will involve the public defender and greg suhr and we expect things will be get rowdy, we will be sure to give you the latest at 10. tara moriarty thank you. we learned that the mother of tupac shakur died. she she is thought to have a cardiac arrest. why she was such an inspiration to her son? >> when my momma had me at 17. >> to is classic dear momma tupac paid tribute to the
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mother that struggled with addiction to raise him the right way. >> last night his mother died from what authorities say was a cardiac event. friends and neighbors say she was loved and respected in this community. >> she helped everyone. she went out of her way to help people. >> at 9:30 last night morin county sheriff deputies responded to shakur davis' houseboat in sausalito and found her unresponsive and rushed to morin hospital but doctors could mot save her. it is unclear if she had underlying health problems. >> she was in the company of her friend and began to feel physical discomfort and she tried to go to bed and relax
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but the problem is that the situation got worse to the point where her friend called 911 asking for help. at this point there is nothing to indicate that there is foul play. >> after her son was shot to death at the age of 25. shakur davis oversaw the estate and a producer about tupac's life. she was a well-known political and philanthropist that gave back. daryl rory is a friend of the family that grew up with tupac. >> it is a sad day and she has done a lot of work and she cleared tupac's name up and to preserve his legacy. that was important to her for people to see the good side of his life and that song dear
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momma will live on forever. >> the coroner will figure out the exact cause of her death. talking with relatives to determine if she had underlying health problems. i'm alex savage. fox 2 news. cal fire is putting residents on notice that it is time to prepare for the 2016 wildfire season. holding a wildfire awareness event at the lexington reservoir in los gatos. firefighters are on the job through the state and training and educating people about space and helping to clear brush. fire director says that the conditions have eased up but we are not out of the woods yet. >> california governor jerry brown and the governor of florida are locked in a war of words. the governor of florida in called trying to convince companies to move to florida and governor brown is not happy about it.
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jesse gary was with the florida governor this afternoon. jesse, what is he saying? >> reporter: usually you come here for a baseball game but today for political message. governor brown stayed on his message, jobs, florida has the jobs. he down played the rift with the governor for the best and most profitable jobs. >> his appearance brief. governor scott wrapped up his tour at at&t. he hammered his message like maids swinging a baseball bat. >> we are competing for jobs. >> scott did a southern run from san jose to mountain view and san francisco. he courted silicon valley to move more than 26 miles east. >> that's how you do business. you solve their problems.
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>> for his part jerry brown was at a memorial event in west sacramento. he spoke to us afterwards saying if anything floridians shoe boxes you had want to come west for californians' business climate. >> we have a tremendous a agricultural and you have to look at many things. >> scott didn't take the bait. he reiterated his message there is a second land of milk and honey, business friendly. >> when another state raises taxes, it forces people to move. >> and i asked governor scott if he was doing this for politics trying to position himself. could be a v p spot open on the republican ticket and he says no, two plus years left in
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august and when he leaves he wants florida to be number one jobs in the nation. he wants to bring the jobs to florida. san francisco city attorney says the final chapter has been closed in the bay area tragedy. the asian crash, the board of supervisors approved a $3.45 million settlement. three people killed and others injured had the plane hit the seawall at sf oand caught fire. half of the money will go to the city legal costs and the rest to the airport for damages. the race for the white house. in another win for the republican front-runner. donald trump is the projected winner. the indiana primary, the polls closed an hour ago. trump has 53% of the vote compared to 36% for ted cruz. only eight percent for john kasich. cruz pretty much needed a win here to force a contested republican convention.
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on the democratic side, the race in the indiana side is tightning up. hillary clinton and verizon senator bernie sanders right now are neck and neck. in fact sanders has a slight lead with 52% of the vote compared to 48% for hillary clinton. tesla makes a money move to expand in the east bay. what the electric car company has planned for more than a million square feet of office space. a routine advertisement about drinking and driving for cinco de mayo. and why they ended up making an apology. >> another game without stepf curry but there is another play tore step up. >> fog at the coast and a
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chance to push for showers in
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the forecast. warriors hoping to take a two game lead. >> they will play without star steph curry. but there is a key player to step up. mark ibanez live there. who is this key player? >> reporter: draymond green. the energy level a week ago. we were here checking out the rockets closed out by the warriors. the trailblazers a spirited team and they seem more alive
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and more together. allen craft right here former cal star, joe, do you agree? do you sense it? >> yes, all you do is look at the offense, it is let's see what james harden does, this is what houston has evolved to. this team has two good guards and offense and a lot of guys to play and unlike that houston series expect high scorings even though they got them in a 25 point hole and they came back to make it close. >> and the warriors what they have to watch out for tonight is a little bit of a let down and that we saw what happened to the spurs. they came in heavily favored on their court and they got surprised and that series is 1- 1. warriors have to watch out for that happening to them because one thing, damian liller under the weather saturday in game one feeling good and i don't think you have to worry that much about the
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warriors because of one guy. >> there is a saying in playoff basketball that momentum is every game and what you just cited is a good example. if you saw that game one between the thunder and the spurs, you are saying there is no way that thunder have a chance of being with these guys and they come back and win game two and expect a different dynamic. >> another game without steph curry. the thing this team has done so well. they have risen together as a team. other players have stepped up andre up and draymond green is number one. >> you start having games like these in a season like he has put together and what do they start talking about? the big phrase in sports. maybe a little overused. >> the term that they love to throw around in sports. superstar.
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is he? here is his coach's opinion of draymond. >> i am not sure what a superstar is. that could mean a guy with all of the endorsements. draymond does not have all of the endorsements but instead of superstar, is he a top ten major in the nba? in his case one hundred percent. >> when i saw that i was shocked. speed hates me. i am just playing. that is great to see. and i don't take those things for granted. i believe it. the coach helps us to build confidence more. >> you are looking at terry staff. the head coach of the portland trailblazers. a former warrior assistant. >> an assistant as things started to get turned around under mark jackson and it is interesting to hear him say he is familiar with the group,
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what do you do to try to stop them? you can't, just slow them down. >> another difference that we see in a week. houston rockets, no sign of the head coach and relaxed a very spirited trailer blazer team. a couple hours away from tip- off. >> even though he plays for the portland trailblazers. that whole story with damian lillard is cool. grows up from oakland and in the nba and playing in front of his hometown crowd if you will. >> and this guy is the bona fide nba all-star and would have been an all-star and should have been an all-star but kobe bryant got the nod out of sentimentity. he is a sensation. >> as a kid he promised his mother i will graduate from college and be in the nba. i dob no if he graduated yet.
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>> he did. he got his degree at weaver state and made good on his promise and in the nba and sensational. they would like it to be a great hometown story but not that great. >> that's perfect. >> understood. >> mark ibanez and joe fonzi live at oracle arena. thanks, guys. how cool this is a. i will graduate and play in the nba. >> good for him. >> and playing in the playoffs. let's talk about our weather and bring in bill martin. a little windy. a little. there is wind out there and the real story is a lot of the fog was pushed in and cloud cover all day and cooler temperatures. and as we push forward, we have that wind.
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look at that. that is windy. the temperatures today were a little cooler than yesterday. temperatures tomorrow are going to end up being about the same in more clouds and by wednesday night and tomorrow night and thursday and to friday a chance of a shower. you can see the green areas representing slight sprinkles around the bay or in the north bay or in the coastal sections. more in the form of drizzle and still unsettled weather. doesn't appear that we will get any real significant rain that i wish we were. perfect for right now. it looks like we have a chance for a scattered showers and i will show you in the computer models. overnight lows in the mid and upper 40s and a lot like last night and here is the fog and forecast. wednesday it is cloudy. >> everybody. >> high clouds and cloud clouds. a lot of clouds.
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there is the afternoon. clearing and highs tomorrow in the 70s. so tomorrow night not dissimilar than today. as the front weakens the entire low will push in and sit off of the coast. the model brings us a good opportunity for a little bit of wet. here we are tomorrow morning. and here we are tomorrow afternoon. something around cobb mountain and thursday morning. thursday afternoon, see, spinning back around, north bay. we won't get rain, rain moving
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through. it will be showers thursday afternoon or friday afternoon. forecast highs tomorrow like today, the five-day forecast, don't sweat it for thursday but don't sweat it at all. mother's day looks good. >> still to come. the goal is to warn people about drinking and driving and not everybody took the message. why an apology was issued. new at 6:30. a break in the case for the f.b.i. why investigators are close to solving one of the biggest art heists. he laughed and said they
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won't find nothing. the oakland police department apologized for what they called a insensitive news release about drunk driving during cinco de mayo. >> there was amaya cullpa. in the united states cinco de mayo has been synonomous with margarita. the oakland police says it was
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offensive and especially as the latino community commemorate a cultural holiday observe the french forces in 1862. it was written by the california office of traffic safety. and oakland police like many other departments sent it out without reviewing it. >> we would have taken some of the content out for our community. the press release is not in line with our mission and reflection of our community and our organizations that we work with. >> police say that they don't want the original message to be lost. the dangers of drinking and driving around the holidays. i have contact the office of traffic and safety but have not got a response. did anybody complain about that press release, is that why the apology is taking place?
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>> yes. a lot of people making comments saying this is insensitive and oakland police saying what they did. >> henrily in the newsroom, thank you. still to come. tesla making another big money move in the bay area. the east bay city that could end up with the production facility for tesla's new model three. plus details about the arraignment of two san francisco police officers on
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separate charges today. two former san francisco police officers arraigned on separate charges stemming interest the department's texting scandal. jason lye did not appear in court. his attorney entered a plea. he is charged with six misdemeanors for improperly accesses police records. that came about from a sexual assault claim against jason lye never led to charges. curtis lee is accused of telling him about the investigation. his attorney says this is false and lying been investigation. >> i am not saying those things are not serious. of course they are. they are very serious but he is not accused of the serious felonious wrongdoing as is jason lye. >> lou has retired after 26 years. his attorney says that he did
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receive racist texts and told the officer sending them to stop and not do it again. >> three men facing serious charges in almost two dozen takeover robberies in the east bay in san francisco. police arrested christopher jones of albany. spargan and simpson from oakland. this is surveillance video of the robbery released to ktvu news. it shows one suspect rummaging and making a man empty his pockets. >> the suspects are using overwhelming force and fear and in this case it is to take from the cash register or some of the members of the business. >> authorities also say the same robbers hit in oakland, hayward and albany and four
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businesses in san leandro. >> it is a drug epidemic that is belt felt all over the country but most people probably haven't heard of it. we are talking about phentenol. >> stronger than heroin and people have been overdosing without realizing what they are taking. >> cristina rendon is here to explain more. >> what we are seeing is that phentenol is blind siding people and overdosing it without knowing it because it is laced with counterfeit pills. fentanyl 50 times stronger than heroin and one hundred times more than morphine. the drug is being laced to fake prescription painkillers that people think they are getting nor co or marcan.
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last summer phentenol laced heroin was responsible for the heroin overdoses in san francisco. >> five to ten minutes you hear the ambulances because someone is dead from fen ten nol. >> that man you heard from said he survived three overdoses on fen ten nol patches. we will hear more from him and explore what is being done to warn people and what the dea has to say about the drug. >> we mentioned the recent overdoses in casual. are they in county, region, where are they happening. >> all over and according to the cdc they say it is happening in san francisco, alameda and santa clara and contra costa county. they are worried they will continue to see more overdoses. >> this is ted cruz speaking
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live. reports that after losing the indiana primary today big time to donald trump that ted cruz may be on the verge of suspending his campaign. let's listen to what ted cruz has to say. >> hard work and industry. or will we continue on that path of creeping socialism that incentivizes apathy. >> will we continue healthcare to the citizens and doctors or will we go to obama care and second rate socialized medicine. will we keep america safe from the threats of nuclear war anatomic terrorism? or will we pass on to future generations, a land devastated and destroyed by the enemies of civilization? >> no. >> this is the responsibility
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with which we have been charged with history. this is the fight that falls to our generating. when we launch this campaign 13 months ago. we saw a moment grow. some said it was hopeless but we saw over 300,000 volunteers all across the nation. >> over 1.5 million contributions averaging about $60 each. many of those volunteers and contributions you never forget. just a few days ago. two young kids ages 4 and 6 handed me two envelopes full of
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change. all of their earnings from their lemonade stand. they wanted the campaign to have it. that's what built this campaign. that's what fueled this movement. >> thank you to each of you. incredible patriots that have fought so hard to save our nation. because of you. >> and i with you. >> i am so grateful to you. to my amazing wife, heidi.
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to our precious girls, caroline and katherine. to my mom, the prayer warrior. to my dad who has traveled this nation preaching the gospel. to carly fiorina that has been incredible phenomenal running- mate. what you have done, the movement that you have started is extraordinary.
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i love each and every one of you. from the beginning, i have said that i would continue on as long as there is a viable path to victory. tonight i'm sorry to say it appears that path has been foreclosed. together we left it on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we got. but the voters chose another path. and so with a heavy heart and with boundless optimism for the long term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign.
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but here me now, i'm not suspending our fight for liberty. i am not suspending our defending the constitution. >> you heard it right there ted cruz is suspending his campaign in the race for president. this comes after the indiana primary by donald trump. this move by ted cruz essentially insurance that donald trump will become the republican candidate and get the republican nomination for president of the united states, ted cruz suspending his campaign. interesting to see. there is so much bad blood between ted cruz and donald trump if he will come out and endorse donald trump. ted cruz had very nasty things if you will and blunt things about donald trump earlier.
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i don't know if they have crossed a bridge or if they will come back. >> we have to hear from john kasich's camp. he is that much further behind. you have to wonder if he will say it is time. >> this seems to say that donald trump will be the republican nominee. ted cruz saying that he is suspending his campaign for president after losing by a wide margin to donald trump in the indiana primary. we will take a short break and be back with more. this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by the madza.
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driving matters. tesla is not talking by tom vacar is in the newsroom with what he has been been able to learn. >> tesla may be saying nothing but the enormity of what they won't talk about and a little digging speaks volumes. >> the reports and rumors are all but confirmed when the huge buildings in liver more are completed teffla will occupy them. the developer told me it is not commenting on the matter. tesla did mot respond. tesla's occupantsy in livermore is an open secret at livermore city hall but no one will say for sure. tesla has not filed papers with livermore but at one point will
5:46 pm
get permits to occupy the building. >> all of these buildings are more than large enough to handle the massive inflow and outflow of the parts needed to build cars but one of these building is so large and massive that it could handle the actual building of the cars themselves. this document from the permit center at city hall verifies that the facility are zoned for industrial use including manufacturing. >> tesla has 400,000 of the new model three cars to be proud for far less model for model s sedan or model suv. allen is manager of a plant of companies and developing laboratories. >> there is a huge advantage
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for locating you are close to where the market is. california is a huge market for electric vehicles and the largest one in the u.s. >> the city of livermore says the buildings are joined spore large scale manufacturing. >> the lower the cost your product will become. >> we do know this, people that put down money down on the cars will want them and it will take more space to build what was ordered and what will follow. tom vacar, fox 2 now. hailed as a major victory for the medical marijuana industry. the u.s. attorney in san francisco is dropping its four year long lawsuit against a major medical cannabis dispensary in oakland. rob roth went to the dispensary
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and to oakland city hall where elected leaders were celebrating. >> director steve de angelo says he had when he learned the u.s. attorney was dropping his fight against the country. >> the political grounds have drifted dramatically over the course of the last four years since that lawsuit was initiated. we have seen the congress repeatedly instruct the department to not do this. >> the market had been under threat for years and news that feds were dropping the suit were greeted with cheers in city hall. >> we are celebrating the moment that this industry can come out of the dark. can come out of the shadows and
5:49 pm
operate in a way that the people of california have wanted the city to operate. >> not only for harbor side that sells medical cannabis in different forms but for the medical industry as a whole. >> in a time of anxiety and not knowing whether we would be going home at the end of the day at work or leaving in handcuffs. >> oakland takes in 3 million- dollars a year on taxes in medical marijuana and for the libraries. >> harber side one of 8 dispensaries in oakland and that number is expected to rise. the oakland city council is set to talk about the medical related businesses expected to grow to one hundred cannabis operations. >> we are rolling out a permitting system to allow the growers and the people that make edibles to obtain permits. >> we called the u.s. attorney's office to ask why
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they dropped a lawsuit and a spokesman declined to comment. rob roth ktvu 2 news. residents did a good job of saving water. east bay mud is ending all water penalties for its users because residents beat the conservation goal this month by more than 24% compared to 2013. but despite all of that good work, statewide we are in a severe drought and let's bring in our chief meteorologist. we are still in a severe doubt. we need to start thinking about conservation. >> changing attitudes. >> a way of life. i know the water districts are in it to make money. we should use less water. just because they say it is okay to use more, use less and try to continue as frank points out this change of attitude towards the state. we will have more droughts, not
5:51 pm
out of it. we are in an el niño year and came in at normal and this was a major el niño. what about a type three el niño? we would be in big trouble. it is -- get used to it. just like southern australia ten years of this drought, they called it the big dry and they changed their water usage and got the citizens down to 50 gallons each. the fog and you can get water out of fog, the redwood trees do it. there is moisture on the leaves. they can survive the drought because of the fog and there are places that use nets to catch the fog. there's all sorts of creative ways to do it. traveling nationwide. you see the weather watch boxes on the right side. in the carolinas and georgia area, out towards south carolina as well.
5:52 pm
some severe weather and overall not a bad travel day tomorrow. on the west coast we have the system spinning around and that system delivering a little bit of moisture to the eureka area and continuing to keep things cloudy, cool or mild and slightly unsettled. 78 in concord and 79 in fairfield, these numbers, a degree or two cooler than yesterday. the forecast overnight lows. i hate to say it. sound like your old grandpa. you kids don't know. >> it is important. >> it is. frank and i, you can't remember this but frank and i were around for '77 in the last big drought and it changed the way we did business and everybody forgot about it. i feel like the old man waiving his fist. >> we are getting old. >> i know. >> but anyway let's figure it out. a big state and it means a lot of water and you got the agricultural interest as well sucking up the water. the water politics are crazy.
5:53 pm
tomorrow is another day like today. some clouds out there but for the most part pretty dry. the forecast model brings a chance of showers in here as we head to thursday afternoon and friday. the five-day forecast, you see it here. chance on wednesday, slight and thursday afternoon not a bad chance and friday afternoon is the best chance for a few showers. i think i saw keba roll her eyes. >> i get it. bay water. >> it is a precious resource. >> and we have to remember that. it is so easy to waste it. >> it is super important. not just for the economy but the while life. the coho salmon and the birds and fly aways. >> we see what happens when we don't. >> yes. >> bill, thank you. for nearly a hundred years the chp has patrolled called and during that time 200 officers have died in that line
5:54 pm
of duty. a new name was remembered at the state capitol. why investigators say they are close to solving one of the biggest art heists in history. the f.b.i. there will be a positive
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
resolution to this. the team plans to stay in arizona for a few days. the solar plane landed outside of phoenix after a flight from
5:57 pm
mountain view that took 16 hours. the flight was the 10th leg around the world trip. two pilots have been attacking terms on the mission that began a year ago but they have enormous crew helping them along the way. the california highway patrol paid tribute to the officers that have been lost over the years. an annual tradition and today they added a new name. eric rucker reports from the ceremony in west sacramento. >> for 87 years, california highway patrol officers have served their stint. in that time 226 of them have died. just doing their job. nathan taylor is the most recent and died this last march after being struck by a vehicle along a snowy day on i-80. at the c h p academy in west sacramento he and others were remembered. >> the best thing we have is to support each other.
5:58 pm
we know what we have been through. >> karen simmon's husband was shot and killed in the east bay. she says the annual memorial service gives her peace but sadly she knows it is inevitable that sooner or later another family will experience the same tragic pain of loss that she knows all too well and when it does, she and her c h p family will be able to help. >> whatever you are going through it is okay. and when they are ready to reach out to any of us survivors of fallen officers we are always there. >> in west sacramento eric rucker, fox 40 news. ktvu 2 news at six starts now. we gave it everything we got. >> breaking news, texas senator ted cruz has suspended his campaign clearing the way for donald trump's nomination.
5:59 pm
>> tonight, i am sorry to say ... it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> tonight what it could mean in the race for the white house. good evening. i'm heather holmes for julie. >> and i'm frank somerville. within the past 20 minutes. ted cruz ended his campaign gearing donald trump a clear path for the nomination. there's different story line going on right now on the democratic side. ktvu ken wang unsettled newsroom right now with a major developments this evening. >> frank, the big news. donald trump took the win in indiana with over 50% of the vote, a crushing blow to ted cruz that has suspended his campaign. 67 percent of precincts reporting donald trump got 53% of the vote in indiana to ted cruz's 37%. john kasich far back at just eight percent. ted cruz who has decided to bow out. here is what he had to say just
6:00 pm
a few minutes ago. >> with a heavy heart and future of our nation. we are suspending our campaign. but hear me now. i am not suspending our fight for liberty. >> i am not suspending our fight to defend the constitution. to defend the jew dayo christian values that built america. hillary clinton and bernie sanders were next and next in the indiana primary but now sanders is pulling ahead. 53% to


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