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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 5, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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called to his home in the days before he died. good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores. let's look at the weather and traffic. >> is there rain. >> a possibility. >> it was north of us and east of us, today we're more in the window. a lot of cloud cover too. 60s and 70s yesterday, more 60s today. some breaks in the cloud. if you're looking for thunderstorm that's a good thing. yesterday was cloudy, today there's breaks in the clouds, that will translate into develop. it happened yesterday north of lake county. we'll watch lake county, napa. the low is close enough the
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atmosphere will be stable. there in lies a better opportunity. that's the low, it's heading toward us, 60s on the temps, mostly cloudy later for the inland areas. 4:01. >> that's right. 4:01, we have to start somewhere. 4:01 the traffic is doing very well. let's look at the east shore freeway, traffic is looking good as you drive past the berkeley area to the mcarthur maze, a 60 minute time. when you get to the bayh way -- toll plaza it is doing well. antioch police officer is recovering after he was shot
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chasing after a carjacking suspect. police spotted a black bmw reported stolen in bay point. officers chased the car into pitts berg. it ended in a multi-vehicle crash. as officers approached the bmw someone inside started shooting. one officer was hit. the suspect was not hurt and surrendered. a witness describes what happened. >> then i heard pop, pop, pop, and i ducked behind the atm, when i could i locked the doors, and then all the cops and it was massive chaos. >> the injured officer was treated at a hospital and released. three by stand ires were injured in -- by standers were
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injured in the crash. police are investigating a separate shooting that injured a worker at a mcdonald's restaurant. a viewer posted this photo on facebook. a gunman opened fire from the parking lot. a worker was hit but his injuries are minor. the shooter is described as in his 20s and may have driven off in a white chevy pickup truck. the son of a mill valley specialist could face charges in prince's death. representatives asked dr. howard korn fell who help the singer. he sent his son with plans to
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follow-up later. he found prince's body and called 911. he brought a synthetic open yesterday -- opioid. >> he is highly regarded, i've known him for a decade, i appreciate his thoughtful work and research and add advantage asi -- >> the two broth areas accused of killing their -- brothers accused of killing their parents are cue in court. they pled not guilty to gunning down their family. police say the two sons who
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lived at the house told relatives they were away at a convention in oakland. the san francisco hunger striker is back at the camp site. 39-year-old blackwell says he fainted in his tent. he was taken to get his blood tested but by evening he was back at the campsite. he's been refusing food until police chief steps down. protesters interrupted the meeting. this is what the chief had to say. >> however long they want to exercise their rights we'll do whatever we can to facilitate that until it's dangerous. then we will work with medical
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personnel to make sure everyone is safe. the chief has no intention of stepping down. the commission was discussing proposed changes to the use of force policies, changing guidelines on when and how officers should use force. the commission is waiting for a review on the policies. and the final hurdle may have been cleared for donald trump. john kasich quit yesterday. live in washington on how trump's real work is just beginning. >> good morning. let's remember how this started. we had 17 candidates vying for the nomination and now we're down to 1, donald trump. he has a tough job, he has to unite the party, he has to play a big game of catch up with the
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likely democratic nominee. >> john kasich back in ohio admitted it came down to a last minute decision. >> with only one state victory his path for a brokered continue venges was shut down -- continue sense. trump may name potential cab net picks. i like the idea of doing some of this before we go into cleveland, it would be well- received. >> trump's campaign team will have to play catch-up to hillary clinton. >> she has a year advantage over him. these are like start up businesses, they need time, you
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make mistakes and work through it. he's starting late. >> clinton has to contend with bernie sanders and another wrinkle in the ongoing investigation into the private e-mail. a hack irsaying that -- hacker saying that he broke into her server years ago. >> it was easy for me, for everybody. >> the clinton team maintains that there's no proof that happened. hillary clinton is confident she will not face charges as a result. now to the south bay, shows police are staffing up for the vijay singh -- cinco de mayo celebration. some folks cruised through the
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city carrying the mexican flag. business owners are concerned of a repeat of what happened two years ago when a near riot happened. >> people use cinco de mayo to harm others, to come and vandalize and fight against each other. i don't understand, cinco de mayo should be celebrated in mexico not here. >> san jose police are bringing in police officer from their  metro division. here's a phone number, aaa is offering a tipsy tow to everyone who drinks and drives, you don't have to be a aaa member. they will tow the car and drive
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you home. 800-222-4357. students are staging a wake out. they are upset about instances of racism on campus. they have a list for the school. adding more classes on race and lgbt issues. student -- attitude errants and workers at u.c. berkeley will protest. some of the cuts will be through attrition, the pro test beginsalty noon. there's a jump in the number of sexual assaults reported by colleges in the u.s. the number of sexual assaults reported on campuses more than doubled to 5000
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between 2001 and 2013, it's according to a new report. the white house launched a campaign featuring lady gaga to raise awareness. it's not clear if there's more sexual assaults on campus now or if witnesses are more willing to report them. there's new information in a string of bb gun shootings in the east bay. the crack in the case that has police looking for 19-year-old twin brothers. what caitlyn jenner will or won't be wearing in an upcoming edition of the magazine. a community off to a decent -- commute off to a decent start. quiet now, our low is getting
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closer and that will trigger thunderstorm activity. we'll look at it coming up. wrap
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welcome back. police are looking for a suspect who robbed a make up store. he stole eight bottles of perfume from a sephora store last week. police say he was a heavyset
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black man in hate teens or early 20s. he was last seen wearing a blue and white tommy hilfiger jacket. the u.s. and russia agreed to a cease-fire. heavy fighting disrupted peace talks and threatened to launch a new wave of refugees. the u.s. will see that the rebel groups abide by the cease- fire. >> life for people in aleadershipo is -- aleppo is hour endous. water is sporadic.
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the cease-fire aagreement is part of an effort to bring an end to the five year war in syria. the raging wildfire in canada forced a town of 80,000 people to evacuate. it's destroyed or damaged 16,000 homes and buildings. it forced fort mcmurray to evacuate. high winds are making the fire tough to fight. no reports of injuries. north carolina lawmakers are doubling down on the antilgbt law, after the justice department said the bill violates protections. they are threatening to take away federal education funding.
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be yohanny wants north carolina to overturn the bill. she posted a picture of herself with the t-shirt saying y'all means all. walt -- equality is doing the good work to get the bill overturned. caitlyn jenner will bare all on sports illustrated. she's expected to do the shoot with the american flag and gold medal. this is to mark the anniversary of the olympics. it's 4:17. we want to go to sal to check
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in on traffic. >> right now it's light out there, not a lot going on. we are looking at the pictures starting in the east bay. highway 24, it looks okay between the walnut creek interchange and oakland, and there's no construction that's going to slow you down in that spot, at the toll plaza, nice and light getting into san francisco, we've been looking around to see if there's delays on to bring and there aren't any. 101 northbound, traffic is looking good in the south bay. we have started off on a nice note. no major delays right now. 4:18. let's go to steve. good morning, we have a better opportunity today as the low gets closer, this will put scattered showers in the mix. this looks to be a better set
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up than yesterday. through the sierra nevada, it will be closer to homecoming out of the south, everything is coming around an area of low pressure. look at that. close here, northern lake county, chico and redding and red bluff, things will be lighting up. there will be rain totals over the next couple days. it's more scattered. the low is out here, look for a mostly cloudy day, the lows are where they were yesterday. 50 with a few 60s. north bay temps, one upper 40, there's a lot of 50s in here. the breeze that was roaring, gusts of 28. it's calmed down a little bit. 37 truckee, 55 in monterey, 53
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in santa barbara. for us in the afternoon, a few sun breaks, that gets cold air aloft, the low makes a move around the monterey peninsula. showers develop later. okay in the morning, thunderstorm in the arch, more of an in-- afternoon -- temperature a lot of 60s. a few low 70s and temperature will be stuck for a few days, we'll keep this friday and maybe saturday, the system has dropped south. by sunday we'll be all right. >> all right to be outside with mom. >> yes. >> big pause. >> somebody is watching in san
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bonita county and it rains they will blame me. >> i think we're fine. lottery fever is heating up across the bay area, how high saturday's jackpot has climbed after no one matched the numbers in last night's drawing. j?j?j7
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welcome back. the dream of becoming rich
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could become true, you have to buy a powerball ticket first. $415million. 415 is an area code. it's saturday night's drawing. no one has won the full jack pot since march 2. $415million sounds like a lot, that's a far cry from the billion dollars. if you bought a ticket. here's the winning numbers, 30, 47, 57, 66, describe, power -- 69, powerball is three. jamba juice is moving to texas. it is moving to frisco texas by the end of the year. the office will be the jamba
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whirld. some of the employees will be relocated. the company's lease will expire at the end of the year. >> the time is 4:25. the sharks are back in action tonight hoping to bounce back from a game 3 loss to nashville. they had an early lead but the predators won 4-1. the sharks have a 2-1 series lead. after tonight it is back to san jose. game five is on saturday. the doves are up in portland. one of the major players didn't play in game one. he hit all four of his shots.
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grabbed six rebounds and blocked a shot. >> he checked the game with his pick-and-roll defense and presence around the rim. the energy he gave us, phenomenal effort to really change the game. >> the question on everyone's mind ahead of the game three, if steph curry will play. the warriors had yesterday off, curry had treatment and had shots. he's received a platelet rich plasma treatment to speed up recovery time. 4:26. there are serious accusations of child sexual abuse against a bay area man. the search for more possible victims after he was connected to a church youth program. it's cinco de mayo. a lot of people will be
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celebrating. we'll tell you about safety measures being put into place. we're looking at a commute that's doing well on 80 westbound toward the mcarthur maze. we'll tell you more about the east bay commute. all quiet now, today is a better opportunity for showers and thunderstorms to develop. we'll take a look at that.
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. it is thursday, the fifth of may, i'm brian flores, i'm pam cook. >> we have color coordinated. four days we have matched. we all text each other. >> no we don't. >> it's organnish. this looks shark color.
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>> you do pam, brian doesn't. >> it's not teal. we'll stretch it. you look like a warriors tie on there. >> 3: 30 in the morning you hope you get out of the house with your clothes on. seriously. it's all quiet, mostly cloudy. had development around lake county, it was close. today will be a better event. scattered showers, possible inland thunderstorm, i think they would move north, sierra nevada will have more afternoon thunderstorm. this is a much better day for that to happen than yesterday, look at that yesterday, coming out it lake county. around chica and yucca city, to the sacramento valley. 50s on the temps, it


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