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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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joork we are on a 11 hour standoff. one day after one of them is hospitalized, the strikers are again speaking out ton for the call of the police chief and the city to resign. >> , i am mike mibach. > ism gasia mikaelian. hail recorded earlier today. you can see it is coming down. >> mark tamayo is tracking more storms. >> i have been watching them all morning long. once they clear out and get sunshine, it is like it is a buoyant bubble. and it will produce more thunderstorms. already, a very active day especially in parts of the east bay and now the north bay. here is storm tracker 2. going back in time. >> four hours, you can see the
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coverage and the activity from this morning out towards the livermore valley and concoard as well and coverage with lightning strikes outside of vacaville and towards fairfield but in the past hour, we have seen more developments. you can see the lightning strikes around vacaville and more coverage moving into parts of marin county and around novato and san pablo bay. we have the oranges and yellows there and lightning strikes are crosser to novato and. we could see more canch throughout the afternoon hours. you can have sunshine and you get an intense downpour with hail. we will have a different radar picture to show you in a few minutes. they have been crippled for
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11 hours. a man climbed on top of the train and refused to come down. >> they are continuing to get him down this afternoon. we are joined live from the scene. what is happening right now? >> reporter: this is what is going on right now. the sheriff's department brought judge steven manly here to the scene. he is an expert in mental health and they are hoping he can talk to the man or advise negotiators what to try next. >> they took away the yellow tarp that he was using to keep warm. he is 25-year-old kyle lewis and he is on probation for drug-related crimes. he climbed on top this morning at 1:20. saying he wanted to disrupt the commute. half of the daily riders are affected by this incident. they had to shut downpour to the area so he wouldn't electrocute them self and they
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can't move trains south of the yard from here. they push them along the track. so far, they have been able to move five of them. they hope to expand service by the afternoon commute and rely on bus service this morning. the plan is to try to get as many trains north of the incident scene as we can. and start running service from mountain view to the rock. we are running train service about every 30 minutes between mountain view and bay point. >> reporter: for now, they are continuing to adam rock. negotiators with the sheriff's department have been trying to talk the man down. they are now hoping advice from judge manly may help and right now he has approached lewis and he is in the process of trying to have a conversation with him. they tried earlier to offer bagels and coffee and now they
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have taken his tarp away. they are shirtless and maybe if he is uncomfortable he will come down the ladder on his own. back to you guys. >> we have been hearing from commuters and viewers and the people are saying why don't the police go get the guy. a real sense of frustration. and they say they are worried about his safety and theirs. correct? >> that's exactly the point. they are worried about their safety and his safety. they want to make sure nothing bad happens. they are going to wait and see if they can talk him down. >> disrupted the morning commute and just going to disrupt the evening commute. >> thanks for the live report. it is day 15 of the hunger strike. this is the fries cofive. >> they have been stationed outside the mission police station and they are calling for the chief to resign. they wanted to give an update on the protestor's health.
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we will bring in alex savidge. >> reporter: good afternoon, they entered a critical period according to doctors. they have gone more than two weeks without solid food. according to doctors here, there is a growing risk of health complications. just yesterday, one of the protestors was taken to the hospital. he is since been released and he is vowing he will not give up on the fight. >> we are weaker than you can imagine but we have the strength to take over and conquer san francisco. >> i am willing to go all the way with this. i also have a 13-year-old daughter that i love very, very much. and she is very concerned about me out here. >> during a conference, we heard from one of the hunger strikers. blackwell was taken to the hospital and treated for blood issues. he said today the visit to the
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hospital really did scare him a lot and he is still returning to the encampment and will continue with the hunger strike and some other people have collapsed during the past couple of weeks. they are only drinking water and coconut milk. >> they are monitoring these five protestors on a daily basis. checking their vital signs. one of the doctors said at this stage the game the health risks there simple starvation is could be cardiac rars and infections as well. despite the dangers, they are not telling the frisco five to end the hunger strike. >> when it comes to our work, the respect of the patient for their own body and their autonomy will come before what we should do to prolong life. same thing with the end of life
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care. >> they say i don't want to be resuscitated. you don't resuscitate them. those things are important discussions we have been having with these five. >> they never should have come counsel to us coming down and being hungry and sleeping on the streets. and being hungry to bring attention to what is going on in san francisco. >> now the five protestors say they will not eat until the police chief resign assist or is fired by the mayor. they are upset over controversial police shootings that led to the deaths of people of color here in san francisco. they are upset about recent misconduct within the department. now the chief for his part said he has no plans to step down and reforms are now underway within the san francisco police department. the so-called frisco five. they remain camped outside of the mission police station and doctors are monitoring them, gasia, on a daily basis but they said what they are doing
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could have a long term impact and potentially, the damage done to their bodies by starving themselves could be irreversible. >> a child was heard in a home that was on fear overnight. they posted these pictures to twitter. >> they were called to the home at karl avenue and mariposa street. they took them hours to put the fire out. the child suffered burden of proofs because of the fire and is under investigation. >> an officer is recovering in the city of pittsburg. they spotted a black bmw just before 6:00. they chased the vehicle into pittsburg. 15 minutes later, the bmw crashed and into several other cars. police moved in on the bmw, the man inside started shooting. wounding a police officer. and that's when other officers started to fire back.
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the suspect was not hurt and did surrender. a witness who works at the nearby gas station describes a chaotic scene. >> i was ducking for my life. i heard shots and then i was telling people to go. >> everybody is on the pump. i was saying. everybody go. >> go. >> they have not told us the suspect's name and the wounded officer was treated at the hospital and released. >> several agency involvings contra costa district attorney's office is investigating. now that donald trump is last candidate standing in the gop race, the republicans are beginning to pivot to the general election. >> we have the report. >> reporter: he has been the presumptive nominee for less than 24 hours. who he may pick as his running might and trump saying. 40% chance it is one of his opponents and everyone from
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marco rubio to john kasich mentioned but he has another name especially blaze sod his his -- especially blazed on his brain. >> hillary clinton. >> if she wants to go the high road, i would be fine with that. >> this is one of the most contentious primary seasons in memory. while the republican party chairman admits there are open wounds, he is confident they can be healed by convention time. >> this is about winning the white house. about the country and hillary clinton. he gets that. >> our best years are ahead of us. >> hillary clinton taking fire from all sides. democratic frontrunner just upset by bernie sanders in indiana also appears headed to tweet in the next state. west virginia. sanders suggesting in his latest stump speech, he may be the one facing trump in the election. >> trump will not be president
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above and beyond all of that because the american people understand. >> you may remember, the mexican president had some words for donald trump that cannot be said on tv and now he invited trump to mexico to learn about the country. joe waldman. fox news. >> we are following the latest on the massive wildfire burning in canada. >> now it forced people to evacuate and interrupting international oil operations.
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♪ i ♪ shining through rs ♪ i see your true colors ♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors ♪ true colors ♪ true colors ♪ are beautiful
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. this is dash cam video of fort mcmurray. they were all forced to evacuate. it was blocked by fire. there is a huge traffic jam on one road leading out-of-town to the north. these pictures, we see flames. sparks and people in the vehicles inching forward. it is a desperate situation. >> inching forward. >> the fire is so big it is interrupting international oil operations. > >> reporter: a monster out of control fire destroying entire neighborhoods in canada's main cities in alberta. >> it is a disaster.
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>> didn't let us take our things and so we lost everything now. >> we don't have what we have on our backs. >> they are warning that all efforts to stop the massive fire had failed and military aircraft is being called in to help. >> we had two minutes to get home and grab your stuff and leave. >> at this point some 88,000 people have been forced to jacket. >> canada's safety minister calling it one of the largest fire evacuations in canada's history if not the largest. this is challenging to gasoline shortages and preventing some from walking away. >> it is frustrating and scary to leave your home. it is not as frustrating and scary to find that you are trapped by your home if the fire change consist direction. >> so far it has destroyed 1600 buildings including homes.
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cap daly city looks out for their neighbor it isen as difficult times they are going through right now, it is something that we are going to unite around across the country. >> behind saudi arabia, the oil sands are the large eses reserves in the world. so far it doesn't appear that any facilities will be in the fire's path. but the mines are shutting down due to the fire. steve rappaport, fox news. emergency officials say has dartd did you say materials is released in the air by houston, texas. they ordered people to stay inside and close all the windows and shut off the air conditioning. we brought this to you as breaking news this morning on "mornings on 2". it sent plumes of smoke into the air. it burned several structures. the houston fire department said no injuries are reported. because of -- the cause of the massive fire is still under investigation. >> we will get to mark. it is a wild weather day.
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>> yes, that is the key. some parts. some areas have clouds out there. it is intense thunderstorms developing. as you can see outside right now. we have clouds in place and looking at multiple cloud layers and the higher clouds and instability clouds. those are the big poppy, they look like popcorn, white clouds out there. vertical development that leads to thunderstorms. you can't see it right now. but the main source of all of this unsettled weather is this. >> it is off the coastline. >> transporting moisture in from the south. >> it is moving from south to north. and can you see see that with the east bay and north bay as well. some of the action out there. the one storm report, as you can check out. we will chick on this. out towards oakley. it is lightning. that was 9:20 this morning at hoa harrah park middle school. >> no injuries reported and the
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lightning strike this morning. more coverage towards vallejo and fairfield. it will come in closer here. brighter yellows and reds and more thunderstorms to the north of vacaville and shifting the maps. this is the worse development. northern marin county and southern sonl county and we have more with sonoma county and head's up. and it is as well in the next hour or half hour. >> santa rosa 61 degrees. widespread the entire bay area. it is a cooler weather pattern. main reason as we pointed out, it is just offshore. it is tracing up the upper level winds. big circulation with the low pressure. and as long as this remains offshore. >> we are going to hold onto the possibility of showers for today. >> slight chance on a saturday.
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we have talked about the thunderstorms. we talked about the weather pattern. but scattered showers off and on. i would not be surprised to run into a thunderstorm. especially in these areas. livermore. fair feestled out towards napa and santa rosa. we showed you portions of marin currentty as well. still hold onto the possibility of scattered showers out there. see it popping up into the friday afternoon. near concord and and yack. >> mostly cloudy skies and saturday morning starts out dry. then the sunshine kind of sees more sunshine and breaks in the clouds. could lead to thunderstorms. that could be by saturday afternoon. >> 60s. >> right around 70 degrees. and morgan hill will go 69. clouds and showers for today. into your friday as well. >> just in time for mother's day. >> mike and gasia, it is a sun
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cloud mix and warming temperatures for early next week. the radar is still active today. we will have another update in a few minutes. today is the holocaust day of remembrance. prime minister benjamin netanyahu laid wreaths at the memorial center in jerusalem. traffic stopped and they observed two minutes of silence. 6 million jews were killed in the holocaust during world war ii and the annual remembrance day is held one week before the independence day which recognize the state of israel from the ashes after the holocaust. combines traditional 5ks and half marathons with funding for nonprofit. we will be joined by the founder of the movement after the break.
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. all right the very unique foot race is coming to down. >> you get your exercise and raise money in your community. joining us now is tom houston. founder of everyone. thanks for being here on the noon newscast. we have all been in a 5k. we support the cause. i don't know where the money goes for the cause. >> that is our concept with the new events was to make sure
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that the cause that is the benefit in the race, very specifically local. and we sat down with community leaders over the last 10 months or so and identify who the local cause should be. and now we have 19 official causes and half berkeley and half oakland. if you are running the race. you are helping to improve the quality of life in the community: when someone signs up and take me through the process of how i get to select ha cause that my money gets to go to. >> we believe that sport is an integral part of the experience. and team work is really a big success driver. and so we created the team base model. >> when you identify, you look at all the causes. and when you choose which cause you want to run for and select the cause. then you are signing up to be on the running team. >> here in the east bay, you have been able to identify causes which rise to the city
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and each city is unique. >> yes, that's why it is important for us to decide what the causes are. >> here we have got, off the top of my head. first place for youth. and we have the genius project. and ica funding good jobs. >> like i said. there is a long list and they are all on the website and doing great work. we are having a kickoff tonight coming together. and this is the plaza. and if someone would like to come out and see the crew. we are having a gathering from four to 6:00 p.m. >> where did the idea come from. >> from my lifetime in sports and my career in sports. >> i have been in sports marketing doing projects around the world and mostly team oriented and have been an athlete myself. >> i was really at the point in my life where i give back. and there is between sport and
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personal achievement and the team dynamic. and the running industry is such a powerful tool to be able to do some good. >> came up with the idea. and put it together and we are trying to make a deference. >> getting good old fashioned exercise. >> we have more information for you. keep in mind, the race is set for sunday, july 24th. go to and look for the links in the web link section. >> they are not looking that great but not too bad. >> dow jones is down. by 10 points and essentially flat. the story is the same on the nasdaq and s&p. >> anyone who opens up a sal latd from trader joe's for lunch. broccoli slaw and kale salad with white meet chicken. more than 33 pounds may have
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been contaminated with listeria. it is used by date of may second through may seventh. usda said is the product should be thrown away or returned to trader joe's immediately. >> gearing up for cinco de mayo today. >> make sure things stay under control. >> it is also called a medical breakthrough. >> it ended lance armstrong's career and it is the same one to save new worns from brain damage. details ahead.
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. today is cinco de mayo and it is more of a social holiday for some. in the south bay, they are beefing up patrols to make sure it stays peaceful. >> smith reports this and this is for some business owners where celebrations are known to get rowdy and even violent in the past. >> reporter: already the festivities are underway. cars draped with mexican flags could be seen cruising in downtown san jose. they are sending donuts and blaring hopeful donald trump. >> probably. you will see a lot of people
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with like banners or signs. saying, you know, talking about trump. >> they tell us all his store window were vandalized on may fifth. he plans to stay late to protect his business. >> people use cinco de mayo to harm others. >> you know. to come and just vandalize and fight and against each other. and i don't understand. you know, cinco de mayo should be celebrated in mexico, not here. >> two years ago, a near riot broke out in downtown. police closed down santa clara streets. they made several arrests. >> officers will be out in force. >> 30, 40 additional officers from the department of special operations division will be on patrol. >> playoff action may bring more foot traffic. >> we have the sharks and the warriors and obviously we
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understand that. and it is you know, certain areas will be impacted with fans. and again, we use this as an opportunity to let them know that if they are out there, please celebrate responsibly. >> cinco de mayo is like the holy grail for mexican restaurants. >> they are looking for the holiday and hiring in-house security. >> we don't let them in and people you know, come with attitude. we don't let them in either. >> officials are warning people to preplan accordingly and use taxis. uber and lifts if you plan to drink. >> they are providing a tipsy tow, you don't have to be a triple a member. they will drive you home as long as it is within 10 mile. they can be reached at
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1-800-22-2435 #. a million valley addiction specialist could be facing issues with prince's death. on april 20th. the day before prince died. representatives asked dr. howard kornfeld to treat the singer. he sent his son andrew instead with plans to follow up later. >> andrew kornfeldvmentd helped find his unresponsive body at the paisley park compound on april 21st. >> kornfeld, he brought an opiate and he could be prosecuted. friends that know the family say dr. howard kornfeld is a respected doctor in the field of addiction. >> i just appreciate his thoughtful you know, astute work and advocacy for addiction and chronic pain. >> investigators are looking
12:34 pm
into prince's reported drug addiction as a cause of death. they staged a walkout today. > >> this is what it looked like on the campus at 9:00. they were chanting tell the truth. they are upset about what they call instances of racism on campus and the group demand as more diverse faculty on race and lgbt issues. this protest will last through 5:00 tonight. >> they are searching for 19-year-old twin brother in connection with a string of bb gun shootings. >> more than 125 cars have been shot out and people have been hit as well. >> they had a break in the case when someone was shot as they were walking on washington avenue in san leandro. he saw them in the car with a woman and wrote down a partial plate number.
12:35 pm
that led police to the woman who was taken into custody. >> we know there is violent crimes that have been committed m years passed that are mimicking video games and contests for doing things like a scavenger hunt. detectives served the search warrant at the home of the twins. a bb gun was recovered and they were supposed to surrind derby they didn't show up. they could face felony charges. >> rent relief and this is coming sooner than scheduled. they report the city council had dropped a plan to freeze rents. they will have a new rent control law go into effect sooner. >> there were concerns landlords would increase rental prices before the measure takes effect and they will now pass an urgency order thanks and it takes effect right away and implement the new measure by
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june. >> increasing rent lets them stay in business. >> the recent traffic changes to mission street are hurting their bottom line. traffic changes include bus only lanes. and restrictions. business owners say it is taking much, much longer for the customers to find a place to park. >> they are installing left turn signals in some area and protect pedestrians. but supporters behind it said they should give them time to settle in and see if the new design works. >> this is a breakthrough that affects baby whose suffer oxygen deprivation right at birth. >> it has been around for decades. now, it could be put to a new use to save infant's lives. >> reporter: she is almost two and they call her a miracle. >> it was like a nightmare at the moment. >> she was born not breathing. after her mom's labor became an
12:37 pm
emergency c-section. >> she was asking to me, is everything okay. i can't hear crying. >> i had to tell her. everything is okay. don't worry. but within hours. they were at ucsf at un10 sieve care and she became part of a clinical trial on a drug called epo. >> i am deeply flawed. >> this is one of the performance enhancing substances that got lance armstrong banned. >> i will spend the rest of my life apologizing to people. it boost his red cells and brought ox jn to his muscles. it is used and abused in that way but we are studying how epo works on the brain. that is separate and different. this drug approved decade it is ago to approve anemia was given to oxygen deprived newborns. >> brain scans of babies showed
12:38 pm
minimal or no damage. >> this is a deep part of the brain for controlling motor skills. >> babies who got the placebos shows the effects that could keep them from getting better. >> this has been cooling them and rewarming them to stave off brain damage. adding epo to the approach could be widespread once more research is done with more infants. >> that's why it is urgent for us to do the big study as quickly as possible. and we can get the answer for all the moms out there who will be going through this. >> everyone there, they are working hard to save her. >> they had a 50/50 chance of getting a drug that would give her a better chance. >> we have this feeling she is going to be okay. >> she is okay. >> the mri slows slight injury. >> her parents are grateful knowing how close they came to
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losing her. >> she will be. this is what they say to me. >> today, i feel it. >> the research involved 50 babies around the country and the next trial in the fall will expand to hundreds of others. >> still ahead. the golden state warriors getting ready for game three. >> steph curry back on the court. >> whether that is going to happen or not. >> we check in with mark tamayo and he has wild weather around the bay today. m$
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. now, it is beginning to move up to the north bay as well. rain and thunderstorms and lots of clouds in place. this is the radar loop over the past four hours. going back in time and you can see in the east bay and past few hours. more development in the parts of the north bay. here is the coverage. you can see out toward napa and vallejo. and more down in this part of the region. >> shifting the maps to the north bay. >> petaluma, saw this from lisa. huge rainstorm in petaluma and agrees with the radar right now. >> look at all the cells out
12:43 pm
here. >> out towards novato and petaluma. and approaching the park and thunderstorm as well. >> all this action. still pretty intense as far as the downpours out there. and this is part of the region. we could have significant hefty downpours and back to black point and sears point and right around petaluma on the westside of town. we have more action toward d street and closer to bodega avenue as well. >> this is the intense rainfall with the thunderstorms out there. there is still a chance throughout the day. >> 60s on the board right now. and this is one of the cooler spots. main culprit sticks around and it is a little to the south. scattered showers out of there and isolated thunderstorms. one of those deals. your home could be completely
12:44 pm
dry and few miles inland we have more action developing. >> this is a very tough pattern to get with the detailed forecast. and still showing you scattered showers throughout the day. this will be for the inland valleys and in antioch and up towards solano county and petaluma. and santa rosa. and on friday, we will hold onto the possibility of scattered rain showers. >> this is interesting. we have all the showers manufacturing in from the south. area of low pressure will drift to the south and the rotation around with the showers developing, that changes up a bit on friday as well. >> saturday morning starts out dry. >> isolated shower and thunderstorm by saturday afternoon. would not cancel plans yet and we hold on to that saturday. >> 60s to right around 70 degrees. >> san jose will go six and san mateo 66 degrees. >> here is a look ahead. >> five day forecast and be
12:45 pm
prepared for anything. >> you might have sunshine and building clouds. >> heavy downpours. an some hail. that is the case for today and toward antioch and then cloud and showers for tomorrow. then maybe saturday. pop up shower and sunday looks great with warmer temperatures out there as well. >> thanks, mark. >> dallas county judge ordered johnny manziel to stay away from his ex-girlfriend at a brief preliminary this morning and ordered hill to have no firearms in his possession and no contact with colleen crawly. he is accused of beating crawly in january in an upscale dallas hotel. again, later on, on the way to her foig apartment, a misdemeanor charge, he is facing carries a penalty of up to a year in jail and $4,000
12:46 pm
fine. >> they want to know whether steph curry is going to play on saturday. we will bring in our sports guy. he hasn't done three on three dprils and he had a basketball in his hands. they want to see. he is going forward and back. he always said they wouldn't dictate it. >> he is saying it here. he said when he is ready, he will play. if they get passed this series. they want to get him tuned up for the next series. >> as of right now, considerry will be out for game three. he is not officially out. he is doing forward to back drills and no side to side
12:47 pm
lateral drills and three on 31st. then five on five. the team flies out tomorrow. if he doesn't play. it is sean livingston backing him up. and the warriors have been outstanding in the playoffs. >> 6-1 without curry. -1 without curry. , enjoying the ride. s nice to see him with a babble in his hands and again, the word is, they haven't seen him do basketball activities yet and he is doubtful and according probably won't. >> nice to have three days off between games. >> schedule makers had the warriors in mind. >> sharks didn't have two days
12:48 pm
off. they are back at it tonight. >> they have been great on the road and they did lose in game three. and in nashville and it has been quite sometime. it is almost six weeks. since the sharks have last lost a game on the road. they gave up that game and they will be back tonight at six. if they win the game. they could wrap up the series back here on san jose on saturday. here is the cool thing. both the sharks and the warriors, they are sings wins away from the respective finals. >> putting hockey on the map for a lot of people. >> 25th year. not just shark fans jumping on. people all over the bay area that are excited. >> two more wins to get the conference finals. >> yes. developing news in the east
12:49 pm
bay. they carjacked a truck and we will show you here the aftermath of all that. >> it is a meal it is and wheels truck that was being towed away. >> they reported to a carjacking in downtown fremont. >> and that was 10:15. they saw the truck and chased the driver through union city and hayward. >> it overturned on the road. and all the way out in castro valley. >> a dozen miles away. and they were arrested at the crash scene. heading to the scene and we will have more for you throughout the day. we will be right back.
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. mother's day is this weekend and you may want to biological. claudine wong introduces us to a mom who wanted to have a scain care line to spend more time with her children. >> her studio is about skin care and great products. it is a dream finally coming true. >> i think i have known i had big dreams and wanted to open my own business. it was scary. i liked working at a day spa for nine years and then all of my clients telling me. you should open your open
12:53 pm
place. >> four years ago. she did that. >> now, she has her own skin care line called allison marie beauty. >> they smell good and feel great and do nothing. >> when people want the whole feeling. but my skin care line is result based. >> they have come into her studio and told her over and over again that they want. >> i find that a lot of clients are looking for antiaging but they still want to feel pampered and in a beautiful place. >> this is the mother of two boys and knows what she is looking for. >> antiaging products. and some advice as to what to use. >> as they got older. she started taking better care of herself. >> i have knotsed a big difference and then i needed to take more precautions. >> i would come more, yes. >> it is the struggle that she is very familiar with.
12:54 pm
>> to try to balance it all. >> i have been married for 20 years. high school sweetheart. >> two daughters. >> eight and 10. and i can drop them off and go to work and pick them up at the end of the day and help them with homework. >> it is about bowling the role of mom and business woman. and that's why it is critical part of what she does. >> allows them to to help them. >> it will calm and soothe the skin. and taking care of them. of the getting facials is the best way to get results. >> the products you use at home. you are wiewsing twice a day. >> every day day. >> i want there to be a few key steps. and take some guess out of that. >> it has guided my treatments. >> it is great for my kids to see this as a strong business
12:55 pm
woman. i am their role model now. >> for allison bowen, it seems her biggest competition may come from one of her mini mes. who last dreams of her own. >> my tutor said she is going to grow up and it is called allison ray beauty. >> i may have to change it and put my name on it. >> we will keep some of the products the same. >> hey mom, happy early mother's day. >> maybe i will take you to beyonce. >> something was announced today. today. >> well, this morning she add the another show at levi stadium. >> it is slated for may 16th. for the world tour. and the high demand of the show. she will come back to the bay
12:56 pm
area. and perform at levi's on september 1st. >> we will look at the big board as we are awaiting. >> it is down one points. >> and in afternoon trading and putting the market on track for the third loss in a row. >> 1 points. and s&p down a couple of points. >> leading expert said that the san andreas fault is ready to roll. >> this is the earthquake center. he is one of the many experts gathered and coming up on the four and two. we will check in on the conference about the concerns being raised. >> someone may become super rich this week. you have to buy a powerball first. >> it climbed to $415 million after no one matched the winning numbers last night. no one has won since march second. >> that is nothing to sneeze
12:57 pm
at. it is the far cry of $1.6 billion jackpot. >> that was the largest one ever drawn in the world. >> the winning numbers are 30, 57, 66, 69 and the powerball is three. >> if i win, you can take us all. >> we will all be on tomorrow. >> why not. >> i will see you at four. have a great afternoon.
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>> we love guacamole but the store bought stuff doesn't contain any avocados. some companies are still selling fake guacamole. >> it's like taking the apples out of apple pie. what's the point? >> our food truth series tells you what's in there. then, want to start a diet? see why the month of may is the best time to start one and stick to it. plus, the top fat burning foods you should be eating for summer. oming up next. >> we'll save lives today. [cheers and applause]


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