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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 4, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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. a motorcyclist is hugging the road anticipate he's out there enjoying a spectacular ride. why that double yellow line is there for a reason. he's the sweetest littlest fur ball with a nasty injury. how the doctor got hank loving life on three legs. an arsonist lights a fire that lasted for days. >> a scary moment that started a barber shop barbecue. >> the buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini. and police race to the scene of the running man challenge. ♪ can we talk about this one on the list.
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>> the new zealand cop dancing to the top of the trends. >> looked like he was about to write himself a ticket for breaking it down. the weather out there right now is just perfect if you're a motorcycle rider like this guy here. he's out there enjoying a spectacular ride somewhere close to the arizona-california border. his buddy whipping away up ahead. >> you can't go fast when you get on something like that. >> no! come on, man. >> is he okay? >> oh, my god! >> he's not okay. let's back it up and watch that again. what the heck happened to brian cruz, he knows what's going on. he's out there for a cruise.
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this corner, a gentle right-hander, but somehow he sees that truck and just starts drifting wide, drifting to the left and boom clipped the back end of that rather large truck. definitely not the truck's fault. >> in the description and his comments he says he believes a gust of wind pushed him to the left. some other comments are saying came around the corner, saw the truck and drifted towards it. some other cars do pull up and stop to help brian out. they grab his phone and call 911. his buddy did show back up. here's the list ofies. broken elbow, three broken fingers, broken hand, road rash on his left side and two sprained ankles. you don't see it here but the truck did stop further down the road. >> when will he be able to ride again?
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>> i don't know. he says he's on a mend and has an appointment to get the screws out of his hand. there's an injured puppy. let's see it something. that's the best place to be an injured puppy. >> this is hank. he's probably an australian shepherd mix. 8 weeks old. he had a bandage on his leg for a long time and caused some necrosis, caused too much pressure, caused it to racetrot. i can see there's pus coming out. >> poor baby. >> the bandage comes off and reveals a nasty injury. >> pretty clear he needs an amputation. >> for a puppy this young they don't like to put them under
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heavy anesthesia. >> the puppy has gone through the surgery. gone through the cone of shame. >> two days since surgery on little hank and he's doing very well. >> he is doing well although he has to learn how to walk on three legs. >> that's not going to slow him down. >> this is lucy. and lucy helped us out with hank. she raised $35 cleaning up dog poop and donated it. >> that's sweet. >> we end up with stories we hope this dog finds a forever home or cat but somebody very well known own youtube got involved. >> i have some guests. this is alex mandel. >> son of howie mandel. >> i want to take him so bad but i wasn't able to take care of him properly so i want to find him a great home. >> jake is the new daddy to
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hank. >> look at that face. they even have an instagram page. you can follow him on instagram. look at him. so cute. police are still looking for everybody involved in both of the videos i'm about to show you. the first video takes place in australia at a barber shop. the guy pulls up. smashes right up. >> yes, smashes right into the front of the shop. now this video happened in january, but the folks returned again in february. they smashed the window and broke into the shop. >> did they get a bad hair cut or not paying protection money. what's going on >> i asked for frosty honey tips and i got blonde highlights. >> they are about to start throwing flames inside. looks like a monthlotov cocktai.
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>> it engulfed the entire shop. >> there's product in there that's highly flammable and this fire has fuel for days. >> was anybody hurt? >> thankfully nobody was inside. this will cost the shop owners some big money, $374,000 in damages. the second video takes place in denmark at a bakery. a guy comes in and starts pouring gasoline all over the bakery. >> the cash register is sitting open as well. i don't know what's going on here. >> two incidents where people are not interested in stealing anything corre anything, they just want to trash the place. >> you see the person light up that fire and spread throughout the bakery. >> wow! >> look it rip around. all those poor cookies. >> not a lot for the police to go on. >> there have been other arsons in this area in denmark so police are hoping to find the connection and again catch the
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person responsible. congratulations to steven of odessa, florida he's our newest ipad mini winner. congratulations. >> congratulations. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you have to be 18 years old and legal u.s. resident. the buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. the miracle of birth. when a woman grows a fully functioning human being inside her. we've seen this before. it's a time laps. every day they are taking the pictures. as time goes by, mama to be slowly grows that human being inside her and she's getting bigger and bigger. the man comes walking wane suitcase. where your going? they are heading to this bus. by the looks of this, road trip. >> i love this because a lot of times women can't fly. so why not take a road trip.
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>> fortunately for everybody she didn't give birth on the bus. we come back and they are not done yet. mama to be has a beautiful dress on. what's going on? are they getting married. as the cake comes closer to the screen looks like their first anniversary was celebrated as well and then for the greatest magic trick of all, she turns her back and then, ta-da, a baby. a lady does a good job on the rock climbing wall. >> she's really getting up there. >> see why getting down is a different story. >> whoa! and, why are you crying? >> because. >> why the future job market is no laughing matter for little noah. starting at just $6.99. think of it as a quesadilla
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that speaks fluent italian. olive garden.
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soda breaks down tooth enamel. thankfully she uses act® restoring™ mouthwash
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with fluoride. it restores minerals to enamel for 40% stronger teeth. act®. smile strong. i think we've all been at a wall climbing. we look at the wall yeah i can do that. yep, i can hit that wall. that's what this woman is doing. this video is from 2012. she's doing quite well. she's getting up there. right here she's letting them she's ready to come down. >> whoa! wait a minute, what did they do wrong? >> as soon as they let go, have them hanging and you let them down. i don't think he took the tension enough. way too much slack. >> obviously this wasn't supposed to happen. something does seem to have been rigged incorrectly. hopefully she made it out with no serious injuries. this is fun.
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now this next video we're at rock climbing but on actual rocks. there's even a waterfall. beautiful location, right? keep an eye on the woman on the inside of this wall. >> she's on her knees. >> she looks she's done this before. >> wrong shoes. no safety equipment. >> she doesn't have great form but trying pull herself up. i love the person recording have to heck themselves on whether they should record or not. >> almost immediately after she says that the woman goes down. >> wasn't that bad. >> yeah, it wasn't a terrible fall. i'm sure she has a scratch or a bruise. relatively speaking, cool. kid tantrum. in public you're like oh, boy. but these are priceless. we start in moscow. this is little 4-year-old
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daniella. she's upset with her parents because they scolded her. she said i'm done. i'm running away. usually kids want to go the circus, she wants to go to africa. she understands that there are children in need in africa. my parents are so mean i'm going with those children. then she wants them to take her. this wasn't meant to be published. grandma put it on the internet. they kept taking it down. but it went extremely viral. if africa doesn't work out for her, i'll go to lapland, the bears can eat me there. she understands what can happen if she goes. >> go for it. i'm really going to leave. >> what's cool about this video
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after it went virtually the sri leone embassy in russia invited her over. this was the 55th anniversary of their independence from great britain. her next journey she wants to go to australia because it's hot and she likes to be barefoot. >> one more temper tantrum. >> why your crying? >> because. >> what isn't funny? you guys will not believe what has noah upset. >> you want to know the truth about what. >> i want to know about jobs. >> jobs will be automated by the time you are grown-up jobs will be automated. >> i don't want to be automated. >> she's upset about job automation. >> she doesn't want robots to take human jobs. >> that's what noah is upset about. there are other things as a child other than taking future
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jobs. >> i want to kill everything that's automated. >> he wants to kill all the robots. >> this is priceless. i wonder where this came from. >> i'm sure there will be jobs when you get older that are not automated. >> i don't want any jobs to be automated. rope swings plus basketball equals insanity. on the next "right this minute." still to come he's showing us the red neck way to bango, disko. plus another ipad mini to give away. wednesday's buzz word for your chance to win is next. and i got heart disease. my tip is, it's hard to serve your country when you're too weak to put on your uniform. (announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now.
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the skin on your feet is 20 times thicker, so our 7 intense moisturizers penetrate deeply... leaving feet softer, smoother, healthier looking. gold bond. relief starts now. these videos are about best case-worst case. this fellow loss his keys. to get to his third floor apartment he's making the decision to start climbing on the outside of this building. >> hey desperate times call for desperate measures. if you're out late you want to get home. you'll do anything to get in that bed of yours. >> the climbing starts well. it does however not end with him lying in bed. it does end up with him lying somewhere else. >> oh. >> maybe the car broke his fall a little bit. >> as well as a sign that was up there as well.
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you do see him get up. eventually he was found in his apartment. he complained about some leg pain. he was okay. >> that's it? that still looked terrible. >> the worst case scenario was death. we head over to thailand now for a situation that will terrifying the pair of you but at the same time we do end up with the best case scenario. motor bike riders is one of the most dangerous things being stuck on the road. the mattress on the back of this truck -- >> oh, no. >> he falls on the mattress. exactly. if you have anything end up in front of you a beautiful mattress is beautiful. he was fine. >> we can assume that's what happened. >> one of those situations, terrible situation but could have been a heck of a lot worse. have you ever noticed if you walk into a party and they have a disco ball it's going to be a
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good party. >> what happens if you don't have a disco ball. well jimbo here from red neck will teach us. >> i found thesese for a dollart the walmart store. >> he starts off with cheap l.e.d. flash light, duct tape everything works better with duct tape. a little bit of string. how does this come together in a disco ball. you need a ceiling fan. you got one of those, bango, disco. >> these things are going so right. >> well let's not think about the bad. let's think about the good. you used just enough duct tape to secure it all. >> oh! >> got a couple of teenagers or 10-year-olds staying over for a sleep over. turn on the hampton bay disco
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ball. >> you got those torches. you got strings. everyone can do this. >> i would suggest start the party off low. as the party gets going kick that fan up to high. >> you matthew have had lame sleep overs. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. head over to and enter win ipad. >> let's reveal wednesday's buzz word. it's animate. >> click on win ipad and enter wednesday's buzz word, enemy. e-i
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the running man challenge keeps picking up speed on the web so now the police are rolling up to getting up to get down. why their version is so good it's
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delicious. completely random video but delightful nonetheless. the life of a dog. well, folks, doesn't look like the running man challenge is going anywhere soon. you know we spoke with the fellows who started the challenge and mow the police officers in new zealand they are getting in on the action too. you see their police car pull up and some officers hop out.
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>> they are about to get down with the get down. ♪ [ laughter ] >> they turn the police garage into a disco. these police officers in new zealand post this to their facebook and twin hour it had been shared thousands of times and viewed millions of times. can we talk about this one. this one right here. ♪ >> retro. >> you know it's real when he starts taking to it the left, to the right. >> looks like he was about to write himself a ticket for breaking it down. >> they posted it with the caption we catch people on the road every day. they issued an international challenge to police officers in australia, l.a., uk and new york. they are like come on. this next video we posted to our facebook page. these folks are chicago. mama to be is, i'll get down.
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♪ >> before this is all over, you all will have to do it at some point. >> in the words of that old song, i can't dance. ♪ man, that was fun. you know what else is fun. entering that buzz word. go ahead and do it and we'll see
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a man is carried away by a raging torrent of water. keep watching. the amazing moment he finally washed up way far away. oh. [ bleep ] a man watches helplessly as another car is just pulled over the road. >> why nothing can stop the mother of all bad drivers. >> [bleep] on the road. kids playing a nice surprise for mom but -- the moment she renders a verdict on her new ride. >> i love my whole car. plus the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. a breathtaking view above boston at sunset. and guys hooked on hi-tech dating m


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